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AI: Summary © The upcoming holiday period for Islam is emphasized, with emphasis on the importance of taking time to enjoy oneself and balancing one's work. The speakers stress the need to find one's passion and pursue one's dream, as well as the importance of finding one's love for the person they are in love with. The speakers also stress the importance of protecting individuals from harms and avoiding certain practices and activities that can harm one's health and happiness. The speakers suggest learning new things and reciting the internet to improve one's free time, as well as attending youth and marriage classes to improve one's free time.
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Hello Jimin ashitaba rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was a big Marine, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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or Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Most Merciful, the most kind, Chateau de la ilaha illa la have a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa Tada. And we send our greetings of peace and sanitation to beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family and his companions and all those who follow his student until the end of time. I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to bless us in this world of Joomla Please forgive us for the sins that we have done these past few days, made this Joomla via Kapha and expiation, a removal of all our sins from last week. May Allah guide us in this walk, that we the week to come may be done in the

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obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala mela keep us safe this festive period of time, this December period. May Allah keep us safe from temptation and from mistakes. May Allah guide us I mean and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Last week, we concluded our series of Amara and we and basically for those of you who those of us who are going on holiday Alhamdulillah and they'll be going on Amara, the very fortunate spending the holiday in the best way possible, can't do anything better. But as for the rest of us, we are lifting at home. How should we spend this free time? And how should we enjoy ourselves this holiday period. Of course, if you are unfortunate, not on holiday, and you're

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still at work during this December period, in La la, you were in LA LA June melas. Renata, Allah grant you patients in this difficult time,

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Allah grant us ease that, although it's not so bad to work in December,

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but Alhamdulillah most of us are kids in particular, but of course on a school vacation, and therefore a question that comes up and something we should ask ourselves. Is there such a thing as a holiday for a Muslim?

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Is there such a thing as the concept of vacation? I remember when I was much, much younger, I asked my teacher did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam ever have a holiday or a vacation of the Sahaba and in reality Sahaba in the province of Salah manufaktur Muslim, he never takes a vacation from his obligations, he's always got his obligations. But having fun and enjoying yourself is in fact part of the Sharia. It's part of our Deen and our Deen is about balance. We are a balanced oma that even the prophets of Salaam encourage the Sahaba not to be completely focused on the Acura and forget the dunya will completely be focused on working and forget ibadah and forget about your body and your

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health. Rather, we are a balanced person. And we take time to give each component of our of our makeup, it's hot. So now that we are in this holiday period, as a Muslim, how do we approach this holiday period? Is it okay for us as Muslims to take break, to chill to relax? Is it permissible for us and how should we do so?

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So firstly, Islam, of course does not prohibit the enjoyment of the dunya. Now you'd find we speak most of our juniors about focusing on the athlete or not the dunya all the time which don't focus on the dunya don't work for the dunya focus on the Akira you should have the afro in your heart. So it would seem to some of us that the dounia all of it is mean just to be shunned. And that's why a group of Sahaba young Sahaba they came to the NaVi saw Salaam and they said that look how you know how pious then abyssal Salamis we want to be like that. And they for the one men the 123 youngsters the ones that you know we are Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, I have decided for myself. I will not

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sleep anymore during the night I will make the whole night and the other one said I will not. I will not eat any more during the hour forced every day. And the one said Yasuda la Selim, I will be like the monks, the priests I won't get married. Why? Not? Because it's not because marriage is bad or anything. But these things are the enjoyment of the dunya. I am focused on the hero. So the prophet SAW Selim said, I am the most pious and I'm the one with the most taqwa meaning I feel the most. I'm the one with the most fear of Allah and the consciousness of Allah. Yet you see me? I pray at night and I sleep every night the professor, not once in the in the Sierra of Nabisco solemn? Do we find

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that he stayed up the entire night each night to fudger maybe perhaps the last 10 nights of Ramadan, but never in LCD spend the entire night in Sala every night he slipped and he says the VSA lamp says, you see that I for some days and I eat two days a week approps and fostered Mondays and Thursdays but the rest of the week he ate. And as for women, well I marry women. I have wives and this is my son. This is my way of life. And whoever that goes against my suit nothing you're not from me. So the purposes of is teaching the Sahaba that you can even be extreme in taqwa in piety. Yes for 99.9%

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of us. We are extreme Indonesia, but they are those who are extinct in Africa. And Allah grant us if you're going to be extreme, he acts in the Akira, but Allah is against extremism in all situations.

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So our part of our sadhana is to enjoy ourselves and in fact this is even found in the Quran is an ayah. In the Quran, Allah says, The female attack Allahu darel Akira, what are Tanzania see Baka Mina dunia Allah Subhana. Allah says to us, seek that which Allah has bestowed on you, the home of the Africa meaning focus on the work for the Africa make the hero your objective. But don't forget and forget not your portion of lawful enjoyment in this in this dunya that we are not a religion of complete a citizen. That is not part of the student of Nabisco Salaam, that we cut ourselves off from the dunya we live in a monastery and worship and never interact, we live in a cave. That is not

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how Islam is meant to be. Rather, we live in this dunya and we work and we have deliverables to our we have a part of our time is for our job, for our boss, for our employees, for our wives, for our kids, for our neighbors, for the masjid for the school for the community. For myself, this is the complete believer and we don't just say you know what the Allah everything is for you. And I forget the rest of the dunya that's the easy way out. In fact, that is not the way of the way of the sooner so yeah, Allah is saying Latin so far. nurten sana, see becoming a dunya Don't forget your portion of the dunya Allah has put you in the dunya for you to take from it. And Allah Subhana Allah says,

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Yeah, Benny Adam hoodoo Xena Takuma indeco limousine workqueue washable 1234 inaudible machine. So what's this oh buddy, Adam. Oh, human beings. Take your adornment, your beautification to every measured meaning. There is nice when you come to the masjid meaning beautify yourself in the in the masjid and outside of the masjid, and eat and drink. Enjoy yourself, take from the you know, eat what you like doing what you like, what are 234 but don't do not waste and do not be extravagant, don't go over the bounds that there are limits. And you can do and enjoy yourself within those limits. Because certainly Allah does not like those who are wasteful. And if we look at our Sharia,

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if you look at just something to think about in the cheriya you will never find the scholar giving you a list of all the halal foods you can eat. You will never give an all the list of the names of all the women you can marry. But rather he will give you a list of things you can't eat. And the list of women you can't marry. Meaning Allah has made everything halaal except for a small. This is haraam. Like maybe Adam and Jenna everything is handled for you except that one, three. And this is the same in the dunya the lesson applies here that there is more things halal, and there's more things for you to enjoy. Then for you that is prohibited. And have whatever fun you want to do.

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Don't ask me Can I play this sport or that sport? Can I do this so do that you can do whatever you want, so long as he does not break a rule of the Sharia.

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That's how that's how we carry us panel. This is the beauty of the deen that it is a dean of ease. This is what's meant by being a dean of ease that you can spend your time however you want. But remember those five times a day you have to make sure that you can eat every day of the year but remember the one month in the Ramadan that's when you need to fast you can go on any holiday that you want. But remember just one tip you need to go on Hajj once in your life. That's the way of our last panel data. And that's how Allah has set up his religion. It's easy.

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So Islam, Islam does not want us to live an isolated or extreme life that we worship, non stop. And even the Prophet sallahu wa sallam For example, He says that the whole world is a matar. It's something to be enjoyed this dunya is something to be enjoyed. Allah has given you this dunya so that you enjoy yourself and Allah wants you to enjoy yourself. And in fact, the best thing that you could get of enjoyment in the dunya is a pious spouse, a pious wife. Another Hadith he says, a woman that you look at and just looking at her pleases you. This is the best commodity you could have. There's no bits of treasure to be had in the dunya. When a pious spouse and before he encourages us

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to get married. And we see from the nature of Nabhi salatu salam, not once easy described, even though he's the man of most taqwa is the man of the most consciousness of Allah is the man that fears Allah the Most. yet he's never described by the Sahaba as being Stern, as being angry as being serious. And usually when we think of the molana as the Imams the chef's, the Mufti is you almost imagine in the company, you would feel very scared in the company. So Harvard didn't feel that way with a professor. No, no one felt scade to approach him, to sit with him to talk to him. spotlights amazing this is the man who analyze the most conscious of Allah who's worshipping Allah the Most.

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Get the Sahaba felt comfortable in his presence. You know, say now

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rhodiola was asked by Hassan, tell me about my grandfather. Tell me how Papa was Hassan was a small boy, when he passed away to Satan. And he said, You know, he was like one of us, one of the guys in terms of he would sit there with us, and he would talk to us. And people would sit around him, and he would talk to us about things that we were talking about that if we spoke about the soccer match, or whatever it might be, he indulged in those things. He spoke to us. It wasn't bionz 24 seven, it wasn't every day was a lecture No. And whenever we and he would never reprimand somebody publicly, and people would ask him questions, and they would ask him for permission. And he hated saying no,

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either. So he needs to set the limits. But you'd hate to say no to somebody, I want this, I need this, you know, because Alan would always find a nice way to let the person down. And he would never criticize someone in an ugly way, even though his job is to teach as well. But although he was always and the first thing you would see on his face when you meet him, he was always smiling, saying it begins by saying he was someone that was always smiling. We always came to him, and we felt positive in his company. He was a kind natured person Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam with all these taqwa and all these fear and all this issue and seriousness, he was always in a cheerful mood.

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And we find any sooner that now visas, Allah made time for fun. And he made time for fun for himself. But for those around him, you know, he knew maybe some sort, of course a different level, that his personal enjoyment, his personal happiness was in he

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was in worshiping Allah. You know, his level of enjoyment was when he made soda. He got the same kind of enjoyment we get when we have fun, whatever it might be, maybe for you, it's watching a certain sporting match, or for someone else, it's playing on the Xbox, that's the happiest you can think of, for an abyssal Salamis happiness was sorta, but he didn't burden that on the Sahaba. When he would make sada he would make it reasonably long shoot what people could be. But when he was alone, that's when he stood hours and hours. That's my best guess is his time. I don't burden my mama with my enjoyment. But when he was around them, he played with him. He joked with him, he

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enjoyed the company, they enjoyed his company. And we know so many Howdy, for example, the prophet SAW Selim, as we, as we know, was described to the Sahaba as someone who smiled all the time. And in fact, when he cried the few times he did very few times, he cried in public, the Sahaba were shocked. They said, do you cry, so we never seen you cry before? And so he said, Yes, I can also I also cry, meaning he didn't cry in public, and you won't find in this area, him being angry or aggressive, shouting, how many drummers do we go to? And it's shouting, the whole 40 minutes is just shouting, not one. How did you find when the Sahaba said, One day we were in the football and maybe

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someone gave it to us big time that day? Right. We will shout he shouted and put all of us in Jannah. Never like that. When he was upset, or nervous, or some would do he would find his vein, the vein on his forehead, throb. And that would be it any withhold, you would hold back, even and swallow we think we have so many moments in our Sierra, one of those who have made a major mistake, a huge mistake. Very big mistake. He, he ditched the jihad, you're supposed to fight in jihad, but he bumped it out of laziness. So when Jihad was over now because Allah meets him, so those are hobbies, it nevison came to me and he smiled at me, but the smiling of someone who I could see was

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angry. So even though he's upset with God, Taoism scab, he still smiles and he says, God, you need to explain yourself, what did you do? Even in his anger, he's still smiling at his Sahaba I shall not go on being a young wife being a woman that and it's good to understand the front wives are different different companions are different. Maybe salsa lambs job is to teach and to make a biter and to to ensure that his mama is worshiping Allah. That's his job. But he understands I have a wife and my wife has needs and being our young wife, she's inquisitive, you know, her.

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You know, her attention span might wane. So in the meantime, when you spend with Ayesha doing things that she liked it sooner brothers, it shouldn't have to do things that your wife likes, even if you don't like it. So your wife might be enjoying herself, whatever it might be, and you might be doing that window shopping, for example. Tell yourself this is my eBay. I'm worshipping Allah. So when you meet someone in the morning, say, what are you doing at the mall? I'm worshiping Allah, how she's shopping. I don't want to be here, but I'm doing it for her. I'm following the sooner Alhamdulillah. Like what like what, for example, once in the masjid, the king of ever senior sent a team of of

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spear fighters as a senior and spear throwers. And so they come to the masjid. And of course, people want to see it's an exhibition match. It's a it's some it's like some kind of sport. So the magazine was actually used as a place of games. And sometimes it's something else for us to think about. a mosquito very cold.

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environments that the kids would run around and play in the masjid, the measure of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the harem of Medina. And so these entertainers are these spear throwers from a senior came. So the prophecy allowed them to do the exhibition match in the masjid Ayesha being a young, inquisitive woman, she also wants to watch the match. And I not only the main, and her door was at the, at the entrance of the masjid. So the prophets of Salaam astir, you want to watch? She said, Yes. So he stood at the entrance of the door, and she stood behind him. And her cheek was against his cheek, and I shouldn't raise his head, even Jesus. He stood there as long as I wanted

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to. Meaning he didn't say I should, you know, my time is limited. I have an appointment with God, you know, are you done yet? She watched. And she watched. And she said she got to a point where she didn't want to watch anymore. But she wanted to see how long you would stand like this. Until she said, Okay, I'm done now. Right. And then she left the professor Salamis on a campaign and he would always bring one of his wives with whenever he was on a journey. Most of his journeys, he would bring with him one of his wives, and they would have to throw a lot and see who got the lucky choice to be with him. So it's part of the suit not to take your wife on on a trip even in jihad. Nevis was

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taking his wives with him Why? And I thought they would like to get out as well. So he takes them with. And we know that when the Prophet Salaam won one of these examples, there are many examples like this, but one example from Ayesha, it was that you found him the prophecy was in the middle of the desert. We all know the story. It was on the expedition, and they were on the way back to Medina. So that IV system sit to the Sahaba you guys carry on, leave me alone here in the desert with Aisha. Right. She's obviously in her little hut, she's cooped up. She's obviously because she can, you know, be open in public. So now you guys go get lost leave me and my wife alone. And they

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had a picnic and a camp basically outside. And we know from this, that the professor said, let's have a rice. And I showed the professor had a race. And the first time I shall beat him. And voila, he later when law he later when I know he later when she did not beat him. But the gentleman that he was he later when and she says many years later, she forgot about there is another opportunity like this presented itself. And then I recently said, I want a rematch. I still remember you beat me. We have a rematch, and this time he beat her. So he said it's one old and that's how it stayed. We passed away solos on them. That's how it stayed. The prophet SAW Selim another example. Maybe

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zombies on the expedition half Sinai share with and each day after the battle he would make it or when things were quiet, he would take one of them and they would walk. They would be on the horses or the camels, and he would take them around to sightsee, the scenery. This was the rasulillah salam, a man with all the concerns of the of the dunya on his mind on the dunya and akhira. And he's oma, but he spent time with us. And in fact, in abbyson, salaam was known to make jokes and tease people know they would ask him things and he would make a joke. For example, an old lady comes and says to him, he Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, when I interject now. So he says to the old lady, No,

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they are not old women in general. She's about to get scared cry and says, Wait, no, you are going to join now. But you'll be young, you'll be in your prime. And he would you know, Subhanallah once the prophets of Salaam enters his house, I share with all her qualities and all her gifts. She was not domesticated. Very good. She was the best cook. And this is how it shows. She knew she could memorize Hadith and memorize Quran and she could pass fatawa when he came to the kitchen, she was a disaster. And I cry. And so once she tried to cook something, and she invited soda, the other wife to have supper was when she made this food. And she says Well go ahead guys. No one wants to eat

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because it's a total it's a mix. What she made a lot on what she made for soda said I'm not going to eat it. So I shouldn't sit up to eat. And if you don't eat it, I'm going to throw you with it. So soda said I'm not gonna eat it. And I said picks up the food and throws it in so let's face and the property sitting they sold us a lamb and so that looks at the NaVi salsa lampasas are you gonna allow this? So let me associate fine, take it back, put some in her face also, and they had a food fight. This is your soul salsa lamb with these wives. You had a food fight and they busy having a food fight and the woman at the door and he says Go Go Go clean your faces get up go make yourself

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presentable and I came to the door. Omar is a lot more strict and stern. Stevenson. In fact, once they normally pass by the houses of the prophets asylum and he heard his wives, basically speaking loud and harsh at him. And when they heard him they they kept quiet and they started to whisper. So he said loud, that you are shy to speak loud in front of me but you're not shy to raise your voices that are so solemn, so serious, because he's a lot nicer than you.

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He's a lot nicer than you.

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The small kids knew him. All the children of Medina knew him. They will take his hand. He would be on his on his journey somewhere. You need to have something important to analyze. You might have to give a letter or some instruction to the generals, this army but when you would walk

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And the children would see him they would grab his hand and they would pull him and say come here I'll show you something when he made saw that, you know that hadith of Hassan getting on the back of the visa Salah that wasn't when he was at home, he was leaving the Juma sorta leading the salon emoji the whole almost behind him and the Sahaba thinking Why is it taking so long to come up from Sudan? Why was Hassan was on his back? Now even myself with my son got on my back. I feel sorry for him because I will stand up as the Java is waiting for me I need to get up and any lifting weights and the Sahaba one saw him carrying his grandson on his back and they said to the to the grandson to

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Hassan, how you so lucky Hassan at the one you're writing, you know the one you are writing is so amazing. So the prophecies are no rather than one that it means Amazing, right? He's amazing. Nobody so seldom even got physical. And he wrestled and it was known that he one of the champions a very big challenge the man his name is Luca was a champion and the professor lamb pinned him down three times in a row. So then a resource alum didn't mind getting physical and fighting as well. And I obviously in terms of playful fighting.

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So this is the prophets of Salaam and this is shows you the man with the most taqwa was also the man who was very cheerful and very polite and very, very easygoing and soft. That is not part of our Deen for a person to be stern and serious all the time. That is not taqwa. But of course there are limits. And as a Muslim, we can take holiday from our work, we can take holiday from school, but we can even take holiday from the Sharia. The laws of the Sharia do not get relaxed in December, right, what was Haram in Ramadan is also haram outside Ramadan, what is haram during the walk of Juma right in terms of enjoyment and those things, remember those things also had on outside of it. So Allah

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Subhana says, Oh, you who have believed indeed for example, intoxicants anything that intoxicates your mind, whether it be something you drink, something, you smell, something, you inject all of it, anything that makes your mind a bit fuzzy, and gambling and slaughtering on altars for other than Allah and fortune telling us from the evil defilement the filthy work of shaytaan. So avoid them that you may be successful, avoid these kind of practices, and Allah goes further and he says shaytan only wants to cause between you animosity and hatred, through gambling through intoxicants and gambling and to make you forget to remember remembrance of Allah and to keep you away from sorta

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now just this, Allah will say, a very clear way of knowing, is this a fun, good for me or bad for me? Will it make you must have walked in that movie is going to run between that soccer match or that rugby match? Oh, this bra, whatever it might be, will mean you must, must rip solid that's bad for you, avoided. You know, no matter what you do the solace you walk it's come first that is priority. And shaytaan he would first get you to miss your Salah. It's more important for him that you must solder when you come from outside because the missing the Salah is way bigger than the Haram that people do. And of course, Allah says most of the fun which shaytaan encourages people to

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do causes harm, how many people are going to die on this road drunken driving? How many people are going to die because of this? We know it's it's a known fact that it's just going to be difficult because of Harmon because I've been toxic and so many people are going to lose their lives because of this festive period. And that's what Allah says in the Quran. And Allah subhanho wa Taala also mentions that certain jokes and fun is inappropriate. But some people, they go beyond the boundaries of enjoyment they forget themselves. And especially when they tease and they make jokes with regards to matters of the deen. Allah has said this is a serious, serious mistake cannot do that.

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So we do not exceed the limits. When it comes to fun. As I said, I can't give you a list of all the things you can do. So don't ask me is this permissible that permissible, there are rules which you cannot transgress, and whatever else you want is permissible. whatever else you want is going to be part of your enjoyment. This was how you want to delete whatever color whatever style so long, it's within the parameters of the Sharia, go to whatever place you want, so long as it's not a place of haram and Alhamdulillah there's so many things to do that are permissible.

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So avoid places of Haram. Even if you yourself are not going to indulge in it. Don't be in those areas of haram don't compromise on your team. And we need to sit examples while kids and it's a very important point for us to think about. Perhaps we have not done enough as adults creating safe areas of fun, that are Islamic fun. You know, for many of our kids, it seems that if I want to enjoy myself, it has to be in the harem. But if I really want to have fun, it has to be hard on so make your home the fun place you'll be the fun uncle or the fun auntie. Let the youngsters come in your house, feed them with whatever

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They went to eat, let them play whatever games they want. rather let them enjoy themselves in a safe environment in a bad environment. Perhaps it's time that we opened our massages and said, you know what you want to play games, we don't want you to play in the street because the street isn't safe. We don't want you to go into the town because there's wrongly, they do it in the masjid. If you want to play, you want to joke around, you want to have fun, and it's hard to do it in the masjid because it's a safe environment. And perhaps this is something we need to think about as a community. And also we avoid all actions, which takes us away from Allah. And we should also look at the things

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that will take us to Harlem. And so it's important for us to, as Allah says, In the Quran, what are the crops, Xena, don't go close to Xena. Most people don't immediately fall into her arm, but they lead up to it. And for us, I'm talking to us as parents and as teachers and as adults, we need to protect our kids from getting close to her arm. And we see the beauty. We live in a society where everything is permissible, right? We live in a society where if you want to do what you want to do, there's no limits. There are no limits and restrictions in our in the society we live in. And we therefore know the harms that comes from it. The consequences of that. We know we can tell you now

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to our kids, even if it wasn't Haram, even if it wasn't Haram, we don't advise you to drink or to go into harm or to gamble. You know, even a non Muslim will tell him look for you. It's permissible to gamble. But there's no good coming from this thing. It will ruin your money. There is no good for you in indulging in, in substances, it will ruin you. There is no good in indulging in haram relationships because we're onuma Allah protect us. And I

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also very important for us. This is the time we usually fun is not you know, funny shade with people. And it's very good to share your fun with the people that you love, your friends, your family, it's a good, it's a good time to reconnect. And the most enjoyable thing that you perhaps the thing that we enjoy the most most people is spending time with the people that we love whether we don't have to do anything, just to be together, having a cup of tea, having a laugh, having a chat, this is the most beautiful thing to be enjoyed. Side note here, I gave a talk on the weekend. The Hadith says that if you want to increase your lifespan, then keep Family Ties keep the bonds of

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family and one person stood up. And he said he did a study that showed people that have good personal relationships that have strong bonds with families and friends, they tend to live longer, they are happier. So there's a scientific side to this Hadeeth that they something happens to you psychologically when you have good friends in your life. And you have good relations with your family. So it's important for our kids, for us to know who our kids the Friends of our kids are. The number one says a person will follow the religion of your friend. Meaning if you want to see what person you are, look at your best friend.

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Look at the person you're friends with. Look at the company you keep. That's who you are as a person. If your friends or people that you feel are not good people, then sadly perhaps you will not be the friend if you will not like them. So the problem is is look to your friend because you probably follow his Deen. And as one scholar mentioned, think about the people you want at your Genesis Allah when you choose friends, think about who you want to do you feel comfortable that your best friend legionellosis Allah, if you feel now I don't want the mother of the mowlana shefali janaza salah and perhaps you don't have the best kind of freedom that you could have.

00:28:32 --> 00:29:07

Then abbyson says the example of a good friend, and a bad friend is like the seller of musk and the one who is a blacksmith. What does he mean? The if you are friends with a perfume seller, then if he just by if you had a perfume center that you visited every day, what's he going to do is going to give you me spray some on you take some water and even if he doesn't give you some perfume, just being in the shop when you leave, you're going to smell nice. Just being in the company of a good friend. The conversations will be good. The dialogue will be good. The interest will be good you will learn something new from him. And also if you're friends with a bad friend is like the

00:29:07 --> 00:29:43

blacksmith now, nothing wrong with blacksmiths I don't think any blacksmith here anymore. Parramatta but a blacksmith Of course he works with fire, like basically the guy who is Brian. If you stand next to him all day, either you're going to get burnt, meaning you will actually pick up his bad habits. Or at the very least you will actually smell of the smoke. Being in the company of someone who has bad character. He will start talking bad you will start talking like him. The discussions you would have would be evil he would pick up a topic. Look at this, watch that. What do you think of this? chances are it's going to be bad. So for us Alhamdulillah most of you are senior people.

00:29:43 --> 00:30:00

You have your friends already you've chosen correctly. But it's important for us to get to know who our kids are, what the friends are, what are the interests what are their hobbies, speak to the friends, you know, be the uncool parent maybe that you go and you want to say well what do you doing? How are you doing?

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

Let them get to know what the plans are and have discussions. But let them have the fun in a huddle and safe manner. And true happiness, we know true happiness. And maybe as you get older in life, you find that true happiness is not in fun. There's a big difference between fun and happiness. There are people that have a lot of fun, but I'm happy. And the people that don't have a lot of fun are grandmothers, maybe think what fun does granny have, there's no fun, but she's a happy person. But connecting with Allah subhanho wa Taala that you know that my relationship with Allah is good. My relationship with my neighbors are good with my family is good, but no one has anything negative

00:30:36 --> 00:30:47

against me. That's true happiness as you can go to bed happy. Whereas you can be in the company and enjoying all the enjoyment and you come back and you feel empty. You feel like not you you actually feel more depressed and despondent.

00:30:48 --> 00:30:52

I mean, perhaps for us, that are a bit older,

00:30:53 --> 00:31:36

that are not young anymore. Yes, we work very hard during the year. And we deserve you deserve a break. You deserve time, have some time for yourself for enjoyment more for our kids. But for us that have limited time, we need to think about space time as a commodity, you're not going to get a lot of free time in your life. If you're working, you know everyday you get home, you recover from your job, you need to look at your family, the needs and let's say you go to bed, and three times a day four is only 1015 days a year leave, you only have 1015 days leave. So you can either say how do I spend this 1015 days, I can enjoy myself use it all for enjoyment. Or I can say part of it I need

00:31:36 --> 00:32:16

to do things I don't usually get to do during the year. There are certain books, certain Islamic knowledge, certain acts of worship I can't do during the year, I never get the chance to make that yet. Maybe my free time is the opportunity now to do something good with my time. So if we are a little bit older, we need to be wise about how we use our free time because as the professor solemn says, Take advantage of five things before other five things happen. Use your youth before you become old. Use your good health before you become sick. Use your free time wisely before you become busy again, use your wealth before you lose it in poverty and use your life before you die. And then

00:32:16 --> 00:33:00

obese Our solemn says to us we are two blessings, which most people most of us, we waste. One of those two blessings, good health and free time. Because when free time comes, we wasted. We don't use anything positive. So for our youth, we say to them, enjoy yourselves in the huddle in the hallway or not in the wrong way. For our seniors. It's saying use your free time not only an enjoyment, but in a good way to actually use it positively. And the best thing I can advise for you to do is learn something new with regards to the Sharia, to learn a course listen to a lecture one hour a day or recite an extra bit of the Quran. Couldn't do it during the year. So yeah, Allah I

00:33:00 --> 00:33:37

will spend five minutes extra in Quran perhaps who were not able to attend the masjid every single day, it's tiring whatever. Now in the holiday time, I'll make that added emphasis to do a little bit more just to show you how Allah, I've got free time I've given you an extra portion of my free time. Not a lot, just a little bit more. And then remember that time ultimately is the the biggest commodity that we lose out. We don't know how much time we have left. And we need to reflect the year is ending how we spent the year and how Allah subhanho wa Taala what is our position with Allah so Allah forgive us for the mistakes we've done this 2017 May Allah protect us in this holiday

00:33:37 --> 00:34:04

period, Allah grant us to use this time the best possible way in his pleasure. And Allah protect us from anything that we do or say that will displease Allah, Allah keep our kids safe. All of our safe roads are dangerous. I'll keep all of us safe on this, this period. Enjoy yourselves in sha Allah. And if you're taking leave, then have a blessedly leave, have a good leave, enjoy yourself and be strong and charged in the year to come. I mean, just a few announcements.

00:34:06 --> 00:34:45

The 18th and 19th of December, that's Monday and Tuesday coming, we are having a youth Dora. So as we said, unfortunately, when kids get to high school, they stopped going to madrasa and that's when really the problems begin. That's when they become old, they become mature. They become McAuliffe, they need to make the right choices. So we bring in a few kids from very difficult environment from communities, areas where they're surrounded by fitna, these drug merchant across the road, face someone selling whatever all around you is bad. So we want to take these kids about 50 of them out of the communities, bring them here for two days in the blue cup, let them enjoy. It's a bit of a

00:34:45 --> 00:35:00

fun recreational activity, but also with lifeskills. About the Sharia and about life. We want to expand the horizons so they could see there's more to it than just the boundaries of what we they come from. So this is what is happening the 18th and 19th of April.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:36

December two, we're running a bit short on funds. We'd like to bring these kids here and give them a decent time we'd like to feed them properly, give them stationary to cost about 400 Rand per student and ensure a life a person, a young kid learn something which they benefit, they might learn how to perform Salah correctly, or they might make the right choice and you help to sponsor that kid for the rest of your life. That person's life. You get rewarded for that. So if you're able to contribute after Sala, you can speak to Buddha Talib and you can have any donation you'd like to contribute. Then the next announcement is that on the 24th of December the day before Christmas, I

00:35:36 --> 00:36:11

believe it's a Sunday for half plus eight the morning until about door time at the Burano center with the nursery school and the new nursery school. We will be having a marriage class a crash course on marriage. So anything about nikka from choosing the correct spouse, what do you do the day you get married? How do you keep your marriage intact? What are the rights of a wife the rights of a husband? What do you do when there's conflict? When these problems How do you do it? If you go to the level of divorce how do we get divorced correctly divorces permissible in the Sharia? How do we go about having divorce? So all these things I think it's important for everyone because either

00:36:11 --> 00:36:30

Either you are single or you're about to get married or you are married, you know this will be this will be relevant to every single person inshallah so yourself or your kids send them they believe me if they 1516 it's on their mind, send them to the schools inshallah. One day course dakhla hate Solomonic multiple America.

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