Visiting My Non-Muslim Family at Christmas Time

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A woman discusses the importance of holding the 25th of Christmas Day as a holiday, as it is the day for graduation and school events. She also mentions that anyone who decides to attend would be punished for their actions, but other days are considered holiday. The woman emphasizes the significance of holding the Day for everyone and offers some advice on dressing up during the holiday.

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December, which is known as a holiday period. Of course, there is a specific day for the celebration of Christmas, which is the 25th of December. But what about all the other days where the school is off? People have time away from work? Am I allowed to visit family members during this holiday period?

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It's very important for us to know where I draw the lines. So the day itself, the Christmas Day where people get together to have that celebration, this is something which you would obviously not attend specifically, but all other days not a problem because they're considered days of holiday. So if somebody invites you to a Christmas dinner on the 25th of December, you would politely you know, refrain from that because that's passed as part of their festivities. But anything any other day around this holiday period is not an issue in Shanna Taylor. So it's an opportunity for you to uphold the ties of kinship. And that's not a problem in Islam, but to avoid the specific day of

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celebration. This is something you should bear in mind.