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How can people

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be overcome?

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Sometimes we don't read any books about him and what he states. So the more that you read about books and either from that you begin to learn about those government affairs and to stay away from them. Because even though there are

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those who blow in the notes, so your feeder becomes a roster, it becomes firm. You don't believe in superstitious belief? Don't you find it enough? Like in articles, you find many superstitious bunnies that people believe in, you know, even an average Muslim today, black cat got in the way? Oh, that's bad luck today, isn't it sort of all these superstitious beliefs and practices, the only way to take them out is by learning your own reading about this many books.

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That was shot where the person has obstacles to be overcome those obstacles many young individuals, the opposite of what we mean. So the solution was to get married. This isn't bad.

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People get married at 30 or 40. We go to separate colleges separate universities separate environments. The advertising is different. The reality of what is taking place inside a society I personally avoid at the age of 25 or so is not married, there were serious problems.

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only up to some Hanky Panky.

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This environment is different from environment I've been brought up with is totally different. And what most people don't come into the scene why they are involved in the relationship,

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which is becoming the case that we deal with.

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We have to teach the peers that they have to be tolerant and understanding.

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Imagine a young boy came to the ocean and said what? give me permission to commit Zina.

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Imagine today you came to the

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black company recently. How did you ask that question? How do you ask them?

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What did

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he say to you? You have a Honda. You have a maternal on? Yes, he goes, would you like someone to do this with your with your auntie say no.

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In the

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And no matter what your mother, your sister all the way to the young boy understood, if I don't like it for my family members, how should I like it was somebody else's family members, then the person place in place academies, check them pay for him and make him money. And then he did and to preserve his chastity. This young boy has never ever seen women ever again.

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Because sometimes I talk about these topics and the problem that you're facing, they don't know who to come and speak to. They can't speak to the email, this email one just walks away? Or is the email supposed to be what a practitioner adopt and go to the doctor? You speak to the doctor and confidence about this problem? He's a doctor of what of the body, the environment, the doctor, one of the hot, the people who tells you look no, rather, you know, be strong. Be strong. Your prayers may be entered in this shot when this desire stay away from the covenant. Do this go and do that? Isn't it that sometimes we can't approach stigma, we can't speak to the email, or the relativity or

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the topics that they speak about. Don't concern us. So many Muslim who may have come yesterday and worship ready to have woke up and we're walking like sheep and water like sheep? Was there any change in their life? Was there any message that was given to them and makes them to begin to think you know, what, maybe shifts? Right? Maybe that humans right? Is there any food for thought? No. The reason that we need to go back to work inside a society is to make sure that our message is given things that concern us and help us to break our desire to create an environment whereby we can bring the youth whereby they can play those games or do whatever they want to do and a small reminder is

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given to them five minutes, 10 minutes, remind them we leave people alone, very quickly begin to do what in idle mind is a workshop of the devil. So I'd like to help a society in using the wisdom experienced by life to try to help the rest of our young adult system stay away, inshallah, from those desires in children.

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The children have rights as well to keep a good name to be nurtured up were to be given a good education, but at the same time you find if parents have been indifferent

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In terms of education and self oppress any, don't send your robot to your route towards him. Some prepares also been illiterate in their teens. So it does the best of what they could do according to what was their culture in general, motor parents told us the good thing, don't lie, and don't steal, don't cheat. And they were not aware of the rest of things inside our society. So we can't blame them, for us becoming parents. And I think we can blame ourselves. So they done the best of what they could do based upon their culture and their understanding of when they came here to these countries, etc. So we

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try to teach them as well, is you need to play that positive role in bringing up the children.

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Islam is in my heart, I don't have to practice it.

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We believe that Islam is my

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job is in my heart. My Salah is inside my heart. So

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inside my heart, but the last 100 pieces that are created, the hardest one was to see the action of the heart and for the believer of Philip Anderson, that his belief is what exists inside your heart. What not could be discerned and too accurate with your tongue. And when you're worried the actions of the limbs, so you can't just say I believe, you have to show you a belief by doing the absence of belief. If there's a contradiction, that qualifies. Some people will try to hide behind the idea

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that your Guru eluxury kumala in the exam we were lucky enough to be come and look at your bodies and only Okay, it is obvious how long your job is actual garment is. Look at that. A lot looks at what your heart is clean. That's enough.

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Go and check all that together. But if I were lucky enough

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you against him? He states looks at your heart looks at what your actions simple story. So you can't say I believe by faith these days that say, Oh, I would have a child. You sit there.

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You have to get

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lucky buddy buddy.

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Give me man give me man don't even do anything about it.

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Yes, you have to try you ask and you do the actions. Believe that he slapped beside you to judges. There are there are rare occasions whereby a person can receive the email. But it could be problems. It could be difficulties or trapped by the enemy that's different. But a normal practice is what the normal packages, deliver your email and your actions of concealing in mind is not a good action. How do you separate cultural upbringing and implement Islamic upbringing without causing conflict once any parents obviously make the last time that Allah Allah kinda opened up their heart and their mind and to teach them in a good manner that was to work with senior members of the community that email

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the machine to highlight certain concerns because also people tend parents tend to listen to someone of a higher authority as children we compensate our parents if they know you're right, they say no, you know that's not right. But if the mom says the same thing then listen, maybe try to approach the email to touch upon these topics of problems we're facing and inshallah most parents will listen to the email or somebody senior individual would take that advice from them inshallah and more importantly pray to Allah to open up the heart is flavoring in food allergy Some people say it has alcohol

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or bad flavoring inside sushi contains any alcoholic is a minute amount it may not be classified as alcohol and just may be some form of preservative but to be on the safer side to avoid it will be best inshallah, what are the rules are on top to find the rules you need for corradini I have different policies. And even those who say that you don't have to wait in the office till you need quite harsh about a woman coming out in public and adorning her beauty and wearing makeup, etc. Most of the elements not all the elements and none of the Arabian Peninsula are unanimous that a woman should cover her face, you should wait a minute, I don't want to enter into technical difference

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that existed with a woman she decides to cover her face. And this is something praiseworthy, and rewarding for her to do that inshallah, how to advise the youth who are aware about the Society of Friends are not aware about future careers. So like I said, you need to don't become like a candle, giving light to other individuals and and burning yourself out. Sometimes we get so worried about other people around us and we burn ourselves away. So we should have moments in our life to focus upon ourselves that if a person is involved in education, put your head down get on with your education you can get involved in many Islamic activities after many people go get involved in

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Islamic Society you get involved and work with a machete they education begins to suffer a lot because of because he's worried about those things I'm not saying we shouldn't be worried but prioritize yourself is a time for you now you've got your GCSE is coming up your A Levels coming up. You're finally in exams and you don't like the machine will tell you what is doing each time is being focused upon that is a prime example.

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For you to do what you have to do, then come back and help the people

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who didn't take

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we have

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to convey the message to the president advisor probably maybe get some what they may find it disrespectful that my soul or your soul can speak to him, he's 20 years old as 30 years old. And I like to tell him you understand me find someone that he respects is someone senior. And in your highlight of his head in his in his head, it is acceptable. If you don't want to implement it, you should tell the people this is acceptable. And create a lot of contact will open up the heart and the mind of the shift and the email. And these are obstacles we're going to find is that like, you shouldn't get frustrated, we face that every single day we go to the machine, the doors of the

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machine are slammed in front of our face. Now we don't start keeping the doors

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open now just just walk away and go somewhere else. So as you as we get older, we learn. These are the elements inside our life when we swallow them, you try to pray for individual challenges. You said before about how important is to how important it is to respect women. Why is it nowadays women will become second, for example, a woman than the same mistake as a male or a female is always looked at worse than the male, shouldn't women, women and men be looked at equally. And that's why I think our youth is fooling upon a

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system that is almost totally fair comments, no doubt about it. If a woman or sister does something that the man does, then the woman would be tarnished more and blamed more. And some other man being a boy when no problem he done this, in his provocative, always acceptable, gnosis is perfectly right. And men must probably increase in wisdom and knowledge at any at the end of the day men and women are the same, and the actions that they do, we should not place a bigger taboo if a sister does something wrong and take that out of proportion. And if a boy of a brother does something wrong, and lesson they are both equally sinful and both should be taught that this is something

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which is incorrect. And this could be partially why our youth is is falling apart. But I wouldn't give up on that that that could be how some of the elders blame it but as far as we are concerned men and women are equally to blame for many mistakes that we find inside our society

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what is the best way to advise people who want to persist and like you know organizing Moncada fascia, but at the same time you want to be nice with them also you want to live up to like say a lot of your loved one who was like you know strict with with these kind of people so how would you you know strike the fine balance between being a person is look at the positions as societies I'm like the maps is something that worries A lot of people have a known person come to most people they don't really seem to care less. So maybe try to work on influential individuals amongst them break them down as a network to take one of the brothers who may be organizing this advise him and try to

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get him away from this so that he can maybe go back and advise them. So sometimes we go to much more I will go to the whole group and try to find them they may they may be a devil amongst themselves why should we listen to him whatever it may be, and it becomes abusive etc. So try to break them apart that take one each individually bring them to the machine give them a reminder give them a co worker for that individual that individual breaks away and that could be the most influential individual amongst a certain we can go back and then say to them look This isn't right brothers whatever it may be Alicia one less person involved in doing this this month or inshallah and

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obviously any Audrina good and forbidding the evil is a lifelong experience sometimes you get it right and sometimes you get it wrong you go back and assesses of maybe the right words and maybe not the right approach so I'm trying each other to the best of our ability inshallah, when we are in power like humans, they will use some some force inshallah

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other questions

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any whatever is taking place and history before we know the word always wants to create bogeyman and create interfaces and put the blame upon a lot of Allah and mercy for the soul and whatever mistakes that they have lost contact with judge these individuals whatever they said right or wrong whatever it is, like we don't know a lot kinda knows best was taking place. as Muslims, we respect them as Muslims at the end of the day. We don't classify them as disbelievers and a person who's dead he there is obviously lots of Muslims should not rejoice upon or gloat Upon the death of another Muslim or whatever it may be. We should be just we should be fair, that if there is something proven which

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is incorrect about these individual any individual Muslims were taught that To be fair, and to be just, but nothing's been proven nothing's been substantiated. And the best thing for Muslim to do is to remain silent.

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not make any any comments, this is what is detrimental. I find the concept of divided rude we fractured amongst ourselves is the way that you break a society by creating this image. And Muslims then begin to speak ill of other voices without any evidence without any authority, and whatever the media displays upon them, and we know that the media is a deceptive tool, very deceptive to let menus at the top of the media, whatever the media shows, that's what they begin to believe in, we should be slightly more intelligent and that will provide them

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the best profit

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it is

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new but at the end of the day, people are afraid is not entitled to Islamic country etc. People want to believe that an adolescent of concern is something which goes against the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad may never ever be known. All the books, I had to pick up any book of Howdy. It talks about how the person urinated, how he slept, how we have, how he not how you walk, how you talk, how you drank, I went to his wife, I kissed his wife, have you done everything in his life? This is what I always say, if this is so important in our lives, would I want you to one, Hades. That's all I want you in my life. The person said, Don't forget to celebrate my birthday, not instructions. You

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understand not the instruction that I was born on a Monday, etc or discipleship day? No, because everything will be made. This is supposed to be invalid, that we're missing something then as Muslims.

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If I'm not doing it, then I'm missing something in my life. But we try to follow what the Hadith tells us to do. And it is no clear one single Hadith that says that clearly. Don't forget to celebrate my birthday. And why should we do it? The Companions of Booker Omar Ali never celebrated his birthday. There's no evidence is only came about in the sixth century of Islam. At the latest date and 500 600 years later, people forget to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah. So they try to use as a benchmark that the real lovers or those who celebrate his birthday, no, those are not the real numbers. The real numbers are those who seek as close as possible to the

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fine line that teaching the Prophet promises, I believe isn't what most people are doing. It's about what is the most authentic view of the person done it encouraged us to do it and inshallah we will do it. We find no text, no proof, and it's simple. The burden of proof lies upon death not upon us, as I said any single Hadith that will surprise us inshallah, from the authentic books of Hadith

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is it appropriate for Muslim to believe in conspiracy theories to certain degree complete inside conspiracy theories, some of these theories they are true and some of them are made up but there are some there are many conspiracy theories out there for you being intelligent individually to suss out those which are which are just made up you need laughs or whatever it may be and those which are which are true. So we'll leave it at that is no harm in wider reading and studying.

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is not just weekly shake is everyday. Everyday. They just come out one day and they they sing They dance and whatever they do and they go back and they make themselves feel good. So real lovers, comes in every single day from the morning to the night and not just I find myself a rescue spective versus not just external factors you know the heart sometimes I see nothing is my my feelings like the Prophet Muhammad.

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If I get angry, am I being angry like the Prophet Muhammad? If I'm getting happy Am I happy like him from upset I'm upset like him. Those inner things if we tune those to the rest becomes easy inside our life. So just really having our first one just that one day we show love and emotion is not good, loving emotions where every single day the Muslim is trying to be at the Prophet Muhammad Salah. Love it.

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Save you believe that someone has put a spell on you

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through one of your possessions, what should you need? You do

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You go to a chef

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inshallah to read Quran inshallah upon the person and inshallah we'll break the break this spell, inshallah, don't try to go to Harry Potter though.

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At the end of the day when a person dies, then you have that remorse period of three days. And the people who are the neighbors should cook for the family. But in that culture, what happens, we cook for everybody, don't we is turned around is flipped around as soon as the people around us, somebody died in my family, the people near me should cook for me. And for my and the guests who come, oh, for example, I can get food arranged for the people they become for a different city, which is a terrible no denying that fact. But you find that people cook the food and they come there on the set data set times people nearby, they come and join the food, are you hungry? Why are you coming

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therefore, and then they complain about the food was arrive wasn't cooked appropriately and moaning about it. And likewise to set the third day, the seventh day yard missionaries the 11th day 11th goes back, she has Abdulkadir Gilani, he died 11th day. So they have this item to remind him in the souls of the pious individuals come on that day. That prophet performed no harm in his life. Not for himself, not for his family members who died in front of him. Neither after his death, no one performed it. These are all in the innovation of common people get to take place, that we have these gatherings of souls a common Thursday. So tomorrow, you have the cotton, the souls that get the

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price that come there, you stay away from these practices. Stay away from them, we advise our family members, they want to do it. They said Oh, you need not possible you're not going to do my heart. I'm saying what is really up to one's parents mean isn't just to cook any food and cool everyone. Take that money, give it to the orphans. give them food? Why is it become a culture? If you don't do it? people blame you. If it's only sooner or only if you want to do it. Why for Java, I didn't read my family. People start abusing me although he doesn't love his father. He's not living according

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to spend his money. That's right. When I can secretly take that money and spend it on the offense spend it on a machine spend it on people and pay to allow me that reward go to my favorites Why don't even show it show it to people

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who seem to go to the house.

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That's right, well there's nothing wrong with that you can go to you can you can go there and say any male last quarter raise the rank of the person bless the person forgive their sins and give you patience give you any more good inside your life there's nothing wrong with that words have now decided you can't return

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on the debt in the realm of analysis there's no proof that the return on reward will be transferred

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and whenever there is a maturity

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leave the house

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seems like a packet of authentic stuff may not be may not be accepted may not be good enough.

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At the end of the day to fruity flavors are

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fine, and this only contains an element of intoxicants within it we should avoid it. It has been it is Herat. We don't need to say it shisha bars and now just to discuss World Politics of watch MTV and the Arab TV and whatever it may be and city this type of environment existed before. So stay away from the show. What do you keep this all fit? According some fruit is a facade and in some Appledore you spoke this this pipe that affects students debate University excetera so stay with the smoking. shisha

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was authentic stuff. You find out anything

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Anything that harms you is forbidden. And anything that causes harm

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is a hadith. And it was a principle of sooner as well. And it causes harm to you and to other people, because it's forbidden.

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So the shisha is detrimental, the inhaling of the smoke that you're inhaling it, you find it has damage, it damages your lungs and damages or damages your body more than cigarettes. Some

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doctors have concluded

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Of course, if you're carrying too many becomes

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so one cheese is nothing wrong with it. Because the general substance of the cheeseburger is something you've been concluded, for example, you're suffering from diabetes, you've got a disease, and it will become sugar will become harmful to individuals. So if a person has a one of cheeseburger, which is hella bad, we can't say it's wrong. It's not one cheeseburger and damages your body with cigarettes and other substances that we find that is small elements of poison inside the substance that will have an impact upon your body and it leads to addiction.

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So it's a person

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a person who's suffering obesity, whatever it could be around for them. The same thing same principle applies if they can't listen to them to the essence of cheeseburgers. What is the essence of cigarettes is haram is tobacco.

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So they're trying to justify that, you know, I'm only having one cigarette won't be long before you're addicted to cigarettes. Before that you'll be addicted to what? The taking of drugs. The majority of people who take heroin have started from one smoking of cigarettes. Every every year, you find approximately one maybe the number The figures are some maybe 15 million people get addicted to smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes has been banned in this country public places why because of us religious scholars.

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Because they have recognized dangerous every secret package is what is dangerous to your health. In America in the 70s they banned any form of advertising cigarettes were the ones that have been my thinking as to debating what is cigarettes. They're clear about it they preach it to people is dangerous. Likewise, we should stay away from it.

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The person who says the best man is never to hit a wife with a lousy mood we follow a prophet

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is a hadith mentioned

00:27:26--> 00:28:00

the best amongst you is He who is best to his family members and I'm the best my family members. So I don't recall he says you're not allowed to and he hit the woman even though Khurana mentioned by hitting a woman What does it mean about any hitting or any teaching a woman the right behavior to do doesn't mean we take a baseball bat hitter it means that you read it just to maybe slightly tougher and to remind them if need be doesn't mean that you're allowed to that is the quickest solution of your manual right does not need to his wife etc.

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His beef gelatine and whey powder it depends who created it i mean if it's made up inside this country

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it was comfortable booster country has got beef jerky that is handled they need to have it in China. if if if you're in a position where your parents are wrapped up in culture and import religion second and as a young adult, you have trouble understanding that would you be in the role to correct them you try your best each other for the most part and fail as much as you can keep advise them keep on your knees praying for them to the best of your ability inshallah.

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Is it allowed to freely mix with sisters in uni for established society? No, it's not allowed to freely mix with sisters University for the society.

00:28:48--> 00:29:06

There has to be a contact established to keep it minimal, straight to the point and direct to the point it means that leads to any type of incorrect behavior and someone else will be selected have more maturity to carry out the job in China is forced to adapt before Juma prayer and how many sooner before

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that we find a different element of fear will give different rulings any about this some people may accept it some people may reject it as for any accorded what we've studied with our teachers and there is there is no for sooner before certain trauma person doesn't need to any of them

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may have given the evidence or

00:29:28--> 00:29:30

different opinion a month or

00:29:31--> 00:29:45

two we need to get that as well sooner before Alicia there is no any sooner before it should is any sooner before any of the prayers as to say that the person prayed for God also not any there's no strong evidence any for a frame for so now.

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We can pray as much as you want before certain

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What about

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that we find it has more impact in the

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Taking of cocaine which takes in slow amounts to the tune of five is forbidden in many European countries than inside Holland, Denmark etc. And slowly going about to ban inside this country as well as just taking a bit of time. So chewing of pot pot is forbidden around substance to take part in China. Anything that intoxicating mine or whatever is forbidden.