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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the success of the Trade Desk Institute in empowering and educating academic reactives. They emphasize the importance of sharing and donating to the Institute to support its success. The speaker also mentions a video ad campaign to support their efforts.
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One pound fish, common everybody now one pound fish, one pound fish, one pound fish, three fish.

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Fish. I know you want one. I don't have any fish left with Mohammed hijab stop. The old averages give a man a fish and he will eat for a day teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. This is a great adage that describes the mission of Sapiens Institute leaders spawning other leaders. That is Sapiens Institute's strategy developing empowering and educating academic activists people can defend and share the deen in a manner that is academically robust and intellectually rigorous in just under a year. We have empowered and trained over 6000 people to be able to share and defend the deen academically and intellectually all of this amazing work is pointing to a bright future with

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leaders in every corner of the world who can defend and share Islam effectively. However, there is something missing what is missing from Sapiens Institute, it's you. We need people like yourself to engage with our content, to help spread the message of the dean and to donate every person who benefits from Sapiens Institute every leader who is developed and goes on to develop others and those others who develop others and those others who develop others generation after generation long after me and you are gone. Click the button below and donate and don't forget to share this video.