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AI: Summary © The history and use of Islam have been discussed, including the misunderstandings of hiding one's charity and the difficulty of achieving acceptance among the Muslim community. The struggles of achieving acceptance and finding one's true self in social circles, and the importance of protecting one's psychological health and mental health. The use of hiding charities and giving money to those who don't have money is emphasized, as it is crucial to protect one's psychological health.
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I started over here when I stopped when I was retired and we should only have a foot in our car to Medina maybe language Allah for Loma Linda

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Deanna shadow Allah above or devilishly Kara for sure Donna Mohammed and available wherever you are so

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la haka topology he will let her know tonight I want to see moon yeah your NASA for a welcome and let the follow up coming up See ya either fella come in has agenda with me humare Jalan cafiero One is

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what Apple loves me because I don't have any he will have in Allah cannot eCOGRA pizza Yeah Even Latina Allah code or Poland said either you slept

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well he likens the Rubicon, OMA Utah area or suitable for after the first 1000 Alima All Praise and Glory be to Allah we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure, his forgiveness, and we turn to Allah to protect us from evil whispers within us and the legal consequences of our misdeeds or whoever Allah guides, no one can lead us astray and whomever Allah leaves us straight on can guide and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship, our devotion, our absolute love and surrender and obedience but Allah alone for any Parker's the true suffering King, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the truth is perfect, and he served with

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and His messenger and the best business creation, and the seal of the secret revelations and the most beloved of the slaves of Allah to Allah. Oh you I believe happens upon Allah, uphold your duty to Allah, remain conscious of him and remain obedient to Him in the matter that he deserves, as best you possibly can, and do not die except in that state in that state of commitment and surrender, loving and willing surrender to Allah state of Islam.

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And to begin to welcome our brothers and my sisters to the house of Allah azza wa jal, I asked Allah to accept from us and you our lives, and all our hard work in Ramadan, and continue to enable us with opportunities even after Ramadan, perhaps even greater than Ramadan and love them to me.

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And then we return back to a journey we began before this month, this blessed month that is now behind us and that is the journey of the very special seven that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about it was a hadith of Abu Hurayrah, Viola violin Bukhari and Muslim when he said, serve absolutely to whom Allah vehement ly yelled I believe,

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there will be seven from Allah will shaped will graduate to on a day when there will be no shade, there will be no refuge, there will be no safety from the heat of the day of Benjamin, except those will be grants shaved for he said I just leader and a young man that spent his earliest years in the Vert in the worship of Allah. And a man whose hearts attached to the massage and Su that love one another for the sake of Allah, they get together for Allah and the arts for Allah. And the fifth was a young man who was invited by a woman tempted by a woman of beauty and of status. And he abstained saying I fear Allah. And today we have the six of those seven with us for this was Bob, he said Ali

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salatu salam worId, you learn to solve DACA we saw the party

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and a man who gives a charity will cheer us charitable was a charity for afor her but he hides if he conceals it had to Allah mushy man who matching people up in a Whoo, to the point that his left hand does not know what his right hand gave what his right hand spent.

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This is our appointment, and there is no fundraising appeal after this football because maybe sometimes a person is wondering is this about the fundraiser. And they deprive themselves of something so valuable out of fear that there could be something behind it.

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But just to reassure you, regardless of what is wrong with that mindset, there is no fundraising after this whole school. In fact, this issue of a man who gives this is an expression in such secretive fashion that if his had had a conscience he wouldn't know is an expression to show you to what extent that the twin of his right hand doesn't even know the closest thing to his right hand doesn't know. So what about his brothers? What about his relatives? What about the people

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to show you that this is not about even charity. This is about a person going the extra module to be creative in hiding their charity to creative in ensuring their sincerity.

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And this is about it.

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To be in Islam better to hide your charities whenever that's possible, regardless of how tiny that charity maybe, because he says it Rajamouli does that for visa au for the man who gives a charity, big, small, Eddie charity, but he still hides it, she still hides it. It is better to do that, as Allah Salah Jensen, in tuba do so the apology for the money if you declare your donations, your charities, this is a good thing. There is benefit in that way into full hot water to hang around for a while for your own level. But if you hide it, and pass it that way, in secretive fashion, so we need to the poor, this is better for you. This is the rule of Islam. This is the norm, this should

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be was prevalent, there is an exception to that rule. And now we're working on what he says. And this does not apply to the car. Because if people were to hide circa that practice, that pillar of Islam will become extinct for people to forget that there's something called Zeca. And also a second reason why this would be the exception is that because it would stop encouraging people from giving zakat. And the third reason is disclosing your Zika at times in certain circumstances is beneficial because the poor person is waiting for and could become envious towards you could assume wrong of you. If they don't know you've given your Seca. And likewise in the fundraising, it will be good to

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keep your intentions in checkbook disclose your donation to get the reward of encouraging others to donate. But these are all exceptions. They can't replace the rule. Your common practice, your mindset should be is there any way to hide this without harm? That is the rule inside that Islam.

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The Muslim does not just hide his charities as for him and to him on buses and musulman yet to Hasakah. Who can I have to say it? The believer he hides his good deeds the same way he would hide his sins, because he knows he's weak. And if people find out he they like the reaction so much that the next time he doesn't he doesn't for them enough for Allah doesn't trust himself for being public about it. He doesn't do so voluntarily. Rather he tries to hide it. When he would hide the city, the way you would go out of your way you would hate it for someone to discover that time you snack to raise their voice as one of your parents or the way you would try so hard to protect people from

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knowing protect your reputation from an ugly paths that involve alcohol are involved Zina or otherwise, to that degree I'm trying to hide my charity, when can a person get a skill in their intentions and do that when they have only Allah as their audience. And this is not an easy thing. This is very, very difficult. Because this is something this is not like the charity itself, giving the charities easy. But doing it only seeking Allah's response, Allah's observance, Allah's audience, him being your audience, that is much more difficult. You know, a person

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can spend 1000 5020, whatever it is on a car,

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that will not benefit anybody that will not benefit you or not benefit the people, right? It's just a waste a waste of money to buy that kind of car unnecessarily ID when you don't need to pay extra for I'm saying, you can have a car, you're allowed to have a car, a good car, a car that doesn't break down a car that you're comfortable in, all of that is fine.

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And then a person shifts and says, yeah, let me stop wasting money. Let me take that money and spend it on the orphans spend it on some relief effort, spend the same amount on a good course, that is certainly better than spending it unnecessarily on a car. Because even if your intentions are wrong, you're still benefiting somebody, right? But it is much harder to benefit yourself with your charity. Because this is something that happens in here. And no one can know if your intention is out of place. A person comes and tells you if you stop showing off. You would say you don't know what's in my heart. And you're absolutely right. He doesn't know what's in your heart. She doesn't

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know what's your intentions. It is very possible that your intentions were good. It is possible they weren't. He can never know. He may see signs you should consider but they cannot know. This is a battle that's difficult, and you may get it and then it slips out your intention and you have to fight this fight alone. And if you remember we said that these seven their common denominator the theme of these seven they put up with the heat of fighting themselves.

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And so Allah pardoned them from the heat on the day of judgments.

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And so these are champions that got rid of it all we got rid of the desire for money, but what was more difficult the desire for recognition

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that takes toughness that takes courage that takes hard work to develop yourself to that level. You could be in a religious circle, but you're still seeking recognition just from a different crowd now, not your friends your homies your circle from before Islam or before became religious. Now you're seeking the same thing from a different social circle. So in in essence, it could be the same. And that's why NSEP Malika Lavanya narrates in the Muslim.

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He says this when Allah azza wa jal color of the MaHA Allahu Allah Jalla temi do what's

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the earth began to move and shift and shake for outside heavy Japan and so a lot closer to settle. He weighed it down with the mountains for digestibility mela eager to mature the Jeeva and so the angels were amazed at how tough the mountains are. For all your banner. Helfer left hand corner shut down and Jeeva they say Oh our Lord did you create any creation tougher than the mountains? Called an Ironman head? He said yes, I am. Follow will help.

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I shed terminal hottie did you create anything tougher than iron ore that I'm in now? Yes, firefighter mills out here.

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God who will hell collapse 100 Can I shed permanent now did you create anything tougher than fire for the man and man yes Water Water puts out fire. He said water. Allah will help follow up the Falcon ushered them in and

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have you created anything that is tougher than waterfall down at least the wind. The wind carries the clouds filled with water. It manages the water. It controls the waves it pushes them back or brings them forward

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onto a Hellfire raptor Falcon. Shed them in our V Have you created anything tougher than the winds? Called Imam IDNA Adam? II that salt puppy salsa cutting via meanie for her and she read. He said yes the son of Adam when he gets himself to give in charity with his right and hides it from his life. It takes toughness is not easy.

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And Makati a Muslim.

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He says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said all original female publico letters of the day that very famous Hadith a man from those before you said I am going to give a charity today. And so he went out for the fun that day I will give a charity tonight. He waited for the night because he wants to hide it. He doesn't want anything from anyone. He wants to be with Allah who later said for us in the Quran, in nemmeno, primo company when she learned how to read to me to Jessa. And what I should call out, we are feeding you for the face of God. We want to see God's face. That's our sole ambition. That's the only thing we're looking for. We do not wish from you Jessa repayments nothing

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from your pocket, whether I should call or nor any thanks nothing from your tongue either. By the way a believer says with his heart, you don't say that to people. That's an insult to tell them. I don't want anything from you when you give them charities. Some people do that. That's completely misunderstanding what the is about this ad is you're seeing this with your heart as you're doing. And so this man wanted to be that person. I don't want thanks. I don't want to repayment. I don't want you to repay the favor. It's not because I owe you a favor. I want it to be purely for Allah. And so he gave charity to the first person he found for us. So we have cool Luna to suit the Elena

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gala bell here in the morning, hears rumors going around. Some fool gave charity last night to a prostitute. A woman is going around making money. He's the first woman you wanted to give it a run you don't want anyone to see. So he gave money to a woman

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that accepts money for indecent service. So he became the talk of the town. He gave her money didn't get anything from her. They're saying what a fool. So called and hamdulillah Belfie isn't hungry left for a prostitute. That's what I love this sense of Allah just.

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And then he said that all sorts of fun and labor to be soft. I'm still going to give a charity today.

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And so he went out the next night put it in the first hand. He found in the morning that people are saying it was a lady that I would rarely have either said it. They said last night someone gave charity to a thief someone's going on stealing people's money this man gave him money for free. It's as if Allah azza wa jal was destined in his missteps is misplacement of the Salah for a reason for wisdom. He was engineering his mistakes

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for his own good

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and so he said 100 that for a few 100 Allah Allah Allah say, I'm still I wants to prove to Allah I want to please you, you know this was years ago that would have been enough. If you tried your best to put it in someone's hands who appears to be and then you find out later they were not qualified. You don't have to repeat yourself, because I've done your due diligence, that's it, but he wanted to do more. He wanted to show allah how truthful he was in pursuing his pleasure in seeking his face. And so he wanted to third light and he found the people saying in the morning to suit them later, and Barry Hatter, Allah Lenny, someone gave charity last night to someone who's richer than Him.

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Some guys walking Richard and the guy giving the money and he gives him this.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about this,

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perhaps the rich person will begin to be charitable. And perhaps the thief will stop stealing, you'll feel guilty or you'll have enough money because sometimes thieves feel like they have no choice, right? And perhaps the prostitute will revenge. And so number one from his sincerity, he tried to hide his deeds. And Allah made the people find them out. Find out about them, he didn't seek it, Allah gave it to him anyway. And how many people spend money and time and energy to be recognized, and Allah causes them to be forgotten. This is the blessing the mark of being truthful with Allah, in your transactions with Allah, not with anyone else. Think of how much people work to

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be famous and they are forgotten, and how the prophets of Allah will say a word in the desert for Allah and Allah will immortalize that word that happens to recite it. And so Allah disclosed his charities. Number two, Allah caused him to help these people's Deen though he only tried to he wanted to feed somebody, Allah could have made him responsible for them repenting them being encouraged to do good. And Allah made his story it had eat that we see for 1400 years and counting on the number that tomorrow and inspiration for others, because of him being truthful with Allah in his charity, for trying to hide it.

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This it could be a moment that you have this in your life, your work for it your entire life, and Allah gives it to you once and it could be worthy within your entire lifetime.

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It can save you from everything else. And the prophets of Allah Allah he'll send them his own that told us that in Mohali and Muslim who later the amount of the Allah Han who said that the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, in our julienne female popular boom, there used to be a man from the previous nations as well, at a time when men actually have to build

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the angel came to pull his soul

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for appeal Allah Who hell I mean, technically, so it was said to him, Did you do any good in your life? on that island? I don't know of any good I've done in my life. I can't think of any

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Filipina who own who? Just check. Did you do anything at all? For fall and mushy? layer underneath according to where you're from NASA for dunya?

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What we'll just see him for I'm leaving musi.

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What are we Mersive The only thing I can think of this is the time this is what he thinks is not much. I used to do business with people in this world. I was a businessman.

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And I used to can't deal with them.

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And I used to give extra time to even the people that had money. It's okay emulator. And I used to reduce the amount to the people that didn't have money

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can look the person who has money he's not necessarily thought of as a recipient of charity. But he went out of his way to try to be creative in hiding those charities and being good with people.

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And whoever tries that will do it. And you've understood that understood the message of this hadith. But it is not easy. And that's why one of the setups one of the early Muslims he said if lost Who said it medjet To Abba Kenan as well. Sahaj sees you being sincere, 110% sincere, not lying 9% for Allah 100% sincere in that is salvation for eternity. A moment of that a drop of it. But this moment is rare. It must be pursued a hold of all we have our stuff.

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How to do that? That was suggested Mr. Levin. It'd be an honor to

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Another Obama that was actually gonna wash I don't know hunger that whatever you also we praise Allah for making the best of this OMA its earliest generations because that way the OMA started on the right foot and left us and entire to have an entire legacy a heritage of sincere donors, sincere charitable people, sincere everything who understood that the best and practice the finest way. And then we look back and say which one of these can I imitate? Can I get stuffed in any of these categories, if not one than the other. And so in this issue of hiding the charities, one of the early Muslims, what he would do is he would go

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to work in the morning, and when he would make his money, a new customer would come he would send him to his neighbor and say, no buy from him. That's, that's a charity, you gave up money that was coming your way wasn't another one of them would go to the poor people that sell things on the streets, and he would give them more than the price they're asking for. So not everyone looks at it like it's a sale. But to him, it's a charity, a third one with a custom himself not to go out except that he would get hurt, carry gifts with him, even if it's a loaf of bread, even if it's an onion, and he would hide it in his sleep and give it to people.

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And among them are those that would pay off the debts of others by going to the creditor and giving him the money, but firstly would make them swear that they would not tell the person the person in debt to paid off their debt. This was reported about many of them, as I've learned a lot on crime Allah one one of his students, and one of the tricks perhaps it was in that bank that

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he was arrested for a debt that he had, he borrowed some money so you can seek knowledge, things went downhill, he was arrested because he couldn't repay the money. And so he went to the man that was owed the money. And he said to him, so long as I live, you don't tell us all but what I'm about to do, agreed or no. He said agreed. And here's your money. And he left town. And about two weeks later, his student catches up with him and he tells him where have you been? I haven't seen you. He says you don't know who I was arrested and I was out and someone paid my debt. I don't even know who it is. And I was finally able to catch up with you. He says to family law, praise Allah for it. And

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he only found out after his teacher died. This teacher was the one that covered that bill.

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And then there's Ali in her saying you cannot leave that if I'd rather live with Tyler, who was titled known as saying IV Dean, which is basically the trophy of the worshipers. Hardly anyone this is the great grandson of the Prophet salaallah Vallejo Center. This is the grandson of Valley and everybody would want to look out at him. I need him to perceive only about 200 family units he used to say about him.

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He used to carry bushels bags sacks of bread on his back at like and giving charity to people to the poor and he would say to the few that discovered his his campaign in sort of a civic to three vulnerable rock Dr. Silva gently giving charity in secret. This extinguishes the anger of the Lord Subhanallah move out of the mighty and majestic and shake up in your arm often on buses. Canada leave saying you I leave in the present used to be accused of being cheap. No one ever saw him giving charity and this is the grand finale. This is the great grandson of the prophets of Allah Allah, Allah, the most generous people ever. They used to accuse him of being cheap, being stingy

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until he died. They discovered that there was 100 houses in Medina that he was spending on

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the allowance Allah and Muhammad in this house you know what he says Canada as soon as the medina tre should lie and ruin them in a in a candidate and I assume they were so many homes in Medina that you still live not knowing where their livelihood came from not knowing who spent on them until I leave the casino on the other hand you are but until either died and then when he died they realized that this is the person that was bringing us things at night and finally I'm gonna sabotage him Allah says lemma Mata leave the scene for us Cebu Jiang Luna in the celebrity bubbly for all my head. When he when he finally died and they were washing his body they saw black marks like calluses

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in his back. And so they said where did where's this from? What is this? Like? Was he ever with what happened to you? So I'll be one of the few that knew about it that discovered it before he died. He said to them, can I ask me to do but the PAP lady Lennar Allah Welcome to your reading for Karla Medina. This man used to carry these heavy sacks on his back at night, giving it out to the poor

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We're in Medina, every single night, let's marks in his back. They went out of their way to hide things. And let me conclude these last three minutes. And the whole goal by saying that one of the greatest, most overlooked ways to hide your charity, which is a sign that you're actually truthful with a law is to do it in your home.

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And now, even with money,

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give up your comfort. Give up your psychological reserve, give up your peace of mind.

00:25:34--> 00:26:15

Give up some of your sleep time. Give up some of your stress, you cannot hide it. I mean, when a husband comes home and he's just been fired, or husband comes home, he's had a horrible days car has broken down whatever it is hiding that from your family and reassuring them and giving them smiles even when you cannot. It is very difficult for me and for you. I know this. But this is a sign of someone who's truthful. This is a charity I've given up my my right to comfort. This is your right, you've given up your right to comfort. You've proven your faith. You've proven your medicines, manliness that everybody gets served before me. And likewise the woman when their husband comes

00:26:15--> 00:26:55

home, to make sure this house is a place of Sakina please have warm and tranquility for us with this and hide the fact that the children have been driving her crazy all day. This is a sign of faith. This is a sign of someone sincerely trying to please Allah azza wa jal. And there's no better example than the prophets of Allah Allah. He was the busiest man on earth, who had more responsibilities than anyone who carried more pain inside him than anyone he lived with so much more concern than we can ever have. And our beloved you had it says we never saw him except that he was smiling. But he had this of his life. And his father was sad. He would not just smile, he would make

00:26:55--> 00:27:16

sure other people smile, because he was not waiting for someone to appreciate that he was going through a harder time than he was not waiting for that he was grateful that Allah gave him the ability to give him the chance to save himself. As he said to us, Ali salatu salam min FSRU meaning good Botanico Ravi dunya naffaa salah, are you cool, that's me.

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Whoever relieves the distress of a believer in this world

00:27:22--> 00:28:01

of love will relieve that what a great deal. That's an excellent deal. What an offer. Allah will relieve for you one of the distresses of the day of judgments when you're upset and you don't want to when you have some and you remember, that's not their fault. I'm not going to make people suffer with me because I'm suffering. I'm going to spend $1.50 or $2 or $3 and I'm gonna go make my wife happy and biting our rules. The kids have drove driven me nuts. I'm still not going to ask my husband to order food. I'm not going to mention it to him the first thing at the door, I'm going to swallow that bullet even if no one appreciates, because I know why Lloyd appreciates He is worthy

00:28:01--> 00:28:41

worthy enough of an audience we have a lot so does it help us keep Allah as our audience, grandmas does it make us have those generations on his land? who hide their charities and know that Allah Allah is enough to see us and Allah is enough to appreciate us and Allah is enough to compensate us may Allah provide us with these even if they are so small but consistent and provide us with deeds that are sincere and hidden in the case that everything else fails a lot of them I mean, Allah who was the only one with facility we're gonna have learned Ramadan Salah and tobyhanna Allah Masuka Kulu going to leave need on our logic a Hina Malika had to play on Lana whatever

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it should be my god I don't know that I'm speaking out on the stream I'm gonna Oh my god, I'm singing out better Allah bless you I'm gonna I'm not gonna sneeze why people would say that what we bought last year era had happened was Allahu

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Allahu Akbar Allah what should or Allah Allah Allah Allah, I should have been named Mohammad Rasool Allah. Hi Allah salah. Hi Alan fella. God comment is Allah.

00:29:17--> 00:29:19

Allah, Allah Allah Akbar Allah

00:29:20--> 00:29:22

La ilaha illa Allah

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think about

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Alhamdulillah he'll be knighted mean.

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Name. Maddy will me do

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and Anna cannot do what he can to styrene Dino slid off on him stomping him swinging off on levena Nan dolly him about hitting him up boom beyond that he hit him one of all Nene

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sent me the smell of Beacon Arlen Lenny Han Sang one of the last one the former general more General

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Sir nobody who can find out

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in Russia

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lot in who we are now more than just

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one who yes you can use it often good enough our did the cut off. Sad the cowboy movie show Jen Nebu on

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the iOS man. Google wrong, man I am Doofy wanna

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go there Fleur Harmon the weather cow smell I'll be here felt so

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better don't feel alone I didn't hire that Dunia was feeling a lot to call you Oh call in I heard that I feel so cofina Gula so whole thing about all he email why moves

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along like vote

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send me all love when you men come either

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along I can go

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hola hola como

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Allahu Akbar

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and hamdulillah you're being on me.

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You're watching Mani cam with me Dean, India Canada are both doing what he can of staring if female slid off on him stomping him swinging off on levena

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Leave him alone hitting him up boom beyond that he him What else on me

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and also more he wanted