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The history of the um Hyundai family, including the aftermath of the US-led invasion of Syria and Iraq, the decline of the United States-led invasion of Afghanistan, and the decline of the United States-led invasion of Afghanistan, is discussed. The tension between the two cultures is causing political unrest and unrest among the Muslim umighens and the Catholic monarchy. The upcoming conflict between Islam and the United States, including the need for unity among members of the political community, is also discussed. The upcoming war with Iran and the need for unity among Muslims and their relatives is also addressed. A quiz is asked about a man who was killed by the United States and was later killed by the United States.

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As we learn Machito Nojima Swiller man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala I should have been more discerning. So you did. Your sacrilege remains to know why they couldn't Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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Alhamdulillah the first day of the fast hope everybody survived. It looked a bit less than it the Torah we had to know if we've lost the people on the way. Now like say from my sorry about that. I know that those are not the shortest of days but Subhanallah every moment in the sacrifice for Allah subhanaw taala it's the most one of the most beautiful deeds to Allah is that of cm Allah accept from us and in grant us reward? I mean, we continue with our series, the revival series of the revival of the Islamic spirit. We will look at the low points in Islam and how the Ummah came out of it for us in sha Allah to benefit as we are currently going through a low point may Allah make it

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easy for us and strengthen the ummah. I mean, we spoke about yesterday after a number of years, often more than 30 years of success and prosperity one Khalifa after the next expanding and building on the Ummah transforming what was appeared to be just an Arabian phenomenon in the desert to becoming a global civilization, in fact, the leading civilization in the world and then we were struck with the first major calamity the major catastrophe of fitna, in this OMA with the assassination of Satan, Earth man or the Allah and these were outside people, Muslims, coming from different parts of the Ummah besieging Medina besieging his house, forcing him to resign and but as

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the Navi Salam had instructed, say, northmen This is prophecy than a resource Allah mentioned to Earth man, that Allah will give you a robe that you will wear a cloak of the caliphate, you are not allowed to remove it. And so say North man maintained his position as Khalifa until he was assassinated this through the Ummah into a crisis. For three days we had no Khalifa and eventually say the leader of the Allah and whether by force by a sword, he was appointed as the Khalifa they forced him and made him the Khalifa these group of thugs and say now lira the Alon accepts the caliphate, is the fourth Khalifa after Satan, Earth man, but the Ummah was completely in fractured

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at this point in time, many of the governors of the ummah will control the powerful regions of Syria and Iraq and remember the say the army is there's no army in Medina at this point in time the army is on the frontiers. They were shocked to hear that the Khalifa in Medina has been been murdered. And when Satan Ali became the Khalifa, he immediately asked these governors that he they will change them because they will complaints. These people who came to kill Satan, Earth man, they complained about governance and say No, I only wanted to take stock of the situation. And he recalled all the governors, some of them accepted, but many of those governors refused to accept the order. And they

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said until you bring the killers of the Khalifa to justice, we will not hand over the armies of the Muslim ummah, and the most prominent governor and the most powerful governor in the Ummah was my aware of the Alon Moussa is as a hobby. He's the brother of diabetes alum. He's the ruler the governor of Syria of of Palestine of Lebanon, he has the most powerful army of the Muslim ummah, the Navy of the Muslim ummah, is also the closest relative to say, North man, say North man's wife goes to Syria, she presents her hand was cut off she presents the clothing of with the man and she said to my Well, what are you going to do about this, you are the leader of the family, you need to take

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justice. And so we have a tension now say analysis to Maria relinquish your position as governor Maria says, I refuse to relinquish until you bring those people killed. With a man to justice and all the different groups that have come, you need to punish them, and back and forth, these negotiation and discussion and the Sahaba find themselves basically in three camps. They are those who support Satan ally as Khalifa and they are those who support Satan, Moussa and are sympathetic after the killing of Satan out with man. And then there are many Sahaba went through and said, Look, we will sit out and we're going to involve ourselves, eventually Satan ally is forced to relocate

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the capital from Medina to Kufa in Iraq and the political system at that time. Remember, there were two empires before Islam, a eastern empire called the Persians, Iran Iraq and this group of people were behind, they were supporting say nollie and then you had the Roman Empire, the city of Jordan Lebanon block and this group is supporting say nama Alia. So there is this tension as well. And so half of the Ummah is on the one side and the other half is on the other side. And a year goes by of negotiations. You look at the latest between Satan Mr. Weir and say not with Matt. I say Nalli very cordial, very respectful. One trying to convince the other with Allah with the Quran with the

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Sunnah. Eventually, no resolution is had and it appears we have to end up going to a civil war who are here to build two armies of the Muslims.

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For one year, no more jihad. No more fighting the enemies the armies are now rallying against one another. And there was a pre civil war called the Battle of the Camel we already said so now shout out the Allah involved in this in this battle. But the major battle the Battle of Safin is where the army of Cena ally mobilizes and moves to remove Satan out of the Allah and, and even during the Army's arrive face to face. Still they can't bring themselves to fight one month goes by with Allah ma talking, discussing trying to negotiate, but unfortunately there is no resolution and in the war begins the Battle of Safin. 1000s SubhanAllah 1000s of 10s of 1000s of Sahaba killed of Muslims are

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killed on at the Battle of Safin. It's mentioned that more Muslims died in the battle of Safin than all the wars from the time of Nabil salaam until now fighting the kuffar more Muslims killed each other say in the alley he cries he says to hassling her saying How I wish Allah had taken me away 20 years ago in the time of the enemy Saddam How I wish I didn't live to see this. This is on my head. Another great Sahabi the ruler of Egypt I'm I've been lost very staunch supporter of Mao here. He says that, before that of Islam came, if I died, I knew I was going to join them. And during the time going to be Salam. I felt if I were to die, I feel confident I've gone to Jana, but now I don't

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know anymore. If I'm going to Jana, after what is going on. Yes, Pamela? So the OMA is incomplete.

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It's not just the loss of life, but it is Muslims killing Muslim Sahabi killing so Hobbes behind Allah. Now one might ask, what is the benefit? What is the wisdom as as in spite of this calamity? There is some wisdom. Allah mentions an idea that up until this point, we had not seen this idea in effect, then at the same time, of course shows and teaches the Quran how to implement the Quran. There is an eye on the Quran Allah says we're in thought if attorney may not mean that if you have two armies of the Muslims, it batata no fighting, killing one another one another. For us, the whole Boehner Houma, then you should try and bring about reconciliation between them for him but okra but

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if one is extreme, one is persecuting the other for call to let ewe the order of you unite against that transgressing party had a fee who either amarilla until the party comes back to the local ordinance of Allah for him for that and if that party obeys for us me who and then bring unity but you know who Mr. Bill added and then bring each other back on justice and unite we're accustomed to and be fair and just in the law, your hippo sitting, and Allah loves those who are just now we have never seen this is in effect, there was no such thing at the time, we're gonna be solid. I'm saying no bucket off man. I said, Omar. Now we see this is in effect. And so one of the one of the wisdoms

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we mentioned is that if any group of

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people are going to fight one another, and to learn the ADEPT of fighting one another, it should have been the sahaba. In this battle, we found certain beautiful examples. Both of both generals agreed that if anybody lays down their arms, we do not pursue them. We are no prisoners of war when Muslims fight one another, no prisoners of war, there is no bounty or booty. And at the end of the day, each, each army the both armies will come together and perform Janessa Salah on the date SubhanAllah. So in the sad moment, there was some silver lining, eventually saying that Ali's army is beginning to win. And say now without the Alon witnessing that defeat was upon them. They come

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out and they say it and they raised the Quran and said we want arbitration. We want mediation. We want a truce, we don't surrender. We want mediation and say 90 of the Alon is amenable to this. You don't want to fight no problem. We don't need to fight each other. Let's take this to arbitration. And so the army separate and arbitration begins. On the way back say Natalie's army now goes back to Kufa to Iraq, on the way back a group of his army defects.

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These are extremist Ultra religious leap in the minds Ultra religious believing that the hack is with them not a single one of them companion, and they determine what's right do you have an ally to stop jihad? If you are on the Huck, if you are on the truth, and Mao was wrong, you should have fought until the bitter end you should have killed all of them. You have become coffee. And this group broke away they called the whole adage This is the first six in Islam up until now, Mao and Ali are fighting each other politically. No one is saying you're a coffee with your coffee. They will still Muslims they will fighting over politics that's why politics very dangerous. The ANC all

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this. But we don't call each other caffeine we don't make that clear of another this group that broke away now declares malware your caffeine. I'm going to be the last in each of your caffeine ally your caffeine. Your arm is a caffeine everyone that supports you a Catholic except us. This is the beginning of the first six in Islam called the coverage Satan ally tries to negotiate with him speak to them bring common sense to them. He refuted a lot of the evidence because they're using the Quran against Satan and saying that you had made Kufa you may succeed. For example, one point they made they said during the arbitration

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When he was arbitrating between say North man and says to say no ally and Moussa say no Ally was told, you cannot use the title Khalifa because we I have not formally accepted you as Khalifa now we are said to him, so say Daddy was forced to remove the title ally the Khalifa. So they said to him, if you are not the Khalifa of the Muslims, the new or the Khalifa have shaytaan this duality how what right either you are the Khalifa or you live in Europe, the Khalifa. And so, one of the orlimar amongst the Sahaba said to them, Do you know the Navi salaam did something much greater than this in the Treaty of who they BIA between the Muslims and the Kurdish The Kure citizen IV Salam don't write

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the Rasulullah between the Croatian Rasulillah if we believed you Rasulullah we wouldn't have this, remove rasool Allah and put Muhammad. So then the salam said remove Rasulullah and say that Allah was the man was the scribe. He was the one who wrote it and the Prophet instructed him remove the word Rasul Allah say it's the TT between Muhammad and the Kurdish man, no response to these kinds of debates and the sit the Sahaba sit to the house. Listen, either. Look at Mao here, he's got supporters amongst the Sahaba and Alia supporters from the Sahaba and the people of Medina are neutral or Sahaba. Not one single one of you are Sahaba. Surely your thinking your understanding of

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Islam is incorrect. But they refused to listen, and they broke away and they made tech feed of the whole ummah. Do we know groups like this? They made clear of every Muslim they made their blood halal, and they started attacking civilians, they would ask would you support you support ally you're a kafir kill the sahabi take his women. And so now Subhanallah Sina Ali is forced to deal with us this insurrection now. And while all this is happening, as we said the Ummah is falling for five years, no Jihad and Allah subhanaw taala mentions, we're not going to South Africa, Allahu Allah says I promised you truthfully, if that will soon be funny that when you were on the right

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when you were when you were united, and you were working together, you swept your enemies away, there was no one that stood against you had it officially to them. But until you are Muslims, you broke apart and your courage left you with another atom and you disputed amongst yourself will fulfill amor between one another when I say to mean back, or Akuma to a bone, and you fought over the dunya. Now your energy, your strength left you we see Subhanallah exactly what's happening today with our strength. Allah subhanaw taala is saying to the Muslims, whether you are a few that are united, no one can stand against you. But if you are mighty number, but you're disunited, you will

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have no courage and strength. And so unfortunately, we'll say nearly his entire caliphate is marred with this kind of one civil war after the next he is forced to go and fight with the Hermitage. And be Salam predicted to say that he said a time will come over it that you will fight against a group that have lifted in fact, the term holodeck is from the anime, sometimes they will leave the Diem like an arrow leaves a bow and say now Ali, he fought against them. And he defeated most of them. And he even mentioned go look for such and such a man, the Sahaba said, we can't find a man that looks like he should go find this man. Because the one who told me I would fight a man that looks

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like this. He did not tell lies, meaning going to be solemn, until they found this person and he felt Alhamdulillah what I'm doing is on the right. And so eventually, after the house, we dealt with the same allele of the alarm. It appears he has to go back to home with malware, another negotiation, no benefit, no answer, the Ummah is still fighting amongst itself. The whole adage of plot plotting in the meantime, and the hardage come to a scheme. And they said you know what, if we get rid, and this is the house mentality, and so today, but if we just change the political leadership, all the problems get fixed, we take out the president, we take out this person then

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everything gets fixed, very simplistic way of understanding the world. I said, Let us kill the sahabi who's ruling sorry Egypt and let us kill Maria. And let's kill Ali, and they plan this in Ramadan. We'll have this plot same day coordinated, and three assassins go to attack all three of them on the same day in a fighter Salah in Ramadan. I'm gonna win last Saturday, Alana was not harmed. Sydenham Alia was injured and immediately never fully recovered from an injury. And Satan Ali was was struck he was leading the Salah in the masjid in Kufa, and he was struck on his head. And eventually this pillow proved to be fatal. He wasn't yet he was didn't die instantly, but it was

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clear that he was dying. And so now he's on his deathbed and he calls his family together equals hustling across the line, and he gives them what advices it gives them advice as to them and he says, Oh Hassan is talking to his eldest son and two is his children and all my children, fear Allah and never die. We are the ayah as well today Nabil Jakob said to his kids, well, Atomo tuna 11 to slim,

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except that you're a Muslim, and all of you together to the rope of Allah be don't be disunited. Work with one another and don't be divided amongst yourselves and reconcile between people is giving advice to to his family. Try your best to make reconciliation and peace as best you can.

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and perform as much Snuffles Salah as you can and check upon your relatives and keep your family ties I urge you about Allah to be kind to the orphans, and do not be silent against those who are being oppressed. And I urge you about Allah to be good to your neighbors, and your prophet in the visa and I'm enjoying you upon this and that to help your neighborhood and issue but Allah to take care of the Quran and do not let others into the new inputting Quran in practice, I urge you about Allah to take care of the Salah, it is the foundation of your religion, and to take care of the Kaaba and never to neglect it, and to always fight in jihad, Jihad will be there. And then he also

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instructs them. He says, If I'm about to die, and he was only punish the man who injured me, don't go to war, like what happened to us man, do not take a do not go a campaign against a group just to hold the one man to justice. And so eventually say nearly Rhodiola and passes away of his wound. And he's buried in Iraq. The man who killed segnale didn't even try to escape. He gave himself a look at the extremism when he was captured Hassan or the Alon, the son of Satan, Ali, he says to Hassan, Hassan, I will make a deal with you. Let me go free. I will kill malware for you. And I'll come back and you can execute me. I'm not here. I don't want to run away judgment. And then he said to them,

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when you execute me, make it slow. I want Allah to give me the full reward of what I have done. This man believes killing the man who grew up in the house of Nabisco salaam, who married the daughter of going to be Salam, who is the father of Hassan and Hussein, that is killing his murder of Satan. Ali was a great act of service to the Ummah, this fanaticism, this hilarious mentality, eventually this man will jam was executed. And now the whole army of Satan that I laid out the Allah and half of the Ummah, they look now to Hassan to take over the caliphate and he's appointed the Khalifa of the Muslims and it appears Subhanallah we are headed for another civil war we continue tomorrow but if

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Allah insha Allah with our series, a

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few announcements the Saturday the 16th of March, we are looking for sponsors for days to go please sponsor an orphan in Kerala a man comes to the NABI Salaam and he says Ya rasool Allah, my heart isn't soft, something's wrong with you. I hear the Quran and make salah but nothing changes than a visa Salam says rob the head of an orphan, spend time with the orphans it will soften your heart so everyone in sha Allah if you can support an orphan in the lab, tonight's quiz question

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in which Mercy was saved, nearly injured, and then he was killed by Ibn in Belgium. The guy's name is Jeremy the murderer, which Masjid was in the Blue Mosque? Was it in the Great Mosque of Kufa? Was it in the mosque of Kuba? Was it a number we mostly didn't number we Inshallah, just talk about what someone was saying that Muhammad Ali also bislama Sunni when Hamler Bedard Amin Osama alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh