The Beginning Of The End

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Solomonic marker that

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are all the Vilna humean a shape on your body

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we're in

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middle here to dounia

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in a matter

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of Allah tala in Alberto Madonna La La Vina Yama Luna zoo, Abuja, la

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My name is

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Ola Kenya to La la

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la Honeyman hakima Elisa de tomahto de la Vina Yamato maluna saying you

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either have

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to call

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in to

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the name

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to whom, when.

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So the common law the

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idea respected brothers, sisters, elders, as we're listening.

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The subject here is the beginning of the end.

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And as you may know, it's a series of lectures in shalabi nilah, where we want to remind one another about the realities of being born.

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realities of being alive, why we are here, where we are heading to the Quran makes us think and the Quran says, For a net of heaven. Where are you going?

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Where are you heading?

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Yeah, you have insane Oh, man, in Cardiff, ILA Rebecca Callahan from Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh man, and this is not just to Muslims, this is to Muslims or non Muslims. And the series of lectures that we're going to do is not just targeted to Muslims, with a message of the Quran to the Muslims and to the non Muslims.

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And not just to the Muslims, but to the practicing Muslims and the Muslims who are non practicing. Because when we say that the Quran has given a promise for the Muslims, a good from this, it only includes the good Muslims, the practicing Muslims, you can't just say that I'm a believer, and therefore Allah said, he said this in the Holy Quran, and therefore I will get it no matter what.

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That is not the case. That is why Allah Allah reminds us that you are a human being surah number 84 verse number six, you will insano man in Cambodia when in Arabic adhan formula. You're going to go through several stages of man. I've strayed I've created you and you will go through several stages. What stages Allahu Allah Hakuna

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Dorf, Allah has created you from weakness to all of you from weakness, so much

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dwarfing to

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then after the weakness it gives you strength through medalla Mima the dorsal fin

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macheda after the strength he will give you weakness he will give you old age. So reminder from Allah subhanaw taala when you just look around

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and just look around and see Hannah Lala give signs, signs to human beings you're not here forever. You look in the mirror you see white hair, you have a choice. You can pluck it out, you can dye it if you want, but it's there for you for it to give you a sign. You look in the mirror and you see a wrinkle in your face. You can put some cream on it and carry on putting cream. Go for some surgery if you want to get rid of it.

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Getting removed. But the fact is, Allah has sent you a sign.

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You look and you see the people that once they call you, they call you out. They called you young boy,

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young girl. And then slowly slowly in society, they start to call you a man.

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And you start being referred as a man. No matter how old or young you think you are inside your mind, Allah has given you the face of a man, a woman, and then slowly

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your family members. First you're called what nephew and niece, and then Okay brother and sister and nephew, niece, and suddenly you get the name of an Uncle and Auntie, and before you know it, you fear you dread it, you're going to be called granddad

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and grandma. And people say Nana, I'm too young to be a granddad or grandma. Allah is giving you a sign.

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Time is not waiting for you.

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Time is not going to wait for you will also be in his office. By time I swear all of you men, all of you women, all of mankind, all of you are in loss. All of you, I lost. That's your first stage. You're in loss. In Ludhiana Avenue, Amina saw the hat, whatever. So we'll have to whatever so we so except for those who have believed were believed in this message that I have sent. But when you believe in this message, it's not enough to just believe in this message. So the next thing is where are we to saw the hat you must be doing good deeds with that belief. And when you do good deeds with that belief, it is not enough. Your good deeds must be good deeds that are of the true kind.

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Whatever, so we'll have the you must be enjoying one another to do the right thing. When you do good deeds and you're doing it to the best you can it's not enough for you will find challenges in this world. That is why I've ordered you that you have sovereign you have patience, but our soul we suffer you have some. So Russell has captured a whole part of the Quran among Shafi Rahim Allah says that this surah suffices about a quarter of the whole Quran.

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There Hey Mama, my brothers, my sisters.

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When Allah has said to us, we're going to go through stages and we're going to meet him and Allah has said you've been weak and you're going through ages.

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Allah has not given us all these signs for no reason. Allah says in the Holy Quran,

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efficacy bottom Anima Hakuna Kumara Bursa and Elena.

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Do you think we have created you for no purpose at all? Do you think you we have created you and I have made you that you have no reason whatsoever to be created? You are just a play. You are just a game? Lo Aradhana Allahu Allah homina homina Laguna in kunafa Eileen, if I was to make a game I have a game of play something with you. I would have had a game to myself but I wouldn't have involved you with Jenna and Johanna. With the consequences of you going through Hellfire with the consequences Have you been offered Janna? It is not something which I have made as a game it is the truth. But not only for Bill hockey Alan Boulton he fired the Magoo. hufa who was a HIPAA. This is

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the truth that I've sent to you when the truth comes. It strikes the nucleus the brain of that which is falsehood. You can't deny this you look around you and you'll see death everywhere you will see the end everywhere are 11 mathematical monkey to come and Tasha one zero moon coming man, Tasha say Oh Allah you are the one who owns everything. You are the own owner of everything that anyone has anyone anything I've seen Malika Mulkey to come and Tasha when they have received something they think they have received it Allah says Don't forget that I was the one that gave it say to me that I was the one to Tillman command Tasha when I give it I don't look at the reason why I give it I don't

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look at who is who I only give it to those who whomever I want. Whether it is one who is this believed in my message, who was believed in my message, who has been good to me who has been evil to me, I don't look at that man. Tasha will give it to whoever I want. But don't forget there is a day when you will see look at the history 10 Zalman coming man, Tasha. You will see that I have taken away seized it away from them. Do you think they're living Allah remind

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lm daraga Viola bukoba eromanga

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Have you not seen before you have given Kingdom I've given strength. I've given wisdom I've given height, I have given the strength to whom? To the people of our giants, your mother mad. They will people who you could call pillars of a society. There are pillars there were giants. And let me walk me through have him Beloved. None of them like not No One No One was created like than ever before. No one

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was the Lena Jabu sotheby luad samuda used to carve the houses out of mountains below as a pharaoh Neville.

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Ron and his men who are like the nails of the society, established in the society well established on the ground.

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Allah says what AXA roofie held facade they continued with their corruption years How long did it go? Where did it end? At zero fee hell Facade Facade ballet maracas

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I have been sent I have been pulled over them for me it's pouring Allah says the word pouring. I poured over them my punishment in Arabic Allah built in middle saw, your load is watching. Your load is watching. For me in Santa patella hora boo for Aqua Rama una when man received something from me, and I bet so it upon him and I gift it to him and I give it to him. And I give him a gift and is free of charge. He says Robbie acraman My Lord has been so kind to me. He doesn't see that it is not because I love him. I give this to anyone who I want. When I made them a patella who Falco de la here is when I restricted upon him and I test him for other Allah hit his car and I give you portion

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of his provisions. I hold it back from him. Fair kulula be a hand and he says My Lord has disgraced me. It is not that Allah says 10 year old will come in man Tasha, what resumen Tasha, whoever you will, Oh Allah you have no law that that binds you nothing. Allah has nothing that binds him he can give whoever he wants in this world. The next world is the world where he will choose to give who he wants. This he doesn't choose why. We say Bismillah you rock man you rock he will say our rock man Iraqi rock man you are most merciful, so merciful. You have no choice in this world. You give whoever he wants you give whoever you want.

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And the poet says, Do shmona

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I say boo.

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Your enemies come to you, your own kingdom. My lord your enemies come to your kingdom and they go full 100 from yourself.

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Do shmona hadiza

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I say boo,

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boo Masha?

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Allah you enemies come to you and they have full hands when they move away from you. Why as I believe I should I think that you will not give anything to me.

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To The Moon command Tasha Watson zero moon coming man Tasha. What is zoom and Tasha illumine Tasha

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Allah you will give dignity to whoever you want. You will disgrace whoever you whoever you want. If you think that you disgrace in this world. Don't think that it's not because it doesn't matter if you love you.

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If you think that you've got a low life, you've got nothing you're no money. These are not the things is the day of judgment is the next life where you will find that because according to Rama and his or Amanda dounia urashima Houma Allah has his mercy in the world and in the next world, he will love everyone as his servants in this world. Those who believed in him those who didn't believe him, those who swore at him, he still feeds them every day.

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Those who say God I don't believe in you, I hate you. Those who say that Allah says here's your food every day. There is no account Allah says dementia, a new mean woman, a family of four. You want to become a believer here become a believer you want to become a disbeliever become a disbeliever but don't forget in the Nigerian American coffee in a new Zola in artisanally volume in an hour and a half of beans Radhika I have created for those who are oppresses for those who express themselves. I have created a fire that sees no end to the world that surrounds it.

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Allah subhanaw taala has reminded us and he says what after

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You say that he gives whoever he wants

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to original hi Amina

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Amina. Hi. Our law you can take the dead out of the living the living out of debt that is why I'm saying you look around you'll see death and life every over every life will come to a death

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one who want that thing that is dead you bring it in like that is that which is a lie you bring you make it go dead. This is

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the person who has come and who has tried to have a child Allah says what that thing that you have Allah says and to Punahou

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School, did you create your children or did I create your children? Did you have the power to bring your children alive? Or did I give it life? A water fluid that is smelling a semen that you want to throw away? But you find that from the I make life from the life Allah has made he made he makes this and we see the dead man that and the dead woman that we wash in the janazah after that, that very body a lot brings back alive how Imam Ahmed been humbled him Allah was asked how is it that we can we can understand life after death? So he said a beautiful example. He says what he said there is six walls. How many brothers six walls top, bottom, one side. Let your right side your left side

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in front of you and behind you. How many is that? Six. No doors no windows?

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no doors, no windows? No way in No way. No way. No Nothing can come in into that room.

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But from that room that nothing went inside. Nothing ever entered inside those rules. Allah brings up life.

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How? He said look at the egg.

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When the chicken lays the egg

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the six rules

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you smash that egg

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and you have a nice sunny side up.

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You smash the egg Do you find a chick? fluffing about you find the chick that runs around

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his yoke

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yummy for breakfast.

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You ever see anything go inside the egg? No. From there Allah shows how the chick develops an inside there from there Allah brings a life out of something that is dead.

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He says this is our proof for life after death.

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To fringilla Hi Amina

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Amina Hi. Ouattara Zuckerman, Tasha will

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be at the miracle higher Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah teaches us Don't forget in my hands is all good.

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From there, I bought our life and I showed it to you.

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Allah says, look at the barren land. You see dry, finished, gone cracked up for either and then in the

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desert water. But soon as I send waters onto that ground, after six months, that the ground was dead, you couldn't grow anything inside it, you find that that that soil that was dead, that is alive, who bought that alive unless it does death, and then alive, then life, death, the life

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we go through the full season brothers. We see spring right now you can see bugs appearing Yes. Then after that, you see what leaves and beautiful summer. After that winter, the autumn, that winds blow and the leaves fall onto the ground then is winter which is death. And the same tree again is life alive again in spring.

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The circle that allows created again and again is a reminder to us and you know Suhana law. Each and every one of us goes through death every single day.

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said to us before you sleep, you say to Allah and this is these things that are so so awesome taught us is not only for us to just read them but to think about them. Allahumma our la this week in your name. I moved to I'm just about to die. we're unable to come alive again.

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I moved I'm going to die tonight.

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In the morning when we wake up Alhamdulillah Subhana Allah fresh morning, a fresh day, another day of life. Another day of life. Montana ashik illa he bulandshahr he says in his book

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What will happen to the soul after death? He says, when every believer wakes up in the morning, wherever the person wakes up in the morning for that sake, they should wake up. And they should think first of all, that imagine just moments ago, Allah had you right in front of him on the Day of Judgment.

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And Allah said to you that that's it, your sentence for this and for that, and imagine that moment, we made the plea. And we said our law, our law

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absorbs I've seen everything Sameer and I've heard everything. Follow deonna

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return me back. Allah says no, you can't go return me back. return me back, returning back me begging me crying, you crying over what we left. So Allah Allah, I would I will do this for you. I'll do that for your law, our law. I can't believe what I did to myself. Allah give me a day to prove myself Give me one day to prove myself.

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Man, I should be liable. And Jerry says when you woke in the morning, imagine that that is the morning Allah has sent you back to the world.

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So when you brothers and sisters wake up tomorrow morning, think the first thing I was dead. I was on the Day of Judgment. A lot gave me this day to prove myself

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to do something different. I was begging and pleading and he said to me, I'll take you back to a day that is the middle of your life.

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And I'll give that to you and see what you do from there onwards. Will you make a change? Or will you not make a change? Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers and sisters has given us this world for what

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for us to prove ourselves. Allah says Allah de Haan Nakamoto, Hialeah Balu welcome newcomers and Ramallah in Surah. The one who was created death, the one who was given life so that he may see he may test you to see which one of you will come out to do the best actions. Which one of you will come out with the best actions to me on the Day of Judgment. That's what I want to see from life doesn't matter what we do. But he says, Man, Amina Saleh and Funny enough, see he whoever does good deeds it is for himself

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for himself yunda Adam Olson of Adam in NEMA here are Maluku yaiba, do my sevens in NEMA. Here are my lucam these are your deeds or see halochem I am counting them as you are performing them. Allah is counting our deeds as we are performing a design this is a Sahaja Muslim could see or see halochem femen Raja de hiren Talia medela whoever finds a good deed he should just thank me, woman Raja Raja Lika fella, Illumina.

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Whoever finds the ad, that is not a good deed, he shouldn't blame anyone except for himself. brothers, my sisters, this place that we are on, no one knows when that call is going to come.

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And the thing is, that unless we're in the state of going to Allah subhanaw taala. It is a very fearful thing to go through. But there's nothing to fear for one who has made his connection with Allah. Nothing to fear. In fact, it's something to look forward to.

00:23:41--> 00:23:49

Looking forward to a death, a good death is something which is a believers first goal

00:23:51--> 00:23:57

of the era. Allah said in the Holy Quran, mankind juliaca, Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah,

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whoever will, whoever will Yeah, and my meeting, my meeting is coming. Lastly, there are some people who want to meet me. So

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there are some people who are hoping to meet me.

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And you know, if a person hopes to meet a law, if right now if I can say, I can put my hands up, and I hope without wishing for death, we're not wishing for death.

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But we hope that my meeting of Allah will come one day, that kind of believer has already set himself or herself in a good position. Because my brothers and my sisters thing is Allah subhanaw taala has given us a mind we can say right now where we think we're going to be far apart right now.

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If I asked you the question, if I say to you right now, be honest with yourself.

00:25:01--> 00:25:17

If you were to have the chance right now a choice right now, you had a choice engine of death came to you and said, Would you like to go right now? Or would you like to spare yourself for a few more

00:25:18--> 00:25:19

bit more time?

00:25:21--> 00:25:25

If Angular def came in here one of us is seeing Angel of Death right now.

00:25:28--> 00:25:38

Would you be able to say to say that right this moment without doing another action, I am able to say that I will be able to I am ready to go from this well?

00:25:40--> 00:25:41

Yes or no?

00:25:42--> 00:25:44

Yes or No, he has a visa Yes, we are Hands up.

00:25:48--> 00:25:52

Out of we have how many brothers here? But 150 I'd say

00:25:53--> 00:25:58

200 maxwidth. Others got about five hands Mashallah.

00:26:00--> 00:26:04

But about five hands, what does that say? About 2%

00:26:06--> 00:26:06


00:26:08--> 00:26:13

2%? People Why? Because those brothers who just put their hands up

00:26:15--> 00:26:19

are always in a state ready to go. And that's what I believe is staging.

00:26:20--> 00:26:23

A believer is never left without Toba.

00:26:26--> 00:26:37

A believer is always ready any moment and believe in others some brothers asked and said brother it's time to pray so I'm not going to pray you're not I'm not ready to pray he's not even clean to pray.

00:26:39--> 00:26:42

Toto righto you understand you

00:26:43--> 00:27:05

gotta wash myself later on and then I can pray nearly let him know. He's not even in the state of cleaning himself. There are some problems like that. Imagine molecule mode comes in that state takes him in that state. There are brothers There are loads of brothers and like you can see 98% of us sitting here are not ready to go this moment this moment.

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something here says

00:27:13--> 00:27:13

mom law

00:27:15--> 00:27:29

something is saying that a better watch out. You know, when I get to the other side? I'm gonna get some beatings or I'm gonna have to start answering. Why Why me? Not state. My brother's honestly. Why be in that state?

00:27:30--> 00:27:32

Allah says the Holy Quran.

00:27:34--> 00:27:42

If you thank me, if you thank me, why should I be in a state that I want to punish you?

00:27:44--> 00:27:46

What will I get out of punishing you?

00:27:47--> 00:27:48

Subhana Allah.

00:27:49--> 00:28:08

Allah says my father in law will be coming shocker to my mentor, if you believe and he showed me thanks. Why should I punish you? This is in Surah number four, verse number 147. Why should I punish you? I love them. I love them. waiting there for us to go with that says

00:28:10--> 00:28:13

but Marsh there's no there's no such rule.

00:28:16--> 00:28:49

La hawla wala quwata if you look at Allah Safar, allies Rahim, his merciful lies, Karim his noble Allah is Allah is where do the loves without reason to love. Allah fed me all my life. Allah Subhana Allah, you know, my chef in one of his drawers, he says, He says, Allah in His die saying this, our law? Did I ever he says, Did I ever say to? Did we ever say to you, to create a sum give us life?

00:28:50--> 00:28:52

Did we ever asked you to give us life?

00:28:53--> 00:29:10

But without asking you without asking you, you gifted us with life? true or not brother's true or not? Come on? True. Then he says, Did we ever ask you that after giving us life? That you make us from the most noble of you creation?

00:29:12--> 00:29:20

The human beings? Do we ask Allah Yes or no? No. But did Allah give that to us? Yes. Then he says our light is the eyes of Allah.

00:29:22--> 00:29:38

Did we ever asked you that from all the people that you create, that you create us without asking you you create us as believers? So as believers, did we ever ask Allah? No. D? Has he done that for us? Are we believers?

00:29:39--> 00:29:59

By asking without asking him, without as many says, Do we ever asked you that you create us from all the believers you created from the aroma of Muhammad Salallahu alaihe salam, the best of all Medina asked you that you didn't. And without asking you you have maybe part of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has not been kind to us, my brothers

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Has Allah, Allah Allah Allah being kind to us? Yes, he has. If Allah has been so kind to me in that sense, if Allah if you start looking at the names of Allah has there been a day Tell me one brother He told me Has there ever been a day that I can say Allah has left me hungry without food on my table? Allah left me thirsty one whole day without drink on my on my table? And is there any one brother that can say that?

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One Brother, you can Subhana Allah. Every day Allah has fed me for my whole life. Can any brother say that they've ever been naked? without clothes? Calm? Put your hands up? You can't? Because Allah has given you this gift without you asking Allah has loved you so much. Can you ever say that Allah hasn't given you site? Maybe zero point something 00 percent of the population will say Allah has given them sight. But that is that Allah want to show that he can do that also. And he wants to teach us a lesson that don't think that this is something that I have to give you. Don't ever think I had to give you this. I could have taken that away from you at any moment. But has unlocked made

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us people who can see or not see.

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00:31:18--> 00:31:20

We can hear good, yes. Unless

00:31:22--> 00:31:24

you can hear good, right? Walk,

00:31:26--> 00:31:33

move, move your joints without any anything under moment. Allah takes one little gift away.

00:31:34--> 00:31:40

What was that? My surgeon never had any trouble for one whole year.

00:31:41--> 00:32:01

And then after one year of him, me gifting him gifting him and gifting him and then he asked me you know how many things are like gives us without asking to have a line the Quran he says half of our liquidity Allah says in coluna Cinema ALLAH hafiz you've got a an angel that is there to protect you.

00:32:02--> 00:32:14

When you walk in, we're being protected and has given us angels angels can protect my my servers, I don't care what they've done. I don't care if they've sinned, go and be with them. So Allah has given us angels every day without us thinking.

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Allah provides us Allah gives us a lot gifters Subhana Allah and doing all of that and carrying on one day after one year. Allah says, Okay, my servant has been

00:32:28--> 00:32:51

not good for himself, because Allah doesn't need the actions he's told us to do. Allah says he hasn't been good to me. Good to himself for 360 days of the year. So I've decided one week for six days or five days. I want to make him ill. I want to give him a stomach bug.

00:32:54--> 00:32:55

All the other times he's got the

00:32:56--> 00:32:58

stomach. He's got bugs in there already.

00:33:00--> 00:33:18

Allah just has to say every bug, everybody's under his control. Every bug is under his control. You know that? You know, the food that we eat is bacteria inside the battery in every single food that we eat. Allah, Allah doesn't allow any of the bacteria to mature and to give us a stomach bug for 360 days.

00:33:19--> 00:33:28

And Rasulullah saw some photos of da and he says can minium 18 how many gifts are on La taco way to be?

00:33:29--> 00:33:40

Mouse Yeti? How many gifts have you given me Allah? through those gifts I've only become stressful just to sit again and become disobedient to you.

00:33:42--> 00:33:48

So to teach us a lesson what is Allah do he sends a stomach bug and then the person is saying Allah.

00:33:51--> 00:34:00

Allah fer kulu Robbie Han and the person says, Well Oh my god. Why me? Why me?

00:34:01--> 00:34:03

Because they're complaining. I'm gonna

00:34:05--> 00:34:18

give him stuff on his face. I'm gonna be three or 60 days and then Allah suddenly gives you one little thing and you complaining. It's just you. It's always you. What are you doing wrong?

00:34:19--> 00:34:32

So behind Allah Leola day, someone has a crisis than business. We have money is gone. He had he says clearly because of the sins that you've done. Because it's in, in, in.

00:34:34--> 00:34:38

In Allaha Yeah, Halima Abdullah, who

00:34:39--> 00:35:00

ministry he be if min Abebe then be new Cebu, alchemical la serata Madison, Ahmed, Allah deprives a person from part of His provision from his risk because of the sin that he has committed our fault because Allah wants to wipe away the sin from you. He's doing your thing.

00:35:01--> 00:35:25

Allah he's doing your favor because through this resource also some lots of monies to visit the city to say what he should say lab that Safa houden, sha Allah Don't worry, it is a cleansing for your sins and Subhana Allah will go through the lies showing us and one of the things Imam ghazali has said a beautiful thing he has said he has said oh man you really think you're in control?

00:35:26--> 00:35:44

If you think you're in control, if you really think you're in control like I said you know the stomach by everything Allah has my cells allows me cell Allah has control of every nerve last controller every joint allows controller so Yamazaki says if you think that you're in control

00:35:45--> 00:35:47

then when

00:35:48--> 00:35:51

your stomach feels like vomiting stopping

00:35:54--> 00:35:56

stopping you feel a vomiting

00:36:01--> 00:36:03

Can you stop vomiting when is coming brothers

00:36:04--> 00:36:09

guys come on he started when he's coming. He says when you need to go to the toilet don't go

00:36:11--> 00:36:14

You think you can control Bongo? You know

00:36:18--> 00:36:33

go on Show me your man. Show me that you're in control. Allah is giving these elements antibodies show listen you're not in control. When you feel tired and sleepy and you haven't slept for a long time try and stay awake guys been drinking Red Bull

00:36:35--> 00:36:47

along the red book and on your coffee is gonna help you you eventually have to drop under pillow and you have to sleep why Allah is telling you you are not fully in control of your body

00:36:49--> 00:37:00

so Hannah like man was Ali says these things when you're when you when you've got these things coming when you're going to for your first show Columbo you can when you when it comes to death

00:37:01--> 00:37:03

try and tell death. Like I

00:37:06--> 00:37:22

can tell that Who do you think you are? Come on Come on. You know you got your your training you've been pumping iron, right? Your bad boy right? complain and you being your big boy. And someone looks at it. While okay now.

00:37:24--> 00:37:36

When Angel of Death comes and looks at you as a while Okay, now, consider, even because it says when it's time for you to die, try and be brave, you think you're in control, but don't die.

00:37:37--> 00:37:44

Don't die. If you think you can't do this, then remember that one who's out there. He's controlling you.

00:37:45--> 00:38:18

Allah someone who's watching you is controlling you to a certain extent. Of course, I have freewill. You have freewill. But laws given us the choice in this world with many things to make our choices, but he's limited us to certain things and he's told us you are not in control. When it comes to my time to taking you You are not going to stop me from taking unless you reminded us that you have got for what in this earth What have you got? We have got nothing that we own

00:38:19--> 00:38:43

Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam has said to us in a Sahih Hadith, he says that when a person is taken to the grave, the person is taken to the great you should remember this Halley's brothers next under the jhanas and you following the janazah to the graveyard instead of some of us flipping our mobile phones and saying he a hamster, make sure you come back in I just got the job that I'm taking a bit longer, but you know,

00:38:44--> 00:38:54

instead of being on a business compensation, remember this hadith where you actually try and visualize three things following the person to the grave.

00:38:55--> 00:38:58

last message three things follow person to the grave.

00:39:00--> 00:39:02

Man Whoo hoo, hoo hoo. When

00:39:04--> 00:39:36

a person's wealth goes with him up to the grave, a person's family goes within up to the grave and this is a an authentic hadith and a person's actions go with him up to the grave. And then probably some Muslims, that is the moment that you should start imagining what did the person go with him in the grave with? Because he says that Jada Jo Ann booth Nan Wolbachia ma who wide says what two of them will return and one of them will go with him in the grave.

00:39:37--> 00:39:47

his wealth, his wealth, comes back, doesn't go with him in the grave returns back from the graveyard back to his house.

00:39:48--> 00:39:59

His family returned back from the graveyard to his house. And with him, the only thing that goes is his actions. My brothers, I want you to think right now.

00:40:01--> 00:40:08

I want you to think what do you own? Come on, I'm going to give you a few seconds for this. I want you to look at your bank balance.

00:40:09--> 00:40:37

I want to look I want you to look at your house. I want you to look at your family members. I want you to look at the job, your business. Look at the places you like on this earth. I want you to look at the relationships that you've got, whether it's sons and daughters, or whether it's you know, wives and husbands I want you to think of these relationships. And when you thought of that, think exactly what do you own

00:40:39--> 00:41:02

thing what is it that makes you a person that thinks I've got something your bank balance your assets, your flats that you've got the houses that you own, the business parts that you've got the partnership, you've got the shares that you've got, think of all of that, and then I'm going to recite a an ayah to you from the Quran. And I want you to see where exactly are we from the perspective of this ayah

00:41:05--> 00:41:08

Have you thought of it yes or no? Yes or no?

00:41:13--> 00:42:06

Say if it is your father's if it is your son's wife who are newcomers to Kumasi or to come if it is your brothers if it is your spouse's your husbands and wives, why she euro to come if it is your clan, one unit or have to move if it is your wealth that you have acquired what Jonathan tuck Shona casada if it is the commerce which you fear that it might fall one day, one Masaki Nutella Bona, if it is the houses that you live in a habla la camino de la hora su de D, if it is more beloved to you, then Allah, if these things are more beloved to you, then Allah, then the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and and striving in the pathway of Allah. Fatima Basu had to love will be Emily,

00:42:06--> 00:42:25

you wait till Allah brings his coal. You wait till Allah, Allah brings his command. Voila, hula de la Omen, fair city. And Allah does not guide those who are rebellious sinners, Allah does not guide them. This is Surah Tauba, nine surah, verse number 24.

00:42:27--> 00:42:34

Allah has told us clearly in this thing, what do we and you think we're going to go with in the grave?

00:42:36--> 00:43:03

series to think about, it's something that you've got to, you've got to sit down and think about it. Because if you just think of it as a theory, nothing's going to happen. You've got to sit down say, look, that is somebody else's. Your house like now has honestly I'm saying to you, I'll say by alarm on. I'm here in the mustard. And I'm saying, when I look at my house, I always see my house as my child's house. My son's house.

00:43:04--> 00:43:11

I'm saying the student must say I always look at my husband. That's my son's house, my son's house. I've convinced myself, it's not my house.

00:43:13--> 00:43:28

When I look at my clothes, I say these are somebody else's clothes. Because the moment I die, I'm not taking any of those clothes with me. When I look at my car, if I ever live, that bank has got to go.

00:43:30--> 00:43:49

You understand? You got to look at it. I'm not here to stay forever. And if I start cheating myself, myself, I cheat myself. And I think I want to make myself cost so comfortable. I actually feel it's mine. I'm only fooling myself.

00:43:51--> 00:44:09

When I look at things that I've got money in mind, seriously, that's not mine. I want you to change your mindset from today. You cannot be in this world, even a pair of shoes. They're not yours. My father passed away two years ago, everything was distributed. He left a lot of land.

00:44:11--> 00:44:44

Distributed gone. inheritors will take it they'll come on and then family members will start having big meetings over who's gonna take how much true or not brothers? Is it yours? Yes or no? No is not Rasulullah sallallahu said according to the Muslim, he says yaku either Malli Malli the son of Adam says my wealth, my wealth. Well, hello kya Malik. Oh, son of Adam, do you have any wealth? illa occulta

00:44:46--> 00:44:55

occulta osanna madam, do you have any wealth except that which you've eaten, you've digested and you sent back out

00:44:57--> 00:45:00

my brother's the food on your table is not

00:45:00--> 00:45:17

Food until it goes in your mouth, the food in your mouth is not your food until it goes in your stomach. And the food in your stomach could be the very food that goes with you in the grave is not yours, until you have digested it or Susana has, has told us this one

00:45:19--> 00:45:35

ablator the clothes that you have worn, and you have made old, those are your clothes, the others are not your clothes, clothes that are not tone clothes that can be worn again, they're not us. They're not yours, one person

00:45:38--> 00:46:03

the charity that you've given and you send the actions that you've done, and you sent a new story for yourself, those are the things that you have that are us that well you've taken you've given it in the path of Allah, that's us now, the rest of it you left inshallah, one day I do this or do that. Really? That is not mine. That is not yours. Now, brothers, I want you seriously to think all right, the wife in your house

00:46:04--> 00:46:21

may never be used one day. Seriously, think about. It's a gift Allah has given for a period of time. If I die today, another man may come and marry my wife after few months.

00:46:23--> 00:46:25

The children I've left behind

00:46:26--> 00:46:38

the children that I've got. I'm here with them. Honestly, we'll look at it for just a few months, days years. And if you don't go through this, my brothers you are we are fooling ourselves.

00:46:40--> 00:47:27

Because as shave Hussain Ahmed Madani, used to say, he's to say what you need to look at is go to the graveyard and start looking at the south thinking about the people in the graves and think, what regrets Do they have they got right in their graves. That's what will bring you back to census again, don't look at what they earn what they did not look at the regrets, the regrets they've left, the regrets in the hearts of those who are buried six foot down. Because every man will go from this world with regrets. Our Prophet sallallahu wasallam has said that he was sitting with the Sahaba once and you draw a drew a box.

00:47:29--> 00:47:59

And in when you do that box from the bottom of the box, for the mind, you drew a line this from the center that went outside the top part of the box, the square that he drew. And then he drew certain lines from the side of the of the box towards the middle, just a fused line not touching the middle line, but towards it. Both sides, just like the ribs, like the spine and the ribs. You've got lines coming towards the middle, but they're not touching the middle line that he drew.

00:48:00--> 00:48:07

And then when you do that on the sand of the ground, the Sahaba of the alarmist asked him eurosla What is this?

00:48:09--> 00:48:38

A Suhana Medina Sahih Hadith. In authentic hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam said that this box is the whole thing that surrounds every man, it's your it's basically your death. You can't move out of it. This is your death, it will come to you one day. This other line I've drawn from the bottom all the way to the top and out of it. This is a man's

00:48:39--> 00:48:59

ambitions in life, which shows that the top part cuts you off some way the box that he drew, and this is the line in the middle is going to get cut off. He told us that men will go people go in the graves with inside them they've got things they want you to do.

00:49:00--> 00:49:15

Every time you see a dead man just look at him and think he wanted to marry his doctor off. He had gathered the money for that, but he didn't ever saw it. He wanted to go on a holiday he never saw it. I also saw said these things that are coming from the side, what are they? They are

00:49:17--> 00:49:23

they are the the misfortunes of this life. If one misses you, the other one hits you.

00:49:24--> 00:49:41

The world is made. I remember I was my chef just the other day and somebody complained about about life and about some of the difficulties of going through. And the chef said, when was this world? When did Allah make this world a world of only fortune?

00:49:42--> 00:50:00

When did Allah make that Allah has made this world A world where it's it's made, that people will go through tests in their life? Well Rasulullah sallallahu has told us that eventually what takes us over death and death should not be

00:50:00--> 00:50:09

seeing anything but what Prophet sallallahu wasallam has said what is it said Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in his da he said, we should make this god, what do you know?

00:50:13--> 00:50:17

I will learn make death for me a relief from every evil.

00:50:19--> 00:50:44

Death. A believer does not fear death. If you look in that Hadith, where Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and said, There will come a time when this oma will be devoured by many nations. He gave us two reasons why this oma is going to be weak. And he said one is horrible dunya the love of this world The second thing he said, was Cara here to note the hate, unbelievers will not want to die.

00:50:45--> 00:51:03

Meaning that they want to live here for long lives, my brothers, we're not here to stay forever. And so having said that, we need to be prepared for death. So my Toba is going to be updated every moment. My Toba will get updated every moment.

00:51:06--> 00:51:09

Who has a computer in the house a laptop or a computer via hanzal?

00:51:11--> 00:51:25

Mashallah, who has antivirus with that computer? brianza Mashallah, all the same people more or less? What happens brothers when you're on the internet and you don't have antivirus? What happens? You get a virus. What does the virus do?

00:51:26--> 00:51:26

What does it do?

00:51:28--> 00:51:30

It corrupts? It corrupts right.

00:51:32--> 00:51:36

Eman Eman has got an antivirus.

00:51:38--> 00:52:01

antivirus. If you don't have that antivirus, you're going to corrupt yourself and you know what the name of that antivirus is, is called taqwa. What is it called? taqwa taqwa is a defense mechanism within every person that as soon as a sinful thing will come. I've got something in me a fear of Allah in me that it will save me from sinning.

00:52:03--> 00:52:35

taqwa is that taqwa is an automatic defense system. It will save me that's why the Quran is full of the word taqwa. It, law. P have something in you that will defend you from the other body of a law from the punishment of Allah from the from the Wrath of Allah from the fire of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said it could now follow Bishop kitamura hadiza Muslim. He said try and defend yourself from the fire even if it's giving half a date in the path of Allah.

00:52:36--> 00:52:50

Now to renew my taqwa to keep my taqwa alive. Any time once you've got a virus in your computer, and your antivirus is having a problem. Are you just gonna leave it there? Are you going to do something about it?

00:52:51--> 00:52:52

But you can do?

00:52:53--> 00:53:15

Come on guys. You tell something about it. That's where tober comes in. When my defense system has been attacked, I've sinned. I've got to get rid of that sin because it's going to corrupt my heart. You corrupt my actions, it'll corrupt me. So I need to be honest, my God and say I have come back to your law. I'm back with you. Our law. I'm back with you.

00:53:17--> 00:53:38

renewing my statement with God. You know what that is? That is Toba. tober means coming back to Allah. Toba literally means coming back to Allah, if I every time, make it, make my tober fresh. And every day I'm making my tober fresh. I'm only making myself strong and keeping my contact. So when death comes to me,

00:53:39--> 00:53:40

I've got a problem.

00:53:41--> 00:53:56

But the hunger problem and death comes to me know Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Just like I gave you a choice. I gave you a choice. And 2% of you said that you ready to die if angel of death came right now. Rasulullah sallallahu. Listen, at the end of his life he was given a choice.

00:53:58--> 00:54:04

It's clear in a hadith and Prophet sallallahu sallam. He's he chose the afterlife over this life.

00:54:05--> 00:54:10

He said to Allah, I would rather go now than to live anymore.

00:54:11--> 00:54:31

And Prophet salallahu alaihe salam for us to renew this is Toba has given us a beautiful graph it takes will take you 15 seconds 15 seconds to do this. And according to a hadith of Bokhari, if you do this just for 15 or 10 to 15 seconds.

00:54:33--> 00:54:42

If you do this after mclubbe Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said if you die that night before further, you will go straight into gentlemen.

00:54:44--> 00:54:46

And if you do this straight after further

00:54:48--> 00:54:55

the same action the same 15 seconds. If you die, then you will go straight into Gemini. If you die before Molly,

00:54:57--> 00:54:59

what is that? A law home and

00:55:00--> 00:55:04

Out of be La Ilaha

00:55:06--> 00:55:09

Halekulani Abu

00:55:11--> 00:55:14

chicka wah wah The common stock art

00:55:15--> 00:55:24

Allahu La la la Antara B You are my Lord My sustainer The one who has looked after me

00:55:25--> 00:55:27

what I now have to do?

00:55:28--> 00:55:28


00:55:30--> 00:55:41

and there is no other day T one who is has is worthy of being worshipped except for you holla Tony, you have created me what to do? Can I use

00:55:45--> 00:56:41

the camera just about an eye as best as I can, I will try and keep to the promise that you've got to the promise that you've made to me of Jana, to the promise that I've made to you of the Shahada, that I will try and put you first and put your messenger Salallahu alaihe salam, second, Allah Hezekiah over the cameras that are to the best of my ability are all do because I mean, surely mouse on our to our law, I seek refuge in You from the evil deeds that are committed. Abu laka Binya matica Allah Yeah, I admit that you have gifted me so much, what Abu will be them be? And I admit that I have sinned, follow Phil Lee, then Forgive me for Enola wufu illa. And for there is no one to

00:56:41--> 00:57:09

forgive except for you. Whoever says these words, try and learn Arabic these words, a hadith of Sahil Bahati from the resource allotments and mukhin and lb from the actually meaning it is sincerity. Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you die after maglie, before further you are in general, if you drive to further before McGregor in general. And I as a believer, I'm going to keep this with me. I'm going to be ready for death. Anytime.

00:57:11--> 00:57:38

I'm going to do that you're going to do that. Why? Because there is no guarantee of this life. I am going to look forward to my death. I want it to become a death. That I am told that that will come to me before it comes to me. My brothers I'm telling you, you can be the simplest person. But unlike if you're good with Allah right now, if you made the good Toba, Allah will tell you when your death is coming before the death comes to you.

00:57:40--> 00:57:49

I'm giving you an incident just happened one year ago, in North London, a brother called Shahzad 8989 year old man,

00:57:50--> 00:57:53

he formed his family. And it says this family living on his own.

00:57:55--> 00:57:58

And he says what he says to his family members,

00:57:59--> 00:58:00

he says

00:58:02--> 00:58:07

just now I had a person who came in my house without knocking on the door.

00:58:09--> 00:58:20

And he said to me, he's the angel of death. And he said to me, have I got a last thing to do before I leave this world? And I said to him, I love to do Voodoo and pray to the gods.

00:58:22--> 00:58:40

I love to do Voodoo and pray to the gods. So he did Voodoo, he prayed to the cuts he did Salam and he didn't perceive the person there in his house. He never heard anyone leaving these guys his family members they thought would avatara

00:58:43--> 00:58:49

old man has lost it a bit they took him to their house. Exactly after three days the person passed away

00:58:51--> 00:58:53

exactly after three days passed mastering

00:58:55--> 00:59:02

so how Subhan Allah This is a another incident just I'm giving this person was a common person no scholar, no Allah no one.

00:59:04--> 00:59:05


00:59:08--> 00:59:21

in England, I think this this was particularly in either Kent or someplace near Cannes, I can't remember there is a Masjid in one of the parts the monitor Abdul Wahid who passed away.

00:59:22--> 00:59:24

Not this ramadan ramadan before that.

00:59:27--> 00:59:28

When he passed away,

00:59:30--> 00:59:36

he knew that it was going to be his passing away he told he told his family members

00:59:37--> 00:59:49

he saw he told his brother he was in the car with the brothers. And he wasn't feeling well until the brothers Take me to the bedside because I'm not feeling when these are my last moments. He knew

00:59:51--> 00:59:59

there was a brother as a brother in North London who tells me about his father. He was a he was a chef and he actually on his day of going

01:00:00--> 01:00:03

He told people he went to the masjid for Juma in Bangladesh.

01:00:06--> 01:00:12

And he's a brother I've known for many years. There's no reason for me distrust him, and he spends almost every year.

01:00:13--> 01:00:31

And he said to me, our friend rated this to him. He said that his father went to the masjid for Juma. And he said to people, all people, if I've heard anyone, please forgive me, for this is my last day of my life. And they thought is so wrong. He then went to the graveyard and totally good he said, when I die, you will bury me exactly here.

01:00:33--> 01:00:39

He went to his home. And then he went around his whole house. And Islami said this isn't the last time I'm seeing my land.

01:00:41--> 01:00:42

That 90 passes away.

01:00:44--> 01:00:48

Montana, Syed Ahmed Hansa, some of you may know him,

01:00:49--> 01:01:21

greatly of Allah. You know, I envy this depth. I envy these tests, and Bismillah I hope I can get a death similar to this or better than this. And this should be your thing as well. When we hear the solid rain and the good people they pass away, we want to look forward to similar or better death. When Simon Hansen he passed away in 1999. He passed away when and where he passed away in the month of Ramadan.

01:01:23--> 01:01:26

He passed away in the last 10 nights

01:01:27--> 01:01:30

he passed away on the 27th night of Ramadan.

01:01:31--> 01:01:46

So the Allah He passed away in Madina, munawwara he passed away in the Prophet's mosque Salallahu alaihe salam, he passed away at the time of tahajjud and he passed away in sujood.

01:01:49--> 01:02:12

This while you have a law passed away in sujood, into Hadoop, in the masjid, nabawi. You cannot Subhana Allah, think of a greater way of going to Allah. And Allah rewards the believers. Allah gives this desk to the believers why he's showing us a big sign. before he passed away, he said

01:02:13--> 01:02:15

to be certain when I die,

01:02:17--> 01:02:18

bury me in general Bucky.

01:02:21--> 01:02:22

But you know what?

01:02:24--> 01:02:41

Yellow Dog menangani they can Academy him a woman he Jang these people won't first agree. But in the end, they will agree. He said this before his death. He dies They call him for father his entire dad passed away.

01:02:42--> 01:02:51

They take him they bathing and they're ready to take him to general Bucky. And the Saudi authority says huh? Who? What? Okay, no.

01:02:54--> 01:02:58

It's not gonna get there take him somewhere else I'm taking they tried to argue No, they didn't agree.

01:03:00--> 01:03:05

He's janaza body was on the way to another grave yard in Medina.

01:03:06--> 01:03:21

And on the way a minister of Saudi passes by and says whose janazah is that? And they said, is it Ahmed hands? He says mana he said he's him chef. So he's not going to be buried there. He's gonna be buried in Bucky.

01:03:23--> 01:03:28

The minister tells the janazah crowd 180 degrees back and he buries in Jonathan.

01:03:31--> 01:03:40

My brother's. So behind Allah when death comes, I want death to come. And I want to embrace it.

01:03:42--> 01:03:44

I don't want to run away from death.

01:03:46--> 01:04:26

And I don't want you to run away from this. Because if I prepared for death, if I've been good to my Allah, if I've been good in my life, if I've always renewed my Toba, if I've always been honest myself, if I've tried my best, if I've done my Salas, if I'm up to date, I've made myself up to date. If I've kept all the good actions towards my fellow people, if I've done anything wrong, and I've always said sorry to people, if I've cleaned my heart, if I've done the best to return all the money I owe to people, if I've kept my way of good with my family, with my friends with my social life, with all the lives Allah has given me different parts of life Allah has given me Why should I

01:04:26--> 01:04:28

fear that next life Tell me why

01:04:29--> 01:04:39

I love and I would love this. Why? Because of the connection of Allah. That's why that's what we need to say.

01:04:41--> 01:04:43

Djibouti Marana

01:04:45--> 01:04:46


01:04:48--> 01:04:53

de que ma ke Allah shadow

01:04:55--> 01:05:00

in life and in the afterlife in the grave and in on

01:05:00--> 01:05:13

The Day of Judgment, see me or my beloved one, with the eyes of mercy. See me with eyes of mercy. If I've made that connection de la, la ciudad de Merci, Mo Shang corte Cali

01:05:15--> 01:05:42

taco de la Allah, I'm asking you tomorrow when death comes to me, I want you to be there next to me. I use my miswak. And when I look at my miswak, the old man said clearly that there are many benefits of the miswak. And one of the benefits is that the miswak will come to you as a person at the time of death and to tell you to read the Shahada.

01:05:43--> 01:06:09

So I'm not going to leave my work. I'm not going to leave my mitzvah, and William McEwan and I read my Quran Allah Quran. Allah Quran is because my Quran will be my companion in my grave. My Quran is my companion my grave, Salah will come as a person in the grave my brother's Salah will come as a person that you will meet and So who are you there I am your Salah.

01:06:10--> 01:06:19

Remember for escape must remember if you don't pray the remedies part. I got built up through you pray, this is who I am today.

01:06:21--> 01:06:43

Do I fear on the Day of Judgment I will come up and I want to see Surah Baqarah Sula, Allium Rama Quran become a cloud above my head Rasulullah saw last month said sort of Baccarat pseudo alien random become a cloud for the believers. That is my family that is my wish by Raja my hope in Allah that that will happen.

01:06:44--> 01:07:16

I should not fear going through this No way. And me Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. I've gone through this so many times. I've visualized death so many times. I've visualized the cover so many times of village visualize the accuracy of the Day of Judgment so many times, raising my head from the grave. Try and find the place on the Day of Judgment under the harsh of a law, how I can get there. What actions will it take me to get there? I believe that that so many times that that has become a home for me.

01:07:18--> 01:07:28

And I'm asking you to do the same thing, brothers. This place is not my house is not my home. This place Allah said

01:07:29--> 01:08:02

dounia Kali, the temporary things I've given you in this life, they're going to be little, don't be Don't be in deception of this. Allah says Don't be in deception of this guru. Guru, this deception. This world is deception. I look at my wife. And I should remember that verse in the Quran. I look at my children. I'll remember this verse in the Quran, my mother and father, yo man or woman of the day when a man will run away from his father from his mother.

01:08:04--> 01:08:38

From his own father is going to run away from his own mother is going to run away from his own wife is going to run away from his children is going to run away because he doesn't know what's going to happen to him. So what what am I got with my with my family Tell me what are my family going to do for me nothing. Unless they are from the motor team. They have got taqwa or unless I have got the what if I had one of them on the day? I will be good for them. I'll be able to intercede for them. And if they've got taqwa, they'll be able to try and help me otherwise no one will help anyone else.

01:08:39--> 01:08:56

What What thing have I gotten in this world? You know what people will say on the day, gentlemen, you think that assets and listen, I hear brothers, you know, like, you know, you got this flat and I made this match and I've got this this new business. I got that and I think about it and Savonarola, you think the Quran people Allah said to three times could add

01:08:58--> 01:09:15

that if a person was to come in front of a lance and he was an owner, if he was the owner of this entire world, he will say you know what he will say you read the Quran and you will you will feel what Allah is saying to us of the reality of this world.

01:09:16--> 01:09:18

Is this surah to manage?

01:09:19--> 01:09:21

In certain modules, the 70 surah of the Quran.

01:09:24--> 01:09:54

Allah yesterday may not even be Bonnie, my brothers Tell me when is it that we will be in a crisis and I'm in a crisis and in this world? I will say to the to the judge, or judge, don't sentence me but I have some children at home. Please, please, I beg you take my sons and put them in prison. But let me go away. Is there any man here Who knows? weather what kind of heart is that? Is there anyone in this world that want to say that told me

01:09:56--> 01:09:56

yes or no.

01:09:57--> 01:10:00

Unless isn't the Day of Judgment. They'll come from

01:10:00--> 01:10:35

To me, and they'll say because of the punishment they know they're going to go through they will say to me our law take my sons and throw them in Hellfire but save me save me or sorry Betty he will he take my wife throw her in Hellfire and release me will actually take my brother my blood brother I stayed with taking them throw him in Hellfire but release me. Well for Silla de la t we take my whole clan my whole hand on my wrist, wherever they were, throw them in hellfire. But don't throw me one manfield out of the journey and

01:10:36--> 01:10:46

take every single man of the earth and every woman of the earth and throw them in a Hellfire but don't send me your Lord, this will be his please don't send me Allah, Allah, Allah.

01:10:48--> 01:11:00

Allah says never. And he will send the fire which will come nezhat and the shower the fire when he touches it, that fire will come and seize his skin or rip his skin off.

01:11:02--> 01:11:10

Do you think do we really think this is a joke? The reality is that this world and the people and everything in this world is betrayal.

01:11:12--> 01:11:17

Again, look, brothers, don't go to the other side. And you know, start looking your wife given a dirty looks today.

01:11:19--> 01:11:21

And look at your sons as a traitor.

01:11:23--> 01:11:24

To which America

01:11:25--> 01:11:49

I'm not asking you to look at his life and become hopeless. No, we are in this world. And as long as we are in this world, we will do our bit. What is our bit our bit is to give them their rights. My children deserve my rights. My wife deserves her rights. If I'm a wife, and my husband deserves his rights, whoever you are, you've got people, you've got rights, and you must carry on your duties. This part of you being a Muslim,

01:11:51--> 01:11:52

you wealthy God, don't give it all up.

01:11:54--> 01:12:31

Don't give it on silica. The amount the results of plasma said is a third of one's wealth. One may give into South Africa he should leave his family poor This is the body. You don't leave them in poverty. But I live in this world I'll stay in my house. Of course, I might have some love for my house. That's fine. I might have loved my car. And I love my children. That is not true. But the love of a lion is messenger should not come below that. That is the message. The love of Allah and His Messenger should not come below them the love of Allah and Missy come above. And the love of the euro should come above this world.

01:12:32--> 01:12:37

Then I'm a proper believer. And when death comes, what do I want brothers?

01:12:38--> 01:12:58

I yearn at my death, a new death. At the time of death comes not only will molecule mode come and tell me about my death, that you're going to die or law will show me a sign either in a dream. And honestly brothers There are loads of common people who get a sign that they're going to go.

01:13:01--> 01:13:03

Not only that will happen,

01:13:04--> 01:13:09

but I want to smell the fragrance of Jana at the time of death.

01:13:11--> 01:13:28

Rasulullah saw last time. There were individuals who said to Professor Lawson they said well lie in Neela God hi Jana Donna or hood had this Muslim. They said oh by Allah I can this hobby says I can smell the fragrance of Jenna coming from behind the hood.

01:13:30--> 01:13:33

And it goes straight and he becomes a matter of Allah.

01:13:34--> 01:13:54

This was in the time of Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. Now Wherever I am, whether I'm in sujood, whereas in a normal life, I want to smell the fragrance of Jannah Allah says that believers and those who are close to Allah, they Allah gives them the good news, he gives them a fragrance and this is in Surah Allah

01:13:56--> 01:13:56

the Quran,

01:13:58--> 01:14:06

different categories will come. different categories will have death. Allah says Allah remains and says what? Allah Allah,

01:14:08--> 01:14:12

Allah Allah either beloved in fuku

01:14:14--> 01:14:14


01:14:16--> 01:14:59

when the soul has reached the collarbone, when the soul has come up to one throat, when that has happened, and all of you are looking at the person dying, wanna know uporabo la HeMan kumala Killa too soon. I as online closer to him, but you don't see that falola in kuntum Rama Dini, if you are not to be if you are not to be tested and accounted for in the next life, Tara Girona in Cancun sadati than any of you I challenge you to try and remove death from that person. Allah says you trying to help that person to try and save them from death in another part of loss as well.

01:15:00--> 01:15:04

In surah, Dharma of the Quran

01:15:06--> 01:15:41

surah number 75. Allah says in that verse number 26 onwards Kela either Bella avati taraki nothing, nothing more, except when you will see that the person's own soul will come to his collarbones, workI lemon rock. And it will be said Who is the doctor right now who can come and aid this person who can save him while one and novel fear rock. But the person on the bed knows that these are his last moments he's going to separate from this world.

01:15:43--> 01:16:08

Walter Fetisov will be sacked and his shins are crossing one another ihlara became my massage to your Lord, this is the time that you're going to go. And in Surah waqia, Allah says for anma in Canon carabin. For our for what I hand agenda tonight, as for the one who is from the close ones to me, at the time of death, I will give him the fragrance of paradise.

01:16:10--> 01:16:23

fragrance of Paradise, and you know the angels, I want to see and I look forward to 500 white angels dressed in white coming to me and they want to take me how

01:16:25--> 01:16:33

they want to take me gently. Allah has mentioned both of that. Now the Quran, he has said, when naza it are

01:16:34--> 01:16:46

those angels that come as dark angels dressed in black for the sinful souls, and they will reach out and they will pull

01:16:47--> 01:17:04

the soul and Cz, tear it out of the body nazjatar vodka and this other law said when she partner gently they will come and try and slowly bring the soul out of the body spreading it out.

01:17:06--> 01:17:10

I want that I want to have that. Brothers Do you want that or not?

01:17:11--> 01:17:19

That is for a person who stays close to a lot. I don't see why any of his constant close to Allah if you've done October.

01:17:20--> 01:17:21

And at that moment,

01:17:23--> 01:17:34

I want to go from that place out of my body to allows the journey and I want at the time of death and announcement to be made.

01:17:35--> 01:17:39

And that announcement is not an is at the end of

01:17:40--> 01:17:45

the 89 surah of the Quran. Allah says yeah, I used to have

01:17:46--> 01:17:46


01:17:48--> 01:18:16

own content soul. Also that is content with me with my remembrance. Also who's whose heart is content with my remembrance era Jiri Illa, Arabic, returned back now come out of this body and come to me in such a state in Nigeria, da da, da da, mo de that you are pleased with me and I am pleased with you.

01:18:18--> 01:18:37

This isn't the Quran. I yearn that this. That at the time of death, I will hear Allah saying to me is Jerry Larrabee, Ravi automobilia. You are happy and pleased and contented with me. And I am happy, pleased and contented with you for the holy Abadi

01:18:39--> 01:19:01

you should join right now. My servants who are of your kind, that's going to be later on in the lien, what the Holy jannetty and later on after that, I will enter you into my garden into Jenna and paradise. This is vanilla, the one that I hear and I want you to learn as well. Brothers.

01:19:02--> 01:19:06

If I am in a state that I'm ready for death at any time,

01:19:08--> 01:19:11

I'm ready Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam has said

01:19:13--> 01:19:29

no believer should leave three nights going by except that he has kept besides the means was his will. Societies Muslim. If you haven't written you will write you will at least say you will to us next of kin.

01:19:31--> 01:19:36

We should always be prepared for death at any time. And

01:19:37--> 01:19:41

no person, no person amongst us.

01:19:42--> 01:19:50

Well, when we know that it's going to happen should not be in a state. When we think that death is far away.

01:19:51--> 01:19:57

Death is far away. If you think like that you will be complacent with this world.

01:19:58--> 01:20:00

Save the knowledge of the law 100

01:20:00--> 01:20:06

says in his statement, he says ml lib dounia

01:20:07--> 01:20:24

can Nakata issue Avada watermelon Akira and Nikita Moo to hada cedre Allah says, Allah Han says, work for this world and plan and work and continue for this world as if you're going to live forever.

01:20:25--> 01:20:32

But work and plan, work for the next next world as if you're going to die tomorrow.

01:20:34--> 01:21:17

This is a beautiful balance that we can keep. When it comes to this world. Yes, when I'm there, I'm not going to think I'm dying that No, no, I'm when I'm in my business, my worldly life. I'm going to try and do it so that I'm here forever. But when I get to the part of my next one, when I'm doing my action for the next world, I will do it as if I'm dying tomorrow. Abdullah bin Zubair of the Allahu anhu, who was the Sahaba of the province of Muslim. When he went to the marketplaces, he was such a good businessman. And they looked at him making business they said Abdullah bin Zubaydah is doing such business. He's doing such good business as if he's got no concern for the Acura, no concern for

01:21:17--> 01:21:24

the next slide. But the same Abdullah bin zubaid when he came to the masjid, and he prayed, he prayed his Salah.

01:21:25--> 01:21:33

They said that this individual, he prays his Salah, and he does his Bada, as if he has got no concern for this world.

01:21:34--> 01:21:46

That's how you should be I'm not asking you brothers, you know, leave all your businesses. I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is a movement is always prepared to that extent. And brothers when we pray.

01:21:47--> 01:22:11

You know, the Imam sometimes he says, pray as if it's your last prayer, if you actually stand up for your prayer, and you standing up and if you read just for two minutes, if you say to yourself, you know what, this could literally be my last prayer ever I've made to Allah. Have you ever actually really believed in that and done you're done your prayer, put your hands up if you've done that.

01:22:12--> 01:22:49

But just, there's about 10 people that put your hands up here, try and make it a habit every single time I'm going to pray, I'm going to do that. You know why? Because it increases your horseshoe and your devotion to Allah, it connects you better and it makes you really feel so dependent upon Allah. Especially when you stand for factor and you say Maliki Yomi. Dean, you are the owner of the day when I when I get back to you, the owner of recompense the owner that you're going to give me back what I'm doing right now, you are the master of the day, gentlemen.

01:22:51--> 01:23:10

When you start saying his words, to a large effect, your last prayer is going to be totally different. We should take a lesson from Philippians, the bearer of the alarm and more monies to be in his Salah is as if it's his last last prayer. But of course, my brothers, whatever I've said to you, there is another flip side to it.

01:23:11--> 01:23:21

A person who doesn't prepare himself, as I said, there is a horrible state of dying, where the angels come and Allah has said yet reboot,

01:23:23--> 01:24:02

from the angels will come with the hammers and smack the faces and smack the backs. The angels will come and talk to the person at death, the angels will come in 500, dressed, dressed to cause fear, and all into the person. And and Rasulullah Salas has given a description what I will do in the next session, that we're going to go through the actual Hadith that gives the description of the description of a believer going from this woman and one who is not in in conformed to this belief, and how Islam has described that it is awful. And every Muslim who's not practicing will go through that as well.

01:24:03--> 01:24:11

Don't think is just for the people who are not Muslims. And what we want is we want to be always prepared for this for this death.

01:24:12--> 01:24:14

One quick clarification

01:24:15--> 01:24:20

with regards to something I said before the Salah, I said the Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said

01:24:22--> 01:24:57

how many gifts there are, that I have become? I've gained strength. Just two from those gifts, I've gained strength just to disobey you. This is a dad that he taught us to say not that he sallallahu wasallam was becoming now sybilla disobedience to God. So please bear that in mind. It's a draft for us to say because it's something that we used to and when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam if he's saying it himself, he's teaching us to say it. Because also lasala lesson is not in any way in disobedience of God. So that's the clarification.

01:24:58--> 01:25:00

My brothers and the sisters

01:25:00--> 01:25:04

are listening Rasulullah sallallahu when he was on his deathbed,

01:25:05--> 01:25:52

he said in a little Moti sakara he said death has got its pangs. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam went through this himself. If you read the Hadith regarding that maybe maybe some other time the future maybe next year when it's the month of a Beulah? Well, we can talk about, not just about the birth of the puzzle, people should talk about his death as well, because in that month, both things happened. Prophet salallahu alaihe salam went through this himself, and he has given us instructions on how to prepare for this. So he has said, la kinome otaku, let me let me know in the law, when you see a person about to die, then you should start saying La, la, la, la, la, la, la loudly around the

01:25:52--> 01:25:52


01:25:53--> 01:26:11

When a person is about to go, then the person should obviously when they're going, they should they should be told about the about their faith. Because as soon as we said, Man, man can Afro Afro Kalamata, hula, hula,

01:26:12--> 01:26:14

the whole agenda, outcome outcome,

01:26:15--> 01:26:23

said, and this is Sahaja said, Whosoever his last saying is like the law, he will go straight into paradise.

01:26:24--> 01:26:53

Now if you can't say that by our tongues, we can at least mean it from our heart, some people not in the state of saying it. But we can mean from our hearts. That moment, my brother's, nothing is going to mean anything to us. If you sit here for a while, go home and do this. And you need to tell people to do this. sit at home and imagine the death. Death has been prescribed for you tonight. And sit there and start thinking about it as if it's absolutely real.

01:26:54--> 01:26:56

Death is coming to visit your house tonight.

01:26:57--> 01:26:59

And he's going straight for you.

01:27:00--> 01:27:06

For me, for you, he's coming. If you sit there for a while, start thinking seriously that tonight death is coming.

01:27:08--> 01:27:13

And if you really believe in it, and you really feel that tonight, I will meet death.

01:27:14--> 01:27:36

There will nothing in this world will matter for you. Nothing will matter for you. You know, all these worries we've got in our heads about this about that worry will matter. And if you want to end, if you want to end your temptations of this world prophets, Allah Anaconda had insulted me he has said x zero. x zero basically had him in law that

01:27:38--> 01:27:55

try and increase he said increase your remembrance of the break of passions and desires. So the province of love and service and miserable law, what is the break of passions and desires, he said it is most start remembering death. Remembering death is a command from the province that allows them

01:27:57--> 01:28:10

to be fearful of death is a bad state. If you're fearful that death might come to you and take you to night. If you fear that that fear is there, then there's something wrong, you've done something that you haven't rectified.

01:28:11--> 01:28:24

And Rasulullah sallallahu has asked us to continue remembering that thing that would break our passions. Why? Because we're not supposed to make our people make ourselves people who are attached to this world and loving this world because that is a disease of the heart.

01:28:25--> 01:29:01

That is a disease of the heart. Now my brothers, before we leave this earth, if you've got things that are old, you know, I could be dead tomorrow. If I've got things owed to Allah, should I leave them my molar I'm going to meet him and he might ask me, I wanted you to do this for me. You never did it. I'm not going to leave that. I'm not going to leave that if he's the car I will give the car we'll give it straight away. If it is fasting, I oh and another fasted day I have to make your firewall fast tomorrow. If it is Salas left, I will try and make up for the Salah.

01:29:02--> 01:29:32

And try and do that. If it is a brother have heard, I will go and say so to him because that might be the last time until the day doesn't mean that I meet that brother or the sister or my family member. If he's my parents are upset with me, I'm not going to leave this earth and my parents are upset with me. You can't do that brothers because there's going to be serious consequences in the next life. We need to start looking at next life for example, if a person misses his fasting and is unable to give it

01:29:33--> 01:30:00

is unable to give his his compensation for his fasting. Can people give a fibia after his death, yes or no? As a compensation. They can give something if a person has not given us a Can people pay zakat from money he's left yes or no. Yes they can. If a person hasn't done his Hajj, can another family member perform hajj and if you have yes or no, yes, but if a person goes from this world with the arrogance in his heart is

01:30:00--> 01:30:01

there anything that you can do about that?

01:30:02--> 01:30:08

No, you can't. If a person goes with jealousy in the heart in the next life,

01:30:09--> 01:30:23

malice hatred, if a person goes that one you probably will have some say say he said a condor had it's a Muslim. Man. Can you call me Miss Paul, Miss Paul, misspell huddling? mikala dot min cube aka makala

01:30:25--> 01:30:33

whosoever has an atom's weight of arrogance in his heart, he will not enter Jannah

01:30:34--> 01:31:18

What that means is you will not enter until Allah has decided your matter, he might punish you for it, or he might forgive you for whatever matters, you will not enter until this matter is dealt with. I can't leave with arrogance in my heart. I can't leave this world with the disease of my heart, I must get rid of them. How do I get rid of them? I must do the vicar of Allah. I must remember Allah again and again. How will I leave this earth? Can you imagine? If I told you, you've got to go and you've got to go meet the king. You got to go meet a very important person of this world. What do you want a criminal record on yourself when you go and meet them? Yes or no. They're

01:31:18--> 01:31:41

going to check you at the doorstep. And they're going to see you got an appointment in the King's House. In the king's palace, you've got an appointment. And when you get there, they're going to look through your criminal record. Now if you've got a criminal record, how are you going to go so you better get rid of your criminal record better do something about it? How am I my brother's supposed to meet a law and I've got a criminal record with Allah.

01:31:42--> 01:32:34

How Of course I'm going to fear Allah. Of course although I don't want to die. These are the reasons people don't want to die. As in they want to long life they don't want to think about death. They don't think about death. Death my brother's my sister's death should be the thing that will cool me and it allows me to hold Allah Subhana Allah at the time of death, what do I want? I want angels in their hundreds to come down to me. And I want them to say what the Quran has said that when these angels will come, they will come to take my soul and your soul if I'm in a good state and they will say to me, and you and the whole finale in Walla Walla and Tarzan Oh, Allah whoa finale Mala.

01:32:37--> 01:33:05

This is in Surah Jaime massage at the 41st surah verse number 29 onwards, when a person comes Allah Subhan Allah in Allah de Nakamura bounnam la those people who have said My Lord is Allah and saying that my brothers, you're going to face a lot of difficulty. You want to have these days people look at you funny. You wear a turban you get even more distress.

01:33:07--> 01:33:11

You will have his clothing he will laugh at you. You give him a beard people say

01:33:15--> 01:33:16

terrorist is one

01:33:17--> 01:33:22

terrorist is one you get called. And within the Muslim you get called Mala

01:33:23--> 01:33:27

Mala g mo VG Missa tee, dodgy person

01:33:30--> 01:33:34

whether whether you look that side this side you get names

01:33:35--> 01:33:52

minimize my share of the Russia Romans said he said what is that only sooner visible sooner only visible sooner that you're allowed to take with you inside the grave?

01:33:53--> 01:33:56

What is that my brother's the beard.

01:33:57--> 01:34:01

It is the only visible son of the province of Larson.

01:34:02--> 01:34:08

What a what a statement that you're allowed to take that with you inside the grave.

01:34:09--> 01:34:11

You can't take any other sooner with you.

01:34:12--> 01:34:17

And even other actions you did actions can be seen but the only one that can be seen

01:34:18--> 01:34:20

is the beard on your face.

01:34:22--> 01:34:25

And what having a beard on your face makes you terrorist.

01:34:27--> 01:34:29

Then Darwin is a big terrorist

01:34:30--> 01:34:35

seen his beard and the back of a 10 pound note is falling off the 10 paneled

01:34:39--> 01:34:43

he must have been the biggest terrorist but he is not one that I'm not one.

01:34:44--> 01:34:59

have standards. If he's not one I'm not one. And I will be proud to take the sooner we're missing Salalah with me in the Acura because Rasulullah sallallahu satakunta Hadith a Muslim kulu Abdullah bass Allah Mamata la de da de la report says message

01:35:00--> 01:35:07

Allah Allah said, Every individual will be resurrected on the day of judgment in the state that they died.

01:35:09--> 01:35:29

You die with the son of the Prophet the loss of your life you will wake up with the son of the prophet in your next life. You die without it, you will wake up without the one who dies in homage. Rasulullah sallallahu said, That man will wake up on the Day of Judgment with his prom clothing and sell a bake Allahumma bake.

01:35:31--> 01:35:37

That person will wake up and finish his his Hajj on the day of judgment in front of Allah.

01:35:38--> 01:35:53

That is a good state. Now we need to be in good state all the time. I can't say law. However, I'm not going to sit in front of the TV, start looking at something in front of the internet or looking at something I shouldn't be looking in. If at that time death comes in what

01:35:55--> 01:36:09

I'm a person who died looking at the wrong thing. I'm a person who died with sinful eyes, I will wake up with sinful eyes. But if I cleanse my eyes by saying to Allah to forgive me, then I will wake up with those cleanse eyes.

01:36:10--> 01:36:13

I can't be in a room crowd.

01:36:15--> 01:36:25

I can't even choose one night, just exemption. Once a month, I'm going to go the friends and go around the city and basically be a bit of a bad boy doesn't matter. Not a good boy one night, a bad boy.

01:36:26--> 01:36:40

I can't have the wrong crowd because you die with that you will end up waking up with them on the Day of Judgment. You die loving the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, what did the Sahaba say? Well, the alarm was mine. They said messenger of Allah, we are with you in this earth.

01:36:42--> 01:36:43

But messenger of Allah,

01:36:45--> 01:36:47

what will happen in the next world?

01:36:48--> 01:36:57

Basically, how we will be with you? Where will you be? Where would we be? How will we find you? Rasulullah sallallahu, wasallam and quiet.

01:36:59--> 01:37:24

And then later on, he made a statement, which never made the Sahaba were not any more happier than this day. After the day they took a man. They took the Shahada. They were the happiest after the after the day became Muslim, they were happy. But the most happiest I've ever been is this day when Russell also made this statement Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, and this is for us as well. He said, I'll Maru my man,

01:37:25--> 01:37:47

that a man will be with whom ever he loves in the next world. If I love if you love the province of Lhasa, no more than my family, my belongings, my other relationships of God. If I love the provinces more than that, I will wake up on the day of jasmine doesn't matter where I've died, where I've been buried, I will wake up and I will be near the resource of Alaska.

01:37:48--> 01:38:22

And if not, anything more, I will be brought to him near his presence. But if I die with a husband, the love of those things around me, the people around me certain cultures drive you certain celebrities drive you. If I die with their great muhabba love in my heart, then I will wake up next to them on the Day of Judgment. It's a serious thing to think which love Am I taking with me for the next life and it's not hard brothers, to get the love of the professor love to get the love the person doesn't start sending Salawat on him

01:38:23--> 01:38:25

sending salutations on him

01:38:34--> 01:38:41

while he was Herbie

01:38:42--> 01:38:44

Sonoma Walla

01:38:47--> 01:38:49

Walla Walla, Anna

01:38:52--> 01:38:58

Lee, else happy was

01:38:59--> 01:39:23

in your love with your passion. Imagine that you are in Medina in front of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and there you are sending the Salawat on him so that he may reply his alarm back to you so that the angels take it to him and 10 minutes is on you for every time you send salutations on him Subhanallah from his own words, whoever man salaallah alayhi salatu wa, Salam O Allah.

01:39:25--> 01:39:51

Allah Subhana Allah will send 10 messages on the person who will send one time salutations on me. If you carry on saying it say with passion and love. If you carry on reading about him and his life, you will eventually start to love him a lot into revisit the seal that's the that's the pathway of loving him. What's the pathway of getting rid of my sins because I'm feeling perhaps feeling how am I going to go to the Akela stone funeral

01:39:59--> 01:39:59


01:40:07--> 01:40:08


01:40:18--> 01:40:20

to La

01:40:22--> 01:40:24

la la quwata in

01:40:27--> 01:40:33

the eye seek forgiveness from Allah The one who is ever living the one who keeps everything together.

01:40:35--> 01:40:57

Allah de la la la who there is no other one no other God no other data except him. Were to blueliner return back to him. While I hola la quwata nothing to turn me away from evil, nothing to give me the power to do good except for Allah subhanho wa Taala you can say this with passion and love, try and save with feeling a sinner

01:40:58--> 01:41:05

Rasulullah said for a long time Kufa, taba Sula Salaam said, if you can cry, they pretend to cry Allah loves that

01:41:07--> 01:41:26

is a hadith in Abu Dhabi. If you can't cry in front of Allah pretend to cry, trying to make a face of crying. Allah loves that. How do I how do I get closer to Allah? I would start singing his praises again and again. Super Hannah Alonso, Mahanama, Susquehanna, Susquehanna,

01:41:28--> 01:41:32

Susquehanna, Susquehanna, Susquehanna hand

01:41:35--> 01:41:43

I won't lie. You are glorified online. You are free from all blame. I won't lie. I'm the one to be blamed. Voila. You have no blame.

01:41:45--> 01:42:00

There is one except for you super Chanukah, you are totally free of every blaming me. Come to me. navali mean, I was the one who has seen I'm the one who has oppressed myself. I'm the one who has sinned. I come to you in true heart. So

01:42:06--> 01:42:07

Robben Island,

01:42:11--> 01:42:12

Illinois, Illinois.

01:42:14--> 01:42:57

Linda coonan nominal hos Ed. Oh lord, oh my sustainer one who's looked at me I have wrong myself. I'm the sinner. And if you do not have mercy on me if you do not forgive me, surely I will be the one that will be in loss. I need your love Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah whatever I've gained whatever I have is only because you gave it to me I send my thanks to you. I thank you for my life. I thank you for me breathing I thank you for my family. I thank you for those who are around me. I thank you for those that are alive in my family members. I thank you for the time you've given us thank you for the money you've given us. Thank you for the country I

01:42:57--> 01:43:01

live in Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

01:43:02--> 01:43:03


01:43:06--> 01:43:06


01:43:09--> 01:43:24

Illa Allah, there is no other day to except for you. There is no there is no one that is in charge except for you. Now Holly in La la la rasika illallah there is no one that is a creator except for you.

01:43:26--> 01:44:18

know Allah, there is no one that ever provides actor except for you La Liga LA, there is no one that owns except for you, la, la. La. There is no one that has power to give benefit except for you love a llama, there is no one that can give any harm to anyone except for you. La haka llama there is no other reality. Except for you. Lack of food inola there is no one that can forgive sins act for except for you. Allahu Akbar, Allah is there for me to connect with him if I take these words, but go to the 99 names. If I say La, de la, I will tend to say so. Allahu Akbar is another word these these are things in Australia, a hadith. If a person says this 100 times in the morning or 100 times

01:44:18--> 01:44:28

a day is great reward was colossal. Asma said even he has said to the extent that he is seeking forgiveness from Allah 100 times a day or so Salaam has taught us this.

01:44:29--> 01:45:00

saying Allahu Akbar Allah you are the greatest Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allah you are greatest. You are the greatest you are greater than me greater than my life. You are greater than my family. You are greater than my worries. are graded. My problems are greater than the things I face in life. I will lie You are the greatest. You are my wife in a lot of detail. moonta to you I shall return. You are my rules.

01:45:00--> 01:45:02

You are my one yeah security.

01:45:04--> 01:45:29

Our law you are the one I trust. You are my guardian your memulai say this in Guatemala to connect yourself to Allah sit there and start talking to ally in this manner Rasulullah sallallahu told us this Yes, yes Ana de Omi one all my support? What? Teachers he says yeah I had a mela hydrilla where Santa

01:45:30--> 01:45:32

Santa in Qatar

01:45:35--> 01:45:47

oh one who is there for the one who has no one else? Oh one who is the support for the one who has no other support every other wishing desire has disappeared except for the desire for yourself.

01:45:49--> 01:46:00

In cada Raja anything I want I can't get it except if I come to you to say things like Hassman a la jolla wiki na

01:46:03--> 01:46:11

na si una La Jolla Malachy Nirmal Nola

01:46:13--> 01:46:57

see our love you are enough for me you are enough for me I don't need anything else. You are my soul presenter. You are my soul want the one that will look after me you will be there for me for my problems you will be there for me when I'm in trouble. You will be there for me at DEF CON you will be there for me in the grave. I depend only upon you on your metalworking You are the best one I anyone can depend upon. Neon metal Nola, the best of masters neon no see the desktop helpers You carry on saying that to Allah now what we need to do repeat this Rasulullah sallallahu the Sahaba to repeat it again and again until it goes from the brain or the tongue into the heart.

01:46:58--> 01:47:29

When it gets into the heart, you will feel a connection with Allah and you will feel that you want to stay in this state of remembrance for a long time. And you will not fear for this is this iron Hanyu says it says well in the Nakamura bernama those who say my Lord is Allah, Master Carmen they stay steadfast on that. tetanus Allah Allah. Allah aka the angels will come down to this person, Allah to half who you have no fear when

01:47:31--> 01:47:36

you have nothing to worry about. She Rubin Atletico to

01:47:37--> 01:48:00

give you good news of a garden which you have been promised not only can Phil dounia or Phil, Pharaoh, we have been your guardians we the angels have been your guardians in this life. We will be the guardians in the next time we will look after you we will be your companions in the next life. While our comfy Hannah Tasha he and for sukoon wanna comfy?

01:48:01--> 01:48:12

matadero you will have anything you wish for at this time. You will have anything that you want at this time. Anything you call for you will have we Your servants here will give it to you the angels will say that

01:48:14--> 01:48:55

Missoula Minerva foolery, Rahim, a honor from Allah subhanho wa Taala, you are the guest of honor. Man, you are the guest here we are Your servants. This is what I want at the time of death. Why? Because I would have made that connection here. And once I carry on keeping my connection up, there is no way you can say that you just going to have a sudden bad death. Why? Why should Allah treat you like that? Allah said in the Holy Quran, his son in law said, you'd be good, you will get good. You show good, you show excellence you will have excellence. This is in Surah to rochman in Surah.

01:48:56--> 01:49:19

In the 14th, Jews of the Holy Quran, there's two kinds of deaths that have been explained there. And the remembrance for all of us, where Allah subhanaw taala says in one party will die in one way and another party will die another way. My brother, either you're a practicing Muslim, or you're not a practicing Muslim, either of the two is black and white.

01:49:21--> 01:49:59

And this will be your case if you're not a practicing Muslim, and the pinata fell on Mullah ikkaku volley Me and fusi him Falco's Salam American Nana melamine zoo, Bella, Bella Halima come to town and when the angel will come and try to take the souls of those who have oppressed themselves, they will try and make peace. They will try and say we never did anything bad. Allah will say, allow, say the angels will say, Allah knows. He knows what you did. Don't try and hide it. For the Hulu Abba by Johanna

01:50:00--> 01:50:01

Harley d nafi

01:50:02--> 01:50:09

enter the doors of john entered the doors of hellfire. Remaining there for a long time

01:50:10--> 01:50:22

is not just to do with disbelievers is to do with a non practicing Muslims that will go through a bad state of affairs, but those who will do that good in this world. Allah says

01:50:24--> 01:50:35

Allah ebina una Salah la ku, the angels will come down and do what they will put their hands out and they will say a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

01:50:36--> 01:50:48

Angels of death will put the hands in front of me and you and say, Come and take my hand and let's go on to the next life will generally not come to time alone, you will enter Jannah for the good deeds that you have done.

01:50:49--> 01:51:36

That is the that is the case. But for those who have been prepared for death, they will be Christ. What are the cries of the death? Allah said in the Holy Quran, a few cries and with this inshallah we will end the session I will take another approximately five minutes of your time because I said, about half an hour of your time I will take if you look in Surah Al miniboone, which is 23rd suit of the Holy Quran, verse number 99. hotter, hotter, who knows to call up build your own, when most when death will come to one of them he will say, Oh Allah, Allah returned me back, lolly Malou, Saleh and FEMA Tara to Allah, I left behind me some prayers I'm supposed to do for you. I won't lie. Just Just

01:51:36--> 01:51:53

Just give me a minute. I'll prove myself. I'll do it for you. I'll do nothing for you. I'll give. Again, I'll do these even left some actions I'm supposed to do and fast for your sake. I look after people for your sake, allows a Catalan never

01:51:54--> 01:52:27

in Kalamata waka Aloha, this is just a statement that person is making and behind their woman Voila. He him berzon Isla yo yo bathroom behind him he has got a life between death and they have gentlemen which is called barossa. It is it is a veil. No one can cross from that side to this side. Only people can go from this side to that side. And people will wake from that state until the dead which is something we will cover in the future. In Surah Al Muna Hoon in the surah about the hypocrites, which is a Surah

01:52:29--> 01:52:33

Surah number 63 of the Quran verse number

01:52:34--> 01:53:25

nine, Allah says what? Yeah you are Lavina Amano who believe latterly Kamala Kamala Allah duck mantequilla don't allow. Don't allow your wealth, your belongings. Don't allow your children to divert you from my remembrance because whoever will do that, you will be in the loss. One fuku me merasakan el Camino de Santiago Hakuna kulala cooler biloela attorney in a jelly party spend from that which I've given you before a day comes that the death arrives to one of you and he says My Lord just delay me to a time that is close by to this for us sadaqa akumina Saga Hina asahina give that money I'll give you that I'll spare I'll go online take my car to the bank i'll i'll show you

01:53:25--> 01:53:30

how I can take that money out. I'll take that money out. I'll show you how I can give you that

01:53:31--> 01:53:48

money in my pocket. The money I've got my savings all of the money under my mattress will allow wherever the money is Allah give it to you. Give me a bit of time but there's no time left. Because Allah says and he says what the answer to that. Well, I couldn't mean a solid Allah. I'll be pious.

01:53:50--> 01:53:59

I'll be Mr. Sufi Mia. I'll be Mr. mala Mia, anything you want. Just give me that time. Allah says Allah, Allah wanna send either.

01:54:01--> 01:54:34

There is no time given when a person has their death has arrived. You can't go forward, you can't go back. It's a prescribed time for every one of us. Will la hubiera mataman. Allah knows the action that you have committed. In surah, An Nisa, which is the fourth surah of the Holy Quran. One of the items that I read right at the beginning of this reminder, this talk, Allah subhanaw taala reminds us that your Toba is only valid before death. sola sola said

01:54:35--> 01:54:59

in a hadith a Muslim male and you are until you haven't seen the signs of death until you haven't actually seen the angels. Your Toba is valid, your repentance is valid, but up to that point, you've got the chance. But when that when that moment comes, there's no motobu Allah says Allah Quran in Surah Nisa, verse number 17. In October two Allah healing Latina Yama, Luna Swamiji Have you made it

01:55:00--> 01:55:08

Mistake Allah says, Look, you've made a mistake. you've sinned. You were ignorant when you sinned. Allah says you've got Toba is open for you

01:55:09--> 01:55:16

soumaya tupuna min Karim info laka tubal Allah says, Allah says, You make you repent to me, I will be there for you.

01:55:18--> 01:55:28

I will forgive you. In fact in one hand is a could see says you bring to me some Han Hadith Sahih al Bukhari rasuwa sauce reports from Allah. Allah says,

01:55:29--> 01:55:38

If you come to me with the whole world full of sins, in a state that you do not assign any partners with me.

01:55:39--> 01:55:47

And you say to me, oh ally, you want me to forgive you? I will come to you with the whole earth full of forgiveness.

01:55:48--> 01:55:49

And I will not even mind.

01:55:50--> 01:56:01

But then the next verse, he says, Well, I said he told her to leave levena maluna say yet those who are committed sins until death comes to one of them they say, took too long to learn.

01:56:05--> 01:56:21

not valid. The message of this is before the statement comes could not sing a cartoon note every soul shall taste death. My brother when he's deaf, coming to us again Can I just hear that when he's come to us?

01:56:23--> 01:56:24

When is it coming to us? What does it like? When is

01:56:26--> 01:56:27

when is it come to us?

01:56:28--> 01:56:31

Or when is it come to us? Sarah louder.

01:56:33--> 01:56:34

five brothers into

01:56:35--> 01:56:44

Congress has 100 brothers or more sitting here when is not coming to me and you tonight? You scared to say that? He said

01:56:45--> 01:56:48

come on. You're a big man. He's gay. Like I said the gospel.

01:56:50--> 01:57:01

You scared? You're scared if you scale. You've got a problem. You better you better quickly reconcile yourself because death is coming tonight. Death is coming tonight.

01:57:02--> 01:57:09

Don't smile at me. Death is coming to light. You've got to believe in it. It's come tonight If you really think like that every night. Death has come to me tonight.

01:57:10--> 01:57:18

You will make amendments before you go to sleep yes or no. You will do that. Because you never know whether you see another morning or not.

01:57:19--> 01:57:58

You never know if I'm going to see tomorrow morning or not. If you believe you're going to wake up in the morning you got a problem with Russell Russell awesome said you say before you go to sleep alarm this week. I am dying right now. And I'm going to wake up in the morning if you give me life. And then in the morning we say thank you Allah for giving me another morning. So with that I will leave you and we're going to make a draw Let's all make dar together Allah subhanho wa Taala you know makes this an effort that will not go wasted. Man gives us a new life that we are practicing Muslims from here that are there onwards ready any moment allow equals where to go. Some law

01:58:07--> 01:58:12

he was so happy

01:58:22--> 01:58:27

Li Sahabi

01:58:28--> 01:58:30

Allahumma salli ala Sayidina

01:58:31--> 01:58:35

Muhammad Salatin tuna Gina. Me Jamie

01:58:38--> 01:58:40

what's up Cody Nana behind me on

01:58:42--> 01:58:45

auto halona. Behind me Jamie is a

01:58:47--> 01:58:49

waterfall owner, our lead

01:58:54--> 01:58:55


01:58:56--> 01:58:56


01:58:59--> 01:59:06

are benevolent. Susana, Elan, TOEFL Nana Nanana coonan.

01:59:09--> 01:59:15

Ravana Valentina. fuson. We're in Turku, Finland.

01:59:18--> 01:59:18

We'll learn

01:59:23--> 01:59:31

CD ROM bonobo finanace alumina, aka furon

01:59:33--> 01:59:35

Tina whatever.

01:59:39--> 01:59:40


01:59:45--> 01:59:45


01:59:48--> 01:59:49

Yeah, man.

01:59:52--> 01:59:52


01:59:55--> 01:59:55

Yeah, I

01:59:58--> 01:59:59

guess me

02:00:01--> 02:00:04

See ya carry Yeah.

02:00:06--> 02:00:07


02:00:08--> 02:00:12

Yeah How Guillermo de

02:00:13--> 02:00:56

la Mola, the one who is close our law, the one who is close to one who is not distant. Our love the one who prevents and no one can release our law the one who releases and no one can prevent our law the one who gives dignity there is no disgrace afterwards, the one who gives disgrace there is no dignity afterwards. Our law the one who has mercy to no extend our law we tend to moolah, I will allow you are up close one. You are the one whom we depend upon. Our now we ask that you be for us here in this world and you be for us in the next world. Oh Allah, Allah we have seen no law.

02:00:57--> 02:01:36

Our law you gave us gifts and we took those gifts. We took the eyes that you gave us molar on law with those eyes we looked at things no law which we shouldn't have seen molar our law with his ears we started to hear things which we shouldn't have this interval will with a heart with a mangria sort of thing which we shouldn't have sold on Mola our law with his hands we have seen seen with his feet we have seen our law but you still Fed is our law. Our law you still gave us our is our law you still did not deprive us from having clothes in our bodies. Our life never gave us a headache for so many days.

02:01:37--> 02:01:38

You never gave us

02:01:40--> 02:02:07

our law. We never had any complaints for any painful so many days. Our law so many days have gone by that we continue to benefit from your neonates and from your blessings. But we have only become stressful on your disobedience. I will lie if you wanted you could have made us blind for the sins that we have made called with our eyes. Our law you did not make us blind or law he did not make his death.

02:02:08--> 02:02:51

He did not cripple us. every nerve in my body every nerve in our bodies of Allah is in your control. You could have taken one away and would have we would have been disabled. Our law you did not even do that no law we are thankful to you. We are thankful to you. moolah we have come to your door to your master to the most beloved of all places to you. And we have come with with with baskets full and we have come to give you something but Mola when we looking at baskets when we look in sacks that we are bought for you. We have nothing to offer you Mola we have nothing to offer you except that our our sacks are full of sins molar. Our law we are shameful to come to your door. We are

02:02:51--> 02:02:59

shameful to come to your door to you to police to Kingdom our law please do not reject us please do not send this out

02:03:00--> 02:03:07

our law if you send us out Mola where we go if you send us away moolah

02:03:09--> 02:03:43

if you do not look at our if you do not look at our pains who will discuss our pains will who else will understand the pains that we have in our hearts. Who else will be there for us to cry to Who else is there to save us except for you Mola Oh Allah you are the only Savior Hola. You are a guardian moolah. You are a guide moolah. Make tober to you for the time we have spent away from you. Our love and we're busy now since you are watching this Nola

02:03:44--> 02:03:53

Allah we're busy with our thing with our sinful acts you are watching us Moeller, our law we do tober two you will repent you

02:03:55--> 02:04:11

moola to take our sins away moolah and return them to us as good deeds. Allah give them back to us at good deeds. mowlem repent to you and ask you to the best of our abilities will not sin again. I will

02:04:12--> 02:04:38

make a death first. Make it a relief from every evil of this world. I will now ask him to look after us look out for our family members look out for our children. Our law look out for our parents our life one of our parents is in old age and moolah, we ask you moolah. We ask you to not to make them a burden on ourselves or not to make them a burden on one another. Our life when other parents has gone away from this world.

02:04:40--> 02:04:59

We are people who have lost their parents. We are asking moolah to look after them in the next world. Look look after them in their graves. Mola we asked you at the time of death you will be pleased with us we be pleased with you. I will the time of death you will send your angels with the fragrance of Jana

02:05:00--> 02:05:42

At the time of death Nola, you will take us that in a way that you take your close ones and you close sevens at the time of death Nola, you will take us in a way that there is nothing to fear thereafter there is nothing to grieve over thereafter, I will give us your love in our hearts, more than any love that exists. And next to that give you the love of your messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah, those of us that have troubles we put that troubles to you in this Masjid in this house of yours. Take Take away from us our troubles relievers from our troubles. Mola Mola we asked you that if you have debt, then you are the one that will relieve us of our debts. We asked you to

02:05:42--> 02:06:02

leave us about it, our life pains and relieve us of our pains. And I will lie if you have any other designer hearts, the moolah, we ask you if it is helpful for diseases good for us if you are happy with it, and I would love to ask you to fulfill our lawful desires are on Bana led to Akina in Siena our partner robina Malala in

02:06:06--> 02:06:11

robina to homina mala pocket Elena be wonderful

02:06:13--> 02:06:14


02:06:16--> 02:06:17

antimo learn

02:06:19--> 02:06:29

McAfee de la butanna Allah hi DLP Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi adme erotica or hammer