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  • A test of our taqwa
  • Post Ramadhan
  • The need for taqwa
  • Major Crisis
  • Differences are a reality
  • Differences are a blessing
  • Establishment of salah
  • 1 life is too much
  • Principles of Deen vs Life
  • Factors taken into account
  • Disagree with knowledge
  • Putting differences into perspective
  • Extremism, dealing in absolutes
  • Do not think too highly of yourself
  • Evil labels and titles
  • Judging the niyyah of others
  • Leniency even when wrong
  • What is important in the end
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lamela sheath on James Miller Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Allah Allah He will be marrying my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as to know Alec Moore's law he will be required to blah blah mean always in forever We praise Allah subhana wa diala and we begin with the thanks and the police have also had our dialer. We worship here and we testify in the shadow. ILA in a law that none has the right of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we sing our peace and love and salutations on our beloved Noemi Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his price on pure family to his companions, and to all those who follow instrumental the enough time

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now our belief has to be fit for us and soon after being hermits all alone isn't living this life and to be in his companionship in the genital Fidel's me well hamdulillah emo Baraka, all of you had a blessing eat this inshallah, the first Juma after the month of Ramadan, and we pray in sha Allah, that on this visit Dr. Juma Allah subhanaw taala accepts all that we have done during the month of Ramadan, and that we maintain that we have goodness that we've acquired in the month of Ramadan, so the rest of our lives. I mean, we know that the great challenge the big challenge of Ramadan is not really Ramadan itself, but it is post Roman. It is the kind of people that we would become after the

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month of Ramadan in Ramadan was truly effective and was truly meaningful, when much of what we did in Ramadan will remain with us. Of course, we will never be able to be on the same level of sincerity of piety as we were during those last 10 nights of Ramadan. That effort that we put in was over and beyond what was normal. And even the usual sunlamp never did, he exerted himself as much as he did in those last few nights of Ramadan. So if we're not on that level, then it's expected. However, what is important is as Ramadan has left some of it if not all of it. But some of those good things that we used to do, should remain with us. If we gave quite a bit of charity, then maybe

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we would not give on the same level. But if we continue being charitable, that if we perform a lot of nightly praise, so maybe perhaps we spend many, many hours in camerlengo Tarawa, now's an opportunity that even though we perhaps don't perform on that level, perhaps every night we'll try to do a little bit, maybe even just half an hour less than that, during the nightly prayers that I speak to myself out a lot because all of us have been put on our holiday from that level of evader since I eat. Now time for us. Once we relaxed, we've enjoyed ourselves, to get back to reality and to become a little bit more serious. And of course and again speak to myself first and foremost,

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that those bad habits that we put on hold the certain things which we made an effort not to do during the month of Ramadan. May Allah grant is distinct from the ability not to return to those bad habits again after the month of Ramadan. And Allah Subhana Allah says to us, the meaning of which insha Allah is what disturb understood when Allah says do not be like that woman who after she has spun her braid of the she has made it firm. Do not be like the one who unsponsored thread off it has been made strong, meaning once you perform the good deeds, once you have done that, which is required of you, and then you undo all the good that was done, and so it's panela we've acquired a

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lot of good data from the law and they're all good things during the month of Ramadan. It's an opportunity for us to maintain it and not to undo the braid. Once we have made it strong. And that is the challenge going after on mobile. We know that the purpose of Ramadan Allah subhanaw taala wanted us to fast La La Quinta taco so you may have a sense of taqwa and taqwa was the objective of Ramadan. And taqwa is that thing which stay with us so that it helps us to navigate the resort life. On the day of eating. We mentioned that the reason why you stuck with turquoise is one thing that will always lead you to the right direction, turquoise thing that you know is difficult of times,

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it's the thing that you can hold on to a taqwa is that relationship with all of them will never, ever fail. And so now that we outside of the month of Ramadan, you know, life continues, and challenges will continue. And we live in a very, very challenging time. And the best Zeid is almost is the best provision you can take into the challenges of life. Is that a sense of taqwa? Meaning, whatever I do, I do it for the pleasure of Allah, whatever I do, I asked myself, what will allow me to do that is the course of action, whether it is difficult, whether it doesn't make, you know, 100% sense to me, it might not be to my benefit, but it is what Allah subhanaw taala wants, and this is

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what's going to serve as critic. And today's panel, I'm going to mention discuss a very controversial issue, one that is being grappled with by all machines around the country, but all around the country. And that is, of course, whether we should open or keep them massages closed. come next Friday, so Alhamdulillah we know that the restrictions have been lowered, and this is potentially the last Friday that will be under this level of lockdown. Because from next week onwards, there is an allowance that many Gema too many mosques are will be allowed to open the budgets for Juma provided certain restrictions are being met. And many people have messaged me and

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asked what is the position? What are we going to do as an imam of Masjid vijayapura Islam as well as the committee, we've also have had our discussions and we are in the process of having our discussion. What should we do this topic? insha Allah is very controversial because many of us will have our own opinions. And of course, it's very emotive, we all love them as students. We all want to be there for Jamaat

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At the same time we understand what is at cost. We know we're dealing with life here. So it's a serious matter. This topic inshallah this afternoon is not to give you an answer whether we should open it up open, or all that it is about the taco that we've taken out of Ramadan and applying it in the situation. Now is the time when our taqwa is going to be tested, what kind of people are we going to be? How do we face this challenge. And so as we go through it, we'll see that the, the important thing is not really the outcome, but rather, it's the process that we follow. So we as an oma, we struggle, we have a major crisis. And that is how do we deal with differences throughout the

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world, we see that when one group of you know we will never agree on things, but when one group of Muslims don't agree with another one, sometimes we end up you know, making our own machine down the road in competition with one organization. When we see one organization that we don't agree with, we work actively against them. One committee member, you sub some another committee, we find a panel like other parts of the world, mela, protect us.

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So much animosity, that it is a level of hatred, it leads to violence, you know, physical violence, people hurting one another, even worse, you even see sectarian killing one group killing another group, in the name of Islam in the name of, of the opinion, which they believe to be right. And this is a huge problem in our oma that we are unable to navigate and deal with differences of religious, scholarly differences that are valid. We have one Quran, one hamdulillah unlike other religions, unlike any other religion in the world, in the world, every single Muslim on Earth would even you know seek to belong to you already saved from the same Quran, and that you follow the same prophet

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muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and you have the same Qibla versus unique to our religion. But yet when it comes to minor issues and ally, these issues are minor, our issues, our differences are small, compared to the differences of our really other religions, they differ on the nature of who is called on the nature of what is the purpose of life, everything of importance we agree with here in our Sharia, yet when it comes to minor differences as it as it is to be expected, we find that Subhanallah as Muslims, we cannot tolerate one another and tolerate an opinion other than our own. And this leads to such harm in our community. And so, this is something that we need to work on. And

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in particular, this issue of opening the massagin mala protectors, one may already one already sees the tension in different quarters within the within the community. So first thing to note with regards to differences. The differences are a reality meaning you cannot escape it, it is not ever going to be that the entire oma will be united on every single point. No two people will ever have the same opinion all the time. Husband and wife will never ever be on the exact same page all the time two brothers from the study came from the same room, they will not agree twins, they will not agree on every single thing. And this diversity is intentional is when Allah subhana wa Taala wanted

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when Allah Subhana Allah says amin it of the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that he created you in die is the creation of the heavens and the earth. And the diversity the differences fee, fee LC logical model welcome that your languages and your colors, the fact that you speak different languages, and that you have different colors in different cultures. And these are signs of Allah, Allah takes pride in the fact that he has created diversity in us and amongst us. This is one of the reasons why we you know, because we are different types of people, we will always come to different conclusions. And this is something which Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted had he not wanted this

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diversity, he would not have created as diverse. And so it is not, it's not the objective of one group to silence all count contrary opinions, you may have your opinion and actually allows you to have your opinion. But the fact that there are other opinions celebrated diverse, it's a good thing or a bad thing. And this is something that we should be mature enough to understand even more relevant to that even something that stands out a lot more a lot of the prophets of Salaam tells us in a hadith which is narrated in a dark kidney, so it's a book of Hadith. He says Allah has remained silent about some things out of compassion for you and not forgetfulness. So not to not seek after

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them. The prophets also in the Hadith in one version, he says that some things Allah has made explicitly halal, without debate around that, and he has made explicitly haram there's no reason for us to discuss, you know, with a hammer is permissible or not, it's pretty clear that whatever is haram, then Allah has left certain matters. And, you know, I you know, open he has, he remained silent on those matters, not because Allah doesn't know about those issues, he has lifted silent deliberately, so that they are visa accommodation in multiple views may be accommodated in that and this is a mercy upon us had we asked and if we also have certain things and Allah answers name, then

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we will have to follow up to the letter of the law. This is similar to the story of bunnies are ill and the slaughtering of the cow. They asked Allah subhanaw taala what kind of how should it look? How should it be? So Allah gave them a detailed description. And so because of that, they had no choice but to

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Not exactly the cow that they found with with that, although there's only one specific cow that was available to them,

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only bin Abdulaziz the great Caleb of Islam, Abdulaziz who is regarded as the Holy Father of the rightly guided caliphs. He said, I am very happy that the Sahaba don't agree on everything, because had they agreed on everything, then we would have no choice, we would have no flexibility in the matter. So, it is good that even Sahaba the most, you know, pious of generations, they had differences of opinion, they had robust discussions, one Sahabi might not have agreed with another one one group would not agree, agreed with another group, but they will never ever say panela they will always agreeing on the most important issues, the differences do not lead to hatred. And that

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is something that we can, we can learn from even further, you know, to understand this issue in America, in a lot of over four years, in his lifetime in America, he achieved the highest level of prominence amongst all the 40 imams for him, and his book that and Morocco was sort of the, this the textbook by which the government of the Muslim Ummah, halifa, was the most powerful man in the world, he would use that to administer the laws of the of the state, and he was so impressed with him on what the Harun al Rashid, the very famous Roshi, and he said to Mr. Malik, allow me to hang the pages of Morocco on the Kaaba. So like all the other mothers will be banned, meaning your mother

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will be the official mother, everyone will be Maliki let us not have Hanafi is and it was not to have Lacey's. And obviously there were many, many more they weren't just for they weren't many, many, many great scholars. And so easy my mother allow me to enforce the Maliki method upon the oma. So we all Maliki well, Hamdulillah, then we don't have any differences. And you are Malik said, No, don't do that. That is not what is what he wants. That's like perhaps the truth, he is with me on certain issues. But the truth might be out there with another madhhab. And so he did not want his mother to be the standard doctrine of the Muslim state. And it shows you the frickin understanding.

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And he understands this 100 Allah given him great knowledge, but he is not the custodian of all knowledge. And there might be some other groups out there that have knowledge more than his. And so the fact that we have multiple opinions allows us a better opportunity to find the truth, we're hungry. And so it is in that spirit, that we approach these these very difficult questions. And as we are now going to grapple with this issue, Should we open or not open? Let us think of us in that spirit, let us go with that level of understanding that our hamdulillah they are mean Allah has blessed us with diverse diverse scholars with great minds and collectively if perhaps I can come to

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the conclusion and perhaps collectively we can get to the answer that is pleasing to Allah. Some things for us to consider. So if we're sitting down in newer, you know, the head of whatever Allah ma Council and you need to do to come about and bring about a solution to the shooter open the machine or not, then one of the first if that will come to mind and this is how we do it. We collect as much detail as we can, and we start to understand and analyze from the extrapolate an answer. So the first thing that we need to remember that if you are in a Masjid committee, if you're on the committee, you the chairman of the mozillian imamo, the merchant that Allah subhanho wa Taala has

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given you guidelines as what to do, it's amazing that Allah subhanaw taala has, in fact, given the the job description of them with our leads the committee members, the trustees of emotion, when Allah says in Surah tober in NEMA Yamato massage Allah human I'm gonna be lucky we'll do that very only the committee members of the motion those who are administer, look after the mansion, they should only be of people who believe in Allah, and they believe in the Day of Judgment, were akarma sada and they establish Salah, where art and Sega and they spin on the give these occur while I'm yaksha illallah and they fear none besides Allah, for us, it is hoped like an akuna Milan butadiene,

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it is hoped that these people will be rightly guided. So Allah gives you qualities that only people who believe in Allah and in the last day and they are they establish solder, they give Zucker and they fear none besides Allah, these kinds of people, they will make the right choices. And the first thing Allah requires of you, from a physical standpoint is that you establish Salah in yes your own personal capacity, but as the capacity of the masjid Imam of the masjid Chairman, your job is to enforce and to make sure that Salah is protected. Your primary objective on that magic committee is to ensure that salary is being made in that Masjid, and not to fear anyone besides Allah, Allah sees

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us in the eye and so I'm very unique, I don't know of another idea, which Allah speaks about, well, I'm actually in La Jolla as a sort of a prerequisite of a job that they do not fear anyone besides Allah because we are sitting in the committee, on the on the committee, there will be a lot of people that will have different views compete us you might have a lot of external pressure. So Allah says, You must not give into that pressure. If your job is to establish Allah, then you should establish Allah. So that is one one angle to look at one side of the of the equation. But there are other angles to remember, Allah also mentions so it's very clear from this idea that every

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opportunity we get to establish Allah in the masjid, we should

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do so by the commander online, we should not be fearful, we should feel a lot alone. On the other side, remember Allah Subhana Allah talks talks about the importance of life. And this amazing AI Allah says that because of what the son of Adam had done by killing his brother, it is then the one that kills what kills his soul is carnamah. He says, even though he has killed all of humanity, Allah has given him the sin and the enormity of killing just one life. One one person is like killing all of humanity. So even if we said, One, you know, smile, open their eyes, you know, one or two people might get sick, and maybe one person passes away. It's just one person, you know, is it

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such a big deal? Yes, Subhan Allah, Allah says that if one person were to die, if the all of humanity has been killed, and all of humanity has died, that every soul is more important to Allah Subhana one soul is more important to Allah than anything else in this world. And so this is something again, on the other side of the equation, we need to think about this very, very deeply. One may ask, Is there any guidance from the Quran? Where there is a clash of life and Deen? So as some scholars have seen in the Sharia, from the Sharia tries to promote a five five essentials, there are five principles of the Sharia of the Sharia tries to predict every law in the Sharia is

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the to achieve an objective? One of the objective is to preserve the deen very naturally, things that are in the Sharia because Islam wants to ensure the deen is preserved. At the same token, the Sharia wants to preserve life. Now, is this a clash between on the one side I'm either opening the masjid and promoting the dean ama, I'm supporting the dean. On the other side, I am promoting life. So is there a clash between these two principles? And if there is a clash, then is there any guidance which which takes preference as the dean take preference? What is the right to life the importance of preserving life they prefer preference. And in fact, Subhanallah we do have an example

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in the Quran of something like this. The famous Hobie Amato mini acid earlier lon. We know he was tortured so severely, and he was told that he needs to say a word of Kufa, while they're torturing, they said in Islam, forsake Islam, and eventually the torture became so much that he was on the verge of basically being killed. And so he said a word of Kufa. He said, Fine, fine, I, you know, I worship these idols, I'm not a Muslim anymore. And so they left him. And after they left him, he was deeply sad. And what did I do? He didn't know what he you know, how do I be if I become Catholic? And so when he went to go immunochemotherapy solemn already if had been revealed a lie that really

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revealed is about this. So almost his man kafa Billahi min by the Eman II that whoever commits Kufa off the as we know Muslim whoever for six Islam after being a Muslim 11 or Korea will call Muhammad more in Don't be a man except the one who was forced than the one who was forced into this. No and his heart is still firm on on Islam, he still is a believer, you know this. So the situation here? Is he Yes, Mr. disbelief, he said, You're either he said a word of disbelief, but his heart was still a believer and he was forced into the situation against his will in this scenario. In this case, there is no liability upon you there is no accountability on you. And so spinalis very clear,

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the one who is forced into a situation against his will and especially in a situation where the Your life is are at threat, but your heart is firm on email is no liability upon you. But Allah says, Well, I can Manchuria happycow free Southern for him. Allah What am I gonna do? The person who leaves willfully he rejects it with a heart at ease with it, His heart is happy with this thing. Then for him is the angle of Allah subhanaw taala now I guarantee you no matter what decision any group of Muslims take, no matter what choices might be made, no one is taking this decision lightly. And if it becomes a decision with a motion to remain closed, not a single committee member Not a

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single Imam which a person is doing so within easy hot no one is happy about it every SWAT even is Once panela is crying, the massages are closed that if it was up to us, we would love to have the masjid open it was a normal situation no one would advocate for closing of the masjid. But of course, the balancing of the importance of life is things takes precedence so this is shows you that even in a situation or you know a situation wait you you are being forced to explicitly say something or do something cool for we're not asking the Muslims to do that. That if you are now Your life is at risk, then preserve your life. Allah is saying so long as you EMA Your heart is sincere

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with Allah then do what you need to do to save your life. And so it's another powerful if Allah gives. If these these these two important principles of the deen are at odds

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with a clash, some are even said but in reality this is not a clash between the preservation of life in Islam and the preservation of your deen the fact that the massages are not going to be open. And again, I'm just making a I'm not taking a certain stance here. I'm explaining what the scholars have said. No one is asking you to number one do anything harm done.

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Hello, I'm in what is being asked of you to do and no one is asking you even to forego your deen. It is simply that in times of difficulty, the Sharia gives you allowances. And so take those allowances take those allowances, particularly in situation of Juma, there is precedence that if you are a traveler, you don't perform your work, then if you are sick, it will come for Joomla that if there is certain

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natural phenomena, if it's extremely hot or extremely cold and going to the merge, it will be harmful. But in that situation, we know from this the sooner that it is not in Joomla is not held in the masjid. And so based on this, the argument is this is what we clash between preserving life and preserving your DNA are all ladies the dean you Slocum used to look to the dean and look for an alternative way in which to to worship Allah subhanaw taala. And so these are, you know, some very explicit I act in the Quran that we could take out. And yes, it requires us to balance it. And so remember when we look into this issue, it's not for every single person to to to make a decision

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here are the people that are responsible and are in charge of the people of knowledge. And ultimately the decision lies with him. But for all of us, it is good for us to be informed that behind closed doors, what kind of difficult choices are having to be made here? This is an unprecedented question, you know, the unprecedented issue, you won't find a very clear way some guidance from the Quran. Yes, of course, and guidance to the last 1400 years they have been pandemics, they have been quarantined and mosque closures this has happened. But again in our on on the scale on the most level of based on what we know now is unprecedented is not there is no very

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clear guidance you can get from Imam Shafi or on Buhari and so every machine, every country, every city will have to plot their own course. And they need to make a decision what is best for them. And when we look at this pandemic, and it's not just the Muslim in the Muslim community and the orlimar that are grappling with us, the smartest scientists in the world, and the most powerful countries in the world, and the wealthiest people in the world are not 100% sure, what course of action should we take? Should we open the country completely? Should we restrict more? What course of action should we take? We don't know. And this is this is this shows you the fact that there's so much confusion

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and there's so many differences of there's so many different angles to look at this thing is something which is not easy to be it's not something easy or like it requires a lot of analysis. And it might be if we don't get it right, the the every day, the equation is changing every day means something some new evidences that is coming to light and based on that it is very likely that our opinions will change it is not it is not at all uncommon that you find find the scholars, when new evidence comes to light he changes his opinion. For example, very famously Imran Shafi Rahim Allah, he had a old madhhab and a new madhhab he changed his entire paradigm, sort of a new way of thinking

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completely when he was exposed to a new way of thinking. You have for example, the the followers of Imam Abu hanifa, when they came to him a Malik and we spent some time with him. And they said to him, if our chef our amount Ramallah Imam, Abu hanifa, learnt or understood what we have learned from you, they miss he was his mother would be in this specific situation of being the mother, but in this issue, he will be following what you are doing now, if he knew this evidence that you are presenting. And so part of, of Islamic scholarship is that we look for as many you know, as much evidence as we can we consult and we ask as many opinions as we can. And then we put we take a view,

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which we believe to be the base. And if as the scenario changes, as the situation changes, we have new opinions, and then things change as well. Remember, as we seen, some may ask if, you know, all the shops and schools and the markets are open, and why should the massagin be open? and what isn't the fact that we want to bring about the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala? Isn't that going to, you know, by opening the massagin is that not going to be what is in the best interest of the community that by pleasing Allah subhanaw taala that he will bring about his mercy, it's a valid point at the same time, others have said Subhanallah we should be able we should be preserving life, the Salah

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can continue at home, the the infections are increasing now more than ever, that when things were even when things were less, that's when we closed the massagin now Subhan Allah when when things are especially in the Western Cape, things are becoming more dire. Now we are opening the massager what is the reasoning and the rationale. So these are all valid opinions, these are all valid things to consider.

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The point of it is that as I said it is how we go about disagreeing. It's not the ease of disagreement or getting a solution. It is how we go about it. So for those of us who are not, you know part of the budget committee, you are not on any orlimar panel, you are in college you are someone that you you are you Although of those that must

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follow the order

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These are lost finances. And if you do not know for victory income, let alone if you are not informed on a certain matter, then ask those who have knowledge and wait. You know all of us at some point in time, we need to follow the experts, whether you know you're sick, you ask the doctor, if your cause not working, then you follow the advice of your mechanic. And similarly, if you're not an Alamo chef, or you're not in the authority of the masjid, you are not on the committee, you are not given the position of authority, then for you Alhamdulillah you know, you should sell hamdulillah Allah has not put this upon me, it's not on my shoulders to come up with an answer. Allah is going

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to hold the people of authority accountable. My job is simply simply to follow the authority that is upon me. So Allah says, and obey Allah to Allah, or to Rasul and obey the messenger sallallahu sallam, what we really mean come and those who are in authority amongst above us where Allah is put in authority, then follow them. So the people in charge, they should follow Allah and the direction of the no BS follows them. And then those of us who are following that authority, you follow the Imam, you follow the masjid committee, or the president, whoever it might be, and so you will give you allegiance to them. And if you disagree, Allah, Allah says, we're in designer or international

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item, that if you disagree in anything for hoodoo, then refer back to allow meaning the Quran and the messenger of Sal Salam refer back to the advice of the Prophet Salam it has given you and if for us, they form if you are not part of this group, it is best for you to follow, you can of course, for waste your concerns in the platform that is allowed for you, but it is best for you to remain out of that discussion, it is safer for you, you will get no point Subhanallah if you know adding to a quiz adding to a situation that is volatile, to add more volatility to it, you may actually put liability upon yourself. And these are very, you know,

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for us, it is of paramount importance that we always follow our authority and we obey the leadership. This is something which is enshrined within our Sharia, we find a very good example of this in the caliphate of st North Macedonia. Now, during Hajj, the foraker as well as are made sure to do so for the word acid Anisha we make it to rockerz instead of four. And this is this is what the researchers did, what abubaker did and what they normally do on him. And then when see not with mine became the halifa he made the foraker as for which is clearly different to what the novices did. And when they asked him Yeah, I mean, why have you done this? So he said there are many new

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Muslims that have come from all different parts of the world Islam has become sort of global, I want to make sure that there's no confusion when they leave Makkah when they leave hij they shouldn't say our we saw that with man makes us or for us to Raka so as to like as I don't want them to be any confusion so I will make for you just to be safe. And so even when we draw the line one of the also the seniors harbor easy to sign off man I disagree with you completely. That is not your job to do you just need to follow the sooner what is the least we'll do he made two and as the same thing, so say no man in him had this serious disagreement, but with man persistent and he made for when solid

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time came, saying that even with all that other lung did not go and make another jamaa on his side on the side of my Amina a new machine as an icon be with us this this misguided or this email was made a mistake the Salah is not accepted. No, he followed. And so they asked him how then do you disagree with with man, you stand behind him inshallah, and you must always reminded him that our our obligation is to follow the halifa and to follow the authority, so long as he has not made something Haram is what he doing? Is he committing a clear act of haram? No, he's not doing anything Haram. He's doing something out of interest. He had a lot of thinking and reasoning. He's got a

00:28:39--> 00:29:02

reason. He's got a point we understand where he's coming from. He's not committing Haram is not forcing us to Haram, but by actually doing is 100% correct. So we follow him in that, but we will also voice our disagreement. When we disagree with respect, we will tell him, we don't agree with you on this, but we will still follow him because following the leadership and keeping the oma united is more important than these minor issues. So always remember that

00:29:04--> 00:29:44

the provinces Adam tells us that the judge who rules he gives a ruling and he strives utmost to work out and to get to the right answer. So a judge who does his best and he strives to get the right answer and he gets the right answer, then he will have to rewards and if he rules and he strives most to find the answer and he gets it wrong, then he will have one reward. So what we see here, the importance is the process is not the outcome, so long as you do your best to act with sincerity. So every committee Masjid committee and group at the moment was going through this issue. Remember what's important for you. So for the one group of people the obligation is to follow the authority

00:29:45--> 00:30:00

and to be sincere in that not to cause animosity and to break the unity and cohesion of of the community. For those who are in charge. Your job is to work as hard as you can diligently as you can consult as broadly as you can get

00:30:00--> 00:30:25

as much information as you can, and then do make a decision or the utmost sincerity, and if you do that, even if you get to the wrong conclusion, you will still be rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala. And this also shows us Yamato mostly mean that we become very impatient with groups that you know make a decision and sometimes it's clear they made a mistake Subhan Allah, Allah is going to reward them for the sincerity who are willing to this to to you know insult and to belittle them.

00:30:26--> 00:31:05

Allah 1000 episodes along with Shall we ruville amor, that you need to consult them Allah tells them a visa Salam consult broadly now this is Rasulullah the man who receives divine revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala, who is the most rightly guided person yet Allah says when there's an issue, then consult your Sahaba ask them for the opinion. So, I mean, Bob Allah for us, they for us, you know, simple humans, our list of people, it is so much more important for us to consult broadly and therefore all committee member, Oh Allah, when you are getting into this, making this very difficult decision, it is up to you to make an informed decision to to consult as broadly as you can.

00:31:05--> 00:31:42

Understanding that of course, medical matters are not your forte, you may not be a no you might not understand the nuances with regards to medicine, you might not understand the impact economically. So it is for you to consult the community it is for you to consult other scholars and experts. And then to search you can base understand, you can base understand the situation when Allah Subhana Allah says to continuous unintelligent, abuse or lump, and no but once you have made a decision, so after consulting broadly as best you can, and sincerely as you can, but now you need to make a decision when you've made that decision. rely upon Allah. And indeed Allah loves those who are

00:31:42--> 00:32:23

killing Allah puts Allah loves those who puts the trust in Allah. So make the best decision you can and then rely upon Allah and be firm in that decision and stick to the course if this is the right thing to do, but if the law and so this is the kind of methodology we follow, and we should also understand that as as heated as this debate might get, and spam lights are really becoming very hot and very spicy. We hope by the time we reach the next week, we don't have a crisis on our hands. Understand put this debate into perspective. This is not a a question between halal and haram. Oh, belief and disbelief. No one no decision that is being made yet will be Haram. If one group agrees

00:32:23--> 00:33:00

to open the masjid what happened to the law, they might get it wrong, but they're not going to be committing a sin. Similarly, provided they follow the reasoning was was correct. Suddenly those who closed the masjid and they forbid the Juma from being performed in that Masjid, they will still sin upon them if they if they conducted the affairs in the most, you know, in according to the process as required by the prophets of Salaam. And so this is what we need to understand. Our differences are not between belief and disbelief of halal Haram. It is between balancing one aspect of the Sharia with another aspect of Sharia it is to look at one side of the of Islam with another side of

00:33:00--> 00:33:34

Islam one evidence with another evidence. And so this gives us an example when the Muslims were fighting one another. And it's very sad in the days of fitness in Algeria on one side and cinema where both were believing that they want to have both believing that they were fighting a just cause. When this happened, of course, the Muslims became weakened. And so the enemies from outside the Romans from outside of Islam wants to invade the Muslim ummah. And now we are the Alon was on the borders with Romans when he realized this. And then he said to the Roman Emperor, if you were to send your armies that I guarantee you, I will make peace with my brothers in it. We are still

00:33:34--> 00:34:07

brothers, we are fighting one another but we are brothers, and we will unite against you that yes, our issues we have issues at the moment, we have a difference of opinion, and it's quite serious. But when it comes to bigger things, when we are on the same page, when an external issue comes in, they will be on the same page. And we should never forget that when we unite on the big, the big issues that we love Alon we love that. We love to perform Salah together. We love the JAMA, we love we want what's best for our community, we don't want to see anyone being harmed in a deed or in the life. We all agree on that. And so we should put our differences of opinion. If you come to a

00:34:07--> 00:34:36

different conclusion to the masjid down the road, understand and you will sympathize sympathize with him you say that you don't take this decision lightly. Those were openings from heilala they are going to spend sleepless nights hoping and worrying that no one gets sick in our mercy. We don't want anyone to fall sick in our mercy because of the decision we made. Similarly, those who closed the masjid sympathize with him yet Allah they must have such a difficult decision for them to say I have closed the Jaguar and I will be accountable for this before Allah subhanho wa Taala so feel for them yeah, Allah make dua they make the right decision.

00:34:37--> 00:35:00

Never ever go to extremes. extremism is what extremism is where you believe that your way is the only way extremism is that there is no middle ground. There is no room for consultation. There is no room for compromise. The professor says those who go to extremes, especially in the dean, they will be doomed. Those who do not are not able to see beyond their own opinion.

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

And they only see the world in black and white, they only deal with absolutes, these people will be doomed. But there's only one way in every situation, you set them the fundamentals of Islam, there are no difference of opinion on the fundamentals of Islam. But in the minor issues of Islam, and this is one of those controversial issues, do not have a mindset of extremism, be open to thinking that there are multiple answers to the situation, it might be within your situation in your Masjid, there might be one way the masjid down the road, they may have a different set of scenarios a different set of of circumstances altogether. And for them, there might be a different opinion.

00:35:36--> 00:36:15

Allah also says to you for that, for those who do not think too highly of yourself, do not consider that the Hulk is with you, as Mr. Malik had shown that as much as as much knowledge as Allah has given me, I he does not consider for one minute he sure he knows for reality, that there are other great scholars out there who might have other aspects of knowledge I don't have, you might have and think that you're on the right course of action. But it might be that someone else is more knowledgeable, they knew that someone has a better opinion they knew. And so always keep that that level of skepticism in your mind, be ready to change your mind if if something better is presented

00:36:15--> 00:36:52

before you because panela We are not here to to win all human to debate. We're not here to be right in the dunya we want to please Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the objective. And remember, there was a group that was so pious, in inverted commas and so holy, that they saw everyone else as lesser than them, and either the first people to divide the oma and kill one another. And that is the highridge Basin was not one of Xena and Homer and doing haram things, they said was extremist piety. They had this level of superiority that I am better, and I know better than anyone else. And my Islam is the best and your Islam is deficient. And they are the very first and the worst of all the

00:36:52--> 00:37:12

six that formed within Islam, they are the ones that began the division and in fact, panela they killed many of the Sahaba based on the extremist view of Islam, so do not go down that path of extremism. Always keep in the back of your mind. I might be wrong, and my brother might be right. And so even though I have my opinion, it might not be that my opinion is always going to be correct.

00:37:13--> 00:37:53

Worse than that to handle the next you know, at the end of this no person of a man no person of taqwa should even insult another believer. You know, genuinely This is in all situations. But even more so in the matter of the name of Dean. We have some Hana law one early him bashing another alum online on in front of the public I know you know you can disagree with your disagreement disrespectful way to the point we even label him. He said this and he said that and you label, you know, he's a wabi Salah here. You know, Sophia, she whatever it might be, you give these labels and it's meant to cause harm. Allah explicit says in the Quran, oh, you who believed that not one group

00:37:53--> 00:38:30

of people that I think insult, ridicule another group of people, perhaps those who You are insulting, or more beloved to Allah. And Allah says and Do not insult one another and do not call each other by offensive nicknames. Do not give anyone a title which they don't like something which harms them. Allah says that he is the name of disobedience after Allah has given you faith and whoever does not repeat beneath his day who are the wrongdoers. So whatever, no matter how things the discussion becomes, whether it is behind closed doors, or even worse in the public eye, never ever disrespect your opponent. In fact, it was on the sooner because you will not find a hadith

00:38:30--> 00:39:07

where the prophets of Allah, you know, disrespected and insulted and swore out you know, he the idol worshippers of Makkah, those people wanted to kill him those people were doing committing the worst of sermons you won't find this respect from an abusive towards it. So how is it one that you insult your Ramadan fasting, Allah believing Quran reciting surah, making brother you insulting insult him and his family, you curse him all the lead this is shows them that this is not a debate in taqwa it is a debate, you're debating, for your opinion to be made high, you want your name to be high, not alone, whatever, you want to be strong and superior, and even becomes like that. And there's no

00:39:07--> 00:39:43

sincerity in this matter. And it's best for you to remain silent in this debate altogether. So any discussion and disagreement that ends out in that name, calling it insulting, know that you've stayed far away from the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala another very important thing here is one never ever judge the near of your opponent never ever says are these people, they are opening the machine. They don't care about life, and they are they are ignorant and whatever whatever names you want to give them. All these people they don't believe in Allah they have no tawakkol in Allah they are they are scalar will they listen to what the experts so the scientists in inverted commas say,

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

but they don't care about what a line is the resources, don't judge the knee of anyone. You don't know what's in the heart of that man. And so don't ever speak to his intentions and his we always believe that the man who says La Ilaha Illa his intentions are most sincere. what he's doing is based on his arm from his perspective.

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

The best I know and the best I believe to be the right thing I want to do what is right. always believe that remember that I recently was asked, Why don't you kill them when affix in Medina will cause so much harm to Muslims, they are they alive, confirm the Quran, they are monastics in Medina. And so there will be some said, Allah did not order me to open the chest and to be judged as to what's in the heart. It is not your job, my job to judge what's in the heart of the man. If the man says I'm doing this based on the basis of my, my understanding what hamdulillah we believe in that, and we have faith in that every person is doing this in acting good faith, never judge the

00:40:33--> 00:41:06

integrity, never judge me. You know, the the the the Nia as we said, of a person he sincerity, never judge the sincerity and the integrity of another person. If he disagrees with you, and you have, you know, you cannot see eye to eye. No, at the bottom line, we agree that we want the same thing. If we're starting point, we both want what is best for our community, even though Allah subhanho wa Taala has allowed us to reach the same conclusion. And that is a big thing which keeps us united, that no matter how different we are, we are the same when it comes to our Nia and our sincerity and our desire for goodness.

00:41:08--> 00:41:42

Also, remember Allah, the Prophet Muhammad said that Allah has pardoned he is he has forgiven this oma who ever has committed a mistake, unintentionally, you did something wrong without doing it deliberately, then only you're forgiven, although this will hold you to account or if you've done something forgetful, the other forgetfulness, you know, and that which they have been forced to do under duress, they were put in a situation out of the control and so they made a decision and was on the base. Already, whatever happens yet one, whatever will follow. Allah has forgiven whichever course of action you've done, if you acted in Good, good faith, there is no sin upon you. In fact,

00:41:42--> 00:42:21

there is reward so why would we go about and harming one another and insulting each other? In the end, remember what is important we those of us and all of us want Kumar for those of you who are advocating having Juma and we will want you to remember that what is the difference between Jew masala and every other Sora? What is the difference between making Salah at home when the magic it is not the bolding that is holy? The building is not the building itself the stones have no holiness in it if you buy the building next door and you move next door that is the masjid the Gema are the people because if the building is not available, but we as the Gema move to another place, the mat

00:42:21--> 00:43:01

is the Gema and what is the Gemma its people? So how do we bring about the point of this act of worship his congregation? How do you go about promoting the harmony of the Gema by destroying the drama by using this agreement fighting, arguing you bring the drama in the name of drama, you understand this point, you break the unity of the community in fighting for communal Salah congregational Salah, so you've defeated the purpose to begin with, you are showing in a way more importantly, what will save this community is not whether we make Juma tomorrow next week together or not, it is how we get to the conclusion together. And that is why Allah Subhana Allah has to

00:43:01--> 00:43:39

lower also and what do you allow our food and obey Allah and His messenger and obey the messenger? What and do not dispute with one another fact afshari How come and that your courage your strength will leave you do not differ with one another. Do not dispute wonder argue with each other because when you do that, you break down the strength of the Muslim community as a community every time we all do it with each other, our strength as one mob breaks down. And so if you want to see a strong oma a strong Jama is how we approach these differences with understanding and as a beautiful idea, while tossing will be humbly like me, that hold on to the rope of Allah Together Together we will be

00:43:39--> 00:44:13

saved by the rope of Allah the Quran together will be saved for those things that unite us. The why Allah says the Karanja because all of us can unite on the Quran. We can differ on many things, but we unite on the Quran and Allah Azza wa sallam and the Oneness in the heat of Allah subhanaw taala unite upon that these people, everyone your opponent, the one that has not been given you the most sleepless nights the one you're arguing with Facebook on that same brother that same system has been fasting for the last 30 days, Allah had gone to the tofik to force him to perform Salah except that unite upon that and you will find goodness in that. Final thoughts, every one of us into check our

00:44:13--> 00:44:49

near and our sincerity in here. And our commitment to esteem and we should understand whatever comments we put out they can cause fitna and it can even cause someone to die. Remember, we might live in a time where everyone's opinion is valid. You can say what you want to me on facebook online. That is not how it does. It doesn't does not cut like that in the Sharia. You are held accountable for the things you say. And if you cannot say something that is beneficial, it is best for you to remain quiet. The Oh your your contribution to this debate would be your silence and alone will reward you for your silence. So do not add a comment. I think who I feel you've has no

00:44:49--> 00:45:00

knowledge or backing in that. Also remember, this is not a time for grandstanding and to use political agendas. It's so sad that we find people who have political issues that certain opinions that they want

00:45:00--> 00:45:36

To push out whether it is to insult the automa whether it was to insult a certain group, now in this crisis, perfect timing to raise up these issues, we are in a time of crisis and you cannot see beyond your own pity issues when Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala open your eyes, that when the world is falling apart, the ship is sinking, and you start arguing with a captain, because you have some differences of opinion with him in Subhan, Allah you have missed the boat completely, then you have completely forgotten the the the purpose of why we are here, if you cannot see beyond your own bias and your own agendas, remember your commitment to the masjid for those of Allah who are

00:45:36--> 00:46:13

bringing up certain issues and you know, they come with a very strong viewpoint, your commitment to the management is not now in times of crisis. It is in time of ease we were you when the motion was had to be cleaned, when the mergers were closed down, or have you been contributing to it. This is something for us to reflect upon no finger pointing, every single person needs to judge that if I'm really sincere, I want what is best for the masjid. And for the community, when we was I in times of ease and When was I will have those who when my name was called I gave and if not, then Subhan Allah, not in times of crisis, play your part in a beautiful way support the masjid as best you can.

00:46:13--> 00:46:51

Now it also on the same side, we find when we look at these debates, really difficult debates. It's amazing how 1400 years ago, the Sharia has provided us with a clear framework and guidance that is so logical and practical, that we can balance it is complex. And it is beauty in its complexity that you balance different situations. When the situation arises, this is the answer. But if something else occurs, then there's a different answer. And you weigh out pros and cons and this is beautiful, the hygiene washing and social distancing, all these things we find in our shalya quarantine evens, panela. And it's amazing, it just shows you and proves to you that this Quran 1400 years ago can

00:46:51--> 00:47:24

give you guidance to a 21st century issue. While hamdulillah I'm closing remarks. Remember, at the end of the day, what is important is not whether the message will be opened or closed. It is the Gema the community and that is why in differences, the prophets and 1000s it is not permissible for one Muslim to forsake his brother for more than three days, each of them not speaking to another not meeting one another. And the best one is the one who gives her arms to the other one all of us peace also, meaning he makes peace with his brother. So no matter how difficult this is, no matter how much you argue in that budget committee meeting, some of them can become very, very tense. And

00:47:24--> 00:48:01

remember, once you leave that those you leave as brothers, everyone should love one another for the sake of Islam, they are only there for the sake of Islam. The Prophet also says should not tell you something which is better when performing a lot of voluntary fasting and extra knuffle salah and giving a lot of charity, what is better than all of that. It is to reconcile to bring slash to remove disagreement as best you can to remove tension and conflict in your community. The one who brings peace in the community he is better than the one who's making a lot of salah and tahajjud and giving a lot of charity that remember the prophets who says the agenda the doors of junk now open

00:48:01--> 00:48:35

every Monday and Thursday meaning the mercy of Allah is the every Monday and Thursday except for two people, the one who come and check with Allah and two people who have a personal grudge and Allah says weekly reconcile with a console and they will receive mercy from Allah subhanaw taala another beautiful Hadith the Prophet says, I guarantee you a place in Ghana for everyone who gives up arguing even when he is correct, you might be in the correct but the entire community is against you. What do you do in that situation, you voice your concern with beauty in a respectful manner. And then you withhold you remain silent insha Allah you have this further in the base to avoid a

00:48:35--> 00:49:10

bigger fitna the promises you ever place guaranteed in January for you based on that last thing before we conclude insha Allah We remind ourselves at the end of Ramadan is the month of chawan and the Prophet also gave us a great opportunity. He says that we'll ever fast the six days of chawan however fast the month of Ramadan and then follows it up with the six days of chawan it will be as if though he has forcibly entire entire lifetime and so it is a good opportunity at the end of fasting of Ramadan to force any six days of show well in sha Allah and you get the result is as if though you fostered the entire entire you don't have to force them consecutively you don't have to

00:49:10--> 00:49:44

force the beginning any any six days in the in the model show while you may fast very quickly some questions around this if I have some sculpt you know some I was sick during the month of Ramadan I had my main says and I have a for a few followed fasting Can I fast the 16th or short? Yes you can have either Ayesha she had Oh in days and she only fostered him before the next Ramadan. So if you have any sculpt in inverted commas when you may 1 the 60s or show well first and then make your cut off. Of course it is better it is always safer to do the cover first you always prioritize the compulsory but it's permissible to do a Suna first for example you go for I'm Rob if we go for Hajj,

00:49:45--> 00:49:59

no problem and so will be accepted in sha Allah that you first do the success of show well and then you do your compulsive. Can I do them with a joint near Can I force the 60s to show while with my Kobo I make one year this the Shafi mother has allowed this them

00:50:00--> 00:50:35

Majority of the mudarabah will not allow this and Subhanallah This is one of the old differences of opinion between the scholars that you cannot force with the same nia. So what is the best thing to do the best thing to do for you would be to foster Kava first and then to foster 60s oshawott and unjoin them if you cannot do this in foster success of chawan first and do your Kava when you're able to do so if you still cannot do this then fast your cover and if you have the same Nia with the success of show will be vanilla and then completed so meaning I have four days of cover first my four days of cover my four days of Ramadan I oh if you're not able to do four plus another six then

00:50:35--> 00:51:09

make the near for the success of short and then fast another two days at least so that you complete the six and inshallah This is the base the a difference of opinion and as we said all of them have the way delille way is what is clear and safely is what the majority has done, but insha Allah just make sure inshallah everyone makes me an intention to use this month and fast those six days and get this great reward mama goddess, Allah grant us to do what is right Allah forgive us and bless us and as Dr. Juma Allah accept our fasting in the month of Ramadan and outstanding Allah bless us and this community be safe from this current Coronavirus. And may Allah grant that our our massages are open

00:51:09--> 00:51:27

soon again in a time which is safe and we all come to the most viewed more loving for the managing more sincere to the masjid more devoted to the masjid Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala guide us in places amin Al Hamdulillah her blood amin also la Santa signum Hamadan annual Savio, Salah mousseline, while hamdulillah la mina Santa Monica library