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smuggler Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Medina says I'm on a library Glad to have you all well

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you guys can see me can you

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do my minutes everything clear on Bucha

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he'll be really swell hope you had a good we had a bit of a break last week so it's been two weeks since we've

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spoken everyone is you and your families are all well from the line safe healthy lawless panda that that will keep us safe Amin and

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as usual we begin with anyone has a specific question maybe would like to ask

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no. Okay then spiller Han Rahim homiletical Alameen wa salatu salam ala Muhammad, when it will be in Inshallah, we are on lecture number 14 I think lesson number 14 years and just quickly share the slides

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basically, now once the for once the slides are, are visible

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okay, you will see the slides

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Okay, so

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just a quick again, context of where we are and what we've been discussing up into this point, we spoke about what Islam is, from a linguistic perspective, we spoke about the purpose of submission, the purpose of life that we spoke about that is every single person at some point you wonder, I go to work nine to five I eat I sleep I plan for my holidays, is this all the is there has to be more to my life. And when you start questioning those deep questions, those big questions, the only the only group of people that kind of try and answer those all your your theologians, your your your religions. And

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even though the dominant religion today is Western secularism, which doesn't really believe in, in anything beyond the tangible beyond the material, and you realize that living like that, it might it might be fun for now, ultimately, it doesn't bring happiness. And ultimately, people even live that lifestyle. They're the ones that are on antidepressants, they're the ones that are

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the highest rate of suicides are from that segment of the population. And we just built there's something intrinsic in us that yearns for a higher purpose higher meaning connection with a higher being. And that is, of course, we say this is what Islam really is all about. We then spoke about, you know, the, you know, the evidences for Islam, the morality of Islam, the the history of Islam, the purpose of worshipping, one, one Creator. And so getting to that, we moved on to the more detailed side of it and said, Okay, fine, you've given me a good, basic understanding of what the soldier is all about in a nutshell, what exactly do I need to do to become a Muslim? And that is

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when we spoke about the hadith of Gibreel. We, we spoke about the pillars that if you want to be a Muslim, you need to follow the five pillars you have to do the five pillars of Islam. And you need to believe in the five pillars of Eman or the articles of EMA six things Muslim beliefs and five things Muslim does. And we spoke about those those pillars but based on the hadith of Gibreel, within mentioned that if you were to, you know if if you were to look at your life, and you want to ask how do I succeed in life, everything in this life is temporary, and it is basically an exam on my journey to Allah subhanaw taala my journey to connect with him, how do I succeed? What are the

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priority things in my life and then we spoke about number one priority is to worship Allah alone and to avoid chick. And so there is a discussion that we need to have very early on when you study Islam. The most important subject matter is that of what we call to hate or theology, we speak or monotheism when we talk about what invalidates your hate, what makes what what what, what is the red line that if you crossed that red line, you fall outside of the fold of snapping. So these are all discussion around around that. So he said the first and most important thing is to believe in one Allah that He exists to worship Him alone, and to ascribe to him with the qualities that I'll be

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fitting with him exclusively. Within said the next priority is to fulfill your pillars to focus on your pillars of Islam, your Salah, if you're struggling to perform your Salah, that is the most important thing to do is to perform your Salah and then of course Zakah and fasting and of course we are entering the season of Hajj if anyone has yet to perform the Hajj you know it has it is one of the obligatory things and renders one makes one a Muslim. And so if you haven't performed your hair

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Ah, at least you need to perform he must be there and there must be a sincere effort that one day inshallah will perform Hajj your name must be honest, your you should start saving some money and so we never know when death comes to us. But if there was no hope there was no intention to perform Hajj and there's no excuse not to go on Hajj, immediately it becomes a very problematic because understand that if one of these five pillars are missing, it is if the you Islam is non existent, you know, it's part of a very, very dangerous view Islam becomes now in question. And I gave my son Wednesdays I teach a free class. And so what does Islam from scratch should lead to is a more

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detailed discussion in terms of thick intercede, and my class had just gone concluded the studies on Hajj. So just finished the the midterms and June, pop the syllabus and we're talking about Arafa. And you know, in a few few days time we're going to speak about you know, you'll hear about alpha and whoever's been an alpha, you know, it's an amazing moment. And really, if you think about it, that few hours that you stand on alpha from the Automotive is the most significant few hours of your life. Because up until that point, you've been a Muslim you've made Salah you fasted Ramadan, you gave you a soccer, but you Islam was technically incomplete, you will not get a for lack of a better

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word, you will not a complete Muslim, because you haven't had yet. And so when the Haji reaches out over any performances woof and when a hydrophone is hatches basically is Hodges basically complete when you when he finishes performing alpha and therefore with the completion of his Hajj, he's Islam is complete, and his obligation to Allah is complete. You have basically done everything Allah had put you to do on the earth, you know, the most important thing is and that and therefore your whole life. Almost. If you think about it, your 6070 years of your life comes down to that six days of Hajj. And that six days comes down to that day of Arafah and those few hours between the world and

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mother if everything comes down to that. And for most people,

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those were fortunate to go and hatch you hardly ever get an opportunity to do it again. And so you have this one chance to get properly to do it right this panel up. Really it's amazing to think how much he how much of your life depends on that one day on when you perform. And someone I know we just do to digress here, everything in hajj, Suraj class but everything in Hajj is really the it is the embodiment of what it means to be a Muslim your tawaf is you linking your everything revolves around Allah subhanaw taala. Your

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your site is you are fleeing towards Allah running away from your son and of course out of being the pinnacle of Hajj with a symbolism there is an artifact there's no there's no rituals in terms of Gemma rock in MENA bow off in Makkah alpha is the pinnacle, but there's no ritual. In fact, even the Salah is made short and very quickly. Why? Because the symbolism of RFI is it's just you and Allah, you have literally a private meeting a one on one with the Lord of the universe, Allah subhanaw taala in our end, like if you think about it, your whole life, Allah has scheduled for each of us, there's going to be one day, one year where you get invited to meet Allah one on one and every sin

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is inshallah forgiven, every wish, every hope every yearning is going to be listened to and ALLAH SubhanA will answer it in a manner which he chooses, either he gives it to you, when he gives you something better. And so to that is the symbolism of Iran, of course, the other symbolism is, you will we will have another meeting like that is on the day of Kiama. Allah Subhana Allah protect us. So we spoke about the pillars of Islam, we spoke with the pillars of the man who said that your priority is your Tawheed number one, fulfilling the pillars of Islam. And then of course number two, and number three is to avoid the major sins, and they need to be another discussion. So each one of

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these are branches of that branch off into a whole new topic. What are the major sins? How do I what constitutes a major so if I have done a major sin in my life, you know, I come with a genome, I look ridiculous, I drink alcohol I've stolen I've killed somebody, is there hope for me? Yes, there is hope that one is now in a different bracket, which requires Tober is too far. We said if you can avoid if you can do your five pillars, and you avoid the major sins, and you do the basic obligations to your people and your family, then it really Subhanallah you have done the obligations of life. Such a person we know from the Hadith that such a person in sha Allah in sha Allah

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intergender without going to join them the all the minor sins will be forgiven, they will have no one that will have a claim a claim against the monkey, and so they will be saved and go straight to Jana. But for those who did the major sins or they've neglected one of the obligations, they position on Kiama is precarious. There are believers. There are Muslims, but they are in a dangerous situation. And then we said of course getting to Jana is only part of it elevating

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yourself through doing more Matoba are more and more knuffel No good, more good deeds only increases you in your station. And then ultimately we sit. And I think this is where we ended off that Qiyamah

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Kiama is not going to be

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the one thing that as a Muslim that you're hopeful, and this is what only a only a person who has to hate only a person who has not come with a chip has stuff still, even if they committed many major sins, and they neglected the obligations, but it didn't come and shake, there is this ultimate hope. And this is sort of your last your last resort. And no one must sort of, well, we hope for the Mercy of Allah don't count on this. But this is really the last ditch effort is that in spite of a life that was completely ruined, so think of someone that completely messed up the exam, you know, they you know, they, they actually they didn't study anything. All you hoping for is the teacher would

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just give you a passing mark. And that's behind Allah there is still this hope and we don't want a hadith Hadith gives a lot of where Allah subhanaw taala says to the, to the good people, you know, the believers the only way to Jana, and then they start coming back. They're on their way to Jana. And then they turn around and they look is everyone accounted for. So I mean, think about your group of friends, you know, if you if you're so fortunate to have a close group of friends or a feminine it's close, so you know, you've all crossed over the syrup, you know that this this this bridge, that it's over Janam you cross over. And now you stand on the other side and you're sort of account

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is it worth? It's hard to make everyone okay, it was accountable. Oh, hang on, someone is missing. Sulaiman is missing wasalam and is not with us. And so then instead of going to Jana, they will turn around and they will go back to Allah subhanaw taala. This is you know, how Allah going back over almost Majan going back over the setup of Jana to go and argue with Allah Ya Allah, so and so I testify for him, why is he not with us. And so eventually Allah will will allow these people to intercede. And then Allah will say to them, Go and save an O Allah, they will say save our brothers. They used to make Salah with us and they used to follow us in Ramadan. I used to give cookies to

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them. And they used to force us to give us cookies, and they did good deeds with us. We will tomorrow how are they not with us. And Allah will eventually give consent to them and say, go to jahannam. And take them out and look for anyone who in his heart you find Eman equal to a coin, like you know, think of a 50 cent coin. If you find anyone with iman have that low level of iman, they take him out of Jahannam and Allah will forbid the fire to burn the face of those and Allah will so so

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by basically people might ask how do you recognize someone in Jannah because karma and Allah protect us if you can imagine anyone that is burned, you will know someone that is burned, they beyond recognition. So for these people who have a little bit of Eman, their faces will not be burned. And so they will still be recognized by the fellow Muslims. And so then there's I can see this person is in the in the province of Jana, but I can recognize it. And so of course the believers themselves won't get burned, but there'll be pull them out, and they will go to them and find some of them in fire up to the feet and some up until the legs, some of them will be in the fire basically up to the

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neck. And so Allah subhanaw taala will take them and go and take out of Janome anyone who's hard to find faith equal to the weight of half a dinner so then you find people even less than that. And Allah will say to take them also out. And there will be those who have the lowest equal an atom's weight of ima. Basically they have, they have done virtually nothing they have only Allah knows that they have some goodness in their heart, Allah will take them out.

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And then they will be a group of people now, every single person that vouches for another person, think about this, every single Muslim, and person who succeeded and goes to Jana will get the opportunity to go and take anyone out of Johanna that you can vouch for SubhanAllah. And then of course you vouch for them, then the angels will say, the obvious the people that have there are people in Jahannam, that basically no one knows of them, we vouch for them, because we saw what they did in maybe they did some good, you know, behind closed doors. So Allah will allow the angels to take them out and the MBR will make dua for the people. And eventually there will be people in

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Jahannam that have no angel, no family member, no friend, nobody to vouch for them. I mean, they really lived such a miserable life. And then Allah subhanaw taala said, now it's my turn to be merciful. And he will take out a handful of people in a manner which if it's almost majesty, Allah's hand, we don't know in Jahannam he will lift out a whole bunch of people and he into them into Jannah. Now we have this immense hope in Allah's mercy and His kindness in spite of a life that is utterly ruined. But it is panela

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we hope ultimately in the Mercy of Allah and this is beautiful Hadith in which I think we we were supposed to speak about in the hadith of Sahih Muslim way, the last man

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and that will enter that will leave Jana and intergender, the last person. And so if you can imagine the state of the people of Vietnam, so in Jannah, Allah protect us, there is going to be a lot of people who will all the people that are condemned to Jahannam, they will see, you know, the inmates of Jana at different levels, there'll be those deep in Jahannam, those who are on the sort of ankle deep in the Janome, some will have only a cold under the feet, but every single person will believe his punishment is the most severe, every even the person getting the lightest form of punishment, he will believe that his punishment is the worst punishment. But the one little hope that they will

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have in Jahannam, is they will see the doors of Janam opening every now and then, and people being taken out, you know, depending on the level and the severity of the penalty, and so the East is hoping, maybe myton will come maybe I will get paroled at some point. And then a time will come which Allah has taken out basically everybody that is deserving of coming out. And then the last man, that is in Jannah, the last man that deserves to be taken out of Jannah, he will be taken out of Janome. I mean, he is it him now this person, he says, the last one to enter Paradise will be a man who will walk. So he's in January, he's walking, and he stumbles. And he falls in the fire and

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he burns. And then he gets up and he stumbles. And when he gets a big Angel telling this man, whatever his name is, Mr. So so the door is open, you may leave, and unless obviously can't even walk out of Jannah he stumbling through the flames. And finally he gets past and he will be out of Jannah. Now at this moment upon the Can you imagine the sorrow when the angels say to the rest of the people have Jahannam now this is the last man to exit, the doors will be closed eternally, the doors are not going to open again. And then Jahannam gets locked forever. And that is sort of the final, you know, remorse for the people of Django malice, we predict there is discussion what

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happens to them Do they stay forever and ever and ever. Some scholars have said that because these ayah in the Quran, Wallace Francis, that they will remain in Jannah as long as the heavens and the earth subside all as long as Allah wishes in my Yeshua as long as a lot decrease for them. So we hope Subhanallah that and we open Allah's mercy, that and of course, no one will be dealt unjustly. But the dominant view is that of course, those will come with a shake with Allah, they will be permanently in Jannah. And they will be this like this person did not come and share it. But he has really nothing of a worthy life to mention. But he comes out of Jannah. And when he comes out of

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Jannah, you will say bless it be Allah who has saved me from from using two gentlemen, Allah has given me something that has not been given to the First and the Last, you will believe that he is the luckiest man on earth. This man who spent eons in Jannah, when he gets out, he will believe he is the luckiest person to ever receive a favor from Allah Spandana. Now, just because he gets out of Jannah doesn't mean he gets to go to Jana, right to this person, he's almost fine, you deserve the same Jahannam forever, but we will give you a parole and you will come outside of Janome. And that's it. And he says hamdulillah Give me that. There's nothing better than that. And so he will stand

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outside of Jahannam and he will be standing there for Allah knows how long and in that time, a tree will start to grow next to him. In a distance a tree will grow and it will be raised up in the distance a tree will grow in the distance. And he will say now it's, again think about what this man must have done after if you imagine Allah's mercy and His kindness. This person must have lived a terrible I've heard so many people might have killed people might have hurt children and might have done so many things. And now he gets paroled. And he gets to stand outside of Jannah. And when he stands and he sees this three, now he still feels the heat of Jannah he still feels the elements

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upon him. And so then he now has the I would say the the audacity to speak to Allah. I think about this after all he's done. He now says, Oh Allah, bring me closer to the three. So I'm a shelter in the shade and drink of its water. And then Allah will respond to this man. Allah will say subhanallah to himself, Allah praise himself, Oh, son of Adam. So Allah says to this man or son of Adam, if I give you this, do you promise you will not ask me anything after that? I mean, you don't even deserve to speak to me. If I give you that you've made a request to extend under the street. If I give it to you, will you then be satisfied? finally satisfied? And the man says, I said, My Lord,

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no, I will not ask you and I promise I won't ask for anything. This is all I ever could want. And Allah will say, He's Lord will excuse him because he has seen something. So Allah says, Allah says to like this man, you are basically a human being. You see something that your heart can resist. You really, really

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under three, and eventually I was fine, go and stand under three. So Lola remove him from basically close to the further away from Johanna. And now he will stand under the tree, and he will stand under the shade. And he will think of into water. And of course, he will think like, well, I'm the luckiest person on earth, then after and you can imagine, how long is that? How long does it take for three to grow? I mean, after many, many years, you will see further down a tree even more beautiful than the one that is standing grows. And he will stand and he remembers sitting under the shade. And he's looking at this tree and he's looking at this tree in the distance, longing to go

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the and he knows he promised Allah I'm never going to speak to you again. Yeah, Allah again. You might think why is Allah being so harsh? And this man, remember the context of this man, this isn't some person who might come with a few cents, this man is the last man to go yet, you know, think of you know, you go to postman. And you see people who have you know, killed their own children. They've murdered, raped, they have life sentences, you know, you so you actually should never become you should never come out of jail. Now this man is like that. You should never even have gotten out of Jannah. But it was only out of Allah's mercy that he got to come out. Now he sees this new tree

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in the distance. And he says, Oh Allah, he now has the, again, the audacity to speak to Allah says, oh, Allah, it's me again.

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Can I please come closer to that tree? Because I want to drink of its water and come and che and I put any orange now in our lesson. If before Allah came and asked him, he says, and I promise, I won't ask you anything else. That's this, this is this. So why don't I say this? I promise you, is it, I am not going to ask you anything. And so then Allah subhanaw says to this man who said about him, that you're not already promised me that you're not going to ask me for anything you already make this promise. So then Allah says, But okay, fine, perhaps if I give you this, you will be satisfied. And you won't ask me anything after this, perhaps you will be satisfied. And of course,

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he says, I promise I will not ask you of anything. And he's Lord, and Allah excuses him. Allah knows the nature of insanity. When we see something that we love, we can't resist it, we get overwhelmed with it. And so Allah will bring him closer to that shade, and he will think of its water. And then of course, this goes on for another time. And our Allah will cause another 330 Now even more beautiful in the first in the second to sprout in the distance. And this man can control himself and he's looking at that tree yearning, look how beautiful that tree is better than the one that I have. And then he will, in spite of his promise to Allah in May two promises not to ask Allah in NCCR

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Allah, please let me feel closer to that three. And this time, I really, really promise you and so Allah says, Oh, son of Adam, like, again, again a third time you promise when you break your promise all the time, and Allah will save Fine, I will give our allow you because you are a human, go and stand under that tree. And this tree is basically next to Jana. And when he stands under this tree, we can now see Jana, and he can hear Jana and he can smell Jana, any years. And I think he's outside the walls of Jana in front of him and he hears the laughter and the people enjoying themselves and the parties that are happening. And he is outside under this amazing tree, but he's outside and he

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really really wants to go inside. And then he will say Allah one more time. Yeah, Allah please. Can I go into Jana? Please allow me to intergender and so Allah subhana wa say to the most another item? When will you stop asking? When will you be satisfied? You begged me to leave Jana and I gave it to you even though you didn't deserve to win I gave you the first three the second three the 30 each time you promising nothing more is nothing more than I will ask. So then Allah says will then Allah asks him, what if please you if I gave you the the world, this the unit, basically the universe that we know, as much as it and 10 times of that, I'll give you 10 times the universe basically that we

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come to know. And the man says, Oh Allah, okay, you can like you can say no, no, you don't have to eat it. Don't Okay, fine. Don't put me in Jannah but don't make fun of me. Like you think Allah is being sarcastic with him? Allah, I'll ask him. Maybe if I give you 10 universes then you'll be happy. And the man says okay, fine, but don't make fun of me Allah, You are the Lord of the woods. I mean to you, You Allah, you shouldn't be teasing me. And then when you give this hadith, you should laugh. You should actually smile. And when the Sahaba when they would give this hadith, they would smile and the students would ask Why are you laughing? And the Sahaba would say we laugh because the

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visa lab would laugh at this point. Because Allah laughs in a manner which puts his manager see because when the man says to Allah, this criminal this evil person would when he says to Allah, Ya Allah, okay, fine, don't put me in Jana, but just don't make fun of me, you you Allah, you shouldn't be making fun of me. When Allah laughs at him and says, I'm not making fun of you. I'm actually telling you, I'm going to give you a Jana 10 times the light of this world. And then we'll

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You'd be happy. And so then Allah likes this man into Jana. And this time when he,

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he said because the Lord of the world, the prophecy is because the LORD OF THE WORLD Allah will smile when this man says so you are from you are making fun of me when you are the Lord of the worlds and then Allah will say I'm not making fun of you, but I'm able to do whatever I will and Allah will enter this man into Janna, not only Jana, he gets the lowest I remember this getting this this guy gets the lowest and basically the worst channel but it is like 10 times the level of the Earth that we see. You know it is more than the imagination can even comprehend. And of course this time and when when we intergender they sustain that when you intergender Allah builds your Jana in a

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way which is so pleasing that you believe that you have the best Jana so you will not long with someone else's Jana, you will not look at those who are in the highest level of Jana, that this is I wish I was getting that. And so Allah mentions in the Quran he moves from from the hearts of insaan that you won't have this yearning for anything else you will be satisfied with everything that you have, because it's tailor made for you. So not just because not every house because it's bigger, it's better. But if it's customized for your preferences, it will be the best so he will believe when he enters Janna that I have the best Jana last panel. You know, there's a beautiful story a bit

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of a hadith and we it touches our hearts in many ways. It also the point when we just the purpose of this hadith in the context of our series, Islam is not an the religion of Islam is not meant for us to fail. It's not Allah trying to trick us or trying to set up so many rules that we maintain Janna rather Allah subhanaw taala Yes, he is testing us and He wants us to live a certain lifestyle and to abide by his laws, but he also wants us to antigen He Allah subhanaw taala is going to

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gives us free will but gives us every opportunity and assists us every step of the way to intergender The only thing again that he asks that he commands that is of non non negotiable is that you do not come and check with him. And you know, lack of Allah we can make

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you know, analogies with Allah subhanaw taala. But if one wants to maybe give an example that let's say you have you many of our kids have writing exams of the finished right exams or at university, if the university said look, if you come to the exam

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and you study these things, and you put this on the paper, you will pass with flying colors and you will basically get you know you come louder the exam, okay? If you don't do that, at least study these sections, and you will do well fastest one and you eventually you get to the point where the university lecturer assist you, okay, fine, just come to the exam, sit down, put your name on a paper, even if your hand in a blank paper, I will I will, I will eventually pass you I might put you in a detention or something like that, but handing the paper with your name on it. And then you will you will pass and you can leave. Now if you don't even do that you don't even put your name on the

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paper you don't even attend attempt the exam for such a person, okay, this person cannot pass and that is basically how you need to think of of shake that a person that at least Allah's fantasy is that you shouldn't worship anyone besides me. If you do if you if you stick to that and you do the bare minimum, then inshallah Jana is guaranteed and so Subhanallah it gives us great hope that we should feel when we hear Hadith like this, that Jana is not far away, it's not something unattainable that the five daily salons that you do, the little charities that you give the good deeds that you give to your family, your parents your kids, these things count heavily in our favor

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insha Allah and it will be a testament for us on the Deaf piano and Allah grant all of us to to enter Jannah with ease without any any difficulty is any questions

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sent a question okay.

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But we weren't allowed to visit the corporate

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okay. So, we got a question that is unrelated and we also have a question the gentleman could okay. So, first of all, I have asked as easily as it could a non Muslim in the Janna by virtue of doing some good deeds, spineless. So, this is a classic This is the one of the the difficult questions because you know, we will say that we know many non Muslims who have good morals good principles, they're good people, you know, they charitable they, they help and respectful when they enter Jannah Nupur the reading of the Quran it's very clear and of course I will totally switching it up before the uncle of Nabil salaam was such a wonderful person and a person that had supported them to be

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Salam throughout his life and suffered along with enemy Salam. Allah subhanaw taala says do not for such a person even though Abu Talib did all those good things. He died as a non Muslim. He rejected Allah subhanaw taala and so for such a person is like that guy who doesn't even sit

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

For the exam, he Oh, he comes to the exam and he fills out the exam and he answers all the questions, but he didn't put his name on the paper. And so because of that, everything isn't null and void. And so, one way of looking at it, the person who does not believe in Allah, the non Muslim who doesn't believe in Allah, all his good deeds were not done for Allah sake, it wasn't done for Allah. So Allah is gonna say to this person, but you didn't do it for me, you did it for whatever other reason, either for fame, or for some other deity, so don't come to me and expect any any rewards. Of course, we do mention that it is not as black and white as that, that Allah under knows

00:30:34--> 00:31:11

the hearts of people. And that we know that the believer before he passes away from Allah protect us. Our Eman is tested in a certain way. And sometimes, you know, people right into towards the end, you don't know the state that they were in. And so we hope the good people who live the good life, Allah subhanaw taala will guide them at that last few moments before they pass away. We don't know of course, who those people are. And we don't, we're not able to. We judge based on what we know the man either Christian, we treat him as that we don't loosen him, bury him with us. He gets buried in his own cemetery. But at that last moment, remember Allah judges the hearts and he will know. Who

00:31:11--> 00:31:45

are these people who are the other people deserve deserve Jana. Because you know, we believe in the converse, that there are people who live very righteous lives on the outside, but on the inside, they are corrupted, they are evil, and then Allah will judge them based on that on Kiana. And so we hope Conversely, there are people on the outside, we only see the negatives, but Allah knows the good deeds. And it could be that they did some good deed. And in the last moments, Allah gives him some kind of hidayah. We also mentioned that those people who never ever got Islam correctly, properly, they never had an opportunity, they will get a special exemption on the day of karma.

00:31:46--> 00:32:05

Allah subhanaw taala. Ultimately what we need to believe is our it's not going to be unjust to anybody. In fact, he is merciful, not unjust. So there is nobody that is in Jahannam that does not deserve to be there. There is no one that's going to be wronged anyone that has anything in their favor, they will they will

00:32:06--> 00:32:41

be removed from Janam as we in this very famous Hadith where the man asked Who is my father who his father was well known as a good man, and he was a non Muslim. What and He will say to you, Austin to be Salam, all the good deeds he did, you know, but he died as a non Muslim, what is he going to get? And so going to Mississippi, he will get whatever he had intended, if intended, good, Allah will give him good, but if he intended for fame and fortune, Allah is going to give him that. So Allah is not going to deal anyone unjustly and so we make dua, and we make to us panela, that for us, anyone who dies openly as an unbelievably cannot make dua for them, when we make dua, that Allah subhanaw

00:32:41--> 00:32:56

taala guides, all those who have good deeds and he knows best those people who have good hearts, and the last moments in their life, Allah guides him Oh, in that last moments, Allah saves them and guides them. I mean, so a couple of questions obeyed. You said there's a question. Yes.

00:32:57--> 00:32:59

All women are allowed to visit.

00:33:00--> 00:33:14

Alright, so the question is all the sisters the lady is allowed to visit cemeteries, the graveyards now, and I had a similar question that was asked by one of the hygienist they were in the currently on hygiene ask Allah to grant him a hijab role.

00:33:16--> 00:34:03

I'm gonna accept from them the the Ibadat method returns in this, that they went to eat a meal and it came with meat. And after they ate the camel meat, the person says to them, you need to take wudu because eating camel meat breaks you have this and this is I've never heard this before. What what Islam is this? So what we now enter into now the minute che that we move away from the big stuff to the more detailed discussion, as we as we mentioned that Islam is built on to the rules of Islam are extracted from two sources, the Quran and the Sunnah, the Sunnah, meaning that teachings are going to be so solemn. We said the Sunnah has an element of authentication that is required. The Quran was

00:34:03--> 00:34:30

preserved so perfectly that there's no doubt around me to think the city whereas the Sunnah, the hadith of Islam, there is an element of we need to test it some some Hadith are very clear, they're authentic, some Hadith are legit Hadith we know is a fabrication. I mean, they are Hadith that are in the middle that are great. We're not sure if they're authentic or not, we will say 70% It's likely that to be considered 20% is unlikely, I mean, most likely isn't going to be Salam. And so you have Hadith that have

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

different levels of authenticity. And also besides authenticity, they are Hadith which may be how you understand it, you can interpret it in in different ways. They are Hadith that have maybe conflicting meanings. So let's let's deal with the one of the lady visiting the cemetery. So initially, the visa is a very clear Hadith. It's a well known Hadith, it's authentic, then, at least Salam forbid made haram. It is impermissible for

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

any Muslim to visit the cemetery at all? Not the main not the ladies, no one can visit the cemeteries. Why? Why? Why can you not visit the cemeteries? Because at that time, the Muslims was still new out of paganism. And you would find that the first place of shake is at worshipping graveyards, worshiping the comets worshiping the shrines of ancestors, and doing all kinds of strange things at the sea. If you look at the pagan religions, and religions that don't have really a book or text, cultural religions, or like the village religions, who do they worship, they worship their ancestors, they asked the ancestors, okay, and so then we send them forbid the Sahaba from

00:35:41--> 00:36:22

going to the cemeteries, because they just came out of ancestral worship, then, at some point, and we send them said, Go and visit. So you change the rules now, like the Sahaba on already, go and visit the dead people, because death, you know, visiting the cemetery reminds you of the enemy was a third Hadith within reason says, curse is the lady who frequently is overall the lady who visits the cemetery continuously. So now you've got three Hadith one that forbid going to the cemetery is one that said, you may go to the cemeteries and one that said that lady that goes regularly to the cemeteries, she is cut off from the Mercy of Allah. So somebody I'd ever read this and said, look,

00:36:22--> 00:36:59

the rule was, it was forbidden for everybody. But then it became permissible for everybody with a limitation and lady said that she should, she should not go all the time. So men can go as much as they want. But for the lady, she must not have a she shouldn't habitually go every Friday on everyone's, you know, they shouldn't be a pattern in it. Either Mariah and I've said no, the prohibition for going was for men and women. And then within the salem said, you may go to the cemetery is only for the men. And then he said, and if the ladies want to go, then they are sinful by going to the cemetery. So you have in reading the Hadith, you have two different

00:37:00--> 00:37:39

sort of understandings interpretations. The majority of the scholars, and it's the Shafi mother, which is young Cape Town, had said it's permissible, whether you need to go to the cemetery, but not recommended. And definitely it is not permissible for her to go as part of a in a repetitive manner. And she of course, has to follow all the rulings of hijab, she can't go and test inappropriately, she can't go if there are men around, and she should avoid going to the cemetery at times of heightened emotion. So the day the father passes away the day her child mela granted, you know, mercy, the day that the loved one passes away, don't go to the cemetery now, because the lady will

00:37:39--> 00:38:18

be overcome with emotion. And so this is the majority view. But there is a view that says that the lady should not go to the cemetery at all. And we understand why when you look at the evidences, there is credible evidences for both. Similarly, the question of the eating camo myth, this is only found in the humbly madhhab. Mr. Hamilton, and we talk about the former that I have, these are for great scholars. We don't Islam is not dependent on these format hubs for these four schools of thought, but what these scholars did was they took the Quran and they took the Hadith, and they codified it. So if someone asks you, is it permissible for me to have a dog as a pet? You say, Okay,

00:38:18--> 00:38:58

fine. Let's see. Let's start with Surah Fatiha we read the Quran. And look at all the verses talking about dogs. Then we open Buhari and we read body Muslim, to me the let's say all books of Hadith, and we compile all the rulings with regards to dogs and then I give you an answer. Then you ask, Can I drink? You know, can I use? You know? I don't know. Can I wait so Okay, now let's do the whole thing from Surah Fatiha. So now why why do this? rather late? You know what the scholars of the Medina who did they already did all the sources of information, and they put down a set of rules. Now it's easy. You just follow the rulebook and you just follow you know, you know, like Islam for

00:38:58--> 00:39:37

Dummies, if you will, that's what them are they but it's basically a recipe book of how to live your life. And obviously they by reading the Quran reading the Sunnah, scholars applying their minds, they will come to different conclusions based on the same evidence they look at the same Quran the same sunnah, but they come to different conclusions. I explained, for example, the issue of a lady visiting a cemetery. The issue of eating meat, there is a Hadith, which you find in the Imam Muhammad is a scholar of Hadith. So he examined Hadith, he tests them, and he took this hadith, whether the business is whoever eats camo meat, you take blue, and He classified it as authentic

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

based on his standard and he's grading and each scholar has a different way of grading and testing if he said this hadith is authentic, then I've even said it. And if the reason he said it, then you have to obey it. And so in his mother, the humbling method and it's only the humbling method that has this ruling, and so you know it based on the humbling mother view it come on in, you should take with you again and of course it's a safe opinion.

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

Do you have a camel burger, you know, and you get an outperform. So often if I'm about to offer the father is like the most important hedge, then you know what you might as well just think we will just to be on the safe side but most likely the majority of the scholars have said this hadith is not authentic because it kind of clashes with a lot of

00:40:18--> 00:40:57

with other other evidences you know, you don't find that eating anything else breaks you will do so why would camo meat be something specific? But but we do say and all former madhhab say this, that if indeed and as a result who said that? Then we accept it? We don't ask why why why camo with a donkey? Why not the horse or what's the reason? We just accepted that he said so he knows something that we don't know. And and then Subhanallah what most likely is going to happen in a few 100 years, scientists will say oh and your income will meet some bacteria interacts with you and something happens and it's all be evened out. Now we accept the Hadith, because science says as verified, but

00:40:57--> 00:41:34

if there be some said so he of course knows best and so we follow it. But if when we say the hadith is not weak, what we meaning is we are not sure if there might be some said it is a Hadith also it might be that there'll be Salam encourage the Sahaba that group of Sahaba after the AKM omit go and take we do for some other reason it didn't nullify it will do is not only to take we do to take make salah, you also take we do for other reasons, you know, diminish your anger to wash away some kind of sin, so it might be interpreted in that way. Nonetheless, when you study Islamic

00:41:36--> 00:42:15

fiqh jurisprudence, you have a deep appreciation for the scholarly thinking that the Imams have made, not only the form of hops, there are many, many Magi and each one, as we know, from from our understanding that our religion is based on evidence, not our opinion. It's based on evidence we don't care which with a scholar is who the person is the personality. So based on personalities, is based on evidence and you'd find any, any person can come forward with an evidence and if it's valid, then it's a valid opinion. And we know the Hadith that you know, it doesn't matter which opinion you take so long as it has evidence. Yes, they might be the is right and wrong. But both

00:42:15--> 00:42:55

sides. Allah subhanaw taala accepts is a very famous incident in the time when a visa Salam, we live on a journey, and then a visa and said, We will make like, let's think about it. We are traveling from Cape Town to Paul, those guys, those who are from Cape Town, Paul is like often our 45 minute drive from Cape Town. And so on the eastern seat, we should not make Salah for us, except in Paul. And so the Sahaba they were okay, we're going to go to Paul and they will make us an answer. They lift, ticket down, and they will on the way as the time came for Marguerite, they had not made a sale yet. They didn't make a sale yet. And so some Sahaba said, we should stop and make Salah and we

00:42:55--> 00:43:18

shouldn't let the word go out. Let's make Salah in the road, because the lot is going out. It's almost modeling. Others had no the prophets on said we should not make acid except at the destination and so they didn't make salah they carried on the what went they got to the destination outside of us and then they made salah, so that so both parties came to me Salam and they asked me Salam which party is correct, you said do not make Salah

00:43:19--> 00:43:36

X except at the destination, we follow the instruction. The other group said no. What he meant was the meaning was Hurry up so that we get the full answer. But because we missed we were slow. It didn't mean let the word go. So we made Salah on the road. And so then at least some basic said both sides had

00:43:38--> 00:44:05

an understanding just correct both sides and understood differently but correct, and it was acceptable. No one is punished, everyone was fine. There was no sin. But actually the group that makes a lot in their own understood the method better than me Salam did not intend as a rule it is you cannot make Salah Assa except in that distillation, what he meant was hurry up and then make Salah in case they for answer in time for answer. That's what he meant. But it is natural that you would two people read the same.

00:44:06--> 00:44:45

You know, text, you come to a different conclusion. And I think this opens a whole new chapter of the rules of Islam in the madhouse. And should I follow a map and sects in Islam? What version of Islam at the end of the day with Al Hamdulillah unlike any other religion? With all its with all our diversity? What are different schools of thought, what are different even six, you would find that the only religion that has the very same Quran, you won't find a different Quran, in Iran, in Saudi Arabia, in Egypt, in China in America, one Quran and everyone unifies that this is our Prophet Salah syndrome and we unify on the pillars of Islam and we unify on the pillars of Eman and so those in

00:44:45--> 00:44:59

very very important things. That is what makes you a Muslim. And also I remember when we take when I when I spoke about the the the priorities. The no one debates none of them had Habs debate as to should you make solid on optics or do you have five solid so forth?

00:45:00--> 00:45:28

For us, do you have, how many records they all agree on the important things that you need to get to Jannah to pass the exam, there is complete consensus. But in the minor issues you'd find in the secondary issues, there's going to be a lot of different opinions and all those opinions. Okay, we can say we agree to disagree. It's not about one being more pious than the other one. But it comes down to evidence in childhood. But okay, we've jumped the gun and gone to math hubs in the Philippines have any other questions before we conclude this evening?

00:45:33--> 00:45:35

Any other questions, any comments?

00:45:40--> 00:45:43

Okay, so Inshallah, next week, we will

00:45:46--> 00:46:31

have lecture number 15. And we're going to go into a bit of a change of gear, as we say that this is all about understanding Islam from the basics, but also proving to ourselves, it's not only to confirm to ourselves, the truthfulness of this religion, and what is very important is, if someone were to ask you that, yes, you're, you know, you know, you're versus atheism versus the, the theology of Christianity, the theology of Hinduism, theology of Islam, it kind of makes sense. There's one Creator, He gives you a life to love, you submit? And these are the rules you need to do I accept all those things. But still, is there any proof evidence, any signs, any kind of miracles

00:46:31--> 00:46:32

that I can

00:46:33--> 00:46:43

put my heart at ease that this religion is from Allah is there any way that I can prove that the Creator has given me is this is the way of the right way to live. And

00:46:44--> 00:47:18

we, as Muslims say that, of course, the biggest and the most important medical is that of the Quran, and so inshallah in the next couple of lectures, and we've done this before, when we get to discuss the miracles of the Quran, how do you how do you know and give comfort in yourself? Firstly, and how do you speak to a non Muslim, and say that this book, if you study it, you can only come to one conclusion that this is not manmade, that this book cannot be manmade, it must come from a higher power, so we will look at the miracles of the Quran. Inshallah, in the it'll take us a couple of weeks to go through that. And when we come out of that, it should give us you know, that strength,

00:47:18--> 00:47:53

that this is the book that is of complete guidance, and that whatever I find in it, I don't know what's happening in the world, but this is my compass. The world might go this way or that way. But if this book says, It is haram to eat pork, it is haram to gamble, I should wear a hijab, I shouldn't do this, I should do that. If this should the Quran says that my son will get double the inheritance of my daughter, this book is from the Lord of the universe, He knows best, he understands what is best for me. And then we can submit and we follow it. But before you get to that point, you first need to sign off this Book is not from any other person, any manmade

00:47:54--> 00:48:27

manmade. And so we will analyze the Quran Inshallah, over the next couple of weeks, and if you and it's going to be a very, very good session, I think, if you have any non Muslim friends that are interested about Islam, that wants to know, how do you prove prove to me that this is correct, then these next couple of weeks will be perfect and ideal for them in sha Allah. And so I encourage you to share the link or to encourage them to even join the classes and as we discussed the miracles of the Quran over the next couple of weeks in the law. Any last questions before we log off?

00:48:31--> 00:49:08

Any challenges? Thank you so much malice, Panda Allah bless all of us and Barak please Juma and a political week ahead May Allah grant you and your family me and my family all the height and Baraka in this dunya and Allah keep us steadfast on our iman May Allah grant us a life that is blessing may Allah grant us a death that explicit and Allah bring us to him in implicit state and intestinal genital furloughs and protect us from the calamities of this world in the next hour on the hijab hijab role, although on travel Malecon in a safe travel may be no accident, two incidences this hedge, malice Panatela made easy for those who have gone through difficulty. MLS pantalla grant

00:49:08--> 00:49:17

milkfat forgiveness for those who have passed away I mean, there's like eight or so Allah saying that Mohammed will argue SAP Islam saline and downloadable Alameen wa sallahu wa barakato