Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 238B Tafsir Saad 1-8

Taimiyyah Zubair
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bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim suited sod.

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Sod is a mucky surah and because it's a murky Surah The theme is very similar to other mucky Solas such as suited sulfat, which we just completed. The emphasis is on the head prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the mention of the Hereafter. And of course the Prophet salallahu Salam was comforted by the example of the previous messengers Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Saad, what one Ernie Vivix sod one Quran by the Quran, that is the lick that is possessor that is containing of reminder, sod the letter South is of the Hadith micarta and we see a few sources in the Quran begin with just one of the heard of Macatawa such as sort of flood sort of off and sort of noon and the

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sutras are also named after the half. So sad way, Ernie wah wah over here is off Assam an oath is being taken by Al Quran the Quran and the description of the Quran is the vic v. possessor meaning one containing a Vic and Vic means reminder or message. It has multiple meanings. Allah subhanaw taala swears by the Quran which is a book containing the meaning the Quran is a book that contains reminder of what of fitrah every person is born with this awareness that Allah is his Lord. But what happens to this fifth law it gets corrupt by the society by Chopin, as a person grows older as a person goes through life, then he forgets the sutra. So the Quran it reminds us of who we are, what

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our purpose is over here who our Lord is, it's a reminder that the word vicar also means and advice the Quran is a more beneficial advice for matters relating to our dunya as well as our alpha. Then he could also means mentioned, the Quran is a book that contains mention of people of the past. And it also contains mentioned of the future events, as well as the laws that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed. The word vicar also means honor. So it's a book of honor, meaning it brings honor to those who live by it in truth Zuko fire 44 Allah says we're in the hole of eco laka while he called mica, indeed, this book is a source of mention meaning honor for you and also for your people. So AMI

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Vivek, this Quran, which contains the message reminder, advice.

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Also honor? What's the message over here because every time an oath is taken, there's always a response to that oath. So what's the response? What's the job? Awesome. It's not mentioned, because it's not required, because the question itself is meaningful. How is it meaningful? The purpose of this Assam the purpose of this oath is to highlight the importance of the object by which the oath is being taken and what is that object? It's the Quran. So the objective of this oath is to highlight the importance of the Quran. So sad. Why is Annie the Vic? First, one of the Hadith Macatawa saw, instantly a person is made to think what is sought and then an author's taken one man,

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what is the Quran, the Vic?

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It is a message a reminder a source of honor. So the meaning is the Quran has vicar and you have been warned Godzilla Keystone. You have been warned the message has been delivered to you. Because at the end of the previous era, from a chicane of maca, the wish was mentioned and what was that wish, if only we had a vehicle, if only we also had a message meaning of Scripture. So Allah says well, Hourani, Vivek.

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The vehicles that you were hoping for that you were wishing for is now right before you that what is your response? Belen Marina CAFO, who? Ben rather and Medina Cafaro. Those who disbelieve, fear is setting they are in the Riza meaning in pride where she caulk and in dissension opposition instead of believing

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How are they responding with pride and opposition. The Raider is

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what biller is, we learned, our resolve belongs to Allah Riza is the opposite of the result is to be honorable to have honor and vote, to be humble

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is prestige. It is respect. And this can be praiseworthy and it can also be boom worthy. It could be a very positive thing and it can also be a very negative thing. What is it praiseworthy? What is it positive when someone who really deserves the Ursa is described with ERISA, like for example, we say a little bit of reserve this is praise for Allah subhanaw. Baroda, right. But when a person is being arrogant, when this is, is preventing him from accepting the truth, then this is something negative. So Berlin levena Cafaro fear is certain those who disbelieve are in South glory they are in pride just doesn't sort of Bukhara I have 206 We learn what either peeler who tequila are harder to hear

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is too. Again, his ego comes over there. So is over here gives the meaning of pride. So there are in pride, what she called and dissension. She caught sheen off of Chaka Chaka is to break away and Chaka is to oppose to keep enmity for someone. So those who disbelieve they are in shikar, meaning they are in opposition to who to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, what is that you say? You know, with all due respect, I don't agree with you, but we agree to disagree live and let live. You understand that we're shikimic NACA, we're not like that. There were too proud to believe and then they weren't happy with that either. They were in direct opposition to the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his message of ALLAH had been say, Okay, it's his business. He wants to go around. Tell people about this ma'am. He can go ahead and do that no Ebola would follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would do Dawa have we not will do anti Dawa. So this has shut up. So the

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fear is setting where she caught they are in disagreement with they are in direct opposition to the truth. So the Quran is full of

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its benefits are many, and these people are in need of it. However, they are in pride. And because of their pride, they disdain faith. They look down on faith. They refuse to believe and they remain in opposition. So they keep away from the truth and they also oppose it. Fear is certain washi caulk she caught over here has also been understood as they are in Chicago among themselves, meaning the disbelievers are in dissension amongst themselves, meaning they say contradictory statements about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam one of them says, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is a lie. Another says no, no, no, he's not a liar. He's a poet that says no, this is not poetry. This is

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magic. Make up your mind. Fear is setting wash your car up.

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You see, they looked down on Eman on believing in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Why? Because they were fears. They thought if we believe we will lose our honor. Allah subhanaw taala says the Quran is the Vic you believe and you will get honor. It's amazing. Amir is by believing in the Quran, by living by the Quran abiding by the Quran that shaitan makes us think that no, if we believe if we follow, we will lose our visa. Allah says Come, Lucknow, how many have We destroyed? Meaning too many? Come come is a question. How many? It's not that we're being asked for an answer. Rather this is to express the kufra can Alekna men cobbly him before them men are men of generation

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meaning so many generations We have destroyed before them them as in the machine of maca. And what happened for now though, so they called out who called out the deniers when they were being punished when the punishment found them. What did they do they called out now though now though from the letters noon dial yet muda muda is to call out to yell out to scream out. So they called out upon Allah upon the

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False gods upon each other up on anyone in order to be rescued. But Allah says wala atta and it was not Hina time, meaning there was no time for what? For Manasse for escape, they remained in their denial until the punishment befell them and when it came upon them, they called out for help, but there was no time for escape. When Arthur well, and Latta lotto is similar to laser, what does laser mean? It is not. Latta also means not. However, the Tao at the end, remember, it's extra for the purpose of mobila? Not at all.

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When Arthur and not at all there was she don't announce anytime for much else anytime for escape. The word Manasse is from noon Well, solid noon well sloughed Nasaan for us, what is the for us? Horse good. Now sulfurous is when the horse raises its head. Why? When you sit on a horse, and you pull the bridle, you're telling the horse it needs to move, it needs to run. So as you pull it, what does the horse to, it raises its head even more. That jerk is as if the first movement in order to set itself in motion.

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This is similar to how if you're sitting and somebody yells and has come here, before you get up, don't you move a little bit like jerk a little bit, maybe move back as you're startled. This is Noce.

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This is mouse, you understand when you jerk when you move back a little, in order to set yourself in motion. This is similar to how when you're about to participate in a race as you're about to run before you run, you know your feet kind of go back a little and then you start running. So this is the word notice. From this, it is said NASA universal, meaning a person he retreated. In order to run away Zaha Faraj. He retreated, he turned aside in order to run away run away from who, from an opponent from an enemy.

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My news is someone who escapes, who manages to get away from the enemy. So when I tahina, my mouse, my mouse then the word mouse can be understood in two ways. Firstly, as a must have, because a noun

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must stop as a noun man hours to prepare oneself, for motion, to prepare oneself in order to escape, to prepare oneself in order to get away

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from your opponent. So when after he no one else, forget about getting away, there was no time to even get ready to get away.

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There was no time to even get ready to escape the punishment who allowed the heat on analysis, because it came without warning, all of a sudden from where they could not expect well after Hanuman else,

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suddenly the word Manasse can be understood as is rough, meaning a noun of place or time. So he nominals would mean there was no place no time to escape. Wala tahina now house now look at this I again, can lucknam and probably him and Cornyn, Fernando Walter Hina Minh else and you connect this with the previous verses. The Quran is the Vic instead of believing these people are in Arizona and Chicago. What are they doing? Don't they realize the one who destroyed the people before them can also destroy them in certain MBI a love and Allah says what can have some Nam and Korea tin cannot rally Martin how many earlier were destroyed who were Laulima they were oppressive.

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So at the time when the punishment came upon them they called out now though they called out for what for help, or they called out meaning they declared their faith just as for our when he was drowning, he said I believe but it was of no use. So all people have maca Will you not take lesson

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while Ijebu and

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And instead, they wander, instead of believing, what do they do, they wander on that job or home, that he has come to them who has come to them, most of their own a warner minimum from them, meaning a human being from their neighborhood, he has come to them as a Warner, this is what they find very strange. And they just sit there wondering Ijebu the word I do go from our job, our job is to find something amazing. And this could be due in car, or due to is their son in car denial.

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Meaning, you find something so strange, you say it's not possible. This is impossible. It's like your mind is not accepting it. Because things that are normal, do we accept them? Very easily? The things that are very unusual. Why do we wonder why do we think about the why are we amazed by them? Because we are in denial of them.

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You understand? Like, for example, if you were to read somewhere, speeding costs for being 10 kilometers an hour over meaning if you over by turn off the speed limit, then the fine is let's say $5,000 or $10,000? Would you be shocked? Would you find that strange? That No, not possible? Because you're in denial of it? How is it possible that if you're over by 10 kilometers an hour, you're being charged $10,000? Or $5,000? There's something wrong over here, isn't it? You're in denial of it. This is why you keep thinking about it, and you don't forget it. This is object. Another reason for our job is their son, you find something really nice, you find something too beautiful, too

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good. And you cannot stop thinking about it. You're amazed by it. So it's out of appreciation. Over here, what kind of idea is it that the people have makeover in the first one out of ink car? That how is it that a warner has come to us from among us a human being like us from our neighborhood from our tribe, who are called Cafe rune and the disbelievers say, have this meaning this man this one word is so hit on a magician, the vibe, a liar. This is what they said about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was a Prophet from among them whose character was well known reputation was well established. Still they ascribed him with these two evil attributes and cut him

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what is their magic? And Magic is something evil.

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It's never done for good purposes, is it? It's evil because it harms people uncovered blind,

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even that harms people. So they said has a hidden cause up? They further said, oh, what? Journal Leha. He has made all gods into inner Hanwha hidden into one God. They express their amazement over here. How is it possible? How could he have done this, that all of the gods he has made them into one God? Is that what the Prophet said? A lot of Saddam did know, what he said was that all divine powers are in who? One God because there is only one God. It's not that there is a god of the sun and a god of the moon, and a god of fertility and a God of this and that no, he said all powers are with

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Allah subhanaw taala that the Mushrikeen they believed in multiple gods to many gods. So they found this very strange, that how is it possible that one God could have all powers?

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They found Tawheed strange. They said how is it possible that one God could possess all of these attributes?

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What do we say? It is possible because He is God. I mean, that's what makes him God. Right? People are such that if one is you know very very forgiving than they don't know how to be just then if one is very just and they don't know how to be forgiving, unkind, we have this imbalance we have this imperfection because we are creation we are incomplete. We need one another. And God is perfect. So they said a journal early Hatha ILAHA Heba in have

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they said this indeed surely it is lusheng own surely a thing that is there a job? extremely strange. You see the word or job? It's not IG. IG was strange and the road job What do you think your job

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very, very strange, or job. It's more profound than IG and our job is that which provokes wonder, meaning. It's something that crosses all bounds of wonder and amazement.

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So the Michigan of maca, this was the real problem. It was the message that they did not like.

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They didn't want to leave their idols. They didn't want to leave their multiple gods.

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And what's amazing here is that even the mushy Kane understood the heat, the essence of dough, Heath, and what was that essence that all divine powers are with who? Allah the Exalted, but it's amazing how even Muslims today don't comprehend this. Which is why when, you know they need a child instead of making dua to Allah, they'll go to somebody else. When they need some other problem to be removed from them, they'll go to something else. They'll go to a grave or a saint or something, somebody else, the Michigan understood their hate, how can we cannot understand the heat? What is the heat? There is only one God Illa Hanwha hidden, one Tanaka and he went on, who are the men are

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the eminent the chiefs, the leaders, men from among them, one Paulo columella Omen, home Impala, what is Impala coming?

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In Tilak to set out to depart. So after listening to the Quran, and seeing what they had said about the Quran about the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. What did they do? They left. And as they left, they said to each other, or they said to their followers on that then show an initial name Shinya mushy, what is machine learning to walk, and mushy 30 IQ is to continue upon one way, meaning to continue to do once, action or work to carry on.

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So a new show, meaning carry on your lifestyle, your deen, don't leave it. Don't listen to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam don't accept his Deen. And mushy also means mushy, we'll call them is to walk away.

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So they said to each other, walk away, meaning don't continue to sit here and don't keep on listening to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam because if you keep listening to him, you're gonna get affected. So get up and go. Don't sit here don't listen to him. So one panel can manner or main home, an insurer was spiritual. And they also said to each other or their followers is below Be patient, be patient overall. Isla Lee Hardy come over your gods be patient over your gods, meaning in defense of your gods stand by them adhere fondly to their worship. And they said in other indeed this is meaning Muhammad salallahu Salam is Dean. It is mushy on surely something that is you raw do

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it is intended your audio from irida Raw woudl era is intention you are do it was intended. Meaning this is all planned. It's designed, there is a plan behind these words. Meaning there's something fishy here the real intention is something else. He's impressing us with his speech. But in reality he has some plot to destroy us he wants to overthrow our leadership and take over us as a king in Havana che on you rod. So if you look at the saya you can see a whole scene how the machine they were listening to the Prophet sallallaahu Salam and they're wondering thinking in their hearts in my head on a shaman or job this is something very strange. And then they get up frustrated. The leaders

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amongst them especially and as they're walking away, they say to each other or they say to their followers, and M Chu was being Rana Ali, her Tikhon in the hat and a che on your rods. This is all planned. There is a hidden agenda over here. The word Euro do not have Allah che on Euro two can also be understood in another way. Indeed, this is something intended. What does that mean? It is something intended meaning Muhammad salallahu Salam really means what he is saying. In other words, what he is saying what he is reciting is going to have some effect. These are very powerful words. They're not empty words. So before that happens, get up and leave don't

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Keep listening to him, you will get brainwashed.

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In the hands of Allah che you own your rod. They said, My son, Jana, we have not heard behalf of this meaning of this creed of this religion, of prophethood, of revelation of the heat of the oneness of God, that they're convincing each other. So they say, we've never heard of this familiarity era, in the Creed, which created an era the last one being the latest one.

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In other words, the religion that we have always been upon the religion of our forefathers, we've never heard of anything like this, that there will be a profit with that there's one God. They said in her that this is nothing in there except a Tila, a fabrication. If Tilak ha Lam cough. And if Tilak is invention, meaning something that has been concocted something that has been made up if Tanaka is to contrive to devise something falsely, so in here that inductee luck, they say that Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was fabricated all of this. Now when they deny the heat, they also deny prophethood they said on Zillow, what is Zillow, it has been revealed alone he upon him a VIP group,

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the message mean by Nina, from between all of us, meaning out of all of us, how is it that the message has been given to him? Why him? Why not someone more noble? You understand the objection here? Was he the only one left? Why him? This is how arrogant Mushrikeen were. They thought they were more worthy of Revelation, Then Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, into the zoo fire 31 Allah subhanaw taala says we'll call you Lola Newsela Havel Quran Allah Allah Julian Manuel Correa Tanea. Ali said how can the Quran was not revealed to one of the other great guys great men. You see their claim that he was not the noblest of them, was a lie because the Prophet sallallahu sallam was

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indeed the most noble among them. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam himself said in a hadith and Muslim that in Allah has tougher than he is married. Allah chose the children of Ismar he was tough on him Benny is married Kiana from bunnies marine or nachos. The tribe of Kwinana was tough on him quinoa Quraysh and then further from quinoa naturals Quraysh was tough. Armand Qureshi, Bani Hashim. And Allah chose from the courage the blue ocean was profound him and Bernie Hashem and Allah chose me from the bundle Hashem. So the Prophet Coronavirus, and I'm definitely his lineage was very noble. So what the people said over here our own Zilla, Allah He Vikram, and by Nina, this is nothing but a

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lie. And the thing is that if they are saying that the Quran should have come on someone else,

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the fact that they're saying it should have come to someone else. What are they saying? It is possible for revelation to be given to men, isn't it? They're acknowledging that. So, then by the logic, if it could come to somebody else, then it could also come to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam right? So focus on the message. This is why Allah says Ben whom fish shark came in victory, rather they are in doubt about my message. They are in shock, they are in doubt, because if they understood the message, then it didn't matter who it came to.

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They should be paying attention to the message Balaam now look at how the warning become so severe, but Lamar your Dooku either be rather the problem is that they have not yet tested my punishment, either be the customer at the end indicates mine. Meaning had they if they will take the punishment, they will not say such things.

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In total Anoma 124 Allah says Allah who are an Allah Hi through your jewelry salata, Allah knows best where he should places prophethood meaning he knows who his most worthy of it, and he gave it to the one most deserving and worthy of mankind, the one who was best in his character in his devotion and his determination and his patience. He really possessed the best qualities that a human being can possess. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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This means learn you learn you're working

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on all coal

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burning Larina careful that you wash your car

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can let

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Why did you

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walk on your own

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John Lee

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follow up on

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an issue was built

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on man Sammy

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you're watching

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in Tina

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call me,

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Nina. Better Home fish at

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the cream

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