Minute with a Muslim #036 – And He Found You Lost & Guided You – Utica Masjid

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Alhamdulillah Hyrum Bilad me in our off Manuel Rafi me Maliki oh me Dean. II can I will do I II can esteri in it did not see them off on was SE MA so you're off on La Vie Anna and I'm terrible at him blowing it in and out of all the on a him What else was on me I mean

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me what Bill ha well lately either Sanjay Malad dakara buco I'm app on what on earth hit onto like I mean Oh Allah was on fire or clean cut on bootcamp fat town road La La Majeed. Okay our team.

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Watch. Come on.

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Well watch

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out for Malia team.

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Messiah in turn have

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been here. Imagine being Kapha had this. Allahu Akbar. Well