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This Quran burner in the picture. It's the Quran burner that is living in Norway. Yesterday in the age of 42 He passed away. Even if you burn every Koran on earth

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we will bring it back

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this person instead of burning the Quran, maybe had read the Quran, maybe he would have found that guidance that would that would motivate him to live from

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the jinn, you know that they believed in Jen, like this magic magic genie, it's gonna assess you, you're gonna, you're gonna jump up and down. So I'm not going to lie to my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Listen, if you want an opportunity to support Dawa, if you get this opportune giardia, this is the project for you to do that. I'm saying to you very clearly, you know, whether it's $1 or whether it's a million dollars, this is the project that you need to support. So we can have a template, you know, for Dawa and a community and we need to ask Allah subhanaw taala to duplicate this 10 times all over America. This is Chicago Jesse is speaking to you from the Dean Tao Center in

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Tampa, Florida. Cinematic miracle July. We're gonna catch you.

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Smell Alhamdulillah wa salam ala Aiko, not only one special guests, but to hear welcome to today's show. The dean show.

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To my right, Shane.

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How you doing? hamdulillah Lagos salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. What about me?

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Milan and the Mufti here.

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Are you guys doing Hamdulillah. So I wanted to get right into this has been all over the news. But what was interesting, so there's two parts to it. We want to start with the one. There was a few of these Koran burners. And one of them before we get to him is the one that was all over the news. The other one that most people don't know about, is the one who actually took his own life.

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So I want you guys to go ahead. We'll start off with this one, this Quran burner in the picture. It's the Quran burner that is living in Norway. Yesterday, in the age of 42, he passed away. This picture on the screen is from the 26th of November, when he was trying to destroy our Dawa stands in Oslo in Norway, they get depressed, and they don't want to live anymore. And in the end, it takes your own life's

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on Allah. What do you think you see that? And what's your reaction when you see something like that this is somebody who's out there, you know, the guidance is sent for him also, it's emerged supposed to be a mercy for him for his life. And now, this person is talking about how he came to his dynasty. In essence, you also you have you give Dawa you invite people you educate people to the purpose of life, why they've created why they're here, this guy is trying to you know, instead of taking the book reading and see what solutions can come for his life, and then he ends up taking his own life. Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala has told us that the peace that people seek that which

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any that will bring peace to their heart, is only found in the Dhikr of Allah and the remembrance of Allah. And the Quran is the Quran is that remembrance of Allah. So if this person instead of burning the Quran, maybe had read the Quran, maybe he would have found that guidance that would that would motivate him to live, that would show him that there is a higher purpose to life. But instead, if you burn the Quran, and he rejected the Quran, you see what it did to his life. It brought him no peace. It brought him no purpose. It brought him no solitude instead, at the age of 42. Young comparatively, he took his own life. So the lesson here, and I think it's very important is people

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should learn the Quran, whether they want to accept Islam or not is up to them. We don't force it on anybody. Our our staff has been attacked multiple times. And you can see I mean, the first time that was attacked by a man who was wielding a metal baton and things

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there are others who came to our stall to argue to debate, but they ended up accepting a Quran and many of them today are Muslim. You can see the videos online.

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There is a brother named Richard as we can find his videos three times he came and you can see debate and argue and Hamdulillah he was open minded enough that he took the Quran, he read it, he came back, he questioned us again. And he came back a third time he accepted Islam and now you'll see the videos of him giving Dawa of him. It reconnected him to his family. It's very interesting.

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Same story, this brother Richard from Mexico, and SubhanAllah. Later on, I found out I'd actually run into him when my younger days, but I didn't know at the time.

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He came to our Stan. And the first time he came in, it's on. It's on the one message foundation channel. He had questions, some little bit of

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hostility and things, and we had a good conversation. And then he came back. And then he had a second conversation. And then he came back and hamdulillah and this third time he ended up accepting Islam. The shahada is online. It's in the video.

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His pasture, who was his Church preacher, looked around, saw that he was missing and said, where is he because his whole family went to that church. And

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his people told him he went to Balboa Park, he spoke to somebody ended up becoming Muslim. So this pastor decided that he's going to come in debate with me. And he comes in the videos online, practice groceries, I believe that was, you'll find the video on muscle foundation channel. And he comes in debates. And this pasture now is not open. Even when you show him the clear contradictions and mistakes you join the middle of the Quran isn't open. But the benefit that came out of that when that video was posted his own Richard's own family who was very well ingrained into this church saw that their pastor fell apart and they stopped going to his congregation. Alhamdulillah Richard's

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mother ended up accepting Islam right before her death.

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Right before her that Subhanallah she accepted Islam. She told him Go me home and he go to the hour and he went and he got the call when he was there that his mother passed away.

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And we have the video you know, he's crying. And this brother Richard, mashallah you can see him now with this beautiful beard on the Sunnah in the Druze in the masjid. When we went to Mexico, his father has a very large property in Mexico. He went out there, he reconnected with his father, like it brought the family together. And he started to give his father Dawa. And he helped when he went out there we went and gave that our, you see, it brought his life to purpose. He found what was the what was missing in his life. So people have a choice. Allah subhanaw taala gave us a choice. The Quran is a guidance, who the little Medaka in the is a guidance for who for the people of tako. So

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if you have that love for Allah, if you have that awareness that there is a Creator, you want the guidance, the Quran will guide you. And if you reject that guidance, then the Quran is a proof against you. That's why the Prophet Allah wa salam said, of Quran is luck, or alake. It's either for you or upon you. Now this person, he had the Quran in his hand, but instead of benefiting from it, he burnt it, you see the despair that he had in this life and imagine his hereafter. So can we say it's out of the love? Now we want to prevent people from ending up in the same situation. So now we want to motivate people to actually read the book. You know, that was always been out of love. We

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don't benefit financially from people becoming Muslim. You know, we have a brother Farrokh in San Diego is one of our very close brothers.

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And he became Muslim with us back in the 90s, maybe 9596.

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I know one of the first things when he was accepting Islam as he said, I will how much does it cost?

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I would I gotta, you know. And that's the thing because churches unlike that, you become a member of a church, you have to financially contribute to the church like the Mormon church. 23%, sometimes, wow. Yeah, that's like worse than Uncle Sam. But at least 10% They take from your gross income, right? And then, I mean, then you have other taxes and using so that you paid to them as well. But imagine, I mean, 10% if you're gone Not, not to the poor, not to the needy, not to forget our Masaki no to the church, the church elders to the prophet that they elect. It's interesting to have elections to who's gonna be a prophet now. All right. So so what does that mean? It financially make

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sense for them to get people, right. If you look at Joe doe witnesses, if you look at the Catholic Church, I mean, that's one of the biggest money making schemes in history. They launder more money than the mafia, why shift they're willing to compromise the message drunk to lose their congregation? Yeah. I mean, if you look at the Vatican,

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one of the guys I know his name was Martin Issa. He was killed in error Christian from Iraq. And I used to work with him and he told me, I worked in the Vatican, even when he first came from Iraq, because he spoke Arabic, he spoke Aramaic, he spoke French. He spoke a lot of like English, but he was very good at languages. As a refugee. They had him work at the Vatican, and this is something he told me himself. He said, You know, I used to work at the Vatican, and I used to take people from Eastern Europe for tours, and we would have this underneath you know, we go

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The floors underneath will have this preserve body of a man. And we would have nitrous oxide tanks that we would switch out to keep the body frozen. We would tell these poor refugees, that this person is a miracle. He's just by himself. Like he said, I know we were like,

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you know, these fit. And then he told me he goes, Look, when I saw that I lost my faith in Christianity, even though he was Iraqi Christian. He wasn't Muslim. I'm not like a fairy tale. He became Muslim. No, I'm telling you, he told me. He said, Look, the treasures, the paintings, the gold, the wealth that is hidden in the Vatican, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. And this is a Christian, and he but he had left Christianity when I met him, but he wasn't Muslim. He never became Muslim Allah, May Allah guide them, but this is the thing to them. It's moneymaking for us it's not hamdulillah if you become Muslim, you don't have to donate to anything. I mean, you know, as a

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Muslim, if you have wealth you pay zakat, which is you give money from saved money to the poor, not to the Imam, not to the masjid not to a DI Al Hamdulillah our Dawa in San Diego, for example, we have no paid art. If people become Muslim, it doesn't matter to us financially. We have just this love for people to know their Creator, to no purpose in life, to be saved from the despair of hopelessly going through life without purpose, without morals without guidance and ending up in the hellfire. We don't want that for anybody. We don't want that for our worst enemies. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam, peace and blessings be upon him. He would go to the worst enemies at the time,

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who were torturing him who were attacking him and you would pray for their guidance and you would be kind to them and you would give them gifts and you would try to bring them towards Islam not because it financially benefited him just because you wanted good for them. And that's what you want for people. Absolutely. What was your reaction when you saw this person now taking his own life he went from burning the Koran to you think he'd has some peace in his life but obviously he didn't he was void of it and he ends up taking oh and

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the Pharaoh wanted to challenge Musa

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he invited the people. He made a public scene

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to show the people that I defeated Musa Alia Salatu was Salam is the pharaoh now. Yeah, the field. Yeah, there's a long time ago.

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So what happened at the end, he was disgraced.

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This person did the same thing. He just, you know, I'm burning the Quran. Imagine I want to I want to I want to think about this. Someone who never heard about the Quran before. What is he gonna say? What is that what this guy is doing? This is This is News. Okay, it's he burned Quran. Okay, what is Quran? It's a Muslim thing that um just you know, he got the attention a he got you know, he will do you think he's working? Yeah. More people to go see to look at what was the intention of the of the Pharaoh is to put down Allah aside. What is Allah is saying what Musa came with Allah equipped him with the serpent, the snake and the staff. He wanted to show them I'm going to bring the Sorcerer to

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defeat you. I'm going to defeat your Quran, I'm going to humiliate your Quran. But in fact, what the Pharaoh did he made the sign apparent to the to the people show it to the extent that the sorcerer's themselves who came to his aid, they became Muslims.

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And we have seen people who were I think there was some guy who became a Muslim, right, the Swedish some congressmen, I mean, was a hater. You know, something? Yeah. So, you know, you know, these guys are really they actually open up? Yeah, they read it. Yeah, they got to a point where like, Hold on, let me see. Can you imagine how many people did not know about the Quran because of this act, they will know about the Quran? I don't know how much because you guys also do some counseling as Imams? Yes. So how much with psychology? Would you think? Is this a projection of what's inside what a person is struggling with? And the turmoil and pain and now they look and now they project that

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pain, all the Muslims now the Muslims and now it's like this deep hate that they have within? They start pushing in the wrong direction. How much of that would you say, Yanni? I think that's that's the majority of the Islamophobia that we see today is because they have some issue they're dealing with in their life, and they're projecting it onto Muslims. But projected pain, of course I mean, for example, many people and not just with Muslims, this happens with racism and prejudice across the board. You look at somebody who knew

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is their job, they want to blame Mexicans for it, somebody who, you know, whatever, maybe they didn't get into university that they wanted to get into whatever, then they're gonna blame affirmative action for it, everybody wants to throw the blame on somebody else. And the same thing like I was in Europe recently. And I work in medical devices. So I see a lot of factories, I went to a factory. And the workers were almost 80% Muslim from Northern Africa, the work was all being done by Muslims. And, you know, I was looking around and seeing all these brothers and you know, working and it's interesting, and I went outside, and I'm not gonna mention the name of the country, but

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there was a man who was homeless, from the people of that country was sitting there homeless. And, you know, he saw me and of course, I had a beard and things and he kind of murmured a little bit like he was not something clear, where you could see he had some hatred in his eye. And, you know, I didn't speak the language is big, but I wanted to speak to him like, look, I mean, it's not like muscles are taking your job, you're not working, and we're out here doing your work for you, or running your country. You want to kick these people out who's gonna do your work. So this is the thing people project their insecurities, their pain over instead, if they will just take that

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message and take it into their heart, they would learn that Islam would solve that pain, you know, to the sheiks point even if you look at the height about the boy in the kingdom, so he Muslim the same thing same thing they gathered all the people he told him, You want to kill me, you know, take an arrow say in the name of the rub of this villain this child and in the end, everybody started becoming Muslim. Any so every time people use propaganda against Islam, it will only backfire on let me show you guys we're gonna jump in to Can I just say something quickly before you go there? You know what is what is the ruling on burning the Quran to begin with?

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Actually, many Muslims may not know that there's actually any old versions of the Quran that recommendation that you burn it hold on is this heresy now Sheikh was

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versions he means like if you have an old must have like an old written Quran in your house. And let's say it gets worn out paper gets worn out you're unable to read it now. How do you properly dispose of it respectfully not out of disgrace or our anger is you burn it is not heresy? It is not it is like flipping out I mean, they can look and feel cookbooks across the Panama

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across the humbly across this is the respectful way Yeah, but respectfully, like I mentioned, what we understand that his intention is not respectful, right? You don't want to bury it or put it in somewhere that it's gonna get disgraced. But let's assume that they burned all the copies of the Quran on the face of this.

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This isn't that he wanted the Quran. Let's assume now that it's assumed that Quran burned a burn every virgin, every copy on the face of this translation, everything. No, there's only one word that's just translation. Okay, whatever five children, we actually need to because, you know, five children, just get five children sit together, they will produce another Quran in less than a day.

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Five, how about four? Even if you have one thing? Yes, that's a beautiful the Quran and we hope that people watching especially those that are not Muslim, will go and get a Quran. And if they don't have when they can come reach out to the one message Foundation, we'll send them a free one. And they will read it. The Quran is preserved not just in the book format, but in the hearts of the Muslims. Someday people hearing this for the first time. I mean, we take this for granted a lot of times, you know, but right we're hearing this for the first time this is like, wow. So look at this, right? If we look at the Bible today, and people watching, this is a challenge for anybody watching.

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Bring the Pope, bring any minister, any preacher, any Christian Evangelical, bring a Bible scholar and put them in front of me and see any one of them that can recite the Bible verse by verse, letter by letter one in the whole 2 billion strong Christian. This is the is what's the Pope's name Francis. Pope Francis, is this latest one or did he pass?

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Okay, so this probe if you brought him here, look, he's a representative supposed to be of God on earth. He's supposed to be directly in touch. He hasn't memorized. He has not memorized the by Are you sure? I'm pretty sure like you some people call me challenge. Let's do it. All right. I'll fly. I fly to the Vatican myself. Yeah. Well, my own ticket I'll pay for it myself. And I'll sit in front of this is well known. I mean, this has just been

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we've been out there it's impossible given our since the mid 90s. And we've put this challenge out. We've had every Christian and evangelical islamophobe fly from the UK and across the US to come to San Diego in challenges. Till today they have not been able to produce one single person that has memorized about

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But the shepherds from Egypt or the ASK HIM in Egypt, how many people they memorize the Quran, throw a rock, you hit three of them, you come to the

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issue that is very interesting. Most of the people who memorize the Quran are non Arab. Yes. You come to Pakistan, they don't speak Arabic. Because if you even try to memorize the Bible, like what version, you don't have to go to the Greek, right, and they memorize it in Arabic, I mean, they memorize the Arabic come to Pakistan, for example, or India or many of these countries that people don't, they don't know Arabic. And they memorize the Quran letter by letter sound by sound. Let me tell you one more thing. It's very important, especially for some of our doctors that kind of misunderstanding sometimes

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in North Africa, Murata, Ania, Mother Algeria, many of them memorize by writing it out. And I met a brother who shot 3d from the shanaka as a tribe in North Africa. And he said, you know, in my village, when we finished memorizing, we would write out the entire Quran from memory twice without a mistake, before we got the sonnet, Lahore. Now imagine that. That means that if you were given a blank piece of paper, doctor and pen to write from memory, you would be able to write each one of those that are false karar from that Northern African area, they would be able to write out the entire Quran without a mistake.

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Imagine that, how can you burn the Quran, it's in the hearts it's in the mind it's in. Even right now Ramadan is coming up. And I invite our non Muslim neighbors and co workers to come to the mosques or Masjid is open come and you will hear the entire Quran recited from memory in this month. Every Masjid across not every but almost every masjid, you will have a carry half as somebody who's memorized the Quran, and they will leave the people in prayer from memory they will recite the whole Quran from beginning to end in this month, one just every night about right. So imagine across the Muslim world, Indonesia, Malaysia, from South Africa, to Russia, to England to America across the

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Muslim world, you can't get rid of the Quran. And again, this is a warning for those that think that these kinds of things will stop Islam, we have an Islamophobe that comes to San Diego. And what they did is they took a picture of me actually a pretty good picture. Appreciate that. And they made a big poster. And they told me are you a scholar? Are you a half and I told him no. And the way of the Muslim scholars is that even if somebody was and I'm not but if somebody was they wouldn't call themselves a scholar. When all an island for Hoja Helenius ut gives this concept not as a hadith that whoever says I'm an alum, he's he's ignorant, right? Muslim scholars will never go around

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bragging about these things right? So he asked me Are you a scholar? I said no, sir. You haven't done so data. They got me on something. So they made a big poster a life size huge poster, a picture of me and it says she Hoffman said he's not a scholar. As if they got me on something, right? So it's okay. One brother in this videos on our channel on one message 101 Mexican brother, he saw that poster. He kept walking when he saw me and he said who are you? I saw your poster of your you somebody famous or something? And I was like, no, no, I'm just a regular guy. But let me tell you about Islam Subhan Allah He took shahada he accepted Islam the video is online there's not like

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something we can we're just hearsay you know? So what does that mean? Their plan to try to disgrace us to stop Islam ended up being that well for us. If that poster wasn't there, they would have just walked by Yeah. So every trick they do is only gonna backfire on him. But let me get your an essence of time. I want to get your guys's reaction. So we covered one of the people who are burning the guidance that was sent for them also the Quran verbatim Word of God Almighty Allah. And he ends up taking his like this is another one of the main characters. There is a politician and this is what I want you guys to check out and give us your reaction are some of the chats between Swedish Danish

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politician Rasmus peladon and young boys on the internet. The convicted racist politician who is notorious for his so called cron burning tours and anti Islam hate spends extensive time on social media platform discord, chatting with young boys about sexually explicit topics

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to familiarize me to normal live, although polygon has been charged with 14 offenses in the past, including racism, defamation and traffic laws, his online chats did not elicit any action under Danish law. So you see this now? His life's coming out. What are your what's your reaction to

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issue? Well, I think this this is clear that because usually there'll be attacks, you know, on the Prophet saw some, they'll throw different slanders and whatnot. And then it seems like their life gets uncovered and you see a lot of these things again, another person who is down a dark hole, they rally and Hill, any help. I like that point they need they need, they need help, they need guidance, and you know, they need the Quran, they need the Quran. The problem with those people, you know, this campaign of burning the Quran is during the time of the profit to but it wasn't burning. I like what you just started. I didn't like you didn't like, Man, this guy should burn in hell this guy

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did. He said he needs help. I mean, he needs it. Obviously. This is a book, you know, this is a book What the What problem they have with a book. I mean, if you you know, this is intellectual, just read it, and then reflect it pretty cool, man, because a lot of times people are thinking, man, these guys are extremely radical, you know, you're talking about love you

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give off man, you know, if they really want to do it in a respectful way, we will have a campaign and go to San Diego and invite all the Muslims will have old versions, old copies of the Quran. And we're gonna burn it with them the old copies and they can come and enter but in a respectful way, and we're gonna explain the people this is the ruling how we get rid of old versions of the Quran. I mean, this doesn't bother us. I really feel sorry for them. You know, it's it's sad. You know, one of the things is, we as Muslims, and I hope specially for the non Muslim audience watching, they'll take a point to this, we want to show respect. When we talk about Jesus peace and blessings be upon

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him. We don't even say his name, except that we say with him that peace and blessings be upon him. When we talk about Mary, we say peace and blessings be upon her. We're talking about Moses, we say peace and blessings be upon him. When talking about Abraham, we say peace and blessings be upon him. We don't disrespect any of the prophets, we speak well about them, you will never see a Muslim making a cartoon of them, you will never see a Muslim disrespecting their image, or even making their image we shouldn't even make images how that how of high esteem we hold them in. You never see a Muslim burning, even the corrupted forms of the Bible. You never see us instigating this kind of

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heat. We as Muslims want good. We want conversations, we want dialogue, as the chef said, people like him, who like the first one that we mentioned, we took his own life. The second one that's out there on the internet, talking to little children in inappropriate ways. We want good for them. We want them to have guidance, we want them to have that peace that will bring them to salvation in this life and the hereafter. And that's why we do Dawa is to bring that message to them. So they can have that we give out English translation of the Quran on the street free, right? We why we spend our own money we could take that money and spend on ourselves. Instead we take that money, people

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that donate to the one message Foundation, what do we do with that money, we don't get paid. We take that money, we put it towards promotion towards videos put towards, you know, buying containers of English language translation and giving them out free of charge, why we want to share something that has benefited us that has brought peace in our life, and will help them so in the end, we realize these people need help, and we're here to help them. We're not here to I really want to address the people who may get influenced by these individuals. During the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam they had the same campaign.

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But different again, nothing new right now is this prophesizing the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala is telling us Allah, Allah says in the Quran we're calling Lavina Kapha ruleta smart wooly hair, the Quran you will have a will fi healer Allah Quinta available. Allah said that those who disbelieve would advise those who are coming to Mecca to perform Umrah or Hajj because this is a ritual from the time of Ibrahim Ali said that don't listen to the Quran and when it's recited make noise so it doesn't get to you. And they went actually to the extreme that they had a cotton campaign. Also

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cotton campaign that at the entries of Maccha anybody was coming out of town with that cotton's you will hear the Quran Subhanallah look at this now there was one smart man when he asked him why what the Quran would do to me. He said this is the jinn you know that they believed in Jin like this magic magic genie is gonna source will assess you you're gonna you know you're gonna jump up and down.

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So you know he bought the carton in his, you know, ear heating there at

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Eyes His name is to fight luminometer those who say it's authentic, this is authentic. So when he went around the camera he showed the Prophet sallallahu salah, look at this now, I said, I'm a smart man, you know, I'm not going to act upon the advice of these guys let me hear what this guy has to say.

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He actually he was someone who used people from gin position himself and he would because gin is a culture that was dead in the Arabia at the time. So he said okay, let me hear to him. Let me hear what he has to say. So we approach the Prophet Salah Salem they're telling me about you that what is this? You know and he said what what is said

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in Al Hamdulillah Muhammad who want to start you who want to stop so this is what the problem this is what the prophet is telling him now he's no he's not just telling him the entry of hot water had the introduction the introduction that we do in Alhamdulillah nama do who want to start evil who want to stop Phil, when our old we let him in Cerulean fusina home and sejati Armanino mejor de la stop this is I'm a Muslim he became a Muslim was it yeah here so we learned a lot from this one because most people the masses did just like like sheep just follow this man was like, Hold on, I'm gonna go ahead and check it for myself. Now for most people did this. They might have you know, the

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same thing happened to them, or at least they would not, you know, be fooled by all the you know, nonsenses out there see something interesting?

00:31:33--> 00:32:01

You know, who is the number one narrator of Hadith, who narrated the most Hadith, Abu Hurayrah the Sahaba not the Allahu Akbar or the Allahu Akbar whether his real name is Abdul Rahman Ibiza dosi. And as she has mentioned, to fail a number of dosi this man has thrived that came. And he had, you know, when he came the college told him that was very interesting. He was a leader from his people and the people that are not Muslim, you should listen to this.

00:32:03--> 00:32:39

They he was a leader of his people, when he used to come to Makkah before the people greet them, you know, but this time they came outside of Mecca to greet him. So he was like, something's different. So they told them there is a man and he's a magician, and he's this and don't listen to him, just like the smear campaigns that they have against Muslims. today. You know, he's this fundamentalist, Wahhabi, whatever they want to call them today. And they told them put cotton in your ears. And one of the cotton fell out and he was putting it back and he said, You know what, I'm a leader of my people, they come to me for advice. How can I be that feeble minded that I can't differentiate

00:32:39--> 00:32:40

between right and wrong?

00:32:41--> 00:32:59

I mean, people out there, read just read the Quran use you. I've read the Bible insider now back for if you've seen my coffee, the Bible, it's all marked up, right? And I've read the Quran and I realized the Quran to be the truth and if you don't believe that, read the Quran, so we're asking, read it or pecan in you're

00:33:01--> 00:33:01

not going to help

00:33:02--> 00:33:39

to fill up number dosi. As the chef mentioned, when he heard the Prophet salaam begin the hotbeds of hygiene and he heard it and he accepted Islam and he went back to his people to give them down. And none of them accepted in the beginning except one young man. And this young man he came with to film and I'm gonna dosi to the Prophet peace, peace and blessings be upon him. And Phil said, you know my people, they're not listening, oh prophet of Allah make die, that they're destroyed. And the person who raised his hand and this young man, he said, I was afraid that if the prophet makes a DUA, supplication for the destruction of my people, like the people of lat, or no, they would be

00:33:39--> 00:34:19

destroyed. But the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he had that love for mankind, so for their guidance, so instead of making dua for their destruction, a supplication for their destruction he supplicated Oh Allah guide the people of beautiful piece oh god beautiful that is they weren't listening. He didn't say go into a Spanish inquisition and wipe them out or genocide them or, or like we see in the Bible that Emilich you know, go in and massacre all the No, he said Allah guide. He wanted good for them. Just like we want good for peace, just like we want. We're following the you know, that Mercy who that young man was. That was Abu Hurayrah that was imagined, top net ether

00:34:19--> 00:34:59

of Hadith, all that reward 5000 Plus authentic. Wow, it's amazing going finish your point. So all that reward will go to to fail him namah dosi because he was intelligent enough to listen to the message. So that's why we ask that people listen to what Islam has to say. Don't let CNN or Fox or Islamophobes tell you what Islam is about. Let us tell you, we're Muslim. Listen to what we're saying. We believe in the One God the one created that the Creator who sent Abraham and Moses and Jesus and Muhammad peace and blessings be upon all of them. We love all of them. We show why there is a united message one message that all the prophets brought. It's because there was

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

Same message that was brought from the same creator. People changed it up. Some people started worshipping their prophets, some people started corrupting the religion, changing the religion changing the rules, but we have the preserved message in that Quran that instead of burning, you should be read and it is divinely preserved. So even if some guy comes out and says there is a hole in the narrative, you see, whatever Allah commands, whether it is Shari or whether it is Kadri I really would like the the viewers understand the difference between the two, like Allah commanding us to be Muslims, this is Sheree, meaning that we have a choice. You understand? Because if Allah

00:35:45--> 00:36:23

Who will do we would all be Muslims. So Allah let us choose to be Muslims or not to be Muslims. But when it came to, to the preservation of the Quran, it's Kony Hidary. You know, like they say, in the biblical tradition, it's written it shall be done to foreigner, this is this is truly a so you don't have to have a scenario how they preserved it and how they did it. Actually, if you doubt one letter from the Quran, then you have an issue with your belief system. So anybody who's sincere, who really wants to know they ask for credit, or for guidance, so show me make clear so that Monica

00:36:24--> 00:37:01

brothers and sisters is your brother Hassan Shibly and I'm so excited, so grateful to Allah subhanaw taala to be standing right here at the Dean center that is being established in Tampa by brother Eddie from the Dean show. We are so excited that he's chosen Tampa to be this hub and center for Dawa not just locally Alhamdulillah where we can host seminars, programs, our activities there's enough space for a school gymnasium, masala and as studio that can inshallah reach people globally to share the beauty of Islam. We're so excited to have this established here locally in Tampa and I want to encourage you all do what you can to help complete this project and make it a reality and I

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invite you all to join me in supporting the center may Allah make it a sadaqa jariya for all of us to share the beauty of the deen with all humanity

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I cannot leave without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim and you're tuning in to see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you and if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you as salaam alaikum