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Two Hungry Wolves

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Eva Ylang la Hawaii the hula surely Kara well I shadow under Mohammed Abdul who rasuluh Salatu was salam o Walid Sleeman kathira Ummah Babel come to a tremendous Hadith from the Muscat oven the Buddha at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about in regards to the Islamic personality.

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A hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam that is worthy of everybody's attention because

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it is one in and reason awareness as it relates to an issue that is destructive. He says a lot while he was on it was sending them mad ban, jack einn odo sila fear animun be upset Allah Ha. Min Harrison mark, and a man was shot of the Dini. Tremendous Hadith. From the statements of the newbies on the long line he was said.

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He said in his eloquence that two hungry ravenous wolves. If you can imagine two wolves, four grown wolves that go out and hunt

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to ravenous hungry wolves, that have been set free and set loose, and defenseless sheep.

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He said that the damage that those two wolves would do to those sheep will not be more than the damage that a person does to his religion.

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If he's trying to get money, or if he's trying to get fame.

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Again, the Hadith of the Nabi sallallahu Sallam said to hungry, ravenous sheep that are hungry,

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if you set them free, in a place that contain defenseless sheep,

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the sheep and this little area right here, the two hungry wolves coming there. He said that the damage that these two wolves would do to those defenseless sheep. It won't be more than the damage that will happen to a man who if all he's looking for is getting money, or he's trying to get shut up, he's trying to get position. So it goes to show that the individual who is golden his objective is to get money by hook or crook not by halau

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he wants to get money by hook or crook the Prophet described the time and he said something in law one he will either it was selling them yet t either nice the man lie you ballin murder mean in

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a minute, how long? A minute around. The day is going to come there will be a time when a person won't care. Where did he get his money from? Did he get it from the sources that were halau or haram.

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So he's a practicing Muslim, he's not necessarily a bad person, but he'll have a store and he'll sell Hummer. And he doesn't care. He doesn't care. The individuals not necessarily a bad person, but every time they go to the local store, they buy lottery tickets. someone dies from the relatives back home, and they left land to be distributed. They left the mirror off the inheritance of the deceased, the eldest brother, the eldest sister, the youngest sister was most beloved to the deceased, whatever the case is, people going to still have money from orphans, even they'll still the land and the property of the families. These are things that go on the city of Liverpool in the

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city of Birmingham on a daily basis where we come from, right now, people, they have bad relationships with their relatives over the dunya over money, because a person doesn't care.

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A person will go into some of these local stores up and down Coventry road, and they put in a box, an empty box for sadaqa. And they have pictures on the boxes that the money is going to go to Syria, or Iraq or here or there to Lehman. And the guy is still in the money.

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All of that money is going in his pocket, all of it.

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Well, hello moogerah this Howard is the person who's responsible for the money of the messaging. They're responsible for counting the money on Friday, and having transparency and letting people know how much they msgid has made. Every Friday they are stealing the money.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa it was sending them these two things will harm an individual's his

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deem the fact that you want shutoff and the fact that a person wants money big problem. So what he mentioned here someone lied was sent him is what's called double empfang. He gave a similar tool is similar a similar a similar similarly, when he mentioned something is like something else in order for a person to get an idea What is he talking about? Salalah what he was setting up. We have about 30 of these in the Quran 30 of them. As for the Sunnah, there are many in the sin of the prophets of Allah when he was sending them. He mentioned Yeah, you had nice duty by methylome for stemmy ruler who in the levena todo Runa Min duni nahi Lang Lupu Baba, oh, you believe all mankind, a simile has

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been given to you. So listen to it. Those people who worship other than Allah,

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those people who worship other than Allah, those things that they worship cannot create a fly. And if the fly were to snatch something away from them, never would they be able to get what the flag took from them or the fly itself. So what they worship is weak, just like the fly is weak. That's an example. A person who worships a seven omega worships the sun, the moon, whatever he worships. Whatever is being worshipped cannot create a fly. So why worship Him? That's a method many of them in the Quran at least 3030 that a lot revealed in his books who panna wattana what dorabella who method?

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Kelly Martin de Botton Khashoggi Ratan Thai Viva. Allah has given a simile. The good word is like the good treat. So we have a number of if the point here one is these unfound they were giving so that people can understand a point and issue in a way that leaves no ambiguity, no ambiguity. So one of the benefits of the GAO be some of these in the Quran and the Sunnah, is so that people can learn. So Allah mentioned, a number of I will tell Calum third on a durable holiness luneta karoun. We give these seminaries and the hope that that people will think and ponder

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so what Allah mentioned in the Quran will tell column five on a durable holiness, where Maya Kealoha Ll Allah moon, these are the similes and the examples that we gave, no one will accept understand them except people who have knowledge. So you have one of the setups based upon that I was saying after crying. This is shows that I'm not from the AMA because Allah said the ones who understand the unfound the semi are the ones who have knowledge. So he said, I'm not from the trilemma. I'm not from those who know because I didn't understand this particular method from the infallible Quran.

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Another issue when he behind these unfound is that they were a test for the disbelievers for the monastic on the hypocrites allow Tyler mentioned in Soto to the Baccarat that he's not afraid he's not shy in the La La you're studying and get durable method and Mughal rule that will inform our focus Africa allows not shy reluctant to give a simile one of these examples concerning a gnat or what is bigger than the net. A lot doesn't he does not shy from that. He said for amolatina M and O Allah Muna and no who have come and Robin. As for those people who believe they know that this simile is from the Lord. Well, I'm a lead in a careful rule for your toluna mother around the law

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who behaved and mithila as for those who disbelieve, they say, why is the law given this example? Why is the Lord telling us the story of the nebby that was in the stomach of the whale, and he went in the ocean, darkness upon darkness upon darkness now mostly what is that story for? So the benefit of the unfound is for people to understand. And also as the trials It tests you have believed that you know, it comes from the Quran, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so we have to give it the program. Once again. That's why I want to bring you back to the illustration because we want your mind to see this especially you young brothers. Right here, there are a bunch of white sheep 30

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of them 30 white sheep, you take two full grown hungry wolves, not baby wolves big ones. You let them go inside of that place. After those wolves get finished. When you look at the situation, there's going to be carnage. There's going to be pandemonium. There's going to be destruction in that thing. The wolves are going to go they're going to bite this one till he's dying. These dead eat that one today.

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He's dead. He just want to rip his head off is over, he's going to rip his legs off, damage over there is going to rip his intestines off, you're going to look at the situation again and say, Wow, a lot of devastation took place here. So you can imagine the picture. The wolves are going to be all over the place. And those wolves that the sheep will be all over the place dead, devoured, ate up.

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That destruction that you can imagine, is not worse than the destruction on a person's Dean. If all he wants to do is get money by hook or crook for our young brothers, he gets money how he goes into his father's personal money stash, and he steals his money, goes into his mother's bag, steals the money goes to visit the neighbor and he finds money pound here five pounds, dear 10 pounds, they're 20 pounds there and steal the money from the neighbor. So this hadith is talking about and also a Shut up. Shut up is a person trying to get position.

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Trying to get position is a machine it's a big problem. Trying to get position is a big problem.

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A great scholar of Islam and Imam Sophia Anna 30 Rahmatullahi to Allah and he mentioned to the people sent Allah to Allah to heaven to earth. If you want to be safe, then don't be a person who loves that people know who you are.

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So there are some people in our measures from our students. People don't know them. They don't know them. When the brother Mufti Munir comes to the UK, some of our students in this class become responsible for organizing brother Mufti munez talks and lectures, as a result of that, the students of this class who the people that know him prior to that or know them prior to that, because now they get some position, because all they're doing is organizing it. They're going to be problems.

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If you're a person who's under the radar, and people don't know you, you should think allies, which I think a lot as religion. There was a man with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam spoke about. He's that arrogant man, who when he knocks on the door, before he knocks on the door, people open up the door form. They'll invite him to the walima. They'll invite him to the theater. They want to have his face up in the sauce, they want him in their homes. And then he says sell a lot he was selling because that man who when he knocks on the door, they don't open up the door for him. People don't invite him. People don't want to get to know him. He said about that guy who was under the radar

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that miskeen sallallahu wasallam said, he's better than 100 of those other guides because that other guy is arrogant.

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arrogant. be that person who people don't know who you are. And don't be that person who you want to see the people. You want the people to see you that you're somebody.

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Because it's going to be a problem. That's the shut off in any shape form of fashion. You can find a person is the nicest person in the world nicest person. You put them behind a desk. And when people come to get whatever they need from them from the desk. He's a problem. Because he's the moodier, he's the one who's in charge. He's the one who's writing the ticket for the person to attend the function. Once you give him a little rope, he wants to be a cowboy because now he has that position. So I want to say to my Chabad be of those people who are under the radar to the best of your ability be of those people. So what this Hadeeth is talking about allowable time I mentioned about yomo

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kiama, the doddle batelco Hera, Nigel O'Hanlon la Vina la Yuri Duna, Alou and fill out the will after sada will be able to limit

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the houses of agenda, the data, the agenda is for those people who don't want to be high in the earth, they don't want a loo. Look at me, I'm basing on that. And that's not to say that if you become a doctor,

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a medical doctor, or you get a PhD, that's not to say that, as your Father, I won't be proud of you, as your brother, I won't be proud of you as your teacher, I won't be proud of you know, we're not encouraging you to be people who drop out of the dunya and drop out of the rat race of, of learning. And we always telling you guys, you have to learn you have to get a degree. But don't be one of those people. Because you have PhD or your doctor you think you're better than other people. Don't be like that. Be

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One of those people who people don't know that you're a doctor, until the situation presented itself. There's that guy who walks around like that, Dr. Song, he's like that, and he wants everybody to know, or the tribe that he comes from. Whereas the Bedouin men will come into the masjid of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. In look around, looking for the Nabi sallallahu, wasallam and not see him, and then be forced to go to the people and say, Where is Mohammed? Where is Mohammed? And the people would say, you see that man over there laying down in the corner. That's him. Salalah it was Salah, and he was, as he said about themselves say you do Benny Adam. He is the

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master and the best of Adams children.

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There is no one better than him. You think of whatever rich people you want to think of in the dunya, whatever religious people you want to think of in the dunya, whatever good decent people you want to think of powerful people, strong people. He is the master of Adam's children. And yet, he was over there is in the best place in agenda.

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The heart of the NBN, the rustle, but if a stranger came in, he wouldn't know who he was. Not only that when he but the prophet SAW Selim in our religion, he prohibited things prohibited us from doing things, trying to be different from other people for an example, for an example, he told us don't wear the fold of shahara. Don't wear clothing that people know you buy that clothing. They see you in that clothing. They know you buy that clothing. You want to wear clothes, you fit in, you fit in under the radar. Some man came and he said Yato so the law, make me a leader over my people. I want to be the Emir, I want to be the one in charge. He told himself I love what he was selling them

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in the worldly. I'm gonna have a Mensa and who are hiring sorry. We will not give the leadership to anybody who asked for it. nor will we give it to anybody who's trying to get it. Because if someone wants to be the leader, it's going to be a problem.

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The great companion above or below or above or was a czar hate he did not like this dunya and yet the Prophet told him some of the law what he was saying Lamia, about that. If there are three people you one of three people do not become the Amir

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don't become the leader of just three people just three.

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Because some people get a big head

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a big head because they want to be over people want to be over people. So the enemy benches a lot while he was setting them in the comb. So tahari sooner Allah, Mr. Raja inasa takuna and a damaging Yokoyama, you people from our oma you're going to cover it and go after and try to get positions of authority in any shape, form or fashion. He said those positions are going to come as a source of your sorrow yomo kiama. It's going to be a source of sorrow to be questioned and held accountable for people. It's a problem.

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So we have to develop this particular issue in our personality and in our character. If we look at the companions with one ally, I named him a Jemaine, you all get a big picture about who Abu Bakar is, you get a big picture about who Ramana is a big picture with man and Annie, get a big picture. People will we know you're never going to find any Hadith about their history where they were walking down the street with pride, not going to find it. You're going to find them being people who were humble people used to cry.

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People love the law, I known as my ame, who used to be in a race where they were defeating everybody and trying to do good.

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And that came from the therapy of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Today, and I say this, and I say clear and unequivocally today. And the Dow what is sephia today, one of the biggest problems is shahara people want to be in control. People want to be in control. It's one of the biggest problems that Muslims have and they massage it. People want to run the show. And if they're not running the show, they're going to sabotage the efforts. They want to control the money they want to control who's listened to, they want to control what books have bought, what books are sold, they want to control what site to see what site not to see. I mean, how can they shift sate and be a bit if you

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don't bring him down, I'm going to bring you down. You better take my position be talking about recently whiny and the lecture.

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That was given in Luton, and I saw a number of you in that lecture. They share Hussein and a wire shot her feather hula hoop to Allah, He gave a talk about the statements of the Imams, the 40 memes concerning the impermissibility of blindly following them. statement after statement after statement after statement with those mountains of knowledge and only, they only have Allah inshallah saboom karate, then from the Eau de Avalon knowledge, mountains of knowledge, and they will tell the person Hey, Dr. G, don't write down everything that I say, I'm a human being. I say something today, and I'll change it tomorrow. Take from where I take from. It's not permissible for you to take from us

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and we don't. That's what we learned that the Bible is now more upon. today. The person is telling you you better follow my position in my opinion, or I'm excommunicating you from Allah slam. I'm excommunicating you from the Sunnah.

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I want to say to our students kill that thing, if you have it. That thing about I didn't look at me, being one of those people when you come. People don't know you came. And when you bounce and roll out, people don't know that you bounced when you rolled out. Be a man who walks lightly. That's what she used to always say. He said line of poetry over and over and over again called Rosalyn

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riginal, houfy, thora wahama to hamata historia be a person who your feet are in the ground. You are reasonable. You're a reasonable person, you're not dreaming. You're a person who you are dealing with reality. He said but allow your your desire, your hammer, you know your your goals and the objectives that you want your aspirations. Let them be up in the stars of Pegasus, be a balance guy, be a humble guy on the ground. And maybe you sell the law while he was selling them used to drive he used to ride a donkey.

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Then maybe sell a loved one he wore it was seldom used to ride without the lagna bass on his back. And his donkey. He didn't mind people being close up on him. Now someone comes to pick up the sheriff, come pick up the sheriff, you have to get out of the front seat.

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If you don't offer that to the sheriff, she's gonna be mad at you. It's going to be upset with you. Because he wants that thing people want that thing. I'm not saying that about everybody at 20

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I'm not saying that about everybody. But it's definitely an issue that we have to struggle for. Just to

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complete this completus we want to mention the ayat of the Quran that Allahu taala Gemma bainer had taneous if attainment of movement aim a lot put both of these issues together. And he criticized them as it relates to the person who comes yomo piano and this is going to be a state for COVID Allahu taala. that the person is going to say my adna I nee Mallya were halakhah. Annie so Tanya, the person is going to say, the money that I went after, it didn't help me. And the soul Tom the power the position that I got, it was destroyed. Nothing came out of it. alarming Jim, both of those in an IRA. The person who collected money,

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my money on a piano. It didn't help me. And the soul Tom the power that I had, it didn't help me. Because a person's going to be question all of the money that he took, that he received how he got it, and it's related to the salon. The person who's a position of leadership and authority is going to be questioned about everybody who came under his leadership and his authority. cola camera and we're Coloma Solyndra at all of you are shepherds, you have responsibilities, and you're going to be questioned about your responsibility.

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So the man is going to be questioned about his situation, the job that he has and the people under him, even in your secular job, there are people working under you, the guy who was running your store, you're going to be questioned how you dealt with him professionally.

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You are the dean in the university or something like that. People under you, you're going to be questioned about all of those people that a lot of put under your a schroff under your supervision. So with that, the Muslim has the fear lies with Jeff. He has to be truthful. He has to be honest. He has to be

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Be humble. He has to be given. He has to have Rama. He has to be easy and inauthentic Hadith the Prophet mentioned some Allahu alayhi wa sallam in Allah how you burrito. Kala Jaffa Rijn, Jawad. Sahaba. bill, bill, bill, bill, bill as well. g for timberlane Wertheimer on Binda har.

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Allah hates, analyze angry with every individual was rough and tough the way he is the way he deals with people just rough and tough. A roughneck

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and allies are jealous also angry with the person who was sahab been a swap. The one who goes to the marketplace and he's always arguing, having confrontations with the people in the marketplace. His nature, his personality is argumentative. Allah doesn't like it. He doesn't love it. g for to blame an individual who sleeps throughout the night. He sleeps throughout the night, because all day he worked like a donkey.

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It's nothing wrong with working hard.

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But it's as if he understood he was created to work. So all he does, he's a hard worker. He doesn't pray. He works so hard. And then by the time nighttime comes, he sleeps chemic McGriff can't make a shot, can't get up for fetcher.

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And he said about him, so I sell them. He's a hammar hammar in the daytime. He's like a donkey during the daytime. He doesn't know his religion, but he's knowledgeable about the dunya. So there's a person who if you give him a computer, he can take that computer apart build for you a computer from scratch.

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But when it comes to a Renan soda three fatty hot correctly can do that. I know some people in america

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and i have love for these brothers, I used to tell them when I first met them and came into their community. It was a country it was a state in America where you can carry a concealed weapon a gun, you allowed to carry a gun, as long as you're not a convicted felon, you can carry a gun around in the street, carry it and your wife in her bag as well. And I was all for that. And these brothers Mashallah they were really into protecting themselves and each other in their families and protecting the mess check. If something happened, they used to come and stay in a mess, check, let somebody come up here, talk about thing and do something MSG, they would deal with it. The issue is,

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some of them have the ability to turn those lights off. And this assemble that gun without the light on and put it back together quickly taught a little case how to do that. take it apart with the lights off.

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If you can do that, and that's okay. Then you should be even more efficient with the touch of the Quran. The touch read of the Quran, my man here he got mad skills with that soccer ball Mashallah. My man right here, Mama.

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mad skills with the soccer ball. It's gonna make a lot of money for us one day, inshallah.

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I want that boy to have math skills with the Quran to read man from memory with Tajweed the correct way. I have nothing against my boy knowing how to work a soccer, ball football, nothing. But I don't want my boy out there trying to do those tricks that some of those soccer stars that he liked those football duels that he liked. Some of them, you know, those guys going out to China spend a lot of time trying to copy them, copy them. Nothing's wrong with that. I'm not against that as his father, but I'm against him being a donkey all night long and not good enough for slaughter.

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That's a problem. I'm going to take that ball and I'm going to let the air out that ball.

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Because I want his priorities to be straight.

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So the point here honey is stay balanced in the deen and part of staying balanced in the deen is not going after the dunya in that type of way. And we've already took take we've taken a number of ahaadeeth concerning the 40 Hadith of the Islamic personality. Many of them many of them have spoken about. Don't be a person who loves the dunya like Don't be a person who has sure

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what tacos sure for endo like Americana Kabbalah comb hemella, whom Allah Saku deema who was the Hello Mahara? moho beware of being stingy. The money that you do have you hoard the money

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keep counting it over and over don't want to give any such as a cat sadaqa help people who need it.

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Prophet Muhammad said that greed, it caused the people before you to be destroyed. They may shed in each other's blood halau like in the city of Birmingham, because of money. You have these young Muslims who was selling drugs in Liverpool. Three years of being there. How many Muslims have been stabbed and shot from the youngsters over drug money?

00:30:39--> 00:30:40

Over drug money,

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they will come the time will come. The person won't care where his money comes from. Money doesn't care. He doesn't care. He's going to rob an old lady or Robin old lady.

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robbing innocent person, robbed in person person doesn't have that thing about edible club. He sees an old lady over marrison it is an easy target that go and mug The old lady, now Muslim, and he mocks her.

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And he says but they do and that to us in Palestine here. They're no man, what you just did is what the prophet sallallaahu Selim spoke about is a sign of a person who was not satisfied with the color of Allah. So I want to say to you, honey, including fertilizer gel, as it relates to this issue of how you get your money, where you get your money from the slaves feet will not move in front of a lot until allies come about for things now that hadn't said five. One of them is his wealth, how we got it and how he spent it. How did he achieve it? How did he acquire it? And how did he spend it? And the other thing is, relax with this stuff about who you are.

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People have to acknowledge you, the munafo kuhmo like that your Buddha and your daughter, Milan. Yes. They love to be praised for what they didn't do. They didn't do anything they want people to know. I did it. Look at me. Look at me, like, I know people who get down with a lot. They get upset because someone gets 100,000 views on YouTube

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100,000 500,000 views. He doesn't like the speaker because the speaker gets 500,000 views or he got a million. And he only gets 1000. man said hamdulillah for those 1000 What's wrong with you?

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Said hamdulillah for those 1000 2545 views, what are you talking about? The goal and the objective is the view.

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So as it relates to getting shut off, a person can get position through Money, money, he works hard. So he has a position.

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Okay, another way you can get a position is through his sofa. He has a powerful position. He has a powerful position, a good job. I mean, had you with people, they had good jobs, then people had good jobs. And they had positions, good positions, secretaries under them, nurses under them, pilots under them. But you know, and some of them are here right now. When we were walking around that Kaaba, when we were walking around that Kaaba in Mecca, the other 4 million Muslims who did not know them, were pushing me or pushing them there. Because they don't care about who you are. They don't know about your money and what your job is.

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When they were making the tawaf around the cabin when they were making the site.

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guy has a lot of money. He has made 10s of millions of pounds, millionaires, but those poor people came from African Bangladesh who are going around that Kaaba China worship Allah, they didn't care anything about anybody's money, because that's one of the benefits of a hedge and everybody is the same. You're going to wear that ROM and nobody knows who you are. Nobody knows who you are nobody.

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So people get positioned how money and they have power, prestige, their position. One of the worst ways to get position and to misuse it is through knowledge.

00:34:25--> 00:34:27

person is a charlatan

00:34:28--> 00:34:39

he gets some knowledge, nice recitation of the Quran maybe so it becomes a rocky and he does Rukia and he's still in the people's money. Using the Quran is still money.

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

person gets some knowledge and he takes advantage of the people because he has some knowledge. The Prophet mentioned sallallahu alayhi wa on he was sending them into a llama elmen mama you gotta be watch La, la your limo Ella, the individual who gets it

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

Knowledge. And it's the knowledge that you should only seek for laws cause for a lot of sake and pleasure, but he gets it for other than that, he goes out and gets knowledge so that he can argue with the scholars, so that he can argue with the foolish people don't have knowledge, and so that everyone can look at him and pay attention to that's his golden objective. He got shut off in position through the knowledge and that's the worst one. That's the more dangerous one. That's more dangerous than doing it for money. And get in position with money or get in position with with your power, prestige. Get in position with the dean and that's your goal. As for last statement in the

00:35:43--> 00:36:12

Quran, your Allahu levena am an omen, como la Vina O'Toole endora? jack, those people who have Eman and knowledge allow a raise them in degrees, if Allah gave a person riff, and he brought him up, and it wasn't his golden objective, that's okay, no problem. I'm talking about your knee. So some people students have knowledge, they may read a book, and they read in the book, just to get delille to refute other people

00:36:14--> 00:36:46

is memorizing the surah, in order to learn the delille to refute other people. So again, Imam sufian authority, he said, knowledge is like every other commodity is higher and better than everything. Because a laws pleasure is sought with knowledge. But if a person doesn't have a class, knowledge becomes like everything else, and becomes like money. It becomes like you using your position and your job and your place of prestige. So we're going to stop here and show lies with Joe.

00:36:47--> 00:36:56

If you brothers have any questions, you could put your question forward. If you guys don't have any questions, we'll see Sharla next week.

00:36:59--> 00:37:04

I'll in the cache for the Yaki Nora, Dino world, Allah ionic.

00:37:14--> 00:37:48

He asks a very good question, how does a person know that he's doing something? And he's not doing it to be known? He's doing it with claws? How does he know? How does he know Mr. Mohammed azhari, Mohammed Devi, she have a zuri, who's from the tab in the smaller tab again, he answered that question for the Muslims. And he said and he's from the rhythm of the Sabbath. He said, a person knows that he's doing something for laws, so say exclusively, when he doesn't care if people mention it, or they don't mention it.

00:37:51--> 00:38:14

If they mention it, or they don't mention it, it's one the same. He gives Dawa in a lie he gives advice. Yeah, actually, don't do that. Don't do this. Don't do that. It doesn't the nice way. The person came out of here with that. I'm not trying to hear that. He says Mashallah. I did was when he steps off, as opposed to the one who gets mad. Don't talk to me like that. And it goes back and forth because it's dour.

00:38:15--> 00:38:19

He has some have in there for his self.

00:38:20--> 00:38:49

So the one who does something for Allah sake, he doesn't want people to know. And it doesn't bother them. He says Allah while he was setting them hydro sada cotton sadaqa tune to set the Bihar to sudipta Bihar hectolitre alum, a Shimon Mata said that a be yummy. The best sadaqa is the one in which the person gives it. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand gave

00:38:50--> 00:38:59

is giving people stuff and nobody is seeing him. He's crying and nobody has seen him. He's praying and he's getting to a sprain, no one is him. So he knows.

00:39:00--> 00:39:01

What's the second question I think.

00:39:06--> 00:39:08

Pegasus What is that?

00:39:13--> 00:39:15

The star Pegasus but what did you ask?

00:39:19--> 00:39:20

To do what?

00:39:22--> 00:39:23

Greek mythology

00:39:25--> 00:39:32

Pegasus has become a star noun. So series a cluster of stars that they call Pegasus, because

00:39:33--> 00:39:59

I don't know the history behind it. So it's nothing wrong with that. It's like in the medical field, they have that oath, that oath that they take. What does that oath call the Hippocratic oath and the actual Hippocratic Oath has to do with making an oath to the gods and all of that stuff that the Greeks used to believe in that they would be you know, professional and help people and heal people.

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

So the doctor today, Dr. Today, they don't make people do that. But that concept is there, that concept is there. We're not going to say to somebody who can't be a doctor because that that oath, we're gonna say no. Because we are hoping that every doctor will have the integrity and all of that, to be sincere to the patient and be professional and fear Allah in that regard. So as it relates to these things that have these names like that, and they become popular culture, and they're part of what life is, we just don't pick them up and we don't praise them. Which brings me to another point. That's a good point. And that is today's Hadith, honey. It clearly shows the decadence of hip hop

00:40:42--> 00:40:50

music and hip hop culture is one of the many ahaadeeth that show improve hip hop is haram.

00:40:51--> 00:41:06

The ideas and what they're saying and the culture of it. Because the Prophet is telling us something like he was sending the thing that will destroy your religion is trying to get money by hook or crook and that's what they talk about getting money anyway.

00:41:08--> 00:41:11

Anyway, they had a statement called cream

00:41:12--> 00:41:46

cash rules everything around me that's not an Islamic concept. Cash don't we Ross we will you talking about Get Rich or Die trying those concepts against our religion. And then that thing about position, I got aware, the biggest ring and this and that and I gotta be the man. And this is how that culture is. So let there be no doubt in the hearts and the minds and ears of any of our young brothers and sisters. Hip Hop cultures haraam for many angles. One of them is this, Heidi, my man, you have a question, actually. A Chroma Kumar?

00:42:18--> 00:42:40

That's a good question. I hate carrying the brothers asking if a person knows and believes with sincerity, that he's the best man for this particular job. And it's a position of leadership and responsibility. He's the best one for the job. Is it a sin for him to get that job? No, it's not a sin for him in that case, but he's still should fear Allah.

00:42:41--> 00:42:52

Because as long as a person is living, he can't be sure about fitness. That's what the said if you say, as long as the person is alive, He is not free and exempt from fitness.

00:42:53--> 00:43:10

So in the case of use of the nebia of Allah Yosef, when he came out of the prison, that king wanted to put him in a high position. He said, Nah, I don't want to be a minister. I don't want to be close to you like that. Just put me in charge of the storage.

00:43:11--> 00:43:17

put me in charge of the storage. Because I'm a trustworthy person.

00:43:19--> 00:43:28

So he put himself forward because there's no one better for him. So when those seven years of drought came, he knows how to deal with the situation.

00:43:29--> 00:44:08

I became a Muslim as a new Muslim, I was brand spanking new Miss America. And it was time for us to make Salah. So that the Maghreb, he shall remember one of the two. And we were all standing in the line. And we were looking you go, you go, you go, you go. Now you, Sumani you sumali you you know, Quran, you memorize a lot of the Quran, you're with us in the line and you're looking down, you see me a new Muslim, this African American brother, African American, all web reverse, you can see that and we're seeing you go, you go, and you're not staying doing anything. You're standing back, wanting to be under the radar. And then one of us went forward, the brother went forward, he said

00:44:08--> 00:44:14

Allahu Akbar. Bish smilla rahmanir rahim and started reading in English.

00:44:16--> 00:44:27

Because he didn't know all he knew was Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and he called it Bish min Lera. mera Rahim. All Praise be to law, the law of the universe, and he started reading in English.

00:44:28--> 00:44:31

So now don't start sucking your tongue.

00:44:32--> 00:44:41

What is he doing? In that case, you should have stepped forward. Because you see the situation now is an obligation for you to step forward now.

00:44:42--> 00:44:59

So there is some fifth in this issue. So if a person feels he can go back to his country for an example, and there is a post in the ministry as some that's open, he should try to get that job. People before him that proven to be not qualified now.

00:45:00--> 00:45:17

competent, they're not trustworthy, they're stealing and so forth, so on. He wants to help his country and he says, I'm going to do this job feasibility La, La La, y de la sharika. And that person should try to get that job even if it's a job of responsibility knowing

00:45:18--> 00:45:23

that you should always rely on Eliza gel to help you and so forth a song. Any more questions for the

00:45:31--> 00:45:40

the definition of arrogance and how do you avoid is to read the Quran and read what the student had to say about the kabiri like the Hadith that we mentioned the laiya boo?

00:45:42--> 00:46:02

Yeah, burrito Kula jaffery and Jawad. Allah hates people arrogant. He hates it. The Prophet mentioned Salah, love what he was saying lemon canopies. calbee mezcal. directadmin cabron Lega told Jenna, the one who has just a.of arrogance won't enter into the Hellfire

00:46:04--> 00:46:23

level Tyler will take all of the kings and the leaders of the world put them in the Hellfire who deserve the Hellfire before he puts a man he'll say I'm the king today. We're all kings where they all act. And he's gonna say I'm the king today. I'm the king today and then put them all in the hellfire.

00:46:24--> 00:46:38

And then arrogance in order to avoid it gotta know what it is. The Prophet told us on the law, what do you say to them and caper battle Huck was home to nurse it is rejecting the truth and looking down on people.

00:46:40--> 00:47:28

So that is what kibin is rejecting the truth when it comes to you. you reject it. And you look down upon other people for whatever reason, your money, your skin color, where you come from geographically and your knowledge or whatever. So it's from the major sins, the caber no place in the agenda for them. It could be anybody who has one data caper doesn't go into the agenda. And then the question has to be presented. Allies established in the Quran that he has created everybody from what he called them the Quran Martin maheen. From a despise liquid, a display a despise fluid. Everybody came from sperm, everybody. So when people want to argue or they want to be arrogant about

00:47:28--> 00:47:38

where they came from, I came from here I came from there. That's where you came from. And he told the people not conclude with this is a tomb.

00:47:39--> 00:47:47

Rosalyn yet Isaiah, Isaiah is jB 84. I do who behind abbyy when I took no

00:47:48--> 00:47:55

authentic hadith that was collected by the mmf to the media and other than Him and Imam Bukhari in his book and edible mfat.

00:47:56--> 00:48:19

The Companions said that the Prophet says Allah what he was sending them. If you see a man bragging and arrogance, bragging about where he came from, then tell him to bite on his father's penis and don't sugarcoat it. So some people smile in the audience by the room and smile at their mouth smile.

00:48:21--> 00:48:48

Prophet said that somebody was saying that if you see anyone bragging, like they did in Jay Z, and my father's from this part of the damn, my father's from that side of the dam, my father's from the north mines is from the south. This is my tribe. That's it. He said, If you see that, then tell him byline, your father's penis and don't sugarcoat it. Because if you're proud of where your father with you come from, and that's where you come from.

00:48:49--> 00:48:51

persecute me I'm talking about

00:48:53--> 00:49:07

even some people will sit there and say that the Prophet really say that. You may not be able to say that Hadith in every Masjid. Because it's gonna be a fitna, for some people say, What did you eat with that Iam set up there. Don't let him do any more about it.

00:49:08--> 00:49:47

So I wouldn't advise anybody to go home. And to say that to your mother, your father. I would advise that for anyone. But if you have a close relationship with them, you could do that. But there's a time place for everything. The point here is that Heidi it goes to show no one has a heart, no one to be arrogant or subtle. Like his Southern lady was telling him again. He was visited by a man and a man was shaken from the hay but he was afraid of how the Prophet was not afraid that he was going to hurt him. But you know, when you're in front of a powerful man, and the man was shaking, and the people said we saw his job he was shaken. Russell law told the man sallallahu wasallam roadways and

00:49:47--> 00:49:49

railways and take it easy.

00:49:50--> 00:49:59

My Anna, Ella Rajan. membre, attend mill Quraysh can attack Kuru Fareed. I'm just a man who was born

00:50:00--> 00:50:12

To a lady who was from Quraysh. And she used to eat a 13th a delicacy of Quraysh relax and just a regular person Take it easy. Some people will play on his fear.

00:50:14--> 00:50:20

arrogant people they were playing on the fact that he's scared he's afraid they're going to make a more free.

00:50:21--> 00:50:51

So we should humble ourselves. kulu Cody habba was stuck for a while he will come when us Allah to Allah to fit was say that. And for our brothers who have performed Hajj with us. This previous year they came to the class last week and this week as well. When I tell you guys we're always happy to see you and like you. I wish we can go back to Mecca and Medina and all of those other places especially the brothers from bus number four, bus number four. They had it going on. I sent a lightly