Mirza Yawar Baig – Ramadan Reminders – Day 4

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of developing the love of Allah and the desire to have sex with him. The speakers stress the "arrogant and man-made" speech used during sex, which ultimately leads to pride and ease. The speakers also emphasize the importance of being grateful for the value of breathing freedom and not letting words be heard. The segment touches on the value of being a blessing in life and the desire to be a fuller person.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam O Allah

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Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Haile he was are you seldom the Sleeman kathira sera from abajo.

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My brother and sisters,

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we are looking at how do we develop hotshot of Allah.

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Let us now look at how do we develop the hope and the love of Allah. Because, as I mentioned you

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dakwah is a combination of these two beautiful things, the Hachette of Allah and the love of Allah, the all and glory and majesty of Allah and the love of Allah subhanaw taala. When these two get together, we have a condition in the heart, which is called a taqwa.

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So to develop hope of Allah subhanaw taala the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala we must concentrate on the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala

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what has Allah blessed me with?

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And seriously, I mean, it's not just a matter of you know, saying this as like lip service, oh, Everything I have is from Allah Of course it is from Allah whereas would it be from the point is, are you conscious of that?

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Are you conscious of that? Are you? Do you have a feeling to say so Allah, this is what I'm like me.

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And there is not a person in the world who can say that what Allah gave me is what I deserved.

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I couldn't have gotten anything else. I had to have this.

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If Allah didn't give me this was would he give me No, nobody can say that anymore. If somebody says that that's an arrogant and stupid and false did but

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what Allah gave us, Allah didn't give us because of us. He gave us in spite of us. Allah gave us whatever he gave us, despite the fact that we don't deserve it.

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Allah gave us eyesight and Allah continues to allow us to have the eyesight even when we use it wrongly, to look at Haram.

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Allah gave us this speech and he continues to enable us and allow us to have it and use it even though we use this speech to to foul mouth people for profanity for backbiting, for slandering for lying for cheating. Allah knows this tongue is the biggest fitna. As soon as an alum said guaranteed for me what is between your jaws and what is between your legs and I will give you I will guarantee you gentle

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people ask the years Allah will this tongue take us into Jannah The reason I

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held it like this is the is blessed and he said this will take more people into the fire than anything else.

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Yet, when we have this done, even though we use it for all kinds of stuff, Allah subhanaw taala does not take away the power of speech from us. Allah gave us hearing and Allah does not take away the hearing when we use it to listen to something which he has privated

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Allah gave us hamdulillah good health. Allah gave us Bahar and his Allah give us prestige and dignity.

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Allah subhanaw taala give us knowledge. Give us the ability to communicate this knowledge.

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Give us the ability to learn.

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And every time I think about something and I say, and the greatest and then I think of something which is even greater, but one of the greatest is Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us the door of his TFR and Toba

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that we can retreat through into his protection

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into his own.

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We are out there in the sea of inequity of sin of rebellion of Macit

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toys in the hands of shatta

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shaytan and his

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cohorts are playing football with us

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and we being the ball.

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But then Allah gave us this door of his apartment over

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when we call upon our Robin to Allah forgive me Allah promise to forgive.

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And Allah. Allah gave us the he gave us this guarantee.

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He said oh yeah by the laziness of him locked up not only Rahmatullah in Allah Yakubu

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All right Jeremy. In the hole of horror Rahim

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Allah Raja said or say to them, oh Mohammed Salah my slaves who have transgressed against themselves. So Allah Myra geladeira Lu,

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even though we disobey Him, He still calls us You are mine. He still says we are. We are his

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men, he said say to them, say to them all by slaves,

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who have transgressed against yourself do not lose hope in the mercy of Allah.

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In the lie of Jamia, Verily, Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives all sins in no way verily is the one who's the most forgiving, Most Merciful.

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This is Allah.

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Think about this.

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Allah Subhana Allah

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gave us I'm looking at some of the within quotes, mundane daily things.

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But each one of them is so important that if we didn't have it,

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we will not be able to survive.

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You know, when we discovered the the joy and the value of being able to breathe freely without any any problems, when we got faced COVID

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as somebody who's on a ventilator, the value of being able to breathe feeding is a tragedy of the human race that you get the value of something only after you've lost it.

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It's not be that let us reflect on what Allah subhanaw taala gave us while we still have it. So that we then we can

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truly appreciate it. And be grateful to us rather than

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think of the of the of the relationships we have. Our our parents, our children, our spouses,

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our friends and relatives.

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As well every time I think of this aspect of my life, I feel I'm so blessed to have

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a lot Rhonda gave me some really beautiful people in my life.

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Some have gone ahead and left beautiful memories

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other than hamdulillah are still with me.

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Really just think about that, how blessed we are.

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And whoever it is, no matter what difficulty you are going through in life.

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Remember there is a blessing behind it.

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You might say to somebody somebody might say to you, I know I have cancer, terminal case, last stage of cancer.

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What is the blessing?

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The Blessing is an inshallah, if you die with that

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in a state of Eman insha Allah you go to Allah subhanho wa Taala with your sins clean because Allah has wiped them all out thanks to the illness he gave you.

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Somebody might say, Well, you know, I got COVID and I'm dying with COVID I'm on the ventilator and they don't have any hope they think I'm going to write one warning. Well, you know what?

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Of course Allah, Allah has the power to cure your mela cure you completely and but if you die of that, then you rise, Heath insha Allah.

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Like we don't make a definitive statement, but he's the one who dies. of a pandemic of a of an epidemic, died fish ate.

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We don't ask for calamities, but when the calamity comes, we accept it with equanimity. Because we know that in it is higher.

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Whatever Allah does, Allah does with it. And we have complete and total faith in this.

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That is the reason why Ross was beautiful is the state of the believer that when he has some benefits he makes showcar and Allah is pleased with him and when he has some difficulty he has suffered and Allah is pleased with.

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We talked about Hachette and we talked about hope, the all and majesty and glory of Allah and the love of Allah. put these together. And we have Taqwa ask Allah to fill your heart with

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and that is why Ramadan came to make us move Khun La Laguna

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so think about this and see how can we become more and more inshallah so that we take full advantage of this beautiful month that Allah subhanaw taala gave us and we don't lose anything. Asan Allah Allah will carry him while he was a member.

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