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Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The host of a household video interview discusses the struggles faced by a man named David Wood as a transgender and emphasizes the importance of researching the personhood of Jesus Christ and the Trinity to determine if a statement is true or false. The interview suggests contacting sources and sources to determine if a statement is true or false, emphasizing the importance of not giving personal information and researching the source and sources to determine if a statement is true or false.
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Marrakech salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Brothers and sisters and Dear friends welcome to another episode of the household. First I want to praise Allah subhanaw taala the Most Merciful the most trust or praises, glory and gratitude belong to him for the work that we do. If you can support us with your drawers, if you have financial means at the link below, wherever you can even share this video, it would mean a lot to us because then we can bring you these videos. Not only that, we're gonna be bringing you some debates. So bonuses if you guys remember Nani Mohammed channel for the new show the booth, we've done a video reacting to David Wood. Now David Wood Who is

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this person because we need to understand the person we're dealing with you yeah, David Wood is someone I can clearly say a staunch enemy of Islam to be frank COVID is different. He's such an enemy, that he goes to the levels of losing his dignity. No, it is it is because if someone hates it, I mean, if someone hates someone so much, if I can lose, if it causes me to lose my dignity, that means psychologically up here, I'm not sure to do personal attacks at home. And I'm just thinking, who is this person? This is a person in another interview, which he claimed that he was this, this person who wanted to kill his father, and upload the recording, you can pay for yourself

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here some crazy stuff, and I decided

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to kill my dad.

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And I decided to do it in a brutal fashion, not a not a gunshot, or anything I was going to do with a hammer. When I walked up to my dad, I've got a hammer in my hand and

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hit him in the head, seven or eight times the ball peen hammer. And so I thought he was dead. And I just left, he was a very problematic person. Now in the image that you can see in front, he's dressed up as a woman. Now the question that needs to ask is why would a man dressed up as a woman unless you want to be a transgender? Yeah. Or, like I said before you've lost your dignity. So we're dealing with such a man. And the only reason we're doing this is to further expose him. That's why we're doing otherwise, I'm being honest, I don't believe this person should even be debated. Because he has no dignity. There is some Christian doctrine says in the Quran, so are all Christians are the

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same. So there are some that I could handle go to the park, some of them are good people, they talk to us, they want to reason they want to understand and like Allah says come to common terms between you and them. But this man is not the same. And he will not be treated the same. Because we're gonna be very frank, we're not here to a word. No, no, no, no, we're here to get to the point and deal with the matter head on. So since we've got a little bit of understanding, who was this person from the images below, he dropped, you put a challenge out to him. You said to him, Look, they lit.

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Let's have a debate. And the videos that you reacted to was of him not being able to answer a question that he was posed from his religion regarding a doctrine, no side issues? No, did Jesus have a yellow hair or blue hair? It was about Jesus dying and being resurrected. What was your challenges? I mean, I've done a reaction video of David Wood, reacting, sorry, answering attempting to answer a question that was posed by another Muslim guy in some conference or some debate that was done. And they were very straightforward questions about the personhood of Jesus Christ, and the doctrine of the Trinity. Yeah, and what what I found shocking about those videos, and you can

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obviously refer to the other videos, I'd love to see what I'm talking about. What I found shocking about those videos is that although the question was practically very straightforward, the answer was all over the place. And my point there with with reactions to those videos was that this man who has spent a whole

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majority of his adult life attacking Islam, when it comes to answering his own religion or trying to justify his own religion, he's not even able to do so on a basic fundamental book tribal level, he have a look at the basics of his religion and make sense of them. Right. So so we did not show you put challenge out to me, I put a challenge out for him to talk about what the basic question must be about the fundamentals of both religion. Why why why compensates you why fundamental? In order to prove anything True or false? Yeah, we need to look at the first principles of those things, right? In physics and mathematics in philosophy, the premise one of the best ways of finding out if

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something is true or false, is what we call arguing from first principles. Okay, this is one of the best if not the best way of arguing, if not the best way of ascertaining the truth, okay. Okay. So when we argue from first principles, we look at the assumptions of said thing that is being proposed. Yeah. Well, that is being put forward. Okay. In this case, let's say that what are the assumptions? What are the first principles? What are the beginnings? What are the epistemological roots of

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Christianity slash Islam? In both cases, there are different assumptions on the personhood of Jesus Christ, on God on these on these key matters here. So here, what we should be talking about is what makes more sense from a rational a textual and historical perspective.

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Does the Trinity make more sense? Or does it make more sense? So basically, what you're saying is look, forget the branches and the leaves. Let's go to the root. Let's go to the roots. Yes, right. Well, guess what? Well, guess what? Yes, he's responded to the surgery like that. Let's

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see if he's up for the challenge. He seems a brief missing missing. This one is actually not a question for you. But for some reason. Someone wants to post a video about me because I keep my Twitter lit up. But, David, did you accept that the challenge from that Muslim dhaula guy from speaker's corner? Please confirm or deny that?

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Recently, like over the past? I don't know two months. There's been a bunch from speakers corners guys.

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Adnan Rashid, someone named Mohammed hijaab, or something like that, and Ollie Tao. So I've seen those guys. Now one of those guys, I know a nun Rashid, I know I'm familiar with him, the other two guys, I don't want to get to know each other as well. don't recall ever watching. I may have I don't know, don't recall anything from them. But just to confirm here, and you can send them this video with this.

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You give them a timestamp, so they know when to when to see this. Yes, I accept their challenge. Whether they're a team or he's a brave man, he's going to debate the root of the problem. Totally. I believe I believe they're talking like one at a time. I'm fine. I confirm that. Now there are multiple ways I can do that. They can contact a mosque over here in the US. Anywhere in the US. I'll show up Salafi mosque, I don't care, I'll be there. I'll be there. Anyway, he's brave. He's brave. Anyway, he's brave. I believe he's been accepted, where he's based, like, wherever, wherever, hopefully, if you're islamophobe, Christian Christian president allows us in the country, it'd be

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really good. If not,

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we'll discuss.

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Or they can contact the MSA, the Muslim Students Association. And there are tons of Muslim students associations at universities across time. This is if anyone's watching this from the US. And they belong to a Muslim Student Association, or from any messages in the United States, whether you're New York or wherever you want to send us your details. You can find for example, our Instagram, link below or, if not on Instagram, you can send us an email with information because we're trying to arrange the date. And obviously, he needs to send us an email as well. We'll put the email on the bottom, we'll put the link below but also we want to come to an agreement yet because we might get

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him to come here. So you know, we'll see. Let's see what happens. Tell them to set up the debates. I would recommend two debates. Like he's gonna say the Trinity and tell you this has changed a bit. He's changed a bit who was Muhammad and who was Jesus that way?

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Okay, maybe the second one is going to be at Trinity and it's nice and even and those are two of the main questions.

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Okay, when you put your challenge out, did you see that you want to debate who is Jesus and who is Mohammed? I didn't say that and by the way, these don't even make somebody who they don't even make sense as the big question. They make sense as history lessons.

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That's the valley who was Mohamed Salah who was useless to them what what was the what was the contention in that? Well, how was that good? Was Jesus God or was is the Trinity Otto hate question mark. You know what that is? Look the person on his on our left his right is a apostate of Islam. Yeah. Okay. Yes. It's like talking to him and be like, Look, you are suffering from Patmos post colonial masters order syndrome. Yeah. Which I diagnosed a week ago with a few ex Muslims as well. And me coming to him saying look, we're going to talk about Mohammed and Jesus tell me which one fits your liberal standards which are going to change later better, by the way just Yes. I've

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written an essay on liberalism, which I'll put in the description box down below as well publications example older UK foster public and by the way, Sheikh Mohammed Othman has also written an essay on just should be you should be good also the wife I was coming out as well. inshallah brothers sisters, that's really what's gonna be the link below. Yeah, good. So what I'm trying to see what he's doing is that going to a person who's got liberal values and saying, look, we're going to tell you who's the kindness Mohammed or Jesus, Jesus blue flowers on Fridays and Saturdays, but Muhammad peace be upon him didn't, this is pathetic. I'm not going to choose my my soul. I will not

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drink a little drop of poison because it will harm my body. You think I'm gonna put my soul in the light? Because one sounds better than the other is irrelevant. I want to know, Trinity is your fundamental basis. Okay. I want to know about that. It's not tawheed I want to know about your toe heat. What on earth has your subjective, it's irrelevant, and you challenge them clearly. with my own ears. We've got a good camera. By the way.

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Who was Jesus, Jesus as if there was some kind of

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break between who is better Mohammed

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Jesus, come on, man. Come on, man. Is that me and you in the fight? I'm gonna knock you out. Yes.

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Exactly. It's irrelevant. Yes. If if like for example, McGregor and couldn't fight without a reaction video. Yeah, if Habib knocks him out, we're not gonna say that's an evidence for the truth. It's not maybe, but what we believe that's gonna happen. Yeah, but I'm not gonna come and say, Oh, look, we've knocked him out. It's time is the truth. I'll see it okay, I saw a lot on official says Allah. Come on man, these are the arguments that you use. Come on, I think he realizes this story.

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And if it makes anyone feel any better, I will debate all three of them on the same stage at the same time. So instead of debating or field, let's just debate one of us on the matter of champion towhid. That's all we want for me not for you're a brave man. You scared us. Because he likes number three.

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We're not free, but we're one.

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By the way, I want to make it clear to our Christian friends who are watching seriously, the only reason we're doing this? No, no, no, I'll be doing this. Because this guy is somebody who mocks the Prophet peace be upon him. And we don't want to talk to his level yet. But the way he's been and you can see he's dressed up as a woman and all the stuff that he says, like, come on, it's pathetic. You know, can I tell you, if we come to the stage meet you understand the sheet? If you said this, you'll see no, there's one of us. We're gonna say, huh.

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One and then.

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And then we go step further. Yes. No, I don't know how I can say it any more clearly than that, ladies and gentlemen, I've been affirming that I'm willing to debate all day long and multiple times over the past month. So

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anyone who asks, go ahead and send them back to that little clip right there. Yes, the answer is yes.

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Do you know what he has to do? Now? He has to send he has to make a video. Yeah. put my name in the title yet with your time and your place? Keep says just send me a location. Just send me location. All right.

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location, time and place. conflict. Yeah. Okay. We have a question here.

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from Michelle Marie. David asked him why he thinks Christianity is beautiful, but doesn't believe it's the truth. And just from a from a philosophical note, something can be beautiful without without being true, right? Like, like, it's, oh, that's a big statement. I'm interested in that. Because, you know, he's hitting a true principle here. By the way, how many of you said that? It's good. I'm happy that he said that, because what it is, is it shows that he owns this, he understands the difference between aesthetic value judgment, okay, which means looking at something and deciding whether you think subjectively is beautiful or not beautiful. So let's

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an eye of the beholder. Everyone's gonna think everything is beauty, beautiful at the same level, right? And that's why we choose different marital palaces. Yeah, whatever it may be. But what I'm saying is that this is very important to me, and you're just used to what

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I was gonna say is this.

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This is very important. Because if you look at a lot of his polemic, yeah. And all those websites that talk about Islam and try and answer Islam and these things, yeah. When you look at their polemics, their polemics is this, that the argument is really as follows. Islam is violent. Yeah. Therefore, Islam is not the truth. Right? If that's the argument, then what you're really appealing to is an aesthetic value judgment. Therefore, what he's trying to say is that if you don't like violence, yeah, you will not like Islam. And if you don't like Islam, Islam is not true. Exactly. Now, really. And truly, as you know, yourself, that does not indicate truthfulness, or falsity. Is

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that that does not even if you're let's say, for the sake of argument, right? Yeah, you're right. Yeah. Islam has violence and all these things. Absolutely. No problem.

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No, it does have some violence. Yeah. And we're not saying that, by the way he represents is not correct. So for the sake of argument, the way you represent it is true as well. Yeah. Even if that is the case, it does not indicate the falsehood or falsity. That's exactly my point. He knows that he knows on a philosophical level, it's like, you know, it seems when they took him because this question is to him, this guy on this right here because he said no Christians this way. So the lady said, if this be true, why don't you become a Christian? Yeah, so he is and he's basically going to say, look, I find it beautiful, but it's not the truth. I don't believe it. Yeah, yes. What is

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seemed with a lot of Christians is that they want God to be how they want it to be. Look, if something's the truth, if if Christianity is the truth, and in Christianity, the God Almighty says, Every first day, you're gonna climb up a tree, stay there for 20 minutes. It's a red apple come down and sleep. I'm going to do it. It's the truth. I'm not going to say I don't want it doesn't sound right to me. I don't like is irrelevant. This is the point right? What the reason

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Why Muslims do what they do, whether it's a woman putting on a hijab, a man sporting a beard or doing whatever it may be, is because when you come to accept the authority of Islam, yeah, and the authority have to hate well, Allah being the one goddess that is commanding, yes, the injunctions that are found in the Quran, and so is the truth. And we can rationalize that right? Then it makes sense to follow those commandments and injunctions. Because that is the old perfect truth if you like, right, like, for example, on a practical level, when people go to doctors, they go to doctors, because they trust the authority of the doctor. But they know that this person is qualified that

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they're specialists in their field. Yeah. And therefore, so the point is this, rather than once, as you said, looking at the branches of the tree, right, looking at the prescriptions, the injunctions and deciding, yeah, yes, by a sociological analogy, which is sometimes a very, sometimes a very weak logical way of deducing things. That Okay, this is not in line with post enlightenment idea. Exactly. And applying but therefore, the fallacies of presentism. Yeah, yes, this is not in line. This is not in line with liberal values. And this is not something I argue in the essay that we could come to conclusion. If this is true, this is false.

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This is, of course, a weak way of finding out what is true and what is false. And I'll repeat what I said before, the best way of finding out if something is true or false is by arguing from first principles of logical perspective, which is, which is the root the roots of it Trinity. I'm going to end on this when I found out he just shot himself in the foot, right? He's just answered the question where he's saying just because something is beautiful, doesn't make it truth. And beauty is subjective. Right, hold on a second. And then he said he wants to debate Prophet Muhammad and Jesus wasn't gonna debate on. What's he going to try to prove them there? Which one is more?

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moral? Hold on a second. You just defeated the whole purpose. You have no choice but to debate the Trinity and towhid David Wood. I think it's night night for you. I genuinely

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it's night night for you. And in other words, I do.

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Yeah, and please don't give me death threats. No, we mean, literally intellectual. janazah you heard those words. Maybe speaker's corner. You probably subscribe to me. I know you're following me.

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Wow, it means I know of that. Yeah, cuz I've got a bit of why we might our But anyways, but for the sisters, if you're watching this, that's it. Nice to know why is that Oh, well. Not because of that, because you know, he must have been he must have been.

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He must have been a subscriber since the very beginning. That's when you started it.

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Day one, you will call Tao. So he's been a fan from day one. Three years ago. Yes. Yes. Yes. That's why your email is done. Yes, exactly. So you've

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never heard of you.

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But the guy is using

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yo yo so he must have been there from the beginning. I don't know he looks like you and him with my friends from day one.

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Baba says this, share this video with him. We're ready. America, Australia, Mars Neptune as long as we have oxygen. Send us location in this location.

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