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The 10th anniversary of the Mah airplane flight highlights the importance of good intentions and faith in achieving spiritual results. The negative assumptions and bad thoughts people have about the situation are discussed, including the negative belief in the use of words to describe actions and the importance of good faith in achieving spiritual results. The emotional state of a woman after her death is also discussed, with a focus on the struggles of Islam's struggles with women's lives and the importance of good faith in achieving good results. The transcript also touches on various topics related to Islam, including the importance of forgiveness, motivation behind a woman facing a death diagnosis, and the motivation behind a woman named Connie.

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Learn Bushmen about him

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and humbly lender, Amin. salat wa salam ala Rasulillah. You are there and he also speaking English mining or praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala and made a piece of blessing of Allah be upon His servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam,

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a sort of falls by the respected brothers in Islam. Today is from the days of Allah subhanho wa taala. Today's the 10th day of Mahatma known as El Mirage wala, this is the day in which Allah subhanho wa Taala gives victory to the believers. Musa alayhis salam and Benny is slow

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in the sea split, and Allah azza wa jal need to wait for them. And this is the day in which the enemy of Allah azza wa jal was also destroyed. And that is filled out and his army. And there are many great lessons to learn. On the day of Ashuelot

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a person really needs to read the story over and over again. This is why it is in the Quran. The Quran is something that we continue to read over and over again. So a person needs to read the story between him and himself and reflect over the many lessons that are found in the story of Musa alayhis salam.

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And one of them,

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that will shall not Allah quickly highlight and mentioned today is

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one of the greatest actions of the heart. And that is known as personal von Neumann lead on this day, events and huge personal bodily lead happened and it came from Musa alayhis salam.

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This worship, personal book, newbie LED means to have good some good thought and assume good Allah subhanho wa taala. And it is from among the greatest worships of the heart, because the heart has worships as well. The love that we have for Allah subhanho wa Taala the fee that we have of Allah azza wa jal, the hook that we have in Allah, the good thought we have in Allah azza wa jal, This all begins from here. And then it manifests in displays in a person's tongue in that which he says, and it displays in His actions in that which his body does. So Musa alayhis salam, when he stood before the sea, when he stood in front of the ocean, and the huge army was behind him and there is the army

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of frown. Musa alayhis salam did not panic. He wasn't scared. He wasn't terrified and afraid, afraid. That was the case of Benny Asahi, who's that were with him, they will panic and was scared and sent in della Medora. Kuhn, this is the bad assumption. They said, inedible or goon we finally been caught up to they followed us. And that's it. This is the end of us. Amma Musa Ali Salam would say words that Allah azza wa jal would record in the Quran. And we read it until the day of judgment. And that is, he said, Colette to Benny salah, lo low, moderate all these bad assumptions and bad thoughts that you have color. They're not true. They're not right. I don't carry this kind

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of negative thought in my mind and in my heart, rather than what I have in my heart, and the state of my heart would be innovative to be sad need. My Lord is with me. Definitely my Lord is with me. Indeed, certainly no doubt about it. This is the word in that it implies this absolute certainty. Nya with me, I'll be my Lord say, Dean, He will guide me out of this.

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This is his good fortune in Allah azza wa jal. What is he thinking of Allah. He's thinking that Allah is going to guide him out how Allah Allah really doesn't come to mind that the seed is going to split. Musa alayhis salam did not know this. He didn't know the day before. He didn't know it an hour before. And he didn't know the second he struck the sea with his stuff he didn't know. But this is what it resulted to. And this is what it led to that the sea split. Once it split, this is what he knew. This is when he knew that Allah subhanahu wa taala would guide you know, and this is the means in how Allah azza wa jal guides him. He then the idea is the believer is supposed to continue.

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He's supposed to continue thinking good of Allah I saw him until the relief of Allah comes, never give up. Musa alayhis salam did not give up at all. Not even in the last microsecond.

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Never. And this is when he was in the intention.

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Danger, right in the middle of the problem and in the middle of the difficulty and in the middle of the calamity. And it was only intensifying because your own and his army are getting closer and closer. He ever lost. His good fought in Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers in Islam has given me the land is a worship, good fought in Allah subhanho wa Taala when the visa Mala Mala Salam,

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he would continuously encouraged the companions and the believers to uphold and to commit to good thought in Allah subhana What island, Abu Dhabi Allah Allah 100 It's held in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam said in the house of Barnaby later Allah be interested in

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having good assumption. Good assumption and good faith in Allah azza wa jal is from personally whether it's from the completion of perfection of worship. You cannot complete your worship and perfect your worship. Without good faith in Allah.

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The more good Philip

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the more you continue to grow in good thought of Allah azza wa jal, the more complete and the more perfect your worship becomes and as a result, the more perfect and complete as a believer you become

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when the result Allah Allah you ascend them.

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You also inform a Sahaba and he used to say to them, in Allah to Allah Quran. Allah said, this is an Hadith and could see when the visa Allah Allah EULA Sydenham is paraphrasing informing the companions and the believers what Allah has revealed team other than Quran

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he said that Allah azza wa jal has said and are in the Vanya appdb environment DB Hi Yan Farah who were in VM national and fellow, Allah Allah so He said, that I am to my slave, according to his assumption of me,

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if he thinks good of me follow, you will have that which he is thinking of.

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And if he thinks bad and evil of me, forever, this is exactly what you will see and what you will find spalla such a powerful Hadith, usually the idea the reason Allah, Allah yourself is teaching us that Allah deals with the servant according to how he thinks of him. You think good, be if the lead you will only see good from Allah azza wa jal in this life, in the grave in the afterlife. You think that of Allah and continue to go down that path? This is what you will see. And don't be surprised, because this is what you assume. And you only received what you assume.

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This is why it is absolutely important. Never to other words, of negativity. This is ignorance on the part of a believer to speak words of negativity concerning Allah Azza. Seeing that we all do, we're all destroyed. We're all going to hell, we're all going to burn. Some Muslims think like this man, Allah. And this is because of the ignorance.

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But once the people learn how much good food they're supposed to have in a month or so should this be is delighted, overwrites any negativity you have in your heart concerning Allah azza wa jal

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and this hadith is very true.

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And Yanni the truthful nature of this hadith, that he has been displayed,

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especially on the day of Ashuelot. Look at Musa he said I will say he's saying in denial be say it at his good foot in Allah. Did Allah deal with him in this manner?

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And that's how the C split my social made the impossible possible because of one man that continued to have positive and certain good fought in Allah. So

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good faith in Allah azza wa jal is a key to relief.

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What the love and Masaru though the Allah one we said, well let the La Ilaha

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network to your abdomen, shade and higher minerals, the Vani will likely associate a beloved masu that will be Allah one. This is a companion that lived within the beasts of Allah, Allah your Sunday and he is seeing by Allah he's taking an oath by Allah. And you see, that the righteous believing slave of Allah was never given anything better than good fought in Allah azza wa jal if you're given the ability to continuously have good faith in Allah, He says from the greatest gifts that Allah azza wa jal grants a believer

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And then he said, Well, let me let you then have a layer so I've done billiger social Lavon

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Lavon Lavon No, then he can be under who are delicately under higher fee. And then he said below, and by Allah took an oath. He said, There is no one who continues to have good food in Allah azza wa jal except the Allah azza wa jal he gives him that which he assumed good off, he gives him good.

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Why? Well, that he can be another higher fear they, and that is because all good is in the hands of Allah azza wa jal, it all belongs to Allah. So, it is not far fetched and difficult for the mind to comprehend. How can Allah give me good? It's all in his head.

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It's all in his head. What is required is for you to continue to think good and assume good. Have Allah azza wa jal

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and there are

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certain situations in the life of a believer in where we should remind himself of the good form of Allah has social and exercise good foot in Allah, there are moments and there are positions. And there are situations in the life of a believer in where it is most required at that time.

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To bring out this group fought in Allah azza wa jal.

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The first of these situations is at the time of death. This becomes now more evident and absolute compulsory upon the believer at that moment, especially to have good faith in Allah azza wa jal, and that is the hadith of Jebel Mobley, Allahu Allah. He said that I heard the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said three days before his death. So this is an abyss Allah, Allah Allah, He will send them teaching us something and he himself is implementing it.

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He said, Leia Moulton huddlecam Illa, who are yours you know vulnerable have been

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the words, the recent Allahu alayhi wa salam forbidding the OMA from something.

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And he's saying layerable don't know how to come? Don't you dare any one of you die, except that it is he is thinking and assuming good of Allah. Don't you dare die, except that you're thinking good of Allah. Because at that moment, a Shavon is going to do his work.

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He's going to do His work, felt the need to remain strong and patient and consistent upon good faith in Allah. And this is granted to a believer if he lived. All his life upon this great worship has no one fewer living your entire days and nights in good form of Allah azza wa jal then Bismillah as you're on your deathbed, planning this worldly life Bismillah Allah azza wa jal gives you the ability to think good of him. At that time, it's not it's not the time to start thinking horrible and bad, and what is going to happen to love. No, no, no Allah, how old are you? And everything in his head? Think good of him. And he's able to give you that which you think good of him.

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What are some of the Allahu Anhu narrated that in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam entered

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upon a young man that was dying. He was dying.

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For Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to this young man gave her that she took her hand you find yourself? What are you thinking? He's a young man and himself. He's talking to him like this. So the young boy you said, for Allah, He was all Allah. in Neosho Allah.

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We're in a horrible movie. He said, O Messenger of Allah.

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In Me, Angela. I am hoping for Allah's mercy. I'm hoping for Allah's forgiveness. If you ask me about my condition, this is my condition. Right now for the newbie, and I see my sins and my transgression, and my rebellion and my disobedience and that which I have done that I shouldn't do. I'm fearing all this. From the ESA Allah Allah has sent them said to him

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now you're still behind if you can't be Abdeen famously has an open Illa above Allah who may owes you what Amanda whom he may have.

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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Harish to me I had these two emotions

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if they are in the heart of a believer

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At one time, meaning, the feeling of hoping and Allah's mercy, and fearing your sins. If these two emotions are in the heart of a believer at one time, then Allah subhanahu wa taala would give the believer that which he hopes for, and he'll keep him safe from that which if he's either misses it, colors, such a man was given that which he hoped for, that is the mercy and forgiveness of Allah. And he was kept safe from that which you feed, which he says he sins and what it leads to, which is the hellfire, the punishment of Allah, for Allah azza wa jal saved him from this, because of his good fortune in Allah subhanahu medalla.

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Also, from among the situations in which you're supposed to, especially have good faith in Allah Azza origin as Allah who mentioned in the shudder in the old camp, in the times of calamity, and extreme hardship and difficulty, such as the case of we said Musa alayhis salam good fourth hola how through his words can lead in the Marriott visa ID. Such as in the case of you know, Sally is Sarah, when he's in the building of oil is an intense calamity and difficulty seeing La Ilaha illa Allah subhana can in equal to meet of volume in he's saying I am the one that was a wrongdoer and the you are perfect. You're perfect. You're complete La ilaha illa and it is good thought it is is good

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fought in Allah azza wa jal that Allah azza wa jal would save him afterwards for the sheen, Elmina London. Okay, well you can only move money in we rescued him and we saved him from this calamity that he was in Allah Sargent said and this is how I also save at rescue anyone who is in calamity of the believers who fought it Allah and it is displayed in words such as La Ilaha illa Allah subhana wa inmy good to me in a volume in the use of Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that this is down to a croup. These are the words that are supposed to be said.

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by someone experiencing calamity and difficulty with such as Ibrahim Ali is set up, thrown in a fire. This is an intense difficulty and a calamity. good faith in Allah, he would say has small Allah will Yemen lucky, Allah is enough for me.

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And what an excellent beam to rely on. There is no one better to rely on them Allah subhanahu wa taala Allah social in the Quran, he mentions the story of a Fidessa Alladhina who live for the three companions that

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missed the Battle of the book. And they stayed back in Medina and they did not join. And this was a major sin on their part. We eventually Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would give instructions to the people of Medina to boycott these three companions. No one talked to them. No one deal with him. And the calamity got so intense that even in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will tell their wives

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to keep away from them. And no one's talking to them. Not even their relatives no salaam no nothing. It became that intense that these three companions didn't end up in a house they avoided and Mr the number we altogether

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became a horrible situation. And imagine what are they thinking? Hey, thinking up if in the visa Mala Are you gonna send them down is any day how bad he is, is he dies having not spoken to us and he's instructed all of them by the United to speak to us, Taro. This is the thinking in this matter. Until the calamity became so intense. Well, Allah azza wa jal describes how difficult it became barkatullah He will onbuhimo wallboard Katana if I'm flew home.

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But Yanni the earth became very restricted upon them. Even though it's vast Demerara with any there's a lot of land walkway you like, but as big and as biased as dislike is they did not find any space that would accept them. This is from the type of severe depression that a person can fall into. Not only this, Danny imagine everyone around you, avoided you and boycotts you.

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You can still have inner peace. There are some people that are hated by many around them in assaulted by many around them, but they couldn't care less because other is living peace in his heart. So

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Perhaps that's the case where the Sahaba know, Allah azza wa jal would say, well, bar Katana Imam fusuma. And even within themselves, there was tightness and restriction, and it was closed down as well.

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And you know, there are people that opposite as well. Sometimes he has troubles within himself. And around him, people love him, and people accept him. And only one of the two, one or the other. But in I'm telling you, in this case, he has Sahaba two things around them, it was very terrible. And within the ministerial house, that's it. That's the maximum kind of psychological state a person could be in.

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When the calamity intensified, and it became that intense upon them. Allah azza wa jal would say, over no

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manger and minimum login delay of under here, meaning that you are certain that there is no escape from all of this, except to Allah solution was good fought in Allah at the time of intense calamity what was the result? From metabo Ali Himalaya to Allah azza wa jal granted them the ability of a Toba and Allah except that their Toba and it was a good news for the medina that they when the ad came down, when Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would recite the outlook of thurb Allahu Allah NaVi what Allah Tala Lavina Khalifa in the next area is reciting an insulating pressure and the believers that are praying selective pressure would run to these three companions I'm sure good news.

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Congratulations Allah has revealed the automa Allah's excitement and rejoice has been filled in the hearts once again. Whoa, this came from where? On one new LM Malaysia Miramar la they were absolutely certain there is no escape from Allah except to Allah. Where are you gonna go? Where are you going to go with your bad thoughts in Allah azza wa jal, no way. It will lead you to corruption. It will lead you to miss guidance. And my good fought in Allah would lead you back to Allah to his mercy to his forgiveness.

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Another position and a situation in which it becomes

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especially obligatory upon a believer to have good faith in Allah azza wa jal is

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when he is overtaken by death, and written by that, you know, there are people that fall in debt, whether willingly or unwillingly, and debt becomes a huge calamity in his life. It becomes a huge worry in his life. At this moment, a person is supposed to have extra good foot in Allah Azza enamelled Buhari Rahim Allah He narrated a beautiful Hadith and a story concerning this matter. And this is the case of Zubaydah. Abdullah wham, over the Allah who I know and a conversation he had with his son Abdullah Abu Zubaydah,

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and this was on the day of Al Jamal, the incident of the camel, this is the story with a war between alioli Allahu Anhu Malia, one of the Allahu Allah Sahaba Dinesh, Marian, but on that day, on that day, as available on our Web would stand

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and he calls his son, he says yeah, Buddha is such a beloved nice lady says come

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in now hello, totally oh my ill volume Oh, no balloon. Today on this day. Those who die are going to be one of two types. Either a person or someone oppressed.

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What in ni la Alana EULA Solterra yo mama Luma. And I assume today that if I was to die, I will die. Being a person that was oppressed.

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We're in them in act very Hemi led Ami. And from the greatest concern and worries I have is my debt. This is the greatest concern. So he's having a conversation with his son. He said to him, so what we have and go and sort out my depths.

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Then he said to me, I boomerang in Azure stanching in dating, for staring at him all day. He says eventually my son if you've done everything you can do and you become enable and uncapable of paying my debts. Then seek the help of my master for starting ally hemo Lane seek the help of my nostril.

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pantomime disobeyed, he said for Allah He made the right to man order to

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You do? Yeah but the Molek Abdullah has some you said well Allah, I did not understand what my father meant. When he says seek the help of my master.

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So then Ottoman Synthi Is that Yeah, but the man Molek my father, who is your most? Who's this master, I need to go to it and seek His help.

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For you said to him, Allah, Allah is my master.

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Lord the Allah

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for Allah He now of God,

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Oh Allah no account to fee competent. Mean daily he level two. Yeah, molar Slayer. If they aren't who they know they are clear. Allahu Akbar, our beloved disobey Lord, the Allah who I know says, By Allah. Anytime I fell into a calamity, and an issue concerning the death of my father, I would say Yeah, more or less surveil the army they know Oh master over Civale oh Lord have a surveyor.

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He the depths.

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And the result will be fair, Kabir hack somehow, Allah azza wa jal would make it possible and it would become easy and simple and it's not good fought in Allah azza wa jal is what led to this kind of relief. And also from the situation's of having good foot in Allah azza wa jal

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is during Adobo. When a person is seeking Allah's forgiveness and making Toba especially at this time, you are absolutely supposed to have good foot in Allah assertion. And then the nice Allahu Allah you know Salam said, that if a servant wants to commit a sin, and then he makes it over, he says a little bit fiddly, then be Allah, forgive my sin. How can you have good thought in Allah, when you ask Allah to forgive your sin? This is ignorance what Allah it is ignorance for a person to have bad foot and Allah when he is making dua, especially a Toba and asking Allah to forgive him.

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So the person is mentioned in the Hadith as the person is saying, Allahu Mumfie, leave the Lobi ALLAH forgive my sins, Allah would respond to the server. And he says, Allah has a message to the server. And he says, up the earth November, my slave committed a sin file in the Anala, who Robin and he was very certain that he has a lord. You're full of gumbo, I have a big dump. And this Lord of his which is Allah is able to forgive the sin and he's able to punish for the sin. So then Allah azza wa jal would say, Airman mercy that Allah for Tullock do as you please, I have forgiven you. What does it mean Do as you please doesn't mean go and do what you like. But so long as the believe

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that is upon this kind of cycle, in where every time he seems, he repents, and he has put forth in Allah as he repents, then your situation is good, because it is bound for a believer to fall into sin. But as long as you're, he's stunning to atoma Will you still fall immediately after your sin? So long as that's the case, then this is what is meant by airman mushy do as you please. Of course, the person doesn't plan the sin, because planning a sin. As you're making a Toba from the previous scene. That is not an accepted DOMA because it is missing a condition. One of the main conditions of a Toba is to never plan for a sin. Once you've done the sin, you immediately stop and you never

00:28:53--> 00:29:01

intend to ever fall back into it. If that happens later. It's a different story. You make a Toba right then and there after this and the final

00:29:03--> 00:29:06

and Hadith I share with you on this matter. And that is

00:29:07--> 00:29:12

Gibreel Ali Salam and it is related to this day they have Ashuelot

00:29:13--> 00:29:59

and that is the only the final discussion is to say what motivates and inspires the believer to continue having good fought in Allah. And Allah We mentioned all of these matters, and the Hadith with Dwyer and how the Sahaba and how the profits, how they would display good 14 along this is a lot of motivation and inspiration for us. But most importantly, totally Hidayatullah worker that will move money in our email for Allah azza wa jal is especially merciful towards the believers. Helen, if you really believed in that, and you had certain belief in this hint there is no room in your heart for bad faith in Allah.

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I cannot believe that Allah is the most merciful and at the same time have been fought in Allah. Meaning if they all you're doubting, well hold on, let me let

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me add in the Quran that speaks certain facts of the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal, especially towards the believers, what can be moved, meaning you know, I think that these have the greatest motivation and the greatest charge and the greatest inspiration

00:30:31--> 00:30:45

to make your good 14 Allah to become genuinely true and real, not fake, the IRS doing the charges. So you continue thinking, how can I be more money than Lahaina and honestly

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the Dale haShoah asked around was drowning. And this is a Hadith found in the Timothy. And he also authenticated by enamel and Ben and Rahim Allah and others on that date, as Crown is drowning, should be would dive into the ocean and he will take from the mud of the bed of the ocean. And he rose overweight and he began to throw it and shove it into the mouth of Pharaoh. The hadith mentions that should be sent to Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam fanola a 10 year Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He really seemed to rasool Allah You should have seen me that day. What are they even mean Haley bow as I took a handful of mud from the bed of the ocean

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to Sophie v. And I'm showing it in his mouth. Why Maha Fattah and political hematoma theory fearing that perhaps a lot would have mercy upon him. Then he's trying to say he was trying to believe at that moment. We should be an ally.

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He has a lot of experience. He does this work. Allah azza wa jal gives him the ability to do all this work, to go from person to destroy nations and Allah who is your real ally. Sarah has seen how Allah social deals with the service. He's seen it firsthand. He's experienced that.

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So you don't think it could be a possibility for Fidel? So Allah azza wa jal will decree that this matter would happen. And she really is doing this Maha Fattah into the Nika hula. And after this, and when you do this incident, how then can I believe? The one who says Subhan Allah be and Arlette ensued? Whereas Phil, I was the one who saved an hour boo como rlfc. The difference is that he's saying, I know Bukovel Allah, more than once a day, you will sing Subhan Allah be an Allah. How can then how then can a believer have that fought in Allah subhanho wa taala. My brothers in Islam, this is what you want to reaffirm and establish and learn especially on this thing that they have alpha

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of the day of Ashuelot This is the day in which also Ali has set up would have absolute good thought in Allah. And it manifests in his words killer in the very old Bcfd ask Allah azza wa jal to grant us good faith in Him. Ask Him Subhanahu wa Taala to grant us good faith in him at the time of death. And we asked him to have the whole Dianetics across the forgive our sins and our shortcomings. In the Julio very gunpowder Valley, Salah Alaikum wa Salam o Bella Collina you know Mohammed while and he will be ash marine