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Lecture by ustadh Yusha Evans on the seerah or Ar-Rasool (SAW)

Al muntada islami 07/04/13

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Law, there's only one God and Mohammed is a messenger Allah, Laila

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to do

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is tell you a story.

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And this story changed my life. Story changed my life. This story is the reason I'm here today. The story of the reason I do what I do right now, the reason why I leave my family, my children, go all over the world, trying to share the message of Islam with whoever will be willing to listen to me.

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And this story defines me as a Muslim.

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And I hope in sha Allah, Allah, what this story does is define us. And it shows you

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how far away from the truth we really, really, really are, and what we need to be doing.

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I want to tell you the story of the greatest man that wrote

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our beloved Prophet Mohammed.

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But I want to tell it to you in a different way. Because I want to give you some context, that insha Allah will allow you to leave today with a beneficial perspective on the life of Zeus,

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and on who you are. And I'm only going to tell you four parts of the four parts of the life

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which should be more than enough, more than enough to make you realize my points. And I hope without even having to explain my point, you realize it before I get to the end and get ready and rough. Because we need some roughness sometimes we need to kind of hear the stark reality. Because there are times when a lot of Zoo agenda in the Quran is very rough when he wakes us up shakes. This helps us to into reality, so that we can make some progress in sha Allah and become better.

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The prophet SAW Bill Maher, and he was

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when he was 40 years old. And all of these stories, I'm not going to tell you

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a number because these are all well known stories. These are stories, everybody knows the authenticity, authenticity of them. So I'm going to paraphrase them in story mode, so that you can get something from the prophets of Allah and he was setting them at the age of 40. He was sitting in a very small cave, in a mountain on the outskirts of the city of Mecca, which has been come to known as Goro Hera, the Cave of Hira in jevelin nude in the mountain of light. And this cave is a very small cave, it's not a cave like you would think of, it's really just a hole in the side of the mountain that you there's just barely enough room for a person to sit in.

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But from this perspective, you can see the entire city of Mexico he used to be able to before they start putting up all these monstrosities, and you can see the guy. So he used to sit there and contemplate the problems of his people. He would sit there and think of all the problems that his people faced, and all the things that he knew was wrong. But what is he has one human being able to do.

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In this condition, that some of our he was telling me that he was sitting there by himself fasting and meditating, thinking pondering, a figure appeared in this came out of nowhere, a figure appeared in this cave, and this figure brought light into the cave with it. And this figure looked at him and only had one thing to say, what was the one thing I could

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read recite? The Prophet Lisa was Sam said, I don't know how I don't know how to read, nor do I know what you want me to recite. So this big, he squeezed him and said, if he said again, I don't think you heard me the first time I don't know how to read nor do I know what you want me to recite.

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Then he squeezed and again

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this is mirabai Cola, the cola read in the name of your Lord who creates it creates it man from a congealed drop of blood. Read in your Lord is most bounteous. He taught that to a man, by the use of the VIN that which he did not know.

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This became the initiation of a laws final revelation to humanity. And this was something that had

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a weight that was so heavy, and so burdensome, Allah tells us

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that had we revealed this to one of the mountains, you would have seen this mountain crumble out of Russia, out of fear of Allah as the agenda. This then this figure, looked at the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and introduced himself and said, I am to be I am the messenger from Allah to the messenger.

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Have Allah then he introduced Mohammed some a lot he will send it to Islam and said Europe is Allah who has commanded you to worship him along with therapy with oneness. And then God Allah, He introduced Mohammed

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Salim to himself. He said a new old Mohammed had been chosen by Allah to be his last and final messenger.

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Then, the same way that jabril came, he left, he's gone. He gave him these three things and just was gone. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam felt this week sitting on his shoulders, he felt the weight of this revelation sitting on him, and he did not know what he was supposed to do next. So what did he do? He left to go home to his work and

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his comfort his concert in this world, the woman whom he loves so much, so much, that even after her death, she made women jealous. Even after her death, she was jealous. So much so that one day the Prophet peace be wanting to sell some jewelry that someone gave that was blown once to his wife. And he started to weep and cry and he said, Why are you weeping for this old woman? He said,

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she believed in me when no one believed me. She supported me when no one supported me.

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There's no one better than me. And this is telling you to his own wife, but there's nothing here that brings anything right now. But he told this to his wife

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that no one is like her. No one can ever be like her. So he went home to her and on the way home on the way home, Jumeirah Instagram appealed again, but this time he was standing across the sky. And he repeated his statement. I am and you are indeed the Messenger of Allah. You didn't see this you didn't dream this.

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yourself into hallucinations. You haven't gone insane. This is real. So when he got home

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to his wife

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to the highest rates and

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he said to her These are what happened to you after you know what happened to me. She said to him,

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You are not someone who will low in disgrace with madness. You are not someone who malo in disgrace with madness, you help the poor, you stand up for justice, you pass no one without a smile. You are I mean, you are the trustworthy, the honest one you resolve disputes amongst people, the good that is a que la would not repay it with insanity and madness. So she affirmed him

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and became one of the first to believe in Him, the first woman to ever believe in him.

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Then she or the Aloha went to her relative waterfall did not follow the law and who had heard the or had read the revelations revealed before he had read the Torah as it was at that time, even if it is the fluoridated condition. He had read the Injeel as it was at that time, even if it's the fluoridated condition. And he knew these books, when the governor came and told her this is what happened to my husband's I mean, what do you have to say about this? He said, Indeed your husband has been chosen by Allah to be a messenger to his people in the person who visited him is the same person who visited Moosa, the same person who visited Isa, this is a ceram, who brings the

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revelation to his messengers, and your husband has been chosen. And I've read about him. Your husband's virtue is a well known to all of us. And he's in the form of scriptures. It was it was easy for him to put two and two together. But later on, one of the met the prophets of the law and he was telling them in gave him some ominous news, gave him some ominous news. You see what I had become a blind man at that time, and he was very old and frail. But he said the Prophet sallallahu send them I wish I was a young man, I wish that I was a young man Why? So that I can stand by you and support you and your people for you all. You have to understand also be one of the pre Islamic

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alums that unfortunately has come to taint our Ummah once again, this, this this also be this racism, this tribalism was so firm, that tribesmen would support one another even in blatant wrong, even if I know my cousin was wrong. Even if I knew my uncle was wrong. I'm still not going to turn him a family, this mafioso mentality that you've never betrayed the family, no matter what. He said, Well, my own people throw me out for this simple message that Allah is one

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word. I said, have no doubt about this. No one came with what you are about to come with, except that their own people were the first to throw them out. So he gave him some very powerful news. Now, a period of time passed and he laps elbow we were not 100% sure. But a period of time passed now. No more revelation came to real didn't come anymore. No more verses of the Quran were being revealed the Prophet

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was left by himself to think about

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his immense task he was about to overtake him. And one day he said it bothered him so much that he decided to go walk in the desert, just clear his mind and go be by himself. And he said, as I was walking in the desert Jamila, he said, I'm against a standstill across the sky and said to me, I am really and you are the messenger of Omar, don't have any doubts about this fact. And he said that will frightened him. So he went home to his wife Khadija Allah and he told her wrapped me up that I mean, he wrapped me up, and she wrapped him up in a blanket. And in that condition of being wrapped up, Allah sent him the next verse, and the next photo was review. And what a powerful verse it was

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and what a powerful tool it became. Anyone know? What's what it was revealed?

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Yeah, you had a

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boon for MDM.

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Oh, you who is wrapped up in the blanket, get up, get up and do what? Go on the people get up and go warn them about me, and magnify me and purify your garments and stay away from the islands. But the gems to understand how powerful this was, this was the first imperative to come after it was to get up and go on someone about me. You have everything you need. He only knew

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a few verses that followed it. He only knew who he was. He knew who Allah was. He knew who he was what Allah is telling them. That's enough. Get out and go warn someone about me Go tell someone that I am who they need to worship, and that they will come a day because when the warning is coming, I was telling him to warn them that there will come a day that you will stand in front of me and you will give account for your actions in this life. So the Prophet alayhi wa sallam did what he thought was the blanket immediately stood up and began doing his job that Allah gave him and for the next 23 years of his life, until he some of it was Selim breathed his last breath on this earth. That's what

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he did.

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He came to define who he was, it became his entire identity. He was nothing after that, except a warner and a messenger to the people that was it. So mobile is nothing else. And if you want to tell me about the son of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam, I will tell you, you have no sooner if you leave this out. If you leave this out, this identity of being an owner for Allah, then the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi wa sallam becomes dead ritual, what lucky becomes dead ritual. The Sunnah is not using them as wife and pulling your pants up and growing the left ear and putting on a stove and sleeping on your right side and eating with your right hand with light. This is not the sun, the sun

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is to tell people about a lot and to obey Allah and His messenger. Everything the Prophet did after that moment, every action he took, every statement he made was to fulfill the statement of khumba Andy, that became a burden on his back that he understood and a discharge of a duty that he was always afraid of. He was always worried Have I done enough to discharge this duty? Have I done enough today, I have not done enough so when he did not feeling he would do enough, he would go out all day telling people about a lot and then he would feel the heat. He would stand all night in front of a lot as well. Asking a lot to forgive.

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This was who Mohammed So a lot of you said that wasn't something you add anything to this, you only distort this image. And if you take away from it when you do injustice to the Messenger of Allah, symbolizing the sender, and if I wanted to say that's it, that is who Mohamed Salah Salim is to me was a man who warned people about Allah, I could get up and leave and I will feel rested in my heart. I've done enough. I don't need to add anything to this. This was the entirety of his life, even before he was gifted with a reseller of Islam. Allah raised him up for 40 years being indirect down with indirect down with his character, his morals, his other, his etiquette was indirect

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downward, even before Allah commissioned him with a reseller of Islam. His whole life was that way, even when he didn't realize it. This is who he was.

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He was dead.

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But I want to be thorough. I don't want you to leave today with any doubts. I don't want you to leave today saying, yeah, that sounded good. But you know, A, B, and C No, no, we're gonna finish this in sha Allah. And if I wanted, and if I was given time, I could keep you until tomorrow. And maybe until the next day, continuing to show you the examples of this very fact, throughout the entirety of the scenery. Over and over again, you give me every incident in the Sierra and I can show you how it was about that. I want to show you how was it that way, even the way he interacted with his family, his wives, his children, all of it. All it was about calling people to the heat and

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oneness of Allah. Even when he told us to go to the bathroom.

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It was about teaching people to worship alone is one complete reliance on. Now let's fast forward a little bit.

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We'll go through the meccan period, let's go to the end of the meccan period in sha Allah to Allah, to the worst day of the life of the greatest human being to ever walk the face of this earth.

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Does anyone know what the worst day of the life of the greatest man to ever walk the face of this earth one's

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most most one collision like no, this is what some other companions know.

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And what was his worst day? It wasn't when she said no.

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No, not when I will call them day

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to day a day five, according to the alarm on the worst day of the life of the properly so that was the that was the day.

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Why? Because Khadija had just died, his comfort in his console in this world had died. And he was alone. He felt that aloneness that you feel when you when you when you lose someone that you love so much, then his uncle, whom he loves so much died, and not only did he die, but he died rejecting faith. He died rejecting the tail heat of Allah.

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And the wolves of the court, he began to circle around, he knew this, this was going to get very ugly, very quick. So he left with it with anybody know who he went to talk with.

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He was left

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alone, and he left with a given hiatus and he walked, he didn't take a bus or a coach or a car, he walks with data and the hottest in the city of dive. And for three days according to the most reliable sources, for three days, he knocked on the doors,

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asking people to accept a month just say put it on a lot to flip and just say like I have a lot and I'll guarantee you success. Every single door was slammed in his face, then he had a chance to sit with the nobles of the people of faith. And he presented them with a with an opportunity. He said look, except this man, insecure yourself

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in this life in the next secure yourself in front of Allah, or at least adapt to me and protect me from my own people. You just let me stay here and protect me from my own people. Did they accept Islam? No, no, no. Did they accept to adopt him and protect him?

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What did they do?

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Before they kicked him out? They laughed in his face first. First they laughed in his face. they mocked him and said a lot of records for us in the Koran. They said could not ally of chosen someone other than you. I mean seriously, could not have found someone other than you could not have chosen one of the Chiefs in the two towns could have not found when the nobles of Corporation made him a profit. Could he have not found one of the nobles from amongst us that made us a profit hero. Nobody

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laughed in his face and said if you are a messenger, then we're too You're too good to be sitting with us. But if you're a liar, then we're too good to be sitting with you. Either way, it's time for you to leave. So they called him in. He only asked him he said please don't tell me what have you rejection of me. Please, just don't tell anyone what you've done to me today. Not only do they not care about that they called the men to line up the children, delete them after them. And then the women's line up after them and pick up anything you could find sticks, rocks, whatever pots and anything and literally Throw him out of this town. And they beat our beloved messenger. So

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while they didn't hide it was protecting him with his own body to the profit by his beloved body was dripping with blood and it was filling in issues.

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And he's done a lot and he will send them in this is a story for those who run around saying that our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam was a man out for blood for a man who was out from blood. This story is a blatant contradiction of these statements. It is a blatant contradiction of everything they tried to put. We only need this filament. He still nobody was setting them left outside of the city. And he stopped in a vineyard or an orchard.

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And he pulled out his greatest weapon, and his greatest weapon was not tied around his waist.

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It was not in a scabbard. Do you know what his greatest weapon was? You put his two hands in front of them and he raised them up to his room. And he made one of the most beautiful dials to Allah as a beautiful, sincere dude. That was so sincere that it reached above the seven heavens to the OSHA of Allah. And Allah became angry. Allah was angered over the treatment of his beloved messenger sobre la. So he sent up that a sedan with the angel who is in charge of all the mountains of the earth. Go to the Prophet Lisa that will slam and do whatever he tells you to do.

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Whatever he says to do, just do it. Now as this was transpiring, the people who own this orchard, they had a servant that they sent to the buffet. So we'll send them there was at least some humanity and some of them, sent some food and drink to him because he looked like he was in dire need of it. So the man came, he the Prophet supposedly before eating, he said, Well,

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this was not known people did not do this. So the man inquired, what did you get this from? And maybe the man had some, some remnants of understanding in the back of his mind, and this is something that sounds quite familiar. So the Prophet Lisa that was asked the man, where are you from?

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Where are you from? The man said I am from Nineveh. I am from the Prophet, Masha Allah you from the home of my brother, Eunice. And how do you know Eunice? So we are prophets and messengers sent from the same road to the same message to worship Allah alone, he gave the man direct dollar, this man is standing here beaten, battered, bloody blood filling his shoes, but he remembered his job and deal and he's telling this man about Islam, and this man whose response was, I shall do

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the right to be worshipped but Allah and I bear witness that you are indeed the Messenger of Allah. You see the Prophet laser guided? No, Allah gave this man that selfie can the ability to have rest open to Islam, and the diet came from Allah, why he was reminding the prophet and this is why you here I sent you for these people. This is why I sent you

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to build a Sam

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with an angel of the mountains and he said I'm already in love with me as the angel of the mountains and the angel of the mountains was infuriated. The angels of the mountains was enraged, you don't understand he was ready to tear the place up. He was ready to tear the place up. He said Yato Sula, love, just give me the words. Just give me the words and I will take out the two mountains surrounding these cities. And I'll push them together and I'll kill them all.

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You see, a lot had already made this Helen. Allah had already made revenge Hello. Because if not, these angels will not disobey Allah, no matter who it is. But Allah told them whatever he tells you to do, you do it. And the angel was infuriated. He was angry. He said, This, tell me what you want. And I'll crush every single one of them. Now you see brothers, if that had been us,

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had that been any of us?

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We were ready to kill someone if they cut us off in the Ramadan.

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You know it's true. Someone cuts us off in the roundabout with Chase them for 10 miles out of our way to want to snatch them out of the car, they cut us off in the queue at Morrisons, we'll be ready to jack them up.

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So it didn't make us we would have killed everyone would have said yep, take care of them. And you know, I got another city over.

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Something. So why don't we just go ahead and

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kill the whole world in a single day. There'll be nobody left with us. You see, that's how we are. But the prophets of Allah

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was truly

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he was truly a mercy unto all the creation. And he was truly living a life of comfort and peace. So he said, No.

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This is not why I was sent. I was not sent to destroy anyone I was sent to bring them to Allah. So even if one person from a month approach any of these people, even if it's long after me, even if it's at a time when I've never seen if one person who comes from these people stands up and says

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that all the things that I have suffered, are worthless. Leave these people alone.

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Brothers, you don't really understand the vision of the salon was so beautiful. Is there anyone in the room here as a side note, that is from the subcontinent? Raise your hand? subcontinent. You guys know what the subcontinent is in Pakistan in the area, right?

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Yeah, yeah.

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Do you know the name of the man who took Islam to this part of the world?

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Do you know your history?

00:24:19--> 00:24:20

His name was Mohammed.

00:24:21--> 00:24:23

Mohammed even awesome as

00:24:24--> 00:24:31

a 17 year old boy who hailed from the city of a from the same thing.