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hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen Well, have you been to the Matatini? Will that read one or the other Ptolemy? Why should you wonder ilaha illallah wa Seleka that was shadow unknown Mohammed Abdullah Zulu sallallahu alayhi wa the alley he was happy woman da vida when he was tending the Sunnah T Illa Yomi de to sell them to Sleeman Kathira Amma bad for SQL we're not sleep at Taco Allah azza wa jal send me what

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you call a lux Aparna I will the bIllahi min ash shaytaan the regime Yeah, I do have that in Amana, taco La La Kulu colons Dida, your slash and upon Mallow como yo Do you know back home? When a YouTube Allah How about a solar pocket Faza Fosun Alima

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all praises due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

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And surely the best reward ultimately is for those who have Taqwa.

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And surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor.

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And I bear witness that Allah is one and has no partners. And that Mohammed the son of Abdullah, is a servant is last messenger. May Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions to all those who call to his way and establish his sunnah to the Day of Judgment.

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As to what follows, Allah azza wa jal has revealed a mighty revelation.

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Allah has given us the final testament, the final revelation to humanity to the day of judgment.

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And in this mighty set of communication, communications between Allah and humanity, Allah tells the believers are you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah, and speak a straightforward word.

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He would repair your deeds, forgive you a sense, and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, has surely gained a mighty tribe.

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And so in this divine formula, Allah shows us after stressing the importance of the consciousness of Allah, that we are aware of the Creator in everything that we do, not just in special occasions, not just because it's Ramadan,

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not just because it is Friday, or Good Friday.

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But at work at school, it all of our life, we should remember that there is one

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mighty in power.

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There is one who has control ultimately, of all things.

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But we are living in strange times. Although we have developed the ability to communicate, the ability to organize information,

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it appears that the information in the print media and in the internet and on the news agencies is confusing people more than it is guiding them.

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It's a world of deception.

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this is where Allah is telling to believers Kulu colons, Dida, straight forward word.

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Don't be a deceiver.

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Don't say one thing out of your mouth and do something else with your actions.

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And So Al Hamdulillah we have gathered together today on this Good Friday. They say it is a Good Friday.

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But the Prophet SAW Selim has told us credo Yeoman Tala Tala he shrimps. Your Mojo ma fi fully cut Adam Murphy agenda will fi open a German ha WalletHub comesa in Yama Juma? The wild Muslim.

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The Prophet peace be upon him said that the best day upon which the sun has arisen is the day of Juma

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in Adam was created.

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He entered paradise. He left out of gender and the Day of Judgment will happen on Juma.

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The Prophet SAW Salem

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also told us say it in a yawn yomo Juma

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he also said Allah He salatu salam,

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say it in a Yama demo ha en de la heeta Allah will demo and Allah, Min Yeoman fitta we all will add ha.

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The Prophet peace be upon him said the master of all days is Juma.

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He said this, it is such a master. It is so great

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that it is so great in the eyes of Allah that it is greater than Edo fitta

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it is greater than evil Aloha.

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And so Joomla is so important to us that our Masjid should be filled every Friday like this.

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Because Good Friday is not just in the spring.

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But Good Friday, is every Friday.

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In this time, there is such a job but there was a time of the answering of our prayers on the day of Joomla.

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And we need to understand what to do on June we prepare ourself but we should also read from Serato calf

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and that is so important because this chapter and those who are reading the Quran, Jews by Jews were at the 15th so we're reading Serato Israa and Sir to calf, if you're going section by section right now, what is important about this in the time of deception, we are coming near the time of the Great Deceiver

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will come before the day of resurrection. And the Prophet SAW Salem has told us when thorough search of care for your mill Juma or God Allah Humann are no more banal, Juma attain. He said whoever reads certs or calf on the day of Joomla, a light of guidance, a light will be made for him in between the two dramas.

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And so it is critical for us to understand what is going on because we are coming close to the Day of Resurrection. And the world is in such an apocalyptic state. Every time we open up the media, something else is happening. And we need to know what it is that the Prophet SAW Salem told us about the last day

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of crusade, even after what the last one said.

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The Messenger of Allah Alayhi Salatu was Salam led fajr prayer and He ascended the member and he addressed us until the time of Zoho.

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Think about this. He made Fudger and then he got on the member and he talked to the Sahaba all the way till the time of the Nobody moved.

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And then he came down and prayed. And he ascended the member.

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And he continued to talk and explain all the way to Lhasa. Nobody moved.

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And then he got down and he made ASA

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and he addressed us until the sun set.

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He told us what was to come. And the most learned amongst us was the one who remembers the best lamona Fabiola.

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So he told his companions about the signs of the Day of Judgment. This is not a fairy tale. This is happening in front of us. And when you go back to some of the signs you see pop in front of your face.

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Look at the Muslim world today.

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Every time a leader stands up and says something about Islam, even with the weaknesses that our leaders had any time they are attacked.

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They are put down

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the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and authentic traditions report by Abu they have a really a law one he told us sejati Allah nasty Salah turn huddart subject to fee how Chad where you check the goofy has subject where you terminal fee haha and when you call we no fee. I mean, young take over you have a way better. Pillar vamos away Bidda call a vigilant Taffy fee UnderArmour

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the Prophet SAW Selim said an authentic hadith they will come upon the people years of deceit

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in which the liar

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will be believed and the truthful will be considered a liar.

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The Treacherous deceiver will be trusted

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and the trustworthy custodian will be considered disloyal.

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And the real way better with speak out. And it was said who is this railway Buddha and the Prophet Sal seldom said he is the most despicable, worthless person who will speak out on behalf of the people.

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And so suck sadaqa Rasul Allah Alayhi Salatu was Salam, it has come to pass, and the strange actions of people that we see in society, the strange mentality, it is moving us toward the Day of Judgment. But we have the blessing of the last revelation in its authentic form, we can go to the words of our beloved Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam, hidden authentic form to find out what is happening around us. And that's not BBC.

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That's not CNN.

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That is coming directly from above seven habits.

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Are you who believe

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they tell us in this strange time of year

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that this is Easter, it is Easter weekend. They say it is a Christian holiday and we see crosses carried we see people in some parts of the world beating themselves but usually when you speak of Easter, especially here, you speak of easter eggs,

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Bunny, rabbits, chickens, flowers. These are fertility symbols. Because this time of year is not the time of Isa Alayhi Salam. But it is the time of a pagan nature based holiday.

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We came out of winter we came out December 25. They said Jesus was born.

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But the scholars even Christians recognize he was born in the warm weather not in the cold.

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And we knew that this occasion was not this was the Saturnalia. This was a pagan ceremony.

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We came out of February

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with the drunkenness and the lust going on. And then they said it's St. Valentine's Day.

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And now in this season,

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the symbols and sites are around us. And we have to return to our sources in order to have an anchor

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to base ourself. There is no other sources that we can base ourselves for the understanding of what is happening in the world. And we need to be very open with the people of the book.

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Because they are our brothers and sisters in Revelation revelation came to them.

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But in certain Magadha verse 77, Allah tells us giving us a command called Yarnall Kitab laptop Luffy Dini como hadal Huck wala taboo or Hawa? Pohlmann cuddled lumen Pablo, were adult Luca Theoden. Were the only ones so Allah is Severe.

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Allah told us say that we should say, oh people of the book, do not exaggerate in your religion, straying from the truth, and do not follow the low desires of people who went astray people who came before you, people who were asked the right path. So we need to say that is our duty. We need to say it with love.

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We need to say it in the name of the book, in the name of the last revelation.

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Oh, you who believe

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in these times where it appears that everything is against us. We feel surrounded in many parts of the world. What is the example of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him? Because that's our example. And it is reported that after the bad love

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in which the believers lost many people, and they will wound it, and the news came to them, the herbalist of yarn and the Codex were gathering in a place called hamre and said they were gathering people to fight them again.

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How could they stand? And Allah azza wa jal revealed Alladhina kala Lahoma NAS in the nasaka jama hula conflict showhome Azada ha

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Imagine what Carlo has done Allah when the unbeliever kill.

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Those who were warned, your enemies have mobilized their forces against you, so fear them.

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But this warning only made them grow stronger in faith. And they said So when Allah when

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Allah is sufficient for us, He is the best to protect. So whenever we feel fear in our hearts, whenever we see things going on, we need to say it within our remembrance has been a law whenever men will kill husband, Allah will knit Amelie will kill, say it and believe it.

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Because Allah is sufficient, whether he is sufficient to us in this life, or in the Hereafter.

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And so we are in the middle of Ramadan,

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we need to maximize this month,

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we need to take this opportunity now the fast has been on us, we have fasted we should have overcome the desire for food.

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Now our eyes need to fast

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our mouth needs to fast our ears,

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our hands, our feet are complete fast, to stay away from the things that Allah has prohibited to call to the good and to forbid the evil.

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And in this time, to maximize and this is the second part of the month and the Prophet SAW Salem was described as the gentle wind of the spring

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giving life he would give, he would give and his companions would give this is the time when we need to give from ourself strategic sadaqa

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strategic as a cat

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to give to those Muslims who are suffering on the ground

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to those who are in need. So those who are standing up strategic giving needs to happen.

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We need to speak out clearly against Islamophobia.

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Because it is alive and well. We're here to Billa even in our calendar itself, it is alive and well. And our masjids are under attack.

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Speak out against it

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to the politicians,

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pressurize them, Muslims have a vote.

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They should fear us in terms of our vote.

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Speak out wherever you can.

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But going against Islamophobia also means protect each other. You need we need to keep our eyes open to watch out for our brothers and sisters, regardless of what race, what nationality, we need to circle our wagons amongst ourselves.

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We also need to speak out about oppression in the Muslim world.

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The oppression happening in the Muslim countries the attack upon our leaders.

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Why as much to absorb been attacked in Ramadan today

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why his martial arts are under attack?

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Is that no sanctity? For the houses of God

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that needs to be known from our community and our people.

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We need to make sincere to our sincere to our to Allah subhanaw taala especially in the last 10 days in the odd nights sincere to our for the sick of the ummah. We need to ask Allah azza wa jal to heal our brothers brother, Aslam, brother afzaal, all those who are sick all those who are suffering, we need to ask Allah to help them

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with the sincerest way that we can.

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There are serious natural catastrophes going on in the Muslim world. And we need to make dua for the resurrection of the Muslim world.

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The resurrection of our leadership in the Muslim world and the protection of our families on the ground.

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May Allah subhanaw taala

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protect us and help us in this glorious month. May Allah subhanaw taala protect the children of the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah protect the dignity and the honor of the women of the Ummah, Muhammad Sallallahu

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May Allah guide and strengthen the men of the Ummah Mohamed salah, Salah. May Allah raise up leadership in the Muslim world to take us from darkness into light, balanced leadership to give us the ability to live in this world for Allah and to die with Kelly Mala ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are called locally Heather while stuck for Allah Ali welcome while he started he musta mean him and Coulee Dam been Estelle Pharaoh in the hole for the photo rain.

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Alhamdulillah Allah has had alpha to the summit, Allah de la Niala voila new lead. Well, I'm your Kula who for one while suddenly what will sell them I'll say that our name will occur in the BNI Muhammadan rather early he was happy he added money for that. Yeah EBR de la tequila Hey sama. Come to

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your cool hug. Subhana wa COVID Anwar Amira? Nala ha Mala he Qatar who you saw Luna Allah Nabi Yeah, are you Hala? Dena Amanu Sallu alayhi wa Salam o Taslima Allahumma salli wa salam ala Abdic. Our Asuka Mohammed, while they're early he was Hobie edge made, while de la wonderful full of our Rashidi Abu Bakr, Omar Chris man Molly will now be Rama ticular out Hamid Rahim

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Al Hamdulillah Hillary her Donnelly Heather Wilma Cannella Natalia Lola and had done a lot but been alive to Z Kulu banaba is had a Tana will have leather metal that don't cut off my inner cancer waha Oh Allah please don't take us astray after you have guided us. Surely you are the best to guide Allahu Allah can hound la Nasi, tena and alake and to come at NATO Allah Nasik Allah whom Allah can hunt karma Yun buggy religion jewelry what Chica what are the missile tonic Robina in the alumna and personnel were in them top fildena What's our Hamza then Hakuna in the middle, possibly Aloha mustard if unknown Bella will go back well. Now the Hora minha will now button Allahumma Elif Dana

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Colombina was snuffed out today Nina Latina Subala Sudan will not Gina Mina Abdullah Mati Illinois with Janet Nova Heisha Malhotra minha Rama button were Baddeck Lennar V us now in our upside in our falu Rena was wodgina was the reality now what's up Elena? In the current interweb Rahim Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah for Fatah, WA Harmon Illa for register wala deen and Illa data while they are married and Alicia feta while I may eat an electro him to well that Hodge attend in Hawaii Jaya dunya in the UK our data our camera he made a bet a riot hammer Camilla Nala yet mobile added with your son he tried the toolbar while yawn ha Anil fascia even Mancha. Well Bobby yeah is a con

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la la come to Doc karoun como la la sala Tikhomirov Mukunda