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The importance of reciting the Prophet's teachings online is discussed, along with the dangerous behavior of students reciting them. The speaker emphasizes the need for students to focus on the goddamn oma and fixing problems rather than wasting time. The speaker also discusses the importance of following actions and avoiding confusion, and offers advice on making a positive impact in community work. The speaker emphasizes the need for men to contribute to fix housing and work conditions, as well as avoiding confusion and making small talk. A quiz is also mentioned.

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Avila shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain My beloved brothers in Islam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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How y'all doing?

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Alhamdulillah Thursday night in the month of Ramadan.

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We thank Allah subhanaw taala for blessing us for another day of fasting, another night of thoroughly, another evening of Kibera. And another Juma Of course, as we said that it is the sooner to decide this sort of political gaffe, once a week, Thursday night or Friday, so inshallah hope that through the series that you've been inspired to decide to sudo today, or this evening or tomorrow, I mean, a couple of questions before we continue, and perhaps they'll even take up most of our time this evening. Some very big heavy questions, controversial questions. As I say, people listen to the lectures and the SMS WhatsApp question, we answered some of them. The first question,

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both of them are controversial. The first one a little easier, is with regards to Salatu. Salam does be for those who don't know what it is. It's a Salah we, you'd find that for Dockers new recycler soprano hamdulillah wa Taala Hello 75 times in each Raka and it should come to our 300 times. Now what is the sweetest sorta come from where does it come from? You find a hadith of Buddhahood and even imager, we the Prophet peace be upon him. A Buddha wouldn't tell me what the prophets of Salaam said to have mentioned this to his uncle malibus about the great rewards and forgives you sentence and you should do it at least once in your lifetime. You should try to do it all the time. Now the

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scholars of Hadith very very much in you know, the there's a consensus amongst them that these narrations are not authentic, they're weak, they're weak they are not really something which the scholars the format or the moms encouraged and therefore if you ask with regard to select there's nothing wrong Of course to make Sora and to say so behind online use news to do that. hamdulillah Allah hi Lola but nothing wrong with that and hamdulillah it's wonderful, but there are things which are clear cut and more beneficial. So people ask how should we spend the nights in, in Ramadan, the things that we should do is sada that's the best we can do salah and reciting Quran if you can't

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recite Quran from memory in take the Quran and stand and recite in your with your hand or recite the sutras that you do know. And in sajida new Suna Salas, make dua to Allah in your own language. So some people enjoy servetus b because it's something that they can do easily, we will now say subhana wa hamdulillah. And therefore, they do they do this kind of setup because they find it easier. Of course, as I said, there are better things to do, but they're also worse things to do. So for those who sort of oppose, remember, if you have a choice between sitting at home and doing nothing watching TV, then of course, is better. At least you have a weak ID that you're basing your actions

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on. But there are better things to be done. And the best that you could do is say if someone asks, What's the best I can do in the evenings of Ramadan is to make keyamo able to stand up in Salah recite what you can have the Quran recited from your with you with the Quran in front of you and in your sajida makes make you test v make you do this is the best thing we could do. This is the student of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. My next question very, very controversial. Sister awesome sister in fact, oses question, we look at the story of the people of the cave, and they ran away from it now he didn't the cave. How do we relate this to the problems that we see today in Syria?

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Palestine? Burma, Kashmir, Panama what what can we say about this? Should we just all sit on our hands in the cave and make dua, Allah subhana wa tada will take away our problems. Should we all get up and rise and become violent and fighting Jihad? What do we do? How do we solve this? Obviously, there's no answer that we can give in five minutes. This is one of these are the big questions that we're struggling with, but some advices that we can take. Number one, understand also that this is the prediction of the prophet SAW Selim, close to the end of times. We see that and this is why the suit is very important to us because we you know, I'm not fatalistic, but you have to look at the

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signs. The prophecy is close to pm or close to the coming up the gel, the oma will be like that the world will take from the lens of the Muslims like birds eating from a bowl, birds, you know, animals eat from one bowl, and they will just take what they want, no one stops them. So the Sahaba said, Is it because we will be filled in number what will be few Muslims? The Prophet said, No, you'll be many thoughts on them. You'd be many millions, billions of Muslims. But there is no honor and strength in this oma. Why? Because we have focused on the dunya. And we've lost sight of the earth here. So what do we do? Now? People ask, what should the Palestinians do? Should they mock should

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they match? What should the citizens do? Should they fight should we fight? What are the Saudis doing? What are the Iranians doing? All of those people will answer for their own actions. We need to ask what are we doing? You know, what am I doing in my own personal question?

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With regards to these problems,

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remember that's vanilla. Those people going through hardship, the answer to Allah will be very easy. They struggled and they will have to be patient for us. We are going to be asked, What did we do with our blessings? Our blessings will be the things that will be asked about what did we do with the wealth that we had the opportunities to be educated, the freedom that we had that Muslims throughout the world don't have, we have that freedom. We have the easy access to knowledge, easy access to practice, in other countries, Muslims can practice the deen, you know, Subhan Allah, if people through oppression, they practice the deen better than us who have the freedom to practice or

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the ministry problem. So these are the things that we should be more scared about. And in some scholars have even said that the people going through oppression, they're going through hardships in the dunya, but they'll have it easy in the Sahara, whereas those of us who have it easy in the dunya will have to answer in kiama about the ease. So what do we do? We do what is in our power to do we know the Hadith the Prophet sallallaahu ever sees wrong, then change it with his hand change something that you can do in your power changes with your hand. And if you can't do that, then change it verbally speak out against it. And if you can't do that, at the very least your heart must

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hate it and you should be making dua so if we not all making dua for the oma, then there's a problem with our email. That's the lowest form of email. And if we had a lot we can just put as an objective one night this Ramadan will wake up and spin you know, often our tutor has to make dua for the oma not for me, for you for my family, just for the Almighty Allah help the Muslims, going through hardship, help all the oppressed people of the dunya if we don't have that level of sadness in our heart, then it's a problem. also understand

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understand that you look at the Hadith what you know, once a hobby, what is the best we could do? So the prophecy is the best you can do is you go out, you see a problem, you fix it yourself. You find a problem. And we don't talk about the oma we talk about the mansion on your coolness panel. I just heard that because I haven't slept for the rain. But because of the rain, our roof had had an accident takes about 30,000 to fix, you know, anyone who's willing to contribute takes about 100 you know, 100 people all contributed a lot of money 300 grand each. We'll fix the roof in Charlottesville if you'd like to contribute and contribute. But you see a problem in the oma. you

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donate yourself, you donate your money. That's the best thing promises you got out yourself and you fix the problem. This time in your area, there's poverty in your area, there are orphans in your area. Use it, I'll make this my problem and I'll fix it. If you can't do that. Then support those who are doing the work. Support your sense of support your Masjid support your MJC support those who are doing the work in a system with your time with your money. And if you can't even do that, then don't be part of the problem. Don't then that will be your charity. You don't make the issue worse. And think about this for our youngsters in school. Your Jihad your struggle is to sit and study and

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you work and do the best you can in your school. And you must always remember if you cheat in your exams, your bank will you you know you get you. You drop that opportunity. You've not only betrayed yourself, you've betrayed the oma. But if we now as our business people, we cheated our business dealings, we're not only cheating ourselves off, we've cheated on everyone you can change the world through your law degree through your medical practice you through engineering, you don't have to be an Imam, or molana Mujahid to do to fight the struggle. Everyone in our own personal capacity we can do something so but it should be part of our life to do some community work. Be part of something

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the neighborhood watch the school PTA, the masjid committee, the MDC center, whatever it might be, be part of something, at least that will be your excuse my exclusionary FTM and allow us What did you do for the oma? Yeah, Allah, this is what I did for them. It's not much but this is what I did. And who knows panela if all of us are making dua, and all of us are doing a little bit and giving a little bit while you will see the changes on the ground, and slowly the big picture will fix itself slowly but surely, the big picture will take itself may Allah bless us. I mean, we continue with tonight's lecture, Allah subhana wa tada says to the prophets of Allah, what Luma Ooh La

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communicaton Arabic recite what Allah is revealing to you from his book recite what has been revealed to you Oh, Mohammed Salim of the book level by the radical Emirati. You will never ever find that there'll be any changes to the book of Allah. What untouched? I mean, do any and you will not find anyone besides Allah will data as a refuge someone that you can seek for prediction. Again, Allah is iterating the Quran is your your compass. This is the place of refuge. Now what's behind the analysis of the prophet SAW Selim wants to be left second, letting the other owner up down below her that he will actually read unova and oh, Mohamed Salah. Keep yourself patiently with those who

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call on the Lord meaning they make dua they pray to Allah in the mornings in the evening, seeking his face, seeking almost faces means seeking pleasure. And lit not your eyes. overlook them desiring the pump and glitter of the life of the world of this world. What do I enact and who to hire to do

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What are they called back when the cleaner whatever, however can I'm ruffo and obey not him who's hot we have made heedless of our remembrance, and one who follows his own lusts and whose face have become lost what's Allah talking about? The Allah says the prophets of Salaam properties giving Dawa and at some point the Prophet peace upon him naturally. This is the normal human instinct, if I can get the chief and the king and the president to embrace Islam, if I can get the billionaire and the million needs to embrace Islam, this will be a huge benefit. And when we forget about the person living you know, on the street is easy man any less than the presidency man is the person who is

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begging on the road, any list of his email lists in the one who is a billionaire, so Allah subhanaw taala, selling the prophets, Allah, don't waste your energy on people, no matter how powerful they are, that you waste your energy on them, giving them calling to the Dow, and you may be overlooked the billable hours and the week among the society was sincere, rather put your energy on those who are sincere and a week and a week on the outside, but the man is very, very strong and spiraled out we were all guilty about this, that we, we you know, we would prefer, you know, we sort of selective in who we believe is strong for the day knowing what to focus on the dean, we do good no matter who

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it goes to and how we know which person which organization we do good. Also Allah is telling the Prophet peace upon him. And this was a message to not be Moosa as well, when we moved to became an abbey, look very carefully to the company, you keep even the MBR Allah warns them that they aren't guidance, Allah speaks to them. But the company they keep can even even cause the MBR to

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be very careful with the company you keep, be very careful with who your friends are. One scholar said, think about the people in your life, your family, your friends, your close your colleagues, those will be the people that stand on neogenesis, they'll come to you just right. And you ask yourself are those people of quality, we are the people of fasting and charity and EMA and the pious people, you want them to stand at your janessa sada the day you die. So you have to interact with him here on the dunya you know, you have to spend time with him here so that they will be with you on the day you die. So think about your janessa what kind of person you want that stands behind you.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us and we can link this to the herbal caf. One of the big, big challenges in our life are the people that we keep around us, those people will be either our companions in the agenda, or they will be our companions panel will be with them in janam Allah protect us. So this is something that we constantly have to have to work on.

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Because of time inshallah we will cut and we'll continue tomorrow. This of course, now our we didn't even get to our question of quiz question. a quiz question will still come in Sharla. So I'll make I will ask inshallah, a question out of my own right, asked a question out of my own.

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Right, how many were Okay, so let's first answer those question. How long do they stay in the cave?

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These two answers here. The hovercraft stayed 300 years in the cave solar years. And 309 lunar years, right. That's how long they stayed in the cave. They spent 300 solar years and 309 lunar years and again, Allah show the keytab that he's able to give in such detail the answers the question for tonight we didn't get to that. What's the highest? Let's go to the question. We'll answer it maybe tomorrow. What is the highest level of gender? The Prophet peace upon him says when you make dua, ask for the highest level of gender is the Latin Is it a few doses with a co author? Ladies and gentlemen?

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It's no no means names. The agenda is only named after women. Right? And hamdulillah right. So this is the question we didn't actually get to it. You can actually take a tie and we will answer it tomorrow inshallah. Exactly, so don't worry too much with the libretto