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The speakers discuss the importance of planting seeds and sharing the message of Islam to their followers. They also talk about Elon Musk's desire to encourage people to study and believe in the book of Ruth, which is a series of predictions. The speaker suggests a starting point for their own research based on Elon Musk's desire to encourage people to study and believe in the book.

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Let's say you had one minute, less than two minutes to go ahead and talk with him. What would you throw at him? What would you say to him to go ahead and plant some kind of seed? What would you say? I would just ask him one thing I would say see everything that we acquire in this life will stay behind except your investment and those things that are transferable to the next slide. And I tell you right now, and I promise you right now that that invest in that sadaqa Giardia investing in a masjid in the mega Dawa center, the deen center is something that will inshallah be transferable and bless you in this life and the next. So do your small part, do your major part. We are going to move

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forward as we've been moving forward this far we've acquired the property now it's time to get it up and running. So we need your help to make this a reality. Click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you.

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Yes, big speaking of Elon Musk, let's see what he had to say. Because we opened up talking a little bit about so the last time he came on the scene, he went back and forth on Twitter with a Muslim regarding the hellfire. And he talked about something along the lines that if most people are gonna end up in hellfire, he wouldn't mind being there. Also something like that. But then recently, somes come up that he's actually talking a different tune. So how would you invite him? Give him some dial, you believe in like a god or like a higher power, or something created the universe? Or universes? You know, here? How did it come to be? You could say, whatever caused the universe to

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come to me is God or

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gods, depending on your view, philosophy, I think makes sense, is to go out there and is to expand consciousness so that we're better and better able to, to answer the questions of like, what is the meaning of life? What is the nature of the universe? Like how do molecules have consciousness, and but somehow, we're in from a bunch of hydrogen gas, too. And then an assemblage of complex molecules, like ourselves, that can feel and talk and, and think, I mean, just, if you leave hydrogen out long enough, it starts talking to itself. Basically, what happened here? So what do you think? I mean, see this way, here's what you're trying to understand now that he's agreeing that

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there is a power there is a God who created the universe. So this is where power plays the role. It is that it is the duty of the Muslims to explain to him who that God is, who that power is who created the universe. So now it's our duty to absolutely, absolutely through words, yes, this is not just actions here, right? How can we show you the actions that God created the universe, you got to go ahead and you have to talk talk. So now go, how what would you say to him now? How would you respond to Elon Musk? I definitely see, because he's a knowledgeable person. He has some scientific understanding, though. He's not a scientist, but the way he has contributed to the world, doing some

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things that can benefit the people around the world. So similarly, we need to have deep concern for him that will benefit him here in this world and the UK era. And you see, this is the secret of moments alone Islam, the prophets, a lot of them always willed that people like Abu Bakr, Siddiq Osmani Rani, uma Ribnica tabletki, a lot of people who are influential in the society shall become Muslims. And that will be a great support to the cause of Islam. Mashallah. So those brothers Alhamdulillah I would congratulate my Muslim brothers who are in contact with him through Twitter or whatever means possible for them. Now, it's the duty of the Muslim community who can go approach him

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talk to him, to set up meetings with experts of the field of Dawa to talk to him about it, mashallah, I think I would suggest that you take an interview with him, and that will be really wonderful, mashallah, so it's see when you are speaking, you have a background of Dawa. So it's not just that you ask questions or interview somebody, you also keep conveying the message of Islam to them. So I think if Elon Musk is given the right book in his hand, made to read this book directly, the book will do the job. I always tell the people you see, Allah subhanaw taala made the job so easy for us. Maximum you have to do is convey this message, the remaining Allah's message we'll do,

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what would you do if you if you had because to get a sit down with someone like this to get one minute? Let's say you had one minute, less than two minutes to go and talk with him? What would you throw at him? What would you say to him to go ahead and plant some kind of seed? What would you say? I would just ask him one thing. I would say see, Ilan, you're so sensible person. Just tell me one single thing. A person who lived 1450 years back in a desert, historical records are saying he doesn't know how to read and write. Prophet Muhammad didn't know how to read and write. You go to Encyclopedia Britannica to search about him. Any other historical record it's very clear he didn't

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know to read and write. The Quran testifies the same Surah Juma at number two, sorry Hara phytomer 157. My Prophet is an AMI. He's an unlettered prophet. So I would like to ask a person of

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that caliber of Elon Musk, that how can this person 14 150 years back, talk about the big bang that you're talking about now? Can science and religion coexist? Probably not.

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How can it be possible that a person living in desert where there is no water? scarcity of water miles they traveled to get water? He's talking sorry. Number 21 At number 30 Ebola Miana Latina kufr Wanda, some of it was Earth, do not the disbelievers look at diamonds and sky cannot confirm for tokonoma V join V they were joined as one single unit of creation the nebula and we call them a center. And then Allah says, Allah Meenal ma e Galusha. In high of Allah you may know we created every life from water, the size agrees to it. Can you imagine a person who is totally unlettered is talking about it. So there are so many ayat in the Quran that will connect Elon Musk and he he will

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be pondering because he's a man of science. Yeah, right. He's, he's absolutely so let

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us begin. Yeah. Who who came forward to say there are more than 700 ayat of the Quran out of the 6000 Plus ayat in the Quran, at least 1000 He said, deals with modern science. And of them 700 Plus IRT said the size has agreed them to be fact. What does it mean at the time of Prophet Moses and nobody know knew about it? That knowledge didn't exist about those subjects, but 700 of them today this tend to be true, not a single scientific error in the Quran. So this is what Elon Musk Shelby's a top with? And maybe I mean, it depends, because one minute two minutes that you get, it also depends upon his interaction with us. It's very difficult to say what exactly we're going to speak

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to him, it totally depends upon what mood he has at the time. So you have to reflect with that mood, anticipate with the mood, and then talk to him on those lines which pull his interest mashallah, that would be a starting point. Ha, this is what you would go ahead and leave them with to think about the pod salutely. Absolutely. Hopefully, if he looks into the life of the Mission Center mankind problem hum if he's sincere, absolutely looking for the truth. He's asking the Creator to guide him, Lord God Almighty. 100 was underpaid Inshallah, and we shall also pray for him. See, because Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, it's Bill Gates, these people, they have done so much for the

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society, they have done so much really good for the society. Right? Have you seen that a lot of times people like him. He talks about in his early years, he was a Christian. I think his mother, father, Jewish, Christian, and then he went towards that avenue as a child but he saw some things that he didn't agree with. Yeah. Also the way of Jesus that was presented to him a lot of times the fitrah the natural disposition human being rejects a human being, being as God read like, almost religious books, claiming the Bible and like, it was a bunch of things now that I'm teaching Sunday school, you know, God changed his mind.

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From the Old Testament and New Testament, I'm like, Whoa, that was pretty vengeful in the Old Testament. Now what if he comes into Islam looks into Jesus is rolling in slaughter? We love Jesus. Messenger just like Abraham, Moses, all the other messengers, but they weren't God's

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absolute this would fit this would make sense. Absolutely. See if for a person like him? He's a person of reasoning. Yeah. So he would reason that if God is becoming human, then he's leaving all the characters of a god yeah. Because if a man converts to a dog, then he leaves all human characters in it, if a man converts to a dog, if put it this way, technically put it this way. If a man incarnates as dog, yes, then that dog incarnate, the man incarnate as dog, believe all the qualities of human beings. Yes, once it is a dog, it's no more human being, you cannot call it a human dog. Yes. So similarly, if God becomes a man, then God has lost all his divine qualities now,

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because those weaknesses occur in you know, God, man, you cannot So Elon Musk is a very reasonable person.