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Relying on a shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa early he was happy he married our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa barakato

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or praise thanks worship to Allah Subhana Allah and inshallah Allah Allah Allah will be witnessed that man has the right of worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala we will glorify Allah magnify His names and thank him for all the mercies and the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us for granting us the tofik of being here in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala to have given us the blessing of Islam and Eman Alexander's to be steadfast on that, Allah forgive us for our shortcomings and our sins. mela except from us, our EBI that we do during this walk of Juma and Allah granted this week be the week to come be better than the week that has passed and

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also lots of 100 Allah to grant those who perform hajj, Hajj, Maqbool hydropool, abroad may return safely free of sins, may they be pure and clean. May Allah write for them general Filipinos I mean, we also send our love greetings Salutations, beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to his pious and pure family and to all those who follow a student until the end of time. And Allah bless us to be with the prophets of Salaam in Jenna, soon. I mean, I mean, when hungry, and hamdulillah we continue with our series on Hajj, the next week or two, we'll continue talking a little bit about Hajj. And I think what's important for us for those of us who have not gone on Hajj, or those who

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have been on Hajj and we look out, even to our non Muslim colleagues, I was speaking about this

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to some of my colleagues at work, colleagues at work, no, they see me dressed like this, you know, it's what is out there, you know, you give lectures, and they'll ask regularly, what's your sermon about this week, and I see this week, we're gonna talk about the symbolism about hedgehog just lots of rituals. You running around in a circle, you're running up and down between two mountains between green lights, you're throwing one stone against a wall, you're sacrificing a sheep, you're shaving your head. What does all this mean? From the outside, if you don't fully understand the symbolism, then you can just become an intellectual,

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it will become an empty ritual. And when you understand the symbolism, you understand the meaning behind it, we learn the lessons of Hajj and beyond the rituals, there are other there are other life lessons we learn from hedge. The hedge is this journey. It's only six days, but it should transform you as a person, if you've been had you once. And I know in Cape Town, for example, you get upgraded, upgraded to big, you're upgraded. Now you're not not the same anymore, you're the new data. And in reality, it should be like that. And once you've made this pilgrimage, you It should have transformed your life so much, not just that the sins of the past are forgiven, but the future

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should change because there's so many lessons we learn in those six days. And so let's talk a little bit about the symbols of Hajj and the lessons we learn about Hajj which we take into our life, even if you've not been on Hajj. But you learned so many lessons at the beginning the first lesson, and the lesson which everything begins with, and especially for how to see this adhamiya very beautifully. We do this in Albania, that the fruit only comes from India and planning very sincere from the beginning. How many Hajaj that we can hatch this year? It's a dream of 2025 30 maybe 40 years of planning of hoping of desiring and that is what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us a

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sincere Nia and we prepare for that and we plan for that and we work hard towards that and that just give so much more Baraka in so hungry like the person that got he just made up his mind I want to go and hedge and a week later 100 I got accredited and the money was there. He was called and that is good. But of course we know the sincerity of someone who plan for years to get the we know I'm this wrong. I know aunties and uncles. They don't hatch clauses every single year, every year then the hatch clause in your ask, Are you in touch soon inshallah. I just hope the hope is the the Nia is the butt swallow this is acidity. Now the purpose of it is when it comes to hygiene is very sincere

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and very beautiful. And that's why it's life changing. But this should apply to every not only active evader everything in our life. It is the Nia remember the journey of Hadji symbolic of a journey to Allah which we are all on the journey. We're all travelers on this on this earth. We are all journeying to Allah and we will reach him one day for the guru for the bed they have we will reach Allah subhanaw taala. And therefore, as you plan the point of this is as you plan for your Hajj that I will meet go to the Kaaba in 30 years, 20 years, whatever it might be. Remember, we are journeying to Allah, and we need to plan for that meeting with Allah. Allah subhanaw taala and this

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is a gift to the soma something which is very unique. This oma Allah has said to us in the mme Albania, that he will reward you based on the intention even if the action was

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Not that good. So the person who intended sincerely to go and hedge and they saved some money but they never got the they passed away before the time they never got to save enough money. They became old this many people like that. They will find well hamdulillah a complete hedge with them on the scales. This is not just for the big this is what everyone if you have a sincere Nia ology would you base on that Nia, Allah will give you he wanted to do it. But out of his power, he didn't get the so I will give him that that reward. And this is life as well. If we want anything good, Allah says the outcome, you will get it based on the Nia in the dunya and akhira. If you want something that is

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good and sincere, and you need you make it firm and you work hard towards it, if you achieve it when hamdulillah if you don't achieve it, you still get it with Allah subhanaw taala and that is something unique to this ummah. That's why we never get despondent. That's why we never lose hope. Because it is the outcome belongs to Allah. Allah says, Don't you worry about the conclusion. You make your near and you make that promise to me and you take it forward. Now our oma is very important. We're getting towards the end of the year, a new year we'll talk about that. It is very good to reaffirm your intention and everything is good for you and me to sit down and say I've been

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working you know, in this job for so many years. I've been doing the same thing for so many years. Why? What is the purpose I'm doing this for?

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Because the NEA as well says you know what? The strange thing about the NEA you can do the same action but the near change for example, you came to the masjid sincere Mashallah you standing in sada your Nia was sincere. And the minute years someone say, wow, look how how Sonic that man is. You continue making SATA. But now inside your heart, there's something changed. The Nia always fluctuates. The Nia is always jumping. So it's important for us to check our needs every single time Why am I doing this? Why am I not doing that? And if we won't change, it begins with a sincere nia. So for those of us for example, that have not gone on Hajj, it begins today, I want to go on Hajj,

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make that near. If you have something in your life that I'd like to be halfway through, and I'd like to achieve something I mean, a situation I don't like I want to be a better person. The way to get the begins with that near that's the first step. That's the first step on the journey is to start with that near so each and every one of us. We have different destinations that we want to achieve. And we want to get to different places in life. That's fine. Each one has his own journey that he's on. But it begins with that Nia and every aggi will tell you they had stories when they come back they'll tell you the height stories are beautiful that story is that first chapter began with a Nia

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So start with good intentions. If you if the chapter comes to the end well hamdulillah fantastic. If you don't get to the happily ever after pot, Allah will do that for you in the future. So begin with good intentions. When Allah subhanaw taala says on this journey so how does the journey of life and everything that you learn on Hajj you take into life? You've done the first step which is the nia. Now you're preparing for this journey. And Allah says in the Quran. What does he do? In the Hadith? taqwa Allah says dije prepare for this journey.

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So what he means take your provisions for this journey back in what you need to pack in. You know, it's not just going to happen overnight. You have a sincere needs a dream, but that's not enough. So if you want to achieve something in life, you have to prepare for that objective. You have to work towards gnosis PP for that save your money, go for Hajj gloss, physically get in shape, sign up, put your name on the list, all these things same with life. I want to become a doctor, whatever it might be for young youngsters over here. I want to achieve it. You have the Nia that's good. But now that Nia must be backed up with certain actions, so Allah says so where do we even on Hajj, it's not just

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going to happen with da, you're going to sit no solamente Allah hijo I'm not going to do any effort. Then overseas but the base provision that you can take with you is taqwa, on this journey of life back with you taqwa consciousness of Allah and fear Allah now I must say something in Capetown. We've got this custom and package a package. The hijacking I remember a few years ago I was invited to a my in laws when relative width and height in a you know span of life you know in the family, every every family functions then I'm part of the entertainment Suhana law. So I would say look, these are relatively on Hajj and we to you to assist in the unpacker a much nicer I have read all

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the 50 tabs that I know I don't see this chapter of the unpacker in Hodge. I don't know what exactly this entails. So when I what I understand was these the family we all pack in a little bit in the suitcase and you make $1 now who's vanilla, this is a customary thing. And so long as we do not say that it is compulsory that it's a pillar of the pillars of Hajj It's okay. And then we don't we don't have to get too upset about it is permissible increments as long as we don't

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Say it is a pillow important it's part of Hutch but it's a custom and I understand the idea behind it is that it's a big deal when someone goes in especially in the past when someone went on hydrophilicity because going it takes so long and you know it's sort of like a relative or a neighbor got you know, it's like you got you got the ticket you know swannanoa like to meet the king everyone will be hyped up this is to meet in Las Vegas invitation with a lot so everyone is happy but someone I know got selected and we salon we can we would love to go on the journey but at least let me help you at least carry put something in the bag so that it passes and I think people even

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bring smile I've seen people even bring new underwear versus going on had swallow saying things but beautiful, the nice, sincere, beautiful and

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Allah says pack in and prepare yourself for Hajj, take your medication. But remember the thing that will help you the most on this journey, whether it is the journey of Hajj, whether it is the journey of nica, whether it is the journey of life, whether you are now in the interview, journey, the beginning of the journey, whether you are in school filburn the beginning our sisters or do, the best thing you can take with you in any situation is in a consciousness of a law, because you're going to find on that journey, some hardship, you're going to find on that journey, some bumps in the road, and the only thing that will get you over that is a consciousness will allow you might

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lose your luggage even on the way you might lose everything along the way. And all you have is Allah, if you didn't deck Allah with Pecola in but you didn't take this country with your art, you pack a lot in the heart, then you're not gonna succeed in this journey. And that's what Allah says to the Haji and that's what we say even to the person that gets married the prophets of Salaam when he gives a good Botanica, he says to them have Taqwa of Allah, the same message that you have Taqwa of Allah, be conscious of Allah because Allah will not let you down. Allah will not fail you on this journey. Whether it is your job, whether you're making a selection, a new profession, whether you

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want to do something new in your life, Allah says the best thing you can take with you. And the best resource is a consciousness of Allah. Because when you say yeah, Allah, I have done whatever I could do, and I do this for your sake. Now I leave the rich to you. You I put myself in your hands, and whatever happens, you will take care of me. That is what Allah says to dodgy. In the past, voila, going on Hajj was a very dangerous Swan, you know, the people of Spain back in the good old days or hamdulillah when Spain was under Muslim rule, right for 800 years. Can you imagine having to go from Portugal

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all the way through the Sahara desert to get to Makkah, it was a journey of about one year and the hajis of under lucea, they would some of them would come they would take one year to get to Makkah and they get a W two of the alpha alpha.

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So they come in a ROM and everything is finished. Now what do you do? So now either they go back home, but of course they didn't come over this way for nothing. So they stay in Makkah for one year to perform Hajj The next year, they take another year to get back on three years this journey. So you never know what's going to happen to you on this journey. So it was a bit hard. She was a big unknown. Today, you know, you know exactly when to fly. You know, when you get the land you come back, provided the agent doesn't do something to you, everything will go according to plan and hamdulillah. But for the past, it was very unknown. And Allah says these things in life, you can't

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prepare for certain situations you can't predict. But the only thing that's going to help you in those situation is taqwa that goes for your marriage that goes so you get married to this person you don't know the good, the bad, the ugly. What you can see in your partner could take taqwa with you meaning whenever you're faced with a problem. What would allow me to do in this situation, you are pushed with, you know, like, like the stone it comes. You didn't prepare for this, that still might come to you in your office, someone might just bombard you ask yourself, what would Allah subhana wa tada want me to do in this situation? And Allah says, This is the bizarre you can take with you. The

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best resource you can have is to keep Allah in your mind. So take that in your life on this journey of life. Then, number three, and this is perhaps the most important lesson that ever we can teach. It is the purpose of life. The purpose of Hajj, the purpose of this journey, is to magnify is to fulfill the obligation Why? Why are you on this planet? Why do I Why do I exist? Allah says I only created your Mahara project and I will insert in nearly all of Hajj is about Allah. All of it is about Allah it is about filling Allah loving Allah obeying Allah worshiping Allah sacrificing for Allah begging to Allah, it is about La ilaha illa Allah and when he sees that albia la bacolod

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kolomela big yeah Allah I have come I have answered yes throughout my life You call me to the masjid Hi, Alyssa. I don't answer you are you know you call me who's gonna wake up on the last third of

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Right without you I don't answer you say read and remember the Quran I don't answer but today that Jesus rabbinical Lama began answering You called me for how much you put my name down with I'm in the bottom of Africa, the baker a lot of bake. I'm coming I'm answering I'm answering the baker love mother Baker Baker lashley collect you have no equal. You have no partner. That everything I need in a salon to know Suki Amaya de la hora, blah. I mean everything I want. I need my life. My days, my slaughter. Everything is for you and you alone. Big Sisters with these Tobia Of course it's not just lip service. It is a part of life.

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The purpose of Hajj reminds us why we are here. It is to worship Allah exclusively. It is to worship Allah on a very basic level yet one by now we know when I don't mince my words when I say we should not have any worship attachments to anything besides Allah in times of need. We do not have spiritual leaders that we go to to forgive our sins. We do not go to graves and shrines we look we amulets and Tao is for prediction. These acts of worship, he cannot Buddha can Stein Allah, I worship you and you alone, beyond the basic worship. It is also of course attachments to anything besides Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala comes first before my profession before my family before

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everything else it is Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah Subhana Allah says, and for every nation for every oma, we gave them religious ceremonies, we gave him rituals we gave hedge to that removes a type of hedge for them. Of course, they were not in Makkah, so we don't require the Muslims of South America to make Hajj to Mecca, they had their own rituals, and of course, it will be up to every part of the world. We will Muslims in South America, if there are people in Antarctica, if there are people on the moon, Allah gave them also in it. But for almost every nation, Allah taught them how to worship Him, that they may mention the name of Allah when they quickquid band slaughter, that He

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has given him a food. And for Allahu Allahu wa hydrolyses just to remind you, that your ILA is one, that the object of worship is Allah alone, for the who is lemo soul, submit to Allah alone, wherever she didn't look between, and then give good good tidings overseas. And take good news that if you do that, you worship Allah alone, that you will get Jenga. Ultimately, when everything is said and done on the day of karma, there will only be one question that determine success and failure. Would you worship?

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Who did you worship? And if the answer is La Ilaha, Illallah, when, as the President said, in a very beautiful Hadith, last time, he saw his companion while living in Japan. Last time we saw him, he said, Omar, next time you come back to Medina, you won't find me find my copper, you find my grave? And he says young, why'd they tell you something? But don't spread the news? Do you know what the promise is our duty to Allah. So

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Allah is rasuna space. So the purpose of this is our duty to Allah is that we worship him. That's what's required of us. And then there'll be some seeds. And you know what, Allah has duties to us what the Lord is known as anything, but what Allah has promised us. And Mars is a laser sumos based solution. And so the prophecy says, If you do that, then you're guaranteed. And so that was the shadow tell the people good news is if you make Jihad and you make hydrogen, you make charity and both budgets, we all want that. But if you don't achieve that, so long as you don't become a chick, you still can get gender. So that was it. Don't Don't tell them that it's gonna make them lazy. It's

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gonna make them lazy. But before he died, I was very scared. I don't want to die with a Hadeeth I didn't cheat. So on his deathbed, he said, I must tell you something that his son told me before I go, so this is what it comes down to your one. La Isla de la that's what it comes down to that can you imagine on Hajj, remember when the NaVi sussan perform these Hajj? They will so people who worship idols

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and they used to have salvia with them. They also had an epic Villa bake was love bacolod malabrigo alive come I've come you have no partners except these special comments these special idols these special earlier These are your partners would you have selected so they're gonna be so slim said no, lash Erica, you have no partners at all with you in Alhambra, all the things, one narrow matter and all the praise and blessings, lacquer one will get all of the universe is for you alone. No actor moves in this creation except Allah decree and his will. That is what we believe. That is our, our theology. And that is what he says. And that's what we do. Remember, Hydras receipt is a journey to

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Allah subhanaw taala. It is not a worship with the Kaaba as long as as valuable.

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Valuable Abu Dhabi worship the load of this house, but the house you worshiping the Lord of the house, the Lord meaning Allah subhana wa Tada. Jamaat muslimeen

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If we don't even achieve the Hajj

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every single day when you make Salah every single day when you do and you put yourself in a bind to Allah, you're fulfilling this obligation. You're fulfilling and supine on lower hamdulillah. As bad as we are. The job is calling you. The family is calling you the weekend is calling you. But you heard the call higher salon, you came to the

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middle of the week, in the art of time lunchtime. I need to come and answer this is Allah subhanaw taala. And every time we do that we are confirming with our hearts with our minds with our bodies with our tongues, La ilaha illa Allah, may Allah grant that be our life and our death on that. May we stand before Allah, as that man will stand before Allah, with no good deeds, all you will have is La ilaha illa intergender May we stand with good deeds, and of course with La ilaha illa Allah, this is the most important never compromise that please never ever compromise. Never going to gray areas people say, but this is a gray area, some scholars said it's okay to eat the Dow, some scholars it's

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okay to do don't get gray areas, you wouldn't go to a restaurant and say someone says they might be hard on India, let's just separate the food and eat that one. You would never do that with food. You never go to a mechanic that some say it's a great sometimes it's good, sometimes not so good. No, don't take chances with this thing. Now, Eli, don't take charge. There's no secret opinion with us. So always be on the safe side. This is the purpose of life. This is why you are here. This is the purpose of the journey. When the big as you know, we said the first step we needed the first Hill ritual he does before you know the rituals on Amelia in Cape Town is a lot of pre rituals is a lot

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of greeting and some horses and packing in and all these these beautiful mouth of people will get to the mouth bots important to us now. But the real beginning of the journey, or the first ritual is obviously including the state of Iran, including the state of Iran, and I was having a discussion with a non Muslim colleague of mine. And I explained to him about this Iran. And I said, what the what the he needs to do is in use take off all his normal clothes, in the state of Whatever your reason is, for the main This is for the main Of course, and they take over even the shoes. And all you weigh even your underwear, you take a final, or you we are these two sheets, and the only time

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you wear these sheets is one in Iran. And the second time, the Genesis or the day you die. The only purpose of that, why we can't find out did why we actually rack them up because

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we don't want to be naked. But in reality, this is what allies saying.

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You feel good by the titles you hold co president whatever it might be, you feel good in the car, you drive the clothes you we take all those things away, take away your bank account, take away your name, your family name, your title, your position, and you come down to I am just a slave with nothing. And Allah is saying that is how you really are. This is all make believe, because it won't be taken away. It's only on loan to you and me that they will come with a level of really take these things away head on is just temporary, I put my wife aside, I put my job aside my clothes for six, seven days, it's just temporary. But as I saying, the reality is coming with will be taken away from

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you and you will give it to somebody else. You'll give it your children, someone else your job, no matter how much you've achieved, and then it will go and someone else will take it from you house. And you will be back to where you started.

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That's the reality check. So don't feel proud and creating those things. It can come the day you die, it can even come before that. But now there's no superiority. Allah doesn't allow Suhana low and new standard out of wear those clothes on. You cannot say who the king is and who the slave is who the master is. Because everyone is slaves on that day. That's the reality. And yes, when we take the hat off and go back to our normal crowds, and we go back to one is in the suburb and one is in that suburb and one has this job and one works in that flow, then we begin to forget again the reality but in life we are all in a state of Iran. That is really what it's about.

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That is really what it's about. In fact it as we know he goes to such an extent of Iran. We even though he on his body becomes haraam, even always saying, really, that body is on loan. I can take that help away from you tomorrow. I can take your body away from you tomorrow. This is given to you as a loan it will be taken but respect what I've given you don't feel proud in that.

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There is no there is no honor there's no pride except in taqwa only the man whose heart is sincere. The lady whose heart is sincere. That's the only thing that matters. And so a day will come in if one we all of us will be wrapped up in those sheets. All of us allow all of our blessings and all of our goodness and comforts will be taken from us.

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And the only thing that once we've won Subhanallah think about

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This man stands with all his wealth, his power and his greatness, and we subtract everything from him. And if of the evening subjectively stands just in himself, the essence of him is a bad heart. And that's really what he is comes down to it. Similarly, a man who comes with nothing on the outside, but we take those things away. At the core is a pure sin car. That is what counts melograno that's vanilla. We don't hide a a sinful law with fake blessings trimmings, may Allah that even if we don't have much on the outside, may the blessing May the truth lie on the inside and all of us I mean,

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so that is the biggest Reality Check for that.

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And for those of us who haven't gone on Hajj, may you go soon and feel that and for those who have been on Hajj, when you take off at the helm, and you go back to the old clothing, remember, nothing changed, like just clothes changed on the outside, on the inside, you stole that slave, that servant, that servant, then of course the idea mixed off. Now if our kids if you have to explain to a five year old, why do you do this, Rosie around the Kaaba, What is this thing? What is the purpose of it? What is the purpose again, deeply symbolic, deeply symbolic. That one of the as the clear Hadith about this, but Allah subhanaw taala at ctmp Rahim, both discover and co people to this

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place, and they will come. Again. These are our coffee, which we'll talk about next week. Think about NaVi Brahim. He's literally Islam is literally in a city in the middle of nowhere like this not a single person living me. And all this is in this empty desert. You build something here and you give the oven oven financial hatch tell them they must come here. I'm showing the beaver I used mine was like, Who's gonna come here? There's no one even living here.

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Don't you worry, they will come to you. From a very distant part of the world. In 3d, Mt. Four, they will come here, walking, riding on every kind of transportation, they will come here. You don't have to worry about that my job. Your job is to build the cabin and rebuilt it. And Subhanallah he might not have seen it even in his lifetime. But we see this promise of Allah coming through a promise he made. So now you come here to this place that you've saved up all your life. What is the purpose of going around this Kaaba seven times.

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One of the symbols of this one of the point of this is Allah says worship the house, not the house, the Lord of the house worship the Lord of ours. You're not making tawaf around the Kaaba, you're making power for las panatela. Remember the angels make the Love Around the actual Throne of Allah. The angels also have a mercy the Kaaba, which they worship, which they make the baddest around, but it's for Allah sake. And the central focus of our life is Allah. If you look at even the smallest things in creation, the atom, you have a nucleus and things go around it. The biggest things galaxies, stars, planets, it goes around a central focal point, but everything goes back when that

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central thing is gone, you're out of kilter. This is for us our central point focal points of law, because rantala in life, you may be depend on your parents as your child, but your parents are gonna go you're going to depend on your kids, your spouse's, but they will let you down. Your job might go your money might go but Allah will always be the constant in your life. Allah is saying as you rotate around this taba, remember, it is me that you rotate around everything in life should be attached to a lot. And this will lead you to success. When you put yourself in Allah's hands. And you say, yeah, Allah has been allowing a man to walk in, it's sufficient for me. I put myself in

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your hands, you are my nucleus, you are my center, that Allah will surely he promises he will take care of us. They need to feel they don't have to feel scared at all just lie has no they do not feel even scared, because they are in the company of Allah. So this is the symbolism of the Caliph. That this is your central focal point in life is your relationship with Allah, nothing should come before that.

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He then moves and he performs the sign. And again, if you look on the outside and kids sometimes when they see this, you run and then you get to a green light, you jog a little bit faster than you

00:29:13--> 00:29:45

is this running jogging? For kids really massive and even for novices might seem like little humans. What is this? Of course before the beautiful machine and before the marble and menara before you go to hills, we know that we know the story of Roger, which is still looking for water and she ran down tomorrow the next mountain looking for water and she did the seven times. Now what is the frame of mind at that moment in time her son is marine Elisa is dying.

00:29:46--> 00:29:52

Now if your kids are on life support model predicting save our kids, and you're looking for a cure.

00:29:53--> 00:29:55

Your child is dying of thirst.

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

How would you look? How would you panic? How would you go Why?

00:30:00--> 00:30:11

Kind of mind frame you think Roger was in? And that is the mind frame that we should have. Because you're not really it's not a life and death situation. It is more than that. It is Jan Jana and Jana.

00:30:13--> 00:30:58

Yeah Allah, I'm running towards you. And if you don't accept me, my alternative is destruction. So the algae is running away from the Sun is running away from jahannam is running away from a bad life, to Jenna and to mercy and to Allah. When he moves away, it is Yala, I'm leaving all of this bad ugliness behind to something better to you, you're alone. And if you do not accept me I don't reach you like our children get that water what's gonna happen Israel's gonna die. If we don't reach your Allah, there is no agenda. There is only this ugliness. So you don't have to go to Makkah to Safa and Marwa to leave the sun, to run away from the sun and to run towards Allah, you can do that

00:30:58--> 00:31:29

now. The choice you make when you leave the masjid to leave for this haraam to go towards what is good to leave the bed and to give something which is better to go away from Jana, towards Jana. Yes, gentlemen. janome is a destination and we have to walk towards one of the two mala ground that we leave off the wrong. mela ground that as the ages when they leave from Safar to Malaga, that we also are accepted by you. mala right for all of us something a good destination.

00:31:30--> 00:31:37

Lastly, for this week, the big theme of Hajj is of course forgiveness. Everyone comes the

00:31:39--> 00:32:04

reality is you can be with your sins was 40 5060 years of sins, mistakes and shortcomings broken a broken person. You take off all the terms and fancies of your life. You go back to the essence of what you are a servant of Allah, you go through a few days of, of rituals which have meaning. And when you hope at the end, Allah fixes you and you leave a complete person forgiven.

00:32:06--> 00:32:47

Pure, unseeded loose documents though melograno the judge for them. And we know that Allah tells us the Prophet tells us, He who has come to this house to the Kaaba with the intention, without doing a one out of whatever sukawati that he doesn't speak any indecent says he doesn't do any since they need Eternity is the day he was born by his mother. Because when Allah gave gave us when we're born on this dunya we will complete person and we became, listen, listen, we've damaged ourselves. But now we went back and we got an upgrade. We went back to our original state. And Allah says the Prophet tells us from one moment to the next from one Juma to the next, from one side to the next,

00:32:47--> 00:33:27

Allah continuously washes away our sins, and he brings us back, that he makes us better, he forgives us, He gives you a missed opportunity. You don't have to go on the Pope. The message here is you don't have to go all the way on Hajj to arafa to get forgiveness, you can get that year, this machine the machine down the road. You can get that from as obvious as you can. Just by coming to Juma. You didn't ask Allah to forgive you for the sins that you did last week. But just by you being in the military to do you took the step you walk to the masjid you sat down. Even if you fell asleep during the Juma don't fall asleep. You think we do again. But even if you hear and you said you have

00:33:27--> 00:33:49

listened and you stood up, you made Salah, you go back to your office, you had lunch while you were doing that whole process two hours, Ally's forgiving you since you didn't ask for it, but let's forgiving you. When also comes you go to everything you did between the word and Allah forgives those sins. And so Allah washes away the sins and the one that goes aroma and the Ramadan and hijo Allah is given opportunity opportunity

00:33:51--> 00:34:26

automatically washes away those sins. And then that's for the one who doesn't ask. But then the one who actually asks and raises his hands. If you get that forgiveness for free. Imagine when you raise your hands, you say Allah, I made a mistake Allah, I don't want to do this thing again, save me protect me. Then Allah as we know that Hadith, Allah loves that person more than the one who didn't come with this one. I loves that person more than the guy who was about to die in the desert, and he's a donkey, his horse ran away, and then he found it, that happiness that he would feel I thought, I'm gonna die. Allah says that he's even more even happier than that. So there's always

00:34:26--> 00:34:39

hope, and there's always a chance to reform. It's never too late, no matter where you are, but also then says to you and me, if you want forgiveness, while you're while you're

00:34:41--> 00:34:51

allowed to hipbone and your love for him, Allah says to you and me, then you also forgive. You also let go. Now that

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

he understands this, before he gets on Hajj. He has to ask people for math, that's a cape town thing and it's a beautiful thing.

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

Because he knows allies forgiving, almost sort of foodora him, you can commit the biggest sins against Allah. And you just ask Allah forgive me, Allah forgives. Although doesn't hold grudges. Allah doesn't need to punish, he forgives freely. But people hold grudges. And there are people whose hug they have to forgive you. Because a loss on kiama is gonna happen. I was asked for these sins, those will send you did against me, I can forgive those ones. But you did wrong against this person and that person, this one's happy you took and if he doesn't forgive you now and no one's gonna forgive anyone. Then you need to make a deal you need to give your good deeds or take lessons.

00:35:41--> 00:35:52

Now, that is no one wants to be in the situation. But Allah says to you and me if you want my forgiveness, and forgive the people that wronged you, Allah say the sin of Baccarat, the Alon,

00:35:53--> 00:35:54

someone hurt

00:35:55--> 00:36:18

the family of a worker, a worker on the line, his daughter was accused of committing the wife of Nabisco accused Xena and the man who accused was someone who was giving financial support. Now you give this man financial support. And he goes and he makes a lie about your daughter. And so what did he say this is a lie after this, I'm never going to give you anything. And so I'll sit down this is when

00:36:19--> 00:36:45

you forgive let go. Don't you want a lot to forgive you? How many things do you sinned against a lot? How many mistakes but then you want to ask Allah forgive me, forgive me. But the minute it's your turn someone around, you know, we are alone never forgive this man. janam for him, No, no, no. Let go. Sometimes panela what's holding us back from getting almost forgiveness. It's not a law. It's you and me not letting go of those grudges

00:36:46--> 00:37:09

that allow us forgiveness is conditional, that you forgive and you'll be a better person. Think of the person's vinylon do this. Think of someone that you have as a wrong you received something bad against you that has upset you that has done something wrong to you and make dua ALLAH forgive that person. grant that person better ground that person goodness,

00:37:10--> 00:37:46

do it. No one's doing it, why not doing it? Do it right now in Joomla. Make Up For the person that has wronged you that Allah forgives them. Because Allah says do you not want me to forgive you because if you forgive, there's a principle of Allah, if you give charity, Allah has to give you more, Allah is never going to let you do more than him. If you give charity, Allah is going to give you more in return. If you forgive someone else is going to give you greater forgiveness. If you help someone else is going to help you even more. So you forgive others. And Allah will give you that forgiveness. Allah forgive us, forgive our sins and our shortcomings. May Allah have not met?

00:37:46--> 00:38:24

Oh, I have no, no, you know, I don't hold us to account for the sins we do against him, and maybe be no claims against us from the others. May Allah forgive those who have wronged us, we've done wrong against us. May Allah grant in beta. For those who commit sin, may Allah grant us to be reformed, except from us. And from the Hajaj melograno all of them abroad. I mean, just a few quick announcements. We have the moderate March, which is the first of September next week, Sunday, as we said, it's a good tradition, it's the beginning of the new year, which is the beginning of Islamic year. Last year, we had 1400 people came in, you know, the blue cup, as we say, is the cradle of

00:38:24--> 00:39:03

Islam in Cape Town, in South Africa. And it's good to be and remind us of our heritage of our history, and to make the art for those who make dua for those who have passed away, and hope that we can emulate the goodness, they're done. Of course, these things are not easy. And this year, we expect to have more than 1400, maybe 1006 700 people joining, and it's free for everyone to attend. But we would like people to assist and volunteer. So there's five ways in which you can assist powerup is a good month to do good deeds, it's a good month to give charity to Fox as well. So for those who would like to participate, you can be a volunteer Marshal. So you know, join up if you'd

00:39:03--> 00:39:39

like to be a marshal, please volunteer, you can speak to the attorney for the battery, or you can send your your your your name through. You can also help us so what we do is we give goodie bags to sweet sweets and to the kids. Now again, this is good for kids. We want to bring the small kids to the so that they know the culture and the heritage and they know that the identity is Islam. They're going to go and see many many things on TV and out there. But they should remember that this is what Muslims first and also we have a long heritage of Islamia. So we bring the kids in particular, but of course kids don't want to come and walk up and look at Masjid so we need to incentivize them we

00:39:39--> 00:40:00

give them sweets and goodies. Because Islam is also fun. It is something you can make you smile. So if you'd like to give, contribute, sweets, whatever, it's something is more, please let us know also 1400 people coming it's a good opportunity. If you've got a business, you got a store free of charge, no cost. You can sit up, you can give up your marketing, whatever you want to do. It's a good opportunity for you

00:40:00--> 00:40:28

This is a service to you, you can sponsor for the food because like we give goodies to the kids will give a kidney to the adults and I must give it to the adults. So at hamdulillah we have we have could buy meat but there's rice and other things that go into the pot of acne. So if you'd like to contribute to the pot as well, that's before and then lastly you can also donate as well just for the gifts as well so we up to for your assistance in the live at least make dua for us. Moloch grant success amin Sakura Hey Assalamualaikum