Mohammed Hijab – How to Disprove the Bible With One Argument

Mohammed Hijab
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He saw it.

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With me I

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just I didn't know I was just saying to you, what's your name again? What's up?

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Basically, what we're saying to you is I do respect. I do respect where you guys are coming from. You're Christians and you're literalist. And you believe in the Bible, as is why I respect that. I do really respect that. Because

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the West that we've had this kind of revolution, enlightenment period, and scientific revolution, industrialization, all these different things have led people to start interpreting the Bible, which in a way, which doesn't fit the classical acts of Jesus, which is actually a it's not in line with, you know, the, the actual way that people used to interpret it in the past. And the truth can't change Canada. So if you believe in the Bible, you believe in the Bible. Yeah, you believe in the Bible, in a way, which is straightforward. The text speaks for itself is from God, right.

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So while I was speaking to him about, hopefully get you involved, and I know you're interesting person to speak to a bit like mine, I generally like to

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shape how to shave.

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Seriously, we have

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a discussion person.

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So what I was saying was really,

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the point I was gonna make was just just one point. I'm not saying that science, just as a disclaimer, as a caveat. I'm not saying that science is the measuring stick, by which and through which we can identify whether religion is true or not true in a complete sense, I think that would be an extreme case. And the reason why is because I believe that science.

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I believe that science can have what Thomas Kuhn called, you know, Thomas Kuhn. He's a philosopher of science, he said, science can have like paradigm shifts.

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But having said that, I think that there are some rudimentary facts of science that we can all agree to. One of the things that I think is quite rudimentary, is the shape of the earth. Would you agree with me that the shape of the Earth is round?

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The earth is round? Are you excited about it?

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That's fine. Because I was asking this too.

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Because I was talking to Christians.

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And ask them, How old is the universe? They replied by saying 6000 years old, is that correct?

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I'm not entirely 100% decided I will research it but I have Yeah, I that's my current stance. By the way, would you do?

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like did you do what? Did you go to school?

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Yeah, I go

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to school.

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Are you that young? Yeah. Yeah.

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As for yourself, you're saying that

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the universe is

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constantly making fun

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of the Bible that indicates the fact that the earth is flat.

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So if you look at the book of Job, chapter number nine, number six, says,

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flat rate can be shaken out of this pillar so that the depiction of the biblical Earth is that as flat as it has been, it's like a TV. All right, in the book of Matthew, chapter number eight, verse number four, as you very well know, Jesus was taken to the top of a very high mountain, and they said that he saw the kingdom of God. So

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that must mean that the earth is flat.

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Yeah, because Australia on the other side, if you look at, for example, the Book of Psalms chapter number 3073,

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sorry, chapter number 75, verse number three, once again, talks about the earth being flat having pillars. Well, you look at the book of Acts, chapter number 10, verse number 11. It talks about a big shoot coming up, I was talking, it's a big sheet comes from the sky, and it covers all four corners of the earth. So it's very clear here that the biblical depiction of the earth is flat. In the Quran, it says in chapter number 39, verse number five, you COVID a lot at the halfway code on the HoloLens.

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masama. So the scholars of exegesis of the past scholars I interpret the pride of the past, they said that this verse makes it very clear that the earth is going round.

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Must be round because this was stuck with COVID in this verse,

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and therefore

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Mohammed is one of them who died in 241. Evan Tamia is another one who say, for the

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mound issue was a third one for joining the fourth floor. And there's lots of other scholars that said before time for time that the earth is round. Now, I'm not saying that Islamic literature, there's not a scholar out there that says that the earth is flat. To say that you don't know what I'm saying is we have in our literature, those early scholars will say the earth is round and ever touched on its own, and the Bible and don't have that.

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So just if you are because you started off by saying that the earth is round,

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if you truly believe that the earth is round, you have to be a Muslim.

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If you are sticking to the fact that the earth is round, we believe in the scripture that tells you clearly that the earth is flat, and has pillars, and there's no other way of interpreting this, then that would be a contradiction in the way you apply your standards.

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If you want to read something out in the Scriptures, opinions, etc.

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Or you believe in the Bible, I do, but the Bible must be often got to

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find it. If the Bible is all from God, God must know what he's talking about. So if God knows what he's talking about, then he must when he refers to natural things, he must refer to them in a way which is accurate.

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Because I think the Bible is always in parables, so no.

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So you don't believe in that. So when God talks about things, everything in the

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scriptures are in parallel. Can you prove to me that Job chapter number nine, verse six.

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Can you get me

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I know you're a very high profile.

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You'd be able to do this with ease with considerable ease.

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Chapter nine, verse six.

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Why have you gone from 96 to nine verse six.

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You can read it

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Read Out please.

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I'm sorry.

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From its place, and make six pillars, Kimball.

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speaks to the song. And it does not shine

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the light of the stars. He alone

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searches out

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on the wall to see so

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the whole world is flat.

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So you just took one bit?

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Me? How will you see that?

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Doesn't happen in

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chapter nine verse six of job I'm not trying to look honestly I like your nice guy. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings.

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We're seeking the truth and the truth shall prevail. Right? It's a parable.

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you're here to help me understand it.

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That's fine. You don't

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have to say it's a parable. But go ahead and look at if you want to look at Psalm chapter number 75%.

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Yes, please. You're aware of your Bible.

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By the way, guys, I just want to say this.

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From the very beginning when we talk about them being

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75 375

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you read this just bonkers

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and he has a mic as well.

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Be on.

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We're gonna need to get

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an older people quake. It is I on hold

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God holds the Pillars of the Earth, its pillars, pillars in the Bible. God has pillars in the Bible.

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A pillar is my friend.

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Yes, that's right. Because the depiction of the biblical Earth is flat flats. Could be because it says the circle of the earth in the Bible, it's gonna be a desk.

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Is that correct? You think?

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Is the Bible flat and has been

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Joe, would you agree with the fact that the earth is round?

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Like a table, you know, a table, you seen a table,

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a table with something which is like this, and it has legs. So pillars

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stabilizes, right? They work only with flat objects.

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This is more than one verse. If it was one verse you can

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you tell me what

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you believe?

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Do you believe in that?

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You believe in the

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Quranic scripture of the three Abrahamic religions are the only ones. It's only scripture that has a verse in the Quran, verse in the Quran that can be interpreted in a way to suggest that the earth is round. And the only scripture which has scholars predating 1000 years ago, saying that the earth is round. So it's not as in superimposing this narrative scientific narrative is the truth, which people of that time had had identified with

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the song he was on it

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with me

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