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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum? What did I say? I said that greeting a peace, peace be unto you. This is a greeting of all the messengers. And if you've been tuning in, you've learned that this is a greeting of Jesus, Moses and the last and final messenger sent to mankind, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them. We're here every Wednesday, midnight, Midnight's Thursdays at 2pm if you're in Chicago, can TV 36 or at the deen show calm. You can see all of our shows there for free. We have in the studio, someone who used to be kickin it with the hip hop celebrities, and what was one himself he was living that fast life in the fast lanes and when we come back, we're going to

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hear why he put a brake on it. And he did something more fulfilling than all of this combined.

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When we come back here on the dean show you don't want to go nowhere. We back with Napoleon here on the dean show. He

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is His Messenger.

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There's only one Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe, maybe it's just to break the ice.

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My parents got killed by my so called godfather.

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It was gonna be a matter of life and death.

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assassinated in Las Vegas.

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I started thinking

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How's everything? hamdulillah thank you very much for being with us here. The pledges. My man had been a long time coming. Yeah, we was working on it for a while but Glad to be here. The Creator made it happen. You're here I'm here. Definitely. And hopefully our audience now they got their ears tuned to the screen and we're gonna try to share your story of them reading this is a unique story because you used to be kickin it with a famous rapper, Tupac Shakur, I got to get mine You gotta get your

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you are getting yours?

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Definitely, definitely. Yeah. So tell us talk to us. Now, tell us a little about this life you were living before we get into the details of how you came to Islam. Basically, um, I used to be one of the members of the outlaws a group that was put together about Tupac Shakur. I went by the name Napoleon was more like a family. You know, some of the members most of the members of the outlaws was related to Tupac, cousins, brothers, etc. My role came in with the outlaws to qaddafi who was the head brother of Tupac. And it basically was like a family affair that we wrote together, put the record together towards together. But that lifestyle came to an end for me growing up in that

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lifestyle, bowling with Tupac, I never thought that it will come to end the way it did, you know? Because he actually, he's dead. He's dead. How does he Park was 25 years old when he passed away. He was very young. That's very young, very young, very young. So it was a life it would basically happen.

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I didn't expect it to happen that way. None of the members of the outlaws expected was one of them things where we was living a fast life. Yeah, we was going 100 miles per hour. And boom, this. We got hit by this, you know, two months later, qaddafi, who actually is the member of the outlaws who introduced me to Tupac. He got murdered accidentally by my little cousin. So not only did we lose Tupac, two months later, we lose Gaddafi. A few months later, before that my grandmother that raised me, she passed away. So it was one year while I see nothing but death. And then that same year, I had a brother who committed suicide. So that's when I started saying wait, whoo, something must be

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Something else is out there. Let me figure out what I'm gonna do with my life. Did you know those other rappers like Biggie Smalls was also dead? Did you ever meet him? I never met Biggie because at the time we came real close for me in big in the wrong way. It's odd that he was they were feuding, right? Yeah, we was beefing with him. And there was a time he was at a location that us to pocket or showed night we ran down on him and we almost if it wasn't for security guards, it probably would have been some blood spilling. Yeah, you know, thank God it didn't happen the way we planned it to happen but I never actually met him personally. I thought a lot of these things were done like to

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sell records But was there really feuds these were real fuse ever going on behind the scenes? This is true, you know, Tupac, if if people familiar with POC, he got shot. Yeah, he got shot and he got shot five times, twice in the head three times in his body. And he thought and only a lot lose the truth. He thought that Biggie knew what was happening and Biggie supposed to be a friend of his Why didn't Biggie tell what happened? So Park was one of them cyber Gods when he was a real dude, he wasn't the type of guy that just gonna rap about it, let it slide. He had enemies I was trying to murder him. So he looked at it like these people are trying to murder him. So he looked at it like

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either do something first of all sit back they're gonna shoot me again. And the next time I might not be that lucky, you know? Now two things can happen usually in a situation like this you can now a humble yourself and say, hold on, man, my life. I got a second chance. Now I need to get with it. Or you start thinking you're invincible? Definitely. Is that what happened with him? I will say woodpark. Um, I really want to know if he thought he was a visible because once all we had a conversation with him, and he actually said, he said before that he before he got shot. He always felt like it was something with him his own words. He said, I felt like I had a little man that was

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with me protecting me. He said now that after I got shot, I feel like that little man is not there anymore. I have nothing to protect me. But I think he was he come from a family of warriors, you know, from his mother's father. He just had an attitude, where he admitted many times of self that I never had a record until I became a rock star. He said I've never had this much drama in my life until I put a rap record out. So he basically got his butt back pushed against the wall. And Tupac he wasn't a normal type of rapper, he was the type that it was back pushed to the wall like most men, they're gonna do whatever to get away from that wall, you know, the push the enemy's back. And

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unfortunately, it came back to haunt him. And, you know, it came back to basically take his life at a very young age. And the reason why I said because I remember at that time, it was as like Tupac wanted to change. He wanted to search for something different. I heard you once mentioned that. He said once he attained everything, because before like he was singing about death that he like wanted to die. Is that true? But then when he got it, he said, Man, I don't want to die. Exactly. Now I was many times we had one on one conversations with parking, and we will basically be in the living room with him in the house knows, most of the time. This is our day, we're not in the studio, we're not

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out in the club or whatever. We would just sit and talk with Tupac. And Tupac was a very intelligent guy. You know what I mean? It wasn't no dummy. And we will have serious conversations. And there was times that he was saying, He will speak about death. Often he will say how you don't want to live anymore. And he was saying is because of the way his life the way he was brought up the way he was raised. And then when you get into the music industry, he thought that it would be better for me, he'd be more happy, he said, but it was worse. He was depressed. And he was catching a lot of lawsuits and cases going in and out of prison. And it got to the point we say don't want to live

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anymore. But I remember was a time when we went to Death Row Records. And Park sold about 20 million records. He put a record out all hours on me. And Paul started to say it was one time we was in his living room, he started to say to me and outlaws. He said Do you remember how I used to always speak about death? Yeah, he said, but now that I have all this money, he just bought him a nice house on the beach in Malibu. He just bought him a Rolls Royce. He said, But now that I have all this money, I don't want to die anymore. And a few months later, fortunately, that's when he got murdered in a drive by shooting. And for me, that was the first time of my life. I actually started to think about

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death. I actually started to say, well, we don't have control over this. This is a guy who when he wanted to live his life that took it away from him and it's no mistakes, even though I had no religion growing up. I knew that wasn't a mistake. I know it was this time. But it made me start thinking, you know, made me start to think about what's going to happen to me when I'm dead. Now many people, they feel like you know what death is far away? Yes, talk was 22. But take a minute because some of some of the people, many youth who grew up listening to hip hop and music and that they know who to pockets, of course, but for some of the uncles, some of the people who you know,

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really aren't in tune. Can you tell them to this? Basically, um, Tupac is a guy. He's the number one rap artists in the world. He sold over 60 million records worldwide 30 million 30 million, myself was on 40 million records with him alone without loss. This is a guy who was when it comes to that type of stuff. He was a genius. You know, I mean when it comes to the music when it comes to writing, he was ahead of his time when it comes to that type of stuff and he was a workaholic. Not only was he a successful musician,

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He was a successful actor, he started coming up and different movies. So he was a young guy who had basically everything that somebody you would think that life is all about. He had everything you can imagine. He sold the most records, even to this day, he's in the Guinness Book of World Records for selling the most records than any other rapper. Nobody even passed them, even to this day, and most of these, right because he's so after his death. So pop was he was a guy that, um, he had humble beginnings. He come from two black panther parents. So he was raised in a type of struggle in a type of political movement with the Black Panthers being his parents, even when his mother was six months

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pregnant with Tupac FBR put a shotgun to a stomach and basically locked up and I think they gave over 100 some years in prison. And she couldn't afford a lawyer. She represented herself as she beat the case. So Tupac growing up in this environment, one, that's why he had a lot of liberties against the police because he was raised in an environment where literally, he seen the police chasing his mother and father around the country. So he was raised thinking that the police is his enemy. Yeah. So when he got into the music industry, you you notice even though he had a lot of positive lyrics, but most of his lyrics is talking about what he was raised upon and what he's seen and what he

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witnessed in his life. So he was even to this day, the number one selling rap artists, even everywhere I go, I never see more people. And I will say, unfortunately, I never see more people, especially in a Muslim country, looked up by the youth more than Tupac, even in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, you see his name spray paint on the wall. So I talked to the youth about what what his life was, and unfortunately, when he passed, he wasn't a Muslim. But they love this guy. Yeah, I mean, that's something that we can't take away that that you've loved them. And we here to just let the youth know the truth about that lifestyle. Yeah. Now tell us now yourself. You are actually we

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talked about this person? Tupac Shakur, right? Yes, yourself. So you are right there. right hand man, you're in that little. You are clicked you are in the cleaning definitely outlaws. I was in a click the outlaws on records selling records. I was on records, I sold over 40 million records 40 million records. Tupac used to refer to me as his protege. I was only remember the outlaws when he introduced it will say this is my protege. This is Napoleon. This isn't my protege. And I live with him. I live in the same house with him in a rusted out loads, we live with him. We told him I was wanting to die. So I was caught up in it. So you name it. We know that look as ones who have

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submitted ourselves wholly, our whole

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selves to the Creator of the heavens and earth. Yes, as Muslims, that our Creator is the most forgiving, he forgives us our sins. So we don't go out there exposing the small details of all the things but in general, we'll cover some things just so that the youth and anyone out there even adults can benefit from these things. So tell us now you did you must have did it all. I mean, you are at a very young age, I was 16 years old when I was with pot. I did it all you know what I mean? It got to the point where that lifestyle actually was the reason I started to search besides the death of Tupac, the death of my grandmother even when I was three years old. Therefore my mother

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father got murdered in front of me. So all my life I say def one of the things that really changed me and made me start to look and search was that lifestyle because I got to the point when I left New Jersey when I left the hood, I thought that the ultimate happiness is houses money in cars. This is what the right house is money and cars. That's what they keep saying is what they this is what they portray on the television. So when I said once I got these type of materialistic things that I had, as I said, this now I will be happy. It was a time in my life when I was three when I was 2025 24 years old. 23 years old, I had three houses three brand new houses, cars, every time a car

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will come out, I will go purchase this car. But I remember when I used to go to sleep at night by myself. I used to feel very depressed. And I used to tell myself How come I'm not happy? I have money. I have houses I have cars. It was something that I couldn't live with forever. I was I was hiding it to the to the television. My fans wasn't seeing the side of me but every night I will go to sleep and this is what I asked myself. How come I'm not happy. So anyone now this is for anybody you can be a Bon Jovi fan. You're there's somebody you're emulating, wanting to be that you see on the big screen. So but you think this might be that facade that you're looking at thinking like that

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they're all like, exactly, I would say everyone is I would say To be honest, I would truly believe that if you don't know why you created. If you don't know your Creator, you cannot be happy. I truly believe if because the law says He created us to worship Him. So I would think that no matter how much money that people have, no matter how many calls, they can walk down the street smile 24 seven, but if they not worship and they created properly deep in the heart, they cannot be happy. Now how did you okay? The family environment that you were in, were they practicing any kind of religion. My family was raising my family was mostly Christians. My mother, father before they got murdered. They

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both converted to the religion of Islam. But I was raised with my Christian grandparents, but they was the Christians. My grandmother was the only woman in my life that I actually seen go to church every Sunday. Yeah, my grandmother was the only one really trying to practice a religion, but it wasn't really no foul. It really wasn't nothing there. So growing up

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Religion of Christianity in my household, which is something they say, but they do whatever you want. Yeah, I mean, so it really wasn't too much religious religion, religious Odyssey, whatever you call it going on in my house. Now what about this idea? Like? I mean, did anybody try to push a look? You better accept that this, that Jesus came and died for your sins? Or look, you're going to hell? What about me? My family wasn't like that. Well, I remember the young age, they used to make us go to church, it was a town, they made us go to church. But my grandmother wasn't a type that we was we were some bad kids, man. Yeah, it was real bad. I think she really wanted us to go to church,

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keep us out of trouble. because me and my brothers, and my cousin, we was the worst of the neighborhood. So I think it was more. Let me try to get these kids into church to get them out of trouble. But it really didn't work. You know what I mean? It really didn't work. I noticed that a very young age, that I knew that Christianity is not the proper way to worship, Allah doesn't teach you the proper way to worship your Creator. So at a very young age, I said, there is no way this would be a religion from God, there was no way that the creator was sending this religion down to us something right with this religion. So growing up, I always put the religion of Christianity aside

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and said, I just believe in God, I will say, I don't have a religion I just believe in God. So the the cross teachings of Christianity that Jesus is God that God committed suicide he came down as these things that just don't make sense doesn't make sense man and growing up, because you read one part of the Bible say that it was say that worship the sun, no Jesus or whatever, then you need to read another part of the Bible with for example, in the book of Matthew was when the disciples asked Jesus, how do you attain eternal life? And Jesus they said, oh good man, how do you attain eternal life and Jesus said do not call me Go man says there's only one good master he's in heaven above and

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then he said a way you attorney attorney life is sticking to the commandments. Yeah, so it was very confused at one of the commandments they worship the creator alone and then you got somebody telling you to worship Jesus It was very it was a contradiction. So I had this I told myself that this cannot be the religious sit down from God. So now Okay, you leave this alone and now you live in a fast light living the dream basically a dream and now from the outside looks all good fans not seeing what's in the heart now you're depressed definite you have an issues like you know what many people and they cover it up they cover it up thinking that that big house picket fence which you had

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more three houses, bigger picket fences

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and you know money full pockets now and now you're thinking about death which many people you're seeing it is happening from happening around me and I'm tell them I said wait a minute, I can be next you know what I mean? So I didn't want to die in the state that I was living. Even though I never really read anything that tell me what's going to happen to me after my death after life. I definitely didn't want to die in that state. I was living I knew from the natural side of me the natural natural disposition that the way I was living was in your conscious unconscious was telling me you don't want to die in this state. So that's a good thing I got put a lot the creator put in

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all of us that you don't want to like not listen to it. Listen to it. Definitely. Listen to it. Listen to it. Yeah. So okay, what happens now? Now, you go from living this dream to you live in another dream right now. This is the real dream. This is the reality. This is the hot the hottest room. How did you come to this truth. Now what happened to this? It happened to be one day I was in a recording studio. And I was all messed up. You know what I mean?

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Yeah, and I got to a fight with my little brother. And it happened to be a god. I was in a parking lot Muslim and kind of calmed me down, broke the fight up. He started talking to me, you know what I mean? He was real calm. And he was like, What happened if one of the words I remember, he said some of the words I remember he asked me what happened if you wake up sober. Notice that your mood and your little brother, and he started talking to me and talking to me. And eventually he told me he was a Muslim, he invited me to the mosque. So the first time I went to the masjid man, I think I was about 30 or 40. And my boys because I didn't know what to expect. And I noticed that it was

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something inside their mouths that I didn't see in the music industry. I didn't see in the street life. And it was brotherhood. I was wondering why all these grown men hugging each other smiling at each other. And I say let me just let me just people see what they have Paul with the Oppo, you know, he gave me the English translation of the club. So I took the I took the Koran home. And the first time that I read the Koran, even though it was the English translation, I knew for a fact right there that this cannot be the words of a man, I say for a fact, this has to be from the Creator of the heavens on Earth. Because I was around poets at this time to pot like I mentioned

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earlier, he's a genius when it comes to writing. And so I knew what men was capable of writing the level they can get the extent of the writing the poems, etc. The words he's in a sense, like a hip hop, Shakespeare. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah, I mean, exactly. They even teach him to pop classes in universities all around America, they got courses based on Tupac, and different colleges and universities around America. So I knew right there that reading the Koran, that these this cannot be from a man everything that I was searching for. I was looking for happiness and different type of drugs. And Allah says in the Quran, for example, truly the hearts found tranquility and the

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remembrance of Allah and there's nothing like when Muslims we remember our Lord and we worship Allah, you we get it

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Fill in that you don't get from drones that you don't get from money that you don't get from none none of this stuff in this world because that type of stuff is temporary happiness is something about being a Muslim and practicing a religion you get some type of tranquility and some peace and insight, and also about death. At this time of my life. I was wondering why everybody around me is dying. I lost this and look around. He said, Every soul shall taste death. Yeah, so it was just everything I was looking for. It was in the Koran. So now there was no ambiguity there. There wasn't something where with this other way of life that it was confusing. It was it clear lucid were okay.

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This is what the purpose of life is. This is what you need to do to be successful. clearly defined a straight average definitely when I read the Quran, no doubt about it. This is from this was from the Creator, I knew for a fact that this is the way I supposed to live my life. Now it wasn't easy. It's not like I read it. And overnight, I just became a religious person. It was definitely, even to this day is hard. Every Muslim no Muslim is perfect. And no Muslim can actually say they just live in life easily unless if they walk in on gender, we know that Allah will continue to test us. So once we get past one thing, another test might come my way. So it definitely was a hard because this

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lifestyle is the only lifestyle I knew. So when I started to practice the religion of Islam, my friends started to think I was weird. The way that I was being treated the way my loved ones was treating me and started changing. So basically, I went from a type of person where I was the I was the life of the party, I was the troublemaker. I went from basically getting all the attention to basically standing over here alone. And everybody basically say he's a weirdo. Now, something's up with this guy. You know what I mean? So at the beginning was very hard.

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He was telling us right here, you said a few airbiquity said a lot of Muslims. There's a lot of non Muslims. They don't know what this means. You got to define this mean in Arabic, it means a God and the Arabic language. Islam means that Islam is the religion that Allah sat down with all the prophets and he sent this religion to all the prophets to us, mankind. It's not me submission to the will of God. The other word was what I say Muslim, Muslim, he wants to submit to God, one who's a practicing Muslim practice of religion, Islam is called a Muslim. Now we're almost out of time. This is very exciting. You're living a corrupt life scandalous life definitely. And now people are on the

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bandwagon they wish it now you submit to the crater alone, not worshipping the sun, the moon Jesus, Mohammed, but you wanting to worship and do what the Creator of the heavens and earth wants you to do. And now you're getting a hard time what's going on at the beginning, man, they thought I was weird. Yeah, man. They thought I was weird. Because like I said, when I was the one that was always going to the clubs, and not telling me to come out to the club, I say, No, I can't do that. I'm the one that always bringing the drinks and the drugs. And now I'm saying I can't do that anymore. So at the beginning, he says something and I don't even when I first became Muslim, a year later, I went

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to Hodge hum to de la la mer, like septate Man, I went to did the pilgrimage. And when I came back, my group the outlaws was on tour. And in the music industry, the way you make most of your money is from touring. So I called them up and I said I cannot come on to this cannot do it. So they couldn't believe it. You know, that was the first step of saying that this guy's a weirdo. But right now all the outlaws are Muslim all of them became all of them came became Muslim to the law now How long did it transition take you said it wasn't like something that it's a Jihad it's a struggle definitely. So how long did it take for you actually to get to where you want Wow, it took some time and I'm

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still going through that Jihad the inner struggle I won't say that I beat defeated it yet because I'm still going through it I'm still fighting against what I know I'm supposed to be fighting with I know myself you know, those temptations that come at you definitely. And I'm thankful that a lot let me know that he let me know that the fighting over here because I think we're in trouble we think the fight is over so it's still a struggle for me but it took some while especially Ramadan is one of the things that basically broke me away from doing the intoxicating myself and just showing my body and messing my brain my brain up it was Ramadan I remember that the second Ramadan that I have

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a fast I love He inshallah pray that it wasn't successful Ramadan but it definitely was a way to get me away from that lifestyle that I was used to drinking and partying etc. Now tell us how the rest of your entourage How did they end up coming over all of them you said accepted this way of life all accepted Islam et was the first one accepted Islam. I remember talking to Ed about when I first came back from Hodge we we was in deep conversations a lot about Islam. And he accepted the religion Islam and recently was I think your noble. He accepted Islam about a year ago noble noble was one of the members that I've lost. He said that about a year ago, Castro accepted about five six months

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ago. Yeah, no, who's saying he's a member of those who accepted Islam when he was in prison? Yeah, so I'm gonna rely on Muslim now some people might say oh, this is a black thing. What do you got to say to that? We will say for a fact that the religion Islam is not a religion for black people, Arabs or white people. I'm not black obviously Europeans.

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That'll be right there proof against them or some hock against them, but basically, I thought the same thing before be

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Muslim To be honest, the people that murdered my mother father was from a group of people called the Nation of Islam, which has nothing to do with nothing to do with. I don't even like call it the Nation of Islam. I'll say the nation of course, some people call them the nation of cough. Yeah. So what I thought growing up is that these people were Muslim, they killed my mother, father in front of me when I was three years old. I would never be a Muslim. This is what I used to say. And it wasn't until I started to read the Koran and read about Islam. I said, Wait a minute, the religion of Islam, and what the Nation of Islam upon is two different religions. You know what I mean? The

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religion of Islam, for example, we believe that allows the Creator of the heavens and earth he's not a man, he's not a woman. He doesn't have a race we can't even imagine. We know that the Prophet Muhammad He even said in authentic narrations, that he was sent with something that no other Prophet was sent with, and that he was sent to the whole of humanity. For example, Jesus was sent only to the children of Israel, David to the children of Israel, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent to the whole of humanity. And majority of the Muslims in the world are Asians, Indonesia, that's the biggest Muslim country in the world. Arabs, blacks, Bosnians, Europeans, you got Muslims

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everywhere. So this is the beauty of this religion when I first went to Mecca, and I noticed I see people from all parts of world all parts a way of life. It was amazing. And everybody was treating each other like brothers, Dave Chappelle, who are Scarface some of these other issues. The best was the best colonial Muslim. Yeah, um, recently, Ray kewanee when he came to the masjid in Los Angeles, required from the Wu Tang clan. Yeah, he just accepted Islam. Ghostface killah, from the Wu Tang clan, I ran into him at the airport, he accepted Islam. So a lot of them is running sort of religion. Yeah, hum de la praises the Creator of the heavens and earth who is guiding the people.

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But you want you gotta want to be guided, isn't it? Definitely us. So we should want to search for the truth. And I think and Allah knows best that if we sincerely look for the heart that allow our guidance to the truth, you know, what I mean? Is that the people we can't sit back and just think that okay, a lot will come down to speak to us Oh, to be loud, because some people have that mentality. They're, they're not gonna do not today get a sun. The sun is that Look, man, look all around us. You see people dying every single day around us, we see what's happening to the people are all around the world. This is a song, you know what I mean? This is a song that we should take,

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we should want to know what's going to happen to us when we dead. We none of us know when we're gonna die. None of us know when we're gonna die. Every single person should at least be curious about what's going to happen to them in the next life. And we should want to be on the true religion in this life. So it's very important that if there's any non Muslims looking, we would just actually that you should read about Islam, you know, I mean, it's not gonna hurt you. If you go pick up the English translation of the Quran. And it's not gonna hurt you if you go read the biography of the Prophet Muhammad. And we will tell you basically, don't judge Islam by us. Because if you look at

00:27:41--> 00:28:17

us, and judge Islam, you will run away from it. Yeah, no doubt about it. But if you judge the religion of Islam, by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, wasallam, then you will know what this religion is about. A couple more points before we come to it before we come to an end. What are some of the is this something that is just faith is personal? Or is there a lot of evidence also that Islam brings to the table to show any true secret that this can't be from a human being this is indeed, the career that you that you got to look at. Definitely, even if we just analyze, the stars, the moon, the mountains, even if you just analyze the clouds, the sky, just look at this, who

00:28:17--> 00:28:54

created all this? You know what I mean? Who created who created the sun, who created the moon, you cannot say scientific you cannot say science, because the science, even to this day, no human being can even come close to the sun. So nobody even know exactly what the sun is truly made of. They just suggest that they just guess it. What about the moon who makes the sun go? Who makes the sun rise and sets all these Asides from Allah? You know, I mean, all this sounds from Allah that we should access of who created this and as many songs as even in the Quran, that you that 1400 years ago, they mentioned that mankind just discovered in the 20th century. Tell us now that for the youth or

00:28:54--> 00:29:29

even for the adults, that now are running the direction that you were at and you actually ran away from what advice do you have for them closing comments to you for anybody that's going to their lifestyle? Will it man from the bottom of from the bottom of my heart that life says nothing good to offer that lifestyle man, it will only it will almost be like a person running away from a house that caught on fire. He's running away from the house, and he's telling you this house is on fire and you want to pass on and say I want to go inside of it. I want to see for my own self is as if that's how silly and stupid it is almost that especially amongst the Muslim youth unfortunately that

00:29:29--> 00:29:59

a lot guided most of us from the from this in America converted to Islam. He guided us from a life of kofun evilness, we tasted the darkness of that life, we know that it has nothing good to offer. So we should ask the Muslim users use your common sense, while the people running away from it run into the religion of Islam, people walking away from millions of dollars just to live a simple life of Islam. This should let them know that this is the proof that we uphold the religion of Allah, the Creator of the heavens and earth. And one thing we want to tell the people that no doubt about it, there is no true happiness. No such

00:30:00--> 00:30:31

Yes, without only due to religion Islam, only in the religion, Islam, where can people if they want to have you come out and you do some traveling and you'd like to share your story? Where can they contact you? You have a website? Yes, they can contact me through the website. Napoleon outlaw.com. That's www dot napolean in a p o l e o n outlawed o UT la w ed.com. Thank you very much as Oklahoma word for love reward you for being with us.

00:30:33--> 00:31:06

And thank you for being with us again here on the dean show. I hope you got to benefit from this brother's story of living that fast life to put in a hold on it and doing the right thing doing what the Creator of the heavens and earth wants us all to do. And that's to live according to His will. Because he knows best He created you created me and he wants what's best for us. So when you submit to Him, you can't go wrong. Because you're doing what the creator wants you to do. And there's nothing less than paradise. So be sincere with yourself realize that death can come at any time.

00:31:11--> 00:31:31

Take the first step as the Creator of the heavens on earth to guide you. It only be fair if he did if you asked and be sincere and be willing to follow it up with actions. So inshallah God Willing we'll be back again next week to bring you another hot topic another episode we'll see you again as salaam alaikum peace be unto you.

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This means

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Allah hoonah Isla

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la let

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add him wanna

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be Masha was yaku

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gonna see what everyone's talking about?

00:32:35--> 00:32:38

You find one contradiction it can be from God.

00:32:40--> 00:32:51

But the rational idea the rational explanation is you do your best to give up worshipping goddess. I will never give up spreading this message. I hope that you take the necessary steps you don't know if you're gonna live till tomorrow.

00:32:56--> 00:32:59

So you got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now.

00:33:01--> 00:33:09

The reality of life usually doesn't sink in until tragedy comes.

00:33:11--> 00:33:16

You got a few bad people. The media grabs ahold of that and spends it the way they want to.

00:33:18--> 00:33:23

If you say that you and I believe in Jesus you have stepped outside of Islam you cannot be a Muslim as a tenant our faith.

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eats comb eats lay everybody sleep.

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arrived and ask a lot of thinking me. Oh la you see. Oh la you know all the scenes. I do. I turn to you.

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