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A step-by-step motivational talk by Hafidh Wisam Sharieff to initiate reading the Quran thereby laying emphasis on pronouncing the Quran in a correct and appropriate way as it is the word of Allah Himself, importance of learning Quran through some beautiful verses of Quran and hadith, experiencing overwhelm when the words of Allah are read.

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Sam watt eco Mata Mata la Hua Baraka two brothers and sisters that are on weekly, I pray you all had a fantastic Ramadan, that your aid was blessed. And that every video that's come out thus far has been a source of guidance and inspiration for you. A lot of times we spend, you know, time looking through the internet, we catch a few videos, maybe you caught some of the pre Ramadan excitement. And we tend to get very focused and very blessed on things that we can do for others. But we don't look at what we can do for ourselves. I was reading the 20th Jews are just coming off a flight and I was reading the 20th Jews. And in the 20th, just one of the many occurrences of the story of Musashi

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Salaam comes up or comes along. And at this very specific instance, you hear that Musashi Sam came up to the mountain, he came up to the Mount, he removed his shoes. And as you're reading the story, you start getting involved, you start getting

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almost drawn into the fact that he How could if it would have been a darker cave, it would have been something like a blue light, it would have been something that didn't give off heat, but he could feel its presence. And then you start to realize you're talking about Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as you continue to read, you see Masada Salam came in he came around the tour removed his shoes, and then when you utter the words in me and Allahu wa Bula mean, indeed, I am Allah, the Lord of the worlds the nations of Allah, Allah mean. And you pause for a moment because as you're playing the story out in your head, and you're going back from whence it sounds, voice to the experience, but

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then you actually have to ponder, you are uttering the words that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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spoke or said those words in that specific scenario. And that's very overwhelming you uttered the divine words that Allah said, and it helps you reach a completely different internal state. Like I said, we try to do a lot of things for the people around us, we want to be good to the creation around us. But when we take a moment to realize human beings are given the opportunity, the chance, the portal to enter a divine state, and that is reciting the book of Allah, that is reciting the book of Allah is one component in itself, but within that, when we recite the Quran and we say Eenie and Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah mean, when we say Allahu La Ilaha Illa, who are you? We're uttering

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the words that Allah subhanaw taala spoke with take a moment to take that in, that you are as a prophet peace be upon him narrated unto us, he said to us, that the comparison between the speech of Allah, the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala, and any other speech is like, and I fumbled myself, I didn't find this hadith I wouldn't be able to explain, give you an example. He said, The comparison between the speech of a lot and any other speech is the comparison between a la subhanho wa Taala. And his creation, there really isn't any comparison. So one thing that we lack that we don't do as much, and when I say as much, I mean that we need to double, triple quadruple our efforts on the one

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thing that we can do best for ourselves. And that's reading the book of Allah, that's reading the book, as it was prescribed as it was given to us. And when we read it, I'm not going to tell you to do that to me than to do the letters properly. That's very like, not even it's it's at such a low level when it's compared to think about what you're reading. Think about where the words and the sounds that you're producing where they came from. When we hum our favorite song, or we you know, playback the the anthem to, to some sportscaster, right, and it's the beginning of the football scene, you don't even need to sing the words it's just that the tone the logo that comes up and we

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get all excited when it comes to the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala when it comes to uttering the sounds that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us from himself. You should start putting yourself in a completely different frame of mind. Look, the past few videos are great, it's for people. They're they're very intellectual, and they're academic. There could be for people who don't believe in a law but let's face it, right

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Weekly, we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala we believe it He is our Creator, we believe that he could hear us before we knew what sound was before we had ears that were completely formed a lot of knew of us and to be able to say the words that Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran is overwhelming. And I think if we made our life mission to realize that the speech of Allah replacing our own speech with as much as possible of the recitation of Quran, that every time we got together with friends to hang out, we read a little bit of Hold on, every time you got up every time you finished in prayer, you pulled out your phone, you read an ayah, from the Quran. And when you read

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it, you realize that you were in that sphere, that spiritual dimension of uttering the words that God Himself uttered, or said, or we were made to experience them. It puts you in a different place. And it gives you the opportunity to look back in the book that Allah subhanaw taala gave us so perfectly in its magic in its the, the mystical elements in the magic in its scientific revelations. In its word construction in its Bulava grammar, in its perfect sound when we listen to it. But if all things are put to the side, we start to realize Allah gave us a US the human beings that which no other human being was a no other creation was given the opportunity to utter the words that Allah

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subhana wa tada did for that the effort of advocating Quranic literacy is something that I really want to push. Now, I'm going to stay there be hand in hand for all of us in the next set of videos, to start shredding off the baggage that's holding us from reading Hold on. That's not just the excuses of pronounciation that the Arabic language to tough, let's face it, a vessel can only hold so much. So the music, the entertainment, the constant stories and the the magic that is the magic of the the jaldi antichrist that which is overwhelming us, that's going to have to come to a control, we're going to have to start buckling down the hatches and saying, you know what, I'm going

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to make a decision, I'm going to be a person who's full of full on and maybe if I don't know the latest lyrics, or I don't know, as much fun facts as I used to, I know the Quran and that's what we're going to be focusing on now. So I pray that these next few are on weekly videos are a sense for you to wake up and to get close to the greatest speech, the greatest sound uttered the greatest experience a human being can have, and that is to say the words that Allah subhana wa tada said, I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next few videos. Remember the words that Allah said to us four times? Why don't bother yourself?

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Valley meme

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donkey wall aka Dr. Samuel Quran, and definitely certainly we have made the Quran easy to remember for Holman Buddha here. So who will be the one who rises to the challenge of Allah? And that is not a challenge that is negative. It's the challenge. Allah said, Don't worry, my beloved, I made this easy for you. So how many of us are going to step up to the plate and say Allah, I trust you? I'm going to learn your book. I'm going to recite the words that you do for on the day of judgment when we meet him be isn't Allah when we enter into the paradise and we hear the words of our Creator, when we hear a law speak, and we hear a law recite the Quran, we will say Allah, I recited it as you

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did in the world. And that's why I'm here in general, May Allah keep you safe, and give you the opportunity to hold on weekly, becomes that source of light, that it's not just part of your Hey, I watched a nice video. It's one of the things as it started out with its intention to bring onto every household to every place and to motivate us to find the book of Allah. The speech of Allah, in comparison to any other speech is the comparison between a law and his creation. Within the law, Allah will keep us amongst those who studied the book of Allah, I will see you under the banner of AQL aka advocating Quranic literacy very soon, and we'll be working together to bring Quran to every

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household and into every tongue. Until then, pick up a Quran recite it and pause for a second and say Allah, I recite this because you gave it to me, and then asked a lot for whatever you need after you've decided on. Does that go ahead and was Sarah Monaco warahmatullah this audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com forward slash donate