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Bismillah R. Rahman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Allah Allah US Fish mine, Sudan, Wiley Kumara, Mahabharata Gatto Hala, I just,

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I'm speaking to an empty Masjid. This is posted to this lecture as panel I was on my way to the masjid and there was a major accident on the way and I make sure that no one was injured or, or harmed, but as part of the serious accident is so bad that I wasn't able to reach them on time and hamdulillah few brothers allowed me to be the second Jeremiah, and this is the English lecture, the post July English lecture. And this is for those who are following on, on whatsapp on on on YouTube. Because practically except from us, so we continue with our series dream crafting. And as we mentioned that this Ramadan, we're trying to enhance outdoors and maybe inculcate certain habits

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that we can take with us for the for the future. Remember, the objective of Ramadan is not to do you know, huge amount of Ibadah once you have an ins and yes, when the last 10 nights of Ramadan come, we are going to push ourselves to our limit, but that's sustainable. The reality is we'll never be able to wake up for 345 hours of gadget for those of Squanto can do that, you can maybe do it the last 10 Nights, but throughout the year, it becomes very, very difficult. So the objective of Ramadan is to is to inculcate certain habits that will stay with you for the rest of your life. And so in sha Allah, we get to talk about certain life changing x life changing habits that you can put

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in And subhanAllah hopefully it will stay with you forever. The first thing is just a reminder that from next week Wednesday, the odd nights of Ramadan will begin these five odd nights are the highlights of your of our year, there's nothing bigger than that than these five odd nights because on that night one of those five should be inshallah would be little cover and whoever captures later to cover your entire life will be fixed, all your sins will be forgiven, forgiven and the reward of 1000 months meaning a reward of a lifetime will be given so one of those odd nights in sha Allah and we should basically try our best try our best to have Allah to make the most of those those odd

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nights and the best thing you can do is to perform salah, and if the those who aren't able to perform Salah as much as you can, but those who can't perform salah, like our sisters who are in their head, they shouldn't feel bad any time to stay in a better make dua and then inshallah that will be it will be a time for you. So remember, Ramadan is a multiplier, and then there'll be Salam

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Allama have mentioned that during any deed in the month of Ramadan is multiplied exponentially, it is multiplied exponentially. The one who fasts one day in Ramadan is better than fasting 1000 days of fasting a lifetime. But think about that. If you fasted every single day of your life from now until the day you die, it will not equal one day of Ramadan fasting and therefore any test be tallied any vicar any Quran recitation, one ran given in charity, the reward is multiplied so much in this month of Ramadan, that it will not equal even if you spent a fortune we even mentioned Subhanallah the death of the Shahid is eclipsed by the reward of Ramadan and so Subhanallah how

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amazing it is to do good deeds and we have basically got half the month to go. So we going back to dua, how do you enhance your DUA, there are certain special times that you can make dua the one of the most Mooster jab times the one of the times which Allah subhanaw taala accepts to us is in the form of Salah before you take Yota slim, so you you sat down for your childhood. You did you Tasha who just before a Salam Alikum walaikum at that crucial moment at the end of the Salah. You can ask and ask whatever it is, yes, it is best in this case to do it in Arabic because in Salah we strive to speak Arabic and so you make one of the two R's which are mentioned in the Sunnah Robina Artina

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for dunya hacer una for example, all encompassing dua in sujood. We know that the reason says that the person is closest to Allah when he is in his Sajida and between the Adana and the iqama so for those Masha Allah will come to the masjid early or at home for example, you don't have to even be in the masjid. But before the alarm goes off, you really have you will do you wait for the other end. And then you sit between the Adana and the karma that time is when the hours are accepted that time is when two hours are accepted while a person is fasting and of course just before he breaks his fast just before you break your fast this time. Inshallah no do us all rejected at the time of

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Iftar. And so take that 510 minutes before you break your fast to make the two hours of your heart and then especially our on Juma. So Subhanallah if you look at the last hour, most people said the last hour of Joomla besides either the work of Joomla or the last hour of Joomla today is a Friday that in Ramadan, everything is multiplied and on Fridays everything is multiplied even to die on Friday is a blessing and to be fasting on that Friday and then to be waiting to break your fast in that hour when two hours are not accepted. We only have about five, four or five. Five Gemma's in Ramadan. We basically have a few of them left. So make the most of this Friday to get as much of

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your two hours and you would excepted Amin

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So these are the times that make dua excepted, then there are certain things to enhance your DUA and I think we spoke about some of these things about praising Allah and using the appropriate name. So think about the DUA that you want and think about the corresponding name of allah of his smile Krishna and then call upon Him on that name. Yara Zack give me risk. Yeah, yah, yah, yah, yah, we're doing almost loving, put love in my marriage. My marriage is falling apart. Yeah, we're doing Please grant us of your love. And then you Subhanallah and we'll talk about this, that part of the DUA the way that we make dua is you mentioned your good deeds that you have done for the for the for Allah

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sake is not that you doing a trade, but if you find the way the Gambia and the other scholars are the price when they do are they will say yeah Allah, I have done this for you. I have submitted myself to you, it is a lack of Hamed for you is the praise and for you I do all these things. So please say Allah submit God is none worthy of worship but you and then you make your dua you always make a tawassul with your DUA and we'll talk about this in our next story. And we said making dua for others and making salata Nunnery enhances your DUA. So very, very interesting. Hadith, interesting Hadith, which is we all know about, about the three people in the cave. So three people

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came to the cave, and they spend some time in them. And then there was a a landslide or rockslide and the cave completely closed, and they were stuck in there. And as time went on, they became like, look, we're going to die. There's no way out. So our only hope is to make dua and each one said we will make our own sincere dua to Allah, we will all make this dua and it's important to look at how they may do. One of them said, right, the only way for deliverance lift is to make dua to Allah. And in the name of and to use to mention to Allah Allah, I did some good deed. So please, if you accepted that deed that helped me in the situation, and they upon each one, now, each one had to

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make their own dua, the one said, Oh, my Lord, my parents were very old. I used to offer them the nightly drink of milk before and I used to make sure that they ate first before my family before my children, and the other members of my family. And so he would always make sure his parents ate first. Then one day I went, I was away, and I came home late. And, and when I came back, I found that my parents were asleep. So he always made sure my parents eat first, then my kids. So when he came back, the parents were sleeping with me, and he hadn't given them the supper. And so while I had the milk, I had milk, the animals and I brought them, they drink, they were asleep. But I did

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not want to distribute it to my family members until my parents had the full while my kids were crying, and my family was in need. And they weren't starving to death, but just out of these economic of his parents. He said, I waited until they woke up, basically. And then I gave my parents and then I gave my family while the children cried of hunger at my feet. When they woke up, they had a drink. And so he says, Oh Allah, no, this is this is the part of the DUA, you make the deed, you say, oh, Allah, if I did this thing, only for your pleasure, I did this thing. There's no reason why I did it, except that I wanted to seek your pleasure. I wanted to honor my parents for your

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pleasure, then do relieve us of this distress. That desoxyn Allah, Allah, you assist me that upon and then the rock moved a little bit, but it was only moved so much that nobody could get out of the situation. So then the second man made the DUA, and he says, oh, Allah, I had a cousin whom I loved very, very deeply and passionately, he had a lady, a female cousin, and he wanted to be with her. And he constantly tried to approach her, it constantly tried to,

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you know, tried to seduce her, and she continuously rejected Him, and years would go on, and he was madly in love with this woman. And then eventually, this lady fell under some hard difficult times. And she, you know, couldn't make ends meet. So she came to him and said, Look, if you can help me out, I will give you whatever you want. And he said, Okay, deal. And he gave her what she wanted. And then he said, now come, it's your turn. And they were in the moment just about to commit Zina. He was between her fires, basically. And just before he was about to do it, she said, like, you know, don't do this. She obviously wasn't, didn't want to do she was out of desperation. And she

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then said, that she pleaded, be be scared of Allah, and do not break my virginity unlawfully. And at that moment, you know, you know, he had his conscious kicked in. whereupon he said, I moved away from her, despite the fact that I desired her, the most passionately, this lady I loved so much, this is what I've been dreaming about. And in that moment, when she said, Fear Allah, and nothing could stop me, I basically walked away. And so he said, and I let her keep her, I let her keep the money I had given her. I didn't tell her, give me back the money and Elisa go. And so then he says, oh, Allah, if I did this thing, seeking only your pleasure, the only reason I stopped was because I

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thought of you, you're Allah, then please help me in this situation. And that's point number one, the first man made do out of His love and His Honor for his parents, the second one out of a sin that he stood away from. So maybe there was a time when you could have committed a sin. And you said, You know what, I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to expand it all day during Ramadan, you passing by all these restaurants, all these things to eat. Y'all know, the only reason I didn't have a sip of water, or had something to eat was because of my, my devotion to you. And again, the rock moved a little bit. And then the last man said, and again, to summarize quickly, he said, I had

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a servant that worked for me. And when he did

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his job finished. I wanted to pay him his wages, but then the man disappeared. And so I had the money of this guy, and he was standing there. And then I took this money, and I started to do business with it. And that money grew, I bought animals and those animals procreated. And then this little money became a fortune became a huge fortune, you know, he did some good investment. And then this man came back back many, many years later. And he said, You still owed me my salary of that time. So the man said, You know what, everything you see here is your salary. So the message is, are you making jokes with me? So I said, No, I took your money and invested it, but actually, it wasn't

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my money. It was your money. And so the man said, Look, you can take what you want. And the man says, wahala, this worker, he took everything. He didn't take, leave one sink behind for me, he actually took everything and he left. And so the man, the man who was honest, he says, Yeah, Allah, I only did this. So this is he the man took everything, not sparing anything for me, oh, Allah, if I did this thing only for your pleasure. Why? Because no one knew no one knew we didn't have to disclose it. He could have just given the man he stayed around. But he said, Look, all of this is us a fortune warungs. And who else would have done this? And so he, he says, Yeah, Allah in this

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situation, please help me and the rock moved a little bit and then all of them could exit so much of our EDM about the good deeds, you do so mention your good deeds to Allah say to Allah, I did this thing for your sake purely for your sake, by Your Mercy, you allowed me to do it. And also what's beautiful is not explicitly mentioned. Sometimes the situation is so big, that my sincere dua is not going to be enough. I need to do all of my brothers as well and sisters to make dua, sometimes it requires the collective dua, the collective sincere dua for things to change. So issues like Palestine, or whatever it might be, it requires all of us to make dua, collectively. So now we can

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talk about certain life changing simple deeds, and we call it shortcuts to Jana. And I encouraged for those of you usually very few people actually read the slides, they just listen to the audio, but I think this time is important. Take the PDF, look at it, and choose one or two of these life changing simple deeds that give massive reward. So number one, the easiest rewards for Han Allah is to have a sincere Nia as the as we know that a knee just an intention can make a mundane task and activity by them before you go to sleep at night. You know, 567 hours of sleeping, there's no reward or punishment. But just before you sleep, you say yeah, Allah, I'm sleeping. Because I need to give

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the hack of my body so that I may be refreshed for your sake. Yeah, Allah, I'm going to work I'm gonna sit in traffic and doing all this difficulty. Why am I doing it so that I can feed my family and support and to honor my commitments now sitting in traffic now sitting eight hours of work, sitting at the desk for eight hours, going to school, all of this becomes an act of worship, you might make the Neerja Allah, I want to be half of the Quran. I want to be a Haji and you are sincere when you make the DUA even if you don't get this behind Allah on piano, you get the reward for it. So it's a it's a freebie that Allah has given you just make that sincere promise to Allah Allah

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Allah if you allow me I would want to be happy to look around if you allow me I will do whatever I would build messages with you to give me this and then those rewards are for you. 10 seconds to Janna. Look at this panel. It's such an easy thing 10 seconds and you can get into your gender that I'll be able to recite it to Chrissy immediately after the photo Salah so five times a day at the end of every Salah don't jump up and run away. Don't take your phone out. Recite it Guzzi they will be nothing between him and Jana except Is this the person who does this so do this habit. Take don't take all these things. Take one as this is the one I'm going to do. I'm not going to let a single

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week go by except I'll decide I think we'll see. And you play some Jana inshallah is guaranteed. There'll be some instances wherever make salawat upon me Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa salam just doing that. That's what two three seconds then Allah since Salawat our new 10 times not gonna be some Allah makes Allah what on you. Allah mentions your name 10 times and Allah removes 10 sins and He raises you up Tinder Raja Tinder that doesn't mean he gives you 10 rewards It means so as we know in general there are levels these the bishop levers of gender and is the bishop code of gender. Allah raises you up a suburb 10 suburbs every time you make Salah walk on the net he's also

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being led to Jana. Look at this beautiful hadith of Islam says whoever enters the morning whoever starts his day saying ready to be la Hara but I'm pleased to Allah as my Lord what made Islam Medina and I'm pleased with Islam as my religion will be will hammered in the BR Sula and I'm pleased with Nabil Salam as binary, then what do you get for that again to three seconds, what do you get in return, whatever does this daily then then Amazon says I am your guarantee, I promise you. I will take you by the hand on the day of karma and I will walk you into Janice Han Allah, I will take you by your hand and interview Indigena super Han Allah Subhan Allah, the perhaps the best they could

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one can possibly make. So if you're sitting in traffic or you've got some, and it doesn't take you more than 10 minutes to do this, this is perhaps the best liquor you can make each day. It is the Dhikr Of The Day of Arafah when I shall ask that to me, Salam What can I say on the Day of Arafah that says this to La ilaha illallah wa la sharika that will Monaco hamdullah who are the coalition Guardian Oh, you can add up what you mean to a wider coalition COVID la isla is none worthy of

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worship besides Allah, the one the only the unique, the one who controls all of creation that will make To Him belongs all of creation will hum that all the praises for him but who are like relishing guardian and he has power over all things, whoever sees this 100 times a day, then what do you get your reward, you will get the reward of freeing things slaves. Sidenote, what is the reward of for instance, slaves,

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the freeing of one slave is a guarantee Get Out of Jail Free card in Jannah. So people will go to Janome, meaning they have a bad life. But if they free the slave, it will be one body substituted one. By saying this you get 10 slaves that you have been freed and 100 good deeds will be coded on you and 100 students will be erased from you. And you will be guarded that day from all evil harms until the evening and no one can beat you. And that means there's no no one that can do a better deal than you except one who decides this more than 100 times and somebody the one who decides it at night, he gets protected so many things in this one, because another simple way to Jannah that I'm

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using says there are two easy, easy things to freebies that no Muslim man does those things, but he will enter Jannah in a very simple and easy way. In fact, the reason I'm saying this is an easy way to get to Jannah but most people neglected What is this? He said you should say subhanallah 10 times of the each Salah and Alhamdulillah 10 times after each other and Allahu Akbar 10 times after each Salah and then essences counting on his fingers, he said that makes it 150 on the tongue right. So, the it is multiplied it is multiplied 50 times and so therefore it is 150 and 1500 times on the scale, right. And similarly, we know that so it will make these pages we call it 10 times or 30

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times or before you go to sleep then abuses whoever makes the pages of the Salah. And before you go sleep 30 times SubhanAllah 30 times on Hamdulillah 30 times Allahu Akbar, then 33 times, then all your sins are forgiven, even if it is like the form of the see all the sins are forgiven.

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Whatever glorify right, all your sins are forgiven, then at least some of them also says that he a person who decides a certain vicar each of the following three types of people have a guaranteed protection from Allah. Allah gives him a guarantee three types of people who are these three people, that if he lives he is taken care of. And if he dies, your intergender he gets a promise from Allah Who are these three people? The one who enters his house was saying A salaam aleikum to his family. Really simple and easy. The others a bit more difficult. The one who goes to the masjid regularly and the one who goes out visa vie de la fighting jihad. Now the jihad bot is difficult going to the

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masjid for every walk is difficult but to come home after work and say As Salam Alikum to my wife my kids my parents to be take a guarantee that if you live Allah will protect you and if you die you get to Jana simple simple one say you don't it's different. It's different obviously is the type of dua way you ask Allah to repent for your sins. Yeah Allah forgive me have mercy upon me. But these are special two are called the sacred the leader of all these differ, the leader of all the doers of forgiveness, how does it do algo Oh ALLAH your Allah mantra be Oh Allah, You are my Lord Halekulani. You created me in Hola Mundo de la ilaha illa Anta O Allah You are my Lord. There is none worthy of

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worship but you and the Halacha Tony that you created me wanna Abu dukkha and I am your slave while other adekola Artica master Otto and I'm upon as best I can as best I can Yet Allah I'm trying to fulfill my my duty and my covenant to are all the bigger I'm ensuring Masato Oh Allah I confess all my sins to you that I've done and I ask you particularly Ebola could be them be i i make no excuses for my sins all my sins are Allah I don't make any excuses but I don't confess to anyone I confess them to you Ebola can be them be with them before we get my ticket Allah will be with me and I make mention of your favor upon me Allah I acknowledge the good that you've given me all that I have is

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because of you for in Philly Oh Allah so please forgive me. I have come to you confessing my sins, so forgive me, but in Nola Illa and so none forgives the sins except you so maybe none of us have memorized the DUA maybe take this as your Ramadan hack and I'm gonna let you know I won't do much at the end of Ramadan but I'm gonna memorize this dua. What do you get if you recite this to animism says if anybody decides to up during the day and is sincere in what he says. And he dies that day before the evening. Then he will be from the people of Jana. Guarantee Jana, you recited this to our new died on that day you intergender and if anybody decides to the evening with iman, but he's

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guaranteed he's a person of Jana. So this is a guaranteed ticket to recite this and you die on that day or in the evening. So after every budget, and after every month to recite this and your ticket is insha Allah doing two gentlemen that are evil Salam was a huge, huge fan was a huge supporter of these shortcuts to Jana. If you could get to Jana, in the simplest way possible. He encouraged that take the easy way to Jana. And this is very clear in a hadith we all know with an Abbe Salam got up and he went to the masjid to perform budget and our mother his wife, God, yep. was performing Salah when he came back then at least on the one time she was sitting in the egg

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exact same spot she hadn't moved, and then I'll be somewhat surprised and he said, Have you set like that since I left you haven't moved making vicar and reciting Quran and she said yes you know to make it closer to Allah. So then we some smiles to her and he says, You know, I have recited four simple words times three did it three times when I left you and it has outweighed all the hours that you spend in Ibadah this simple do I have recited you know, it is more rewarding all these hours you spend in Salah so in bigger What is this Subhan Allah be under the Holika he plays be to ya Allah to the extent to the number of your creations was in at Archie and Praise be to Allah in accordance

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with the weight of the Shiva Allah wa Midata Kalamata he and praise be to ya Allah to the extent of the inky to take all the ink in the world to write your words. While we rely on FC and praise to Allah to the extent that you have pleasure with yourself according to your self pleasure, whoever recites this four times Subhanallah in the morning, it is even though he spent the entire morning Fajr to the world in Nevada. We also mentioned part of our series on the bizarre we know that the person who recite Surah Mulk every single day becomes his life habit. Then he will be protected from the punishment of the carpet or the squeezing of the cover the angels punishing a person in the

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carpet of the darkness of the cover Surah Mulk is the base defender for one in the top of the cover against her Amok maybe takes us 510 minutes to recite. Perhaps every evening before we go sleep we should make that near and we do this actually not a single mikogo by except that I will recite Surah morgue. So those are all other card and do RS and Quranic recitations, then they are and we this next section and not to talk too much lift Salah hacks, so part of Ramadan remember the responses will ever fast the month of Ramadan with Eman all your sins are forgiven now why so fasting might be difficult you know you're not those who say they have a beautiful fasting they are grumpy and you

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know that's but then for another person Salah is easy and you can get to Jana through performing your Salah in the evenings but who can make Salah every from basically from Margaret through budget we can spend hours and hours in Salah if we're lucky we come to taraweeh and we're really really lucky we get a few a half an hour an hour of the budget but that's basically it how do I spend the whole night in Salah Don't worry they are always shortcuts to get things. So one of the ways in the day you can get the reward of a hajj and umrah every single day not just in Ramadan but especially in Ramadan. What is this this this deed that says Whoever makes Fajr Salah in congregation so the

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main you have to come to the masjid you want to sit down the ladies of course you can make Salah at home no problem and when it's done when you finish with Fajr you remain in the masjid the mainstay in the masjid the ladies you stay on the masala where you will making Salah and you just sit there and make the cut for about an hour and 15 minutes until the sun rises the Scottish rock the sun has fully risen and then he gets up and he makes to rock as to rock as sunnah if he does that, so you spent an hour in Salah hour in a vida what is the order of essences, you get the reward of a hunch and ombre Tom and Tom and Tammany emphasizes complete complete complete the full reward of the Hajji

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going to Arafah SubhanAllah. This is every single day, every single day. This is available for us that he would have the motto, so in our series on piano, then Amazon says the Shaheen the person who dies visa vie Leila will be the highest category. The highest category after the Gambia and the civics Pacific is a very special category very very few people reach it Abu Bakr and Maryam they reach that they're almost like just wants to below the Gambia. But the next category is the shahada, the one who dies visa Villa and the Shaheed what are the rewards he gets number one, all the sins are forgiven. Number two, no punishment in the cupboard number three Kiama is made easy. Number

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four, he will intercede for other people. Number five, he will he in the buzzer. He will not be confined to his cupboard he gets to to roam around the the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala. So it's a very difficult thing to die as a shiny to die visa Videla well then the responses, whoever makes Salah to Doha, that's two records in the morning for between the word and budget between fashion and the word to rockers, and you forced the three middle days of the month 13th 14th and 15th. And you make with it every single night, even when traveling. So you combine all these things you make a lot to do. And you force the three days of the month and you make Witter then you will be given the

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status of a shade you will be given a status of the shade Subhanallah all your sins forgiven direct ticket agenda, no punishment in the cover all those things. Just inculcating these three simple, simple daily habits.

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How does one perform salah the entire night there's two ways in which you can perform salah the entire especially in Ramadan. The first way is whoever comes and he performed Salah with the image of the Sahaba remember the Mehta we heard that IV Salam, then then we Salam stopped making taraweeh and he came back into it was ad hoc where he lived them in surah. So one of those nights when he came to make Salah and faraway and he lived them was haba we're very excited so they make a special Solomon. Let it be the whole night. For example, we don't want

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To end so there'll be some there's no need for that. Whoever makes Salah with the Imam and even if it's short and the Imam finishes you stay in the Jamar event Allah writes for you that the whole night you stood in Salah. So maybe for those brothers and Hamdulillah, this whole debate about 20 in verses eight, maybe now in the last 10 Nights, for the sake of I want the entire night to be written in Surah stay with the Imam stay with the Imam until he finishes with it and everything stay with the Jamaat that often hour, one hour, the whole night is written for you. The other way of also getting that's one way the other way of guaranteeing your Salah to be the whole night to be in Salah

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is whoever is watching Ramadan, whoever comes to the masjid and makes Ishai in JAMA, then half the night is here like he stood the whole six hours in surah and whoever makes Fudger in JAMA the other half of the night. And so Subhan Allah those who have the habit of coming to the masjid for Fajr and Isha to the masjid, the whole life was that they they will stand before Allah, Allah Allah I spent every single night in pm we live 4030 4050 years pm Allah Subhanallah for the whole night, what a great reward. And so these are simple, easy things to do to get maximize your reward. And then the last point to make is of course sadaqa sadaqa. So we spoke about two hours and we spoke about salah

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and now just a sadhaka and this is why we mentioned it in Ramadan because from a financial perspective, when you put a one that and you want to put it in that investment that will give the maximum maximum reward, Ramadan multiplies as we said, Allah any Rand you give feasability Allah Allah multiplies it as a minimum time 700 The Quran says as a minimum always gives you 700 But in Ramadan he multiplies it exponentially there's no limit to the the amount of sadaqa the amount of reward that's why those who have Zakah they give it in Ramadan if you have any charity to give, give it now in the month of Ramadan especially on a Friday so now in the on the Fridays and maybe you

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know don't delay it because you don't know if you're going to live but give your sadaqa now in the month of Ramadan if you have a one grand and that's why the Allah Ma says every single day in Ramadan give one round at least one round because you don't know it might coincides with later to cover it might coincide with later the other sadhaka will prevent sickness sadaqa will prevent calamity than me says sadaqa remove sin Sadako gets your Diaz answered and sadaqa to God I will continue to benefit you even after you die. So all these things I mentioned, you can only make it courtesy while you're alive. You can only make Fajr NHI while you're alive so these great deeds they

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come to an end when you die except sadaqa sadaqa has one ability to continue to generate your rewards even after you die. So on that note in sha Allah, please give as much as we can not Lagonda sincerity and except from us, when we inculcate one or two of these things in our life and Alexei ProMaster children so much of your patients are some let's say no Muhammad Ali Yosef, Islam Sunni and hamdulillah blood I mean, so don't worry about it.