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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of superstitions on people's health and well-being, including the use of drugs and alcohol. They also touch on the negative impact of superstitions on people's health and well-being, including the origin of the culture of superstitions and the negative impact of being a Muslim person. The speakers also discuss the use of animals and the importance of protecting one's immune system and solar connection. They recite words and recite reciting them before going to bed, and provide information on protecting one's eyes from evil and evil eye. The importance of protecting one's solar system and immune system is also emphasized. The speakers provide information on the upcoming AMA and recite words and reciting them before going to bed.
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Even if you don't know Rosie Miss Miller men are human hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala early he also have he married a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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operation to a loss of 100 Allah the Most Merciful, the most kind Chateau La ilaha illa Allah I have a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah. And we submit to Him, we turn to Him in devotion and pray and in hope, La ilaha illa Allah and we ask Allah to bless us in this walk of Juma Allah forgive us for the sins of last week, and guide us in the week to come. We send our greetings and salutations so beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those of this oma who follow his soon until the end of time, a lot of this before amongst them I mean while hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah we insha Allah, The date is

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not important but it's relevant to the topic. Today is the Friday the 13th Alhamdulillah every Friday is a blizzard Day is a holy day and it is the greatest of days of the week for it is the day on which the AMA will be it is the day in which Allah created and to be Adam, it is the day in which race and our policies the profitsystem tells us in this day of Joomla the 24 hours of Joomla there is one hour in it way to us and have not rejected at all whatever do you make, it will be accepted inshallah, different opinion as to which that hour is is it the waqt of Joomla. And if it's so many likes, if there was some seats the hour before every other seat shifts, the last third of Thursday

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night, whatever it might be, the holiest day of the week is Friday, and therefore we do not believe in superstition and our Deen. Our Deen is light and it is knowledge and it began with ecola. And it came to people who are deeply entrenched in superstition, of Satan's

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tricks and of shaytans methods of leading man astray. He pushes him further and further into paganism further and further into superstition. And you'll find the link between superstition and schilke versus knowledge and to heed the opposite completely. Whereas the one she puts power in objects and things other than Allah, idols and stones and graves and stars and statues, whereas the believer puts all power and might to Allah. And all his fear is with Allah and all his hope is with Allah and his predictions with Allah, we as the pagan, or everything around him is terrified of everything. He is superstitious about everything. And therefore superstition is not part of our our

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creed. It is something that as Muslims, we are far removed from it. And we said it's not just a sin, like other sins, or other superstition, and doubts of fake the very core essence of our email and either text, our email, if we need to talk about this, to refute it. We said the internet that this deem the reason why we created Mr. Dr. Gene, I will insert allele Abdul Allah subhana wa Taala said that the reason and the purpose of your creation, my creation, the genes creation, everything that is created, ultimately has one goal to worship Allah alone, and fear and looking for protection is part of that worship, which should be for Allah alone. And she nullifies this completely. That's why

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this topic is very important, you know, some topics Alhamdulillah. You know, you might feel that when you hear the topic of marriage, you think that hamdullah I've been there, done that and 50 years married, if only I heard this lecture 50 years ago. Now it's too late for me that this topic is relevant, because as I said,

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superstition is a portion of Schick, it's a it's a branch of the evil tree of Schick and one bit of shear crusade nullifies contaminates the heat completely, and we sit on the day of the AMA, there are only two queues, ultimately, there's the queue of the people of tawheed. And there's the queue of those who don't have to hate. And if we ever we love, you're in the queue that have committed chick holla, since Jan, eternally every other sin, whether it be Xena, or murder, or like whatever it might be, you still have the hope of Jenna. But if you have an ounce, a drop of chic with you on the day of piano, then eternal damnation in jahannam. And therefore this is the most dangerous of

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Olson's. And I said superstition is one of the roots of Shere Khan if we need to be very, very careful how we navigate against this law protect us. Allah says in the law hilarious in a lot, in a lot I feel he could be he could do another like Allah says, I don't forgive at all ever. Anyone who has shared but I will forgive anything less than that. Anything less than that I will forgive except for sure.

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We said before that and this is recapping of many things that we spoken many, many weeks ago. And in fact, we did this lecture. If you if you remember

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January also had the Friday the 13th. And just to into the steak, if ever the month begins on a Sunday, Friday will be will be a Friday the 13th. This is mathematically going to be like that. So the month ends the first of the month is Sunday, there will be Friday the 13th. That's just the normal how the week's work. There's the timing of the week. And we see that people who can Maciek remember sciatic is not denying a lot altogether, rather, the machinic the person who has schilke he associate something with Allah meaning he affirms Allah, but he also gives something which belongs to Allah alone. So what did we say our definition of shear cause sherek is to give that which is

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exclusively Allah belongs to Allah alone. Some things you can share with others the creation, but some things belong to Allah alone, when you give anything of that to anyone besides Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah says, for example, in Surah, Zuma, and if you ask them, who created the heavens and the earth? You mean you asked the pagans, anyone who come here who came to the heavens and the earth, they will never say the idols, they will never say Jesus Christ, they will never say the graves and they are no one ever sees the creation of the universe was by the deities rather they will say Allah Buddha, *, when you ask Abu Jamal who created the heavens and the earth, He will

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say Allah, the creator who created it, then Allah says him Then have you considered what you invoke you are making dua, you are looking for protection besides Allah, if Allah is the Creator, and he's the ruler and the supreme of everything, then why are you turning to others besides Allah for Baraka and for forgiveness and for for protection? And for all route to Jenna, why are you turning to anyone besides him?

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And Allah says, and this is important, our topic today, if Allah intended me harm, if Allah wanted to harm you, then there are then are the removers Allah asks you of his heart? Can anyone prevent and block you from harm of Allah? Can anyone defend you against Allah? And if Allah intended me mercy, are the enemy that can withhold the mercy of Allah? So how can you even fear anything besides Allah? And how can you hope in anything besides Allah, how can you turn to in worship with anything besides Allah, when all the power and the might and the user belongs to him exclusively, and they force the Muslims is cool has to be Allah, the believers is sufficient from Allah is enough. I don't

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need anything besides Allah. I don't need to go to anyone, any spiritual healer, any spiritual remedy, any amulet or anything like that, because has to be Allah Allah is sufficient for me, and upon him, Allah here token moutoku. And upon him the true people of reliance, they put the faith on it. So we said superstition is a portion of schilke. And we see still in our very developed scientific based society, people still have in them aspects of superstition, and certain communities where you have the villa, they are deeply entrenched in superstition. And we find some Mahanama stories recently in the news, people committing acts of cannibalism, people slaughtering and, you

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know, taking pieces from Muti and magic and all these things. It is based on superstition, and based on, you know, belief in powers other than Allah, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says, Tara is sure that to believe in omens, and superstitious means is a portion of schilke. And we said the examples, let's talk about some of the examples that we find in our community. And in fact, sadly, even in our Muslim community and Cape Town, and, you know, there are still aspects of superstitious belief and confirmed and reasonable fears. For example, we said Friday the 13th people have taken certain dates and time of the year as being bad luck. Don't you know the number 13. And the day Friday is taken

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when it's together, it's superstition. This is a Western concept. Of course, the Muslim never feels Friday, we love Friday and hamdulillah 13 wise, 13 a superstitious day. But let me ask you, if we look at the origin of these things, very interesting to think about it. When you think how would you think Friday the 13th became superstitious? Well, within the in the Christian

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concept, the 13th disciple was Judas, the disciple that betrayed in Ibiza, according to Christianity, olana, he was disciple number 13. So this number 13, was taken as bad luck, and you find it in some buildings, for example, in the Western world, you'd find flow number 13 isn't the it goes you know, 11 1214 the left jobs because they believe number the number 13 is bad luck, so they don't have number 13. Also, Friday was the day of the Muslims and therefore in the Western world, it was believed it was a day when witches got together that in fact, my sister in law she worked in case it in and

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she's a revert and one of the the, the the native people from the Zulu people have cases and so when

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Do people go to mosque on Friday? What kind of magic do people practice? So there's still the belief that some swallow is our fault. We laugh, but it's actually our fault. We should educate. We should educate them that they should know the basics of our Deen, what do we do? What what happens at the mosque and spamela we will work with colleagues came 20 years, and they have no clue what happens in a machine. If they knew what happened, they could have opened their heart to Islam, of course. So it was believed that Muslims do some strange magical things on on Friday, and therefore the combination of the two is extremely evil. But even in the Arab context, and sadly, even in Muslim contexts, I

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find that still today, that month of suffer, even though there's a handy thing, there is no evil in the month of suffer, you still find people saying we can't get married in the month of Muharram it's a bad luck month and some of the old people are nodding, they must have heard this from the old people and Alhamdulillah for the older generation, who might not have known any better but we have clear evidences today there is clear cut Hadith that says do not take suffer as a as a man that is bad law. Take it do your businesses and suffer, get married in suffer. I have a friend personally, when he got when he wanted to get married. They brought some spiritual person, his Muslim people and

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I had these a share from Atlanta and he looked at the stars not it's not the right time to get married out of the villa. Where do we get this air the villa we have come far from this certain numbers we see people take it as being either evil or bad luck or certain numbers of special power. You put that 786 number on your license plate to bring your Baraka if your phone number is 786 you know you won't get any more schools whatever it might be, there is no Baraka and power in numbers. And in reality, there is some acid with all these these superstitious beliefs. There is a reality a bit of truth to it. And the truth numbers. This is science called of science. These are art school,

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the numerology, the art of numbers. And when we and this is not our topic of today, but when we talk about Jim and magic, a lot of that communication between Jean and people is through numbers through some combination of numbers and therefore people have believed certain numbers of power. We don't believe in numbers having power. We don't believe litres has power it only Colombia, Allah subhanho wa Taala has power. Animals are always believed to be superstitious, and they kept for example, all the way back to the pharaohs time the ancient Egyptians, they believed cats were the guardians of the land of the dead. So cats had special magical powers and the Arabs they believed birds, birds

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had special powers. If you saw a certain bird, it was a sign of good luck. And if you saw a different bird, it was bad luck. They would rack themselves up, they would go home, lock the door, and they would wait a few hours because this was a bird that grows with death. Although of course these things have no these are animals. They just go and they come this I believe, stars and horoscopes and we are the Bella my brothers my sisters. Never ever ever even look at the horoscope. Don't open the newspaper. Don't go on Facebook and check what is my horoscope just for fun. This is your deen. This is not like, like anything else you're playing with the prophets of Salaam who ever

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goes to a cannon who ever goes to a soothsayer, a fortune teller. He has this and he believes that person they need this believes in Mohammed Solomon his message. And if he goes without believing in it, when he sought out the rewards of it is for 40 days, you lose the reward, you still have to perform Salah but 40 days your Salah is contaminated just by visiting that person. Right so don't even click on that horoscope don't even look at it. In the past. People of course didn't understand how the stars worked, and they would see different planets and stars appear eclipses and they believe that there must be some magical powers in it. Al Hamdulillah we are beyond this. And to show

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you the beauty of our Deen you know ally our Deen is based on sound logical, you know knowledge. The day the prophets of Salaam sang Ibrahim passed away what happened. There was an eclipse, I there was an eclipse. So the Prophet son dies, salatu salam dies, at the same time the sun is eclipsing. Now, normal. Logically we would say these two are connected, like the Sahaba thought this must be connected, that the sun is so sad that the Prophet son died. It's such a traumatic experience that even the sun goes dark. And what it means is, don't blink these two events, the movements of the planets are independent of what happens on earth. And we know that to be true today that nothing we

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do on earth will change how the planets move and rotate as they own their own system. Irrespective we were here or not. It shows you the beauty and soundness of our dean.

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Names being unlucky I know of people will lie people I know personally, they'll say you know my name is so and so. But originally My name was Ahmed Hassan, but the chef said this name is not good luck.

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For me, so they changed my name. I've heard this. And if you know what I'm talking about, then you know if you have if you look confused Alhamdulillah you haven't been exposed to it, right? So certain names people take to be unlucky, or they will say this name is you know, you are meant to be a certain name. Yes, there are certain rules. You cannot have evil names. You can't call your son Pharaoh. He can't do that. Or anything. Well, Abdullah shoeless children that only Abdullah. So these kinds of names are not permissible. But whether you choose a good name, there is no power in it. Yes, there is some good that an abyssal Salam says so he says with names. Give your kids good

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names. Why? Because it hopefully inspires them to emulate that name. So you give the name for example, Omar. Omar, right. So then he thinks Satan armor Let me try to be like him, or his name is is is solid mean? Which means good. So he tries to emulate that. So this is there is no power in the name, but rather it is encouragement to do good.

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Some of our older people, and they had this thing at nighttime in the dark, you shouldn't cut your nails cut up. Old people is this. Have you heard that before? The old people are not the hideous maybe in the previous time there was no light. So they said it's dangerous to cut, you're going to catch yourself. Maybe that's what they meant. Right? Maybe that's the reason. But these things have become superstition that if I cut my nails or my hair, you know when it's off the mothership with some bad luck that will fall nose Palmer catchy, catchy nails, so long as you're not in Iran, you can cut your hair and your nails you should do this regularly that people and I heard the sun's

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collecting these stories. I mean, I've never experienced this personally, that people will put a gloss out in the middle of the night. They would leave a glass of water and they would say that this is just in case some of the the did Ottawa around so they could drink No, no, no Ottawa don't move around. If they are good, they are drinking better than the water that you can provide them. And if there are sinful then they will not get a drop of water that Allah Subhana did not mean for them. When people pass away, we find that the murders are closed. Firstly, a murder is part of the sadhana. No problem the prophets of Salaam would look at himself in the mirror. And there was no

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fear in that. So why do we close the murder? Why do people do that? It's a superstition. They believe when someone dies in particular right when you come to the house to the janazah you find many of the murders closed Why? Because there was a belief in the European world that a murder captured your soul they couldn't understand how do you see yourself in this metal reflection? Obviously they didn't understand light so they thought it was your soul appeared in the mirror. So therefore when you die and your soul leaves if there's any mirrors around it will capture the soul. So therefore, people believed you close the mirror when a person dies of course this is again

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superstition am a for breaking a murderer is so dangerous because it can capture the soul if you break it you know seven years of bad luck we will learn nothing like that. I mean Lucky Charms horseshoes and rabbits with there is no such thing as lucky charms and three leaf clovers in the time of the prophets of Salaam. There was a three wood that and what a three which was a massive, huge tree and the Arabs would go of jack Lee, they would hang the swords and the weapons on it to get the Baraka of the three. So before battle, they would visit this tree and they would hang the weapons. And when Makkah was conquered many people embraced Islam but they were new. They didn't

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understand much about Islam. So they asked the prophets of Salaam can we also have a tree like that to unwind so we can put our weapons on it. A proposition got so upset. What did he say to them? He said you've asked me something like the Bani Israel he asked Moosa What did the bunny sorry last Musa give us an idol like the people of idols so we can worship an idol.

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When asked for an idol worship Allah say, No, the concept that you believe a tree, or an object has Baraka in it and I can extract from it is a type of shit. You're worshiping something other than Allah. This is incorrect belief that menstruating women keep away the angels strong. And as one shirt said, if that were true, I would surround myself by menstruating women. So molecule mode can never come near me. And I try. As long as sometimes we deprive the poor sister, you can't visit you know your husband has just passed away or a sequence it no you're menstruating, you can't come near him law of inspiration has nothing to do with being bad luck. In fact, she could still be in more

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righteousness than us. We said that the prophets of Salaam he would recite Quran with his head in the lap of his wives while you're menstruating Shadi Buhari that there was no he wasn't even like you would say you know in other cultures that we mentioned this in the in when we discuss women that in the Bible it says that if a woman is in her menstruation she's so nosy so narpac that if she can't even stay in the house, the house becomes dirty for a whole day the house and everything she said silly becomes an unjust law. We don't believe this is nothing to do with our religion. Salt was always been taken as a

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A Blizzard thing that if you spill the salt you have bad luck and you must throw it over your shoulder where does this come from? Salt was believed to have miraculous powers why if you put some salt on the fish or some salt on the meat it becomes bolt on any last month you know it doesn't go off it's like the salt it has has powers to heal this we know it's got nothing to do with it it extracts the water from the from the meat and therefore people believed salt was a powerful thing that would pour salt on the door before they do some brothers are nodding I don't know if they did it as a kid you know that to put some salt on the doorway before they come in that this is

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completely against. And then of course, we enter wheeze and amulets and spinalis some of us sitting here might even have something around our neck now right now we need for protection and some will say these two are in the now all this Quranic is in the so brother if you have on your phone 10,000 copies of the Quran Why doesn't that protect you? in your house you have little little papers that protect you say I put it up there to protect me from burglary and all that you have a whole cabinet of neurons in your house Why doesn't those who predict you could unprotect you Yes, but when you recite it you can put the entire must have in the in your car, your entire your 10,000 crowns can be

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in your car, it will not protect you unless you are reciting the Quran. The words of the Quran protect you when you recite it so we don't wait amulets even if they have Islamic things inside the and I must warn you brothers and sisters, I have seen will live with my own eyes something which a friend of mine had in his house for prediction. Will law he when I looked at what it was it said yes around yes a pawn Yeah, he believes Yeah man, not one word of Allah on the so a low RLM. We these things come from and who wrote those things and what is in the those things? Usually the people that use writings and drawings are the magicians when they make spells. And Allah speaks about it

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ensuring that it will protect us. Yeah, Allah from those who blow into knots. These kinds of drawings are usually the work of Sierra. So be very careful with this kind of stuff. The prophet SAW Selim says,

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when the Sahaba asked that, you know, a couple of main nine men came to give the Pledge of Allegiance nine men came to embrace Islam and the prophets of Salaam excepted from all of them except one. So the Sahaba CDR rasulillah you accepted the allegiance of nine, but not of this one. Why And What was he doing wrong? So then abbyson said, Look, he's wearing a tie with his wing and emulate these we in azima. So the men took it off, and the prophets of Salaam then accepted his allegiance and he says, Whoever ways an amulet has committed an act of sheer, take it off, don't we these things? And it's narrated by Mr. David Hanson, the prophets of Salaam Swann saw a man with a

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brass ring on his hand and ask the man had a brass kind of thing. What is the snobbism asked him, and the man says, to overcome the weakness of old age, this thing keeps me strong. So the Prophet says is removed, we take it away, for it can only add to your weakness. And should this overtake you while you're waiting it, you will never be successful when you go to gentlemen forever. So anything that you believe, as spiritual and magical powers, remove these things. So we see the dangers of superstition, and shaytaan will always move society towards superstition.

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You know, fear is one of the tools of Satan. And then when you deal with Sierra and again, I don't want to get into Sahara and magic and these things, part of shaytani Arsenal is to make you paranoid and fearful. That person is looking at me with the evil eye. And what do you think this mean? And I had a nightmare. And I just saw it's coincidence. You know, there was a lady who got into an accident, she has the same birthday as me. What do you think it means there must be a meaning shaytan puts these thoughts in your head Why? Because it takes away your dependency and Allah, it takes away your your the feeling of contentment, and at peace with Allah, then when ever happens to

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me, I face the world. I know I'm in your hands of prediction. So hamdulillah I have nothing to fear, whatever good comes to me from you. Whatever bad comes to me is from your power and your decree and you can only you can take it away.

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It also as it takes the dependency away and it it diminishes you as a person. There are people who have given up amazing opportunities in business amazing opportunities and getting married. Why? Because of some stupid, silly stupid superstitious belief. Some silly thing the dates on the wrong her name and your name don't match. You know that she's wearing the wrong color. Oh the way these things you know if something illogical the Brianna was born, Angela we understand. But something like that is no reason, no reason to to stop yourself. And even at the time of Sahaba people would not embark on a journey because of the time of the year.

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With the birds that were flying, they deprive themselves of goodness shaitan he wants to deprive you of good of the dunya and akhira. And he wants you to feel fear, and an easy. That's why he gives you nightmares. What benefit is it to shaytaan for us to have nightmares, only to cause us misery. And that's how weak his powers are. All he can do is really scare you like a little child. But the more you give into those fears, the more power you put into him. And we see that of course, there are such things as supernatural dangerous, the such thing as magic as confirmed in the Quran. And the such a thing as the evil eye. And the most powerful remedies for these things are what is mentioned

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in the Quran of protection. So how do we protect ourselves from evil eye? and magic? How do I protect myself? So magic? is through gene? How do I protect myself from gene attacking me. And I will just say this with regards to gene, we have a course in sha Allah on the ninth of December, on Jin, angels, and color freewill and destiny. These three concepts that people get confused, they're abstract, so inshallah more about that as we get closer to the date, but just something on magic. Without a doubt this gene, without a doubt, they have power. And without a doubt, they can harm you. But see them, look at them understand them, like a virus, you are surrounded by deadly viruses all

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the time, the air we breathe has so many deadly viruses in the so why don't we get sick? Why don't we lock ourselves up in a little bubble, because we believe Yes, I can get in, I can get infected, I can die, but I have an immune system. And so long as I take care of my immune system, these things cannot penetrate me a lot put a barrier between us in the gym, and so long as that barrier is healthy, inshallah, nothing will harm you except by the decree of Allah. So don't worry about all the diseases out there. You don't have to have a PhD with all the diseases to protect yourself from it, you just have to follow the recommendations of what to do similarly with the dean, evil eye is a

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reality. And in fact, there's a hadith that says, If you knew the extent of people that are killed with the evil eye, you know, so many people die through it. And that's when one person envy someone else, to such a degree, that it actually harms that person, you might even go out to the extent we make the law against you, why did you get the job and not meet our law, take it away from him now like sips that door as that person is determined, as well. So how do you protect yourself from this, again, doesn't mean you must feel your whole life, drive the worst of cause and weigh the worst of clothing, and you know, hide all your jewels and your wealth away. So don't enjoy them. No, that's

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not part of the sooner rather, it is to put your faith in the memories of protection. And how do you protect yourself number one, a strong concept of a strong connection with Allah you know, Subhanallah if you are walking in the road, and you've you know, you've got guns on you and you've got, you know, your bulletproof vests and you've got all the protection that you could need, you don't fear anything, no one can harm me. Now the believer in his connection with Allah is strong. That's how he feels. When I step out that door. I'm in the hands of Allah Spano Tata, that I've got a lot on my side. Now whatever step I take is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. And the more

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distant we are, the weaker we are and the weakened we will feel and of course, the most important connection with allies throughout Sala and many of time, you know, quite regularly at least monthly. I have people that come to the masjid and they ask me because they have some we all have problems in our life. We all have businesses that are not working financial money that just we can't make ends meet the relationships that break down and naturally the NIC The first thing people want to think about they must be some evil in my life Someone must have done something on me

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many times they should be and they said I feel like there's something evil in my life so we said fine let's assist in discuss their clear symptoms of if they see her or anything like that. And many times you find us the brother or sister How is your solder? How's your connection with Allah said no, it's not that good. I'm not making Salah as regular as I should, or I make

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a taraweeh when I come home, I make the word awesome Avishai that's not the right. It's not right. How are you going to get a last prediction if you're not connected to him, if you're not connected to him. So the most important thing is your solar. And that's the first step in your immune system as the first building block in keeping your immune system intact, but Allah has gone over and above that, and given you remedies. So if for example, and just quickly some symptoms, if you have reoccurring nightmares all the time, something very vivid and detailed, and it bothers you or you have a very, you know, your mood has changed tremendously. You know, your wife or your kids telling

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you not the same person used to be if you find it extremely difficult to make a binder now all of us our demand is that it's difficult. All of us I know

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Are you struggling to stay awake right now. But if you come to the masjid and you're like completely knocked out, you fall asleep snowing, you can't understand why and you have a brother in law told me about what he sees. And this even happened to the prophets of Salaam * images. Flashing your mind when you're making a bad does happen to the prophets of Salaam. In fact, this is through magic, then there might be some things that are bothering you. But again, don't bring some chef in your house to sprinkle some magical dust on you or to perform some rituals. Don't do that, that opens the doorway to shield and even worse, that will make your problems 10 times worse. Do these

00:30:34 --> 00:31:16

things make you solder on time, recite the three cools off the every Salah before you sleep three times. The professor says our house in which Surah Baqarah is played shaytaan cannot enter it. And again will lie I say to you once again, a couple came to me a month ago. So having symptoms which sounded a lot like gene. And I said I'm not going to give you anything fancy. There's no fancy remedies, if you just play Surah Baqarah three times from the beginning to the end. If you can recite it good if you can't play it on the cassette or something and, or the iPad or the iPhone, whatever for three days even when you're out working. And while I respond to say he feels at ease,

00:31:16 --> 00:31:33

things are better, that paranoia is gone. He's able to focus better, he's a better just do these things just play sort of Baccarat in the house. I too could see after every salah and before you bed go to bed recite adequacy and one of the beautiful things about ayatul kursi. Now this also says

00:31:34 --> 00:32:16

the person who recites idle courtesy of the every Sala nothing prevents him from entering Jannah except if meaning his places they already he just waiting to die by reciting ayatul kursi. But also in addition to that, the you know the had the famous Hadith in Bukhari of Abu huraira. a gene came in human form a devil came in human form and make Abu hurayrah and Abu hurayrah quote him and the man this man said, I'll tell you something, if you let me go I'll give you some knowledge that if you recite ikusi before you go to bed, it will protect you from jinn and evil and evil harm. So I'm gonna let him go. And when the prophets of Salaam found out about this incident, he said, Abu

00:32:16 --> 00:32:58

huraira the man that you quote, told you the truth, even though he's a boob, even though he is a persistent liar, he always lies but in this case, he told you the truth, recite ikusi before you go to bed. And there are special doors out to be Kalamata light, Mishima Allah, Allah, I seek protection through your perfect words, from all the evil which you have created from all the harm which Allah has created a look at the police, he creates a gene, he created viruses and AIDS and back all these things allocated it, and therefore only through a luck and you'll be protected. And this also shows you this had he has had even pay attention here. This shows you you can get

00:32:58 --> 00:33:38

protection through the Quran, not by writing it and winging it, but by reciting it, and by making dua through it. So I conclude by saying that we are in Ouma of optimism. We face the world with challenges that it is optimistically. We don't fear anything besides Allah, and we hope for the best for our future. And the prophets of Salaam says that whoever puts his faith ever says, Allah there is no god except Allah. No good, except your good is no birds that can harm you except you and there's no God besides you, he puts his faith in Allah in everything that he does. And the last and I conclude with this Hadeeth.

00:33:39 --> 00:34:17

I conclude with this. We said on the day of the AMA, there will be people that will be in two queues that people have shared, and they'll go to janam for him, and the people of tawheed. They'll go to go to Jenna. But there are categories. Some of them will wait. And I'll go to jahannam first, some of them will wait on piano for a long time. And then we'll go to Jenna, some will go to Jenna, there'll be questioned and forgiven. But we see there are some that will go to Jenna without even being Christian, meaning they come on piano and this is the most VIP cue of all, after the ambia. The next base queue that you want to be in melograno has to be in that queue, that the angels will

00:34:17 --> 00:34:18


00:34:19 --> 00:34:56

this queue is for you your name is on the list. You won't even be questioned by a lot either you go straight to General. Alice, what must you do to get that reward? One of it is you need to be in the front line of jihad. P the front battalion of jihad gets a bit difficult, but this one is easier. The professor's will seize 70,000 of my alma will intergender without being brought to account they won't even be in question. They are the ones who do not ask for clear they don't ask people to decide over them for Baraka and blessing. They do it themselves or believe in any kind of omens. There is no superstitious belief in their heart and they don't use

00:34:57 --> 00:35:00

tallies and quarter burning and things like that to pray.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

Take them, but rather they put the trust completely in Allah. They feel confident in Allah. If your Eman is on that level May Allah grant us to be of that you will be of that 70,000 or intergender without any questioning Alhamdulillah Allah granted I mean, a subtle law said no Mohammed Islam I mean, sir reminder our classes on Tuesday evening, the CEO of the prophet SAW Selim off the off the mothership solar on Tuesday evenings and if you'd like a copy of this lecture will be on our website in a few days time dot z, bubble dot z f one and you can email me at waste [email protected] to Sokoloff at Santa Monica Mutharika.

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