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Muhammad West
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Muhammad Ali he also a big Marine, my beloved brothers in Islam and salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala created the Sustainer Chateau La ilaha illa Allah bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us in the walk dojima to forgive us for the last week since with this Juma be an explanation of those sins, may Allah bless us in the week to come. May Allah have mercy on us and our families, our children, and all of us oma and we send a letter we send our greetings and salutations, my beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, to his Sahaba to his family and all those who follow his son until the end of time. Yeah, Allah grant us to be amongst them. I mean, Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah. The year is almost Well, the Gregorian year is almost at an end. And usually, December time is a season for two things. Usually it's marriage season, people get married, and usually people don't. And hamdulillah and people usually ask me during these months, can you please do a numeral class or no marriage clauses the two things I get asked during November and December, and insha, Allah, we'd like to begin from today and for the next couple of weeks, a series on the

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waiver of us in sha Allah intends to go May Allah grant that we go and even those of us who have not had the Nia to go, my Allah invite us. And that invitation comes to us, even without us knowing.

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There's no one that can turn away that invitation. So may all of us may all of us soon stand at the blizzard place of muckety muck karma and Madina munawwara. I mean,

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the overall

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in a nutshell, basically, we all know those of us who've been there or those who have seen it. What is the Amara? It's very simple. In fact, the Amara takes about, you know, if the crowd isn't too big, it will take you maybe an hour, two hours to complete. What do you do? You go around the Kaaba seven times in a circle. And then you go between two mountains to Hill, Safa. Marwah, up and down 12345677 rounds up and down. This is about three and a half kilometres long the entire circuit. And that's it, you're done while you're in the state of Iran.

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So the camera itself, if you look at it from a perspective of a non Muslim, or maybe our kids who don't understand why are you going in a circle? Why are you running up and down? Why do you jump up and down in your Salah and hit the ground? What is this all about? What is the meaning behind the camera today? insha Allah, we'd like to discuss the significance of it before we talk about how to form the Amara, as we know in Islam in the Muslim Albania, it's about the why the Why is sometimes more important than the How is the how it must be done correctly. But why do we do it? Why do we go in a circle? Why do we walk up and down? How would you explain this? To your non Muslim friends and

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colleagues will look at it as you walking around the box seven times. What does this mean? So let's talk about the how

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the why we perform or the significance what it means and inshallah, in the weeks to come we'll talk about how to perform Allah in accordance with the sooner inshallah

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So why do we perform Allah and why should you go and why should you spend 30 40,000 Rand of your hard earned money instead of going to a nice, lovely holiday to relax? Why would you go for Amara? Well, why are we here to begin with? Why did Allah create us and Allah subhanaw taala gave each of us all of insulin and Gene, a very simple job. Yes, we live in the dunya. And you can have your families and you can work and you can enjoy yourself but ultimately, you and I have one objective. And Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah insha Allah Allah boon that I've placed you on the dounia was the primary number one objective, worship me alone. Oh, in Sun and Jean, you will put created to

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worship Allah, that's our job. And if we are worshiping Allah Alhamdulillah we are fulfilling that obligation. And of course, as we know, Amara is of the highest levels of worship, but just how great inshallah we'll explain that, that our life we get busy with things. We get busy with work and family, and we forget that our primary objective is to worship Allah And remember, Shiva muslimeen and kiama. There's only two cues, a cue for those who worship Allah and ACU for those who did not worship Allah acue for those who worship Allah alone, and then the other cue are those who are not in that first queue and only leads to Jan and Jan and there's no other halfway mark level there's no

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Limbo there's nothing like that everything comes down to this one this simple IRA Mahara. Gina will insert le Abu that's what Allah Subhana Allah says about us. So when we look at our life, our priority should always be Am I worshiping Allah enough? Am I worshiping in

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Enough, worshiping alone. Now in the past, before this Omar Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the worship of Allah was specific. You could not perform Salah just anyway, special places were made, where you could perform sada special massage. You couldn't perform local Hamlet now we are on the road. Allah says the Prophet Solomon says that Allah has made the earth pure for us. We can pull off on the side of the road and you can perform Salam hamdulillah it's as long as it's known adjust on the flow, you can make it as a Masjid, a place of solitude. In the past, only special areas were consecrated sanctified, purified for Nevada, and therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala says in elevating Woody Allen

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Nasrallah de Baca Baraka Oh la la la la la mean, Allah subhanaw taala says that the very first Masjid on Earth, the very first spot on earth that Allah made Hillel, a place of worship was at Bacca, Bacca meaning maca. Why was it called Baka from some Allah mentioned some buka from crying. This was the place of caring that Baca Mecca, the blacet place of Mecca was the first place of worship on this planet Leila I mean for all of creation, meaning before us even even for the jinn, Mecca was the center and the first place of worship. This is the holiest Masjid on earth, and the holiest place to make it any better. In fact, we know from the Hadith and from the Quran, that the

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is a harem for the angels as well and they had army school, Albanian Mahmoud, they have a carrabba in the seventh summer, and the prophet SAW Selim said that the baiting Mahmoud and the carrabba are directly parallel that if the if the battle Mahmoud would collapse, it would fall on the Kaaba. So the angels have imagery they had on with a worship and they make the often they make sigh and they make sujood. We also have a Masjid here on the dunya.

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And the purpose Allah obviously he sent us to be to worship Him alone. And he said, I'm BIA and he sent me upon ambia to guide people. But unfortunately, mankind forgot the worshipful law. And generation after generation, they started committing Schick and they began worshipping idols and statues and graves and saints and ambia, and Jesus and whatever it might be, they worship keramas and all these things they began to worship besides Allah. So Allah sings nabee upon Nabhi, one after the other, to return them back to to heat to the worship of Allah alone. Mankind forgot Allah so much that the Kaaba actually became ruined. And the Kaaba which was built by the angels, the first

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to build the Kaaba on this dunya were the angels even before the jinn, but the carrabelle got forgotten and it disappeared. Basically it collapsed, and no one came to Makkah anymore. And then Allah subhana wa tada Cyndi's Khalid, Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, to revive the heat, the father of monotheism, this is Jews Christians, Muslims, we regard Nabi Ibrahim, as the father of monotheism, the man who brought the heat back the worship of Allah back into the mainstream, and called people back to the worship of Allah when the rest of the world was in, in schilke. And paganism, and therefore it's it is through NaVi Abraham's work that the Cabo was both we know that, but also his

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rituals. The running up and down in the SE and the tail off is based on the rituals of NaVi Brahim, Allah has made us follow his footsteps. And therefore it's important for us to mention his story. And we all know the story of NaVi Brahim and I'll recap just quickly the story of NaVi Ibrahim playfully if you go on Hajj, when Amara, remember you are emulating ebrahimian his family, you are following the same steps and procedures as he did. That's the way we're doing it. And therefore you when you do it, you must remember the story of NaVi Ibrahim to understand the significance. You're not just going in a circle three or seven times and walking and running up and down seven times.

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You're following the example of Ebrahim so quickly as a summary. The life of Nabil Ibrahim Ibrahim was born around six to 10,000 I don't know exactly when, years ago, six to 10,000 years ago before and I'd be Moosa, long before never related to saddam. He was born in a city called order which is in Iraq, the area of Iraq today. And his people were idol worshipers, they worship idols. And in fact, his father as our was the idol maker, his father would make the idols you'd go to the go to Ibrahim's fatherless salon, and you'd say to him, I need an idol for food or I need an idol for rain. I need an idol for health. I need a wife make me a special kind of idol. And I'll pray to that

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idol. And as young Ibrahim sat in his father's workshop, and he saw half made idols one idol with a hidden missing another idol which are missing today. It's lying on the floor. Tomorrow when it is complete the people take it

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To the homes and to the temple, they worship with the bow if they bring sacrifices for it didn't make sense to him. How can something which my father made with his own hands, be, holy be be a God that we worship. And He therefore began to question his father, and his father told him, don't speak about this thing. You just follow and obey and do what I tell you to do, or I will stone you, I will throw you out. And as the Ebrahim got older, he became more, he became braver and courageous and he hated the idols and the worship of the idols completely, and he would never participate with the people in their worship. I wonder he had the Nia, I want to teach my people to listen, he was a

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young boy, maybe in a teenager 12 or 13, when it was the day of aid, and the entire city went out to celebrate. And they left the city to the to the maybe the left the village, and they went to the outskirts to celebrate their big party or something, and also towards the end, so people are not coming. It's lebaron come with us.

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And the beaver is in the Supreme, I'm not feeling well. And when the city was empty, NaVi, Brahim went to the main temple of the of the city, where all idols were stacked up, one after the other, and all the offerings and the gold and the silver was standing the tsunami Ebrahim threaten the idols and of course they didn't respond and he asked him, Why don't you respond to idols? So he took his accent, we know the story and he chopped and he broke the idols one by one, he broke all the idols, except the main idle and there was a main idle a big one, and he hung the axe on the big idol. I mean, we don't, obviously when the people came back from the party, and they came to the

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temple to perform whatever pray they were gonna make a lot of work. But what happened? All the idols are in pieces on the ground, who did this to our idols? And then it became known that there was a boy, Ibrahim, who used to question the idols and he used to talk funny stuff. So they brought Ibrahim Elisa to Salaam, to the temple and I asked him, did you do this to our idols? Abraham said, Ask him, he's got the x asked the big one, the big one has the axe. He's got the smoking gun with him. So they said Ibrahim, you know, how can we ask an idol? Whether he killed him or not to broke the idols, idols can't hear us and they can't speak back to us. So Abraham says, often luck, like

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Woe to you, you telling me the idols can hear you. They can't respond to you. They can't do anything, yet you worship them. How is this make sense? You ask the idols for health and for wealth and for Baraka. Yet these idols can't even respond to you or hear you. And when people realize that they were in the wrong, and they couldn't respond to this young boy, but of course, instead of listening to him, the only answer is and when you are in such darkness, and when you cannot respond to knowledge, you find this in ignorance when people people who are unable to respond to knowledge, what do they do they resort to violence? If I can talk to you in a common sense, I'll bet you in our

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burn down your house, whatever because you cannot respond logically or academically. So that was the answer. Just burn him. We don't have to answer these questions. Just burn him and we know the story they flung nibble on him into the fire. And Allah subhana wa Taala said to the fire, be cool and peaceful and do no harm. Ibrahim alayhis salam, Ebrahim walks out of the fire, safe and sound, and the people told him just leave our city, we don't want to hear go. And he left and the only two people that followed him. Now before I even left the city of alone, the only two people that lived with him was a young girl, Sarah, who he would marry, and they said to Sarah, and a young cousin of

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his when a few of his loot Navy lose a select wassalam. And Abraham would now travel the Middle East preaching the concept of the heat, and beautiful in the Quran. The concept of the heat and the oneness of Allah Nabhi Ibrahim puts it forward very, very simply when people ask you, so who is your God? Who is your idol? I don't have an idol. I don't worship the sun or the moon or the stars or the trees or anything else. So who would you worship? Then Ebrahim would simply say, Who is the one that made the sun, who is the one that made the stars and made me and made you? That's the one I worship. And when I'm sick, he's the one that heals me, and he is the one that feeds me. And when we all die,

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the one we are going back to that's the one I worship. Very simply, you put down the tree This is what my brothers sisters, this is what you and I believe this is our aqeedah the essence of our belief is these short lines of Navy Brahim Malaysia to Salam. That's why it's such a close link to oma, Viva him and his concept of tawheed you find in the Quran many times who never even in the in the beginning of Salah we worship Allahu naffaa. What is that? What the honey Fs? The Hanif are those who follow the footsteps of Ibrahim alayhis salam, those who have that very simple basic understanding of tawheed I worship a lot alone My maker, he's the one I asked. That's it. I don't

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need an idol or

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grave oily always seem to get to Allah without anything else I can raise my hands and say, Oh, you who created me helped me. That is the heat. That is the message of Ibrahim alayhis salam. So he traveled the whole of Middle East trying to preach the heat. Very few people followed him. And then he went to Egypt. him and his wife Sarah, they went to Egypt. And the king of Egypt was a corrupt man. And he had a policy. Whenever a beautiful woman walked into Egypt, he security forces who tell him that there's a there's a very beautiful woman here. And the king if you liked her, he would take her for himself. And if she was married, he would kill her husband so that he could force himself

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upon her. And Sara Lee. So the ceram the wife of W Brahim was a very beautiful woman. And they arrested NaVi Brahim and Sarah. And they asked him who is this lady to you? So he said, knowing that they would kill him if he said that she's my wife. So he said, She's my sister. I said, Okay, so she's not married. Good. So they took her and they took her to the king. And the king locked her up. And he came to, to abuse to take advantage of her. And she just made the idea of law helped me and protect me, she turned to a law, she obviously learned from her husband, put your dependency in a law when you've done when everything is out of your control, just make dua. And as the King tried to

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get near to her, he would fall down with a foot he would have like epilepsy and he would shake and he would be, you know, as every time he came near to her, he would fall down shaking. Eventually, after trying three times or so he realized this lady, I can't mess with her. And it became very scary. So she must be a witch or she must be someone evil. And he told his Gods think this witch away and tell her and her brother to leave Egypt. I don't want to see them again, and give her money and give her whatever she wants. Don't curse me just don't curse me. And the king said take four give her a maid servants one of the slave ladies of the palace. hotjar. Give her to Sarah so that

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they can leave. I don't want to see them again. Now, the Brahim and Sartre would live in Palestine Elisa to Salam. And they would spend many years until he became an old man preaching the heat. And very few people would answer his call. And as he became older and older, and if you have a family business, what do you want? What do you long for you work your whole life building this family business up you wish they someone who could take it over? Who can continue the work off to you. So do you know if I die? And no one is worshipping Allah, and there's no one of what's going to happen to humanity. What's gonna lead in Sun back to Allah. So he made you are constantly for a son for a

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man with a young person who would who would inherit his newborn from him. Prophethood So Sarah, unfortunately she was born she was unable to conceive. And eventually it was agreed that nabriva him should marry hotjar and insha Allah Allah would bless them with a son and so he brought he made it harder and they will give an Allah gave him the glad tidings of a son called smile. And I said this before Ismail anyone here Your name is married, you know what it means? In like jabril Mika eldest eel is Allah and His smell, it means Allah heard to hear so it's my Allah heard May. Allah responded to my door. That's why he named him is married. So this young baby boy is married was like the apple

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of Abraham's eyes. He loves the sun so much. He lives in Palestine. He's got his son to marry to hydrate his medical saara. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded him leave Palestine and settle in Baca, go to maka. maka is in the middle of nowhere. No one is loving me there is no city there's no URL basically, there's nothing there. It's empty. There isn't a carrabba even the Allah says take your wife harder. Take your newborn son and obese marriage must've been a few months old. Take them on a journey through the desert and leave them the I why Allah Allah has given me the command Carlos I cannot this obey whether you understand or don't understand Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded NaVi

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Brahim, and it must be mentioned here. If you look at the biblical story, the Bible says that he was a troublemaker, and harder was a bad woman. And therefore sada who was a pious woman in charge of being a bad woman, now Libra and banish them awareness panelo this is an insult to numbi Brahim, you know, your wives fight. So you throw the one away. You know, this is not what we believe. And this is why why does the Bible say that? Because obviously these this animosity between the Jewish or the Hebrew tribe and the tribe Now, of course, would be an Arab and sada Alhamdulillah. Allah would bless her with a son his hat would have Yaqoob and Yusuf and moose and Isa, all of them other Jewish

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bunnies are in profits. So as a way to belittle the cousins, their cousins, they all come from Ebrahim. They say this man was like, if they could even call him illegitimate, and they would say that he was unwanted and he brought him cost him out this panel. This is where you have to believe this is an insult to nibble on him really. Rather it was the command about law that seemed harder and harder.

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I have a full mission. Now even I didn't know but we know now what the reason was. So Nabil Brahim takes his wife and his son all the way into the Arabian Desert in the middle of nowhere. And he stops in a valley, which had no no one knew this nameless Valley. And he leaves he, he takes his wife off the camel, he takes his son off the camel. He puts him, he gives him the water. And he gets back on his camel and he leaves. And Archer says, Where are you going? Ibrahim? Where are you going? You're leaving us here? This is no way. Are you coming back? But I can't respond to her isn't able to even tell her? That Look, I don't know what to what to tell you. I've been commanded to leave you

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here. And that's it. So she says she screams out Ibrahim, where are you going? while you're doing this to me? Why are you doing this to be smart? Are you leaving and we basically are going to be dead this the days. And so then she said Is this a command from Allah? So he said yes. This is the command from Allah. And if she's so she said, if this is the last command, then I put my faith and trust in Allah Allah won't leave us and cause us to die. Yeah, Allah will look after us.

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He was being strong to his family. But we know he was dying inside. Because after he turned the corner, and when his wife couldn't see him, he made this beautiful Do you find in Surah Ibrahim, he says Robin in the scan to mean to Rhea TBR lady visa in in Dhaka bicycle haraam, Rob bicycle Muharram robina leukaemias sala de termina Nancy de la him Zuko, Missa, Marathi la la mia Sharon, Santa Barbara him now after sorrow after heartbreak couldn't see him. He made this door he says Oh Allah, I have lived some of my family year in this barren empty Valley close to your sacred house now before I knew this is the sacred house was going to be our law that they may establish Sala so

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make the hearts of people inclined towards them and give them from the fruits and that they may be grateful. Yeah, to look after them. And since someone to help them I can't be seen someone you've commanded me to leave them. So you look after them. And we know after a while the water and up the baby's mind is about six months old is drinking from his mother. She goes dry, a brace become unable to drink and the boy begins to scream and cry like all babies do. And it becomes the situation becomes severe. The boy is dehydrated, the mother is dehydrated. His mic is on the verge of dying. Now maybe a day or two has gone by opening the wilderness handler and she gets up and she starts

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screaming Is there anyone out be nothing empty? There's no one in Makkah, the only two so she's sitting close to where the Kaaba would be built. There's no carbody but she's sitting in this area. Now if you in Makkah insha Allah before the Haram was built, you would have seen that they are just next to the Kaaba, two hills, and they were quite big today. They don't they they've been flattened now, but they were two hills, Safa and Marwa they were quite big back in the day to climb up the mountain. So she went to suffer because this was the closest little hill climbed up so she could see. Look around the valley is the anyone anything I can see just a plant or a tree, and she climbs

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up on Mount suffer. And she looks around what is the nothing. And it's mainly screaming and she becomes desperate. And just across from the valley. The next little hill is mattawa. So she climbs back down and she rushes and she runs as fast as she can to miroir climbs up the hill looks up, we anyone helped me my son, I'm going to we're going to die. And she does this up and down seven times suffer to miroir miroir to suffer screaming and running up and down. And that's why you will see. And we've seen if you haven't been fooling around, we watch on TV, you find people jog, just the mean they jog a little bit. When they build the site. This is the side. Why? Because it was a valley

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and the valley dips. What happens when you walk in a valley, you begin to run faster. So it's my mother was married larger. She actually ran for her life in the life of a son searching for something and she ran seven times up and down until she ended at miroir. When she got to Marwa she looked and she saw a stranger standing by smile her baby on the floor and the stranger kicked the ground. He stomped on the ground. And when he did that lifted his foot water started gushing out of the ground and she runs towards this water the man disappears. Obviously this was the barrier so to surround this water, she tried to make sure the water doesn't disappear. So she made back stones and

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rocks around it to make a bit of a dam or a pond. And the prophet SAW Selim said head blessing, you know have mercy on the mother of Ishmael, if she lifted that would have continued to gush and flow until it would become a river running through Makkah. This is the well of Zamzam. So she made it into a well so the waters got into the wall and stopped and Alhamdulillah she was able to drink it was enough nourishment for her and for her son. And with time with time other Arab tribes began to visit this area and they see these a well here now we didn't know there was a well known

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If you live in the desert, the minute you find a well, that's where you live. So a group of Arab Bedouins said, asked her, can we live with you? You're in Makkah so we could also see from the well of Zamzam. And she agreed, and they took fun funnily to her son is married, and they taught him Arabic And he grew up amongst the atoms. So this is why this marine would become an atom and at a profit, and after time of his father, Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam would come from Palestine, and he would visit a sunny smile, and when he smiles, Elisa Salam was slightly older and was strong enough. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave a mission to NaVi Brahim Alessi to never be Brahim

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that you need to re establish and build the Kaaba. Now remember the angels built the Kaaba initially, they built it and it was integrated and disappeared the foundation was they so then Allah commanded Nabi Ibrahim, or the edify Ebrahim collider middle beta, you need to raise up the foundation of the house of the Kaaba and brick by brick Nabil Ibrahim looked he got stones video assisted, now he smile and a beaver on him and you believe they both the Kaaba from scratch all again for the first time again, the Kaaba was rebuilt, restructured, and I was mentioned here, the GABA we see today, the GABA that you have in Makkah, is incorrect. Right. Do you know that? The GABA

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we have is incorrect, it's wrong. It's not how maybe you brought him both it maybe brought him scabbia extended to include that little semicircle of Nabhi smile we call the hedger, the Hatim it had two doors, a front door and a back door the two doors the garb of Abraham's original club. But this time the car back to be renovated and many groups and tribes renovated the Kaaba, including the Croatian tribe of the prophets of Salaam. And when they renovated the Kaaba in his lifetime. This is before in Ibiza, some became an AVI, they ran out of funds. So what did they do? They built Hoffman they built the structure we see and the length that semi circle around that what we call the team,

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or the hedger of Ishmael, they left it incomplete inshallah, one day we'll get to it, and we never got to it. And until today, this is how the Kava is. So that semi circle is actually part of the garba. And therefore, when you make the off, you have to make tawaf around that part. You can't make a shortcut through it. You can't make a shortcut through it. Why? Because you can't make it through the Kaaba, you must make it around the Kaaba. And also if you make solar in that semi circle, you're making solar in the camera. You're actually making solar inside the car so many of us within Will I ever get a chance to go inside the cabin? Yes, you can by making solar in that little semicircle we

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call the Hatim or the hatred of Israel. And you will also find this watch ITV inshallah, look salata, and when it's fuddled sada No one is allowed in the why, because when you make fuddled sada you're not allowed to make solar in the Kava only Suna Sala. So everyone must go out and the tawaf goes around that semicircle. So they both the cabin of Ibrahim, and they raised up the foundation, Allah Subhana Allah says, and purify my house, the polythene for those who will make a metal off around it, what I mean and those will stand inside our rock or rock I salute and those will make Jude and those who will prostrate themselves bow and prostrate themselves for Allah. And they may do

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Aria Allah robina Robinette acaba Minh in Atlanta similarly, we know this duality we always recite it was an Habib Rahim and a big smile that recited Allah, except from us that we've done. We've built up the Kaaba from scratch. We voted for you, except it from us, MMA de la arena manasi Cana, our la lit our our rituals become known and become seen and become practice. Now. Beautiful. If you've made Amara, we've made Hajj or you will make tomorrow you will make hedge understand You are the answer to Libra.

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Now Libra you may do it Allah let people come here and let them worship here and let them fulfill the rituals. I bought this car before the reason I bought it so people can make worship here for you. Yeah, Allah, his own people, they didn't come. So you may do a little a people come in which people are coming to perform. Hi, gentlemen on this. So you are the answer to the Viva da. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, who was in finance and call the people to come here? You call them they come here. Who's gonna come here? How do I call them yellow? There's no WhatsApp. There's no internet, nothing. I can't call them who's gonna come here unless they will come from a very land from a very

00:29:39 --> 00:30:00

distant highway. They will come you bought the car. You call them you make the call, they will respond. And when you say love Baker lahoma bake. What does love bake me love bake means. I'm responding. I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. That's what you're saying. I've come basically, meaning you were called Mohamed Fatima come. Allah is calling you

00:30:00 --> 00:30:41

to his house, Aminu, c'est la bacolod. mala back, I'm responding. I'm responding to your call. Now Abraham gave the invitation on behalf of Allah, and we respond. So this is how the karma we said was built. When it was complete the last piece of all the stones and we don't worship the stones and stones mean nothing. The last piece of the puzzle so the Kaaba was not made with dagger, right? It was made with stones that fit like a jigsaw puzzle into each other. And the last piece of stone that God placed into the Kaaba was what we call the digital. So what a stone is brought from Jenna. But as I said before, we don't worship the Carver. We don't bow to the curb. We don't ask the carrabba.

00:30:41 --> 00:31:20

And Satan almost said it's so beautifully when he went to the huddle. So what any technological aspect, this is the senior huddle, so I know you're a stone, you just the stone, you cannot benefit me and you cannot harm me. There's no Baraka in you. There's no, there's no power in you. I only kiss you because the prophets of Salaam kissed you. I only follow his example. Because the lips of Rasulullah Somoza, that's why I put my lips there, otherwise I wouldn't kiss you. And if you had the whole hydro acid in your car, it will not protect you are in your house don't bring you Baraka. In fact, for 20 years the huddle password was stolen from the garbage. That's why it's in pieces that

00:31:21 --> 00:31:48

if you look at if you were to see the hydrosol up close, it shattered into pieces, seven pieces Why? Because it was stolen by a group that lived in behind. Nothing wrong with the Bahraini people had this back in the day, and they stole the Hydra sweat for 20 years. We didn't change the Qibla to Bahrain. We didn't bow to Bahrain. If the Kaaba is they are not the the Qibla is still Mecca. That's Aqua Bella and how we worship Allah subhanho wa Taala not the stones. So

00:31:49 --> 00:31:56

what's the symbolism when you go to Mecca? What's the symbolism of making tawaf and Sai and being home?

00:31:57 --> 00:32:36

We know that when you make for a child, when we go into Dude, it's really funny, like it's in our back in his osios, you think it's a play? Right? They think it's playful. But as they get older, they realize hang on the mind, do they hate this the most powerful part of our body. That's where our honor and our is and our what makes us special. What makes us above everything in the whole universe is this brain that we have in here. We are animals that have stronger eyes, stronger ears, stronger legs, but we've got the most amazing computer in our head. And that powerful instrument, what do we do, we put it down on the ground, the lowest form of submission is for Allah, we put it

00:32:36 --> 00:33:17

flat on the ground. So it's not a game we are playing, but it's symbolic of submission. Now when you make the top off, this is the center of Nevada. This is the center and focal point on Earth. We all souls turn to to worship Allah and you're standing the and as you make tawaf, seven times around the Kaaba, you realize that in the universe, everything revolves around the center, around the nucleus. And this is your center, not the carrabba allies, your center, that if Allah, you know, obviously we cannot see Allah. But as the professor says, You worship Allah as if you can see him, you will our word, we are making tawaf as if the Allah subhana wa Taala, in a man in His Majesty was there we

00:33:17 --> 00:33:54

would, we would make tawaf around him, as the angels make off in the beta Mahmoud and they bow before him. This is our symbolism. This is the symbolic nature of our that our entire life is connected to Allah, that our entire life revolves around Allah, every decision is for Allah, and when you run between Safa and Marwa, you must have that same desperation of life and death, that if this was your last moment, like it's medical, not telling you, I'm going to give you one last sigh. You know, I'm supposed to pull your rope now, but I'm a year ahead of schedule. So you got five minutes to make a sigh, and you can make dua to Allah, how will you run and what will be on your

00:33:54 --> 00:34:34

mind, that's harder, imagine she's running up and down for her life and the life of a son. She knows that this is the last chance that this is a life and death, when we knew running up and down between the side it's not a game. It's not a race. It's not a joke. It's not exercise. It is running away from jahannam towards gender away from punishment to the mercy of Allah. That's what's in our minds as we as we make that journey between Safa and Marwa. And we do all of this in the state of Iran, the state of Iran will you list all the same, the king and the streetsweeper? The same you dress in the clothing? What What does that look like the caffeine you'll be buried in you weighing the

00:34:34 --> 00:34:59

clothing of your teeth, that the Allah came in this dunya I've got so much in my bank account, but it's only temporary so disappear. I'm gonna go back to the whole same place that everyone else so you way that reminding you that you own nothing. You don't own your wealth. You don't own your body, even even your body, you can't cut your nails. You can't pull your hair out doesn't belong to you, belongs to Allah. So now that state that you're in complete submission and complete sanctity, that's how I

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

My life revolves around you Allah, and only you can save me from from from destruction as I walk up and down everything belongs to you. And when you do that correctly and completely, and you exit that Iran with it, all the sins and all the badness disappears with you. That's the symbolism of the Amara next week insha Allah will discuss also the why. So we know how the symbolism behind the Amara, what are the rewards of tomorrow? What do you what do I get you Allah, if I spend 20,000 on a package? What are you going to give me Allah? Allah is going to give you a lot. So next week, inshallah we'll discuss all the rewards attached to performing the Amara insha Allah, Allah subhanaw

00:35:40 --> 00:36:17

taala bless us and except from us, and May Allah grant all of us to perform an Amara, once again in sha Allah, he was Allah Cena, Mohammed earlier, Islam saying hello blind, I mean, just one announcement. So I'm doing the ombre series here in the masjid, but I'm also doing this series at Mizzou kids on a Wednesday evening. Obviously, an hour an hour and a half allows for a lot more discussion and questions and answers. So if you'd like to perform what I was only going to be for classes we really need one. There's another three classes to go every Wednesday evening. Often shed most liquids in the auditorium. If you'd like to join someone who'd like to pour even if you don't

00:36:17 --> 00:36:25

have intention of going for just sit there, you get the rewards. So attend insha Allah and we can discuss it further is Akela Hi Sarah.

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