The cure for the weakness of the Ummah

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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The speaker discusses the reality of the um7-ous situation and how only one solution can solve the problem. The solution is to return to Islam and accept the guidance of Jesus through the actions of Jesus. The speaker also mentions the success of Islam in history and the importance of honoring Islam in one's world.

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But we all can agree we are the lowest in terms of our Ummah can be right now, you know, so where where did this all happen? How did it all started? You know how how does you know as you know, this

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is at this stage, you know at this situation right now, it's actually

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you know, we think sometimes it's a very because the situation is so difficult that we're going to assume we think that the answer of why we're in the situation or how to solve it, we think it's very difficult but it's actually very easy to come up and say it can be said in action in a few words, and it's all in the Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If you look into the sunnah of our beloved Prophet alayhi, salaatu, WA salaam, he mentioned that a hadith several things that the ummah will follow from the desires of the dunya several haram acts that they will do, and certain things that they will leave and not fulfill. And he said, once these things

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happen, he said that he set out to set up

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some local Allahu Allah, him Gula that Allah will put a humiliation upon them. And this is the reality of the Ummah, today, we've done all of these actions that are mentioned and much, much more. And we've left all of these things are much more.

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So what's happened is that Allah subhanaw taala has put this duelists humiliation upon us and then he gave the solution at the end of the Hadith and made it clear that there's only one way to remove the situation of being humiliated as we are today. He said layer of our and whom had Abdullah Dini that he will not send a raise it from them until they come back to their Deen come back to the religion. So there's only one way to solve the problem which is returning to our religion. When we support the religion of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah will support us he made it very clear in a very any clear, clear short iron. Yeah. Are you holding the terminal? Oh, you have believed in

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Tonzura, Allah, young circum that if you support Allah, Allah will support you. You want Allah's help, then you have to strive for the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala you have to obey Him. So when we strive to obey Allah subhana wa Tada, then the Nasir and the victory in the help and the assistance from Allah will come right away. Oh, my God, the Allahu Allah, he said it. And he in a very profound way, a very beautiful way.

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If you looked at the if you look in history, the Arabs were one of the lowest known to mankind, nobody even wanted their country, the superpowers of that time, which was in Persian Rome, they didn't even try to conquer them because they were useless. There was nothing there for them except for sand. Nobody even wanted their country SubhanAllah. So they were, they were a nation of

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any worthless at that time, honestly.

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But then they became the most honored nation.

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They became the the top and everything. And throughout history, they started to become stronger and stronger, more powerful, and they became leaders. So how does someone come from being all the way at the bottom to being all the way at the top? He said, I'm going on called top law, the law one national Omen, as in a law that Islam, that we are a nation, Allah has honored us to Islam. Villa Mediterranean is a theory of value and ALLAH, so we look for honor and other than Islam, Allah will humiliated us once again, they intimidated because we're looking for the solutions and other than Islam. So this is the reality of why we reached where we reached the date. We've turned our backs on

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our religion, and we're searching for solutions and other than the religion of Islam, and throughout history, we've only been successful as Muslims when we hold foreign tourists in them. And we strive to excel both in our religious affairs and our worldly affairs as well.