Muhammad West – Qiyamah and the End Times #27

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The importance of focusing on one evening and not feeling sad or tired is emphasized in Jana's culture. The Jana levels are meant to make people feel the greatest experience, with only one person being the highest. The Jana culture is described as being "has been a pleasure," with people sharing their experiences and learning from others. The importance of learning from others and sharing experiences is emphasized.
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Sadie now Muhammad Ali or savage manliness and Mr. Aiken one of them over to go to

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of your wealth.

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As you know the theme of night

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is why many

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of us struggle as ever you will need to eat your beds you will need to really focus all your

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all your focus on one evening in 27 nights and the most likely to have a father so whichever My mother wants us all the thing

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remains and they started with you know the Quran and the Hadith will be completed on June 7 Right we didn't do a full Quran yet nonetheless from the library half was missing and we'd like to thank our farm bills for the sterling work throughout the month it's really really difficult coming and making sure that you know your work and it is our sooner yeah

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thanks thank our offer on the 27th night but the bills they only get to wait

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to meet

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without without further ado

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I will

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put on all movement views thank the Coface for the sacrifice for the time they spent here with us. I mean this isn't the first year they've been Regulus for the last few years and now we'll see them again next year inshallah and we have a little token

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so bye

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been started Yeah, it was

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nine years old and you're now

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turning 16

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Nine to 16 Right.

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So get over you

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as your name indicates

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yes in

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traveling from the from the north

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and of course, our leader who avec Simon homeboy

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this one?

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Zach lifeaid And once again, we say Shukran melograno, all the best for our HuFa you know, Subhan Allah, just something on the Quran

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that we know that the greatest angel is God or Islam and his job was to carry the Quran and the greatest nubby is Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and his job was to carry the Quran. And the greatest month is Ramadan. And that's the month in which the Quran was revealed. Nothing touches the Quran or comes in contact with it except that ALLAH elevates it. Allah makes it great. Allah makes it special and so to aku father you know we are we really mashallah honored to have you and of course the masala is for being here, but this is not a conclusion. We still have another two nights after this. And so inshallah we will continue with our series on Jana. So, okay, because I'm mother

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Musa is waiting outside the mother of Sameer Musa, please Samir Musa mother's waiting outside

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is there some euros?

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Okay, Shakira.

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and hamdulillah so we continue with our, our series on piano and we Alhamdulillah yesterday, after a long, long journey reached the doors and the gates of Jana. And we spoke about that moment And subhanAllah I want you to think about all the miseries in your life and all the hardships and all the difficulties in your life. And you know, when you standing outside the doors of Jannah and the angel says he says to you as salaam alaikum Peace be upon new peace we are new for all eternity. Once you cross over. You will never ever feel any sadness. You will never feel any fatigue. You will never feel any misery or any tiredness or anything negative. You will

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Only have enjoyment As salam o Alaikum and welcome to Jana, and that Alhamdulillah what a great feeling that must be, you will never die and you will never become old when hamdulillah so now you're in Jannah and as soon as Omar mentions we will be interested in groups. So you're in touch with your friends, I can imagine your friends, your family, and you're touring, Janna for that first few moments looking around, being amazed never been never seen anything like this before. Allah says why either Atia when they and when they look upon Jana thumb Margarita and they look again. Now even when will can Kabira just looking at it will give them the greatest joy of experience, just looking

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at it will make them feel something they've never felt before. And Allah says whoever comes to Allah as a believer and has done the righteous deeds for such other higher ranks in Jannah, they're going to be a higher ranks in Jannah. Now Jana, as we know as the Rajat levels, and Allah subhanho wa Taala has therefore made it that some will excel over others, but in our hearts, you will feel no immaterial envy for one above the other. And Allah subhanaw taala would make it such that every single person would love his Jana and his palace, like it's the best of all, but they are those levels that are above others, for example, that says that between for the shahada just for the

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people who die as martyrs, there are 100 levels, different categories of Jannah between each level is this spans of the seven heavens and the earth, all of creation can fit between one level to the next level. So it gives you an indication of the size of the Jannah and so the highest Jana as we said the highest Jana is genital fear dose and within genital fear dose, the highest sub or the pinnacle of genital fear dose is Al sila and allow for the law this palace and we know that beautiful and the humility of Nabil Salam we know it's meant for him there's no one else is more entitled to it than him. So he says when I saw Allah sila and one for the law and I thought and I

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saw this is the greatest place in Jannah I said I hope inshallah I will get there because only one man will get there and then he says to his alma helped me get the by making dua for me when the Adhan is given and that's what I say it Mohammadi No See The Trouble for Lila is humility is the OMA will make dua for him to teach them and then exchange What will you do? He will grant us Shiva, Shiva on the day of karma, you will make dua for us on the Day of karma. And so then it says we'll see that on for Lila is the highest highest pinnacle of Jana with only one man would get. But it is in the suburb of unfilled dose and the anyone can get alpha dose, so there'll be some says genital

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theodosis, the highest suburb of Jannah. Underneath it is above it is the ash there is nothing higher than Allah subhanaw taala and from Allah was from genuine fear those the rivers of Jannah he so four of them, but there are many, many more the rivers of Jannah begin from fear dose, and they flow throughout the rest of Jana. And so he says SallAllahu sallam, when you make dua, don't only ask Allah grant Jana, ask Allah grumpy janitorial dose, so that you will be the neighbor of the Nabisco Salaam and of the Gambia imagine being on the same road with the MBR and hammers also lifted down the road the palace of the resellers will see the word for de la but I'm in the same road

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Alhamdulillah we make dua that Allah grants us to enter genital for the dose in either I mean,

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and so we're gonna be solar mentions these levels. And he says, vainly, the people of Paradise will look upon the inhabited inhabitants of the mentioned above them. Now Subhanallah, as I just mentioned, made this analogy, one house to the next one, be like your neighbors, when you look at the next person, it will look like a star in the sky, will be like another planet all the way on the other side. That's how huge the Jannat and the gifts that Allah is going to give you. So you're going to look upon them just as they look at brilliant stars on the horizon in the East in the West, because of the favor that Allah has given them. So they said, Yeah, rasool Allah, these people,

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we're gonna get these massive palaces that are like stars in the sky. Are these just for the MBR? Are we just for the profits? This is No, these are by the one in whose hand my soul is the same. I swear by Allah. These are ordinary men who had faith in Allah and believed in the messenger. These are just the ordinary believers will get these these highest levels in Jannah. And like we said yesterday, the man who will be last to enter Jana, the smallest Jana the most, you know miskeen as you said, Arabic Jana the We the last Jana is 10 times the size of this universe and more and more and more as Allah mentioned in the in that hadith so Subhanallah we cannot even begin to imagine

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what is installed for the believer. When you enter Jannah you obviously begin to feel the ambience or the environment of Jana, what's it like what is the day like what is the aroma like what are the lights? In Jana there is no sun or moon but there is a morning and evening there is a light that emanates. So Allah says in the Quran, law, your smartphone, a very high level one they will not hear any any disturbing speech, there is nothing that will be said that will make you unhappy in law Salama, they will only your peace be upon you all the time from the end.

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interest from each other and from Allah, risk womb fee her book cretin. Wha she Yeah, that they will be having the sustenance in the morning and the evening. So Jana has a morning agenda as an evening but he has no sun or moon. So where does the light come from? It comes from the harsh of Allah, the Throne of Allah is the source of the light of Jana and in the morning it will brighten up and in the evening it will become slightly dimmer and so it will have days and we'll talk about why it's important because we will have a yomo Juma in Jana that will still come inshallah. So there are days in Jana, there are days in Jana but it comes from the Throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala and there is

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a an environment or a weather in Ghana. The hadith mentions that a gentle breeze would blow through Jannah and with it will bring the fragrance and the mass the greatest perfume you could imagine. And the minute you step into the breeze, and it washes over you. You get like a makeover. Your beauty increases you become more beautiful. You become elevated so that when you you look again at your wife and your wife looks at you after standing in that breeze for a few moments, you will see why Subhanallah it says if though Allah has made you more beautiful that is what the wind of Jana does. The rivers of Jana, as we know that. The other most the most common description of Jana is at this

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place full of trees and shade and the rivers flowing and these rivers flow beneath the homes of the people of Jana inside of their homes and across throughout Jana and the rivers are not just of water. In the Quran, Allah mentions the rivers of milk and the rivers of honey and rivers of pure wine that when you drink it, you don't become intoxicated. You only enjoy the taste. And I'm sure for those of you with a Charlie the chocolate factory, the obverse Three Rivers of chocolate flowing through Jana, and reverence which you cannot even imagine Subhanallah these things are just a taste of the dunya what will have in Jana and the trees of Jana as the resources one of the trees of Jana.

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It's so huge the shade of which it would take a bird 100 years to fly just beneath one tree of Jana. And yet he says every Subhana Allah is a tree that is planted for you on Easter on the mirage that Lisa sublimating Habib Rahim and Abby Brahim, listen, I'm sorry to the resource alum, give my Salam STI OMA and tell them I've seen inside Jana and the soil of Jana is very lush. And it needs your every Subhanallah you you say Allah plants for you a tree every stockfeed Allah you make Allah plants for you a tree, you can shape your Jana, by the deeds you do on the dunya. And so the trees of Jana, as we said, the size of which 100 years would be an animal, a bird flying under it, and

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they will be animals in Jannah they will be birds and animals which we have never even experienced will hear the singing and we'll hear the chirping and the soil of Janice panna was also going to be some what is the soil of Jana like? And there'll be some says, you know, obviously this is just an analogy for us that the lowest thing of Jana is like saffron. Yeah, on earth, the most expensive spice is saffron saffron. And that is just the the soil of Jannah and you have this power that he gave in another generation. He said it's like this powdery musk. Now you know the in the world today, anyone Subhanallah if you look at what are the most expensive properties on Earth, the places

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that are in a green suburb, close to a body of water with white powder, sand, that is sort of that's the results of the world. And so going to be this is the sand of Jana is this powder of mask. So when you walk on it as you slip the perfume of it comes all over you. And then he mentions that even the stones are rubies and pearls and the houses are made of bricks of gold and silver. Now why is it mentioning this? Because this is the most basic things of Jannah. Yet it's the highest things of the dunya. So can you imagine what the the real utensils of Jana? Like? What the real expensive things of Jana? Like if the most cheapest things of Jana are the gold and silver lying on the floor like

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stones than what can we imagine would be the expensive things of Jannah your palaces Subhan Allah, as we said, when a man sees that palace, just standing and staring at it for years and years and years, would give him give the greatest joy that he's ever experienced. And when he enters it and resources, it will be tailor made just for you. And I imagine that that moment when you enter Jannah and yes, with your family and your friends. So you go with your family into your palace, and your best friend goes into another country. I'll catch you later. And then you found a house, you know, what do you have in your palace and you compare your palaces and it will be perfect to your

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specifications. So some people they like to hear about the palaces of Jannah some people like to hear about the way the weather, but of course there are those foodies would like to hear but the food of Jannah and this is something which Allah subhanaw taala mentions quite frequently in the Quran. These are the things that make us happy in the dunya. So of course in Jannah even though we don't get hungry, food is purely given for enjoyment. You don't eat in Jannah because you're hungry to eat because you want to enjoy it. And so Allah says, well, the resources the inhabitants of Jannah will eat

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and drink they in. But they will not have to pass any excrement there's no urine or bodily functions, the only thing that they will experience is a bit of sweat sometimes which will smell like the best perfume. And they would burp, to remind them to thank Allah for the blessings that they have the fruits of Jannah we will look at it and it will appear like it's something like an apple or like a orange or a grape, whatever it is, and it would the trees would bend down. So you don't have to ask it already knows that this is what you want. You want to try. And as the Allama mentioned, what makes Jana Jana is not that it's amazing. It's that it increases in in in amazement.

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So when you taste that first date, and you think wow, I have never tasted anything like this my whole life I could not imagine something would taste this good. And then you taste it a second time. It just got better. And a third and it gets better and for all eternity. It just gets better and better and better. Every day. There'll be some new dessert some new buffet that you couldn't have imagined available for the people of Ghana. And so Allah says in Al Abrar la fina in but visually the righteous people will be in the delights of Jannah Allah Allah Qian Gu rune they will be relaxing and reclining on thrones, looking at one another talking to each other 34 feet we'll do him

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the other rotten another rotten name, you will see on the face the absolute joy and the brightness of the light. You scold me or hate him Maktoum they will be given a drink of pure sealed wine. So Subhanallah I don't know anything about wine, but apparently that you know the longer it is sealed and it is I don't know kept in the cellar for some time. It becomes better when it's like you know, aged, the longer it's aged. This wine has been aged before humanity has even been created, waiting for it to be opened by its drinker. And of course it is a perfect kind of wine that does not make you feel intoxicated. Free time who who missed the end when you drink the last drop of this drink.

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It will taste like a musk with either Lika Valley at an alpha cinematography soon and overseas for these delights that you won't get anywhere in the Universe. Strive hard think about this tonight when you're tired with either like affiliate and FSC with an official analysis. So for that strive a little hard to attain it. When we said you hoomin Tasneem and we will mixed with this.

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This this drink Tasneem Tasneem is a type of another type of drink from Jana, it comes from Indonesia Yoshinobu beheld Makara Boone, it comes from a special spring close to Allah subhanaw taala. And so as we see the foods of Jana, it is something that the people of Jana will be liked in without having the need for it. And whatever your heart desires, whatever you could conjure up or Fathom Allah will give it to you yet, yet Allah will give you things that you could not could not have imagined. And Allah mentions la arriba de la Hoefler aleikum wa rahmatullah wa la mala Antonia has unknown Alladhina amanu with it now what can muesli mean? All the halal janitor unto us Why did

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you come to Cameroon Allah says you are believers into into Jana, you and your wives in happiness, Utah for other EMBC half a million there have been aquabion that once you enter Jannah you will have your servants waiting on you hand and foot all the time there will be people the attendance of Jana will be waiting on you bring you food bring you something new bring you something else to taste. Allah says Wi Fi hamata shahidul anfis in Jana is whatever your inner self desires. What are you and whatever your eyes could delight and you will abide there in forever what will kill Jana This is the Jana, Allah to Allah to Mojave Welcome to Talmud, dharma Loon, Allah says this is the agenda that

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you have inherited, because of what you have done in terms of the good deeds. This is the reward for your standing and for your fasting use fasted for Allah in the dunya. So now you get to eat without limit. You get to taste things that no other creation has ever tasted. We talk about yes that indeed Jana. It mentions relaxing and being under the shade and eating and drinking. Some people said it sounds a little bit boring. Now what isn't the fun in Jana?

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You know in Surah Yaseen, this is beautiful. The second most beautiful is Surah Yaseen Allah says in US herbal genital Yom Aficio will in fact the one with the Arabs here with a shovel is there any Arabs here? going nowhere? If you if you ask him what is your MUFE

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mashallah, if you ask someone what is your shovel they also that's my job. That's the thing that gives me tired which shall lead keeps me busy. Allah says in us in the US horrible gender, the people of gender you have a shovel. Your shovel is frisky Hoon to have fun. That's your shovel. Allah says in the Quran the people of January will be very very, very busy, occupied non stop with things that makes having fun things. Every day is a new entertainment. Every day is a new place to explore a new market to go and see a new invention location by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada something new to taste

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They are going to be extremely busy having fun exploring whom was watching TV.

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And if they don't want to go out and have fun and explore, they will be reclining and relaxing. La houfy hakea one of whom mired down and they will eat and whatever they want on their heart's desire. A better one comes to the salon, and he says, yeah Rasulullah saw some of them. Would they be horses in Jannah? Would they be horses in Jannah? So there'll be some sort of monster tell this man, you know, you don't need a horse in Jannah but if you could, if you could just imagine Allah if Allah allows you to enter Jannah you will not wish that you could be carried on a horse but rather you would have a was made of rubies which will fly wherever you want in Ghana back to Ghana, people

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saying you can't even imagine so it's like us Yeah, Shula forget to Jana. Well, I have a Ferrari that is that is so small, so insignificant of what you really going to get and then another video and then the response. Okay, well, I get the camera while I get the camera you missed the point completely. So there'll be some smiles and says to him, if Allah admits you into Janna, you will have whatever your heart desires and whatever your eyes one, you don't have to worry. What am I going to get? You will have whatever you want another man sister that

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I hear about the food and the drink of Jana. Would I be able to form in Jana? I like farming. So if the fruits are coming to me, why would I need to farm and in the Hadith a man from the people of Ghana there's a hadith Subhanallah in Sahih Bukhari, a man from a beaker of Jannah will ask Allah allow me to cultivate the land of Jana. So Allah will say to him, Have you not gotten what you desire? I mean is the is there any food shortages that you need to farm so she's not yet Allah I like to form so I'll also then go Bismillah form and whenever you plant a seed, it will you know, germinate into this huge fruit whatever he wants, and so you will enjoy himself in farming. So if

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you say, I like to hike, I like to do whatever. As I said, for me that's kind of an adverb of Johanna means to climb mountains all the time, but if that's what you'd like to do, then you will have that in Jana. You will have that in Jana. And so when this Bedouin said that he likes to farm and he will harvest these huge things, another one made another video and said that man must be from Mecca or Medina because we Bedouins we don't like to farm so you must say something wrong with him. So behind a lump shopping sisters, now if you have whatever you want, oh brothers Pamela We don't discriminate some of you also like to shop but you think if I enjoy shopping, but Jana I can have

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whatever I want, you know I wouldn't get to shop anymore. So there are businesses in Jana there is a market there is a Sookie is a is a mall in which the people will come every Friday and the northern wind will blow and shower fragrances on the faces and the clouds and consequently it will enhance the beauty and loveliness they will then return to the wives. So yeah, the men are actually going shopping right so then they go home and who will also have and while they were gone, their wives have also been getting a makeover. So after this hour or two that they've not seen each other, they will say they will see we swear by Allah you have become more beautiful and lovely since I've seen

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you and they will say we swear by Allah you also have increased in beauty and loveliness since we lift and social behind Allah. There is a market there is a place for shopping. There is a place for farming there is a place for whatever you can imagine. And that is why for me Subhanallah what really you know stands out from Jana. And when I say when you know besides the relaxing and reclining and speaking about one of the things is Allah says that you will speak about the days of old you will sit together and you will think yeah Allah can you imagine we sat in traffic once upon a time? Yeah Allah we pay taxes ya Allah or you know we can't even imagine a life that was like a

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nightmare that we came through. And then Subhan Allah was really as I said for me, touches me that of what makes Jana amazing. We have all eternity to spend in Jana. You're not going to ever die. Yet Jana has so many things to enjoy and so many experiences to have so many dishes to try that you don't have time for sleep. That sleep does not happen in Jana, you will be constantly awake to enjoy sleep would be would be Monday now for those of you who work all you wish you can have a holiday where you can sleep for a few hours you know half the day in Jana with all eternity you don't have time for sleep, because it's not fun to sleep. And that's why the Nabisco says sleep is like the

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sister of death and therefore the people of Jana do not sleep and therefore they will remain awake all the time purely having fun. May Allah grant us to achieve Jana genital Philadelphus masala and outstanding be a means by which we enter Jannah tomorrow we will continue with what will you look like in Jana, the people of Jana and of course that the wives and the husbands of Jana, what do they look like and spending time with each other? We'll talk about that tomorrow. And then in the evening, the final evening of the 29th Inshallah, we'll talk about the greatest greatest reward of Jana mela grantors to achieve it, I mean, I mean just like Mohite Quick,

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quick quick announcements cuyama later this evening 1010 o'clock and the Edgar inshallah the MAS Eid Salah will be in Wall Street so we encourage everyone our Sisters Brothers, all of you to attend the mess, eat salad is the Sunnah and we will be cooking pots of food 3800 for a pot to feed. How many people 100 People

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100 people that you can feed a lot of people on the day of eat and so maybe a family gets together and cook a pot in sha Allah and once again we think level five our question last evening which is not the name of one of the genders So gender is gender fulfill those there is no genital Adnan is genital iden without genital Adnan. There is a gender of name and an host now today

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certainly accurate question how many rivers flow from genital kudos then I recently saw a number of rivers but they are more than that but from the Hadith how many rivers flow from genital fear dos inshallah should be easy and then I'll prizes

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use of Park for the use of Park

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is a use of park Not yet Not yet run Allah

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Cory Desai

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Masha Allah guide

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and then Latvia

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Latvia mashallah JazakAllah fade and Mamoon you're

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lucky number 93

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no one, go lower

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We have a nice design class as you can so much keep each other in our doors, smaller guns junk videos, I mean

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