Six Circumstances in which Backbiting is Permitted

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backbiting of course is prohibited.

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irrespective whether in Ramadan or outside Ramadan, however, would a woman who complains to her husband, about her mother in law

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will she be considered as personal as backbiting, regarding backbiting being haram and the major thing we discussed in the last episode, and there are various Hadith and Quranic verses, it's one of the major sins. But as far as a wife, complaining to the husband, regarding the mother in law, but natural she's speaking something about the mother in law, where the mother in law would not like anyone speaking about. So it does come in the category of

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like, but is it a sin is a question such incidences where a person complains to someone,

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and thinks, and feels that once the complaint is given to the person, maybe there is a correction in action, like a wife complained to the husband, about the mother in law, or the wife, compared to the husband about a son, that he is doing something which are wrong. So that has been really correct, being a father of the child, or maybe one of the two brothers is going to complain to the Father, that my brother did so and so thing which is wrong, it's been elaborated behind, but that is so that the father can correct the brother.

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These things have been permitted. Because the main reason while doing this thing should not be to mock at someone, or should not be to belittle anyone, but the main purpose should be that the person who the person is complaining about they should be correction act. And if you read the commentary of Mr. manavi, I find the hadith of say Muslim, which we discussed, in the last episode, I did number six to six, five, in which the Prophet peace be upon him. He said that you know, what is backbiting? And the Sabbath said that the messenger knows the best. So the Prophet said, that if someone speaks about another person behind the back, which you would not like, that's called backbiting and the

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Sabbath, what if I'm speaking about the person is true, the Prophet said, then it will be called a backbiting. If it falls, it will be called a slandering

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to based on this, the commentary of this hadith Taccone mama NaVi, he said that backbiting, give it

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in fixed conditions as permitted.

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Number one, he says that, if

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something is told, to a ruler of the land, or to a judge, complaining against the act of another human being, who has done wrong to the person, maybe he's stolen some belt from you, taking your property away, or an injustice to you. So if you go and complain to a ruler or to a judge, against another human being in the Muslim, this is permitted, because you want the wrong to be undone. So in such cases, give her this permitted. Category number two, that if you complain to someone who you feel that person has an influence on the person who has done an evil or a sin, and you feel that he will stop doing that evil act, you're permitted. For example, if you know of a friend, who is very

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close to the person who wrote an evil act, or done a sin, and if you tell him that your friend has insurance or something, or drinking alcohol, and you feel that he has an influence on the other person, and you can prevent him from doing the thing, it's permitted given? So the question regarding the wife compared to the husband either comes in the first category or the second category, either it's an ingestion to the wife, or maybe the wife wants to tell the husband that to correct the mother in law, it may come in first two categories. The remaining four categories, which mom now we said give it can be done. The third is that if you're approaching a Mufti or a religious

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person, for some religious advice, so you may say that my father had done so in fact, or my wife had done so and so act and describe that and asked me what should I do? Even in this case, if you avoid naming the father or the mother, also in the third person, that my friends thought they were doing so and so it is preferable, but in such cases, while taking religious advice, or fatwa for a particular act, it's permissible. The fourth category, which Imam I know we said that Gibbons is permitted, is that when you know of a narrator,

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who is a liar, and if he narrates, any Hadith, so it becomes incumbent on you to tell the people that he's alive, or his memory is weak, because to predict the shadow, or, for example, if someone is selling a slave, and if he knows that there are certain bad habits in the slave, or maybe he does adultery, so it's compulsory that the person who's selling it should tell to the buyer that the slave has false or

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If a person asks you that he wants to marry and the person and ask you How will the person so that becomes obligated on you to tell the wrong points or the points which are not correct in that he will be intention here is not to belittle that human being the intention here is not to degrade the person but intention is to give the right information whether for marriage or for business in these cases, this is the fourth category where Imam and Nabil says that is permitted. I find the fifth category is concerned that if you know a person is doing a major thing openly, like you're drinking openly, or if he's cheating openly, or if he's robbing openly so then you can tell the public at

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large that this person is a person who cheats or personal rubs or personal discontinuously but there are there is a religious person who you know, who will in fact find you know that he's not a personal truthful so you're it's permitted that you can speak into the person and the sixth category is that while identifying a person, if someone asked you for identification, at that time, to identify the person you may have to use his nickname, which the person may not like you may have drilled that the person who shot person who stole to hear you're using the nicknames to identify the person with the person may not like

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mainly find here also if you can avoid this nickname, find friction is the best, but if you can avoid you can do. Mr. Mondovi had mentioned six categories in which Gibberd is permitted. Thank you Dr. Zakia.