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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to a new episode of In the light of the Quran. Today we have a very important light for the Muslims in the way they deal with each other the way they deal each other. And there is a message to all humanity, very important in the Quran about how humans should treat each other. This light and this was the movie taken from the solar gerat, which we talked about previously, which is the sort of the chambers which refers to the chambers, or the rooms that belong to the house of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam we'll start with the recitation before we delve into the wisdoms to take them in sha Allah and benefit from them.

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back to In the light of the Quran. Now this beautiful etiquettes that Allah is teaching us is so powerful, and are very important in our lives. First, Allah talks about the stage where two groups of the believers fight among each other. If two groups among the grievous fight Li saying,

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physically fight Allah saying, then bring reconciliation among them bring peace between them, try to reconcile the two parties, because they are both believers. So this tells us actually even if two groups among the believers fight, they are still believers, they are still believers, and we have to try our best to insert ourselves to bring peace between them. Then unless is if one of them transgressions against the other, then stand on the side, or be on the side of the one that is oppressed. To support the oppressed this should be as well, the attitude of every Muslim we always support the ones that are oppressed, especially when two groups are among the believers fights. And

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the other one after we tried to bring peace, the other one, insisted on transgressing against

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The other, then we will support we should support the group or the side that is oppressed until the oppressors come back to the religion of Allah subhanaw taala, I'll come back to the reconciliation that Allah commanded us with. Then Allah says that try to bring, try your best when you bring peace, to bring justice along with that give everyone their rights, always bring justice with reconciliation. Reconciliation should not be at the expense of taking somebody else's rights. No, everyone should take their due rights. This is the the case when when we bring peace between two Muslim groups that have that with who are fighting. And Allah says that a lot of the ones who bring

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justice, the ones who do justice, and we have to know that with all of our fears, with our dealings with our with our mixing with the people, we always try to bring justice and be just to the people don't oppress because oppression will be darkness is on the Day of Judgment, as prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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then Allah says, Allah, Allah gives us a very clear rule that should be in front of our eyes wherever we go and dislike. Allah says, verily, the believers are brothers, the believers are prophets. And this kind of brotherhood is even stronger than blood brotherhood. It is the real brotherhood, because it's the Brotherhood of the faith, brotherhood of the believers. So Allah says, always bring peace and reconciliation among your brothers, when two of them fight or two groups fight, whatever happen happens as a dispute takes place. Always bring reconciliation always bring this brotherhood to among the believers, that Allah says and fear Allah so that you will may attain

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His mercy. So when we present this brotherhood, Allah will give us his mercy and His favors. Then Allah says, and this is a very important instruction, no people should ridicule or fool others. So this is something very very prohibitionist and extremely private in Islam, or believers that not a people ridicule another.

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A person cannot ridicule or mock on somebody else. Don't ever do that. This is something detested in Islam, it is alien to Islam, to start to ridicule somebody else, or look at them or make fun of them. This should not be the case with Islam. We don't do that. So Allah saying, are you who believe that not a people ridicule another, because it may be the case that the ones who are ridiculed, they are better than the ones who are doing this kind of vertical better than the mockers.

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And in most of the cases, this is true, because the one who mocks others that shows the deficiency and the illnesses that is in that are in the heart that are present in the heart, and the heart and the soul of that person who's doing this kind of mockery. So don't mock somebody else. Because it's may be the case that the ones who are mocked are better than the mockers.

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And the light is saying this specifically giving after that Allah thing, and no woman should ridicule other women. Why? Because mocking and ridiculing is so spread and common among women.

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Women are inclined to the to do that. There's a lot of jealousy there. So they resort to mockery. And actually mockery is a very destructive weapon, psychological weapon. Why should Islam psychological harm is even more than physical harm. All of these are prohibited in Islam. And you see how much wisdom there is how much light in the instruction Allah gives us. And imagine a society without mockery, society without jealousy, a society without fighting but peace will always be there to be a wonderful society. This is what Allah wants for us. This is why the this slide that we find in the Quran is so beneficial to us, as individuals and as a society. Then Allah says,

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No woman should mock on other women. Because maybe the case that the ones who are mocked are better than the mockers. Then Allah says to us, don't call people names, don't call people names, this bad language we should do away with it. as Muslims. And Prophet Muhammad, Allah Islam said that the Muslim is not a person who speaks very loudly. It is not a person who kisses Allah is not a person who calls people names. This is the description of the believer we should stick to that. Then Allah says, how what an evil thing to do after you have a brass belief after you have become believers. What an evil thing to do, is to fall into this kind of

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evil doing this kind of sinning, to call people names and to mock on others. Allah says this is a very evil thing for the believers that Allah says, and those who do not repent, then they those are the transgressors. Then Allah guides us or points out and very important illness.

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disease that we should get rid of Allah says, Oh, you who believe,

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avoid much suspicion, most of the cases of suspicion

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or conjecture are very, most of the time they are untruthful, they are not right or not correct. Most of our suspicion is based on

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psychological, psychological influence around us, or so many things that hinder and deter our logical understanding our perception of the situation. So this is why Allah says says, avoid much suspicion For indeed, some suspicion is a sin. Imagine when you have some kind of evil suspicion about the person, this might be a sin, although you didn't do anything, but suspicion is inside you. But you will be accountable for that. Because you're not supposed to have suspicion which is not based upon truth upon facts upon evidence, you cannot develop some kind of idea, or understanding or perception about a person or a situation without having full knowledge. And suspicion is a very,

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very destructive disease for the self for the person himself. Who has this suspicion first, so many people like wives and husbands, some

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husbands, they start to split the wives. Maybe Why did my wife go to that shop? Why did mom do this wedding? What what phone call was my wife doing? Who did Who was she speaking to? This suspicion is not based on anything, it's based on the whispering or she thought, at least evil and it will eat and not on your heart before it destroys your wife herself. This is one situation there was so many other situations when we deal with our friends, the people around us or colleagues at work over all this kind of suspicion is very evil. So avoid suspicion, always establish your judgment, your opinion on facts, not on suspicion, on

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conjecture and expectations.

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Then Allah gives the similitude of

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Allah and Allah says to us Do not spy on one another. spying is very evil because it brings us to suspicion, even suspicion and do not back by to one another. That's a very destructive disease, backbiting people, we should get rid of it. Because it's very destructive. Allah says backbiting is like eating the flesh of your friend or your brother, when he's dead. This is so when you back might someone consider or imagine yourself eating his flesh when he's dead? This is how evil it is. Then a lot visible to all of humanity, saying all mankind we have created you from men and a woman, single man of a single woman, Adam and Eve. And we made you into different people, different colors, and

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different tribes, so that you may get to know each other and get a mix with each other and benefit from each other from these differences. Then Allah says, the most honored among you in the sight of Allah are the most righteous. So color language origin. Background makes no difference with our must fantana what is the only criterion that our largest people according to His righteousness, taqwa, a law on his own knowing and Allah is aware of his servants. So these are the wisdoms that I hope we benefit from very wonderful etiquette. inshallah we try to live in their light to improve our lives, and to please Allah subhanaw taala and to be real Muslims. Now once we meet with another light from

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the Quran, I live in the care of Allah subhanho wa Taala. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.