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Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The host discusses a debate between a Christian and a Muslim man, where the man is criticized for his actions and behavior. They show a video of the man's reaction and emphasize the importance of history. The speaker also discusses the man's reaction to the debate and the man himself. They mention the man being scared of English language use and how it is a recurring theme. They suggest that people should not feel afraid of others and increase their gain.
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All right, so basically, I just came up with my feed. And this guy, the rock is speaking to that police officer that's closest to the screen. I want to ask you a question, Who does it look like? A rock says this, you have the nerve to come in front of the rock and interrupt the rock and you don't even have enough class to introduce yourself.

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That looks like

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they would would I say it looks like they would do it from the side, you have to be honest. And you don't want it gets dealt with like they would do it as well. Take a look at this.

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What is your name?

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Right now, as the rock speaks, there are literally millions

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of rock fans. And if you all just know your role, shut your mouth. You You, and especially you in four seconds, they will all listen to you, David would

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cause because David Wood is continually running his mouth. And we're really surprised by that. I'm really surprised that he's continued running his mouth. And you know, I'm more surprised by the fact that there are still Muslims out there that are actually listening to him. Now what I want to do is I want to show you something. Sorry.

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Let me just show you something that I was. I saw this is after the debate. Yeah. Now after that, if people don't know I'm talking about there's a debate between me and David Wood is probably the most watched debate between a Muslim and a Christian. In the last 20 years. I think the last one before it was William Campbell versus Zach and like. So, from that time until this time, this one is the most watched debate on my channel, almost 2 million views in it's been translated Malay to Indonesian to Arabic.

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And it's a popular debate. Now, look, we know this guy, he does documentaries, he attacks Muslims, he, you know, he means us as a community. And he has got probably one of the worst reputations. Yeah.

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But I want you to always put this in your mind. whenever he's making a confident, you know, a strident video in front of his camera where he can be confident. He can try and be confident he's shadowboxing. He's punching back. Yeah. Punching back. Yeah. But this is how he felt right after the debate. Take a look at this. No. So just Heart to Heart man, a man friend, a friend.

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How do you think and feel about the debate? Now? You know, from your perspective? Not not really all the stuff we've talked about? Sorry, what you did or didn't do? Especially, you know, well, where are you at with that? Well,

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when I, when I, I plan on I plan on leaving, and then put a line real quick, where plans on leaving can move into the bay. This, this shows you how severely he was affected by it. I've never actually had an opponent say that to me. You know, I actually felt so humiliated. I felt a plan on leaving where I was supposed to leave after that. And then I didn't and so I'll just okay, don't leave just just, you can see where I kind of I kind of

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fumble over my words there at the at the end, because also how you fumbled over your words, and especially how you made yourself look. Yeah, you projected yourself or you portrayed yourself to be some kind of academic specializing in Islam. But what the reality was showing on that day was that you are fraught.

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I'm not taking away that you could be an academic in other fields, but certainly, you know, theologian, Islam. And so that was exposed on that day.

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And, look, look what you see, as that's where I was going to leave. And then so I just read something else. And then so I went to some notes and started reading, reading something and then stopped because it wasn't, it wasn't working.

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And then I went to I went and sat out and then I was thinking, why did I leave? Why did I leave? Why didn't I leave? And

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and so he starts he starts responding. And

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I'm still thinking, why do I leave and then he starts up with a with the insults again and stuff. I'm thinking, boy, you know, do I leave now? Do I walk?

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He's happy to give insults criticize the Prophet, insult the Muslims, why he can't handle them. He wanted to leave. And I want you to always remember that. I made you do that. I made you feel like that. You know, a young man at a time I was 27 years old. This was my first major debate. Actually, I think I was 26 years old. I was actually 26 years old. Yeah, and I came this was my first major debate 2 million people just on the English language, my channel at least four

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Three, four, maybe 5 million people watched that humiliation you will never recover from that whatever video you put up in against them you will never recover from that I can hear in your voice I can see in your body language you have been utterly annihilated and you know it now well if i if i because I don't say why rule violation gay Okay, okay yeah it you know if I don't if I but if I just walk out randomly people think oh he's just you know he's scared of Mohammed's awesome arguments I have to say why I'm why I'm doing it so should I do it when I'm speaking next.

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But basically,

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for my rebuttals I was planning I was planning on defending the deity of Christ, I was planning on spending a good part of my rebuttals defending the deity of Christ. And that's one thing you didn't do. One thing you didn't do is defend not only the deity of Christ, but any of the arguments. I've put forward two main arguments. And it's been two years later, actually, none of you have done that. None of you your major platforms have actually said this, this spend time and deal with his media contentions. Okay, so anyways, I'm not going down. I don't care about him. And you're finished my opinion. Sorry, but you are finished. I've never finished anyone worse in my life in front of so

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many people than I finished you. Yeah. And that's well, no, it's on the public record for to see us. You are scared because the language you're using, you're admitting it is confessional. You are scared that people will think this. You want to run away and leave. Or you wanted to leave us use your words. I mean, it's a recurring theme, I'm sorry to say but whenever someone loses, I've never seen people when they lose a debate on a big scale like this. And it's not just me because I was just presenting the Quranic arguments to be honest, yeah. That you actually feel psychologically defeated to this level you you're actually confessing this to your friend. He's saying, brother to

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Brother Manta, man,

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you're telling the truth.

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But look, I just want you to remember, look, remember this as well, when you try and shake my

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shake my hand. After all you said about my community. And after all you've done to the Muslims in Islam. I know, there's lots of Christians out there that don't actually care about the Prophet Mohammed being a solid, they have a double standard that whether they would care or you know, what they would care if if there are sacred figures, who are also our sacred figures, Jesus, Mary, were insulted, but they don't care if Prophet Mohammed is installed, and they don't even care of the Muslims as a community, the people are mocked. In documentaries, there are some out there like that. But you know what, then with those, I say, We don't care either. And we're gonna humiliate you will

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make you feel like you don't want to belong in your own community, you're going to make you feel just like David Woodville. For those who don't care about us, we should not care about them. Otherwise, our community will not be able to preserve itself. Well, lies a big lesson. Yeah. And what I wanted to pick up right now is this brother here for read response. He's been because right now, I've passed the torch on to others, not because these people are any lesser than me, these people are much higher than me in terms of academic knowledge and ability and so on. But someone like Fareed responds, he is, now we're trying to grow his channel.

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He's dealing with David Wood. Okay, so if anyone wants a proper academic refutation of this academic fraud, yeah, we'll take a look at this. Take a look at this Fareed response and there's other brothers like Bravo *, like obviously, Adnan Rashid, and others who are dealing with him. But in terms of if you want to, you know, this this is a channel that's, I think, specialising in not just difficult but these kinds of people here. Yeah, he's, he's doing a great job. And I recommend now that the torch has been passed on, you know, we've we've gotten gains from from David Wood, let's say, but we need to increase the gain. So go to Fareed response. He's did a fantastic job. And that

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is my video. Salaam alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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