For Those Who Feel Shame in Selling #shorts

Muhammad Alshareef


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The speaker discusses the significant size of Islam and how it is a " gigantic" business, rather than just a result of "ideality." They also mention that Islam is not a punishment, but rather a journey to achieve something. The speaker clarifies that there is no shame in selling, but rather a journey to achieve something.

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When I look at the research in Islam about business, you will see that business is huge in the deen. It is gigantic. It's much, much bigger than anything you could have imagined from before. You might have think, oh, there's some wealthy businessman but they're not basing this in Islam or they're just doing their own dunya thing. And Islam is just, you know, Renu prana so like so I would like to clarify for that. clarify that for you here in sha Allah Tada in this moment, there is no shame in selling. In fact, it's a noble quest. There is no shame and shyness in seeking from Allah's Bounty that Allah loves those who seek from Allah as bounty