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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The crisis that is continuing to unfold is affecting many people, including the villains of the conflict and those of the past. The use of nuclear weapons and language and actions are all making themselves stronger and creating harmsome consequences. The segment discusses the struggles of fearful groups and the need for protecting people from domestic and domestic violence. The segment also touches on the political climate and the media's claims of victory, as well as the actions of previous leaders and the potential consequences of actions from the previous century.
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I'll be lying when I sit on the rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been listening CD now Muhammad Ali he also remain a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. We begin by praising Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our love and our greetings salutations, beloved Debbie Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious imperial family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. Well, the blister Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam May Allah grant thanks to all those who are in difficulty May Allah make easy for those who are in hardship, Mala Guan Shiva, for those who are injured those who are sick, may Allah grant victory to the Mujahideen in Palestine and in Gaza, Allah grant Jana to

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fit a dose to our deceased and the martyrs army. As this continues, this crisis continues to unfold. And we're moving into a stage of really no other way of describing it as a genocide. And we're watching, you know, a population being butchered even the most,

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you know, impotent of organizations like the UN have come out in condemnation. We've seen Alhamdulillah countries beginning to cut ties, even the US and say to the Israelis, that there needs to be a ceasefire that they're going overboard now, in this is a bit too much killing, even for the likes of the US, but it continues, and it leaves us very with a sense of powerlessness. We feel what can we do?

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You know, sad and it's good that you feel sad, it's good that you feel disturbed, because if we didn't, if we didn't feel bad, then that's a huge problem. But at the same time, subhanAllah we should not be surprised. You can feel sad but not surprised. And if you look at the parallels of the story of Nabi Musa and found in the Quran, the same characters are they today and as we go through the story, Inshallah, you can connect the dots and Allah subhanaw taala repeats the Sunnah Allah says, Let's see repetition. And it is for us to take heed of how things played out in the past, to make sure that we are on the right side of things with Allah subhanaw taala. Allah begins the story

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of Nabi Musa by talking about the villains. And we compare the villain of Iran and those around him to those today. And we ask whether the same Allah says fit on either if you don't believe he was better and superior, he was

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of a better race than the others. And he thought he was invincible. I love you out. He was walking the land where she she, and he divided his people into groups like a perfect, that's what he did. He divided people by categories. You stood out for thought if at a minimum, and one particular group, he persecuted and they were right at the bottom, He massacred them, he persecuted him. He locked them up in a concentration camp and opened a prison Gaza. Basically he put them they couldn't move. They couldn't come out. He completely control them. You know, he killed the children, as they as he wanted were used to he sat at home and use the women as he liked it now kind of sitting on the sun.

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He was a despicable criminal in the land.

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Do we not see the similar similarities today? Who locks people up in a concentration camp, they can't come in come out. They kill children. They're hurt women, which group. So Allah says fit around was like that. And ultimately, it's about the villains. But he intended for this group, this group that was being massacred so badly. Allah said We intended for them that they will get strength. And that through them fear. And Harmon was you know, the one we'll talk about these guys fit own and Harmon and the soldiers making their own. Allah says I will bring from these, this oppressed people, they will come to fruition, the thing which fit around and his armies feared the

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most. So even though these guys are on top, they have all the nuclear bombs, they are the superpowers deep down they live in fear. And this is the nature of a dishonest, evil person. He knows what he's doing is wrong. And he knows it's going to catch up with him. And so Allah says that they are living in perpetual fear. You don't Why do you need armies and nuclear bombs?

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To defend yourself because you're scared. And so Allah says, I will bring to that which they're afraid it will come to pass through this tiny group. And if you look at the names of the criminals, this frown was of course the head of the the the snake and he believes that he's better. He's superior because of his color. And then you have Harmon, who was the man who is behind the scenes supporting him, providing him with a military support, providing him with a political support telling him go and do it, encouraging him. And then you had cartoon cartoon cartoon was from the bunny, surreal

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He's a sellout. He's working with Iran to enslave and to harm their own people in exchange for money. karoun was even richer than Iran. So Subhanallah Do we not have people who look like us, follow our religion, very, very rich, but they collaborate with the enemy against the OMA SubhanAllah. So amongst us, we have friends amongst us we have hormones and we have cartoons. And just as we have that type of people today, we also have mooses. With us today we also have heroes, people that Allah subhanaw taala with every time Allah sins, said the story repeats itself. Every time Allah sins, these villains, Allah also has the people that will lead us forward Bismillah and

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we look at Nabi Musa, he's not the superhero that we have on TV, Superman, he can do whatever he wants no severe human person, a person with a lot of flaws and faults a person who doesn't believe I can do it, full of doubts. When Allah says to me Musa quote, that you have been selected to lead your people. What did not be Musa say? You didn't say I knew what I knew I was the chosen one. He says kohlrabi in the halfway Allah I'm scared. I'm very scared to do that. How can you Why are you choosing me of all people you chose me? That I can't Why you do Saudi? I'm my chest is tight. I mean, I don't have the courage to do this. While you're on Tahlequah, listening, and I can't even

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speak properly. You're going to send me to the United Nations. I can't even that'd be Musa had a stutter. How am I going to be the spokesperson for the people?

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helped me with heroin. Why don't I get them be on top of it? Yeah, Allah, I have a sentence over my head. We don't have any Musa killed someone by accident in his in his youth. So I'm running. I'm fleeing justice. I'm a basically I wanted men to Ahafo on young children and I, they might kill me. This is not the words of someone who believes he's a superhero. This is a word of a very, very human person, like one of us. If one of you was told one of us were chosen, Allah says you need to lead the resistance. What did we say to Allah? How me how Allah How would you choose me I'm like the least qualified person. That's exactly what Nabi Musa is saying. I'm the least qualified person to

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do this. And he gives all his excuses as we give all our excuses. And Allah responds color, don't worry. Go in the market. Mr. Mian, I'm with you. And I'm listening. You're not alone. You just do the job. And the job isn't. Go and fight the armies of Iran. Go and kill fear. Don't go and you know, get nuclear bombs. No, Allah says, You go and just deliver the message. You go and change your status on WhatsApp. You go and write the letter. You go and make the petition. You just go and raise your concerns. That's all Allah is asking us is not saying go out and conquer the world. No, you go out and make the position known.

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And so Allah says go to him and tell him

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a SIL mana bunny Surah Al important Nabi Musa as messages go to frown and say, Look, release my people stop committing oppression. I'm not saying you must resign. I'm not saying you must give up your kingdom. You can say fear or you can say the king. You can keep your palaces, but stop persecuting these people. Just I'm asking you to be just and so when you do this,

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look at the way for your own responded. Have you not heard this before? So if you're only asked a very simple question, if it only Nabi Musa comes to him now and picture the celestial United Nations of the time, if you're only sitting there on his throne, that'd be moosari Salaam has come now into the into the room is given an audience he said, Okay, give your speech. He's giving a speech. He says, I want the persecution of my people to stop, stop besieging them, stop cutting of the water, stop bombing them, stop killing my children and allow us to leave you don't want us to live in your land. Let us live in freedom with us live. Look out for your own response for your own says,

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did we not raise you when you were a child?

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Does he address any of the issues that we Musa said he is they will not raise you in the parents when your child and we looked after you and we paid for you while you were a youngster? alpha alpha alpha alpha valtech PolitiFact. And you did that thing that you did you remember the thing that you did the murder? You did the thing that you didn't want terminal caffeine and you are a caffeine you are a very ungrateful person for always giving a speech now, this guy raised him and this guy, he did that crime that we all know. So now they don't even respond to any of the questions that Nabi Musa raised to him. It will address anything for your own. It's purely responding with propaganda.

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So that removes that comes back and he says,

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What Tilka this? Good that you did to me? This when you were good to me when I was a child, and my one crime that I did? Is this your excuse for causing a genocide against my people? Is this your justification? And this is exactly what's happening today. Before you can talk when we say stop oppressing people stop killing children stop up

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You find the land do you come condemn Hamas? That's the first question we're going to ask Do you condemn yourself?

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They don't address the issues and this is taken from ferons textbook because the minute you start talking the facts and the truth they have nothing to stand on. So they use cite tactics and Abu Musa puts it very clearly. Is this your argument for committing a genocide against Bani Israel yield that you are good to me when I was a child? Is that your argument that I killed one person by mistake that's why you're going to commit genocide against old people. So now they don't again now the response

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call magic Denali to collision I mean, Athena Pacifica Musa, have you come to expel us from our lands? Have you come to destroy us and kill all of us? You are a NTV Ronnie. You want to destroy all of us Egyptians. And he says to His people that Musa and his brother Yuri Danny, and you heard Jack Coleman or decom is around he's talking to the media and he's talking to the Egyptian people in the army. These guys have come to expel us they are invading us. We need to defend ourselves. They want to expel us from our land. And wioth hubba Vita Riccati como Mozilla and they want to corrupt our perfect way of life. We have our values, they want to corrupt our values, and they want to overthrow

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our religion and our way of life. Is that what Nabi Musa came to say? Did he say you must leave Egypt or let my people go? Stop persecuting my people. When did Nabi Musa ever say they don't give me your palaces?

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So the tyrant, what is his answer? I need to defend myself from whom? Who's persecuting you? Who's trying to kill you? You are the one doing the oppression. You are the one doing the occupation. You're the one doing the besieging. You have the nuclear bombs, how can you play the victim? As strange as it is now for only the exact same thing. He's playing the victim. He is the most powerful man in the world with the most powerful army in the world, against the most oppressed people in the world. And he says we are the victims only defending ourselves.

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So the Israeli media, meet a PR two crowns playbook play by play and they use exactly

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so, but Allah subhanho wa Taala says you can plan but I'll plan better. He had the army. He had all the governments on his side. And he had the media on his side. And so he says I'm going to publicly humiliate you. And he called this massive as we know Rena way he was going to show his strength and his might Musa you have the stick where you can make a stick turn to a steak, I'll bring all the sources and I'll show you in front of the eyes of the world, you will be humiliated.

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But when truth stands against falsehood, falsehood constant, and so we know that of the first defeat that ALLAH given frown was to disgrace him publicly. The aura of invincibility, the order of he cannot be defeated. Once that was knocked people start having doubts and his deck of cards begins to crumble. We saw this happens seventh of October.

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An army a group of people that believed that they were invincible, they could not be touched. They were hit. And you will see that italienischen so we know that the story of Musa that when he stood in front of the sorcerers and they threw the sticks liquid Allah describes the scene. Allah says so who are you in a nurse they were able to deceive the eyes of people be which the eyes of people what they saw on their devices and what they saw on TV wasn't the truth. They were indoctrinated was starhub whoo hoo Mogera will be seen at him and they will completely stunned by this illusion that film created but then Allah says don't worry well hyena Illa Musa nobody you just do your job you

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present the truth with the stick down. I will not be Musa put the stick down. The one true slick devoured all those ropes to show and Allah says for what God hardcore battle Americana Yeah, I'm alone, that the illusion was completely destroyed. And the truth prevailed over deception. It will always be this case, you can put out 1000 fake media things or 1000 fake news. But when truth really stands up, and people get to see it, and they will realize it for the truth, it will prevail over the lies for Hollywood when Article One calavo Salvini. And Sophie round for the first time, and his cronies and his people in his PR campaign were completely humiliated in the eyes of the world. The

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whole world saw them for what they were, and this was the beginning of the end, when the illusion of his power and invincibility starts to diminish. That's when things also fall apart. And that's exactly where Israel is right now. The invincibility was proven to be false, the lies will be exposed. The media that they put out are being challenged by people by not media companies, by basic people, you and me challenging the narratives 40 dead babies false lies.

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They can't show one video of the victims we showing an malop protecting this bad campaign but we have to show dead children on our side. And so the world is seeing the truth what it is now

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As we said, governments are beginning to pull the ambassador's away. Governments have a need to cut ties. A country like Bahrain, who was the first to normalize ties with Israel.

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They have cut ties Alhamdulillah with Israel pull back the ambassador ended the economic agreement, as we said, in context, that was in September, just a month, two months ago, the Palestinian cause seem to be so dead. They were the Palestinian cause was at its weakest position. It was it was ever people weren't talking about it anymore. Even as I said, Netanyahu had the guts to show a map in the Middle East way Palestine was wiped off the map in front of the world. And he says, This is the great the new Middle East, and we're just waiting for the signature of Saudi Arabia, the last people to sign in Saudi Arabia, and it's a new age. At that point in time, the middle of September, it

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seemed like Palestine was gone. A month later, the Palestinian cause has never been stronger. Yes, people are dying, the Palestinian people are in complete difficulty and make dua for them. But the Palestinian cause is stronger than ever, in one month. And already, as we said, Those who had signed the contract with Israel, that plan has fallen to ruins now, Bahrain has dropped out. Saudi Arabia is not signing the documents anymore, and Insha Allah, all of them will will renounce this treaty.

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Now when you do this to a bully, you humiliate him publicly, you prove that he's a liar. He starts losing his political support. How does he respond?

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What is how is Israel responding? The only way a bully knows how to respond, I'm going to pound on you even more. So what did he say when this happened to frown, when he was humiliated publicly? Also, it's amazing how these tyrants and dictators have such a small ego the minute the ego is hurt, they need to commit some kind of genocide something you know Subhanallah anyway, so if you're out now he's he goes, we'll call it a man or woman I mean, call me if you don't and now the advisors, the people around fit own says at other Musa, are you going to leave it like that Musa and his people that they are going to cause mischief in the land? What do we have to respond? We have to do

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something. We can't just leave it like that. So what are we going to do? Cada Sana Cthulhu Urbana home will kill the children Subhan Allah who is people is responding exactly like this. You humiliated us we angry so we're going to kill your kids.

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Which side is losing palisade every 1000 every minute a child or every 15 minutes child dies Pamela, buy this in Palestine.

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Which side is doing this frown in Israel, we will kill the children. When Esther Heaney sat at home or in the Falcon car hidden and we will dominate them completely, we will show them who's boss, we are going to completely pulverize them. That's the only way we're going to pound them into submission. Now when this happens, they might appear to be one collective group. But it's not the case internally there are good people who see this can't be right. Internally there are people who also sees the children dying and being monitored this this can't be the right thing. And there's a lot of people who are there but they're not voicing it, but inshallah we hopeful at least one voice

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in sort of after this chapter in the Quran cultural warfare. It has a second name called Surah movement, the believer,

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the one believer and who is this believer, this is not gonna be Musa and the Benissa eel. It is a believer it is a person inside fear owns cabinet. And he gives a speech isn't Surah Hoffer. He gives a speech when ferroan is about to commit like go off the rails. And he gives a speech against finance policies. Allah says what color Rajan and a man who believed me alifair Our knees from three rounds people yet to Imana, who he kept his position is Iman hidden. He kept his image silent. He was a believer, but he was still on the inside.

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And then he started to talk and Subhanallah all those people who are out there and you have doubt and you don't agree with your company or your organization, you don't agree with your political party. Alhamdulillah some people are willing to have the guts to you know what I'm talking about. The politician stood out against his political party. Yes, he paid the price, but hamdulillah mela grunting bitter because he spoke out against his political party. There are many people in the world in political parties that told him You keep quiet and tow the line. Don't you talk about ceasefire, anything, but they are those who talk out and this man in finance cabinet spoke out. He says Why are

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you killing these people? Are you going to kill a person what is what is so evil about what Musa is asking for? He's just saying we worship one God and it might people go free? What exactly are the Palestinians asking for that? It's so terrible must kill them. They just want to live even now as a free Palestine what does this mean free Palestine? They never seem to want to kill all the Jews. We want to wipe you off the map they said we want to live in peace and dignity. What's so bad about that? What is so evil about that? He's asking for a loan.

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And what cottager accompanied by anatomy, Robbie, come anyway. Musa has come with clear signs. We have clear evidence footage what's happening. You see

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The people in Israel in the government in America in UK they know the facts what's happening on the ground they know what is false and fake media they say look we know what this this is crap that you're putting out we know it's crap so how can we still support this

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and and then he says

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in hola hola the men who are Muslim Muslim from Canada and he says and these people obviously you if you believe in a Lord you believe in a higher power you know you're on the wrong side of things your Lord any Lord any god whatever you call him will never be happy with you killing children and civilians he will never support you in committing a genocide and telling lies to the world. So he's saying to the people and that is why any see any one of us if you're in an organization have the guts and the courage to speak up be like this man in Sudan woman who gave the speech Allah doesn't record the speech of Nobuhiro Nabi Musa, Allah records this man speech because he spoke directly to

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ground in the inner circle of Iran have that confidence to be like this man. And Allah ends the speech by saying for a cow hula see it man Makoto, and honestly, I saved this man. From the evil outcome we know what's gonna happen to fit on. This believer was saved. Wahhabi I love it. I want to show another as we own all of them were destroyed except the man who stood up and spoke out all these political parties The time will come and Allah will save the people that stood on the side of truth. Don't fear speaking out you might lose something now. But Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you something better.

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So we have the villains we have the heroes we have the media, we have the people on the inside. What about the people themselves the people of Gaza, the people being persecuted the one where the bombs are falling on them? What does Allah say about them? Called a Musa? He called me so as they're being pummeled by fit on the NABI Musa says to his people, is the annual biller hospital icon. I don't have a solution for you, I don't have a magic

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you know a spell that can save you all I can ask you is make dua seek the help of Allah Now many of us may feel so powerless what are we doing? Why are we not going out? This is what Allah Nabi Musa is saying to His people, there is nothing that we can do now, except to make dua for Allah's help was futile and to be patient in Florida Lila, that the entire world belongs to Allah URISA Yasha and he will give it to whomever he wants. I mean, a buddy of His servants will ask you what to do with 13 but in the end, the righteous are going to win. Maybe Musa all he can do is give multiple motivational talks, I can't give you a solution. And so the people were being persecuted the bunnies

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or is called who the NAM in cobbly. And Tina, that we were going through a lot of difficulty were being persecuted long before this. It didn't only start now the sanctuary Musa for decades and centuries we've been persecuted before you came and after you came magic eternal, so they complaining look, this is these are believers, but it's normal to complain. So how long must we go through this? How long is Allah going to put us in this difficulty?

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And be Musa says Asada Bukoba Holika. I do welcome. He says in sha Allah Insha Allah, Allah will destroy your enemies, who is definitely for common fill out and he will make you give you power for younger okay for time alone, and he will see what you do. This is a test Allah is us. Allah is asking you how are you going to respond? How will you respond?

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And then of course we know the outcome. Allah will show the outcome. Now be Musa didn't the Bani Israel did not kill film, Nabi Musa did not kill film, who killed found himself. And this is the end result of every dictator and tyrant, he will eventually hang himself, ALLAH SubhanA will allow him to destroy himself. And so eventually, even though he had all the power, and all the mites, and all the money in all the media, and he couldn't bring himself to lead these people to let these people go, eventually when they escaped, he could have just left him, it wouldn't have hurt him, but his ego was too big. And so he called a cabinet we're gonna go in, you could have been from the he could

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have continued to beseech meant, but he had to make a point by sending his troops in.

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So if we round for the other side of it, I want to feel a mother in her Shireen. And so if your own called all the recruits all the reservists from all over the world come, the army must assemble

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in the Hula, hula shooting method to clean this, and he's giving a speech, this tiny speck of an insect of people, they have upset us, and they've humiliated us. So now we're going to exterminate them. He's made the decision we're going to kill them completely. Well in the homeland, Allah is known and they have caused so much

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frustration to us, and they're tiny and insignificant, are in Nigerian how they don't and we are already our tanks, our army is ready. So Allah says, Raja now who mean Jeanette, Anwar Yun. And so we cause them to leave the bases cause them to leave the place of security caused him to leave the palaces and all the comforts they left. And they put themselves into a trap. And they walked right into a trap was left anathema offering and we drew them closer to the place where they were meant to be. And so as we know that

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At moment found sees that he open his army see that the rates he has split open in front of them the very sorry leave,

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even have to stick. If he just stood back, you wouldn't have been destroyed. But he took the statement. He walked into it. And so when he and his friend Subhan Allah, all those blind followers, this is for all those blind followers, you know you're following a crazy dictator. You know you're following a genocidal psychopath. You keep following him you're gonna go down like frown, Fung Fanta calm in him. So Allah says, and so we inflicted when we took them we punish them only hits once and that's it. It's over from the company. I mean, we we punish them for alpha rock now whom feel yummy and We drowned. All of them be unknown, because there will be it now because they realize what kind

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of unhealthy eating and they were heedless of the actions. Eventually, they walked into their own destruction. And so Allah Subhan says, This is exactly what happens to all the dictators and tyrants. Even if the believers do nothing but make dua they will eventually destroy themselves. We're all rational, calm and as for the for the peoples who are patient and persevere. Allah says we're all rational Comala in economies that are full of mechanical automatic, and we took the people who were the most persecuted in the land, we gave them power and might and we put them in the land of Palestine. what some might call him a tropical hasna Allah Bani Israel el Bhima Sabado. And we

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were good to the people of Bani Israel even as we promised them, they patient we promised him that we'll help him and so we gave him success. Because of the patients were that Myrna, McCann is now will fade out of a coma

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and we destroyed their own and his people the Subhanallah history repeating itself to the to the characters are the same. The only question is Subhanallah Who are we in the story?

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Are we will fit down or we will fit Owens army or we will not be Musa are we with bunny Surah Al are we on the inside trying to make changes? Are we spectators like those who just watched and didn't do anything?

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Allah as the IOC is gonna be Musa Musa says to the bunny Saurian. Allah is doing this to see how you will respond. Somehow Allah grants to respond in a manner which pleases Him. May Allah grant us to be the generation we will see the dictators perish as he had caused fear own and Harmon and all those finish before Allah grant victory through Mujahideen jaakkola. It was all said no Muhammad wa Salam is number seven. I'm not a cinematic lover.

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