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Yeah, so where are you guys going? What's happening out there? As we said before, part of Salama as a group, part of our remit, if you like, is we're trying to challenge the world's biggest islamophobes, you know, intellectually, and that's how we're trying to challenge them. And this individual that his name is David Wood, who I'm going to debate. He represents, for me, one of the major islamophobes of the Western world from a social media perspective, he's actually in there in the top 50, maybe top 30, top 20.

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And he's a contributor to one of the major websites.

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That's anti Islam and these things, and the tragedy of all is, those individuals who are engaged in this kind of polemic are themselves very ignorant when it comes to Islam, incredibly ignorant. I mean,

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they have not even in terms of like, student of knowledge type things that were associated with, like learning Arabic learning, the Quran learning,

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the basics of almost all of these, these basic things, that you have to learn kind of to have a basic understanding of Islam. They haven't touched it, they haven't touched it, they haven't come across it, they haven't touched it. And yet, they feel as if this is something we should do, we have to come in and attack Islam and talk about the quote unquote contradictions of the Quran, quote, unquote, this and quote unquote, life of Prophet Muhammad in these things. So I found it

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is incumbent upon someone that omatsu to deal with these individuals, we're dealing with them. So the way we're dealing with them is as follows isn't this individual as as well as many other kind of islamophobes? One of the main tactics is something called the machine gun tactic. Okay? So say, for example, you're talking to them about one issue, you're talking to you and this is something more Muslims should be aware of. In fact, if you're talking to one of those islamophobes, about, let's say, for example, the issue of telehealth, which is actually the tauheed, meaning the Oneness monotheism, right?

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This is what the debate is going to be about Trinity versus total hate on the seventh of November. So say we're talking to them about to hate, for example, yeah, they'll come and they'll start talking about miscellaneous issues, the prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, his marriage to Ayesha

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to maybe Sophia, maybe we'll start talking about the preservation of the Quran.

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or lack thereof, as he would say, yeah, or they would say,

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they would say maybe bringing anything bringing anything because why? Because they know weak Muslims.

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When I say that, I use the term to denote these individuals that don't have the, the tools to understand Islam. And for some reason, I've stumbled across their material, weak Muslims would fall prey to this kind of attack. They would, you know, what, how can we answer this question? How would this contribution occur? And this is, so why I think we have a duty of care to deliver to the people is, number one,

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establish that these individuals are baseless in their belief system themselves, what they believe their alternative is, is an unintelligible alternative. Yeah, it's a it's an irrational one. That's number one. Number two, to show that those individuals themselves are entirely discredited. Right, as it relates to

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what they're trying to do, which is really a hermeneutical thing. We're going into the Quran and trying to understand that the verses they are completely discredited from that perspective. And with that, we want to rectify the misunderstandings and show to the Muslim people that actually, the reason why this person has been allowed to speak like this is because no one has given them the alternative narrative. So our job is to give them the alternative narrative. And so I think that

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me debating that person in sha Allah will be will be grateful that both of you guys debating him or just, you know, it's just me, I'm debating him and how is arranged? It's gonna be a debate, the way he actually we're in email communication with one another, and he, he suggested the structure, so it's going to be 20 minutes, 20 minutes, 12 minutes, 12 minutes, eight minutes, eight minutes, five minutes, five minutes, and then Crossfire and questions and answers. And where is it? And where are you in?

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socials? Yeah, I've done that already. Okay, so someone wants to go on my Instagram check, I think is Queens College in Queens, New York, will be on the seventh of November. He's completely confirmed. So

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so I'm completely ready for him. And I know I know exactly what he's going to do. He's going to do exactly that machine gun tactic and as a result,

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at salon, we have done some pre filming. Of all of we've literally covered all of the so called misconceptions of Islam. We've got a YouTube channel Salaam, it's called Salaam YouTube channel was the exact thing.

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Salaam initiative. Bye

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Just a salon setup so because cuz Yeah, cuz because we're going from the angle is what we're saying is mainly this person he always attracts people from his character. Yeah. So it's always at your profit did digit profit we're just saying and his own words he said in the very same video that we responded to where he said that just because something looks beautiful doesn't mean it's the truth. Yeah. So here's a topic, isn't it? Exactly so what we're doing is we said no, we want to discuss the Trinity Anto heat this is the root of Christianity and Islam. The branches mean nothing you can talk about the branches or oh I didn't like the Prophet peace be upon him using them as well. irrelevant.

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That's got nothing to do with the truth? If so what is the truth? What the Prophet did how we ate? Yeah, why did is irrelevant if people don't come to Islam? Or that you leave it because of some dude because of educated? Yeah, but the thing is, they look at the Trinity because people who come to some deceit Oh, he makes sense. One God, not one in free free and one. One is the first one is not the third. The third is not the first nor the second is like people come because of this. So this the reason why we did an amazing podcast style kind of thing where we debunked all of these claims. Yeah,

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that's gonna be out very soon. What is going to include in Sharla is literally a response to all of the major objections of Islam, all of the major objections of Islam from theological to claims of terrorism and jihadism, to the prophets, awesomes marriages to so called contradictions in the Quran to so called, well, that's our reservation, everything will be there, and we'll try and make it into a database. Well, so that when he comes into the debate, and he's gonna, he's gonna struggle because I'm, I'm not saying this out of arrogance. Well, I'm, I'm just a carrier of information. Yeah.

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He is definitely going to struggle in this debate, he's gonna find it completely difficult to defend this Trinity. Because not because he's incapable or unintelligent, is because for 2000 years, people have been struggling to explain that and have had different conclusions. Some remember some historian he said, How long has the mohammedans left the US because of this is what he said. He goes, this is what he was saying. Like, this is how stupid we ended in the Unitarian. Yeah, he goes, how long has it been causing Mohammed ins Muslims? Yeah, it was how long have they been mocking and laughing at us? Like, you seem like you idiots why you keep believing this. Exactly. The fact that

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this guy has never ever debate. I don't think debated this. Very wise. It shows you that how could you ever talk about your fundamental,

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this is what your religion is about. And instead of talking about that, all you're talking about is another religion of what the Prophet did is prophetic stuck me Never talking about tawheed ever. And I'm talking about Jesus in the Bible where he went, so good.

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So you see what I'm saying? So what's gonna happen is that we're gonna start a debate, the first thing we're just maybe he's watching this. Yeah. To give them a heads up as well. The moment he's, this is what's gonna happen. He, I'll tell you the prediction of the debate, right? He's gonna come into the debate. Maybe he's gonna say a few things about the trainee. And then he's gonna get very desperate very quickly, because there's not going to be much you can say to the point, I'm going to questions I'm going to ask him. And so he's going to start diverting the topic to preservation to this to that to Oh, you know, you guys should believe in the Trinity as well, whatever it may be.

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And all of those misconceptions are gonna be that have been dealt with have already been dealt with. They've been recorded most of them. They're going to be on the cillum YouTube channel. So if someone has an issue with the questions that he's asking, they can go and watch the full length video of that. So let's the audience gonna be like, they're generally. I don't know. I've heard there's gonna be a lot of people there. It's in New York. So I don't know. How is this the first time I've actually ever been to New York. So we'll see. I think he lives there. I think that's his place. He lives in New York. So we're going to his backyard.

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David Wood I think that's it. That's what it is. Yeah, yeah. So we're going to his backyard. And New York you know that brothers from New York. He came you can see him. Oh, yeah, he hopefully what's what's what Can someone tell me? What can I eat in New York? Can you recommend the please? Like, the continent, can they can they? Yeah, they can message you. Yeah.

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Yeah, you could use a long journey in New York. Oh, yeah. Rob, that's, that's what we're gonna do.

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