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The importance of the Friday holiday and its significance in Islam is discussed, including the return of Islam to the new life in Paradise and the day of the year. Prayer for Islam is emphasized, along with the importance of praying for forgiveness of sins. The importance of praying for one year and the reward of praying for one year is also emphasized. The importance of watching the schedule of worship and not forgetting to be quiet is emphasized, along with the need for people to be aware of the hotbar and not miss opportunities during the meal.

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wanna stay in one istockphoto when they are hookah is about the importance of the day of Friday and the importance of the Friday prayer. Why this topic because many Muslims are not completely aware of the importance of Friday and the Friday prayers. And for those who skipped Juma prayer, every now and then, or they're too busy or they get caught up with work, it's a good reminder. And even for those who never missed a Friday Prayer they should know and be reminded of its seriousness. We begin with its name and it is known as Juma many people say Joomla but it's a Joomla. And it was given this name because it is a day when the people congregate the HTML in us and this is the opinion of

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Nikita or as an example, and other explained other explanations that it is the day when the creation was all completed, then put together and it is also known as young and moseyed in the in the next life in Paradise and agenda. The people of genda gather on this day on the day of Friday, and they see a large religion and Allah Subhana Allah, he has he to whom Allah will increase them from his bounties. So even so it's a great day even in the next life, not just in this world. And in the pre Islamic days before Islam it was known as Yom arroba.

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From the virtues and importance of Yama, Yama, Allah azza wa jal mentions in Surah, Al Yama, Yama, Yama, Lavina amanu, is a New Delhi salatu salam ala Giamatti. First, our Illa decree law was our old bear, or you who believe on the call is proclaimed for the Salah. On Friday, then come to the remembrance of Allah. And by the remembrance of Allah here, it means the hookah and the Salah, and leave off Albania, which is selling and meaning here business. And what are the laws have been specifically mentioned? And bear and not assura buying, but he mentioned selling because it's the more beloved one, two people and if for everybody, it's more beloved to be selling and owning a

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business and making money as opposed to giving someone your money. So Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the more beloved one to people and if you leave that off, then you definitely will leave the ones that are least Beloved.

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It will claim Rahim Allah the scholar he says the scholar difference about the best day of the year, is that the day of arafah or they deal with Juma we all know the importance of the day of alpha. But can you imagine to this degree that the scholars actually had a disagreement, which is the greatest day of the year that they have Friday or they do have the only comes once a year.

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And he comments then that he says the preference of the day of Friday over the rest of the days is like the preference of Ramadan over the other months of the year and say Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said hi Roman Talat Allah Haitians, Yeoman Juma, the best day The sun has ever risen upon is the day of Friday, fi Hola, Adam Warfield Hello Jenna Wolfie Raja minha. On that day, Allah created Adam and on that day he entered him into paradise. And on that day, he took him out of paradise. And so head Buhari, the prophet Lam says we, meaning the Muslims are the last of all the nations, but we will be the foremost on the Day of Resurrection, although the former nations were

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given their scriptures before us, and we were given hours after them. And this day Friday is the date in which they dispute it. And the scholars explained, Musa alayhis salam guided and instructed his people to take Friday's a day of worship. He didn't order them but he guided them to it. And they argued with him and they said Saturday is better. So they lost out on the benefit of a Juma. So the problem says, and this day, meaning the Friday is the day concerning which they disputed so Allah guided us to it. Tomorrow is for the Jews meaning Saturday and the day after for the Christians meaning Sunday.

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Likewise incident with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in a hadith to show us the importance and the seriousness of the Friday, the Friday hookah and Joomla whoever neglects three Joomla has a low will place a seal on his heart, and the scholars commented and Nabi sallallahu Sallam said whoever neglects three jamas they said the President did not specify three Juma is in a row consecutively through Jim as a month three Jim as a year or three Jim has a lifetime. That's how serious it is. Whoever neglects three Jim has a lower place a seal on his heart

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narrated also inside a Muslim, the Muslim said let people stop neglecting Juma or Allah will place a seal on their hearts then they will be amongst those who are neglectful.

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And yet another Hadith showing the seriousness narrative. I have no manager

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We saw Selim said Friday is the master of all days. Yeah. And it's the best of all days, and the greatest of them before Allah. It is greater with Allah than the day over love her. And the day over

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this day, which comes so often and every week is greater with a larger religion than the day we'll have her and that they will settle. If we contemplated that brothers and sisters, how seriously do we take the day of a lot when we get up early for it? We dress our best for it, we come early to it. But this day is greater with the fact that it's more frequent does it make it less important?

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And we see also not only the importance of the day, we see great reward in the day of a Juma and Nabi sallallahu Sallam explains in this hadith narrated by Al Bukhari is the kind of human Juma can adequately bourbon mean a bobbin Miss Judy Miller a cotton tune and a wonderful a one on if it's the day of Friday. At each door of the masjid, there will be angels who write down the first ones to come to the masjid they write down the names of those who come early to the masjid for either jellison Imam. And if the Imam sits, then they close their books, and they will come in to listen to the Hulk book. Imagine you can see these angels you come early on Friday before the bus starts. And

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you see them record your name. And if you could actually see them with your eyes. Would you ever be late to a gym after that? Would you ever come after the whole team

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sends the member the scholars also some scholars commented. They said that when the Imam comes on the member Your name is not written by the angels as we explained. Some scholars explained in Yeoman moseyed on the Friday on the in the Accra in Ghana. Those who were closest to the member will be closer to Allah subhanaw taala. On the day when I lost heart Allah visits the believers.

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So we see so much of the benefit and the importance and the rewards on this day the day of Friday. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, also, on this day, there is an hour where no Muslim slave stands in praise and asked Allah azza wa jal for something except that Allah subhanaw taala will give it to him. There's a time in this day and it happens every week, where if you ask Allah azzawajal in another narration, as long as it's not Haram, Allah azza wa jal will give it to you.

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Also, in another narration in the tirmidhi, ultimates, huzzah allottee, GA for Yeoman Juma so he says seek the hour which there is hope that prayers will be answered on Friday and then the Prophet Salim said by the slaughter last Illa who you but the chumps he says he's trying to give you a closer time range he says after also prayer until the sunsets there is a time period there when you're asking Allah subhanaw taala for anything a law surgeon will give it to you.

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Then, on top of all the the importance and the rewards we see forgiveness of sins on this day, inside Muslim Abu huraira narrates the Prophet sallallahu Sallam explains that the five daily prayers meaning from one period to the next, and from one Juma to the next are an expiation for whatever sin comes in between so long as one does not commit. The major sins. Minor sins are just dropped just from attending one Friday to the next.

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Likewise, a hora de la Hondo mentions that the problem says whoever does listen then comes to Juma and prays as much as Allah decrees for him. Yeah, anyone you come early, you start to pray rakaat, in twos, whatever number you want, or you sit and make the Corolla, or it's too far or recite the Quran, but sometimes people come early, and they just start chit chatting. No, you engage in some kind of worship of Allah zodion. So continuing and maybe saw Selim said whoever does Wilson Bates then comes to Juma and praise as much as Allah decrees for him then listens attentively until the hope is over, then prays with the Imam, he will be forgiven his sins between that and the next Juma

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and three more days. So why the three more days and I'm gonna know he explains that the good deed is equal to 10. So it's seven days of the week plus three, it's now that one day 10 times the reward.

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On top of that, coming early to Juma specifically has its own reward. Narrated by Sahih Bukhari and Muslim. The proxy Lam said whoever does awesome on Friday, like the listen for Jenna by Yann Ubaid, basically, with intention of purifying so the intention of it being for Friday then goes to the prayer in the first hour and it goes very early. It's as if he sacrificed a camel and we all know this hadith. But imagine now you you spent from your own money and bought a camel and it was slaughtered and distributed upon upon some people of a poor village somewhere, how much meat and how much care they're getting. So if you come very early, this is hours before the horse

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It's as if you sacrificed a camel, whoever goes in the second hour as if he sacrificed a cow third hour, a horn drum, a big sheep Yani, and whoever goes in the fourth hour as if he sacrificed a hen chicken, and whoever goes in the fifth hour as if he offered an egg in sacrifice. When the amount comes out the angels come in to listen to the Hulk but

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in another Hadith also, again, with a slight difference here the problem says whoever does also on Friday and causes his wife to do awesome. Any machine No, he just tells her make Watson, but there's only one time for the married brothers when both you and your wife Mickelson.

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Whoever This was and causes his wife to do awesome and sets out early and comes to the gym, comes close to the Imam and listens and keeps quiet for every step. For every step, he will have the reward of fasting and praying tm for one year. For every step, he will have the reward of fasting and praying to Him for one year. In another narration because this reward is so great. And people might think that's too much for him ended by saying whether Nika Allah He Yessir. And that's easy for a lot. And it's easy for a lot of people to give you that reward for every step coming to the masjid.

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This is narrated by Muhammad in a tirmidhi. Now, so this, the scholars in here and half of them, Rahim Allah commented, all these great rewards like just for coming. He said, it's not just for the idea of showing up but it's combining all the things that are supposed to be done on the day of Juma Yanni doing was taking a bath cleaning oneself, putting on your oil or your Cologne, wearing your best clothes, walking in a common dignified manner to the masjid, which now translate into driving in a common dignified manner.

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not stepping over people can crossing over people's necks to come to the front, not pushing between two people not offending others,

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praying the Nuffield prayers and listening attentively and avoiding idle speech. And if you do these things, you will be getting that reward inshallah over Juma and because of these virtues and importance and rewards the scholar saw the great importance of the of the Friday prayer and made strong comments showing its greatness, if not bustled alone on Houma. He says whoever neglects it, meaning Friday for three successive weeks would be as if he turned his back on Islam. So I didn't wanna say from the great scholars from the Burien Rahim Allah He said to witness a Friday Prayer is dear to my heart, then going on a voluntary Hajj after you do the obligatory Hajj. He said it's more

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beloved to me to attend and witness the Friday prayer than to go on an extra Hajj. This is how the scholars understood its seriousness. humbled Rahim Allah, He said the best of the good deeds is going early to the Friday prayer. Apollo cola was tougher Allah had all the money welcome, Benjamin. Benjamin, no pesto Pharaoh fosun. Mr. Varian escolares would yell first forgiveness surely those who ask for his forgiveness for prosper.

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And hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Meanwhile, he was here Jemaine about

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a quick overview of some of the preferred things on the day of Friday. One of them is sending solo upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam instrument Buddha would say the problem said one of the best of your days is Friday. On it Adam was created and honored he died and on the trumpet that the Annie the horn will be blown blown meaning the day of judgment will be on a Friday and onto all creatures will perish. For zero la Amina Sala TV for insalata qu ma ro de la. He says, So send many blessings upon me on that day for your blessings will be shown to me. So they said How will our blessings be shown to you when your body will have become dust companion said you're passed away

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your body has become dust. And then the president says in the Lucha Genoa Hello Rama and cola examiner that Allah subhanaw taala has made it forbidden for the earth to consume our bodies meaning the bodies of prophets. So your Salah you send upon the lamb will be shown to him on this day. From the other things that are required or preferred to be done on the day of a Juma is to recite Surah Al calf, and there are a number of Hadith mentioning the benefits of that among which whoever reads sawtell calf on a Friday he will be illuminated with light between the two Fridays and he will be illuminating light from this Friday until the next Friday.

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And in another Hadith, a light from between them and the ancient house meaning the Kaaba and many many other Hadith similar to that showing the benefits of reciting sort of telegraph besides the other

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benefits that we get from the sutra itself and reminders of being tested and ease coming after difficulty.

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The good news is that the scholars said that you may read certain calf some scholars said the devil Juma Psalms, one Hadith said on the night, some highlights on the day. So the scholar said, you can actually start reading it in the night of adjumani, Thursday after Maghrib. And this is good news for those who are busy on Fridays and the nature of their work gets very busy because it's the weekend. So you can actually after Maghreb recite sort of telegraph as well because we have a hadith mentioning the nighttime as well.

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And then to do also to base and

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you typically bathe after dawn after fudger. And unless the only exception the scholars make is if someone is going to make hosel before fudger and go straight to the masculine wait until Juma then it's acceptable, but and it's more preferred to do it close to the salaat. But of course, the way we do it now is acceptable. you bathe in the morning and then you go to work and then you come to the masjid that's acceptable.

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And this is also for women. We have evidence that the hosel is for men and for women who are going to attend the Juma if you're not attending the Juma it is not part of the rituals of Friday to just make muscle and stay at home. If you know you're sick, if you know you're traveling and you're not going to make Juma don't just make a list of for the sake of Juma it's related to the prayer and attending the prayer. Then to make a lot of da on this day, because as we explained before, there is a time where whatever you're calling Allah as we get whatever you ask Allah subhanaw taala for He will answer it on the day of Juma one Hadith specifies from us or until sunset until mockery

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now we think when we hear it like this, how many opportunities that we miss any, whatever you're asking a lot as usual for as long as it's not Haram. There is this time period every Friday, where your doubt will be answered. How many of these opportunities have we missed? How many Fridays have we missed? How many people seriously when when all sort of comes on Friday, just free themselves, come to the masjid and just sit and make dinner until Muslim? How many times we have calamities in our life and we've never turned towards this time period hoping to get assistance or help from Allah subhanaw taala. But these are things that we should do as believers we know this from a larger

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religion. We know this from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Whoever has a problem, seek this our seek this time in a Juma take advantage of these times. There is not one of us except that we have a list of problems and calamities for which we need solutions from Allah subhanaw taala come for your time and come sit in the masjid or in your home or in your room and make a lot of dogs even if you're busy. Keep your tongue busy keep making God to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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other issues

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the problem forbade singling out the day of Friday for fasting, unless it's part of a pattern you fast every other day. It happens to be a Friday you can fast but don't single it out for fasting and don't single it out for a pm. scholar said also the exception for town unless it's the only time of the week where you're free enough to make the PM, but otherwise do not single it out for any specific acts of worship. Likewise, the importance of the Hulkbuster of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they said the hookah and the Salah replaces lower the Horus for a cat. We pray to the cardinal Juma and they said the first hook but equals the first car. And the second one

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is the second rocker. And then we have the other two, those are the four look at the replacement of the hook. So they stress the importance of making sure you attend the hook bar as well.

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It is important that when someone is attending the hotbar, they do not fiddle or play around with anything. And it was known that whoever and the time of the mission of the prophets are seldom, they didn't have rugs, and it was just pebbles. If you just played with the pebbles *a lava, Yanni, you've done something which is equal or equivalent to vein talk, like messing up your husband just by playing with the pebbles. But now people play with the patterns on the rugs, or they still pick up their phones. And some people stand up in the middle of the hall but take a picture of the holiday. But take a selfie later on it. What's the what's the dododo right now to take a picture in

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the middle of the book

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and talking and this is a problem and some people talk during the hook but you're not supposed to say a word. The problem give an example that if you say to your companion when the mom is giving the hook on a Friday, be quiet and listen, I need this person is speaking and he might be disrupting nine other people around him. And by telling him to be quiet and listen, you will be benefiting nine other people and you'll benefit by listening as well. But even if you did that which is good

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lm said you have engaged in idle talk and level idle talk. And it's important to remind the sisters because there's a lot of talking during the hook, but in the sisters section, and it's sometimes How are you? Well, thank you, someone brings a chair Jazakallah hip, no talking, there's no talking, any kind of talking is idle talk, don't not even through whispering, full attention given to the hope of not fiddling with objects, not talking, not anything of that sort.

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Now, and, and the last two points would be for many people who believe that the hotbar absolutely needs to be in Arabic, this opinion is not the correct opinion. And it does not have any clear evidence that the husband needs to be in Arabic. But many times people come and make that argument, the first hobo was given an Arabic because that was the language spoken. The first hobo had 40 men in it, because that's the number of men who showed up. Some scholars even said, you have to have 40 men, at least in a hug. But just because the first couple had 40 men, if it had 37, they would have said 37. But that's not a condition and the scholars have refuted these arguments. The whole book

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can be in any language. The point is not for someone to just listen to the Arabic language and not understand it. The point is for people to get a reminder and some type of benefit from the handbook. So it has to be in the language that people understand.

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And the last two reminders is that if you pray in a temporary location, sometimes there's a small muscle only for July. It's not a Masjid. It might be some people pray in the basement of a church, sometimes in an office building, and they have their own hold their own German office by their universities. This happens a lot at the university because it's not an actual message it people don't treat it like a serious cookbook. And they talk and they talk before and they don't pray sunan but if it weren't a serious football, you wouldn't be praying it or serious jumaan. So wherever you're praying Juma you have to follow the etiquettes of Juma It does not have to be within the

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confines of a Masjid wherever you're praying Juma, even if it's an open space, you have to follow the etiquettes of a human. And the last thing the scholars confirmed that there are four soon soon the prayers and there after the Salah, there is not a confirmed from the before, but it's an open invitation for people to pray whatever they want, but after the hookah after the Salah, there are four sunon if you would like to do the man in groups of two and two, with that work allows you to make use of those who recognize the importance of this great day and take advantage of it for long I didn't have to

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worry about it and was Augustine Abba follow masala dunya Kumara homina while I'm a blogger, Elmina Rima sirona, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant victory to Islam to the Muslims and to Grand freedom to the Muslims were held and dealt with unjustly around the world. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring to bring ease and peace and justice to the to the Muslim lands

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for lahoma abdulhadi lomatium Rushden yasui robotic

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almasi adequate Murphy hibben Morrow were you and happy animals. Yes, me Ah, sola lahoma

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Antonella alameen wa sallahu wa sahbihi Jemaine Mohan, como la