My prayer or my mother which one more important

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In his Salah, listen to this in his

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in his Salah. His mother called him

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in the Salah. He says you're a big celebrity and

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you're a big celebrity. I'm only in the Philippines. So Allah, my Salah, oh my mother, so he chose

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he chose the Salah, which angered his mother, she made her I guess

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he was not on the phone. He was not watching TV. He was not doing his homework. He was in the father. His mother called him. He could show pockets in salah and went and attended his mother.

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She he called his mother called him.

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He said that by kiyomi he said that bakey on me. Yes. Oh my mother. But then he realized, Oh, I think I have raised my voice.

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What did he say? He said to me? Yes, mother.

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Yes, your mother. He felt he raised his voice. He went he purchased two slaves and he freed them for the sake of Allah.