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Lauren Booth
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various incidents and moments in the history of the Bosnian war, including a woman who was killed by Subhanallah during a peace rally and a woman who was killed by a member of the royal family. The speaker also mentions a woman who was killed by a member of the royal family and a woman who was killed by a member of the royal family.
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So today I've come up igma Mountain, which was the site of the first Bosniak brigade in the Bosnian war, many Shahed here and a lot of bravery. And I think today's video we need to explore the fact that Bosnians do not want to be seen as victims of genocide or survivors. They are brave people who've come through it and continue to fight for their country, politically Subhanallah and so we're going to see a place in the mountain I'm really excited made of wood, which is the masjid built by the the the wife the fighters here during the Bosnian war, and Subhanallah we're starting to fill up for Joomla now hamdulillah so there is as you go in here is a poem and it's pretty emotional. You

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can see here

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it was as if the men made were

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had to become an exiled community up in the mountains fighting for their rights with beauty and his respect for the for the shaheed.

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My god

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yes something incredible

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just 29 years ago they were making the under fire all around

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the siege of Sarajevo Subhan Allah I feel really honored to be here

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so I've just wonderful peaceful prayer in the heart where the brothers used to play this wonderful sister looked after me so much he put a rug underneath me and she made sure I was warm and make dua for her and Holland family me and so when Thank you, thank you. The quality of the people here Subhanallah

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was meant to be

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so most of the people it's like a reunion of the soldiers who used to join the military in Bosnia. So pretty much everybody black shirt. We all know that we all know each other it's just like

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another Bridgette who was the same thing as a soldier Student Award. And he was one of the one of the best think

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one of the best things we had

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he was one of the best things like you know, we all remember him is a good time

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brother Oh, Han Solo Malika.

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I didn't understand the chutzpah but it seemed to be a you know quite a lot about Bosnia Herzegovina. I heard you had I had resistance, you know? Yes. So

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in the world, msgid was in the show, on that same topic of war because we didn't know it's happening today. But we had visit over seven Muslim brigade from the war. So Imam was commander of that same brigade. So he just mentioned a few incidents from their fighting here, and that is parts of Bosnia, how, how difficult it was an insane time how wonderful it was because of the brotherly love and motivation they had to fight for each other. And one of them they were sitting actually next to me.

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And he was looking for his injured brother. And he stepped on a landmine. He was also very emotional because he said he really feels same like those times and he was trying to urge everybody else who was not there who's younger like me and other generations to think about that?

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Salam aleikum. Yeah. Some harm which be crushed together.

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La vie de la tamilyogi Jamia but the foundations of this Masjid to curb Nashi. Shahida. are on the blood of our shahada after, not okay in Agana she Garcia by the parts of our warriors.

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Today Mikey Chris lawless was, you know, there were tears of

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mothers who are sending their sons to fight Tuesday at my mcglue McWeeny election in Atlanta and kids who were orphaned by those who are negative hours need gratitude, random searching, and the message that we spread with this matches. The building itself is not as important as that we build the mosques in our hearts EBO Nikki Comandante Nicole klavier Sabrina was the Verizon perpetrator of crime since the MA was in many different levels in the army from beginning of tour and, and also in fighters in the frontline. There are many many incidents to talk about Danis from Abu Zelina hood we created our mot a soldier to NIKEiD my Sabra charcoal is to Caravaggio design. And today a special

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moment for his special goodbye because he's visited by his co fighters from the war who bled together with him and they were fighting with him so nine minute they said Milady who here is that animal human karma let's please turn off his young fighters died on his hands during the war bled out sometimes it pniewska This was he do shape to the chance in those moments to see the actual moment when the body parts from the soul and do some pre suit and cut out magazine amino by his lacinia Talia cub is no good as Rukia or he would see his firsthand doing somebody stepped on a landmine someone there to extract somebody who's badly injured and wounded. Those who say that point

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also kuramathi corners all of those moments are themselves wonder scam is Bob Ross is preacher to cut corners gratitude to pray to publish an op op op Sheila or debt central demonstrated through a gardener in December 92 or the redness of the valleys to keep track of that same recipe Assam will change quick territory in a hurry news near guna means back Mr. Payne from nine to 24 August that is from 24 December he Eman stayed in enemy inside of enemy lines in the snow for all these four days to get down to four days behind enemy lines

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three days and three nights completely alone in snow

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to actuate the rate of Anchorage crocheting and acquire books targets for

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this one of the example so our tests is says that somebody says examinate Toby Loihi on almost towel when I yucky no no we are a new theory that for him was like experience of Mussolini salaam to build up your cane that was his own experience. Todd Rabia we all die that DVD Manohla Musa Musa access for proof for his belief he felt the same way that this was the further testing for his belief he has some Tada

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all relatively cheap reco Chetnik Minashi linea yet understand the flag to the name has melted. Okay moving on probation. And through those few days he really saw firsthand that you cannot die. However it looks to you until Allah prescribed a moment of kindness and postal system that some pressure progeria and the moment when he actually realized that he's not going to die soon is Australian actually we need internationally when he was stopped by our soldiers inside of our alliance with genius and we had no stage do gospodarz He did such like

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any condition is some of our opponent with this last test.

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Until that surgery until today he could never repeat same surgery the same gratefulness that he felt in that

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way that you

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may Allah continue to bless you to give victory to

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blogger that

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the lands of the Muslim diversity personally then, then my nine brothers great hearts and strong hands the

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sisters courage

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to stand I stand above all of us in and

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follow them

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on the front lines just never forget that. Next Italy is a fisher survival of the OMA

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Nice to meet you may Allah bless you and

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these brave people

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peace of mind peace and protect

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the Balkans me

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