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Salam, Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatu short reminder on the event that you're all going to be waiting for in the next couple of hours, which is New Year's, New Year's is coming. And we have our new years as Muslims and Muharram, which we know of. But this New Year's is like a wild thing, where everybody participates in it. And why everybody does is a set of sub goals. They set themselves, you know, targets and so on, which is fine, the celebration of it, you can ask your local Imams what their opinion is, I'm not here to give you a you know fatwas and what you should do and what you shouldn't do. But what I'm here to do is to pass on something that I've been doing for the last few

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years and hope that you guys will practice on it. My teacher hazard Monophysite Rahim sub and many other teachers have came across have said this to me, as what they say is at the time of New Year's, when you get a chance,

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it will not when you get a chance you should do this, right. So what happens on the 31st of December, at 11. You could say 5857 1157 ish, engage in Salah.

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Start Yoona, Moscow Allahu Akbar. Start your Salah and prolong it, prolong it as long as you can and try to take it past 12 where you end up on 12 to 12 Three 1204 and try to cover that five minutes before and five minutes after. So just to say 1155 to let's just say 1205 If you can do longer, masha Allah, the reason my teacher used to say this to me, he used to say to me the look that in the whole world and the whole world, when it hits 1159 You have people sitting there with the bottles of alcohol, you will have people sin and clubs waiting, you'll have you know, you'll have a lot of you could say environments which are you could say not according to the Sharia, right? So what will

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happen is that what you want to put yourself in a situation is that when you're praying, think about all those people that have forgotten Allah and their are completely busy and drinking alcohol intoxicating, laughing, joking, fireworks engaged another thing so all the world is focused on one thing, and that is 1159 Hitting 12 o'clock. But imagine you standing in front of Allah, think about how many people around the world will be set as engaged in Salah to Allah attained with the whole world nearly as not engaged towards Allah. So you'll be amongst those very few. So it's a very, I would say it's a very good opportunity to stand in prayer at that time. Make dua after that time

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala make your years to come very easy, smooth. mela Swatara protect you from calamities May Allah subhanaw taala protect you from anything that's bad that's going to come your way may Allah Swatara make all your goals or your targets be a success make them come true and so on and try to plan and organize and what you should be really reflecting upon and the new years is that what did you do from January to December what you could have changed who have you heard who have you not upset anything that you have done that would have displeased Allah try not to repeat the same mistake try to do better in this year. For example in the month of Ramadan, you may not

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fast properly last week you fast properly this year makes you more engaged with it. You know, try to make it connected to your deen and remember my The reason I made this video is try to stand in prayer for those 10 minutes or so. Whilst the whole world is partying and doing what they do best, you try your best to engage yourself and Tanya towards Allah Turn yourself towards Allah subhanho wa Taala in sha Allah. Now last month Allah accepted from us to Zakum Allah Hi, Santa aleikum wa rahmatullah. Hi