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AI: Summary © The importance of knowing the signs of one's day and the consequences of their actions is emphasized. Regular schedule and order is crucial for fulfilling human needs, including provision, order, and keeping track of time. The signing of the Day of Jgment is also discussed, including the harvest of records and the signing of the Day of Jgment. The transcript concludes with a recap of the events leading up to the signing of the night, including the desire to become a a corporate and the negative consequences of artificial light and fatigue from it.
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This is number one to guide us to the straight back.

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Number two, what's your view? Good news to the believers who do good works, and three to inform those who reject his belief in the afterlife that a painful punishment awaits them.

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One may wonder at this point,

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What rights does a law have to punish people so severely?

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Does anyone really deserve eternal damnation?

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Starting with first 12 Allah azza wa jal addresses established by recounting the signs he has placed or us within the creation, without eliminating the one that have is taken from the whole elephant lady, we

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have more sales than the sum of several these handles the problem that we want people to avoid is our men who are under the scene are wondering, so what will the machine for some nurses see?

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We made the night we made the day and the night has two sides. So we made the sign of the nights that it was devoid of light. And we made the sign of the day, right? So that you might see bounty from your record, and know the number of years and the calculation of time. And we have explained everything in detail.

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Allah subhanaw taala says that he gave us the night and the day those two signs. The sign of the day, a lot of fathers said is in the fact that it makes vision possible. This is no simple process. Everything must be paid in life. And that lights itself is very intricate. It is made up of particles of energy produced from the combustion gases are far away in space. Traveling to us faster than anything else we experience.

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The white flights that the sun produces is made up of multiple colors, each traveling at some frequency and yes, directly experienced as a unified whole.

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That is miraculous as it is. But that's not all. This light doesn't merely act on the rest of a passive universe.

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The rest of the Creation interacts with this light by absorbing and reflecting different wavelengths of light in various proportions according to the pigments that are found within it. The wavelengths that are not absorbed or reflected back then give the appearance of that color. The red carpets that we're sitting on right now, for example, doesn't actually have red inside of it. It has pigments that absorb with every other color accepts or read the red light we see.

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Speaking of sites, all of this wondrous information shown a miraculous nature of life would be lost on us, if not for our ability to see. Allah azza wa jal made our eyes so complicated and so sensitive, so beautiful that they are often called windows into the soul.

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At the center of this the black pupil which allows lights to enter at the back is the retina, where the image we see is gathered and converted into chemical and electrical signals, that the brain can then interpret and make sense of

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this miracle, while impressive is not just for show, it has a purpose as well. Allah azza wa jal tells us that in addition to being one of his signs, the purpose of day life is to allow us to fulfill two of our most fundamental human needs. First, our need for provision.

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And second, our need for order.

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Daylight makes it possible to fulfill our need for provision by making it possible to go out and work and get things done.

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A lot of them not to say that he gave us the daylights so we could sit back and passively watch as our permission rolls in. No, no. He says that we are a spy.

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to go out and tickets, we are expected to use our vision to observe the way the world works and figure out how to make our way in it's, we see other people succeed at various things, and we copy what they do. Or it gives us an idea to do something slightly different.

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We have to be grateful for every lesson that Allah gives us. And the most basic way to be grateful for a gift is to use it for the purpose it was given for.

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If we've been given the blessing of Valence, and Allah azza wa jal told us that the purpose was so he could go out and work and make a living, that said, not use it for that purpose is unreasonable.

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And shows a lack of appreciation.

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Everyone has to work. Everyone has to contribute. Idle hands, as we say, made for the devil's work. The profits of a local Anglicism when he was asked, what was the best way to make a living, he said our family was really the

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Whatever a man earns with his own hands.

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But that's not the only purpose of daily life ambition, Allah subhanaw taala gave it to us. So we'll build another fundamental need of ours.

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And that is to order and keep track of time. This is something universal. anthropologists and historians have never discovered a group of people in human history that needs by fit to use a calendar of some sorts, or to divide time into days and months and years.

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organizing our time helps us remember the past and plan for the future. It gives us a sense of accomplishment for what we've done,

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and a sense of anticipation for what's around the corner. It helps us look forward to the end of something difficult, and promises that a new beginning will come very soon.

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Our need to organize time is so fundamental, that tyrants often deprive prisoners of their sense of time, either keeping them in constant lights, or constant darkness in order to torture them and cause them psychological harm

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or loss of power without a facilitated our need to organize time by giving us the day let's not get a constant supply but in miserables it comes and goes allow us to count the coming and going of whites. As one complete day, the earth tilts toward and away from the sun, regularly marking our seasons and the year. Again, we find that Allah subhanaw taala not only fulfilled our need, but did so in the most miraculous, and beautiful way.

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Everyone testifies to the beauty of the sunset and the sunrise.

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It's the subject of countless paintings and photographs. We consider it something romantic. The unexpected colors that accompany the sun on the horizon hold our attention as much or even more than manmade fireworks.

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A loss of time without us draws our attention at multiple points within the forehand. As to how the gradual this entire process takes place. The lights gradually displaces the darkness in the morning, and the darkness gradually replaces the lights in the evening. Allah subhanho wa Taala could have met our needs in a much more crude way. He could have made the light appear all at once, as if someone were flipping on a light switch. He could have made that nice fall with the same suddenness as a power outage. But he chose not to

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add in some beauty and wonder for our lives and give us plenty to think about.

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Plenty to think about because the size of the device is not just given to us to facilitate our worldly needs.

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No, it certainly does as well. It is meant to be a catalyst for

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Are deflection

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in all of the intricacy in all of the beauty in all of the order? We are supposed to recognize the perfect loving Creator that's behind it all.

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If Allah subhanaw taala took so much care to bring the Sun and the Earth and a day like if Allah subhanho wa Taala created the trees and the animals and the pigments and created our eyes, so that we can see everything in glorious color would have the same God treat us with the same amount of care and attention.

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Wouldn't he have an equally intricate plan for us?

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Do we have anything to really worry about or fear with such a perfect screen and control of the Little Pony stuff we like to play Sadie singing

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in a waffle.

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Wash over the world. So people

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are showing up all the way through last week and I will come in and shut

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up the NLSC that that will happen with anarchy who are so that they're able to do it. So for me, it was fun for some people to see McAfee on

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the daylights is just one of the two signs that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in this first. He also mentioned the sign of nights, and says that the sign of nights is in its complete darkness.

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Unlike the day lights here are most dependent with Allah doesn't directly discuss the purpose of this sign for our worldly life, like he did for the day late which helps us to secure our livelihood and organize our time. That being said, it does not take very much reflection to realize what the Knights is for and how essential it is to human life.

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as science progresses, human beings understand the more and more how important it is that night remain dark. The way that Allah Subhanallah without a grain of this.

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In the evening when the sun sets the human body starts to produce a hormone called melatonin, which makes us sleepy and demands that the rest of the body stops producing this hormone in a day lights, which screens are supposed to feel awake and alert.

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Our ability to rest and recharge is dependent upon the dark nights that Allah subhanaw taala created.

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The migration of birds is also extremely dependent upon the Dark Nights. Twice a year, millions of birds migrate between the tropics and the northern latitudes shutters Yubico so they can lay eggs and hatch they're young. In order to make these migrations birds rely on the moon and the stars and navigate the 1000s and 1000s of miles to and from their breeding grounds.

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Without the darkness of mites. The balance that ALLAH SubhanA was either created in the world is upset, or official bites in cities confuses migrating birds, causing them to collide with buildings and die. Last October, the city of Philadelphia woke up to 1000s of dead birds lying on the sidewalks and streets. All victims have been confused by artificial life. Sciences estimated up to 1 billion birds die every year. under similar circumstances.

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artificial light is somewhat less fatal, but equally disorienting to the human body. Scientists are finding fatigue and disorientation and insomnia are all results of disrupting the natural cycle of dark and light that Allah subhanaw taala created.

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Of course, the technology of artificial light has helped us in many, many ways. It allows us to travel safely at night.

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It is important for security.

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What as human beings, we must be humble when it comes to our

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ability to improve upon a loves perfect creation.

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Allah azza wa jal is perfect. And when he creates something that is perfect in the sense that it has no pun intended consequences. When people however, make something, there are always side effects. There are always negative consequences that people usually didn't see coming.

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There's a famous story showing the soldier Jota, also known as Hustler, the Moser jofan was sitting under a massive oak tree Resnais, he looked up and he saw the tiny, tiny acorns that were adorned in this enormous tree. And he looked out over the fields, and he saw a large right pumpkins growing on thin weathering violence. This is all wrong. Joker says in himself, the timing a corner should grow on the thin weather in mind. And the Lord's pumpkin should grow up on the mighty oak tree. That would be much more reasonable.

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Just 10 and a quart fell from the tree and hit Jota right on the head. Subhan Allah Subhan Allah, He said, repenting immediately from this arrogance, and realizing what the disaster that would have been. If a pumpkin had fallen on his head instead of an acorn.

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Everything in our creation has a purpose. Allah subhana who has made everything aside for us to reflect? This is a last response here and this is someone who would question how fair is is that some people are punished eternally, for not believing in the afterlife, Allah subhanaw taala has attended to every single human need, and has done that in the most miraculous and beautiful way for someone to spend their entire life benefiting from these miracles, and yet rejects that those miracles have purpose and are given with Love is an indication of selfishness and an indication of ingratitude.

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This is why about that session. The next verse Wakulla exam ends and now Paul

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was reasonably young pm as he turned on the show, we have found every human's destiny to their neck. And on the Day of Judgment, we will bring forth each person a record from which they will find the blade open.

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Here alongside it is very succinct. When he describes the relationship between the other or destiny and the three wheel that he has given to human beings, Allah subhanho wa Taala has foreknowledge of everything that will ever happen, including the choices that we make. And Allah subhanaw taala permitted it all to take place. This is why a lot compares our destiny as something tied to our necks.

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And yet, our choices are not forced upon us. They are our own choices that are being recorded in our books and feeds. On the day of reckoning, he will simply read out what our deeds have earned, and accept snap judgments. That Allah says get copies of the cover we have seen.

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And it will be said we arrive have You alone are sufficient this day to take care of yourself.

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The day of reckoning will be a day of compassion.

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people's true motivations will be exposed and everyone will bear witness against themselves finally lost my promises. Many today or yesterday FC woman on the left and in many ways, what accessing awareness he doesn't result from, oh my goodness might be enough advertisers or

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whoever chooses to be guided. It's only for their own good. And whoever chooses to go astray is only to their own loss. No soul will be burdened with the sin of another soul. And we would never punish people until we have sent them a messenger for

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a lot of time and that gives us three five principles regarding punishment in the afterlife. Number one guide

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It's is a choice. If you are seeking, you will find Allah subhanaw taala will make sure that it happens. But if you're not looking around but if you're moving through life with blinders on,

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how can you expect to find anything?

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Whatever you choose, it does not help or harm Allah whatsoever. Number two, you can't blame anyone else. No one can do the work for you. You have to fight against yourself and open your hearts that is to repentance to gratitude. At the end of the day, every individual has to accept responsibility for their own fates. And finally, number three, Allah subhanho wa Taala is not going to be unfair to anyone, Allah azza wa jal knows if you have a fair shots. He knows if you have a sufficient opportunity to find the guidance or not. This is exceptionally merciful from almost Amazon, because he just told us a verse or two ago, he implied that all of the signs he put into creation should be

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enough for us. They shouldn't be enough for us to get the message into submits. We really shouldn't need more than that. But Allah subhanho wa Taala is the most merciful and His mercy exceeds his wrath. Now here is telling us explicitly that even if someone misses all of those signs that Allah put that every square inch of the universe, people will still be excused if they haven't been sent a message.

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If we're looking for a better deal than that, we're not being realistic. Allah azza wa jal is the most magnificent and has made it easy for us. All we have to do is make an effort. That was something that was the canonical proper behavioural part in the life of

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money. Yeah.

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So 2016 On Sunday, I had

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him as a Laker a blocking him, why am I happy for him in a day? I mean, look at this hour behind that world

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is working in the magic of Madison's screen worthy of a shift going shooting? Whatever, we have Aquila theme, what sort of I mean, whatever

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is gonna get paid out. But I mean, a lot

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of the stuff that we've been putting on

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was the dilemma

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about what we're gonna get out of it. Yeah, we're gonna log into long

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term. Well, yes.

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That's what allows the group to come along. We are