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Hadeeth 2 – Part 3

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Let's start with

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introduction to 40 Hadith.

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Okay, objectives of this lesson

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What did we start with last?

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pillars of human will actually go into the pillars Did we?

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Okay, so let's finish off the pillars

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of a man.

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And I doubt we'll have time to finish the rest. But if we do

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take what is your son and then finally, the signs of the hour, the day of judgment.

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We said the word the man comes from which word in Arabic and which means security, security, protection safety where man or woman hope as a last resort, college. So when you have a man you have security, safety, but what are the components of a man? To have a man? Completely man? You need to have three components. Firstly, belief in

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the heart. Good. That's where it starts. Then what?

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statement on the tongue.

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In other words, take your Shahada.

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actions of the limbs correct.

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You can split them up in three or two you could say belief and actions. A Latina a mano y mano

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a mano amilo, Amano amilo over and over in the Quran. Both are important. That's why you find some of the LMR who said whoever does not do any actions, they have left Islam. And it shows the next Hadith we're going to look at what actions if you leave them make your calf or not, that's next Hadith howdy three. But for now, let's just focus on that.

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Because belief in the heart, if it's true event, it'll come out on the limbs. A person who says I've got a good heart. I don't have to pray. I don't have to fast I don't have to do Hajj. That's rubbish. Firstly, a person who says I've got a good heart, say to them, Allah said fella to Zakho and fullcycle don't ascribe piety Nima to yourself. Don't ascribe goodness and piety to yourself. That sounds good. Now Allah who are among the many learners who is good. Secondly, imagine if it's there. It's like a seed. You know, when you plant the seed, what is it going to give you?

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Yeah, a tree is going to give you fruits, plant something. Now if you don't, if you plant something and you don't get anything, what's it mean? It's either there's no seed or bad seed. That's why it's corrupt. Likewise, a person who has no actions, it means that seed of Eman is either not there, or it's corrupt somehow. So when people say, I believe but enough to do anything, Allah knows what's in my heart. Yeah, he knows that there's nothing there.

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So and now that's a man that's three components for him and to be complete. Now one of the pillars of man last week we started by talking about the first pillar is belief in Allah and we said there's four components to that. Number one to believe in his rubia then we'll do here then a smell siefert and you've studied that, I'm sure with Chef Abbas haka, Nikita, and we added the fourth category and remember, existence is good. Now if a person acknowledges those four in their heart, is that enough to become a Muslim? No, it's not because who had that? But

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let's call it crar a crore when you acknowledge in your heart that God is the only one with the worship and you believe all those things just to acknowledge in the heart is not enough. We said has to have it you have to have statement on the tongue and then action on the lips. Okay, let's go on to the second pillar the belief in the angels and melodica

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to believe in their existence their creation they credit from light they don't seen but even want to see in they can't see they don't have a particular gender all of those things also to believe in their good their appearance is good. They looks

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so the appearances what else

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there you Yeah, okay, their roles good. So firstly, the names we've missed that one, believe in the names that we know of, and the roles

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so all of those things constitute a belief in the man among many things in the angels. So for example,

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as for the appearances we know jabril la Salaam as Allah tala mentioned in certain najem our lemahieu shadow over the Murat infra Stella the Mirage

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As you know, at best said and others, the hulking tonewheel is toll in stature is huge is colossal. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw him in his original form 600 wings Panama, that covered the horizon 600 wings. Imagine you walked out of MIT and you if you looked up into the sky, Everywhere you look, there was just something covering the horizon in the sky completely. You can't see anything. How big must it be? That's gibreel Ali Salim. He's so strong and powerful, that he destroyed a nation he destroyed a town with a tip of a feather. They get bigger than that. The Hamlet loves Hamlet large the holders of the throne. They're the biggest the Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam said, I've been given permission to speak about one of the angels holding the throne of Allah.

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He said the distance between it he and his shoulder is 700 years travel.

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So what does that do? When we hear of their roles? It doesn't mean Allah needs them. He needs him do do my work, please No. He's done that for great wisdom and among them to show the greatness of Allah. Like when you hear. They don't need to hold it, but it gives you an indication. If the angel is great, imagine the Creator is far greater.

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Exactly the owlish and of course the artist doesn't mean Elon needs it. It's just a sign one of the signs of his greatness that's why he man in the angels should do. That's what belief in our leaders should do. For some people belief in our leader is only theoretical, no practical application in their lives whatsoever. And the rather they just want to use it to execute on everyone.

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And that's wrong. We shouldn't do that. You know, once belief in Allah enters the heart, we should soften the heart, no heart in the heart. So that's what I should do believe in the angel should do that should humble us when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went on the night journey. What was it called?

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a straw man marriage. Who was his personal tour guide? They realize that imagine that? Imagine a personal tour guide when I was in Egypt. My tour guide stunk literally

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like he's thinking his job but also literally, and don't get me started. But anyway, imagine having jabril Ali Salaam as your personal tour guide. So when the prophet SAW Selim ascended jabril Allah Salaam began to change. So when the prophets of Lhasa lamb was taken up to the furthest point, just before what

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the yeah allies of the throne of Allah, he looks towards Japan, and he sees that he has become smaller and humbled. And he looked like wet rags wet cloths, panel away, because of his closeness to Allah azza wa jal, it put him in a state of humbleness and submission and so much fee. He literally like shriveled up and became smaller just like for example, you know, a bird pigeon when it rains, it shrivels up and comes smaller and because of the rain and so forth, that's how he looked like a wet rags, wet cloths upon Allah. Because the angels who have the most knowledge about Allah, what does the law say about them? Johar? funaro bahaman felt him. They feel their master was above them.

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So that knowledge credit fee credit taqwa. But unfortunately today when people start to learn a bit about the Hadith, only theoretical no practical application in their life, don't want to go on Facebook, Twitter, social media, magnetic field of the whole world. spatola Why? Because they just learned to hate a little here. So that's what belief in the angels should do. So that's really Solomon. By the way, how many angels hold the throne? There are four. Now, wait a minute, Allah tala says well Melaka Allah arogya should have been the angels on its sides. Well, yeah, middle autoshop beautiful kamiyama into mania. Alyssa mania, eight of the angels are holding the throne.

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Correct. Yo may even on that day. Semenya on the Day of Judgment. It's going to need double the number of angels because the wrath and anger of Allah will intensify

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upon Allah. So now it's four. On the day of judgment, Allah upstage that it's going to increase so much it's going to need double 28 low

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melt solder protectors. There are many other angels such as Moncure and Nikita what do they do?

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Question is of the grave good What about Rocky and

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rocky from Morocco back to see one sees monitors you and other one it to record. What's another name of an angel? Mika is what does he do?

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That's Malik Malik is the gatekeeper of health. Read one gatekeeper of Jenna good. What about Mikhail? By the way, a common misnomer. A lot of people say Malik and mount. No, it's not malloc it's malloc.

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malloc is a king when you say malloc and moat the king of death. It's not the king of that matter.

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means Angel manner. When you say Malik is thanking Malik Enos so you say malloc and moat. A lot of people say Malik just rolls off the tongue easier.

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Now let's go to these angels. We still haven't discussed these three angels. These are there are many more but we're just going to mention these and we'll go on to the next topic jabril Wiener. What does he do? What's his role? He brings the revelation and way to the profits. What does Miguel do? He controls the rain a lot put him in charge of the rain and it produces the crops plantation

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is sort of feel. Someone said, Good. Love the trumpet. Now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make a drop in his family before sleeping. And it's a yellow bear jabril Mika aways Rafi. Oh come across Allah He mentioned these three angels Why? They all have something in common. They are all responsible for something to do with life. jabril revelation, the life of the soul, spiritual life, he man Mika L. Rain, life of the earth with crops vegetation is Seraphin. The Life After Death resurrection.

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So see the wisdom of the professor wassalam saying that drought using nursery names of angels because he's literally going to die in the sense of he's going to sleep and we know sleep is the minor death. I see the connection and the wisdom of a professor wasallam because he's going to sleep and we know sleep is minor death. So he's going to be a work in again inshallah, and that's a form of life. That's what when you wake up you say al hamdu lillahi ohana is bolus back to life. Because it's minor diff.

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Now let's go on to the third which is belief in

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the books. Why books before messengers

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because the books are longer lasting. For example, the Prophet salaallah Salah passed away but the Quran still stayed. Therefore the books are longer lasting. And what what does it mean to believe in the books Firstly, we believe in the names for those that we know of.

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Give me a name of one of the early books ngl Taurat good Zaboo who was this ever given to? That would good What about the engine

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is a good Tora mosa so we believe in the names and we believe also in their content

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what inside of them

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we believe but as long as it does not contradict the Sharia

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because the Quran By the way, from the belief of the books is that the Quran abrogates all that came before

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the Quran abrogates the previous books in other words my brothers that's the final version we take that we don't need to go to the Indian now we don't need to get to the Torah to learn our Sharia the Quran Hasbro, Hasbro

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suck when you get the new iPhone six so you don't want iPhone four anymore? I want iPhone five iPhone six upgraded latest version of the Quran is the updated version. And that is it a cancels out all that came before or the apple went through that because they want their money. I still want to sell iPhone five and four and get some money out of it.

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Now as we said we believe in the books and the content as long as it's not contradict the Sharia for example in the Bible today. It says that no how they said I'm committed incest with his daughters. I was a biller and note as well throw him in as well.

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And then they got drunk and all the profits of a lot doing that. Of course not you find in the Bible they do that to all the profits except one Isa because they want to put him on a pedestal yeah see so special he didn't do those scenes that early prophecy that was the biller they'll innocent of their sins, Alma him. That's belief in the books in a nutshell. For

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correct the fourth pillar of Eman is to believe in the messengers. A person will ask. But what about the prophets? How come? It's not belief in the prophets?

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Who can answer?

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Okay, good. The difference between a prophet and a messenger is that a messenger comes with a new book. And usually

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the messenger comes with a new message. It's only clear from his name, or the messenger comes with a new idea.

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A new law

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by the way, that we're all Muslims, when we say new Sharia doesn't mean one said Allah is one another prophet said Allah is three know the fundamentals of telehealth and things like that stay consistent. It's only particular details. For example of perhaps worship of manners, business transaction etiquettes, things like that. But the fundamental

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Have the religions stayed the same? We know the difference is that and the Prophet, the prophet comes to affirm what came before him. Why is it belief in the Russell and not ambia?

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What's the difference?

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sent well done.

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So the Prophet affirms the message of the earlier messenger. And every messenger is a prophet. But not every prophet is a messenger. So the messenger is on the highest status was on a high status.

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So when you say every messenger is also a prophet, but not the other way around, so by believing in the messengers, you automatically believe in

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what the prophets it's automatic. It's like if a person said, I believe in parents, I believe in birds.

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A stupid That's silly. He can't believe in parents and I believe in birds. By believing in parrots, you believe in birds? Because parrots are a type of bird. That is it. But you are a person who say I believe in birds barely believe in parrots because I haven't seen him. That's possible. That's possible. So if it was to believe in the prophets, it doesn't mean to believe in the messengers because the message is on a higher level, a higher level. So we have the prophets, then you have the messengers chosen from the prophets. That's why from the messengers, it's a smaller number than the Prophet. Allah out of his wisdom, he has favored mankind over the animals, and from mankind, Allah

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selected 124,000 prophets

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and from those 124,000 prophets, Allah has selected approximately 313 to be

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messengers and from those 313 Allah selected

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five to be all as women are Rasul.

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zema is strength of resolve, strong determination, strong willed five to be all as and who are those five messengers? No good.

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Ibrahim Musa. Isaiah Hamad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while MBA as mine all of them those are the five and from those five, Allah selected to to be

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to be a little law, who's calling Allah ebrahimian hamata Lola Salim what's Holly Holly Hill is like a close intimate friend very close. You know your Helene is your friend that you have that you love. And it's higher than hope. The word hope in Arabic love has 10 levels approximately some scholars said eight Some said seven is around 10 you have for example, hub, then you have a rough number. And then you have stuck to when you say stuck to a lake. And you have an hula hula is the highest level of love highest level it's to enter something completely. You know when a person says I love you from the bottom of my heart bottom What about the rest of the heart what happens? So this is not

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just love with your heart It's love with your whole body and soul. That's Hola Hola. So if you want to impress your wife you say Auntie Holly Lottie not at the happy Betty. Anyway. That's for the married brothers. So five year old allows me to 100 in love but there's also two who are Kelly moolah what's Kelly mama mean?

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I lost back to him directly. Who are they?

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and Mohammed? Salim. So he is from the de la and also his collembola. So he gets a special virtue and the crown of Allah's creation is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The Prophet Muhammad is the best of men. Best of worshipers, best of slaves, best of prophets, best messengers. He's the best. And he was sent to the best of generations, in the best of places upon a lot, the best of the best of the best. That's what Islam is teaching us be the best Marvels. That is the belief of the messengers in a nutshell.

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Okay, let's go on to the next pillar. The fifth pillar of Eman correct to believe in the last day. What is the last name?

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Correct. It's called the last day because it literally is the last day. It's the last stage of life after that is the eternal life. Eternal paradise or eternal damnation in Hellfires, Panama. And no Tamia Rahim Allah said, when you die, you have now entered the hereafter.

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As soon as you die, that is the hereafter right there you've actually entered into the next life. And

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the grave is called al qiyamah. A Sahara and the depth judgment is

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LTM l Cobra.

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So the grave is actually when your piano begins, but it's a surah. What's so good? I mean, so small minor resurrection.

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That's very important because a lot of people, they are so concerned about the deaf judgment. When is it? What are its signs have they occurred? Have you be it's not as far as you think, in the home your owner who by the law says they think it's far, one arabo kariba we see as close, it's upon Allah. As soon as you die and you enter the grave, that is your resurrection, it has begun the minor resurrection it's called al qiyamah. A Silverlight. Whereas judgment day

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for the sun, with the blowing of the horn

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is the major resurrection.

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Now you find Rasulullah will always connect belief in Allah to the last day a lot of ahaadeeth believes in Allah and the Last Day let them

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speak good or remain silent. Famous Hadith man Ghana you know been led to believe in Allah will Yeoman acid and the last day falafel Hira earlier smoked. Why would Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam always link belief in the last day to belief in Allah? Because a person who doesn't believe in the last day won't act and perform any good deeds. A person who thinks that there's no hereafter no day of accountability, no reckoning. They'll do what they want. They'll rape, kill, steal murder. They'll do what they want, I think last phrase a bird. But to believe in your milk Leanna. It fixes your email, and it fixes your deeds. That's why in Southern Maryland, how does it begin? our eighth

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lady you can we will be Dean.

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Why is it that Jasmine called Dean? Maliki Yomi? Dean?

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Right You think Dean religion That's true, but there's another meaning. The word Dean in Arabic came from?

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What do you notice about Dean and Dean? Same letters Exactly. In Arabic When words share letters they share, meaning what's Dame

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sent a debt. And it's also used for a loan, same word.

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debts and loans have to be paid back. The shorter, fast it's a day of payback. The Day of Judgment is the day of payback, where if you did good, you'll be paid back in good. If you did bad, you'll be paid back in bad. So it's payback for the offer. But it's payday for the believers. hamdulillah. So it's your Medina. So Allah Allah says our 811 you can he will be deemed Have you seen the one who rejects and belies the day of judgment? What is he doing? What's next?

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For that I can look at your earlier team. This person pushes the often around why doesn't care thinks, oh, it's gonna hold me to account for this. treat him like garbage. It's upon Allah. What I hope voila, I'm in miskeen. I don't even encourage not feed, don't even encourage the feeding of the poor spot a lot. You know, the beauty of this ayah Allah said, and it's commonly translated what I have Wallet for I'm in miskeen. What's timing is commonly translated as they don't encourage the feeding of the poor. Feeding in Arabic is a time it's not a time here to feed. But what's the harm? It's a different word. What does it mean? What's the harm? anytime I'm hungry? Food literally

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thought I mean food. So it should be translated that encouraged the food of the miskeen meaning baman miskeen the food of the poor. In other words, it is food. When you feed someone, it's you from your own world, your own food, you're giving it to them, but it's Tama miskeen. It's his food. In other words, this person is so bad, that even give the poor person his own food, his own rights upon Allah. That's what the eye is telling us. It's not a different word. That's the beauty of the Arabic When you go straight to the source. You get those gems. And Allah tala mentioned that in singular. He said Miskin he didn't say my second and he said yet him he didn't say item and Yama again showing

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singular why this person is so bad, so corrupt, that I've been concerned with one individual one orphan one poor person, let alone the masses. See the beauty of those eight. So that person, they're corrupt on the inside. Why? Because I don't believe in the last day. And a very important benefit we can take from this hadith where we said my Ghana you know Bella Bella Bella, and whoever believes in Allah on the last day Let him speak good or remain silent. Is that a sort of law linked the tongue to tauheed who believes in Allah tawheed he linked out amen to what the tongue a lot of people they think the head is only learning Ruby Allah smell Seaford how kimia Willow here. Let's get back to

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create interfere and today on everyone. Have you been to Hades also. It should emanate on the on the limb they should come forth on the limbs. That's what

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to Hades, he linked her head to the tongue. In other words, if we are backbiting everyone, swearing cursing as a problem without talking straight up is a problem without a man enough either. A fader is not just as we said theoretical, but rather, it's practical as well.

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And there's another Hadith to back this up the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a common meaning of a man, those who have the most perfect man or who

00:25:30--> 00:26:02

send a home coloca those who have the best who look the best character, that's the best moment but we don't be like some people who they say you only have to focus on character leave after the end of hate. No. And neither do we say you only focus on after that or hate and you leave character. No, we take it or we take it or imitate me. I said no sooner Jamal, who Allah monesi will have Huck or hamanasi will Hulk they have the most knowledge about the truth. And they are the Most Merciful?

00:26:05--> 00:26:07

Yes, Mo nasty bellhawk

00:26:09--> 00:26:11

well out of hamanasi bill hunt.

00:26:14--> 00:26:20

This is shefali slabs word, Allah Subhana. Allah mercy will have

00:26:24--> 00:26:26

our ham. What are humming

00:26:28--> 00:26:30

from Rama, Rama? Well,

00:26:31--> 00:26:35

Mohammed hamanasi bellhawk What's the Hulk?

00:26:36--> 00:26:43

Correct. They show mercy to the creation in other words, not just to humans to animals as well. That's Allison ojima