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So you do not

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10 years old when Rasulullah saw started his mission and he was with it what happened is called the Quraysh and the leaders for a invitation of food in his house these are good fodder coffee a mana and a bed mana scope whatever they're here they they're Tanga Tanga

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toward them immediate end

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but then he does say Don't break the legs or do whatever yeah you know you have that brother that's not how Islam was that's not how Islam is and that's not how Islam should be. We need and this look, this is our Prophet sallallahu Sallam calling tophatter mana the non Muslims into his house for food.

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And these are gonna be his worst enemies not yet they're not his worst enemies yet. They just don't like he said like the law professors and call them for food in his house. He invited them he fed them a good meal. And then he said he he's, he said these are people who they know him as a young brilliant man coming up in mccarl mukarram these are prophets Allah said them, they've got hopes that one day he will do good for them in Makkah. Rasulullah sallallahu then says, He says Who's with me?

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Now when he said Laila Allah who's with me

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and they're all thinking, TT Legion just give Tao of Lyle Allah is not feeding his food. Did he? Say that earlier? The alarm on a saw that nobody's getting up. No one's getting up. Just like oh man who's with me on this mission?

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And they're all looking at each other.

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It is serious. Who's he talking about? He brings us parliamentary leaders

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into his house. Give us konasana and ask us to join him. What do you think he is? Yeah, he must be crazy. So what then after that is say dinner Alia the alarm he got up a young maybe 1011 year old Sahaba he got up and he said I'm with you measure of Allah.

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When he said that all the elders they burst out laughing I say Denali. The best are laughing at him.

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But you know what? They didn't know who they were laughing at. They were laughing at the young Sahabi 10 1112 of years of age. No more than that. This man would grow up to become one of the right hand men of the professor lesson. This man would become a judge. You know, when you see young people are you guys are still, you know, you come into your mid age and so on. Yeah. Now you see some young faces here. Right? When you look at these young faces, you got some young young boy here, a couple of young girls there and so on a couple of young girls at the back there. You know when you see them, do not look at them as young people. Now I I've stopped doing that. You know why? Because when

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you see one generation grow up yesterday, they were here today they're you know, when you really see that, as I don't I don't know if you guys have lived long enough to see that what I have, right? Yesterday either this this small. Another up there. Yesterday, they probably said cha cha, I love you as a cha cha I love you. He's a really good ride nephew.

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You know, can I do something for you? You know, when you see them grow up like that. You realize that you know what you're talking to human beings who are going to be adults, you're talking to adults, you're not talking to children anymore. You are talking to adults, all these young ones are adults because they're the next generation. I'm asking you like Saison earlier the Alon who was a young Sabino, they laughed and they didn't know who they're talking to. They're talking to a young Sahabi at the age of how much at the age of 20 only

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20 he was a sour I think it was 23 sorry. 23 Okay, some of you sitting at 23 right. He was 23 years old. When the day came the night came when Rasulullah sallallahu awesome. He had to leave Makkah to go to Medina. Now there's 13 men outside the house ready to kill the prophets of latinum. All of them from different tribes all of them said that you know what if we kill him at the same time, they they can't get us for the blood money. So they went straight for him. But they were outside waiting for the last lesson to come up in the house. There's only two individuals. One is satan satan or Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Another one is say you do not earlier the alarm. 23 young

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A year old young Sahabi pseudoaneurysm says, You know what he says, He says,

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oh, Ali, he said you, you will stay back, you will stay back. Because I've got all of these assets and things that belong to the people, the people who are inside Makkah, I have got that who belongs to the people of Makkah, Al mahkamah. And these belong to they belong to kuffaar. They belong to the people who are non Muslims.

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And imagine Ross Ross, who is going to get killed on this night. And he tells the early return the Amana and the trust that I've got to these enemies of mine of this city, you will return it back. And now you got Muslims, who's to go into some kind of horrible mission, you know how to be how to be how do we means you know, war type,

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So what they do is they call the whole of Britain they call it dark harbor that we'll have which means the state of war and you know what happens after that you know what they say?

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They say that you can do whatever you like now, you can take from them what you like now they realize absolutely wrong. Here as Lawson is telling earlier of the alarm, he says, You stay back and you will return all of them to them and then you will go on to the Hydra. Then you will come towards Medina. I'm leaving tonight. And he said one thing to him he said, Ali, I will meet you at on the way to Medina, more or less his he hinted it will be Koba the place of COVID around the he would meet Saison Ali young 23 year old he slept in the place where Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam was

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so awesome then took the dust in his hand open the door slightly. He read a john bainer ad him said the woman holding sudden fall Shana home for home life soon.

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He blew with that Allah azza wa jal took the particles of the Sun into the eyes of those 13 who are waiting to kill him and they start rubbing their eyes and as they're rolling their eyes the solar system slipped by

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she just slipped by and then the

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cuckoo wash wash the doors the door

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now he hasn't come is right. So they waited till the morning time. He's still not coming out what's wrong with this man? I come here every night he comes out. These resumes used to come out in the night and he's to go outside and pray sometimes to go plane valleys sometimes that a lot of comes under other places. So there was this man. So in the morning, they said let's burst inside. So the best inside and they saw someone sleeping

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under you know, blanket. So they looked at they thought is that him? It doesn't look

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like the you know the size. So they remove the blanket and they associate an alley. He woke up from sleep.

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And they said Where is he? And he said, No way. He's gone. He's gone out. Right now. Somebody asked him 1123 year old they asked him they said that night when you slept there inside the house, knowing that the 13 people outside to assassinate him or they could assassinate you. How did you sleep? He said I had one of the best sleeps at night.