A Minute with the Aware Academy #06 – Knowledge

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The Br verbal Academy discusses the importance of knowledge in shaping behavior and developing healthy habits. The host emphasizes the need for knowledge to prevent rape and human trafficking, citing studies on the harmful impact of pornography. The host encourages viewers to learn about the benefits of knowledge to avoid sentiment and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

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I always say the more you know, the more you grow. Knowledge is the beginning of awareness and awareness is the beginning of taking action. Hi, you're watching a minute with a weight Academy. This is why the Brahim and today we're talking about knowledge. Knowing how pornography could actually ruin your life. The more you know about the brain science behind addiction and how can you cope and rewire your brain and train basically train your brain to adopt new habits, new healthy habits that will help you along your journey towards recovery, the more you will resist temptation. The more you learn how this industry contributes to rape culture contributes to human trafficking,

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the more you'll feel disgusted Sue knowledge is really essential. If you're serious about quitting pornography, and living a life that you've always wanted. Maybe a good place to start would be your brain on porn, or an amazing website by Gary Wilson, who had compiled hundreds of studies about the harmful impact of pornography, learn, learn, learn, I can never emphasize this. Enough.