How to Dismantle the Trinity in 3 Mins

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with Jimmy I

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look, I'm gonna make three points that are gonna be sufficient to to complete this massive Trinity. First point relates to Scripture. Now, although it's pretty much widely accepted with interest in them, that the Bible is actually changed. Like Bruce Wescott, Bruce Metzger in his book, he actually said, Does admit to the fact that lots of problems in the Bible which make it unreliable as a text document, although that is the case, even the Bible that we have today, which is changed, doesn't really mention the Trinity or rent reference it unequivocally. If you look at the Old Testament, for example, there are very clear statements like the Shema, in Deuteronomy, chapter number six, verse

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number four, which says, share my story, share my story, Yisrael Adonai Hello, hello, as an I had that hero, Israel, your Lord, our good God is One Lord, is a very clear statement that doesn't really leave any room for interpretation, or ambiguities. That's the first thing, the Old Testament the New Testament is very similar. The New Testament doesn't really have any mentions of the Trinity. And Christians will continue to try and superimpose meanings of the Trinity into Christian ambiguous verses. And the other thing that Christians will do, and have done historically, is interpolate the Bible with verses like the first epistle of john, chapter number five, verse number

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seven, the three that by the witness and Heavenly Father, Son, Holy Spirit, this is actually a changed part of the Bible. And everyone agrees to that now. So really, there isn't a actual reference to the Trinity in the Bible whatsoever. The second point I want to make relates to history. Now, we know for a matter of fact, that the urbanites were the first or one of the first groups that emerged in Christianity, and they believed in Jesus Christ as being a prophet as the Messiah, but they didn't believe in Him beings, God was the son of God upon the training part of the Trinity. Now, having said that, is quite clear that there's been a clear historical development of

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the conception of God in Christianity from a unitary God to a, to B determinism or to Gods to trinitarianism. And this is pretty well established even in Christian scholarship. Martin Handel writes this, in his book, St. Peter, saying that the type of porn, the most debilitating ism and afterwards in the other, in the other councils that emerges trinitarianism. So this has been a clear development. And James Dunn extraordinarily says in his book, he said in the book called evidence for Jesus, he says, in his book, that impatient 96, that he is simply a prophet. That's that's the evidence that we have historically that he was simply a prophet. The third point is reason now is

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completely completely, completely unreasonable. To suggest that there can be three in one in one in three is unreasonable, is contradictory, and is inconsistent. And that is why you have such a split in Christendom. And you had two camps. If you want to simplify one preset tree, try theism, which is like three gods, they're polytheists, they believe in three gods. And modalism was just one god that they believe is split into three parts. Now the truth is the present day Protestants and Catholics have said that really, it's one in three and three in one. Well, that is a mathematic impossibility and rationally incoherent. So I leave you with this statement in the Koran in chapter number four,

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verse 171. Well, God says well, otaku selesa Intel lacco says don't say, three I eternity. Don't say the Trinity stop. It's better for you.