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AI: Summary © The Quran is a challenge that encourages everyone to finish at least one hustler every day and to read or understand the Quran. The workload is designed to be flexible and dedicating time to the challenge is crucial. The success of the project will have a significant impact on one's health and life, and people are encouraged to read and implement the book to strengthen their relationship with the century.
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saw me how

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many mean animals need me?

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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. The respective beloved brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal that you're in great health and a very high level of Eman and sha Allah Allah Amina Rahman, I mean, as we all know in sha Allah, Allah and very few days, the month of Ramadan would be here. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us alive to witness it in sha Allah, Allah Allah and may Allah azza wa jal make us from the people whom all there are not accepted in that month. Inshallah. I mean, you're a bit I mean,

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we all know that there is a very strong relationship between Ramadan and the Quran. We all know that the Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan

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and Hamdulillah I mean, many people

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refresh their relationship

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with the Quran in the month of Ramadan, they reconnect back with the Quran in the month of Ramadan. But in sha Allah Tala, we want to make it a habit that to connect with the Quran, all through our life not only in the month of Ramadan, because the Illa of Ramadan, the rub of Ramadan is the same Roberto Shaban and Muharram and suffer same Illa and we are Muslims and movements in sha Allah Tala, not only in the month of Ramadan, but through the whole year in sha Allah, but we want to take advantage of this month in sha Allah to reconnect with the Quran. So it can be a habit from now on after Ramadan in sha Allah Allah, it will be a habit that I have very strong relationship with the

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Quran, I will dedicate some time on a daily basis and read or understand and and maybe also memorize some parts of the Quran

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He told us in the Hadith, that

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every letter of the Quran

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is one hustler. And the hustle is multiplied by 10 so that means every hustler every letter is 10 Hustler. And when I say early for

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me I mean 30 Hustler

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so the Hasselblad are, are flying all over. We have to just grab them and this is the month that everything is multiplied only Allah knows how many

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bassinet you get for every letter only Allah subhanaw taala knows.

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So this month of Ramadan, this Ramadan could be my last Ramadan. So I am going to take advantage of every single moment. I'm not going to waste a moment. This could be my last Ramadan we had so many brothers and sisters with us last Ramadan that we lost them they are not here may Allah subhanaw taala have mercy upon them. So this could be my last Ramadan I'm going to act every single day of Ramadan as if it is my last day in sha Allah Tala. This way I will take advantage of every moment and I will try to accumulate as many has an ad as possible. Now

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many brothers and sisters

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they say that we do not have time to read the Quran or to finish the whole Quran in Ramadan at least one time

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I know some brothers and sisters, that mashallah they finish three, four or five times they finish reading the Quran. And I know some people that read the Quran once reading and they do one more time with the bar. And I know some people that also every single year they memorize 3456 sewers and Ramadan. We want to be among one of these people. So inshallah Tada tonight

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I'm going to try to prove to you that it is very easy for me and you and for every Muslim in sha Allah Tala to at least at least finish the Quran in reading at least once, at least once in the whole month of Ramadan. Finish reading the Holy Quran once and Subhan Allah you could imagine the amount of Hassan ad that you will get for doing that. So are you ready for the Quran? Ramadan Quran challenge Okay,

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So, I'm gonna put on the screen. This is the challenge and I want everybody to take that challenge. And I'm gonna go into details to prove to prove to me and to you and to everybody who complain, I cannot read the Quran that you will be able to finish it at least one time.

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Okay Bismillah. So

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we have 24 hours a day, right? That is known to everybody. We have 24 hours per day. And we have 30 days in Ramadan. So 30 days times 24 comes out to 720 hours in Ramadan. 720 hours in Ramadan.

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Now, we sleep at least let's say eight hours a day. And I'm going to exaggerate in everything to make sure that we will all finish the Quran at least once, eight hours a day We sleep in Ramadan, assume let's assume eight hours a day, eight hours a day times 30 days comes out to 240 hours per Ramadan per month. Okay, so if we deduct the 720 Remember, we had 720 hours in Ramadan total, we take from them 240 hours of sleeping, we have 480 hours left. Okay. Now,

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let's say you work every single day I'm going to consider no week and no rest every single day you work again, eight times 30 240 hours again, we have to deduct from the from the 480 Keep in mind, many people are not working these days, many people they take they take off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Many people take Sunday off but we are going to calculate that every single day every single one watching us is going to be working eight hours a day. So that is 240 hours, we deduct that from the 240 we have now from the 480 now we have 240 hours left. You still with me, okay.

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if every slot, let's assume we have five Salawat today and usually the good slot is seven to eight minutes but let's let's say that every slot is 10 minutes Masha Allah, we're gonna try to achieve Kazoo and have a beautiful Sonata Nevada, let's say every salad is 10 minutes, five times 10 is 50. With the sermon and everything, let's make it one hour, one hour, in 30 days, that's 30 hours

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per week,

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two hours a day, let's assume you're going to pray two hours and even though the seer Subhanallah, bring us back to the massage, maybe you're going to pray at home and it's going to be less, but I'm going to also calculate that the taraweeh is also two hours a day that is 60 hours. Okay, plus eating and I want my younger brothers and sisters to also play a little bit eating playing cooking anything that you're doing going here going there. Let's also give it two hours, that's another 60 hours. So 30 hours for Salaat 60 hours for tarawih mashallah, which is also a bad grade, and then 60 hours of anything else during the day. Some somebody's cooking, maybe somebody is studying whatever,

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60 hours

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that comes out to 6060 and 350 hours between praying and taraweeh and everything else. Now We deducted from the 240 we have 90 hours left, 90 hours left. And as you have noticed, my brothers and sisters, I really exaggerated a lot because I want you to feel good. And I want to I want everyone to know that it is doable to read the Quran at least once you're with me. 90 hours left. Okay

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90 hours. Let's say that it takes 44 minutes to read the page. Actually, any

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an average person who read the Quran, it takes between one minute to two minutes, two minutes and a half. But I gave four minutes to consider everyone, the person who was a little bit slow, the person who just learned to read the Quran. We gave it four minutes a page, four minutes a page just a lot of time really four minutes a page is really very comfortably you could finish one page. There are 604 pages in the Quran. 604 pages of the Quran, that means 202,416 divided by that means if you do four minutes a page times 640 pages that comes out to 2416 minute

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It's right, divided by 60 How many hours we have 40 hours 40 hours for one Phantom of the Quran

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40 hours you need to finish one hour of the Quran to finish one atom of the Quran, the whole Quran. If it takes you four minutes to read one page, if we do the simple math, that means we have 90 hours left 40 hours of atom, you can easily finish the Quran in Ramadan

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And you still have 10 hours with working every single day, with four minutes a page with all that hours that I calculated, we find out that we could finish the quarter and twice and other one twice. We only want once. Yeah, and that means eight minutes a page, that means

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you're working every single day 16 hours. So you still can finish it once. If you go according to the formula that we just did. It shows with numbers with proof that we can finish it twice. But let's assume that we are extremely busy people we have no time to do this to do that. We can at least finish it once. So inshallah Tada.

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do your best

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to make the intention before the month of Ramadan. That yeah, Allah, if you kept me alive, I will finish the Quran at least once we can go back to the main screen.

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Brothers and sisters, please remember every letter, every letter is 10 Let me ask you a question.

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If you were told that every letter is $10

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How much Quran Would you read every day?

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Well, the dollars

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are only beneficial here.

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And I might not even enjoy them.

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But that's an it they will benefit me here. They will benefit me under the ground in my cupboard and they will benefit me the day of judgment. So please make the intention from now from now this moment.

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Yeah, Allah, if you kept me alive to Ramadan, I'm going to try

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to finish the Quran and reading twice. But at least here Allah I'm going to read it once in sha Allah to Allah.

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And like we said before, say Hola Hola. Hola. Quwata illa biLlah. So can Allah subhanaw taala will change our situation from people who do not read the Quran to people who read the Quran because La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah, it changes the condition of people, from sickness to health, from poverty, to richness from a misguidance to guidance Subhan Allah. So similarly, maybe some of us have been, have deserted the Quran for a long time. And hamdulillah Allah is very forgiving my brother, Allah is very forgiving my sister. So let's go back to the Quran. This is the month of the Quran. Besides reading the Quran,

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maybe dedicate pick one surah for example, I suggest so little milk, if you can see a little milk is 3031 area per day. How about that? That's another challenge. Today we have a Quran challenge right, one acre per day, one hour per day and you finish the month of Ramadan and you have Surah till bulk. You have Surah till milk and your bank. Allahu Akbar

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wa sallam said whomsoever recited every night, every night he will be protected from the fitna of the cover from the fitna of the grave. Allahu Akbar.

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And other challenge brothers and sisters please try to memorize Surah three milk or any other surah I just gave an example. But whatever you can handle, but we want to leave Ramadan

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as a better Muslim in sha Allah Allah as a better Muslim in sha Allah Tala. Now

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when can I read the Quran? You can read the Quran at anytime, right? But there's a small formula if you can apply in sha Allah Tala that will be great. That will help that will help in the presentation we just gave

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after every solid, four pages

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Four pages after every solid, after or before whatever you want, five Salawat four pages 20 pages a day. That is that is one juice

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per day 30 days done, and Insha Allah, Allah, Allah that will become a habit. And now from the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is that the Quran, we have it in our pockets Subhanallah so I finished this a lot, you know, I am at work, maybe I don't have a Quran with me, I take the phone, and I read Subhan Allah, I read. And this is this is an AMA that Allah will ask us about the cell phone, and all these apps and we will be questioned about this now. So use that phone that you have for reading Quran or any Quran that you haven't shamatha dedicate, tell yourself, I have to finish those 20 pages a day in order to finish the Quran once a month. And you tell yourself, I will never go to

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sleep until I finished those 20 pages. Maybe after one salad I was lazy, I could not do the four pages maybe after one salad, I got extremely busy in a meeting or this and that I could not finish my four pages. So before I sleep, I'm going to finish all the pages I missed during the day.

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No way I'm not going to sleep this is a promise until I finished my 20 pages a day or one

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a day.

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So my brothers and sisters

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hoping that with this in sha Allah Allah we will reconnect with the Quran. And this, this the whole idea is for this not only to be done in Ramadan, for us to be in love with the Quran, Allah He no one who has a relationship with the Quran, except he will see the baraka in his life.

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The more you are attached to the Quran, the more Baraka the more blessing you will see, the more blessings you will see Subhan Allah so this is the best time to reconnect and to make a promise ya Allah in sha Allah with your help ya Allah after Ramadan, I will continue with this beautiful habit that I established in this Ramadan. This way we will feel that you know, the stomach Don was different. This summer that was a special Ramadan for me, this is what I'm about I started finishing the Quran at least one time, you might get lazy in the middle of Ramadan, because we all go in the beginning full power. And then we get lazy and then we get back the power again and the energy again

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in the last 10 Nights. But in sha Allah, Allah Allah, we will keep reminding each other during the month of Ramadan, so we can strengthen our relationship with the Quran with the word of Allah. You know, when we keep mentioning the words of Quran, we say that we forget one thing that is amazing. These are the words of Allah. Allah actually said these words.

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We are so blessed to be from the people from the Quran. We are so blessed to be from the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam we have to reconnect with the Quran. And the first step is to read and sha Allah Tala to also make my intention that my next step is also to understand the Quran. To understand the Quran, read, understand, implement.

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May Allah subhanaw taala make the Quran

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intercede for us on the Day of Judgment Legolas Mala cisilion promised me Allah azza wa jal makers from the people of the Quran from Al Quran, from the people of the Quran. May Allah azza wa jal make it easy for us

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to read it, understand it and apply it. May Allah azza wa jal make the Quran the spring of our hearts. May Allah azza wa jal make the Quran our guide in this dunya May Allah subhanaw taala make it make us apply every single word in it before we leave this word.

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Am in your bladder may Allah bless you all. And keep in mind one more thing every single night from now to Ramadan. Allah Houma the leavener Ramadan, Allah Houma the leavener Ramadan yeah Allah keep me alive to witness the month of Ramadan, Amin Alameen, wa salam ala alihi wa sahbihi, Jemaine Subhana, Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah and the stuff you look at on a tube Willick shareholder on

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left field, you know, then Lynn Massey Well, Bellina

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Meenal Hoda wonderful all

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woman again and Maddie one elewana says

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URI read along became more you Sarana you read to me Serravalle to Minilite that our need to belong

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to school