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by Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samerai

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For now,

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he will come to the no slotless no more. Hello, sweetheart.

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We're going to continue reading our introduction to Dr. Samuel epic book. And we're going to talk today about

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the way the Quran gave signature meanings to words that Arabic did not give. So the Arabic dictionary says this word means this, like winds. And by the way, the first example is pretty cool. Winds plural, like the winds are strong, or the wind is strong, right? So you can use the word wind in English literature also for plural and for singular, right?

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And the Quran decides Allah decides that he's going to use the plural

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in a certain way and the singular in a certain way. So let's see what he does. Okay. Is that malaria hater? What are that Philippines Australia is one of the two for our UK infill. Heidi Rafferty was the millah vehicle for sure we will robot, the Quran used Ria wins, the plural, that's the plural word. We highlight that

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works, it doesn't work. Okay, just made me feel good to think I could do it. Okay, so

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wins is using the Quran whenever Allah talks about something good or mercy, or something beneficial coming from Allah. And he used the word wind singular, when something bad and terrible is about to happen. That is not to say that a wind is bad and multiple winds are good. That is to say that Brian created a style in which one word was associated with something. And he wanted to create a separate association with a separate word, almost as if at least this there's being trained to think ahead of time or something good is coming, or something bad is coming. When a lot of speaking like a lies, you know, acclimating his his reciters as listeners the listeners of his word, though, people who

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rehearse His word, he's acclimating them to a speech pattern. Right? So I do this with kids, for example, when I play psychological games with children, like you know, it's time for it's time for another safe salary. Right, my little, I would say, it's time for a story. It's time for a story, and then I can't ever start and then three days later, say it's time for like, sorry, no, no as homework.

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When I set him up, where they can imagine what's coming, right? The same way instead of It's time for when he says wins, then you already start thinking something good is coming. Right? So you start anticipating, and so he created this kind of new psychological effect from his speech. It didn't exist in you know, in pre Islam. So, Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says, well, who What? When does he use it or Ria and he's the one who sends the winds. He Allah is the one who sends the winds bush ROM beignet, as they refer to it as a giving as a as delivering good news. Writing right ahead of his mercy meaning the winds come right before the rain comes. There's a wind changes and people

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can tell that now it's going to rain and the crop is going to grow. Well, I mean, it he and your syllabi Ahava Shirazi, and among his miraculous signs is that he sends winds bringing good news when you the cocoa minerality and so that he can allow you to taste from his mercy. But he hidden at the same time for Hainan means at the same time, by law, he said color you know, he said, commercially hidden fee. How's everyone? Like the example of a wind, which has a freezing cold in it? We have several alpha now a window has freezing cold in it. Is that a pleasant thing or an unpleasant thing?

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freezing cold, is it pleasant? I think here because you're in Texas, you don't know what this is. When you're in New York and you have freezing winds, you don't go outside, because the wind goes through your jacket, through your sweater through your little thermal when you got to the 99 cent store and it goes inside your skin. It goes through your blood vessels and it goes inside your bones. And there you feel surgically the wind crossing through you that is freezing wind. It's a It's a beautiful spiritual experience.

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In case of freezing winds when I used to deliver newspapers and I was in New York, way back in the day, it's like 1837. March.

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No, February was colder. This is the newspapers and you have to fall, summer gloves because that freezing in the winter, right? It's three in the morning, it's even colder. So when you fold the newspaper, you have to put a rubber band around it so you can toss it. Right. But you can't use a rubber band when you have gloves on. Especially the gloves that are like your fingers. We call it you know yeah. So yeah, take your gloves off and now your hands are frozen. And then you got to use a rubber band if your hands are frozen

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Use a rubber band and a little bit of a goes on your head. Oh, you have to do with 100 newspapers. So

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it used to be this tear on my face. When I'm doing the rubber band. The final tie comes and I'm like

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you know, yeah, so anyway, the point was freezing was not a pleasant thing. In Texas. It is a we've never had freezing winds. No, no, no, that's not freezing. It's like nine degrees.

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Yeah, okay, we have a little bit of heat. Okay, let me nyathi um, you'll see that we are among his miraculous No, that's the that's the pleasant I we did that before. Like the example of a single wind, not wings wind, which has freezing cold in it. Assad has like only one or more unforced. unaka to it came upon it struck the crop of people that had been duped committing sins, they've been doing wrong to themselves. So that wind destroyed it, meaning the freezing wind was so destructive, that just that wind passing through destroyed entire crops. Friend of mine lives in Plano over here, and you know, we had a winter show in Texas, they had an entire forest in their back yard, like an

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entire patch of woods. And the vast majority of the trees and the plants died from the wind from that freeze. And they have to like replant everything now. Okay. So anyway, then he says we'll call re horn PHY her as urban leave a wind. Now when he says singular, because he already said Allah acclimated us that when we see here, the plural, we're going to think about less good. In this case, with winds. When we think of winds, something good is coming. When we think of when something bad is coming. Yeah. Again, it's not part of the Arabic dictionary or the culture. It's just a style inside the Koran. Okay. And you don't get to generalize that outside and say, somebody said, when you

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should work, what your lowest values is going for, but no, no, that's, it's no, no, you're that's not the point here. So I hope you get the point. The point is, but I'm just creating a signature style within itself is creating a world of language inside of itself. You know, that's, that's what Allah has created its own its own standard, Allah, Allah made it revealed its own standard of language, you can compare it to literature outside. Like it only exists inside the world of the frog. You don't even find that in the words of the Prophet slice.

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It has its own speech pattern. And that's, that's what linguistics point of view, what they talk about is original authorship. Right? So they'll say that there was actually a really interesting thesis that I attended at Oxford, somebody was presenting a thesis on the Quran, non Muslim, obviously, and they were trying to present a thesis that the Macan prod the surahs have revealed in Makkah, like what I saw in the little if you hosted or shorter is right, and the Medina Koran, you'll see como la Viola de comida, Karim. If you have been saying for in canaries, you know, you know, going anytime focusing on too long I like 567 lines to an IRA. So they have this theory that

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the author of the Quran in Makkah is different from the author in Medina, like they must be too different, because their styles are so different, right? And this is non Muslim, they don't care what kind of research they do. They're not saying this is the word of Allah. They're coming at it from a secular point of view and non believers point of view. So he does this research. And the way they do this research is in linguistics they do they study speech patterns, like how does a person use prepositions? How does the how to use verbs, how they put their syntax together, I have a certain way of speaking. So if you listen, if a linguist hears me speak for 100 hours, they can tell

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the way I'm going to put a sentence together because I have a speech pattern. There are things that I repeat, there are ways in which I repeat them. I have a signature way in which I speak, right? Medea has a signature and the way she speaks just like our fingerprints are a signature unique to us. Our speech is also a kind of signature. So he does the signature pattern studies of mcca the Korean market and the crowd Medina This is a non Muslim looking at it from a non believers point of view. And then he concludes this a singular authorship, this is the same author, same speech pattern. Right? So that so what I'm getting at is the Quran has a unique speech pattern or divine

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speech pattern, then even non Muslims are studying at this point. Okay, so we are now Allah says in Surah number three upon a single word, so I'm expecting something bad and lo and behold, fee ha Darwin Aleem in which there is painful punishment, for all legal theory in samsara, in our deity. The Nation gets destroyed. They were destroyed by a single wind that was relentless and merciless. It kept crossing all bounds like it didn't. You know how.

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I don't mean to cross a transgressor trespass even. You know, when somebody comes to your house, they knock unless it's Medea, but you're not gonna walk in, right? Yeah, but if that's okay with you

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keep your blood flowing.

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tornado when does it knock on your door? No, it doesn't even knock on your door it knocks the entire house down. It has no consideration. So that's that's idea and your product and that's us for the singular. Well, let me start with a re fin havilah theme opening Wahid acaba have a shot and then wonder Allah Allah surprised us in one place where he used wind singular in a good context. So usually he got us used to using to hearing wind singular in a bad in a bad context punishment is coming destruction is coming, freezing wind tornado, right and then in one place, the wind, but it's going well, so you're not going to feel full key until the time when you are boarded on ships, which

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already not be him. And those ships are sailing them away for into the ocean bbmp but him with a good wind. When you let go things are going well. They're in the middle of the ocean. The sail is good. They're going to get to their destination faster. Well, if it will be hot, and they're hot. They were happy with the wind going in the right direction. But Jah toddy Honda Odyssey upon a merciless wind came at them

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right so even that good like immediately turned to bad. So that's actually a kind of a psychological device where oh this time it's not that no it is also bad. You know, it was just kind of like you were led to believe that it was okay. And then the attack came right jatayu hanasi which humble module equally McCann under the wage the for the the wave came and attack them from every direction.

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I mean radical mapper and the same kind of concept so you understand the wind and winds thing that happens on the front. So now we're going to talk about rain. And another example of that is the mention of a wave of rain. Fighting Nicola fabu v Illa. T Mobile intercom you will not find an offer. I'm using this word or this word being used. You'll probably hear the word being used except in the context of revenge or a love punishing, busy laughing late as opposed to the word of lace, which is another word for rain. So there are two words in Arabic and Quran for rain. Mata and layth. baton Emirates right? I love the yes guru Quran unroofing hate the one that Quran mentioned in good

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context. Allah tala Allah said, Well, I'm gonna lay him Mataram pasa matar almondbury and we rained upon them a kind of rain. What a horrible rain it was the rain of those who were warned, meaning rain fire on them rain meteors on them rained you know this is that kind of rain. Although a Sha one for sure our Minnesota SMP fall Well, I'm gonna lay him my thought on from working for Arctic kind of October to Boogeyman and be rained on them a kind of rain. Then take a look what became the outcome of those that engaged in crime. So again, that kind of rain can't be a good thing. Right. Well, I've got

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it on Terra Matala. So, and they passed by a village that had been rained on in the most evil kind of way and the harmful harm the most harmful kind of rain had fallen on them sort of at the same time. So this every time I've used the word mutter or heard the word local being used in these IOD it's being used for destructive rain, right. But now if we Hainan call one lady unison Oh hi, Isa member the Makana to where young should matter who will who will What do you mean and he is the one who sends race, not matter. Race, plentiful rain life giving rain, even after they had lost hope, and he distributes His mercy in his loving care. And he is the protective friend the one to be

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praised all the time. For my team in battling danika Amalfi VA for naps, or fee oxy rune and so he also used to write some text seven years ago rain, then the rain is going to be a good thing or a bad thing. After seven years of drought, it's really a good thing. He says, And after that, there's going to be a year in which after the 14 years actually, there's going to be a year in which people will be rained on. And in that they will squeeze juices, meaning they'll grow all kinds of fruit will mean Delica Mufasa or Karim Festina model or human error. This I want to show you a little bit of an explanation. So let me open this up.

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I mean, in Arabic, means I.

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Okay. I mean in Arabic, also has lots of other meanings, but one of the meanings is waterfall for spring

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from the water, okay, so both things interesting in Arabic culture, things that really look good to the I was also called i. So it's one of those beautiful things to the Arab was a waterfall, so they also called it Alright, so that's singular, okay, now, rune

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eyes or waterfalls?

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Are you in means eyes or or protocols are you

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also means eyes or waterfalls. So it's the same word in the singular, right? And the plural is interchangeable meaning the plural there's tutorials for all union Aryan, and they could be, it means eyes or it could mean waterfalls. That's Arabic before Islam.

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When it Koran coming through Quran said no Allah decided that he's going to use a une only for waterfalls and he's going to use Aryan. Only four eyes like he what used to be open you had both choices. The Quran, created a speech pattern incited a consistent speech pattern in which everyone was always for waterfalls and arguing was always for eyes. So he's going to give examples of that now. Woman danika master Serbian Korean Korean fisterra malleolar Yun will argue and another example of that is how the Quran specified the usage of rune which means waterfalls or eyes and arguing which means waterfalls or eyes. But let me just start middle who you are You will learn so he never

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used a human except for a unit of water meaning springs of water. bucket of water that's can you get on the roof economically free I shut up nobody who leha akula hobbema will you be by not a union man when mythical vehicle so 10 times Allah use the word for you and every time it was springs of water Fijian nothing What were your darling Are you an accelerator fee HeMan Gemma Elaine and Wasilla Allah ru and at the same time he made the plural of the eye that sees a Lionel basura

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what the word ru with not only a Latina kind of a you know whom theory but in ambiguity. So how are you going? nursey? Tara are you now home Duffy Luna de Marie so and so it will go have their eyes are covered ru the the the the mystify the eyes of the people, the sorcerers of Egypt mystify the eyes of the people, aren't you? Are you the Hunter fumina dummy, you'll see the Christians who hear the Quran you see their eyes roll with tears when they hear the word of Allah. So this is again the unique speech of Allah, right? Because Arabic didn't do that the humans that were using Arabic didn't do that. Allah using Arabic did that he did something unique. I mean, Danica is determined

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whatsoever else, I love this one. And another example of this is the use of wasa and also I know you guys have done a little bit of sub so I can our general audience that's watching on social media, it's an opportunity for me to make you feel bad. So you should learn Arabic too, because it's not hard kids are learning it. And they didn't give up the rest of their life to learn it. nor are they sitting under a tree in a desert somewhere and are drinking dirt camel milk, in order to learn Arabic, they are still having plenty of junk food and playing video games and learning Arabic You can learn it too. It's not that okay? It's just a matter of developing the mindset willpower

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willpower and it's really not that hard. isn't that hard? But you know it's not Yeah, let's see let's work on it. Okay.

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Number allama

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llama families. Okay, what's saw is from the Alabama family you know, shut down the middle and less than Iraq and I will saw this from the XML family. Okay. So those of you that are have studied elsewhere, this is the far hyla pattern and this is the alfalah

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Okay, now both these words what slot and outside Arabic means to give counsel

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to give counsel, okay, but to give counsel as you're dying is to give a tip or to leave a will

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for the most extreme case of giving counsel to leave

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a will

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or dying counsel like I leave you with you get the house you get this you get this you get nothing because I don't like your face.

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I know you came here to collect

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you're gonna get nothing. Remember these original you get

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also brush your teeth, like so. The point is to leave a will is what site and I will say this was before Islam, these words can be used for somebody who's left will behind. Okay, left that council behind what is the plant? It used to assign OSA both of them. But every time it used wasa with a shudder which by the way is slow and prolonged. Wazza is slow and prolonged because I llama is slow and prolonged. Every time it used wasa it used it for Dini will only matter we it in religious matters or meaning you know

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Things that are values,

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things related to values and ethics and right and wrong. It's really beautiful that Allah did that. Because counseling someone to do good in the religion is not a one time thing I pray, that's not going to change somebody, but lovingly showing them the benefits of prayer lovingly praying in front of them, you know, gently advising at the right time, allowing them time to learn to see the value of it, and eventually they see a change in themselves. That's what's up. Right? But also, if Allah is actually immediate and immediate means for example, you know, the will is it like, oh, when you finally get time, slowly give them the house. No, it's a one time thing. It's just it's it's a writ.

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So it's immediate. So he uses alsa for whoever and Omar and Madea and it's it's also was used in financial issues because a will technically is a financial thing. So there's a spiritual will and there's a financial will right when somebody does but you only think about the the financial will right who's gonna get the car who's gonna get the house who's gonna get the bank account, etc. Right. But there's a spiritual will also. Look at, well, what's behind it right? He will be anywhere cool. We have a new year in the last I found a common Dean ferrata. mutanda 11, to the moon, and so to nakara was saw, he said he has a shadow that's prolonged. Ibrahim counseled his children with the

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same advice with the same will that Yahoo counseled his children with what is that counsel? And it because it's the prolonged one Allah use this in the spiritual context? My sons it is no doubt Allah He has chosen for you the religion that don't you dare die except that your Muslims, I'm dying but when your death comes know that you should be in Islam. This was the dying advice of Ibrahim and your own and what's also suggested they kept on giving that advice. You know, they throughout their lives, shut out and akumina Dyneema was me he knew

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what has been carved as a way for you from the religion is what was given as a council to new Hyundai Salaam, whether the ohana illega and the same council that we have revealed to you the profit social well my was say now be here by email. I'm also an ISA and this and we gave the same counsel to Ibrahim Musa and Risa and again with Dean that you establish the religion without the federal coffee and you don't fall into division in it is this spiritual counselor financial counsel.

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So hold on to the dean.

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This is financial.

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Pretty spiritual. Yeah, you're like spiritual money. Okay.

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Well, let's listen carefully and tell me if it's spiritual or financial Wanaka was slain and levena, Mouton, kitanomine company como er calm and in Tacoma, we had given counsel to those who are given the book much before you and tell you that you should be mindful of Allah you should protect yourselves from making Allah unhappiness spiritual spiritual counsel. So you hear the shutdown again was Cena was sad or what say NaVi. You know what sad behavior by Henry Apple spiritual counselor, spiritual counselor, spiritual counselor. At the same time, he hatin on in Surah An Nisa, Allah talks about the will the financial Council, right, he says, you see qumola who remember Islam or you

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see more.

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So, Allah will be website you will see

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you will see

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a pattern and also will be used to remove will be like, you see, no sugar anymore, you see, right? You see that? Right? Get it to see that you see that? Okay. So you see, so there's no shadow. And there's there's no spiritual counsel. Now, you'll see qumola houfy oladipo. These academics who have been saying, Allah is counseling you when it comes to your children, the boy gets double the share of the girl. Right? There's a context that I know all the call comes up like, I'll come to the Division One day, calm down. So then in the case of the inheritors member, and he will see it then you'll see how they, after the council has been given UCB heard that he leaves behind or any loans

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that are paid off. In other words, when the inheritance conversations happening in the crawl, then outside you see is used not not the shadow version of the word will say you will see

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where he can look cooler, highfalutin muddy and as you can see, all of these are financial matters. What I'm telling you owls are fickle. And you can even read Magnolia Laffy Moulton inwagen, but also was used once in spiritual. So the non shadow version, the SLM version, the final version is used in a spiritual sense once but look at what happens just like we did with winds when Goodwin was used what came immediately after

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the storm. Yeah, right. So now spiritual counsel is being used with OSA and what does he do immediately? He says it got on a t v, I'm getting my D he immediately tied it to a financial matters.

00:25:00--> 00:25:15

What does he say? on the on the tongue of Jesus nice Alison says this is sort Miriam well funny this one it was a khadeem I've been to here and he counseled me to pray and Zakat so long as I'm alive know what what's the financial in here

00:25:17--> 00:25:45

for God for in the hawk Allah tala o Sani Lima llama clarinet Sonata zeca was the cattle Omran Maddy, if they ended up in unwelcome ACO model, just and so and so he connected salons a car together and the guys are financial metros is no, this is my favorite one. This is like it's so cool. And I haven't taught you this yet, like the advanced stuff. But I want to show you something that's so beautiful. Like, this is one of those when I studied this the first time I was like,

00:25:46--> 00:26:03

or to God, man. That's just that's just can't be human. That's just too much. You know what, what human brain can process like this. So let me tell you what I'm talking about. Because I had a family. Yeah. Yeah, we do.

00:26:04--> 00:26:11

We'll just do a lot of medela Yahoo. Yahoo. Okay, what's the latest version of yuja? Hito?

00:26:12--> 00:26:19

Yeah, head yuja. hip. Right. Okay. The Arabs have a word shock.

00:26:20--> 00:26:41

And then the present tense is you Sha, Sha Pico that's too much equal. So what do they do when they have two letters in the same? Yeah. This fuse them together? So they say you shop. You shop. But the problem happens, how do you make it the latest version, the mazoon version? Okay, so they came up with three versions, your shop.

00:26:43--> 00:26:46

Oh, P and your shop get

00:26:48--> 00:27:02

your shot. There's a version where you get to keep the sukoon we're going to look at these two versions, you're shocked t and u sharp. These are the kinds of you jarhead equivalent. Okay? So what I'm saying is you shop by the way

00:27:03--> 00:27:06

means the one who stands against

00:27:09--> 00:27:11

resists poses.

00:27:13--> 00:27:47

Okay, those are the meanings of a shark. So you have a version which the car is fused together. And you have a version which the car is you can see you can hear two cops, you shoptech and they both in Arabic before Islam, they both meant the same thing. If somebody said You shot me, and somebody said you shot it, there were actually two different dialects from two different villages. Like some people in some some towns were more used to seeing your shock P. and other people were used to saying, You shall pick and people understood all you must be from, oh, you must be from Karachi. That's what you're saying like, oh, you're from Kabul, you say you're shopping. It's like that.

00:27:48--> 00:28:29

Okay, so then he's gonna talk about that. And this and you'll see each other Why, why this is so powerful, will mean danika called huhtala, your shop p will you shop pick mahamadou cotton. And these are two dialects, two different accents from two different places. And in fact, who knew how to know how to Hejazi when the law moved over to me, when they are kept separate. That's the people of angels. So when they're separate in regards to separation, that's you shopkick. That's the dialect of the people of angels. And you sharp P is in ROM is lowered to mean the people of the mean different tribes. Like you know, Quran is tamela Hama stepmother hula is the modern half son, but

00:28:29--> 00:28:35

the Quran used them in a special way because they all knew each other's dialects, right? For hate the one of the decodable students and most of them

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were hired to learn how to read the console. Let me look over sorry for them now, but what are the Chroma II? What the whole problem? It's so amazing, sometimes a lot of talks about Allah and His Messenger a lot and there's messenger, those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, okay?

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And sometimes, Allah talks about those who only oppose Allah, those who only oppose Allah or those who only oppose the messenger. Okay. So let's enter this.

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By the way, when you oppose that, there are people who oppose Let me explain this to you over here. When you oppose Allah, and you oppose Allah and messenger, and then when you oppose messenger, there's three possibilities, right? Is it possible that somebody has been opposing a lot even before the messenger came? Yeah, that's possible. This is important. Okay, it's possible that somebody has been opposing a lot even before the messenger came.

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But and it is possible that somebody opposes Allah and His Messenger together. Yes. And by the way, when somebody opposes the messenger, isn't it automatic that definitely also opposing Allah, right. So this one is to

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This one is actually also two, but this one is one because this one can happen even without the existence of a messenger. Yeah, okay. No.

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Valley Gabby under home sha Allah Rasul Allah when you pick seperator together

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shop pick two cups or one to two cups, who was mentioned Allah and His Messenger tour mentioned tool coughs you shall pick Tila, water Sula, who,

00:30:34--> 00:30:44

woman you shall ptl masuleh who whoever opposes the messenger, what do we say if you oppose the messenger who you also opposing Allah to coughs

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then it can be unknown shockula rossano Alicia tinleigh one path. Who's mentioned Allah, Allah whoever opposes Allah when, when to or implied you hear two curves. And what is implied you hear one called like

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something that the Arabs never thought about, like the phonetics corresponding to the context is not something that even ever occurred to them. And no Quran is doing that in such a subtle, powerful way. When the Allahu wa hadn't have been a drama mafia husband Rania Novak and Allah wacko, takahama Wahhabi and now record Allah wa rasuluh kind of thing. So maybe he did that. Because when he is implying Allah and His Messenger, then it's separated as if there are two and when he is saying just Allah that He kept it as one. Okay, so that's that's what we're going to talk about today. Charla, because you're enjoying the series, we're almost done with his introduction, and then I won't be

00:31:43--> 00:31:45

reading from the book anymore. I'll just be explaining the examples in simple.

00:31:48--> 00:32:13

While I'm hoping that these lectures are going to get this is a couple of volunteers that actually started transcribing the Arabic side by side with the English and making it into a PDF set. I'll look at it inshallah, we will have it edited, and maybe we can even turn it into a translation of the book, inshallah. Oh, I haven't figured out a way of reaching the author. It's so cool. It's so like, the father of a life so incredible. When I first was introduced to Dr. summarise work,

00:32:14--> 00:32:50

I was like, man, where do I access more of it. And you know, you see how he gives an example here in this book. He's talking about circle and fires and certain this other circle. And I'm like, Man, I wish somebody organized by the soda. Like, every time he talks about this slot, it was all in one place. But that's not all in one place. I wish it was there. And then I found this website of semi calm sister of Knuth, who I never met, I've never known her put this website together just see her name like under the No Contact Us email. And she put them aside via Nia from his show. Under like, all the all the questions by which episode did he ask about this slide, she collected all the notes

00:32:50--> 00:33:08

from each surah transcriptions Word documents, my god it was was profoundly helpful. And when I taught divine speech for the first time, I heavily used it. And I thanked you know, her, I sent her a thank you note, way back, I don't even remember if she got hurt or not. So this is years ago, this is like maybe 1213 years ago, or even longer.

00:33:09--> 00:33:30

And what happens is, five days ago, I got an email from SR dude, who I've never spoken to before. And she says, I just I think a lot that I've stumbled upon your lectures, and I'm benefiting greatly from if you wrote me Arabic, and she's like, like, what, what? What's happening? And she's like, yeah, and I'm spreading it to people. You know, the commitment. I was like,

00:33:32--> 00:33:45

I've been learning from you. I haven't studied yourself and I from your work. So she's like, oh, if I can be of any benefit. Oh, wow. What a small world, some kind of luck. And the author What a beautiful human being is here to show

00:33:46--> 00:34:22

Masada Nia, and one of his students who did his PhD under him, Dr. McDonough, who has running an Arabic Institute in Houston, Texas. He I consider him a teacher also in a mentor. So I reached out to him many years ago, way back when we had a campus in Irving. And I was like, I really want to reach out to him, can I please just talk to him? Can I just hang out with him. And it was he was he had actually moved back to it, even though it was not a stable place, because he wanted to restore education and at all. And what I've said is so so he was in Iraq, and then we tried to meet but his health wouldn't allow it and travel was difficult and things like that, and I probably wasn't going

00:34:22--> 00:34:45

to cut it. So, so what he did, he went to visit his family doctor Musonda our teacher, he went there and he sat with Dr. Samurai and he made a video of him eating the alphabet and the students which is pretty epic, you know, and he gave us some to see how some advice so it was really beautiful that we had a connection to him like that.

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

So May Allah preserve these people that have done this, you know, remarkable work one day and shall I'll tell you his story, because this story's unreal man, he and his books inshallah, those of you that get to the level of Arabic whose books are a phenomenal resource.

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

A really beautiful introduction to a dimension of the fraud that systematically hasn't been talked about the way that he does. He just did a phenomenal job organizing it. So with that, inshallah I'll conclude today's session. I think we have only

00:35:20--> 00:35:29

Yeah, we have a little bit left, I think two more sessions and I think we should be done with the production. Mica. Well, you welcome cinematical back with my cycle this Ramadan Mubarak