Mufti Menk – Boost #02 The Youth and Scholars

Mufti Menk
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Bismillah he will Hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he were Allah Allah, he was a big mine.

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Unfortunately, many of the younger generation are sometimes put off from learning religious knowledge.

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And there are many reasons for that primarily its shape on and his plan if the parents do not inculcate from a young age, the fact that these children need to be encouraged towards the deen of Allah, and the importance of learning and teaching and the reward during perhaps, we may have avoided if we are 2 billion plus Muslims on Earth, how many scholars do you think we need? We need a few million at any given time. And no matter how many they are, it will not be enough. Because there are people not just in your small circle, but across the globe who are in need of guidance and reminders and various levels of encouragement and learning. But my brothers and sisters from a young

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age Shavon tempers, if that environment and upbringing is not in the right direction, nobody would be interested in learning the deen of Allah in order to teach it to others. Similarly, when you learn you need to know as you grow in your knowledge, and you go out in the field in order to teach you must face obstacles. You will face people saying things about you, you will face people trying to block your path because that is what happened to the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah has peace and blessings be upon them all. And this is the reason why the Hadith of the prophets Allah Allah Allah Salam says Men, Salah Katpadi can yell Tamizh Sufi Ilma whoever treads a

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path in which he is seeking knowledge or she is seeking knowledge, Salah who loves who be periactin il Jana, Allah Almighty makes easy for that person because of that the path to paradise. You have to be patient to learn. You have to learn, you have to memorize the Quran memorize the Hadith, you have to learn what the scholars have said how its interpreted the differences of opinion why they are there. What are the evidences on all the sides? Which evidence is more correct, which evidence is acceptable, even though it may not be the absolute correct opinion according to you, but it is acceptable because it has some form of evidence and which opinion is completely baseless because it

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is based on thin air. May Allah Almighty grant us a deep understanding and good beneficial knowledge. I mean, the reason I started off this way is because when we lead Salah to tarawih The idea is to hand over to the next generation. When are you going to come up and take over from us, we would love to see the young come up, do that heavily. And memorize the Quran and master it and learn the knowledge and get up and deliver what needs to be delivered in terms of reminders. You the youth who are listening to me this evening, make an effort do something. Try your best. It's not going to be an easy path but it is the path to success. It is the true way that the messengers of Allah who

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were most loved by Allah were blessed with and it is the path of the messengers. Paul Havey sabini de o l Allah Jana hola basura. And dabba oni say, tell them, This is my path.

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What is it I call towards Allah? That's what I do. The life of the prophet Sallallahu Sallam what was it all about the call towards Allah. He called in the daytime he called at night he taught them specified knowledge he called the non Muslims. He called the Muslims. He spoke to those who hated him. He spoke to those who loved him. He spoke to his family members, he spoke to the young and old the fire and the near. He tried with every single one of them he rendered help to those who needed help. And he did a lot, every thing every department there is of what we know as calling towards Allah or the Dawa. Every department was covered by the messenger because he was a messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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but you and I are weak. I can only do the covering of one or two departments. I can only do the covering of one or two departments and so can you and together we will be able to cover the 70 or 80 or even 100

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There are different departments that were covered by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Today when I see people visiting the inmates in the prisons, I say, Well Allah, he, he or she is fulfilling a duty that we as an ummah have. I support them. I salute them and I pray for them. I'm not jealous of them. I'm not upset because they are doing something different. Today when I see scholars, for example, teaching in the madrasa taffy, which is very difficult, they are teaching little children to learn the Quran to memorize the Quran. I salute them, I pray for them, I respect them. I know they are doing a job I am supposed to be doing because it's a duty of the

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ummah. I'm not jealous of them. I don't hate them, if anything, I'm very proud of them. Today when I see scholars in the massagin, giving lectures and talks, that is what some of them are supposed to be doing. Mashallah, we're happy. We're delighted when we see scholars in the seminaries of learning at the universities who are sitting and teaching the in depth rules and regulations to a handful of people who want to learn more, because remember, it's not everyone's duty to know every single ruling of Islam. The general masses only need to know what is necessary. It's called ma Hua Aluma minute Dini bit Dora those things regarding your faith that you have to know by hook or crook.

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You have to know certain things Halal haram, your cleanliness, your Tauheed, your five pillars of Islam, the pillars of Imam and so on. You have to know these certain things, every single one, but you don't need to know every single detail of every ruling. When you want to find out something you can ask someone who has specialized and who specializes just a handful. So those scholars who are sitting giving what is known as lessons, be it in the masjid or in the madrasahs. We salute them. And we really believe they are true scholars who are doing a good job, we are proud of them. We are happy that they are serving the Ummah, we are not jealous of them. We don't hate them, we're not

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abusive, they are covering, perhaps they are speaking to a handful or a group of people. Not everyone needs to teach that way. Not everyone who does not teach that way, is not a scholar. Because people think that if you are a scholar, you are supposed to sit and teach the way I was taught by my scholars. That's not true. They don't need to do it that way. If there are millions of scholars Wallahi we need to diversify. Some need to be out fighting the enemy, some need to be out, trying to teach the non Muslims and giving them some of the deen some need to be out teaching the weak Muslims some need to be out teaching those who would like to learn in detail. Some need to be

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teaching the children, the Alif and others need to be doing the fee of others need to be reaching out in the presence to those who are sick and ill some in charge of some of the burial committees where a person passes away. And you know what they make it so easy. Do you know in your community, there has to be a burial community committee, who as soon as someone passes away is called first and they come with a smile on their faces. Even though it's a tough moment. Subhanallah a smile meaning they are happy to do the job for you they are earning reward, they are earning mountains of reward. Are you going to be a part of the burial committee? Many people will say no, I don't have the time

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will be proud of those who do have the time they are doing you a favor and I similarly when you have a marital problem where other scholars who do some counseling or arbitrations, they are there. They are also learned they have a lot of knowledge. They may not want to show it and expose it. They might not be teaching every single subject there is to be taught but they are involved in a certain department in within the Ummah they are important. We respect them, we consider them scholars, and we really are proud of what they're doing. Similarly, when people are going through issues with their children, issues in the community, who is there, they will be different types of scholars, not

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all of them are going to be teaching the way your chef taught you. So today, if you witness the children, as they grow older, they learn where do they learn from one of the sources that they learn from whether you like it or not, is online. Whether you like it or not, is online. It is a double edged sword because you know what you need to be extremely careful how you use your devices. But this is the month of Ramadan. I want to tell you my brothers and sisters seize the opportunity to listen to something good to do something good to benefit yourself to attend online classes from those who are reputable. expand your knowledge don't spread hurt and hate don't become a vehicle of

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pointing at scholars simply because they are not doing what you think they should be doing.

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There are some busy compiling books, there are some who are busy with websites, some who are busy with applications, some who are helping you in ways you can't imagine, I know of scholars who are busy trying to create cartoons for children because they see that the cartoons the children have been watching. And we've never been able to get them off the cartoons completely or heading them in the wrong direction. So the solution is to bring in that which is going to teach them the deen of Allah in a playful manner, in a lovely, beautiful way. They're going to be watching small little cartoons. And as they come out, they're reading the two R's. They are singing a nasheed, they know

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how to respect their elders, they know who is the chef and the Imam, and what's the value of that person. Why, because there's someone in the Ummah, who is making those cartoons. If you think you don't have that problem, wait until you have children and see what happens, then you will appreciate those who did those cartoons for now, you might be refuting and sitting and swearing, and abusing, and so on. But don't do that, try to appreciate what everyone is doing. Sometimes, if you were to remove some of these colors that you love to refute from the face of the earth, you might create a little bit of a vacuum. But you don't realize that. So each one is specialized in his or her own

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way. I started off by saying that children are discouraged because they witness scholars fighting each other. They witness scholars talk about each other. Some of them are specialized in studying the lives of others who are doing the work and finding fault. Now, unfortunately, that is a sign of rejection. You see, when you are supposed to be doing hard work, say you're a mechanic, and you're supposed to be repairing the vehicles, but you're not repairing the vehicles, you're watching others who are fixing the cars. And by the way, nowadays, if you're a mechanic and there's a Tesla around the corner, you might not be able to touch it, because you're going to need to go for a course

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before you know what a Tesla is all about. Because if you're trying to use whatever you had in terms of your learning five years, or 10 years ago, it's not going to work with some of these new vehicles, you need to update and upgrade. So when you see a younger guy, dealing with a Tesla, for example, don't be jealous of him. Don't abuse him. Some people, when they are mechanics, instead of fixing the vehicles, they sit and watch others and say This guy doesn't know what he's doing. That guy's gonna mess up all the cars, this guy's cause problems in the vehicles. But what have you done? What have you done? How have you even repaired the first vehicle? Can you show us? So this is why we

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say in every field, this is what happens. Those who know, they know that they know. And then they are busy doing hard work, they don't have the time to look at another mechanic because I'm so busy with my work. I've got 100 vehicles, if in fact, if anything, I wouldn't find giving you 10 of my cars, because I can't cope.

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That's how busy I am. But what are you busy doing? You're busy pointing fingers. And as a result, the others will become mechanics they either join you in pointing fingers or they are going to be repairing vehicles with all the others. Same applies in knowledge. Some sit back, and they talk about this one and that one, they will print pamphlets they will put articles, what are they doing themselves? How did they serve the broader masses? Did they take the dean to the non Muslims? Did they ever think of talking or addressing or engaging the haters who hate Islam in order to try and give them a picture of what Islam really is? They may not accept Islam, let them listen to what you

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have to say and say wow, I used to think Islam is a terrible religion filled with extremism. But now I've understood that in fact, it is a religion that has good and blessed teachings. How do they know someone somewhere somehow specialized in teaching them and reaching them and you are busy sitting in your Masjid mashallah doing a good job perhaps as an imam at in your spare time. You're busy poking fun at those who are really doing a tremendous job, but in a different department of the same Dawa. May Allah grant us an understanding? We need these people. Sometimes you have the majority of Muslims, as you and I know are not fully practicing. Most of us. 95% of us are struggling to become

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better Muslims. Who cares for you? Who makes you feel like you know what, go for it. Come let's go You're doing well Mashallah. Alhamdulillah Don't worry. Oh, you slept come up. Come up. Let's engage in Toba ask Allah's forgiveness and let's start again come back Mashallah. We need you. We love you. We care for you. Let's go. Let's go. Who is doing that? Who is cheering those who need the cheering? Trust me if someone's doing it, congratulate them, help them, support them. Understand they may not be doing what other scholars are doing, but Wallah, he they are fulfilling a massive void in the Ummah if you take them out of the equation, who is there for our children? When I see the children

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of others youngsters, I love to give them time because I see my own kids in them and I

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Tell myself if I'm not going to just smile at this youngster, perhaps greet him and say, mashallah, you're looking handsome. What did I do? I empowered him with a statement of confidence. That's all I did. Because the children, many of the adults, they just rattle out negatives. You know what? You're useless. You know what, you're rubbish. You're not going to be able to achieve anything. You are nothing. Don't even try. Don't waste your time you came out last. These are the statements that are being told to our children, they are discouraged. Where are those who are telling them Well done, my son, you did? Well, that one word will change his life. Wallahi but we don't think that way because

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we don't care for the ummah. So if you know someone who cares for the home of value, that person Wallahi you need them and your children need them. May Allah Almighty grant us ease. So youngsters are discouraged. Because when they see the fighting, when they see the scholars swearing each other, mocking at each other, calling each other bad names, you're not even a Muslim. And imagine the guy reads the whole Quran every third day, and others are saying you're not even a Muslim. And people are saying, well, this person, there's something wrong with him, he's a deviant and so on. I am not saying that you should not engage in discussing difference of opinion and correcting one another,

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but it needs to be respectful, because everyone is watching you. Would you like to guide people? Well then do the guidance and the guiding with wisdom? Allah tells you you address the non Muslims with wisdom. What about the Muslims with even more wisdom in sha Allah? So here goes, if you want the children to come up, you firstly,

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can I say something controversial? You need to double the salary of your Imam. That's the first thing because the job of that scholar and that Imam is nothing when people youngsters see how much these imams are getting. I'm not gonna be any mom. mentioning my cherry wanted the cherry, I wouldn't even be able to buy it and the cherry is a Chinese motor vehicle, by the way, right? I can't even afford it because I'm going to be an imam. I'm going to have to get a lift and go in public transport. So when the Imam is getting a top salary Wallah, he naturally people look and say, hey, I want to be an imam. Because at school, they are taught what would you like to become? become

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something that's going to bring bring you some income that's going to get you a life? That's what they teach you at the schools. They say, Well, I want to be an imam. You know, from all religions, all religions.

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Islam is the religion where

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unfortunately, the religious personnel are the least paid. You go and check it. Do a search online, you will notice others are paid 1000s of dollars, but the Imams Allahu Akbar, do you know what we tell them? In sha Allah Imam Your reward is with Allah, you will get Jana. He says, but I need to live. The Imam is not allowed to buy a car, he can't have a new clothes, he is not allowed to come in with rude and proper perfume. He is not allowed to have Subhanallah so many things just because the culture has set the wrong trend. Let's change that. Let's change that. And you'll see the youngsters tomorrow, they will all apply to be scholars. And they learn they won't learn in order to

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earn but survival survival. Imagine not everyone is fortunate enough to be a scholar and a businessman at the same time, or to have a supplementary income. But we need definitely to make the past such that the youngsters look and they enjoy it. I like to tell the kids you know what, I get a lot of hate. I get refutations, I get people calling me names. They call me coffee, they call me fat, sick and foger. They call me whatever but in a million times over. I wouldn't mind all of that. Seeing what Allah has chosen us to do. I wouldn't mind. I really don't. When someone says whatever you get to a level where you actually pity them because they don't know. Something. You know, that's

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it. You put in them. You feel sorry for them. A guy one day spotted me. In fact, there were three youngsters. This guy splits in my direction. I just looked at him and I put it in because I'm thinking to myself, what did that gain you? I know we have gotten I know what I have. What did it gain you? I wouldn't mind smiling. So I'm sorry, my my son what's going on? Don't sound son we you Okay. All right, my daughter, what's going on?

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What would you like me to say? That we cannot get upset and cross because I know what I have. Imagine you're a doctor and you're a qualified doctor. And you've been doing, for example, surgeries for the last 15 years. And then comes a young guy who's not even qualified, and he looks and says You don't know anything. He wants to split in your direction. You're gonna say guess what? You your father and your grandfather. I treated all of you guys but you don't even know Allahu Akbar. You just got to chill. You just got to take it easy. I want to encourage the youngsters learn.

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Don't learn in order to argue with people and in order to boast and brag with your knowledge. Even if you have a lot Be humble. You don't need to argue you

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Don't need to become a person who's sitting online and picking on every other scholar and dropping, dropping, dropping to prove who you are and the man, it's not a boxing fight. It's not Tyson versus fury and so on. It is actually serving the same cause you're working for the same boss that is Allah. So come on, help them say good about them. Someone's making a mistake. You don't need to publicly shame them. You can address it, sometimes it might be a difference of opinion. So this evening, masha Allah,

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second night of Ramadan, it is the month of knowledge. Many people don't say that. How knowledge because the Quran is the root of all knowledge. That's why the word of Allah, the month of knowledge, encourage each other to learn, to study, to increase in knowledge, to teach others and to keep going, my beloved children, boys and girls, do something to expand your knowledge. And when you expand it, start practicing and when you practice, start teaching others and I'm going to tell you one thing, in order to end this talk.

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True Knowledge comes with humbleness, when you see a really knowledgeable person.

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They will be very humble. If they are not humble. They're not knowledgeable, arrogant, arrogant. Look at everyone else. And what do you guys know? I'm the dawn. You're the dawn

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True Knowledge comes with humility, humbleness, it comes with? selflessness. You want to help everyone because you have knowledge. You don't belittle anyone. You watch what you say. That's true knowledge. It softens you. It doesn't make you hard. When you know Allah you become soft. Look at what Allah says in the Quran, about the most blessing, the most knowledgeable from all of us. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Allah says,

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Furby mount Rama team mean Allah Helio della whom, while I woke up,

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one Vani Vaughn convenor,

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bloom in how authentic

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it is, by the mercy of Allah assign of the Mercy of Allah, that you are lenient towards the others, meaning his companions, it's a sign of the Mercy of Allah when you are lenient, the opposite is true, that when you are not lenient, it's a sign that Allah has no mercy on you in the sense that you are far from the Mercy of Allah because you don't have leniency. So come down, look at people with love, you look at a person, don't look with the eye of hate, look with the eyes of love, you will find a lot, they will connect with you because the eyes are filled with love, it's easy to pick it up. The hearts have an energy that is felt Subhan Allah. So Allah says, if you are harsh and hard

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hearted, they would disperse from around you.

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When the Imam comes up, for example, and he says, guys, you guys are going to * fire. Everybody's going to burn. And you know what you rather start now testing your your levels of tolerance with candles because you guys are going to burn. I mean, that would be absurd. Am I right? But sometimes you hear a talk, and if belittled the masses in such a way that everyone walks down with their heads in shame that I don't ever want to come back to listen to a talk in this Masjid. I know of a certain Imam, lovely brother, but too hard hitting. When people come to the door on a Friday and see him there. They quickly run out and rush to another Masjid nearby. Imagine, come on. May Allah Almighty

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help us to respect one another. May Allah Almighty help us respect all scholars, no matter what they are doing. Some of them even if they are just involved in business or involved in something else. Wallahi the fact that they are knowledgeable, we honor that fact. And we know that we can learn a thing or two from them. And I'd like to remind those who are learning those who have learned go easy on your colleagues. Don't just bash them don't just refute them. We are all part of the ummah of the same Nabi SallAllahu sallam, you never know who is closer to Allah. You never know who is winning the race. And here you are sitting, pointing fingers may Allah never let that happen to us. May

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Allah use us all to serve a good cause. I see young faces this evening and Wallahi it brings you joy to my heart. And I thought this word of encouragement would boost you would help you to say you know what, go for it. It's not an easy task. But memorize the Quran, learn some knowledge, help other people develop good character, good companionship, have good friends, come to the masjid together. Like I've always said, pray together, play together. You should pray together and play together.

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If you want to know who do I play with, say you play with those whom you pray with, because they pray. That's the reason. If they don't pray, they're not worth playing with.

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May Allah Almighty forgive all of us, and I pray that we have a blessed month of Ramadan. This was the last of my talks in this masjid and inshallah tomorrow I will be in Makkah to the Mocha Rama. By this time, I ask Allah Almighty to take us in sha Allah make the journey easy. I will pray that Allah bring all of you there as well. Forgive all our shortcomings make Ramadan easy for all of us, except our fasting and accept our Byam and Ibadah our charities. May Allah transform us in this month of Ramadan such that we've never been before, in a way that Insha Allah, it takes us straight to genital for DOS, Amin, Yarbrough al Amin Akula Kohli, ha was Allah Allahu wa salam ala Nabina.

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Muhammad was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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