Ask Allah For The Special Gift

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The speaker discusses the use of the term Hab in Islam, stating that it refers to grant a gift and to a woman who married and has children. The speaker also talks about the importance of blessing people when married and not letting them know when they're pregnant, as it can cause stress and confusion. The speaker suggests trying out the concept of business as a way to purify one's reproductive system.

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So you know Zakariya

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didn't have children, right? What did he say?

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He says:

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Again he used the term hab. Hab means

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grant me a gift.

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Grant me a gift. Of what? Of

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family, progeny, children who will be a gift

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from you. And Allah

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says, We gave him the gift.

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And so in the Quran

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it says,

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Al Wahhab,

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the name of Allah that is used, wahab,

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in this case as well. So Allah is

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giving the gift, something that you lost hope

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but not from Allah, which I didn't lose

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hope in Allah, but I lost hope

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in worldly things. People get married, and it's

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happening often. May Allah grant ease to all

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those who are married

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in their marriages, and those who don't have

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children. Allah bless them with children as well,

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but it's quite stressful when years are passing,

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and you know what?

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People are just looking at you, thinking it's

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about time you started a family, and you're

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busy thinking: It's got nothing to do with

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about time I, I wanted to start a

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family the day I got married.

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In fact I started a family.

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But it's up to Allah when He is

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going to bless us with children,

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right? People might say, well you need to,

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you need to be on a strict diet,

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you know, get off sugars and gluten and

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this and Yeah, that that may help you.

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It's good to do things that perhaps might,

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you know, purify your reproductive system in a

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beautiful way. Perhaps, yeah, you can try that

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out. It's worked for a lot of people,

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but at the same time, isn't it some

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emptiness that you feel within you to say,

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I don't have children yet, man, Allahu Akbar,

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here's the name, Seek forgiveness of Allah, Rabbirfirli.

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O Allah forgive me. And then that wahab,

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hubli. O Allah grant me.

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hubli. O Allah grant me.