Abdullah Hakim Quick – The amazing story of Thumamah ibn Uthal

Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The importance of learning to clean and risk management in the Islamic culture is discussed, along with the challenges faced by believers in eating and the importance of learning and studying food to gain blessings. The speaker emphasizes the need to consider the challenges faced by Muslims during the pandemic and the importance of avoiding violence. The Prophet fixing a man who killed people in a cemetery and becomes a Muslim leader, while offering resources for students to study the topic. The importance of using wealth and power to take advantage of Islam is emphasized.
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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen well are people to learn more to clean while I read wona Illa Allah Dalemain

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Why should one La ilaha illallah wa who la sharika wa shadow anna muhammadan Abdullah who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa the alley he was happy woman da vida what he was 10 be so naughty Illa Yama Deen sell them to Sleeman Kathira a my bad will SQL will not see but Tukwila as HL semua ta coolala hawk Subhana I would have believed him in a shaytani regime. Yeah Are you had ladina on a taco la haka Ducati, Walter Mouton, Illa went to Muslim.

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All praise the due to Allah Lord of the Worlds. And surely the best reward ultimately is for those who have Taqwa. And surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor. And I be a witness that Allah is one and has no partners. And that Mohammed the son of Abdullah, is a servant, his last messenger. May Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions and all those who call to his way and establish his sunnah to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows I begin by reminding myself and you to have Taqwa the consciousness of Allah, and how for Raja, that we fear Allah and we hope in the Mercy of Allah. And this would surround us with our

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kya, a shield, a spiritual shield to protect us, not only in the masjid, but outside of the masjid. And Allah has revealed in his glorious book or you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah, fear Allah in the way he should be feared, and do not die, except as Muslims. And so the bottom line for us, no matter what is happening in the world, politically, economically, socially, the bottom line is for us to strive that our last words leaving this word world would be Kelly Mala ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul allah sallallahu sallam, and this message that we are blessed with clears out the doubts it clears out the confusions in this world. Because Allah revealed this not only for

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the time of the Prophet SAW Selim, but revealed it for the world we are living in today.

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And the fifth chapter, verse 88, Allah tells us, we're Kulu MEMA Rasika como la Hala, Lanta, yerba or tequila lady Anton V. Mu, Allah revealed and eat of what Allah has provided for you eat halal things and wholesome and keep your duty to Allah.

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The one to whom you believe. And so in this divine verse, Allah connects our risk. It connects eating,

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eating halal and wholesome. He connects it to the risk that this is our provisions in this world.

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And he connects this with

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Eman with our beliefs. He connects it with

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our very existence as Muslims. And so food and that which surrounds it is a great test the risk that we have in this world. Those provisions that we have been given are a test. And Allah tells us in certain MBFS for 35, what not blue condition we will hire the fitna where you lay not towards your own and we will test you with good and with evil.

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And all of you will return to us.

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The Muslim world has these extremes. So Allah is telling us the fitna is shorter and higher either way it could be we have the extremes. We have countries in the Gulf region that has some of the highest standard of living amount of money that people have at the hands, one of the top of the world. At the same time. We are struck with famines, drought, catastrophes, earthquakes, this is the test.

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The evil can hit us and the good can hit us

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And the Prophet SAW Selim and speaking about this test the test of wealth, the risk because from amongst the risk is what will you eat during the day the bird, when the bird gets up in the morning.

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It doesn't check in its bank account.

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It doesn't watch the television it goes outside in the world in order to gain its livelihood, its risk

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to gain its food.

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And all creations are similar in this test

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the Muslim world because not only are we in this climate catastrophe,

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but we also have the last message.

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And so this fitna, this trial this test is even more severe upon our shoulders. And the Prophet SAW Salem has told us in authentic hadith in Alico, Lee, oh, my fitna or fitna to Almighty Allah Mala, every nation as a trial and a test.

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And the trial and test of this nation is wealth. That again, is the risk.

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That is the food, that is the clothing that has those things that we have around us in our lives.

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And so for this Islamic history month,

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we are looking at food, the blessings that are in it, and the challenges and the struggles that are in it. Because food, it is necessary for our existence in this world.

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And food, your your risk, your sustenance, can be a great source of joy.

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And we remember that the Prophet SAW Salem has told us about the saw him that a saw him as far hothead, that there are two joys that the fasting person has. One is when he breaks his fast. So after fasting that day, when you when the food touches your mouth, when the liquid is a joy that comes to you.

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But on the other hand, the lack of food

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can be a curse, it can be a terrible pain that the person goes through.

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Food also is a source of power.

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And is being used by nations politically.

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It's one of the most powerful weapons in the world today.

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But food can be a source of blessings, we can gain our blessings through the food, or through the wealth that is given to us. And it is said that many of the great companions of Jeremiah been out with Mandy but the iPhone, and many of the companions were wealthy person, they had wealth. But they balanced their wealth, when it was time to give, they would give. So having the wealth did not make them greedy people.

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But it opened up their hearts to the test that they were under.

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And so for the next four weekends, we want to look in depth at this challenge that we have with food. And we want to tie it in with some of the challenges faced by our brothers and sisters in the Muslim world. And we are establishing regular food containers outside where you can give even during the week. And we will have special times to continue our struggle because to study food

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or just to study eating

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or to be joyous about our samosa

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This is not the essence of Islam.

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We have to think about if we have food, what happened to our brothers and sisters who don't have it.

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And so when we look at the time of the Prophet SAW Salem, we see the great challenges surrounding food and surrounding wealth and how believers used it in order to raise the banner.

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And it is reported in the sixth year after the Hijrah. The Prophet SAW Salem sent eight letters to the kings of Arabia, not just outside. He sent letters to the leaders in the Arabian Peninsula. And one of those leaders was to mama even Athol of bento Hanifa

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and this is in the niche. This is in the middle area of the Arabian Peninsula. And you would think

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And because it's in the middle of Arabia, you would think that it is sand dunes and it is hot, like the Empty Quarter, but the Empty Quarter is in the south, east side, the middle of Arabia has rivers, and water.

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And at the time of the Prophet Sal seldom, it was the middle of Arabia, that was supporting the rest of the cities with grain and with their food, in the same way that much of the of the world is being supported and drained by the Ukraine

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and by Russia. And so it makes a great trial and test on the world, when Ukraine and when Russia will not give it to the world.

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And so the middle region of Arabia was similar to this. And Tamama

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was it was a powerful leader. And he was a strong leader, a strong willed leader.

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And when he heard about the message of the Prophet SAW Salem,

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he hated this weather yeah to Billa. And he planned to kill any Muslim that he found.

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And some of the Muslims going through the bento Hanifa region. He caught some of them, they killed them.

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And one day he decided that he would make a journey to Mecca. Not in the way that Muslims do, but he would go to Mecca, to sacrifice to the idols.

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And as he was moving on the road to Mecca,

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and he was known by the Muslims, they put out a reward on Tamama because what he had done

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and so when the believers came across to mama, by the will of Allah, they ran into his caravan.

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They defeated the caravan and they captured him. And they brought him back to Medina.

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And when they brought him back to the Medina, they tied him they knew he was a powerful person. They tied him on a post, inside of the Prophet's mosque.

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The Prophet SAW Selim came and saw this man, he was surprised this is to mama.

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Let him stay on the pole.

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So they made him tied up on the pole. To stay all day he had to watch the latest version, the acid murdered Asia, he had to watch, watch the feeding of the poor. He had to watch on the sofa, the people who were studying and people who are remembering Allah subhanaw taala, he had to watch all of the things going on inside of this building.

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And after this time, the Prophet SAW Selim came to him

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and said, I know who you are. And so to mama, who was an arrogant man. He said to the Prophet SAW Selim, if you want to free me, I will be grateful.

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And he said, If you want compensation,

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I will give you anything you want. But if you want to take my life, you have a noble man, you have noble blood. So make your decision. The Prophet SAW Selim smiled, and left him second day.

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He stayed on the pole watching the Muslims seeing the who were the Brotherhood inside of the masjid Prophet SAW Selim came to again and he said the same thing. If you want to kill me, I am noble. If you want to forgive me, I will be grateful for this.

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And if you want money, you want compensation. I'll give you anything you want. The Prophet SAW Salem smiled and left the third day to Mama is tied to the pole.

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The same scenario happened

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at the end of this.

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The Prophet SAW Salem with his hikma with divine wisdom.

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He looked at this man who had watched the believers and he said, My decision is you are free. I let you go

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to mama was shocked.

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And he went outside, got on his camel. And he started to ride out and he by the time he reached Alba Korea, he reached by the cemetery, something came over him

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and he returned to the masjid. And he went to the Prophet SAW Salem, he said as shadow in La ilaha illallah wa Naka rasool Allah, he announced his Islam.

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This is the divine wisdom of the Prophet Sal seldom, but then don't tell mama said I feel guilty

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because I killed people.

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The Prophet SAW Salem told him Islam your job uma coupler, that Islam wipes away those sins that happened before.

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And to mama told him, I wanted to go to Mecca and he was advised continue on to Mecca. But this time you don't go to the idols. You will go to the Kaaba for Allah subhanaw taala you will make an Iran and you will go. So so to mama then said, I pledge my life, my sword and my people to you, Ya Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, and he went to Mecca. Now imagine this scene, he comes into Mecca by himself. He's a very well known person. He's one of the leaders of the Arabian Peninsula. He comes into Mecca by himself and the quotation looking and then he begins to shout at the top of his voice, love bake Allah Humala bake, not Baker, la sharika cannot bake in Alhambra. We're near

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Metallica, well, more or less, Shadi Kolak, the Quraysh were in shock.

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Because this is after better or herd conduct. They were in shock. And they said, Take this man kill him. But the leaders of Quraysh they said you cannot touch him. Because this is to mama. It controls food. Remember the food

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like a Ukrainian leader or Russian leader, you cannot touch the mama.

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And so he made his Amara, and this is the first Muslim, the first to be making Umrah.

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No fat Tomeka

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This is the first to make it to mama. Allah helped him to change from the enemy of Islam into a person who was breaking ground for the Muslims.

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And so to mama left Mecca and headed

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to the niche. And he said I still feel guilty. This is not enough. So I will announce more Carter ah.

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We will boycott all of the wealth and the grain going from the middle of Arabia into Mecca.

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And this boycott was so effective that the Quraysh because it was a year of a drought. They were starving to death. So they sent to the Prophet SAW Selim and they begged him

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telling him to stop this boycott.

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And the Prophet SAW Selim when he heard the possibility innocent people he said he wrote to DOMA lift the boycott.

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The Muslims were proud of Tamama

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but this is a great lesson of Islam. We do not kill innocent people.

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We do not use weapons of mass destruction of food in order to take innocent lives. And so the boycott was lifted and to mama had done an amazing action.

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And he lived to continue on. And it was in the time of musei Lama al Khattab, the liar Prophet, who also came from the middle of Arabia. Instead of joining Musa Musa Lima Tamama fought against him

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and struggled against him.

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And Khalid Ibn Al Walid rather lajuan finished the job of Musa Lima.

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But our story, our Shahid, here is go mama and the use of food,

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the use of wealth, that that food, that power that you have from the food can be a source of blessings. Or it could be a source of a terrible curse on the people who are not getting the food. And so we need to understand this. And we hope to be studying this with you. And we will bring in the relief agencies to the IoT and give this community an opportunity to give in the path of Allah and to not forget our brothers and sisters who are suffering. Remember that the Prophet SAW Selim has told us in authentic hadith in Alico, Li OMA fitna will fit not to uma T Ellmau. Every nation has a trial and test and the trial and test of my nation is wealth. May Allah subhanaw taala give us

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the ability to spend in the path of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala take brockholes Take this out of our hearts this greed. May Allah subhanaw taala give blessings and protect the children of the home of Muhammad Salah Salem, may Allah protect the dignity and the honor of the

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Ahmed Mohammed Salah Salem, may Allah raise up leaders in the Muslim world balanced leadership to take our people from darkness into light. And may Allah give us the ability that our last word would be Kelly Mala Mala is Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah. So Allah wa salam Akula Kali hada was tactful Lolly welcome, Lisa sadly musta mean him in Cali London, Estelle Fierro in no holds a photo

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