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Mansoor Danish
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Bismillah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah his Karim while he was happy woman to be a student who Allah Yomi Deen. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Welcome again. And we start by praising Allah and sending blessings upon his final prophet, the prophet Mohammed. And we welcome you the greetings of Islam. greetings of peace. Welcome again to another episode of your weekly Islamic chat show, guests of the week. And today, our guest is again, who came on one of our previous shows brotherman saw denisha Sonic, so eloquent flower, Allahu America. Thanks for joining us again.

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Now today, what we really want to focus on today's episode is the prophets.

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Who are the prophets? Did each prophet come with a different we often hear this statement that Abraham and Moses were Jews? And Jesus was a Christian, and Mohammed was a Muslim. So did they come with different messages? Or did they come with one message? Maybe you could shed some light on that for us. Okay. Um hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shroff Colombia mursaleen Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman wb Hassan and Liu Medina Ma, but for those who Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish roughly sadri Visalia, Maria, Melissa Neff, Coco Lee, I welcome all the viewers with Islamic greetings as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi

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wabarakatuhu Salah Hara for once again inviting me over to your show, and inshallah Allah we will take up the issue of whether Abraham peace be upon him was a Jew, or Moses peace be upon him as a Jew. But before that, let me clarify a very common misconception which we find amongst many non Muslims. There's a common misconception amongst many non Muslims, that Islam is a new religion, which was founded 1400 years ago by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Let me state this statement of fact to you, that Islam is there from time immemorial. It is there from the time the first man set foot on the earth. And Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He is not the founder of the

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religion, but he was the last and final messenger of Allah, on whom was revealed. The last and final revelation, the glorious or an,

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the previous prophets who came before Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, their entire message was only meant for a group of people, and for a definite time period. However, the message of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, since he is the last and final messenger and no other messengers is to come after him. His message is meant till eternity. And it's a universal message for the whole of mankind a universal message is for the whole of humankind, the message of the Quran, it's another common misconception amongst the non Muslims as well as the Muslim that the Quran is the Holy Book of the Muslims. The Quran is the holy book for the entire humanity. There are several places in the

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Quran where Allah says yeah, and yohannes which means Allah is referring to the entire mankind, not only to the Muslims, and there's a verse in the Quran in surah, Fatah surah number 35 ayah, number 24. Well Allah Allah says, What Eman omoton illa Allah for HANA z, which means and there was no nation in the past, except that there was a warner which lived among them. So prophets and messengers was sent to the entire nation. Every nation in the past have had Warner or messengers who have stayed with them. But by name,

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Islam, there is an authentic hadith of Rasulullah saw to them that there were a total of one lakh 24,000 messengers who were sent on the on the face of the earth. But my name in the Quran we only have name of 25 messengers, and of those 25 messengers. We have the first man who set foot on the earth, Adam peace be upon him. He was one of the prophets of Islam. We have Moses, Noah, Ibrahim, Ishmael is hot Noah, Moses, Isa Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, may Allah be pleased with all of his messengers. So these were all prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And like I said before, the message of each of these prophets, was to call upon the part of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That

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reminds me that there's a hadith saying of the Prophet Muhammad peace upon him, where he said, an MBA importantly, alerting. Omaha to whom Shatta Wale genomewide that the all of the profits

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are brothers, their mothers are different, but then their religion their way of life is exciting.

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The same. Absolutely. In fact,

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you made the mentioning of many people having the misconception that Abraham peace be upon him was a Jew, Moses peace be upon him as a Jew, Jesus Christ as a Christian and Muhammad Salah was a Muslim. However Allah Allah very emphatically states in the Quran, that Abraham peace be upon him was someone who submitted his will to Allah subhanho wa Taala. He was a Hanif he did not worship anyone besides Allah tala, he was a Muslim. And he goes on to say, Honey for Muslim and Omar can marry Michelle king that he was someone who was your only ally, and he was a Muslim while he was a must to Allah. And he was not of those who the policy is the one who worship idols. In fact, it's important

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for people to know especially a non Muslim audience, that What does Muslim mean? Because many people have this misconception. They don't know what Muslim mean, they feel that Muslim means a group of people who stay in a part of Arabia, which is like an ethnic, yeah, Canada is a thriving Judaism comes from the tribe of Judah. Whereas is, Islam means acquiring peace by submitting your will to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Whereas the person who does this act of acquiring peace by submitting his will to Allah, we call him in Arabic, Muslim. So any person who is submitting his own desires, to the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He is a Muslim. And by this definition, Isa alayhi salaatu wa

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Salaam was a Muslim. Abraham was a Muslim, Moses was a Muslim, Noah was a Muslim, Solomon was a Muslim, David was a Muslim, Luke was a Muslim, Adam was a Muslim, all the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala, they were Muslim, may Allah be pleased with all of them.

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Now, the Quran is the final revelation to mankind.

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Does the Quran

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What does the Quran say about other scriptures? Because that's another thing that people will be very surprised that the Quran talks about other scriptures, it talks about Jesus peace be upon him, it in fact, it talks about many aspects of Jesus's life and birth etc. And his his mother, Mary and Mary, in so much more detail than even the Bible, we have a whole chapter called Maryam Mary. And it obviously it's, and we hear Jesus 10s of I believe it's around over 20 times mentioned in the Quran. Yes. And the same with the same with Moses. The Prophet Mohammed even said, I thought this whole Quran would be about Moses, about him. So what is what does the Quran say about these other

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scriptures? Do we consider them to be the Word of God? Yes. Or do we consider it to be that they would use to be the Word of God? What How does Islam look at them? You see, Allah Allah says in the Quran when equally ajilon kita that in every age have you revealed a book? So we know that there were divinely revealed books from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Before the Quran came they were divinely revealed books. However, we know historically, none of those books have been preserved in its pure pristine form, we are aware and we would not be able to get into that discussion at this point of time that there have been several editions and versions of the Bible which have come out for

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example, the Roman Catholic have 73 books and the Protestant of 66 book without getting into deep details. Here itself the Word of God has seven books differing amongst each other. So coming back to the point of the Quran talking about the scriptures. Yes, the Quran does mention that there were were books revealed to different messengers. For example, Allah tala mentioned in Surah, Allah Moran surah, number three and number 88. Allah says, Whatever I give you of the Scripture, and wisdom, then there comes to you a messenger, confirming what is with you, you believe in him and support him. So Allah tala mentioned that whatever I give you of the Scripture here like Allah is talking

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about a divinely revealed scripture. And ultra mentioned in Surah, Hadid, surah number 57. And number 25, Allah says, We have already sent our messengers with clear evidences, and send down with them scriptures and balances that they may be able to attain justice. So Allah mentions that messengers have been sent in the past with scriptures and with the balance so that they are able to attain justice. So as far as the scriptures are concerned, yes, there were scriptures revealed. Now let us look into the names of the Scriptures which are there in the Koran.

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The scripture which was revealed to Ibrahim and Musa alayhis salam, there's a verse in the Quran Allah tala mentions in surah najem surah, number 53. And number 36, Allah says, or has he not been informed of what was in the scripture of Moses, and of Abraham who has fulfilled his obligation? So Allah tala here is referring to the Scriptures which was revealed to Moses, as well as the scriptures which was revealed to Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam who was by the way regarded as the friend of Allah tala. And we also have a clear verse in the Quran in surah majda. I am number 44, where Allah says, referring to just the Torah, Allah says, indeed, We sent down the Torah

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in which there is guidance. So the book that was revealed to Moses peace be upon him was the Torah, and that is mentioned by name. In the Quran. However, the Torah that the Christian says is part of their book, The Old Testament that they say there are portions of Torah, we don't know whether they were the Word of God or not. We know that there was a scripture which was revealed to Moses, we know there was an Injeel, which was revealed to a Salah salon, Allah mentions in the Quran regarding that, and we sent following in the footsteps of Jesus, the son of Mary, confirming that which came before him in Torah, and we gave him the gospel, or we give him the NGO. So he sallallahu Salatu was

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Salam was given an NGO, however, the Christians what they have today is not the Injeel that Allah is referring to in the Quran. The Injeel in the Quran is the engine of the way he which was given to Isa a Salam. Whereas what we have today is in July, Lucas, in July, Matthew, Angela yohanna, so these are not the Injeel that the Muslims will even. And as far as the board, which is the revelation, which was given to Tao, Islam, Allah says in Surah, Nisa, and number 116. And to download we revealed this abou, so could translate as the Psalms and as the Psalms, which is there in the Bible. Yes. But again, it translated as the Psalms, but not the sounds, which is there in the

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Bible today. Yeah, so we need to be very clear, because many people they say that, oh, you believe in the scriptures of the Christians. We believe in the scripture which is revealed to not the Christians but to Jesus Christ. I mean, what's very interesting, since we, you know, we're on the topic of the, of the Injeel, or the gospel of Jesus. What's very interesting is the the historical fact that we see from such events like the Council of Nicea, where the Roman Emperor Constantine or Constantine hierarchy pronounce it, he called his Council of clergymen, and put in front of them 56 I believe it was Gospels. And eventually, he chose, which has to be there, which has to remain, he

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chose about four of them and burnt 52. And we find that many of those were actual recordings of the disciples of Jesus fought, you know, his actual teachings, and they were all burnt. And we were kept with the New Testament, which as we know, has so much, you know, unconfirmed and inaccurate information. But even the if you even know, I recently read an article that the top clergymen from all denominations of Christianity actually say now that we used to think that the Luke mock Matthew and john were disciples, but now we admit that we have no idea who they were, yes, we have no idea who they were. In fact, if you see the books, the author of the books, in the Revised Standard

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Version of the Bible, it mentions Gospel of Matthew, author unknown, Gospel of Luke, author unknown, it's the Gospel of Matthew, but the author is unknown Gospel of Mark, author unknown gospel of john author unknown. So the authors are unknown of the Scriptures. And by the way, one more important point, which I would like to mention over here is that when you mentioned about the Council, which met at nicea, there was a Nicene Creed, which was adopted. And this Nicene Creed is the concept of Trinity. Because what happened was, it was in this particular council meeting which took place in the 320 fifth Christian era. I'm gonna have to hold you down to a point shortly. We'll just go for a

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break. Stay tuned.

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Salaam wa t comm welcome back now brotherman. So just before we enter the break, we just touched upon the Council of Nicea and the fact that they'd taken 56 gospels or writings and burnt 52 of them. And it was the Roman Emperor, who actually never accepted Christianity, because we find that he was building churches and temples to work until he died. One side he would build churches on the other side, he would build temples to his ancestors, so we know that he burnt and he also ultimately chose which books with a few of those. Yes, sir, no, sir kind of priests that were there. And then we know that you mentioned that the Nicene Creed or what's also called the Pauline Christianity,

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sprung up as the official creed. Yes, yes. What happened was in the 320, fifth Christian era, that is when the Council of people met, and they adopted the Nicene Creed. Now, what is the Nicene Creed, the Nicene Creed is a very famous concept of Trinity. Now what happened was there were a group of Christians who were very strong in the believer of the Unitarian concept, they believe that there is only one God, and they did believe that Jesus Christ was a messenger of God, and they were waiting for the messenger to come. Another waited messenger, I believe they even called them the the people. They called them the the follow the Nazareth followers of Jesus. Yes. So now what happened at this

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point was that the Trinitarian concept was adopted, and the Unitarian concept was

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let go off and bishops

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Like Bishop areas, who was of the Unitarian concept, these people and his followers, they were literally burnt at stake. The followers were tortured. And the concept of tinian was forced down the people and he himself was exiled to Egypt wasn't a yes. So these kind of things had taken place at that point, of course. That's why we say that the coming back to the issue of the Bible, so the Bible that we are seeing today is not the Injeel that was revealed to a Salah his salam, however, I have a book back at my home, a Bible, which is an order, and on top of it, it's written in jail. But that's not the Injeel. Actually, we have a book which has indeed written on it, but that's not the

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interview. Yeah. Okay, now,

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the other prophets. Yeah, we mentioned some of the minutes focus on the main ones like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, peace be upon the more now we mentioned that they all came with Islam. But can we talk a bit about these prophets individually, and what they call to and just a bit about them for the viewers? First of all, like we mentioned, that they were all Muslims. So as far as the A man was concerned, as far as the VEDA was concerned, this was absolutely correct. What they called people to worse to heat, the heat means worshipping one Allah subhanho wa Taala, without associating any partners unto him. This was their main call. This was the foundation on the basis of which they

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teachings revolved. And that's a very interesting point, before you go on is that that's what we always try to stress that from day one, the salvation or the wage for salvation was the worshipping of one God alone, and following his commands. And we don't believe that, you know, for 10s, and hundreds and 1000s of years, and prophet after prophet they said, one God, one God, don't worship idols, one God, one God, we do not believe that logically, that all of a sudden, that this was that Jesus came up with this new concept that God has all of a sudden, one but has now, for lack of better words become three. Absolutely. Because you know, and I've heard that statement many times

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that this needed to happen so that people could become could receive salvation. So the question that wants you to always pose is, how did they pick the followers of Abraham? And how did the followers of Moses, how did they receive salvation? The answer is, and anyone will tell you this, they will say to you, they believed in the Lord and they follow the commands and they repented. So they were saved, right? So okay, so then in that case, that's all that Jesus needs to do. And just like Mohammed,

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so that argument of he had to come and take on this son, Father Holy Ghost scenario, because people say they could become saved but they already been saved in the past and by following the prophets and submitted to God, absolutely. In fact, the concept of salvation was was was totally on the basis of the towhee that we wish upon Allah Allah, Allah Allah mentions in the Quran in surah, Nisa surah, number four and number 48. And Surah necessery number four and number 116. Allah says that if Allah wills, He can forgive all your sins, except one sin and that is associating partners unto Allah tala. in the sight of Allah. One sin which is not going to be forgiven on any count is that you

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associate partners unto Allah, Allah, you do not worship Allah but you worship someone else, or you worship Allah. But along with that you associate partners unto Allah tala, that is one sin, which is unforgivable. And as far as the concept of salvation in itself is concerned, the concept of salvation which we find in Christianity, that

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we are all born as sinners, because Prophet Adam, he ate Apple, according to the Christian belief, the he ate apple. And so we are all born as sinners, and Jesus Christ has to come and die for our sins. What's very interesting about that point is, even with this, you find that this whole concept of the original sin, yes,

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I forgot his name now, which particular saint It was. It slipped my mind for now. But this particular is predictable. He was class, it was St. Augustine, I believe. Now, this whole story of how the original sin he was the first to come with original sin around I think, 343 50 years, even after the Council of Nicea. And he was a man who had a lot of frivolous promiscuous relationships. So he was a he was a Casanova, as they say, and He always was famous for saying to God, Oh, God, guide me, but not yet because he wanted to have a few more women. So when he actually did finally repent to such and leave, leave this life of promiscuity, you know, with all the women, he then

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basically, you know, you could say out of guilt, why was I like this? Why was I so into the woman, he tried to think of why are men so interested in women and why they are always looking in that side of things. So he said, It must be because of the you know, the sin that Adam committed, we were all born into sin. We are all born into some evil in us. So he was the one

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Just thought up this you know concept of original sin, and with the Bible clearly says that the sin of the Father shall not be upon the son. So everyone shall be accountable for their own deeds. And this was also repeated in the Quran. Well Allah says that no bearer of burden shall bear this burden of someone else's soul. So this was the message whereas what we see among in the salvation concept is that someone else does a mistake and I'm answerable for that, because Prophet Adam peace be upon him never came to me and he sought my permission before eating the forbidden fruit. Had he asked my permission, I would have said if don't do that. So that's why the concept in itself is not logical.

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But coming back to the message of the prophets in the Quran, we have the concept of the call of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam Allah tala mentioned in Surah nilaya number 120. He says, verily Brahim was an oma or a nation, obedient to Allah and he was a Hanif the ayah, which we started off with, and that he was not of those who was rakuen or disbelievers in the oneness of Allah. That was the call of Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam. He said, Allah says in Surah, Anka, booth, Iam 106, and number 16 and 17. Remember when Ibrahim said to his people when he went to Mesopotamia, when he said to his people, worship Allah and fear Him alone? That is better for you, if you only knew it, this was the call of

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Ibrahim alayhi salam. And he goes on to say, you worship besides Allah on the idols, and they are only leading you to fall suit, For verily those whom you worship besides Allah have no power to give you and also call of Abraham la sala, which is

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that reminds one of the famous incident of the Prophet Ibrahim Abraham peace be upon him that he's, as we know that his father when he had, I do, yes, maker if you like, we know the story of, of how when they went to one of their celebrations and Abraham stayed behind that he took an axe and broke down all the wrote down the items except the the main idols and left the X in the main idols, his arms, obviously, when the people came back, and they were suspicious that this is always this particular individuals particular boy, he's always talking about these idols. And he's always making some kind of comments about why we worship, it must be him. And obviously we know that when they

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called him. He said, Ask the Ask the main idol. He's gotten the x, he's got the x. And they even they said to him, Funny enough, come on, he can't do anything. He's just an idol. He can't even talk that was and then Abraham was the whole point. How can you turn your worship to an idol? How can you take milk to an idol? How can you take food to an idol? Or even an idol? How can you give food, as you see some people they give food to animals, which they look as gods? Yes, but that same, for example, rat, if you don't cover the roof of the temple incomes, the the bird of prey takes away the rat. So here we have a God being taken by another animal being killed. So you know, this is the this

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as you mentioned, this was the message you know that there is only one God is the only logical and rational Absolutely. And in fact, the the people didn't even accept his argument, they knew that a rational Islam was up to some mischief. So they were ready to put them on fire. And we have that incident later on. But there is also the incident where Ibrahim Ali Salam is talking to his father about tauheed. And this is mentioned in Surah, Maria Maya number 42, where he does TAO to his father. And that's a very important message for our viewers on how do we do our to our family members, because often we have people who overnight get the knowledge, and now they want the

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families to change. overnight. We have this incident where the Ibrahim al Islam comes to his father and says, Oh, my father, why do you worship something that hears you not sees you not or can't even talk? And then he says, well, you're my father, knowledge has come to me. Now this is a very important statement. Because if you see for a father, the most happiest day for him is when his son becomes a person of repute, a person of knowledge, any father, he's very happy when he sees his son doing well. So yeah, Ibrahim is knocking on that door of opportunity. He says, Oh, my father, knowledge has come to me, which has not reached you. And he goes on to say that you leave this form

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of idol worship and come to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This was the call of Abraham la sala not only to his father, but to the entire people to whom he was sent to, that you leave your idols and start worshipping Allah, Allah. That's as far as Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa Salaam was concerned, we have incidents of Musa alayhis salam as well, who were sent to at the time of their own. And we have the incidents with their own use to call himself God, their own use to think of himself as a larger figure.

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Obviously, he referring to Sharon, where, as in the federal, the federal government, yes, the Pharaoh of Egypt and Allah tala mentioned in Surah Ibrahim ayah. Number five, Allah says And indeed We sent Moosa with our signs

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Bring out your people from darkness into light and remind them of the animals of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The message that Allah Allah had given to Moses was to bring people out of darkness, yet we have the incidents where the people refused him, people would reject Him. And we also have where in the history that Moses was sent along with his brother, Harun or Aaron in Bible, who accompanied him in his Dawa mission. And we have this incidence where after they crossed over the Red Sea, and we have the incidents where some of the people of Pharaoh drowned, whereas some of the children of Israel, they were able to cross through with Moses, peace be upon him. And then while they're going

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down, they come across a group of people who were worshipping an idol. So the children of Israel turn to Moses, and they say, we also would like to worship an idol give us an idol. And this is where Moses peace be upon him says, He says, verily You are a people who know not and this is mentioned in Surah Verily, these people will be destroyed for what they are doing. They will be destroyed for what they they were worshipping idols, shall I not seek Shall I seek for you any other God other than Allah tala? Why shall I seek another god and after showing you all the signs, after inviting you to the way of Allah? So these were people who were arrogant set of people, after all

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the signs, all the miracles which Allah did through Moses, peace be upon him, they would not accept. This was the call of Moses peace be upon him, as far as Isa alayhi salaatu wa Salaam is concerned and you know about him, we can go on and on, like you were mentioning more than 20 times he's mentioned in the forum. He's mentioned 25 times in the Quran. So and like Shama de de Rahim, Allah would say he's mentioned 500% more times and Mohammed Salah Lala Silla. So as far as the call of East LA Salam is concerned, it's mentioned in Surah majda. Number 72. Allah says, Allah for Allah Xena calu in Allahu Allah suhaib No, Miriam, Allah, Allah mercy. Yeah, Bani Israel, oh children of

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Israel. Boo Boo Allah worship none but Allah. Robbie, we're a Baku who's my Lord and your Lord, in Houma. You should Billa and anyone who associate partners and to Allah for the Haram Allahu Allah Hill Jana, Allah will make gentle haram for him. One na hoona woman is aluminium annoncer fire of * shall be their eternal place and for the wrongdoers there shall be no helpers. Jesus Christ main message was worship your Lord who is my Lord and your Lord, which means Jesus Christ was also a human being. Yes, he was a prophet, but he was a human being like anyone else. And this message is also repeated in the Bible where Jesus Christ peace be upon him. When he's asked about the first

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commandment, he repeats what Moses peace be upon him at all his people, Shama is right Hello nyla Hi, Nana. Her hero is right, all children of Israel, the Oh Lord, the God is one God will hold that point there. Again, it's time for another break. Don't go anywhere. Stay tuned.

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Salam Alaikum welcome back now brotherman. So before went to the break, we just we are talking about the message of Jesus peace be upon him. And that his message was always worship my Lord and your Lord. And you quoted some scripture in Hebrew, if you could maybe we could leave in there. Yes. We were quoting regarding worshiping Allah tala who is the Lord of Jesus Christ as well as the Lord of in the entire humanity. And come referring giving you some more references from the Quran regarding the message of Jesus Christ. Allah Allah mentioned in Surah Al Imran surah, number three and number 49 to 51. Allah says, and will, and we will make Jesus a messenger to the children of Israel. And

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then Jesus will go and say to the people, I have come to you with a sign from your Lord. And what was the sign that I designed for you out of a clay a finger, like that of a bird and breathe into it, and it becomes a bird by Allah's permission. So we do believe in fact, this is a statement of fact, which all Christians should know that Islam is the only non Christian faith which makes it an article of faith to believe in Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. We Muslims believe in Jesus Christ peace be upon him as being one of the mightiest messengers of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah the Most High. We believe that Jesus was the Christ translated Messiah. We believe that he he was born

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blind and lepers by a loss permission, which is mentioned in the words which I just read to you, and that he cured those who were born blind and leopard and he gave life to the dead by last permission. We believe in all the miracles of jesus peace be upon him did with the permission of Allah tala. And then Allah tala goes on to say that truly Jesus Christ will say to the people, truly Allah is my rub. Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. This is the straight path. All the messengers are

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calling people to the straight path, whether it was Abraham peace be upon him, or whether it was Moses or whether it was Jesus the only spoke of the straight path. And we will come to the message of Mohammed Salah lot of sound a little later on, where he too spoke of the straight path. So the message was unanimous that we have to worship one Allah subhanho wa Taala alone, without associating any partners unto Him. And this message is even repeated in the Christian Bible. In the words of Jesus Christ, there is something called a red letter Bible with all the words supposedly said by Jesus Christ is supposed to be in red. And Jesus Christ says in the Gospel of john chapter 14, verse

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number 28, he says, My father is greater than I, referring to someone else, he does not say that I am greater than anyone else. He says, My father, my Lord, my Allah is greater than I. He says, gospel of john chapter 10, verse 29, my father is greater than all the referring to someone else, the one who sent him. Then he goes on to say in gospel, Matthew chapter 12, verse 28, I cast out devils by the Spirit of God. And then he says, In gospel of john, chapter five, verse 30, I can have my own self do nothing. As I hear, I judge, and my judgment is just for I seek not my own will, but the will of the Father, which has sent me anyone who says, I seek not my will, but the will of my

00:31:22 --> 00:32:04

Lord. That is Islam. That is Muslim. Yeah. And what you what you find is that we often hear the word father and son, but we find that, you know, this is how it's been watered down and translated. If you go back into the original Aramaic languages, you know, you often find these terms that are now termed in modern English as father and son. In the original they actually mean like master and servant, right? That's what we find that they're not really, you know, but as they've been Yes, it is not the father son relationship, which we humans have. And it has been actually, this is where the problem started. The concept of the Father, whereas the concept was always of the master the

00:32:04 --> 00:32:42

rub, it was robbed, which we came up. That's right. I mean, and there's so many words we know that have been watered down after this time. We know that in the future, even if you go to the Hebrew Bible, and you probably know the verse where Jesus is supposed to have said that he will not, I will not leave the until the Lord will send the Comforter, right. And we know that if you go back even now on the Hebrew word is can be found on YouTube, Mohammed in the Bible, in the Jewish Bible, the word Mohammed is written there. I think it's, they have very similar to the Arabic like a meme hair meme there. Yes. So you find that the word Mohammed is still in the Hebrew Bible. But what do we

00:32:42 --> 00:33:16

have in the English and the German and the other words, is translated as altogether the Comforter? Yes, comes somebody who will bring comfort right? And in fact, Muhammad is also mentioned in the Song of Solomon chapter number five, verse number 16. The word Muhammad is there, like you said in the Hebrew text, but it has got translated. So for example, today you have me on my show, and my name is monsoon and monsoon means victorious. Now tunku Victor Yeah, you can say you know, Mr. victorious had come to my show, people will be wondering who's come on your show, you can translate proper nouns, whereas we see that the, the translators, those who translated the text from the

00:33:16 --> 00:33:56

original language to English, or to greet, they did some mischief somewhere. And that's where the message was lost. Also, very important thing that Jesus Christ peace be upon him, did say about the coming of another messenger, whose name shall be, whose name is Mohammed Hassan Jesus Christ, peace be upon him said, I have many things to send to you. But you cannot bear them now. You know, you're not fit to receive the message right now. I have many things to say because he was a prophet of Allah, he and many things to say, but you cannot bear them now how beat when he the spirit of truth has come, he shall guide you into all truth. Now I'd like to pause you for a moment. When Jesus says

00:33:56 --> 00:34:37

all truth, he means that this will be the truth message of eternity till eternity because it's all truth. And we know Allah says in Surah, majda surah number five and number three, that today we have completed the favor upon you. The Deen is complete, there can be no addition, no deletion, which means the eternal being is Islam in its final form, and it was revealed to Muhammad Salah, so Jesus Christ is saying, that the man the spirit of truth which will come, it shall guide you into all truth, he shall not speak of himself, he will have no mind of his own. He cannot come up with his own laws, whatever he speaks, will be a revelation from Allah, Allah, whatever he shall hear, he

00:34:37 --> 00:34:59

shall speak. And we know the whole Quran is a revelation of Allah subhanho wa Taala and he shall let you know of things to come, he shall glorify me. So we I mean, we know in the Quran that Allah says that he does not speak of his own desires in who he loves you her. Indeed it is. He speaks revelation that is revealed to the Prophet Muhammad he does not speak from his own desire.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:21

Rather, it's over he, whatever he speaks is the revelation. Now, as you mentioned the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. In the in the last few minutes of the show, we want to talk a bit about what was a bit more about the call of the Prophet Mohammed. And how do we know that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? How do we know was a prophet? How do we know that? You know, people will say that he's a false prophet?

00:35:23 --> 00:35:27

And people say that you know, what makes him the Prophet? How can you

00:35:28 --> 00:36:09

advise people on how they can respond to claims Firstly, as far as the call of Prophet Muhammad Hassan was concerned with and we'll get into more detail of that a little later. This is the call of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. The entire Quran is the call of Prophet Muhammad Salah, this is what was revealed to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now coming back to coming back to how do we judge about his prophethood let us see what Allah Allah has to say the Quran about prophet Sal Salama, Allah says that Makana Muhammad and about the marriage alikoum welaka Rasul Allah Mahatma Nabi in Wakanda lobby coalitional Lima that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not the father

00:36:09 --> 00:36:49

of any of you men, but he is the Messenger of Allah. Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and he is the last of the prophets, he's the seal of the prophets, there shall be no more prophets who will come after him. So Allah Allah is testifying giving us a guarantee, after Allah gives a guarantee. No question asked. Mohammed Salah is the Prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Allah Allah mentioned in Surah Nisa surah number four and number 113. Allah has sent down to you a book and Al hikma and he has taught you that which you knew not and ever great is the grace of Allah unto you referring to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So like this we have several verses in the Quran where

00:36:49 --> 00:37:29

Allah tala is talking about Muhammad Salah Salem regarding the character of Muhammad Al salam, Allah tala says we're in Nicola Allah who can ezine that when you are Mohammed Salah Salaam are in the highest standard of morals and character. So Allah tala is the creator of the best creation on the face of the earth is praising him as the best in standard and character. This was Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. As far as his prophecies we just mentioned, that even Jesus Christ prophesized the coming of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And we have other prophecies as well in the Old Testament, and the Song of Solomon, which I also mentioned, where Mohammed Saleh has been mentioned.

00:37:30 --> 00:38:11

Now, one important thing that people should remember that Mohammed Salim was an Omi an unlearned man, he didn't know how to read or write, he couldn't sign a checkbook like you and me Can, he couldn't go and withdraw his salary by signing a check. like you and me can. Mohammed Salah was an unlimited man and that unlimited man is revealed. This book of this size, the glorious Koran. This in itself is a miracle. Mohammed Sultan, him did many miracles. We have so many incidences from his lives of miracles which he did with the will of Allah, but we Muslims boast of the ultimate miracle. The Quran was the ultimate miracle. We talk about his ultimate miracle. This is a proof that

00:38:11 --> 00:38:55

Muhammad Al Salam was a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as far as this call is concerned, we have several things we were talking about the straight path Allah mentioned in Surah fathia al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa, Rahim, Maliki OBD II aka Buddha, he cannot be alone we worship, this is the call of Mohammed Salah ear canal Buddha cannot be alone we worship the alone we asked for help. In a Serato study, show us the straight path. Once again we hear the word straight path. So all the messengers called to the straight path and the Hamas al Salam was no different. He to call people to the straight path. Yeah. And that reminds me of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

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one time he was with his companions. And he drew a line in the sand. Yes. And then he drew other lines branch off branches coming off of that line. And he said that this line is the straight path. Yes. Whereas all these other branches, deviations leading to the hellfire. Sure. So again, his emphasis was was on the was on the straight path. Now in the last three or four minutes, what will you advise people on why should they look more into the life of the Prophet Mohammed? What can you advise them? Yeah. Firstly, today in the kind of life that we are living in, we see a lot of propaganda happening. And we have this Islamophobia concept coming in.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:42

People are really scared of Islam and Muslims. What we say is as Muslims that if you want to judge any religion, you must judge it by its best follower. You should not judge it by those who are, you know, day to day followers making their own errors and mistakes. For example, if you want to judge a car, you judge it by its driver. Likewise, if you want to judge Islam, you have to judge it by looking into the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And that's why I strongly urge your viewers that they should go back and study the life of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam books like the sealed nectar, which is very comprehensive, and talks about detailed aspects of the life of

00:40:42 --> 00:41:22

the prophet SAW Selim, we must see his life because from his life, we are able to understand what his call was, what were the situations and circumstances he lived in? Did he use the sword to spread the religion? The common misconception that the people have? Or was the sword used on him to bring him down? Because we know that the life in Makkah was a tough life. It was a liability to be a Muslim for the first 13 years, it was a liability because you would get punished. So we have to go back into the seat of our solar system, and also understand that the message of Mohammed Salah is not only for the Arabs are not only for the Muslims living in India, of subcontinent, Allah says in

00:41:22 --> 00:41:29

Surah, Sabah, Allah says wa salam aka illa caffitaly nasci bashira one zero, that we have not seen the

00:41:30 --> 00:42:13

Hama salam, but as a messenger to the whole of mankind. mathematize Allah has been mentioned, has been sent as a messenger to the entire mankind. He is not Muhammad's Islam is not only for the Muslims. So everyone on the face of the earth has to follow the commandments of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam which is the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Last thing which I would like to mention here is that this the last point which I would like to end with in sha Allah tala is that the Sharia, which was bought by the previous messengers, like Abraham, Moses, sherea, sherea been the law, the law, the day to day laws, there is a concept of tawheed, which is oneness

00:42:13 --> 00:42:41

of Allah worshipping Allah, and then your day to day activities, the Sharia kept changing from profits to profit, whereas the basic concept of oneness of Allah never changed. So we know, for example, very briefly, before we end, we know that some prophets, they would say, to pray twice a day in the morning in the evening, yes, or that some of the prophets they always would wash before the prayer, but the way that we Muslims wash was was revealed in detail different as the final law, what we basically

00:42:42 --> 00:43:24

come to the, you know, come to the conclusion out of another great show, and I thank you again, Brother masorti. And inshallah We look forward to having you in Charlotte, some of the future episodes. And again, for the, for the guests, we've heard the, we've heard that the the message of all the profits from the very first until the very end, was always to worship god alone, to worship Almighty God, Allah alone. And we've learned and discussed here, that it makes no sense that for 10s of prophets, that all of a sudden that this message changed with Jesus and God then became three in one on one and three, in a way that nobody can explain. And we emphasized that the Prophet Mohammed

00:43:24 --> 00:44:05

did not start a new religion, but rather he completed the final one. And I want to end on a point where the Prophet Mohammed beautifully explained his prophethood where he said that all of the profits were like bricks in a building. But there was a beautiful building with one brick at the top, which will complete this beautiful structure. And he described it as being all these bricks with the profits and the final brick to end and complete this building. He was the final brick, he was the missing link. And with that, I thank you again for watching the show. Here on Sharjah TV. I'm your hostess smile, Bullock. And until you see us again next week on another interesting show,

00:44:05 --> 00:44:15

with insha Allah, Allah willing, another exciting guest, I leave you as usual with the greetings of Islam or Salam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato.

In this interview Ismail Bullock of Sharjah TV explores along with Mansoor Danish about the ‘Message of the Prophets’

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